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JD Emmanuel, "Ancient Minimal Meditations" reissue

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JD Emmanuel - Ancient Minimal Meditations LP

Re-issue of the AMM tape recorded between 1981 and 1985 by JD Emmanuel, a new age composer who has received a lot of praise from people like Lieven Martens and John Olsen.

These recordings signify Emmanuel's praise to the course of the day. Starting off slowly, with morning synth meanderings, walking through midday,  running in the evening and closing the day with midnight meditation.

"Somewhere hidden in the deepest part of the Self is that special place, where One can go within to the most ancient part of one's Self and connect with the origin of Self. Ancien Minimal Meditations reaches into that special place of creation of the Self and its Oneness with the Creator of All."


Side One:

Morning Worship (5:26)

Midday Attunement (12:33)

Side Two:

Evening Devotional (7:12)

Midnight Meditation (10:27)


Recorded using three Sequential Circuits Pro-One synthesizers and a Yamaha SK-20 Poly-Synthesizer.

  • * Limited to 400 copies
  • * Full color thick cardboard sleeve
  • * 180 gr. vinyl
  • * 100% Analogue sound
  • * Mastered by JD Emmanuel

More information is available here.



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