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Forced Exposure New Releases for 4/27/2015

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New music is due from Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers, Chra, and Death, while old music is due from Ornette Coleman, Captain Beefheart, and Pierre Henry.


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4M 244LP

PICKETT, WILSON: Hey Jude LP (4M 244LP) 22.00
"Hey Jude is the classic 1969 release by Wilson Pickett cut with the Muscle Shoals session crew while Duane Allman added his intense, bluesy guitar to the mix. This album of hard southern soul features Pickett in top form with his powerful vocals featured on soul tunes such as 'A Man and a Half' and 'Toe Hold' alongside choice rock covers including the title track and 'Born to Be Wild.' Reissued on 180-gram vinyl with tip-on jacket by 4 Men With Beards."

4M 822LP

GNIDROLOG: Lady Lake LP (4M 822LP) 25.00
"Lady Lake is the second album by British progressive rock band Gnidrolog led by twin brothers Stewart and Colin Goldring. Lady Lake was originally released in 1972 while the group was often compared to Gentle Giant and Van der Graaf Generator with a touch of early Yes and King Crimson also and at times an edgy jazz sound. The songs are beautifully arranged and recorded. Opening with the powerful anti-war epic 'I Could Never Be A Soldier' to the last track 'Social Embarassment,' the album is an eclectic showcase for the band and shows why this is a underground progressive rock classic. A long-out-of-print record that fetches large sums online, Lady Lake is reissued on 180-gram vinyl with additional liner notes by Stewart Goldring on a double-sided insert."


541 506930

NEON JUDGEMENT, THE: Time Capsule (1980-2015) LP BOX (541 506930) 62.00
RSD 2015 release. According to big brother internet, a time capsule is "a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians." Communication was always at the core of what The Neon Judgement was all about. That and the music, of course; from the word "go" in 1980, TB Frank and Dirk Da Davo were deeply in love with music, provided it had soul, attitude, and swagger. Bo Diddley, The Velvets, early Stones, Suicide, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Cash, Marc Bolan, and the Sex Pistols all had it. At the same time though, these two kids from Leuven, a small university town in Belgium, that uncoolest of countries, were determined to create their own turf. And so they did. What followed was a long journey on which soul, attitude, swagger, and communication were translated into jams, songs, and countless gigs that confirmed The Neon Judgement's agenda to speak out about things that matter: media manipulation, love, the importance of being one's own, dance if you want to, and, again, love. An unbelievable ride and a rollercoaster of incredible highs, great friendship, and, especially, great music. The band are rightly revered as one of EBM's godfathers, but to limit their influence to that particular niche would be unfair. The Neon Judgement were also about slightly dark pop music, playful experimentation, and injecting some hard-needed rock 'n' roll into an electronic canvas. And, for that, they are and will remain absolutely unique. So yes, a time capsule is definitely in order. And it will be something special: exclusive and distinct best-of compilations on LP and CD; a 7" with previously unreleased radio edits of "TV Treated" and "The Fashion Party"; a 10" with new covers of "Kashmir" (Led Zeppelin), "Venus in Furs" (The Velvet Underground), "Suzie Q" (CCR), "Hot Love" (T. Rex), and "Human Fly" (The Cramps); and a DVD containing the documentary The Neon Judgement "2010a1984" DocuVision, directed and edited by Jeroen Buytaert. And to top it off, a special edition of the Neon Judgement Newspaper: something to brighten up those Sunday mornings, surely! It is, let's admit it, a future music archaeologist's wet dream. But it's also a way of saying Thank You to all those who embraced The Neon Judgement's music. So there it is: Thank you!


7S 014CD

VA: Poolside Vol. 1 2CD (7S 014CD) 20.00
This double CD with 31 all-exclusive tracks melts the final snowflakes and gets you in the mood for a smooth afternoon with refreshing drinks in the sun. This excellent selection brings the best soothing tunes for all fans of quality electronic music. CD1 includes the deep selection with 14 tracks; CD2, the lounge selection with 17 tracks. All of them can only be found here exclusively. The perfect soundtrack for summer! Includes tracks by Alberto Casallo & Miki Leris, Francis Milia, Dush & Jerry Ropero feat. Gitano, Jacques le Noir, Steam Fog, Oliver Backens & Stefan Gruenwald feat. Ela Wardi (remixed by Dush), Digital Project (including a track with Katy Blue and remixed by Miqro and Pesos Saxfighter), Henrique Said, Danilo de Santo, Jerry Ropero & Stefan Gruenwald (including tracks with Monica Moss and AnnaMaria and tracks remixed by Francisco del Toro & Dano Clemente and Florian Fai), Audio Luxury feat. Tiara (remixed by Francis Milia), Electric Moonlight, Hxsky, Music Hazard Inc., Carpatica, Castlebed, Los Alamos, Sucram, Dennis Landman, D-Chill & Katy Blue, Sixty4, Krusty, Chillwalker, Florian Fai, Submission, Flow River's, and Sinatic.



LALI PUNA & TRAMPAULINE: Machines Are Human 7" (ANOST 060EP) 7.50
Lali Puna meets the Korean band Trampauline. In the beginning there was just the plan to do a tour together Germany in January and then Korea in February 2015. At one point both bands thought the same: Let's see what happens if we start to exchange some culture before the tour. So finally many files were sent back and forth with two songs getting finished: "Machines Are Human" features the voice and text of Hyosun Cha, singer of Trampauline. A love song, In 2014 machines are more human than humans. You can see Spike Jonzes Her waving at you. "Mary Maloone", however, is a typical Lali Puna piece with the voice of Valerie Trebeljahr. Based on a beat by Trampauline, Valerie is telling the nightmarish story of Mary, who is working out her soul for her lordship while infecting them with typhoid fever.



BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE, THE: Musique de film imaginé CD (AUK 032CD) 14.50
Musique de film imaginé (music for film imagined) is a soundtrack that pays homage to the great European film directors of the late '50s and '60s, such as François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard (to name but two), created by Anton Newcombe on behalf of The Brian Jonestown Massacre for an imaginary French film. Named in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of western rock and roll, The Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco, California in 1990. Two dozen band members and numerous ups and downs later (some of which have been famously sensationalized in the media), the one thing that has always remained consistent for this psychedelic collective is frontman Mr. Anton Alfred Newcombe. The Brian Jonestown Massacre returned to wide acclaim in May of 2014 with their 14th full-length album, Revelation (AUK 030CD/LP), the first of the band's albums to be fully recorded and produced at Newcombe's recording studio in Berlin. Also recorded in Berlin, Musique de film imaginé features vocals from French chanteuse and multi-instrumentalist SoKo and Italian actress, singer, and director Asia Argento. SoKo is signed to Because Music and her track "We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow" was featured in the viral video "First Kiss," which has garnered over 63 million views; the track debuted at number 9 in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014. Argento, who has starred in music videos for Marilyn Manson, Placebo, and Tim Burgess, wrote the storyline for A$AP Rocky's 2013 cinematic music video "Phoenix," which has had over 5.5 million hits. Both vocal performances are in French. Newcombe recorded this daring symphonic experience in August 2014 after a successful European tour with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Newcombe describes the work as "a soundtrack, my own creation, a tribute to great directors and filmmakers [and] to an era that now seems to be behind us. Leaving the smart person to care to imagine that this art could now be in the shadow of its former glory. The interesting thing about this project is that the film does not exist either. Even so, I imagined and I realized its soundtrack... Now it's your turn, you are the listener to imagine the film."


LES BIG BYRD: Stockholm Death Star 12" (AUK 119EP) 14.00
After supporting Goat and The Brian Jonestown Massacre on their 2014 European tours, Les Big Byrd present Stockholm Death Star, recorded in the band's own studio in Sweden's capital. Trippy space-rock over pulsating motoric, with a strong feel for melody. Produced during the dark months of the Scandinavian winter, the music still has an ethereal light glimmering through the blissfully stoned vocal harmonies and chiming twelve-string guitar riffs. Three of the tracks have the band's typical, almost danceable groove, before the spaced-out "Vapour R.I.P" ends in an uplifting crescendo with fuzz guitars and mellotron strings.



SKAZKA ORCHESTRA: Kalamburage - Remixes LP (ACKER 003LP) 20.00
When the entire dancefloor turns into a jumping frenzy, when you find yourself bawling along at the top of your voice, when losing control feels like just the right thing to do -- then there's a good chance that the Skazka Orchestra is on stage. Their 2012 album Kalamburage (EBM 024CD) has now been remixed. The result is a collection as colorful, diverse, and wild as the background of the band from Berlin itself: some interpretations keep close to the compositional vibe of the original song, others use frisky house and electro rhythms to hurl it straight into the center of a buzzing nightclub. Sometimes it's all about beats, bass, and pressure, and sometimes a remix turns out to be a deconstructivist collage of sounds. There's always a somewhat Russian vibe to it, but also a very open-minded feeling of world music -- and it's always about reckless party and general joy of life. Well, it's Skazka Orchestra remixed after all. As always, vinyl comes with supreme sound quality. Remixes by Kombinat100, Seth Schwarz, Kommodore K, Pophop, Nellski, Jan Pyroman, Bonze & Kroesus, Strom, Mandy Mozart, and Skazka Orchestra.



HAI ART & VARIOUS: Sonic Island CD (AGF 022CD) 15.50
Hai Art is an arts organization based on the island of Hailuoto in northern Finland. Its main practice is artistic intervention in social and public space via mixed media and sound art. In 2012 Hai Art produced an international arts conference, "Wind As Context: Remoteness, arts and diversity," to lay the foundation for their off-the-grid practice. Subsequently Hai Art hosted more than ten international artist-in-residencies (Sound Room, Sonic Bikes, Anchorhold, Kiemura snow and sound sculpture, Sound Map Hailuoto iOS app, Sonic Boat Journey, Organum acoustic sculpture), workshops, seminars, and retreats. Hai Art aims to inspire small communities and remote living, critically challenges its prejudices, and builds meaningful content to experience. The actual artworks inspire discourse, communication, and an unexpected perception from a rural perspective. The context is everything that is present on the island. Hai Art runs a local children's program with the Hailuoto iPad Orchestra and a media lab for locals in the village. It organizes a community sound choir called Kaiku (echo) that imitates the field. Slowly, a vision of a "Sonic Island" is forming to accompany many other identities, and starting a subtle conversation with the planet. A poetic voice out of a remote landscape engaging considerations of identity, diversity, and imagination. This CD contains audio documentations of works produced by Hai Art between 2012 and 2015. All projects are curated by Antye Greie-Ripatti (AGF), who also edited and compiled this CD.


AC3 7001CD

WINTER, JOHNNY: My Father's Place, Old Roslyn, NY, September 8th 1978 3CD (AC3 7001CD) 29.00
Taped for New York's WLIR-FM just after the release of Johnny Winter's classic 1978 album White, Hot & Blue, this epic performance at My Father's Place, Old Roslyn, NY, on September 8, 1978, captures the Texan blues great in fiery form, backed by new cohorts Jon Paris (bass, harmonica, vocals) and Bobby Torello (drums). Despite -- or because of -- his inebriated state, Winter turns in remarkably extended performances of numerous tracks, including what might just be the longest version of "Bony Moronie" ever recorded! The complete original radio broadcast is presented here with digitally remastered sound, and comes complete with background notes and rare images.



VA: Autopilot CD (ALB 005CD) 15.50
In an age of universal internet-based access to music, many record labels, distribution companies, and shops have had to shut down. These music-obsessed specialists, with their taste and expertise, have all but disappeared from the public eye, signifying the loss of the filter role that they used to play. A lot of the activities that used to be core responsibilities of record companies and artist management agencies have now been taken over by publishers. Music publishers do not sell recorded music, nor do they organize concerts. Instead they handle music rights. This puts them at the center of the discussion about copyrights and intellectual property rights in an era of digitization. Ironically, this often goes unnoticed by the general public, which, along with the artists, is directly affected by the policies of so-called collection societies such as GEMA. In an era of dwindling revenues from music sales, the money earned by music publishers has become the main source of income for many music authors. The music publisher Autopilot, founded by Willy Schwenken and Guido Möbius in 1997 and run mainly by Möbius since 2000, was originally a home base for songwriters from all over the world, and has constantly evolved since its inception. Möbius does not know much about the mainstream and considers the chart-worthiness of his publishing repertoire irrelevant. What is important to him is the expressiveness of the music and the personal relationship with the artist. Working in publishing leads people to think in terms of figures, track lengths, and Excel tables. On the other hand, Autopilot was conceived from the beginning more as a record label -- a label with a broad yet unconventional repertoire and a boss who knows his program and manages it well. This compilation is not meant to represent the entire range of the Autopilot publishing program. It does not claim to be anything other than a good mixtape, an atmospheric collection of very different kinds of music -- timeless releases together with tracks that were previously unreleased or exclusively produced for this compilation. Raise the curtain for Autopilot. Compiled by Guido Möbius. Includes tracks by Guido Möbius, Air Cushion Finish, Lars Paukstat, Transformer Di Roboter, F.S. Blumm, Nils Frahm, Springintgut, Sicker Man, Mini Pops Junior, Black To Comm, The Marble Man (remixed by Guido Möbius), Miwon, and Vert.


VA: Autopilot LP (ALB 005LP) 18.00
LP version. Includes download code.


ML 9009LP

HEARD, LARRY: Alien 2LP (ML 9009LP) 23.50
Restocked. Double LP version. One of Larry Heard's most under-rated albums finally remastered. Known for his classic early house releases, Larry Heard's productions always hinted at deepest outer space, but his 1996 Alien album was his first actual science-fiction record. It's almost as polished as the most mainstream dance production, but just as sublime as any Detroit producer. Heard's house roots often show themselves, while the chords and shimmering production make this an album almost on par with Heard's mid-'80s peak. The project was a recording and sound-development experiment that was mostly constructed around a Korg O1/W workstation keyboard that was left at Larry's studio to check out by Victor "Melodious Myles" Houston along with some of the staples of his studio, including the Roland d550 and Oberheim Matrix 1000. Mr Fingers' magic touch can be heard all over the album, and this showcases the incredible musical talents of the man, whose name by now can't be left out from any hall of fame when you're talking music innovators from the last century.


ATL 1378LP

COLEMAN, ORNETTE: Ornette! LP (ATL 1378LP) 15.00
2015 repress. Originally released in 1962, recorded a month after Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation. With Don Cherry, Scott LaFaro and Ed Blackwell. "Ornette Coleman's proposition is a very simple one: release me from the bondage of long out-dated harmonic and formal conventions, and I will take you away from the wallpaper-like cliches of my contemporaries and let you hear a world of sound which you have never heard before, which is free, and which is beholden only to its own innermost logic and discipline." Exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.

SD 1451HLP

COLTRANE & DON CHERRY, JOHN: The Avant-Garde (180 gram) LP (SD 1451HLP) 15.00
2015 repress. Originally released in 1966. With Percy Heath on bass and Ed Blackwell on drums. Listen to "Focus On Sanity" once, that song'll be stuck in your head for days. Then years. 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino.

SD 1572HLP

COLEMAN, ORNETTE: The Art Of The Improvisers LP (SD 1572HLP) 15.00
2015 repress. 180 gram vinyl version. Exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1961. "Like many of Ornette Coleman's Atlantic sides, The Art of the Improvisers was recorded in numerous sessions from 1959-1961 and assembled for the purpose of creating a cohesive recorded statement. Its opening track, 'The Circle with the Hole in the Middle,' from 1959, with the classic quartet of Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, and Charlie Haden, is one of Coleman's recognizable pieces of music." -- All Music Guide



WOVENHAND: Wovenhand LP (BANG 087LP) 21.00
No doubt Wovenhand is one of the most intense contemporary American bands in existence. Bang! Records presents the first vinyl edition of Wovenhand's 2002 debut self-titled album. This is the very first effort by David Eugene Edwards after 16 Horsepower -- the start of a new era in his musical career, diving into foggy and shady passages of folk and blues. Take a walk on the darkest side of American music. A mandatory album for fans of The Gun Club/Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Johnny Cash, Mark Lanegan, The Beasts of Bourbon, and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.



LOST CHERREES: All part of growing up LP (BEAT 052LP) 21.00
Pressed on 180-gram vinyl; features replica cover art and insert. Limited to 500 copies. Beat Generation presents the first ever official reissue of British anarcho-punk band the Lost Cherrees' 1985 debut album All part of growing up. The Lost Cherrees were formed in 1979 by Steve Battershill, Dave Greaves, and Siân Jeffreys. After some rehearsals, they recorded and released a six-track demo tape called "The worst demo ever recorded," a split with the band Warning. They played some gigs, and then Dave Greaves left the band and Andy Rolfe took his place as guitarist; Battershill switched to bass and a new drummer, Nuts, joined the band as well. This lineup recorded a second demo in 1982, with some tracks also included on a split release with Subhumans. In 1983 the band started to play lots of gigs and began working with Dave Floyd and Riot/Clone, and out of this relationship came their first offer for a proper release. The 7" No Fighting, No War, No Trouble, No More was released in late 1983, and John Peel gave the record frequent airtime. The band played gigs with the likes of Conflict and Subhumans all over England and recorded a second 7", A Man's Duty, A Woman's Place, which was released on Colin Jerwood's label Mortarhate Records in 1984. During this time, Lost Cherrees played gigs with Rudimentary Peni, Flux of Pink Indians, Dirt, Icons of Filth, Partisans, Rubella Ballet and many others. One of these gigs ended in a riot, and the Special Patrol Group was called in -- the incident was reported in the next day's national press. In this period Gail Thibert joined the band on keyboards and Beverly Cook-Abbott joined as a second vocalist, rounding out a seven-person lineup with which the band played lots of gigs. In 1984, the Lost Cherrees entered Ariwa Studio in Brixton to record a 16-track album engineered by the legendary Mad Professor and Patrick Donegan. All part of growing up, the band's first album, was released on Fight Back Records (through Conflict and Mortarhate) in 1985. Sometime between its recording and release, Jeffreys left to join Joseph Porter's Blyth Power collective. All part of growing up is a classic album on which the band explode their anarcho-punk with some post-punk and reggae moments, highly influenced by Mad Professor and The Ruts.


BEC 5156033

SOKO: Ocean of Tears 7" (BEC 5156033) 10.00
RSD 2015 release. Acclaimed musician Soko presents a 7" single featuring "Ocean of Tears," from her insolent 2015 sophomore album My Dreams Dictate My Reality, and a slow version. Soko's 2012 song "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow," soundtrack to the video "First Kiss," has clocked about 100 million views, skyrocketed to the Top 10 of the Billboard Charts, and done about 11.5 million streams (No. 1 Debut On Streaming Songs).



FELDMAN, MORTON: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello CD (BRIDGE 9446CD) 15.00
"Feldman's last work, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, displays the qualities of the 'late style': complete mastery, utter assurance, and a kind of luminous melancholy. Like Palais de Mari, written a year earlier, it unfolds at a leisurely pace, with similar uses of repetition and recurrence, gentle rocking figures, and a somewhat restricted range. The measured unfolding of the material, without emphasis on dramatic contrast or large fluctuations in the rate of change, enables the listener to focus on the work's many subtle and beguiling details."


BB 200EP

SOLYST/TARWATER: Sølyst/Tarwater 12" (BB 200EP) 10.00
RSD 2015 release. All previously unreleased material. Re-work of two tracks from Sølyst's 2013 album Lead (BB 131CD/LP) with vocals by Noblesse Oblige's Valerie Renay and Sebastian Lee Philipp. Four outtakes from the recording session for Tarwater's 2014 album Adrift (BB 183CD/LP).

BB 201EP

AUTOMAT/CAMERA: Automat/Camera 12" (BB 201EP) 10.00
RSD 2015 release. All previously unreleased material. Two outtakes (one featuring Katharina Franck) from the sessions for Automat's self-titled debut (BB 161CD/LP, 2014) and a new exclusive recording by Camera!

BB 202EP

CAMOUFLAGE: Shine (+Remixes) 12" (BB 202EP) 17.50
RSD 2015 release. Six remixes of "Shine," the opening track from Camouflage's 2015 album Greyscale (BB 192CD/LP), plus the single version of the track, and "If," a track exclusive to the CD version of Greyscale. Remixes by Klaak, Car Crash Set, Die Krupps, Hans Nieswandt, Roedelius Schneider, and Pyrolator.



LOKO, MIRKO: Kolor EP (incl. Carl Craig Remix) 12" (CADENZA 101EP) 14.00
Mirko Loko follows his 2015 album Comet Plan (CADENZA 016CD/102LP) with Kolor in a return to Cadenza after his 2009 debut Seventynine (CADENZA 038EP). Mirko is obviously indebted to the techno music of the Motor City, and these classic Detroit tropes are certainly used in the building blocks of the original mix of "Kolor," sprinkled with a dusting of xylophones, bells, and chimes. For his remix, Planet E founder and legendary Detroit producer Carl Craig keeps the 4/4 framework of the original mix and strips back the percussion somewhat, working with elastic synths, flanged percs, and a heavy low end.


CF 011LP

SCHLIPPENBACH TRIO: Pakistani Pomade LP (CF 011LP) 29.00
Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Cien Fuegos presents a reissue of Pakistani Pomade by the Schlippenbach Trio, originally released on FMP in 1972. Evan Parker: soprano and tenor saxophone; Alexander von Schlippenbach: piano; Paul Lovens: drums. Recorded by Dietram Köster in November 1972, Bremen. Artwork by Benjamin von Schlippenbach; layout by Peter Brötzmann.



GOBI, LEILA: Leila LP (CLE 010LP) 18.50
RSD 2015 release. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Includes download card. Limited to 500 copies. Leila Gobi became a sensation in elementary school when she began to sing. Out of her petite frame came a voice that immediately enthralled her hometown of Ménaka, Mali. Gobi's ambition from an early age was to be a singer, but, like women everywhere, she faced challenges: her family discouraged her; as a female artist from the distant province of Gao, it was tough to get recognized in the tightly knit artistic community in the capitol, Bamako; as a backup vocalist for many great musicians, it was difficult for her to get respect as lead singer and the confidence to front a group of male musicians who had always known her just as a chorus member. She formed her own group in 2010, and has released two albums in Mali in addition to performing extensively there. She repeatedly won awards as best solo singer in the province and has become its star female vocalist. She also has toured the sub-Saharan region, performing in Niger, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, and Senegal. In September 2013 she sang in North America as a featured musician presented by Clermont Music in its second Festival au Desert/Caravan for Peace tour. This album is her first international release. Two of the album's tracks were recorded on September 9, 2012 in Studio Mali, Bamako; the other six tracks were recorded at Area 52 Studios in Saugerties, NY, on September 24, 2013. All the musicians featured on the album live in Mali and have performed with Gobi on various projects over the years. Pete Levin, the lone American heard on the recordings, graciously offered to sit in on keyboards for the Saugerties sessions.


CL 1654HLP

JOHNSON, ROBERT: King of the Delta Blues Singers LP (CL 1654HLP) 21.00
2015 repress; pressed on 180 gram vinyl. "If there is such a thing as a greatest-hits package available on Johnson, this landmark album, which jump-started the whole '60s blues revival, would certainly be the one. The majority of Johnson's best-known tunes, the ones that made the legend, are all aboard: 'Crossroads,' 'Walkin' Blues,' 'Me & the Devil Blues,' 'Come On in My Kitchen,' and the apocalyptic visions contained in 'Hellhound On My Trail' are the blues at its finest, the lyrics sheer poetry." -- All Music Guide



LABAND, FELIX: Dark Days Exit LP (COMP 185LP) 21.00
2015 reissue of South African producer Felix Laband's 2005 album Dark Days Exit, released in advance of Laband's album Deaf Safari (COMP 470CD/LP). "Deaf Safari is an audio collage of subjects that interest me and speak of the world I live in. It is an album composed of sampled recordings from the media landscape that has been the soundtrack to my life over the last ten years. My musical influences on this album lie mostly with local Kwaito house. Deaf Safari is an experiment within certain boundaries of the 4/4 genre, to create my own South African 'house' album." Felix Laband is Pietermaritzburg-born, Durban-bred, and Cape Town-based. He thankfully took up computer music instead of surfing, and was in various guitar-based bands (including Fingerhead and Incurable) before having a solo piece included on the Koert Kotze en die Vrouekolonie CD in 1999. Laband's fiendish and phat foray into introspective electronics was highly promising and the highlight of a critically acclaimed project. He also had two notable inclusions on the excellent Sounds of the Durban Underground collection, and has released two albums on African Dope Records. He is celebrated like a star in South Africa. Dark Days Exit is deep; it comes from the deepest heart and reflects a fantastical sound-journey through strange land. As Laband told UK magazine Dazed & Confused, "South Africa is a land of weird contrasts which definitely comes through in my music. I'm not afraid to throw things around. A lot of European stuff is quite formulistic, people stick to a certain sound and a specific way of doing things. I try to throw that out of the window." Dark Days Exit, with its subtly puzzled-out electronica and sublime moody electro sounds, blends the artificial intelligence and sensitivity of electronica, indie pop, folk, post rock, and old school ambient with some warm jazz elements, while occasionally recalling French movie soundtracks. On the one hand, it approaches the works of Stereolab, The Notwist, Console, Plaid, and such; on the other hand, it truly recalls the old school Compost community as well. Many people compare the album to A Forest Mighty Black, Taran, or the classic Kruder & Dorfmeister releases (the duo loved the album from the very first note and gave it rave reviews). Indeed, it's got a little bit of everything, but self-contained enough to be one of the most outstanding albums of 2005.



SHADOW MOVEMENT: Whales Part 1 & Part 2 12" (DOC 004EP) 14.00
After their stunning 2014 debut EP I.D. (DOC 002EP), Shadow Movement (Raphael Bartel and Raul Monteiro) return with their second record, Whales, the fourth release on Gui Boratto's label D.O.C. The limited edition EP was announced at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in 2014 and has been highly anticipated since. It brings all the darkness and deep harmonies with a melodic touch the duo is known for; an exciting step for the project.



FANGO: Tuono CD (DEGU 001CD) 17.00
Fango didn't sleep for six months. He and his studio became one to conceive Tuono. You'll want to play each and every one of these tracks on your dancefloors, but more than that, if you listen to it in its entirety you'll realize that Tuono is a tale that Fango is telling us, directly from his cinematic world built on colossal drums and wild clanks. Open the creaking door if you dare. Includes four tracks from the 2015 Tuono 2x12" (DEGU 016EP): "Tuono," "Lampo," "Dritto," and "Folgore."



HAWKWIND: Leave No Star Unturned: Cambridge January, 1972 2LP (DPROM 088LP) 34.00
2015 restock. Deluxe 180 gram black virgin vinyl version (matte finish sleeve). Dirter Promotions presents on double vinyl a previously-unheard and unreleased live Hawkwind show from the Cambridge Corn Exchange in 1972. "Though the tapes were listened to in the weeks after the show, Lucas and Kemp upgraded their recording equipment to half-inch a few months later and the quarter-inch reels disappeared, thought perhaps to be lost forever. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. In 1985, a reel was unearthed at Spaceward Studios, noted to contain the Syd Barrett element of the show plus 'parts of the Hawkwind and Pink Fairies sets,' and in 2005 a second copy of the recordings was unearthed in a collection of tapes stored in Gary Lucas' attic. It's the Lucas tape, via an appearance on the auction lists at Bonhams in Knightsbridge, which has enabled the release of this pivotal show. Dirter Promotions is very pleased to present these recordings, cleaned-up and remastered, enabling Hawkwind's dedicated fan base to experience the band in full flow, poised to fly high and fly far, making the very concept of space-rock their own in perpetuity." --Ian Abrahams (taken from sleeve notes). Features "classic line-up" members Dave Brock, Nik Turner, Lemmy and Robert Calvert.


DC 045LP

RED CRAYOLA, THE: Malefactor, Ade LP (DC 045LP) 18.00
"In 1989, Malefactor, Ade was issued on the UK's Glass Records, which had arranged several years earlier for the first actual release of Mayo Thompson's 1970 solo LP, Corky's Debt to His Father. This was the first Red Crayola record released in five years. The fearlessness with which genres are converted can be disarming, but stick to it -- you'll find listening an utter triumph. Malefactor, Ade was reissued on CD by Drag City in the year 2000."

DC 053EP

RED CRAYOLA, THE: Amor and Language 12" (DC 053EP) 17.00
"Amor and Language was one of three Red Krayola releases on Drag City in 1995 (two were from the vault: Coconut Hotel and Kangaroo?). After returning to America in 1994 and producing the first Red Krayola record since Malefactor (it was appropriately self-titled), Thompson was producing new Red Krayola material at a prolific rate -- Hazel was released the following year. When Amor and Language was in production, the pressing plant claimed to hear imperfections in the CD master."

DC 096LP

ART & LANGUAGE AND THE RED CRAYOLA: Corrected Slogans LP (DC 096LP) 18.00
"Corrected Slogans was first pressed by Art & Language and The Red Crayola in 1976; it was the first mention of the The Red Crayola's name on LP since 1968. The only review it received at the time was by Glenn O'Brian in Interview magazine; his response was a positive one, though he found the material ironic. By the time the album was made available to the public, it was clear that The Red Crayola would continue with Jesse Chamberlain joining Mayo Thompson. This was the start of five years of steady activity. Corrected Slogans was repressed on the UK label Recommended Records in 1981. Drag City reissued it for the first time on CD in 1997."

DC 104LP

"Black Snakes was issued in 1983 as a co-release by Switzerland's Rec Rec and Germany's Pure Freunde label. With a quartet featuring synthist Allen Ravenstine doubling on soprano sax, this was a smaller group than had appeared on either of the Crayola's two previous releases, Soldier-Talk and Kangaroo?. Mayo Thompson's guitar in particular shines in the space allowed by this configuration. As with Corrected Slogans, Black Snakes debuted on CD via Drag City in 1997."

DC 627BK

VA: White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994 Book (DC 627BK) 37.00
"White Glove Test: Louisville Punk Flyers 1978-1994 is a rich visual history of an ephemeral and overlooked art form: the DIY concert poster. Beautiful, funny, and profane, the collection of more than 700 flyers compiled here vividly represents the golden age of this fugitive street art, revealing a neglected facet of punk's expressive force. Clipped, collaged, and photocopied, meticulously hand-painted and lettered, or designed on a glowing computer screen in the early days of desktop publishing, these flyers were outsider broadcasts stuck to phone poles and storefronts, a makeshift gallery installed with staple guns and wheat paste. As a lavishly detailed document of Louisville's vibrant and diverse music scene, this book offers an insider's view of one seminal community's rise from bold beginnings to eminent, international status. The images also chart the thriving, interconnected underground that extended well beyond New York and Los Angeles, offering a parallax view of American punk from an influential yet removed location. Assiduously assembled from rare originals, sure to appeal to any fan of independent music in Louisville and beyond, White Glove Test uncovers a previously hidden history of prodigious do-it-yourself production, illustrating a national phenomenon in microcosm and illuminating a vital style of pre-internet social media. Edited by: Mike Bucayu, Steve Driesler, Tim Furnish, John Kampschaefer, Douglas Maxson, Shawn Severs."

DC 634BK

CHASNY, BEN: The Hexadic System Book (DC 634BK) 20.00
"Introducing a new approach to playing and composing music. It doesn't require the use of a computer or an internet hookup; all that the interested player will need is a guitar, a copy of The Hexadic System book -- and a regular deck of playing cards. The struggle of habit is a problem in all walks of life, particularly creative work. We don't always have an instinct to question the systems we are taught -- but consider the old adage about history being written by the winners. What does that imply about the processes with which we learn? Have alternate teachings been discarded over the years, like the lost gospels of the Bible, when their approach to lesson-making was deemed less worthwhile? 'The greatest value of the Hexadic System is to dissolve the musical structures that have been imposed on the player's mind... Composing music without the outer-self, using the tools of games and divination,' suggests Ben Chasny, in the text of The Hexadic System. In music, it is generally accepted that perceptions of tonality may vary, depending on where in the world one learns about music (as exemplified by the fundamental differences in western and eastern scales). One of the concerns that led to the writing of The Hexadic System was to proceed from a multimodal understanding available to 21st century musicians, but also to suggest an ordered approach to unfamiliar choices and techniques when composing and playing guitar music. Inspired by explorations in the thought of Ramon Llull, Gaston Bachelard, Heinrich Agrippa, and many other theorists in the various schools of combinatorial and image theory, Chasny's goal was to make a system of his own, addressing the most important form of decision making in his life -- the choices made with his guitar." Paperback, 115 pages, 4.5"x7".

DC 635BK

CHASNY, BEN: The Hexadic System Playing Cards CARD SET (DC 635BK) 11.00
"Any regular deck of playing cards can be used to execute the correspondences of The Hexadic System. You can play poker with them, or solitaire. However, to accent the ritual aspect of the Hexadic methodology, a custom deck was designed by Steve Quenell in collaboration with Ben Chasny. Face cards pay tribute to a number of figures who have influenced Six Organs of Admittance over the years. Markings on the cards specific to the Hexadic System are a part of the custom design of the Hexadic Deck. This deck can be purchased separately from The Hexadic System book, and is sure to be of interest for enthusiasts of this new system as well as members of the card collector community."



SMITH, J.B.: No More Good Time in the World for Me 2CD/BOOK (DTD 041CD) 16.00
In 1965 and 1966 Bruce Jackson visited Ramsey State Farm in Rosharon, Texas, where he recorded the remarkable epic songs of Johnnie B. Smith, a prisoner-composer doing a 45-year bid for the murder of his wife. Three of the recordings included on this two-disc set appeared on Ever Since I Have Been A Man Full Grown, an LP produced by John Fahey's Takoma Records in 1965. The other 15 -- traditional work songs and J.B.'s original pieces -- are issued for the first time. Folklorist Bruce Jackson was among the last to record work songs. He met Smith, prisoner #130196, during a 1964 visit to Ramsey State Farm. A native of Hearne, Texas, Smith was 46 years old and on his fourth prison term. In his younger days, Smith toted lead hoe in a flat-weeding gang and led the work songs. But he also sang other songs, different songs -- those he'd made up to occupy himself while chopping sugarcane or picking cotton. He referred to them as his "little ol' songs." The longest stretched to 33 verses, or more than 22 recorded minutes. Although Smith knew and sang a variety of melodies, to an assortment of work songs and sacred pieces, he employed only one tune for his compositions. What changed were the tempo and the ornamentation with which he individualized them. "The Major Special," "No More Good Time in the World for Me," "Ever Since I Been a Man Full Grown" -- each song Smith charged with its own emotional ambience, as a seasoned preacher intuits the particular colors and atmospheres that should imbue each portion of his service. Smith was paroled in 1967, a year after his final session with Jackson. That summer, Jackson arranged for him to sing at the Newport Folk Festival, at which he appeared on stage with Pete Seeger, and, in one of the only photos that survives of him, in the company of Robert Pete Williams and Muddy Waters. No More Good Time in the World for Me includes 18 remastered recordings, 15 of which are previously unreleased, and is presented in a digipak with a 36-page booklet containing liner notes by Nathan Salsburg (curator of the Alan Lomax Archive), full lyric transcriptions, and never-before-published photographs of J.B. Smith. Produced by Nathan Salsburg and Lance Ledbetter, founder of Dust-to-Digital.


EB 100LP

BURROUGHS, WILLIAM S.: In Dub (Conducted by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill) LP+CD (EB 100LP) 25.00
Echo Beach presents the first vinyl edition of William S. Burroughs in Dub, originally released on CD in 2014 (EB 100CD). LP features eight tracks from the CD release, and includes the CD itself, with all 15 tracks. Limited edition of 500 copies, paginated and numbered. Since their 2006 debut album Nitro, the Swiss band Dub Spencer & Trance Hill have impressed press and audiences alike with their passion for playing, their sure instinct for sounds, their equally humorous and respectful dubification of popular hits (including Metallica's "Enter Sandman") and their immense technical skill. Riddim heard "a new soundsphere where typical fat, stoic dub beats contrast with hand-played instruments and experimental sounds." Jazzthetik praised the "fantastically tight band, formidable interior dynamic and supremely competent mixdowns." Jazzthing wrote that "their psychedelic dub sound, which is occasionally interspersed by Western guitar riffs and true rock solos, sounds wonderfully acoustic and analog." And The Wire had to admit that "it sounds cheesy and it shouldn't work, but it does." Their other work includes the Clash tribute album The Clashification of Dub (EB 081CD/LP), plus a live album and a remix compilation with selective dubs by Victor Rice from São Paulo, Brazil. This release celebrates William S. Burroughs and pays tribute to his 2014 centenary, marking a new pop-cultural highlight in their work. With the official support and assistance of the William S. Burroughs Foundation in the United States, the band has succeeded in creating a heavy, ambient masterpiece in 15 chapters. They roll through dub landscapes full of heavy reggae grooves and extraterrestrial electro sounds, carried by pumping basslines with hypnotic power that clears the pathway to the center and gently caresses the stomach. Above the dragging, instrumental reggae cut-ups that gently drift into psychedelic territory, the artfully diluted grooves, breaks, and virtuoso hints, and the majestic slowness of the two riddims, rises the voice of William S. Burroughs, groundbreaking novelist, wanderer between worlds, junky supreme, and counter-cultural icon. His distinctive voice meets craggy soundscapes, harsh guitar chords, and an acerbic Hammond organ that play off against each other in the mixing desk. Drenched in echo, the sounds on this dub treatment contravene the rules of space and time, leaving behind a wonderful feeling of confusion in which listeners can relax and respectfully accompany the soul of their travelling companion William S. Burroughs on the path to eternity -- a highly addictive sound experience.



MIKKEL METAL: Quest #14 EP 12" (ECHO 064EP) 12.50
Echocord veteran Mikkel Metal aka Mikkel Meldgaard presents the Quest #14 EP, a solid, diverse release that puts a fine variety of production on display. From the slow, tough grooves through the rolling groove with filtered themes to the more classic dub techno, we are unmistakably and safely in the hands of Mikkel Metal. This EP also contains a powerful, metallic peak-time remix of the 2010 Metal track "Further" by Pattern Repeat aka Kenneth Christiansen (Echocord owner) and Resoe (Baum owner). Mikkel Metal has released on many labels since his career began, including Tartelet and Semantica.



RAMONES, THE: Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 31 January 1978 CD (ECHO 2019CD) 17.00
The Ramones' first three albums are indispensable artifacts of the late '70s punk explosion, with their venomous fusion of Alice Cooper, The Lemon Pipers, and any other adolescent obsessions and college preoccupations. Ultimately, like their early live shows, these early albums are exhilarating formal triumphs. Their appearance at The Old Waldorf on January 31, 1978, enforced this with an abundance of energy and good vibes. Sweating American culture from every pore in 26 songs delivered with breakneck ferocity. Quite simply, it was a furor that challenged the pomp of prog and rock, drawing on three albums with Rocket to Russia being the most recent. Their Waldorf appearance displays a formidable force of nature in action. Armed with guitars, drums and with the trademark "1,2,3,4" assault, the band rip through their 1978 set list, a near carbon copy of their more familiar January 7 NYC performance aired on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Incidentally, Tommy Ramone would leave the band shortly after these shows to concentrate on producing, making way for ex-Voidoids drummer Marc Bell (aka Marky Ramone). Fortunately, the records remain, but importantly, so do a handful of live recordings that can at least allow an appreciation of an equally vital part of their legacy. Echoes proudly presents a rare opportunity to capture The Ramones at their explosive best and in their formative years when CBGB's was a minor backstreet haunt. Their appearance at The Old Waldorf, broadcast on KSAN-FM, is a testament to the energy and ferocity of the band as a live act. Complete broadcast with digitally remastered sound, background liners, and rare photos.


HARRIS & THE HOT BAND, EMMYLOU: Amazing Grace Coffee House Evanston, IL 15 May 1975 CD (ECHO 2020CD) 17.00
1975 was a bold and exciting time for Emmylou Harris, whose career itself was burgeoning with the release of her second album, Pieces of the Sky, released five years after her 1970 debut, Gliding Bird, on Jubilee. A revised energy with Reprise would inspire a third album, Elite Hotel, recorded in June 1975 and released in December of that year. Her appearance at The Amazing Grace Coffee House on May 15, 1975, consists of material drawn from her two 1975 albums. From the very beginning, Harris set high standards for herself, as well as the musicians she would work with. Her integrity and artistic ability led her to transcend the country-rock genre, becoming universally respected by fellow artists and music fans alike. Her Amazing Grace Coffee House appearance in May 1975 captures Harris at her peak. Many of the most enduring songs from both of her 1975 albums were featured in her sets from this time. Her interpretations of highly recognizable country standards, such as Buck Owens's "Together Again," Hank Williams's "Jambalaya," and Merle Haggard's "Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down" all compare favorably with the originals, proving that Harris was quite capable of taking a classic and making it her own. Echoes proudly presents the complete WXRT-FM broadcast of Emmylou Harris's May 1975 performance at The Amazing Grace Coffee House, Evanston, IL. Digitally remastered sound with background liners and rare photos.



I-LP-O IN DUB: Communist Dub 2LP (EMEGO 203LP) 29.00
"Communist Dub is Pan Sonic member Ilpo Väisänen's second solo album for Editions Mego (Asuma having appeared 2001). This striking new release is a statement against technocracy and the erosion of human community. Whilst Jamaican dub and ska are often cited as an influence on Väisänen's work, this album utilizes dub as strategy as opposed to genre -- the precise manipulation of sound and the removal of all extraneous material to create a disorientating landscape of austere spaces. Pulled into a sucking pit of reverb and echo, the listener can choose whether to be pummeled into submission or to reflect on their situation. Väisänen's intricate rhythmic structures propel the listener from monochrome machinic matrices to head-wrecking abstraction. The ten track titles hint at failed emancipatory projects of the last century with a nod to the present situation -- 'Donetsk Disciples: Bolsheviks meeting the farmers (and wiping them out),' 'Benghazi Affair: Libyan connection and arming the forces, but history is taking over. A burning man in Tunisia starts the future.' Communist Dub is a ruthless criticism of everything existing, but one ultimately tempered by hope" --John Eden. Tracks by Ilpo Väisänen. Recorded sometimes in here. Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering. Photos and cover idea by Ilpo Väisänen. Layout by Stephen O'Malley. Nation of versions, i-shent recommended. Dedicated to victims of isms.


CHRA: Empty Airport LP (EMEGO 208LP) 20.00
The title of Empty Airport, Chra's second LP and her first on Editions Mego, may be read as a reference to Brian Eno's ambient classic, though this time we find ourselves in a territory of transit that sounds like a dystopian swan song on civilizatoric debris -- a heterotopia emptied of human remains, with only ghostly echoes behind. Chra aka comfortzone foundress Christina Nemec has traced out a post-anthropocene area in which acoustic entries of field recordings are stratified in layers of deconstructed noisescapes. Partly interspersed with clunky technoid basslines, an introspective space is opened, which excavates in a discreet and subtle manner layers of abandoned wasteland. Nemec, who is a member of various projects including Shampoo Boy (together with Peter Rehberg and Christian Schachinger) and the female berserker formation SV Damenkraft, has succeeded in producing a significant LP that merges dark techno and industrial with found sounds and ambient scapes, resulting in a compositoric minimalism that ushers us into a state of existential trance. Recorded and produced by Christina Nemec in Vienna and Hornerwald, 2012-2014. Additional mixing on "Abandoned House" by Christian Fennesz. Guitar on "Soca Valley" by Christian Schachinger, recorded at Twisted, Vienna. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, 2015. Artwork by Susi Klocker.



FRAHM, NILS: Screws LP (ERATP 046LP) 21.00
2015 repress. LP version. Berlin-based pianist Nils Frahm presents a 30 minute mini-album to his fans. Nils experienced an unfortunate accident, which saw him fall from his bunk bed located directly above his studio, which resulted in a broken thumb. But through inspiration from his fans and despite the four screws that had just been surgically placed inside his thumb, he started recording with nine fingers, which later resulted in nine intimate piano recordings. In his own words: "Even though my doctor told me not to touch a piano for a while, I just couldn't resist. I started playing a silent song with 5 fingers on my right and the remaining 4 on my left hand. I set up one microphone and recorded another tune every other night before falling asleep. The day I got rid of my cast I had recorded nine little songs. They have helped me feel less annoyed about my accident and reminded me that I can only achieve something good, when I make the most of what I've got." Nils Frahm has become known for his unconventional approach to an age-old instrument as well as his collaborations with contemporaries such as Ólafur Arnalds, Peter Broderick (as Oliveray) and Efterklang.


PRICE, MICHAEL: Entanglement LP (ERATP 067LP) 23.00
LP version. Includes download code. "No click tracks, no headphones, and no film. Just the spontaneity of performance and the sound of musicians hearing, connecting, and responding." Michael Price's first work as a composer was for contemporary dance choreographers, after which he worked as Michael Kamen's assistant on the score for Event Horizon (1997). Price has since been a part of many film score projects. He describes his 2013 string quartet EP A Stillness (ERATP 047EP) as "a cathartic and inspiring experience... I saw that here were people with clear sight and great ears creating a musical family, which seemed far removed from the compromises of the commercial mainstream. And yet bringing beautiful, intelligent, forward looking music to a similarly thoughtful audience." Price follows that release with Entanglement, his debut full-length album and the fulfilment of his long-held desire to explore new musical territories. It features Price on piano, with cello, soprano voice, string orchestra, modular synth, tape effects, and electronics. The cello and soprano vocal parts were written specifically and directly for cellist Peter Gregson and vocalist Ashley Knight, whose expressive voice features on tracks "Maitri" and "The Uncertainly Principle." The lyrics for both songs are Japanese poetry sung in English, dealing with age, loss, and the inevitable fading of beauty. Other elements include street sounds from Budapest captured and processed on Price's mobile phone, as well as chamber music recorded direct to tape with vintage microphones in single takes. "The Attachment" was partly recorded onto a 1940s magnetic disc recorder. Price describes the album's conceptual foundation: "Entanglement is a very personal expression of my obsessions: music, love, physics, and the inter-connectedness of things. There is structure and freedom, chaos and control, and the beauty of ancient instruments set against impassive machines... I wanted to make an album that sounded like a dark, Berlin record store discovery from the '30s. Something that had timeless emotive power, and pre-digital rawness. Something that I hope would make a deeper connection in superficially networked times. I think there is a duty for artists to be honest, and vulnerable. Because then there is a possibility of real connection. Entanglement is both honest and vulnerable and to go through the two-year process of writing, refining, and recording an album has been more intense and more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined" --Michael Price. Recorded and mixed at Vox-Ton, Berlin.



Matthew Shipp, the supreme jazz pianist of his generation, and Mat Walerian, the finest Polish jazz woodwind player of his, have combined their talents in concert on several occasions. This album documents one such instance, from May 2012. Shipp hardly needs an introduction at this point thanks to a career of over a quarter century, including not only many acclaimed albums under his own name but also a long and prominent tenure in the David S. Ware Quartet and a vast array of collaborations with the likes of Spring Heel Jack, Ivo Perelman, Sabir Mateen, Darius Jones, Joe Morris, Jemeel Moondoc, and more. Walerian is the younger of the two, and because of that and Americans' myopia about foreign jazz masters, many jazz fans are not as familiar with his work as they are with Shipp's. One listen to this album should convince everyone of the imaginative depth of his musical vision and the likelihood that he will soon be counted among the avant-jazz scene's international stars. Largely self-taught and deeply immersed in Eastern philosophy, his approach to improvisation is unique and compelling. Live at Okuden includes liner notes by William Parker. Matthew Shipp: piano; Mat Walerian: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, flute.



TOLFREY, MATT: Fabric 81 CD (FABRIC 161CD) 16.00
Matt Tolfrey delivers his Fabric mix after over ten years behind the decks at the club. Featuring a broad selection of styles and compositions old and new, tied together in his bumping, energetic, and sometimes idiosyncratic dancefloor style, with tracks frequently weaving in and out of the mix or laid over others throughout their full duration, Fabric 81 stands as a radiant presentation of Tolfrey's standing as one of the UK's finest purveyors of electronic music. It appears on the 2015 ten-year anniversary of his Leftroom imprint, which has released work by the likes of DJ Bone, Lee Burridge and Laura Jones; Tolfrey himself has previously released on Crosstown Rebels, Cocoon, and Rekids. Packaged in bespoke slipcase containing die-embossed tin. Includes tracks by Tolfrey, Rednail Kidz, Dan Beaumont, Gideon Bouwens, Genius of Time, Aaron Carl (remixed by Doc Martin & Eddie Amador), Skat (remixed by Kenny Hawkes & David Parr), Bell, Nail, Someone Else (remixed by DiY), Jon Convex, Dott Farm, jozif (remixed by Kerb Staller), Phil Weeks, Gregorythme, Pure Science, Cassy, Hector, 2nd Shift feat. Heather, Marschmellows (remixed by Richard Wolfsdorf), Minimal Man (remixed by Soul Capsule and Tan Ru), Sam Russo, Kevin Yost, Soichi Terada, and Lansdowne.



BRAMBLES: Half-Gramme Holiday 12" (FAUXPAS RSD15) 14.00
RSD 2015 release. Street lamps glimmering to a flicker of static. Brass and woodwind bursting through the interstices of dank and smoky bars. A thousand shades of grey, interminably looping. Bring me a half-gram, a flight far north! Vinyl tastes better... Colored single-sided 12" with screen-printed B-side.



PHILLIPS, GLENN: Lost at Sea (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) 2LP (FTR 173LP) 32.50
"In collaboration with Nigel Cross's Shagrat label, and Glenn's own Snow Star concern, Feeding Tube is tickled to release the 40th Anniversary Deluxe edition of Glenn Phillips's first album released under his own name, Lost at Sea. Originally issued by Snow Star in '75, then licensed by Virgin in the UK, after Peel started playing it, LAS has long been a favorite of people of true refinement. Glenn had joined the legendary Hampton Grease Band while still in high school. He played with them their whole six-year span, and was a key component of the sound on their sole album -- the sprawling Music to Eat (which should be part of everyone's collection). Following the dissolution of the Grease Band, and some additional personal troubles, Glenn decided to record LAS at home, using his working live band of the moment. The results were amazing. Glenn had always been able to conjure up flash for his solo spots with the Grease Band, but the playing here rose to a whole new level. The album is one of the best homemade prog LPs of the era. Hints of McLaughlin, Zappa, and Duane Allman all manage to coexist in an instrumental jungle that is dense, angular, and boss. Packed inside the original fantasy art sleeve, now a heavy-duty Stoughton gatefold with pics and notes by Glenn and Phil McMullen (of Ptolemaic Terrascope), this new set has also grown an extra LP. The music is of a piece, and a truly excellent expansion of this singular album. It was a long time coming, but we think it was worth the wait. Dig fast, they won't last" --Byron Coley, 2015. Limited edition of 500.


ASIAN WOMEN ON THE TELEPHONE: You Have Reached Your Destination LP (FTR 194LP) 18.50
"Feeding Tube's second LP by Moscow's AWOTT is another wonderfully perplexing roll in mounds of candy straw. As with their first FT LP, Ivan (FTR 129LP, 2013), there are many sounds here to put one in mind of early '80s experimental 'rock' bands from the German scene. No one would be shocked to learn this was a lost Zickzack or Pure Freude release. But it ain't. AWOTT are near the vanguard of some very happening sounds emanating from the Russian sub-underground. Random sonic factors this time include blaring Contortions-oid sax/bass skronk-lock, unexpected blurts of glitch, air raid panic, Japanese thump-mannerisms, and lots of other glub, all placed amidst a frame that is decisively Eastern Bloc. It makes for a splendid roil. For your additional pleasure, the album is packed in an eye-easy cover that reminds us of the photo on the back of Hot Poop's Does Their Own Stuff!, but without the irksome gender reassignments. Still hoping AWOTT can get over here to play some day. We hear their live shows are ecstatic explosions of Dada-shingles (and YouTube vids seem to bear this out), so start yr petition today. And no one asked, but we thought we might point out the band's name is taken from a Sun City Girls track released on the ass-wide Box of Chameleons set Abduction did back in the last century. As The Residents once said, 'Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool'" --Byron Coley, 2015. Edition of 350.


PANTER & DEVIN FLYNN, GARY: Devin And Gary Go Outside! LP (FTR 204LP) 18.50
"First vinyl issue (and an expanded one, yet!) of the taste-tastic 2008 set recorded by Devin Flynn and Gary Panter, just prior to their reconfiguration as a trio with Ross Goldstein (who only guests hereupon). I will be damned (and I mean truly damned) if I can recall who set this project in motion, but once it was started it rolled like the blimp of eternity it so closely resembles. Gary and Devin had been doing odd, punchy keyboard/guitar juke-a-thons for a while by then, spinning their way into the bellies of classic '60s tunes, then clicking their mandibles in sequences they thought of themselves. Their music was always weird and psychedelic in a vague, bad-trippy sort of way, and I guess the idea was to try and capture that. Go Outside -- while on the short side, playing-time-wise -- is really a transitional gush. By including a new version of Gary's classic "Tornader to the Tates" amidst rumbles from the stoner bush, the album provides a loving bridge from the old to the new. Not that it's really needed, but what the hell? If you enjoyed the sacred swirl of Honeycombs of Chakras (FTR 134LP, 2013) (and who didn't?), you'll def dig the pants off of this one. Not quite as overt in its psych hunch, it still dithers to all the same principles. And the two new songs added for this expanded reissue ('Johnny Carson Live At Shea Stadium' and 'Runaway') are just as loose and low as you please. Fellows? Ladies? Here is your reason to start passing the drip cup again. Don't pass it up!" --Byron Coley, 2015. Includes insert and download code. Limited edition of 400.


GB 022LP

TAMIKREST: Taksera LP (GB 022LP) 23.50
RSD 2015 release. LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl and presented in gatefold sleeve with download code; limited to 1500 copies. Taksera (which in Tamashek means "a celebration with music") is a rough and ready live album that is sure to give a jolt to Tuareg rock group Tamikrest's already heady reputation. Recorded on a summer festival stage during their 2014 Chatma (GB 007CD/LP) tour, the album vividly showcases the visceral and improvisational power of the band. The hypnotic grooves of the songs are blissfully extended, and the band's signature drive and electric guitar telepathy are pushed up front and center. The material on Taksera visits all three of the band's acclaimed studio albums and gives a sharply focused argument as to why Tamikrest is one of the most lauded young bands from the African continent. Their 2013 album Chatma reached the number one position on the World Music Charts Europe and graced year-end best-of lists at Uncut, Mojo, Les Inrocks, and The Quietus. Songlines went even further and gave them its "Best Group Award" for 2013. Taksera was engineered and mixed by Jean-Paul Romann, who has produced seminal albums by Tuareg music legends Tinariwen and Terakaft. The album was recorded at the Burg Herzberg Festival in Alsfeld, Germany, on August 1, 2014, and is in every way the celebration that its title promises. It energetically underlines Tamikrest's unique cultural mission and their commitment to explore new possibilities for Tuareg music. It shows a band full of hard-earned confidence and swagger; a band in love with turning up their amps and letting it rip.

GB 023LP

LP version on 180 gram vinyl, with download code. Ba Power, Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba's fourth album (and their first for Glitterbeat Records) is a striking, career-defining record marked by mesmerizing songs, razor-sharp riffs, and full-throttle emotions. Following two years of worldwide touring for the much-heralded Jama Ko (OH 021CD/LP), Bassekou's band, Ngoni Ba, has turned up the volume and dynamics significantly and Bassekou's masterful ngoni playing has achieved a new level of intensity that can only be called: Afro-rock. Distortion and wah-wah and propulsive rhythms now form the defining backbone of his songs and the white-hot vocals of his wife, Amy Sacko, serve more than ever as his passionate and perfect foil. When asked what Ba Power means to him, Bassekou replied, "'Ba,' in Bambara, means 'strong' or 'great' and it also means 'group.' I called the album Ba Power because I think the messages on it are very important and strong, and it is also definitely the album with the toughest sound I've ever made. I want these songs to grab as many people as possible." Ba Power was recorded in November of 2014 at MBK Studios in Bamako, a studio just down the road from the Kouyaté family home in the hills at the edge of the city. Produced by Chris Eckman (Tamikrest, Aziza Brahim), the album began with Ngoni Ba playing together live in a relaxed, intimate space. Features appearances from legendary Songhai blues guitarist Samba Touré on "Fama Magni," soku master Zoumana Tereta on "Fama Magni," vocalist Adama Yalomba "Waati," massively influential composer and trumpeter Jon Hassell on "Ayé Sira Bla," guitarist Chris Brokaw (The Lemonheads) on "Siran Fen" and "Abé Sumaya," and drummer Dave Smith (JuJu, Fofoulah, The Sensational Space Shifters with Robert Plant) on four songs including opener "Siran Fen." Ba Power contains all the swagger, precision, and wide-eyed excitement that the title implies. It is the album on which Bassekou's music engages with the world in unprecedented ways, and the album with which he confirms his status among the 21st century's most relevant musical artists. "I think African music and culture deserve to be spread to the broadest audience possible. That is what I want to accomplish with Ba Power" --Bassekou Kouyaté. Bassekou Kouyaté: lead ngoni; Abou Sissoko: medium ngoni; Mamadou Kouyaté: bass ngoni and backing vocals; Moctar Kouyaté: calebash; Mahamadou Tounkara: yabara, tamani, tamaba; Bina Diabaté: medium ngoni ba; Amy Sacko: lead vocal and backing vocals. Housed in a gatefold sleeve.


HG 1303LP

CHIOREANU, COSTIN: Outside the Great Circle, Where Purgatory Ends LP/DVD (HG 1303LP) 36.50
Outside the Great Circle, Where Purgatory Ends is a spectacular multimedia project on both spiritual and artistic levels. Costin Chioreanu's movie premiere and art exhibition were highly acclaimed at the legendary Roadburn festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The project features the following guest musicians and artists: David Tibet (Current 93), Attila Csihar (Sunn O))), Mayhem), Kimmo Helén (Hexvessel), and Mirai Kawashima (Sigh). Merging music, illustration, and film, Chioreanu's animated film Outside the Great Circle invites the viewer to ignore traditional structures and genre-restrictions and submit to the experience of the moment completely. A work of visual art of this magnitude required equally massive music. For the soundtrack, which was composed by Chioreanu on guitar, he enlisted the help of Csihar and David Tibet on vocals, Kawashima on keyboards and synths, and Helén on violin and effects. Side B of this LP features the original soundtrack of Chioreanu's exhibition Where Purgatory Ends. The music was composed by Chioreanu together with Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen (Aura Noir, ex-Mayhem). The package contains the original soundtrack of Outside the Great Circle and the soundtrack of Chioreanu's exhibition Where Purgatory Ends on LP, a DVD of Outside the Great Circle, and an insert, with beautiful artwork designed by Chioreanu himself. File under dark ambient/drone/industrial.

HG 1402LP

AURAL RAGE: A Nature of Nonsense LP (HG 1402LP) 25.00
Aural Rage is the work of Danny Hyde, producer and remixer of Coil, Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV, Depeche Mode, and many others. The project features the late John Balance and Peter Christopherson aka Coil. Danny Hyde has worked since the early '80s as a sound engineer, and contributed many unique sounds to Coil's legacy, producing their legendary albums Horse Rotorvator (1986) and Love's Secret Domain (1991). Coil lovers know that Hyde was a something of a secret member for the group. On A Nature of Nonsense, his debut album, synthetic strings, programmed rhythms, shuddering MDMA-filtered beats, acid gurgles, and insect buzzes are everywhere. It's a successful attempt to combine a touch of dark and a pinch of humor, to broaden Hyde's industrial-tinged electronica. In a way it really sounds like a legendary lost Coil album. File under: electronic/industrial/Coil/NIN.

HG 1501LP

WESTBERG, NORMAN: Jasper Sits Out LP (HG 1501LP) 52.00
Art edition; limited to 100 copies. Each record contains a numbered and signed 8.5 x 8.5 inch two-color linoleum reduction print of Jasper. Norman Westberg, near-constant guitarist for Swans since 1983, is also known for his work with Jarboe, Lydia Lunch, Foetus, Algis Kizys, and many others. Since the start of the so-called no wave scene in the early '80s in NYC, Westberg's unique and often very reduced guitar sound has been highly acclaimed. Jasper Sits Out is Westberg's first solo album on vinyl. It is a document of his exploration of guitar sound and texture. The two tracks are home-recorded and -produced and give the listener an intimate view into the artist's inner spectrum. "A soundtrack for inner debates": Side A beautifully utilizes layered guitar textures that flow in a mesmerizing crescendo, evoking a sensation akin to floating in the still waters of an ocean. Side B feels much more menacing and overwhelming, with its pummeling guitar crunch (doubling as percussion) transforming it into a sinking drone of sorts, constantly evolving as it rises and falls in variation. File under: drone/noise/loop/Swans.


FL 1016LP

CULTURE: Harder Than the Rest LP (FL 1016LP) 11.00
"The string of albums Culture recorded during the late '70s contained some of the most reliably solid sets from the tail end of reggae's roots era. These early releases for the production team of Joe Gibbs and Errol 'E.T.' Thompson yielded the group's finest work? The typically excellent assembly of session men respond to such material with an appropriately light touch: the exemplary rhythm work of keyboardists Ansel Collins and Earl Lindo and guitarist Willie Lindo is kept under close watch by the great Sly Dunbar. The drummer's playing is effortless as he alternates the makeup of a particular pattern or subtly changes up the rhythm, heading into a chorus. Closer attention to the backing for tracks like 'Behold,' 'Tell Me Where You Get It,' and 'Vacancy' reveals the sort of strength, though subtle, that drives the best roots music." --All Music Guide



DREAM WEAPONS: The Moonland Remixes 12" (HOLGER 006EP) 14.00
Dream Weapons' "Moonland" from his 2014 Pathways EP (HOLGER 003EP) has been a favorite of many. Accordingly, remix duties have been entrusted to Barnt and Jens-Uwe Beyer -- two of the co-founders of acclaimed Cologne label Magazine. An expert in mixing and structuring, Barnt carves out the hidden capabilities of "Moonland" while Beyer takes a slightly more humorous but no less feet-moving approach to things. Weirdo techno in typical Magazine/Holger style.



CASS.: Magical Magical CD (HOMEN 072CD) 16.50
In 2014, Pieter from Ghent-based tape label Dauw recommended Osnabrück artist Cass. to Home Normal for the release of Magical Magical. Born in 1991, Niklas Rehme-Schlüter (aka Cass.) began self-releasing music in 2010. To date his work has been released on small tape and vinyl editions, with his new release for Home Normal the first CD pressing of his work. Featuring collaborators Altars Altars, Miriam Jolene, Emily Cross (Cross Record), Emil Hewitt, and Moritz Leppers, Magical Magical is a playful album of electronic music, brimming over with melodies, ideas, and youthful tenderness. A near filmic equivalent would perhaps be the work of Hayao Miyazaki with his focus on the hidden depths of spirit through the innocence of childhood. It marks quite the turn from his previous meditative works, such as Loops & Farewell Sketches (2013), and shows just how talented this artist is. For a more specific note, the concept of ??? (Kamikakushi, translates literally to "hidden by spirits" or "spirited away") really comes into play. Again, this idea comes from the genius of Miyazaki, but the idea basically stems from the concept of a liminal journey through a realm of gods and spirits, specifically the unknown journey taken by children as they are taken by gods, often re-appearing after this physical disconnect at a temple or shrine days later. This pre-modern Japanese concept is often more modernly represented as the path from childhood through to adulthood, but the pre-modern focus of innocence, the unknown, and ethereal antiquity somehow encompasses the aptly titled Magical Magical with its focus on such ideas as light, dreams, love, and, finally, death (as finite or infinite as that may well be).


FIFTO: with miur CD (HOMEN 077CD) 16.50
The music of Keigo Igarashi aka fifto is reminiscent of the fantastically catchy melodies of Aoki Takamasa, and also shows a great ability for experimentalism in the most honest of ways. with miur perfectly captures that fine line between the elusive and the close and accessible. All the way back in 2009, "this curved" (as it finally became) felt like an instant classic, and to this day retains its amazing beauty as one of the key tracks on a superb album. Hiding in small towns and cities around the world are so many wonderful artists who, for various reasons, are not given a voice or chance to express themselves openly. fifto is one of the finest one could have the fortune to come across. Written and produced by Keigo Igarashi; tracks 3, 4, and 9 written and recorded with Junpei Miura.



TAPES: Datura Mystic 12" (HJP 077EP) 12.00
This started out as a Grounation Day drumming session above the old headquarters of The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, in Wareika Hill, Kingston, JA. Four funde, a repeat, and a bass drum. Back in London, contributing flute and guitar, Kenrick Diggory unbottled the deep rootical psychedelia and sheer awe of "Hunting" -- the Keith-Hudson-versus-Count-Ossie wonder of the world -- and Tapes added electronics, a shot of "Drum Song"... and a giddily intense binghi dub. Total murder.


HC 009LP

2015 repress, originally reissued in 2009. Killer obscure Afro-funk album from an unknown Cameroonian bass player and lead singer. Recorded at EMI Studios in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1978, the sound definitely echoes the American soul funk scene, while mixing it with deep Afro harmonies, a great horn section, and tremendous percussion. A few tracks have been bootlegged since its original release, but this is the first complete reissue of this rare gem. Remastered sound.

HC 035LP

FRANCIS THE GREAT: Ravissante Baby LP (HC 035LP) 23.50
Repressed! Rare funk and avant-garde soul from a seven-year-old kid singer featuring the best musicians of France and the Cameroonian diaspora, recorded in Paris in 1977. The album contains two nicely dramatic tracks: "Ravissante Baby (Negro Phasing)" is a long, hypnotic, funky soukous track with a tremendous lead guitar and a long spoken-word and soulful kid vocal about the beauty of nature; "Look Up in the Sky (Negro Nature)" is a stretched funk groove with psych synth by Michel Morose, bubbling bassline by the great Victor Edimo, the famous Toto Guillaume on guitar, and a brilliant poetic lyric by Francis the Great, who at that time studied in Ménilmontant, Paris. Originally produced by his father, a great impresario of African artists in Paris during the '70s, and coordinated by his mother, this album is unique, fresh, and almost unclassifiable. It's universal funk! Hot Casa Records is proud to reissue this holy grail after years of research. Includes interview; officially licensed with Francis Mbarga himself, in Yaoundé, Cameroon.



HOMEBOY: Kaprije 12" (HIOK 006EP) 12.50
House Is OK co-owner Marko Pelaic aka Homeboy steps away from traditional house music to explore more experimental, modern sounds. "Kaprije" shines with a joyful piano hook challenged by heavy synth noise and cosmic weirdness. Inspired by a memorable day spent on the island of Kaprije in the Adriatic Sea, this is an uplifting hit for any serious collector. "The Simple Things in Life" is a warm, melancholic, mid-tempo swinger that transforms into beautiful absurdity, while "Somewhere a Band Is Playing" closes with a spacey, jazzy feel. No-nonsense house for anyone bored with 909 hi-hats and rolling snare drums.



VA: Edit Service 001 - Special Delivery 12" (EDITSERV 001EP) 14.00
I'm a Cliché's Edit Service, a constant online source of quality edits for DJs and music-lovers, presents a limited-edition vinyl-only EP of entries 56 and 57 in the series. Israeli duo Red Axes' distinctive, catchy "Der Sexa" is an elegant, synthetic groove with lush female vocals, a genuine bass guitar line, and plucked strings. French producer Roman Azzaro aka Rouge Mecanique delivers "Cosi Cosi," with ominous synths, spoken-word vocals, and an atmosphere that conjures images of dystopian horror. A slow pulse of a beat gradually picks up alongside funky guitar licks as the edit goes from dark to hedonistic.



Issa is the debut release from Bristol-based musician and composer Kit Wilmans Fegradoe. The magic in Issa comes from Fegradoe's powerful exploration of emotion and sensitivity, which leads to a deeply personal and revealing listen. The work evokes the scale of Michael Stearns's compositions for film, whilst eliciting a minimalist undercurrent throughout. The album is sculpted from guided improvisation sessions in the studio with fellow musicians, traversing around the narrative of Issa, a young transient Jesus Christ. Fegradoe elaborates: "Known as Issa in the East, it's believed that at the age of 13 he traveled away from his home to explore and understand different cultures. Studying various religions and philosophies, he gained insight beyond that which he had been taught and would teach those around him as he lived and traveled nomadically. The album's narrative is built upon a wide variety of literature on the subject, while maintaining the hypothetical nature of the story. The intent here was to explore the unknown narrative, one barely touched by scholars or musicians, to understand a different version of a person who has become a beacon of hope for many, and a vehicle of religious hypocrisy for others. I invited musicians into the studio and they improvised around the narrative, often guiding them as they went. I took these recordings home and reformed them to create compositions. I spent a year alongside the recording and composition process visiting churches and Buddhist temples, reading Buddhist and Hindu philosophy, and experimenting with Eastern instruments. I hope for people to feel things that he might have felt during his journey. To approach a version of his story without prejudice and to experience a musical interpretation of the founding years of a person so iconic yet so mysterious." Fegradoe has been playing and composing music of all kinds from a very early age. Brought up with an open musical ear, he learned to play a few instruments before moving into electronic production. After releasing free material and experimenting with narratives and electronics, he earned a degree in sound and art design in London. Years of investigating and experimenting with various spiritual ideas and religions meld with his music in Issa. As of 2015, he resides in Bristol, UK, and is 23 years of age. RIYL: Arvo Pärt, Steve Reich, John Adams, Gavin Bryars, Phill Niblock, Duane Pitre, James Blackshaw.



THOMPSON, LINVAL: Dreadlock Sessions LP (JRSLP 003LP) 21.00
RSD 2015 release. Linval Thompson, although known for his production work in the reggae field, actually began his musical career as a singer. His distinctive chant-like vocals are spread over a catalog of roots lead tracks that sometimes can get overlooked. Dreadlock Sessions, a limited-edition vinyl-only release, focuses on that material. So sit back and enjoy Linval Thompson's Dreadlock Sessions where vocal meets version... Respect.


JT 002EP

HUNTER/GAME: Genesis EP 12" (JT 002EP) 14.00
Hunter/Game, two Italian techno producers based between Milan and New York, combine a deep groove with indie and electronic influences. They are founders of the Milan event Just This and they've performed at Fabric, Cable, Studio 80, Sankeys Ibiza, Hive, Winter Music Conference in Miami, Amsterdam Dance Event, Berlin Music Days, and Playground Festival in Berlin. They won acclaim in 2012 for their track "Touch Me" and their remix of "Lonely Days" by Blond:ish. They've released on Jamie Jones's Hot Creations, Solomun's Diynamic, Get Physical, and Sasha's Last Night On Earth. This EP includes remixes by Ripperton and Chymera.



JOKER: The Mainframe 2LP (KAP 015LP) 38.50
Gatefold double LP version. Joker's The Mainframe is a conceptual piece produced as a cohesive body of work rather than a collection of standalone DJ weapons. The sophomore LP from the man who spawned the electronic music sub-genre purple, which has since been galvanized internationally by artists such as Flume, Ganz, and Djemba Djemba, all of whom draw inspiration from the 26-year-old Liam McLean. The Mainframe is a listening album as much as a dancefloor album and it hints at what a Joker-produced mainstream artist album would sound like, with moments like "Wise Enough (feat. Zak Abel)," "Lucy (feat. Sam Frank)," and "Love (feat. Rochelle [winner of X Factor]) (double LP includes only instrumental versions). Since his 2011 full-length debut, The Vision, Joker has released a slew of productions to set the scene for this release, including the Masato Nakamura-inspired digital collection Joker Drive, Let It Be Known/Minors with Swindle as 040, and, perhaps the biggest insight into The Mainframe, the track "Digital Mainframe," all in 2014. The Mainframe is designed to play like a digital dream, with each track bleeding into the next and pulling the listener deeper into the imagination of the Bristolian futurist -- reminiscent of the way that Robin Wright is pulled into an acid trip world in the Ari Folman flick, The Congress (2013). Joker describes this intention: "I want everybody to listen to it once from start to finish, in their whip, in their yard, in their studio, going for a run, whatever... that's how I intended to bring people into my world. After that, pull it apart however you want, put specific tracks in your playlist that suit your mood, your lifestyle, cool, but... take it in as a whole and you'll be able to get more from the individual pieces."


KH 9045CD

FLYING BURRITO BROS WITH GRAM PARSONS & CLARENCE WHITE, THE: Live at the Palomino, North Hollywood, June 8th 1969 2CD (KH 9045CD) 23.00
This remarkable set was taped at Hollywood's Palomino club, where the Burritos had a Monday-night residency in mid-1969. Featuring country-rock legends and band founders Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, as well as Clarence White and guest vocalist Jimmy Lee Morris, they perform a remarkable cross-section of tracks, including classics from their recently released debut album as well as many non-LP songs. Originally broadcast by a local North Hollywood radio station, it's presented here in superb sound quality, complete with background notes and rare images.


KL 5020CD

MITCHELL, JONI: Los Angeles, 26 January 1995 CD (KL 5020CD) 17.00
While Joni Mitchell had made a few one-off appearances in the mid '90s, she hadn't actually committed to a tour in more than a decade. Turbulent Indigo (1994) was the revered singer-songwriter's first album in three years, and her first for Reprise since 1971. Mitchell's informal show in the Griffith Park facility's Wells Fargo Theater was promoted by local triple-A station KCSA-FM and took place before an audience of nearly 200 invited guests. Here, Mitchell confirms once again that she's an artist with a promising future as well as a celebrated past. Never one to rest on her illustrious laurels, she opens with "Refuge of the Roads" from Hejira (1976), before making her way through a loosely thematic set of songs emphasizing her recent oeuvre. Klondike very proudly presents the entire KCSA-FM broadcast of Joni Mitchell's intimate landmark appearance at The Wells Fargo Theater, Los Angeles, on January 26, 1995. Digitally remastered sound with background liners and rare archival photos.



KOLSCH: Speicher 84 12" (KOM EX084EP) 12.50
Danish mastermind and global fan favorite Kölsch delivers the epic "Derdiedas" and the immersive "Two Birds," marking a return from his remix work for Coldplay, Monkey Safari, and Henry Krinkle, and appearing in the wake of acclaimed performances at DGTL Amsterdam, Fabric, and Miami's Winter Music Conference. When his cozy, playful melodies collide head-on with the stirring thrust of his beats, there's magic to be had. For fans of his highly praised 2013 long-player 1977 (KOMP 107CD/ KOM 276LP), it should also be noted that these cuts serve as primer for his second album, 1983.


DAVE DK: Val Maira CD (KOMP 121CD) 17.00
An epic sonic journey crossing classic Kompakt territory, from pop ambient to tuneful techno and house, Val Maira is not just the extended follow-up to Berlin's Dave DK's much-adored 2013 Palmaille 12" (KOM 277EP), but a sonic achievement in its own right; a work as delicate as it is candid, ultimately -- magically -- amounting to so much more than the mere sum of its parts. Named after a valley in the Italian mountains, Val Maira goes beyond admittedly impressive production skills, aiming for deeply personal expressiveness and emotional impact. From the tender dawning of opener "Fade In" to the solid dance chops of enticingly grooving cuts like "Smukke Lyde," "Nueva Cancion," and "Coolette," the album's preoccupation with the mutual dependencies of harmony and discord is quickly revealed; as Dave says, "I've tried to create an interlocking atmosphere of merriment and melancholy for the full duration of an album... I hope that one can hear a little bit of hope in the tracks, like everything's going to be fine... Although you can be incredibly creative thanks to limitless digital means, I think that the biggest challenge lies in creating a link to something human, generating feelings of warmth that reach and move the listener." Dave's meticulous planning and development ("before anything else, I need an idea and a general notion of the development of a track -- just jamming doesn't work well for me") translate into a deeply organic sound, apparent on such tracks as "Halma," "Veira," and "Whitehill," the latter featuring the distinctive vocals of Piper Davis (Stimming). One could describe these tracks as both intimate and sociable at the same time, a rare combination that might also account for the vivid sonic storytelling present in cuts like "Kronsee" or "We Mix At Six," the synesthetic retelling of a delayed party at the beaches of Barcelona, where someone spray-painted the title's vital information on a T-shirt swaying in the summer breeze. Heavily influenced by film soundtracks, drone sounds, and organic noise, Dave DK obviously feels very close to the perpetual atmospheric hum in between sounds, finding hooks in the tiniest nooks and crannies -- and to hear these 11 tracks lovingly intertwining their inspirations while seemingly creating nutrient-rich textures and meaningful melodies out of thin ether remains a riveting experience even after the nth playback. Double LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes CD.



SUPREME JUBILEES: It'll All Be Over LP (LITA 120LP) 22.00
LP version. "If God had a disco, the DJ would be playing California gospel-soul group The Supreme Jubilees. 'We won't have to cry no more,' the tuxedo-clad group would sing, in high, angelic vocals over smooth grooves. 'It'll all be over.' Prepare to dance and contemplate death all at the same time. A band of brothers and cousins, the group was founded from two families: brothers Joe and Dave Kingsby plus Dave's son David Kingsby Jr., and keyboardist Leonard Sanders plus his brothers Phillips (drummer), Tim (bassist), and Melvin (tenor). The Sanders clan grew up singing together in the Witness of Jesus Christ church in Fresno CA, where dad Marion was pastor. Guitarist Larry Price -- who belonged to neither family -- completed the line-up that recorded the group's first -- and, prophetically, only -- album, It'll All Be Over. Released in 1980 on the group's own S&K (Sanders & Kingsby) label, It'll All Be Over pinpoints a fatalistic mood exemplified by the title. Its lyrics drawn from the Old Testament, its sound from the church by way of the disco, and it's a feel captured by the album cover -- a low, orange sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. It is, as Jessica Hundley observes in the brand new liner notes, 'both apocalyptic and seductive.' A copy of the album sold to a fan on a Texan tour made its way to a San Antonio record store, where it was discovered nearly three decades later by collector David Haffner (Friends of Sound). He managed to track down the Kingsby-Sanders clan at a Fourth of July barbeque in Fresno in 2004. And he eventually introduced the group to Light In The Attic Records, which now presents the album, restored, remastered, and available to the public for the first time."



DUDLEY STRANGEWAYS: Hold It Down EP 12" (MOC 002EP) 12.50
UK-based musician and Leftback co-owner Dudley Strangeways is known for his classic deep, acid, and tech sounds. This EP features two of his tracks and a remix by Ashworth, flooding synapses and taking control of the listener's body. Straight kits and dripping pitched tom-sounds lighten up the dark beats to create a massive sound-hall that perfectly represents the sound of made of CONCRETE.



NO MORE: Suicide Commando 12" (MNQ 065EP) 16.50
RSD 2015 release. 160-gram vinyl. 12" reissue of German trio No More's minimal electro classic Suicide Commando, originally released in 1981 as a 7'' single and subsequently reprinted in 1984 as a 12'' single with a different B-side track list. Optimo describes it as "a song that refuses to die. A couple of years after these Germans recorded this, it spread like a virus to become a cult classic. The virus is still spreading to this day." In the 1990s the song entered the techno and electro scenes, and was remixed by DJ Hell and Echopark (Moguai and Torsten Stenzel).



STEPMOTHER: Calvary Greetings CD (MEGA 032CD) 15.00
Stepmother is Lukas Simonis (Dull Schicksal, VRIL, Coolhaven...), Jeroen Visser (Kazanchis, ./morFrom/....), Bill Gilonis (The Work, The Hat Shoes, Hail...), and David Kerman (5UU's, Present, Thinking Plague, Aranis...). Anglo-American-Dutch post-punk prog-rock and experimental soundscapes with a dash of Monty Python thrown in. A reunion of an '80s band that never existed (but should have): twangy guitars, nifty keyboards, zany drumming, vocal histrionics à la The Rutles (well, sort of), lop-sided rhythms, regurgitated spam lyrics. What more could you ask for? The journey we are taken on introduces us to mass murderer Curtis Lemay, Serge Gainsbourg, sex ads, neo-liberal communism, Nigerian online scams, neo-surrealist blabbering, and Dickensian psycho fluff. But the record is much more than a sum of its parts -- and it's beautifully packaged to boot, with artwork by Alfred Boland. Bill Gilonis: voice, guitar, bass, keyboards, clarinet, stylophone; Lukas Simonis: voice, guitar, wooden thing; Jeroen Visser: voice, bass, organ, synth, clarinet, baritone sax; David Kerman: drums, percussion.



KRENG: The Summoner LP (MIA 030LP) 20.00
Repressed! LP version; presented in a laser-cut full color bronze and black sleeve with full color insert. Includes download code. The Summoner comes four years after the last Kreng album Grimoire (MIA 016CD/LP) and three years after the massive retrospective box set Works for Abattoir Fermé 2007-2011. A lot has happened in the interim, and The Summoner can be seen as quite the departure from the aforementioned works. Pepijn Caudron's most personal album to date, The Summoner was created after a year in which Caudron lost several close friends, and takes its structure from the five stages of grief. A sixth stage, "The Summoning," helps bridge the gap to the finale, "Acceptance." Conjuring up the spirit of György Ligeti, the first half of the album is made entirely of Caudron's direction of a dozen string players, whose noisy clusters and crescendos move the listener from denial through anger, bargaining, and depression. In fact, The Summoner is the first Kreng album not constructed from hordes of samples. Music to really dig deep into. The disorienting twists and turns lead into the second half of the album, with haunting organs and smoke-filled chambers of "The Summoning" preceding an earth-shaking wall of guitars, drums, and bass courtesy of Belgian doom band Amenra. Leaving the listener in a state of shock, the album closes with the incredible and quietly heartfelt "Acceptance."



Danielle de Picciotto is a wanderer. She explores the regions between the inner and outer realms of our collective psyche and gathers impressions, which accumulate into the many-tentacled beast that is her artistic output. Expressing the wonder of worlds invisible to most, she is initiated and an initiator, someone who has made the first steps and opens the gates for others to follow. She was born in Tacoma, Washington, but did not mark the place in her memory, as her father moved the family on shortly after her birth, due to his position in the US army. She spent her childhood all over North America until she settled as a young woman in West Berlin, a city that no longer exists. There she was caught up in the relentless creative turmoil this unique enclave had to offer and was able to interact with and influence its community for more than two decades, co-founding the first Berlin Love Parade in 1989 with Matthias "Dr. Motte" Roeingh. Originally a fine artist, Danielle has, over the years, embraced many fields of artistic expression and, aside from large-scale paintings and her signature intricately detailed drawings, embraced literature, film, and, foremost, music to will her extraordinary vision into existence. She now presents Tacoma, her first solo album following several collaborations with Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) (POTOMAK 919808, POTOMAK 954952) and the first release on Gudrun Gut's Moabit label since 2008. On this album, Danielle creates sonic scenery unlike any other. Employing unusual instruments like the hurdy-gurdy and the autoharp, while accompanying her spoken-word poetry and delicate vocal stylings with multi-layered violin harmonies, she evokes imagery of lonesome desert landscapes, enchanted forests, and otherworldly trance-states while straddling maritime thunderstorms by combining recordings of nature's manifold phenomena with radio interferences, reverberating tribal percussions, electronic treatments, and the soothing and genuinely organic vibrations of acoustically generated drones and internal mantras. Her lyrics focus on the mystical implications of the nomadic life, clairvoyant renderings of female intuition, and tales of dreamlike revelations, while the instrumental pieces of this astonishing album transport the listener into paths never tread, or, like Danielle herself, who only recently returned for the first time to the place of her birth, into a journey to the beginning of time.



KAUFFMAN AND ERIC CABOOR, DAVID: Songs From Suicide Bridge CD (MCR 913CD) 15.00
"First ever vinyl reissue. 30th anniversary edition expanded to a double LP housed in a deluxe Stoughton gatefold 'tip-on' jacket. 24bit/96kHz remaster from the original tapes. Essay by Sam Sweet interviewing both David and Eric, including unseen archive photos. Includes download card for full album. You'll find a Suicide Bridge in almost any big city you care to visit, but few are more impressive than the Colorado Street Bridge connecting Pasadena to Los Angeles, which earned its nickname by being the scene of suicides in triple figures. It's also the scene of a photo shoot in which singer-songwriters Eric Caboor and David Kauffman posed on the deserted structure, capturing an image that would eventually inform the spare, detached mood -- and title -- of their majestic debut album, 1984's Songs From Suicide Bridge. Indeed, there's a fatalistic quality to this LP that has much to do with its origins. Home-recorded on a four-track, Songs From Suicide Bridge was released on the pair's own Donkey Soul Music in 1984. If this were a movie, the album would have been a huge success. Instead, the 500 copies pressed found their way to few willing ears. Though real life encroached, Caboor and Kaufmann continued to work together, releasing albums as The Drovers in 1989 and 1992. Now, their debut is to be released by Light In The Attic Records with brand new liner notes by Sam Sweet. Hopefully, it will finally find its audience -- a listener who can see hope in the darkness. 'People would tell us those songs were depressing,' Caboor says in his interview with Sweet, 'but it wasn't depressing to us. In a lot of cases, playing those songs in that little room was one of the only things that made us feel better.'"


KAUFFMAN AND ERIC CABOOR, DAVID: Songs From Suicide Bridge 2LP (MCR 913LP) 23.00
Double LP version in deluxe Stoughton gatefold "tip-on" jacket; includes download code. "First ever vinyl reissue. 30th anniversary edition expanded to a double LP housed in a deluxe Stoughton gatefold 'tip-on' jacket. 24bit/96kHz remaster from the original tapes. Essay by Sam Sweet interviewing both David and Eric, including unseen archive photos. Includes download card for full album. You'll find a Suicide Bridge in almost any big city you care to visit, but few are more impressive than the Colorado Street Bridge connecting Pasadena to Los Angeles, which earned its nickname by being the scene of suicides in triple figures. It's also the scene of a photo shoot in which singer-songwriters Eric Caboor and David Kauffman posed on the deserted structure, capturing an image that would eventually inform the spare, detached mood -- and title -- of their majestic debut album, 1984's Songs From Suicide Bridge. Indeed, there's a fatalistic quality to this LP that has much to do with its origins. Home-recorded on a four-track, Songs From Suicide Bridge was released on the pair's own Donkey Soul Music in 1984. If this were a movie, the album would have been a huge success. Instead, the 500 copies pressed found their way to few willing ears. Though real life encroached, Caboor and Kaufmann continued to work together, releasing albums as The Drovers in 1989 and 1992. Now, their debut is to be released by Light In The Attic Records with brand new liner notes by Sam Sweet. Hopefully, it will finally find its audience -- a listener who can see hope in the darkness. 'People would tell us those songs were depressing,' Caboor says in his interview with Sweet, 'but it wasn't depressing to us. In a lot of cases, playing those songs in that little room was one of the only things that made us feel better.'"



KOSS: Silence CD (MUSIQ 047CD) 17.00
In 2005, Toshiya Kawasaki founded Mule Musiq in Tokyo out of a desire to introduce the world to the music of Kuniyuki Takahashi aka Koss, one of the most multi-layered contemporary musicians of Japan. In the time since, Kuniyuki has stayed consistent and continued to evolve in terms of mastery, musicality, and freedom of artistic. His love for music has never been caged in a singular style or genre. Under his own name, as Koss, or in collaborative works with musicians like Henrik Schwarz, Marcus Henriksson, and Sebastian Mullaert aka Minilogue, he explored many different musical languages, from house and techno to ambient, jazz and classical. As a listener he also loves a variety of styles, ranging from old 4AD and Factory Records releases to industrial bands like SPK and Test Dept, producers like Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, and pianists like Bill Evans, Abdullah Ibrahim, and Lyle Mays. They have all left a hidden mark on his music without ever being copied. Traces of those three jazz piano masters can now be heard and felt in Silence, Kuniyuki's fifth solo album as Koss. Its title is an announcement, as the listener will not find any club groove, overwhelming bass power, or rhythmic dance attraction on it. Nevertheless, all of the tracks are very rhythmic and groove gently. The piano plays a key role even though most of the music was created electronically. It's quiet and calm melodies dive into smooth electronic spheres and field recordings or are embraced by low-key percussions and reduced string elements. As usual, Kuniyuki's music is not overcharged, in order to leave space between the notes -- a technique that enlarges the silence and sharpens the ear for sounds that float between and above it. Everything was produced in-depth in his own private studio with computer software, a Roland System-1, a Jupiter-8, and the dynamic percussion synth Korg Wavedrum. Nothing that is audible is written, as Kuniyuki likes to improvise. Only later, after he has been totally absorbed by what his mind and soul performed, does he fine-tune the recordings. His initial plan was to produce a real acoustic-sounding album, but then the electronics joined softly and Kuniyuki intuitively found a simple balance between both sonic worlds. These pieces are deep, minimal, and offer much to explore. CD includes four exclusive tracks: "Voyage," "Endless Flight," "Urs," and "Ancient Train."


MR 351LP

ERIZONTE: Los Caprichos de Goya LP+CD (MR 351LP) 18.00
This suite, composed by Erizonte and arranged and produced by Scud Hero, is inspired by Los Caprichos, the series of 80 prints published in 1799 by the renowned Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, a highly significant commentator on and chronicler of his era whose subversive, imaginative style has proven massively influential. The suite is arranged in seven movements. Symphonic timbres are used, as are electroacoustic instruments and other sound elements created for this work by the great percussionist Antonio Piñera. The titles of the movements take the names of some of Goya's engravings, which dealt with themes including abuse of power; vices of the clergy; love and prostitution; the lack of education in the village; and superstitions and fantastic creatures. Being an Erizonte project, the experimental work is in this case the search to overcome the limitations of physical properties of classical instruments and technical implementations, thanks the possibilities afforded by the tools of electronic music. The work pushes the limits of some instruments while respecting their original personalities. For example, a violin sounding notes as if it had six strings, or a classical guitar producing a tremolo unreachable by a human. The result is a relatively formal work, in keeping with the time of Goya, and a work in which experimental style is more than ever at the service of the public, interwoven between elements of the composition. The suite was commissioned to accompany the exhibition of the engravings at the Lithuanian Art Museum, and has also been performed in Berlin and Madrid as a live show incorporating music, video, and dance. The artwork for this release, reminiscent of an engraving, was designed by Locktite, who was nominated for a Latin Grammy for her previous work with Erizonte.


ERIZONTE: Los Caprichos de Goya LP+CD (MR 351LTD-LP) 25.50
Limited edition of 50 copies including a facsimile of Francisco Goya's engraving "El sueño de la razón produce monstruos" ("The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters") (c. 1799) made from the original at Spain's National Engraving Academy.

MR 7269EP

ANTORCHAS: Antorchas 7" (MR 7269EP) 8.50
RSD 2015 release. Originally released in 1971, this EP is a rare hard psych rock gem by this legendary Mexican band, documenting the transition from their beat origins as Las Antorchas to their work in the '70s under the very politically charged and anarchist Antorcha name. Featuring three songs written by the band, two in English and the wonderful slow burner "El jardín del edén" in Spanish, Antorchas created a pivotal moment in Mexican rock.

MR 7270EP

TOMCATS/LOS JUNIOR'S: A Tu Vera/Te Fuiste 7" (MR 7270EP) 8.50
RSD 2015 release. Special split 7" featuring two untamed '60s nuggets from Munster's Algo Salvaje compilation (MR 314CD/LP). English band Tomcats visited Spain in 1965 and they recorded this rifftastic and fuzzed out version of the classic copla song "A tu vera." On the other side, "Te fuiste" by Pamplona's Los Junior's is a spectacular mid-tempo driven by an imposing rhythm and an undulating organ of clearly lysergic reminiscences.



COMFORT FIT: Mezga EP 12" (MKR 044EP) 14.00
Boris Mezga aka Comfort Fit is no amateur; his chilled beats launch into orbit, the work of a specialist on the borders of hip-hop, electronic, abstract, jazz, broken beat, Detroit techno. Since 2001 he has moved through various styles, and here he delivers tracks to ignite and extinguish. The EP's title is a reference to the Hungarian television series Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai (The Adventures of Aladár Mézga), starring the eponymous animated character who could be Comfort Fit's big brother -- the resemblance is particularly apparent when Aladár inflates his spaceship from his violin case.


NEOS 11406CD

RUZICKA, PETER: Orchestra Works Vol. 3 CD (NEOS 11406CD) 15.50
Neos presents the fifth release in a series of illustrious recordings dedicated to the music of Peter Ruzicka. As a composer, conductor, and artistic director, Ruzicka (born 1948) ranks among the most influential personalities of international cultural life. At the same time, his art constitutes an autonomous musical cosmos in itself, marked by impressive métier, auratic sound poetics, and a profound consciousness of tradition. In this third volume of his orchestral music, Ruzicka pays tribute to some of the leading cultural figures of history: Richard Wagner, Paul Celan, and Hans Werner Henze. A Wagner memorial composition by Franz Liszt provides the basis for Ruzicka's orchestral palimpsest as well as for a kind of compositional retracing for piano; Recherche (-IM Innersten) is a chorus scene from the heart of his confessional Celan opera; Spiral, for Hans Werner Henze, is a work for a quartet of French horns and orchestra, and a piece of anger and sorrow, according to Siemens Prize winner Peter Gülke's liner notes. Leipziger Hornquartett; Sophie-Mayuko Vetter, piano; MDR Rundfunkchor; MDR Sinfonieorchester; Peter Ruzicka, conductor.

NEOS 11505CD

SCHWEINITZ/CATHERINE LAMB, WOLFGANG VON: Plainsound Counterpoint/Mirror CD (NEOS 11505CD) 15.50
Fascinatingly harmonious sounds established beyond the common tone orders are the specialty of California-based German composer Wolfgang von Schweinitz (born 1956). After his highly acclaimed 2013 recording of "Plainsound Glissando Modulation" for violin and double bass (NEOS 10812CD, German Music Critics' Award) Frank Reinecke -- one of today's foremost double bass virtuosos -- has now dedicated himself to another cornerstone of recent music history: "Plainsound Counterpoint" for solo double bass from 2010-2011. In these seven breathtakingly beautiful concert studies, a previously unheard wealth of harmonic and melodic intervals unfolds along the plain harmonic series. A second program on this CD consists of the double bass solo work "Mirror" by American composer Catherine Lamb (born 1982), who today lives in Berlin. Her composition, says Reinecke, "celebrates the different tone colors of two-part-sounds in just intonation, with all its synergetic meldings and rotating beats."

NEOS 11513-14CD

OFENBAUER, CHRISTIAN: Streichquartette 1997-2011 2CD (NEOS 11513-14CD) 28.50
When an ensemble like the world-famous and prizewinning Arditti Quartet enters the studio for the purpose of recording a composer's complete output for string quartet, this certainly can be considered an expression of highest praise. Here it holds true for the composer, organist, and master of Japanese archery Christian Ofenbauer, who was born in Graz in 1961 and today teaches as a professor at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg. This double CD includes an extensive cycle of six string quartet movements composed between 1997 and 2011 alongside another protracted solitary work for string quartet from 1999, which was inspired by Ödön von Horváth's Tales from the Vienna Woods and carries a title borrowed from Bertolt Brecht: Zerstörung des Zimmers/der Zeit (Destruction of the Room/of Time). With these premiere recordings, an elaborate and haunting compendium of modern composition for string quartet awaits the listener.



With the Clock EP Burnt Friedman and Daniel Dodd-Ellis offer two pared down, extended club tracks and two short word-and-sound poems that feature "microscopically detailed textures, deceptively funky-sounding odd meters, and dubby production techniques." All four tracks are exclusive to this vinyl edition!



HUSEBO, KJETIL: Steps CD (OSP 006CD) 17.00
Norwegian pianist Kjetil Husebø's Steps marks a drastic shift from the album that precedes it, Morphing Between Spaces and Phases (OSP 005LP), released in 2014 under his Skyggespill alias. Steps also diverges from Husebø's other earlier albums (Contradictions (OSP 002CD, 2012) and Sources (OSP 003CD, 2013)), on which he combined the utterly complex sound universe of the grand piano with live sampling and electronic wizardry, and from his 2010 album as Optical Substance, Adaptation (OSP 001CD), on which the music is composed, programmed, and produced in collaboration with several guest musicians. Although Steps is Husebø's third piano album, it is his first entirely acoustic endeavor, distinguished by its exclusion of any components of composed, electronic music. The music on Steps was improvised and recorded in a short session at RainbowStudio, Oslo, in December 2014. Alone with a Steinway model D grand piano, Husebø explores his personal, melodic, abstract, rhythmical, playful, meditative music as he has never done before, situating his musical landscape between jazz, contemporary music, classical, and folk music. Engineered and mixed by the legendary Jan Erik Kongshaug as master of ceremony.


OP 021EP

BENCE, JOHN: Disquiet EP 12" (OP 021EP) 14.00
John Bence's Disquiet is a composition in three movements for soprano voice and cello, but what you hear is not that composition. After scoring and recording the full piece, the 19-year-old composer manipulated the recordings to produce something new. Then he wrote a new score, re-recorded, manipulated, and re-scored again... and again. The process is the result: a slow-churning, microtonal wash, at once liquid and brilliantly crystalline. Two timbres fracture into many. A tectonic drone slides below and aerates a chorus as vocals flicker in and out of being, wrestling with silence. Occurs at the intersection of electronic production and classical composition.



MANIK: In Walks Bourbon EP 12" (OVM 253EP) 14.00
A long-standing veteran of Josh Wink's Ovum imprint, Manik presents his fifth release on the label, an EP of raw, chunky, house-influenced cuts. "Wink KD" opens with a catchy groove and hypnotic vocal sample, before the breakdown introduces an infectious acid bassline. "In Walks Bourbon" smooths things out here with a more head-bobbing groove, but don't let that fool you -- the track builds and builds with a rolling bass that takes the track into overdrive. The jacking "House Cut 2" features catchy synth stabs and various vocal samples, with snappy percussion that drives the track to a frenetic build.



PAID REACH: Fair Trade Dark 7" (PAID 001EP) 11.00
"The first Paid Reach -- in collaboration with Ominira; edited and produced by Kassem Mosse."



TB: City Girl 12" (PERMVAC 138EP) 12.00
After contributing "Invitation to Love" to Hiverned # 2 (2012) on John Talabot's Hivern Discs, a track greatly supported by DJs such as Panorama Bar resident ND Baumecker, Scotland's most precious jewels the Optimo guys, and, most certainly, John Talabot, TB (aka Permanent Vacation co-owner Tom Bioly) is back with his very first four-track EP.



First ever reissue of this 1979 Latin-funk-psych-prog trip featuring groovy jazzy flute, superb acoustic and electric guitars, funky rhythm section, exotic percussion, and some cool Thai and Brazilian vibes. Dutch guitarist Angelo Noce Santoro was a founding member of legendary psych-prog band Cosmic Dealer; he has also recorded and released albums under his own name and with Palmeira (the first Dutch band to play Brazilian music), Santoro Brothers, and Oriental Guitars, among many others. His unique guitar style, which incorporates surf, psychedelic, jazz, and eastern influences, has received praise from such connoisseurs of obscure instrumental sounds as Jello Biafra, who got in touch with Santoro after discovering one of his solo albums in a second-hand shop in the '80s. For You was Santoro's first solo effort, released as a private pressing in 1979 on ANS, his own label. Santoro played bass, acoustic, and electric guitars; flute; and percussion. He was joined by ace flute player Steven Bishop, drummer Herman Muller, and Lodewijk Hulsman on acoustic guitar. Santoro wrote most of the tracks before 1979, and some date back to his time with Cosmic Dealer in the early '70s. Master tape sound; includes insert/booklet with liner notes and photos. CD comes with two previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1979: a second part of "Raindance" and a cover of João Gilberto's "Undiú." File under: Latin, psych, funk, breaks, jazz, fusion, library, Brazilian, East Asian.


LP version.


PALMEIRA: Palmeira CD (PHS 024CD) 17.00
Can you imagine a Dutch band playing top-notch '60s/'70s sounding Brazilian music? Originally released as a private pressing in 1983, Palmeira's only album will please any lover of bossa, jazzy-and-Latin-fusion sounds. Beautiful femme vocals, superb musicianship featuring the awesome lead electric guitar of Jeanette van der Pligt, self-penned songs and choice covers of Caetano Veloso, João Gilberto, and Rita Lee, and others. Palmeira was a Brazilian-styled band formed by Angelo Noce Santoro (ex-Cosmic Dealer) along with some Dutch, North American, and Brazilian musicians. The group existed from 1979 until 1985, playing lots of gigs at jazz venues and nightclubs in Holland. In 1983 they released their only album in a private edition of 500 copies on Santoro's ANS label. A cult item for fans of bossa-jazz, it was first reissued in 2007 as a limited edition in Japan, which has since gone out of print. The CD edition of this reissue features six bonus tracks, including one that was not included on the Japanese reissue. The bonus tracks, recorded the same year as the album, come from Santoro's tape archive and include some great covers of giants like Edu Lôbo and Jorge Ben, and others. Master tape sound; includes insert/booklet with liner notes and pictures. File under: Brazilian, bossa-nova, Latin-jazz.


PALMEIRA: Palmeira LP (PHS 024LP) 25.50
LP version.


AKKOR, KAMURAN: Kamuran Akkor CD (PHS 025CD) 17.00
Turkey's musical history is littered with bottled blondes who put on a lot of eyeliner, made a few singles, and disappeared. And since the mid-1970s, those twin queens Ajda Pekkan and Sezen Aksu have maintained a semi-rivalry while bulldozing their way over pop charts and sales counters. Piles of Turkish psych and folk reissues have begun to hit the west, and yet how many have given the luscious ladies of Anatolia their due? So go beyond Selda, and get your gal power on. It's time to steam up your windows with this foxy arabesque singer who's a real-life Stevie Nicks next door. Waka waka funk rhythm guitar, sweet little organs, pumping bass, winging and buzzy synths, electric baglama, syrupy disco strings, and Kâmuran Akkor's little swallowed yodels... It's all here, collected singles released by ?stanbul Plak between 1971 and 1975. Whether she's covering European hits with retrofitted Turkish lyrics or ghost-voicing a musical scene in a high-profile movie, Akkor often sings like outbursts of tears or frenzy are just beyond her words. And seeing how she always played second fiddle to her classier, more famous sister Gönül, maybe Kâmuran just felt like a little drama was in order. You might have caught a couple of scant cuts on compilations like Turkish Freakout 2 (2011) or ?stanbul 70 (2011), but there's way more to discover, and now you can.


AKKOR, KAMURAN: Kamuran Akkor LP (PHS 025LP) 25.50
LP version.



YA TOSIBA: Mollah the Machine Remixes 7" (PING 047EP) 10.00
RSS Disco remix "Ma??n" by Ya Tosiba. The DJ-and-producer trio from Hamburg focuses on the bassline and makes the synth pads shimmer. The original Ya Tosiba song is about the sudden appearance of cars on the streets of Baku in the '80s -- decades later, it's a perfect cruising track. Patric Catani aka Candie Hank delivers a hilarious, bouncing remix of Molla, paying tribute to Zuzu's funky meykhana vocals.



GRANT LEE BUFFALO: Mighty Joe Moon LP (PLAIN 180LP) 22.00
"Mighty Joe Moon, the 1994 sophomore effort by Grant Lee Buffalo, found the band hitting their artistic stride with their distinctive Americana/alternative rock fusion and the evocative, wide screen song writing of singer and guitarist Grant Lee Phillips. The beautiful alternative rock hit 'Mockingbirds' brought the band, and this album, their biggest exposure and success. From all out rock assaults like 'Lone Star Song' to somber and highly personal numbers such as 'Happiness' and 'Honey Don't Think' the album is a highlight of the era and the best record the band ever made. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl from Plain Recordings."


BELLY: Star LP (PLAIN 191LP) 22.00
"Star is the 1993 debut album by Belly who were led by singer/guitarist Tanya Donelly, a former member of Throwing Muses and The Breeders. The album showcases her sharp songwriting and vocals as she finally got the chance to shine on her own project. The album features the modern rock hits 'Feed the Tree' and 'Gepetto,' which propelled the record past gold in the U.S. and helped make Star one of the highlights of the early '90s alternative scene. Star still sounds as fresh and vital as it did when first released over 20 years ago. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl with a two-sided B&W insert. Long out of print as a UK import, this is the first domestic release on vinyl."


EARLE, STEVE: Train a Comin' LP (PLAIN 194LP) 22.00
Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. "Train a Comin', the 1995 release by Steve Earle, was his first album since The Hard Way five years earlier. Steve returned to basics on this all acoustic record with help from Peter Rowan, Norman Blake, Roy Huskey, and Emmylou Harris. Train a Comin' finds Steve mixing some of his older material written decades before, such as 'Mercenary Song,' with choice covers of the Beatles' 'I'm Looking Through You,' Townes van Zandt's 'Tecumseh Valley,' and The Melodians' reggae classic 'Rivers of Babylon.' A critical and fan favorite, Train a Comin' is a gem and one of the best albums of Steve's career. Issued for the first time ever on vinyl with a double-sided insert."


EARLE, STEVE: I Feel Alright LP (PLAIN 195LP) 22.00
Pressed on 180-gram vinyl. "I Feel Alright is the 1996 release by Steve Earle that balances his country and acoustic music roots seamlessly with his rock side. This is one of the crown jewels in Steve's long and still ongoing recording career and it includes many highlights including 'Feel Alright,' 'The Unrepentant,' 'CCKMP,' and a great duet with Lucinda Williams on the album closing track 'You're Still Standin' There.' Issued for the first time ever on vinyl in a gatefold jacket."


TOO SHORT: Born to Mack LP (PLAIN 198LP) 23.00
"Born to Mack is the first full-length album by Oakland native Too Short, and his first major album release. Originally released on Dangerous Music in 1987, it was a nationwide underground sensation. Featuring the classic track 'Freaky Tales,' this is the album that launched Too Short to stardom. In 1998, the album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums, and the song 'Freaky Tales' reached #92 on the 100 Greatest Rap Songs. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl by Plain Recordings."


WESTERBERG, PAUL: Suicaine Gratifaction LP (PLAIN 203LP) 29.00
"Suicaine Gratifaction is the third solo album by the former Replacements front man and songwriter Paul Westerberg and was originally released in 1999. Suicaine is an introspective, somber recording with a relaxed vibe, even on the few rockers that sprinkle the album, while the simple and low key production by Paul and Don Was puts the focus on another great batch of songs by PW. Highlights include 'It's A Wonderful Lie,' 'Born for Me,' 'Lookin' Out Forever' and 'Sunrise Always Listens.' On 180-gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an insert. First time ever released on vinyl!"



BRECHT, JOHANNES: Trois Nocturnes 12" (PFR 159EP) 14.00
Since an impressive stint as musical director for Henrik Schwarz's Instruments project and the subsequent release of 2013's Holla (SUNDAY 007EP), Johannes Brecht's reputation has grown steadily with a series of carefully crafted 12"s. "Nuages" hinges on a sinuous, snake-charming synth line. Instantly memorable, it's an exquisite headphone experience that's equally deadly on the dancefloor. The lilting "Sirènes" teems with ideas, its big kick burnished with a dancing synth motif and a chamber orchestra of synthetic strings. The motorik 12-minute "Fêtes" contrasts its knotty, brittle piano line with sustained pads and bright, striking syncopations.



FOCKEWULF 190: The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth 4LP BOX/7" (PRIP 004BOX) 100.00
Limited to 99 copies. This box set combines the last and long-overdue work of the highly influential, enigmatic, and near-mythical Italian group Fockewulf 190, The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth, with a re-work of the 1986 demo LP In the Rooms of Memory, a clear vinyl repress of the 2011 double LP compilation Microcosmos 1982-86 (only available as part of this box set), a bonus 7", and a shirt. The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth and In the Rooms of Memory are also available as a standalone double LP (PRIP 004LP). As protagonists of the dark side of Italo disco that evolved and developed in the mid '80s, Fockewulf 190 influenced countless newborn artists all over the globe. This final studio LP, The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth, in combination with a re-work of the 1986 demo LP In the Rooms of Memory, represents the final chapter of Fockewulf 190's output, as mastermind and co-leader Victor Life (who formed Fockewulf together with vocalist Dario Dell'Aere) sadly passed away in early 2014. Microcosmos collects the group's two original 1984 singles, Gitano and the legendary Body Heat, together with demos from 1982-'86 and remixes by Maurizio Piazza and Fockewulf. "Body Heat," which features the "voice of Italo Disco," Fred Ventura, caused I-F to exclaim, "It rocks so hard, it's a scandal." Few were aware at the time of the full extent of Fockewulf 190's mystical sonic concepts, which dealt with the esoteric integration of Kabbalah into electronic music. Fockewulf 190 was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analog electronic music connected to the theatrical power of rock and the romantic and aesthetic force of electronic dance music of the '80s. Fockewulf translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world.


FOCKEWULF 190: The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth 2LP (PRIP 004LP) 32.00
Gatefold double LP limited to 400 copies. The last and long-overdue work of the highly influential, enigmatic, near-mythical Italian group Fockewulf 190. As protagonists of the dark side of Italo disco that evolved and developed in the mid '80s, they influenced countless newborn artists all over the globe. This final studio LP, The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth, in combination with a re-work of the 1986 demo LP In the Rooms of Memory, represents the final chapter of Fockewulf 190's output, as mastermind and co-leader Victor Life (who formed Fockewulf together with vocalist Dario Dell'Aere) sadly passed away in early 2014. Fockewulf 190 was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analog electronic music connected to the theatrical power of rock and the romantic and aesthetic force of electronic dance music of the '80s. Fockewulf translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world. Decades after their formation, their esoteric electronic music and evocative vision can be fully appreciated by a freshly synthesized generation, offering something remarkably definitive and, quite honestly, essential.


PT 8040CD

YELLOW DOG: Yellow Dog CD (PT 8040CD) 17.00
Led by the men behind pop hitmakers Fox -- songwriters Kenny Young and Herbie Armstrong -- and featuring legendary guitarist Andy Roberts and renowned drummer Gerry Conway, this album was recorded in 1975 and released in 1977. It contains superb riffs and concise songs, but was out of step with the prevailing punk ethos and didn't make the impression it deserved to. It makes its welcome return to CD here.

PT 8041CD

BRONCO: Smoking Mixture CD (PT 8041CD) 17.00
Bronco are renowned as one of the UK's most unfairly neglected early '70s bands. Smoking Mixture was their third and final LP, and originally appeared in 1973. A superb collection of laid-back rock, it makes its long-awaited return to CD here.



BRUNN, BENJAMIN: Live At Golden Pudel Club LP (PUDELVILLE 001) 15.50
RSD 2015 release. On October 28th, 2012, Benjamin Brunn played a heartbreaking ambient live set at the almighty Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, using G1 and G2 Nord Modular synths. His set was recorded and released as a CD by Pudel Produkte in 2013. As it was the perfect soundtrack for the lazy days at the Smallville record store, Smallville felt the urge to release this on vinyl, and during a blurry Smallville night at Pudel, they decided to do it. Brunn cut out two parts of 20 minutes each for the vinyl release. There are two front covers on the full-color sleeve; one by Stefan Marx and one by Alex "C.I.A" Solman, the king of Pudel-related art.


R-N 159CD

ALVA NOTO: Xerrox Vol. 3 CD (R-N 159CD) 17.00
After a break following the 2009 release of Xerrox Vol. 2, Alva Noto continues his Xerrox series with Xerrox Vol. 3, titled Towards Space. This is a journey that started with Xerrox Vol. 1 (R-N 078CD, 2007), referring to the "old world," and Xerrox Vol. 2, heading "to the new world." Using the process of copying as a basis, the Xerrox series deals with the manipulation of data by means of endless reproduction. Due to the inherent vice of the procedure that becomes especially visible when copies are made from copies, everyday sounds are so much altered that they can be hardly associated with the source material anymore. As a result, entirely new sounds are created that, being copies of originals, become originals themselves. On Xerrox Vol. 3, a new aspect enters the scene. Inspired by childhood film memories from the 1970s including Tarkovsky's adaption of Solaris (1972) and La isla misteriosa y el capitán nemo (1973), based on Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island, the album shows Alva Noto's private side. With its very intimate atmosphere, it is a personal reflection of dreams, an imaginary journey through emotional landscapes or, as he himself puts it, a "cinematographic emotion of a soundtrack to a film that actually does not exist in reality." Alvo Noto further states, "I see Xerrox Vol. 3 as my most personal album so far. I have to admit that this emotional output is a surprise even for myself. It remains exciting how the last two albums of this series will sound."


RW 101012CD

NURSE WITH WOUND/GRAHAM BOWERS: Mutation ...The Lunatics Are Running the Asylum... CD (RW 101012CD) 16.50
The fourth collaboration between Nurse With Wound (Steven Stapleton) and Graham Bowers. Physically: a mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene. Mentally: anything goes. A continuous musical track in six sections. Stapleton's artworks were a result of a conversation with Bowers, in which the phrase "the lunatics are running the asylum" slipped out.



HENRY BLACKER: Summer Tombs LP (REPOSE 045LP) 27.50
RSD 2015 release. Pressed on neon blue vinyl; includes download code; limited to 400 copies. Henry Blacker have been up and down the country and into Europe relentlessly since 2013, three times playing twice in a day, slamming heads in doors, raging left and right. Touring their 2013 debut, Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings, and road testing the new tunes that make up LP two: Summer Tombs. Recorded in one brutal day, one voice-box-shredding day. Westminster Brown (Part Chimp) at the desk, South London, September 2014. Tunes are more complex, more speed, more frustrated, with the same vocal mangle and rhythmic splat. Seven tracks, 29 minutes, set to cruise control and ride. Released in advance of their May 2015 UK tour with Torche. Onward. Featuring members of Hey Colossus and Reigns.



TERADA PRESENTS, SOICHI: Sounds from the Far East CD (RH RSS12-CD) 17.00
Compiled by Hunee, Sounds from the Far East features highly sought after material by legendary Japanese house producer Soichi Terada and fellow producers Shinichiro Yokota and Manabu Nagayama. The adventurous, multi-talented Soichi Terada was born in the '60s, and as a child he loved to play on his father's electric organ. Terada majored in computer science and electric organ and after he graduated, he founded his label Far East Recording in 1989, because he couldn't find a label for his compositions at that time. The sound of Far East Recording is very much inspired by American deep house from the early '90s. Soichi Terada went out to parties in the late '80s, where he was equally influenced by house and hip-hop. A few years later, Terada took on producing music by using digital sampling. In the early '90s he occasionally DJed with a DAT player and some reel tapes, instead of using records and turntables. Sounds from the Far East shines light on Soichi Terada's label and consists of material that was originally released in the early '90s. Next to Terada's music, Hunee also selected a few tracks by fellow artist Shinichiro Yokota for this compilation, as well as "Sun Showered," a track based on the incredible Paradise Garage gem called "Sunshower," by Terada and Nami Shimada.



MUNGO'S HI-FI: Belly Ska #1 7" (SCOB 053EP) 12.50
RSD 2015 release. Limited 7" released to celebrate the 2015 tenth anniversary of Scotch Bonnet Records. Features Marina P and Ranking Joe. Released alongside Belly Ska #2 (SCOB 054EP).


MUNGO'S HI-FI: Belly Ska #2 7" (SCOB 054EP) 12.50
RSD 2015 release. Limited 7" released to celebrate the 2015 tenth anniversary of Scotch Bonnet Records. A-side features General Levy; B-side is "Belly Skank Riddim." Released alongside Belly Ska #1 (SCOB 053EP).



LITTLE FREE ROCK: Nirvanating Nervesounds LP (SOMM 022LP) 25.50
Psychedelic hard rock featuring the explosive fuzz-wah guitar of Peter Illingworth (ex-David John & The Mood). Little Free Rock were an underground British power trio that evolved from heavy-mod-psych band Purple Haze. In 1969, the band released their only album, on Transatlantic Records. A rather disappointing effort for the band and their fans, as the ultra-clean production did not show the real, powerful sound of the power trio. Nirvanating Nervesounds collects sessions for an aborted second album from 1971, produced by Robert Stigwood, plus tracks from their early incarnation as Purple Haze, taken from an ultra-rare demo acetate from 1969. The '71 tracks were recorded just after the band incorporated an African percussionist, "Lord" Eric Carboo, into their line-up, and following the replacement of original member Frank Newbold with ex-Killing Floor bass player John Taylor. This new line-up shines on tracks like the terrific psych-funk cut "Money On Your Mind," full of drum breaks and frenzied wah-wah guitar. The '69 recordings are taken from the only known copy of a demo acetate recorded in 1969, when the band had just changed their name from Purple Haze to Little Free Rock. Featuring some songs that were later re-recorded and included on the Transatlantic album, appearing here in a superior, raw form. This is a killer find for anyone into late '60s British mod-psych. A fuzzed-out power trio that will surprise anyone into obscure psych/freakbeat acts like Adam's Recital, Five Day Rain, The Attack... For many people, the recordings included here are the best thing Little Free Rock ever did and show how their first album should've really sounded. Most of these tracks were previously released on CD as Time Is of No Consequence in 1991, but they appear here in a newly remastered, superior form, most noticeable on the acetate tracks (no surface noise here!). Remastered sound. Four-page insert with detailed liner notes by Nigel Cross (Shagrat Records) and Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby) plus rare photos.



HELDON: Live in Paris 1975 LP (FFL 007LP) 20.00
RSD 2015 release. Souffle Continu is very excited to present two special vinyl editions of live recordings of French heavy space prog band Heldon -- this 1975 recording and Live in Paris 1976 (FFL 008LP). This historic recording documents one of the rare Heldon concerts of the mid '70s era. Formed at the time of guitar loop master Richard Pinhas (Mellotron, ARP 2600 synthesizer, AKS, and guitars) and Alain Renaud (guitar and analog keyboards), Heldon deliver five tracks of guitar freak-out melded with hypnotic synth themes. Never before released on vinyl. Pressed on mixed blue and white vinyl; presented in 350g sleeve with obi strip. Limited to 1000 copies.


HELDON: Live in Paris 1976 LP (FFL 008LP) 20.00
RSD 2015 release. Souffle Continu is very excited to present two special vinyl editions of live recordings of French heavy space prog band Heldon -- this 1976 recording and Live in Paris 1975 (FFL 007LP). Heldon took rock music and mixed it with analog synthesizers in a very special and unique way. Recorded live at Le Palace, Paris, 1976, this two-track recording documents the raw, acidic, psychedelic sound of Heldon, consisting at the time of Richard Pinhas, Patrick Gauthier, and François Auger. The fantastic second track, "Distribution Deterritorialisation,'' based on a repetitive synth-line, even deserves to become an instant classic. Plays at 45 RPM. Never before released on vinyl. Pressed on mixed purple and white vinyl; presented in 350g sleeve with obi strip. Limited to 1000 copies.



ZINGER & DON ROGALL, EARL: In the Backroom CD (STAGO 063CD) 17.00
The story began with two limited-edition 10"s, Vol. 1 (STAGO 055LP, 2014) and Vol. 2 (STAGO 062EP, 2015). This six-panel-digipak CD includes the contents of both 10"s as well as three bonus tracks. Deep down from the swamp delta of Berlin, D.C., and straight outta Gin Lane, Londinium, the feral stepsons of carpet dealers and long-forgotten record sellers, Don Rogall and Earl Zinger, with their long-awaited debut. As Alan Lomax once said, "I wish I could have done those recordings with Earl and Don." The music? Rock 'n' blues, dealing with some nasty boogie, jive, and ingredients of exotic origin -- a new breed of juke-joint anthems. Earl Zinger's biography would fill books: poet, mountebank, musician, physician, beast showman, and, to some extent, diviner and sorcerer, he is also the orator of the public marketplace, the man adored by the crowd to whom he offers his songs and couplets. Questions of morals and politics; toothache; pious legends; scandalous tales about priests, noble ladies, and cavaliers; gossip of grog shops; and news from the Holy Land are all in his domain. Rogall has been around, too. Jimmy Castor himself told him once to continue with the music, and there's even a John Lee Hooker tune, "Messin with Don." His music straight from the underground, not quite complete unless you can visualize the dancers who respond to it, the solo exhibitionists like the cigar-puffing, rubber-legged man and the woman whose pelvic grinding would shame any burlesque queen, and this amid a room filled with thrusting, swaying couples including, invariably, one in which a young man's joyous movement is gradually breaking down the shy reserve of his partner -- shouting out loud: "Rock 'n' Rogall!" All efforts have been made to make this release possible; it took years to distill these tunes out of live performances and studio recordings. Already solid hits in the Berlin underground, these releases on Stag-O-Lee are a document of something that otherwise would have been left to the "oral culture" forever.



Aksak is the exciting encounter of two exceptional musicians from different generations: legendary drummer Jaki Liebezeit and percussion wizard Holger Mertin (Drums and More). Liebezeit, born May 26, 1938, in Dresden, Germany, and best known as a founding member of Can, has been called "one of the few drummers to convincingly meld the funky and the cerebral." In the mid-1960s, he was part of Manfred Schoof's quintet, who were early exponents of European free jazz. He subsequently moved towards the new possibilities being opened by psychedelic music as a member of Can. His drumming was prominent in the band's sound, particularly in his much-admired contribution to the side-long "Halleluhwah" on Tago Mago. Liebezeit is renowned for his exceptional "metronome" style of playing; other members of Can have suggested that he sounds as though he is "half man, half machine." Mertin, born in 1977, is a multipercussionist and specialist in rhythmic traditions. He is involved in diverse transdisciplinary projects. Mertin's playing is characterized by his spontaneous, melodious, and rhythmic style that is equally reflected in his individual instrumentarium. Mertin has collaborated with internationally renowned musicians and artists including Milan Sladek, Eberhard Kranemann (Kraftwerk), Martin Sasse (Sting, Martin Sasse Trio), Hayden Chisholm, Paul Shigihara (WDR Big Band Köln), Roland Peil (Die Fantastischen Vier), and Ali Haurand (European Jazz Ensemble). Like a zen master of the minimal, repetitive beat, Liebezeit -- famous for his hypnotic precision -- creates with only few sound colors the perfect matrix for Mertin's unleashed playing on any imaginable percussion instrument. The result is a mighty, complex pulse -- the groove of a better world. On the basis of that musical matrix, sound magician Joseph Suchy has produced a jaw-dropping album that defies any categorization. Even if other instruments like violin, guitar, brass, and electronics sometimes seem to take the lead, the compelling pulse is always in the center of this swinging music. Liebezeit, Mertin, and Suchy have created a timeless masterpiece that, despite its complexity, always stays melodic and danceable. That's how modernity sounds (and swings)! Jaki Liebezeit plays: world drum kit, hand cymbals, dholak, tambourine, bongos, and one-string percussion instrument. Holger Mertin plays: hang, hand cymbals, gongs, Modulationsscheiben, cymbals, tube sticks, frame drum, snare drums, melodic and metal percussion, helix bowl, tambourine, spoons, singing bowls, kalimba, marimbula, waterphone, K.G. sound sculpture, and overtone drum. CD includes two bonus tracks: "Overtone" and "Surfangel."



KOLETZKI, OLIVER: Iyéwaye 12" (SVT 149EP) 12.50
With Iyéwaye, his first solo EP since the 2014 release of his fifth album, I Am OK (SVT 131LP), Oliver Koletzki appears in a new, but not altogether unfamiliar light; not since his breakthrough in 2005 with Der Mückenschwarm has Koletzki sounded this hard. But even here, in the techno realm, Koletzki demonstrates his inimitable sense for melody; thus, the gloomy, driving framework of "Iyéwaye" is lit up by a crystal-clear synth-sequence. Similarly, "Ipuza," which hypnotizes by way of reduction and repetition, is funky at its core thanks to a rolling tribal groove. Functional, but with heart and soul.


HVOB: Trialog CD (SVT 150CD) 17.00
With their successful 2013 self-titled debut album (SVT 098CD) and five EPs (including SVT 097EP, SVT 102EP, SVT 118EP, and SVT 142EP) HVOB (Anna Müller and Paul Wallner) have crafted a unique sound: intelligent and driving, challenging and melodic. They have established themselves within the international music scene with these releases and with their performances, which they invariably play live, with a drummer. They played in 20 countries in 2014, and appeared at Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, the Berlin Festival, and South By Southwest. Their second album, Trialog, is, above all, an interdisciplinary art project; a discourse between the disciplines of sound, video, and installation, centered on ten ubiquitous physical processes which are documented and interpreted interactively in live performance on three artistic levels: the lyrics and sounds of HVOB, the visuals of VJs lichterloh, and orchestrated processes of visual artist Clemens Wolf. As an album, Trialog depicts the transformation of ten physical processes in ten tracks, tearing, mixing, bursting, melting, oxidizing, breaking, imploding, etching, bending, burning, track to video, video to artwork, artwork to track. HVOB's sound distinctively shapes the album, yet the duo now interpret their acoustic palette in darker, more accentuated, techno-leaning shades. Each of the ten tracks pursues its own individual dramaturgy: the opener "Azrael" tears apart its built-up percussive tension, "Clap Eyes" inches along frailly, "The Anxiety to Please" deepens and condenses until it implodes. References, inspirations, and associations between materials, processes, and artistic disciplines create an artistic depth, which renders the album a highly complex and complete work of art.



TIGER STRIPES: Twilight 12" (BARN 028EP) 14.00
Swedish house hero Tiger Stripes steps into the Barnhus with "Twilight," a high-octane destroyer of clubs loaded with thunderous drums and shadowy yet sweet organ melodies. The dub version strips the track right down while adding some extra crash 'n' boom before Studio Barnhus comrade HNNY closes things out with a slow-swingin' spook story recorded straight to cassette.



MEGGY: We, Meggy 12" (SUOL 058EP) 12.00
Berlin DJ, producer, and vocalist Meggy launches a series of collaborative 12"s."Doin' Your Thing" with Soulade features booming claps and hits, a prying bassline, and shimmering synths -- a kinetic and engaging track. Ardalan appears on "Space Pishi," a bumping, groovy, mid-tempo house cut with tight drums and alluring vocal ad libs from the hostess. "Baby Love" features Paskal & Urban Absolutes with somber yet uplifting chords and delicate drum-work brilliantly showcasing Meggy's sensitive and rueful vocals. The spacious arrangement, crawling drums, and swathes of reverb on Erdbeerschnitzel's "Pressure" create a huge chamber in which Meggy's voice drifts and floats.


SV 068LP

GIBSON, JON: Visitations LP (SV 068LP) 20.00
"Since the mid-1960s, Jon Gibson has played a key role in the development of American avant-garde music. No other artist has performed in the world premieres of Terry Riley's 'In C,' Steve Reich's 'Drumming,' and Philip Glass's 'Einstein on the Beach,' three major works that changed the course of musical history. While his expertise on woodwind instruments made Gibson a go-to collaborator in Reich's, Glass's, and La Monte Young's ensembles, less known are his remarkable contributions as a composer and visual artist. Visitations, Gibson's first release under his own name, originally appeared on the Chatham Square imprint in 1973. Inspired by the books of Carlos Castaneda, Gibson departs from the structured repetition of his minimalist peers and takes the listener on an aural journey -- spanning organic field recordings, ambient flutes and synthesizers, and free-flowing textures. Visitations' two side-long tracks are at once solemn and unsettling, making this an astonishing debut that firmly establishes Gibson as a pioneer in his own right. This first-time vinyl reissue is recommended for fans of Cluster, Harold Budd, and Phill Niblock."



ROMBOY, MARC: Simi/Bylgja 12" (SYST 104EP) 14.00
Colored vinyl 12" by Marc Romboy released in celebration of Systematic Recordings' 2014 tenth anniversary. Both tracks, the melodic "Simi" and the tracky "Bylgja," were featured at Romboy and Stephan Bodzin's buzz-causing Be-At TV show at Village Underground in London in December 2014.


TR 306CD

LATE CALL, THE: Golden CD (TR 306CD) 18.00
In his three albums preceding Golden, Stockholm-based, English-singing German musician Johannes Mayer aka The Late Call has churned out sparsely arranged gems, with, at most, only hints of piano chords and the slightest accents of percussion. But in 2012, after the release of his album Pale Morning Light (TR 237CD/LP) and corresponding tour, Mayer turned away from this singer-songwriter style. He spent a year writing new material, then packed his bags full of songs and went looking for a band. In October 2014, Mayer (guitar), Patric Thorman (bass, Hammond organ), Henrik Roger (piano, Mellotron), and Lars Plogschties (drums, percussion) spent ten days in the grand recording room of Studio Nord in Bremen. The result was Golden, an album that brings to mind the music of the early '70s, the heyday of folk-rock, with songs that are at once warm and clear, laid-back and dynamic. Instead of the digital editing associated with most records in 2015, this album features the musicians playing together, standing in a half-circle. It captures a golden era when Hunter S. Thompson was writing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Bob Dylan was riding on horseback with Kris Kristofferson through New Mexico. It was the time of the first indie songwriters, who flourished on both sides of the big pond -- here Townes van Zandt and Tim Hardin, there Nick Drake and John Martyn. But while the songs undoubtedly evoke folk and Americana, early '90s independent Britpop also shimmers between the lines. And yet this eclecticism has never been Mayer's ultimate goal -- in the end, he and his band sound only like themselves. It's no coincidence that the last track, "Telling Stories," makes use of tape delay, which seems to draw sound out into eternity. Musically and lyrically, Golden sheds light on the ordinary and everyday, finding subjects that might otherwise remain hidden. "The Pact" revolves around two people reminiscing about their youthful pledge to never become like the old. When Mayer's voice joins with his long-term musical acquaintance Ylva Ceder in the line, "never to become like them, never to give in," one can't help but think of two other voices, also "blending in perfection": Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. All through the album, this special songwriter, with a voice full of longing, carries you away to drop you off three minutes later at the place you once dreamed of being.



DJ SPIDER AND MARSHALLITO: Contest for Supremacy 12" (TRILOGY 029EP) 17.00
"DJ Spider & Marshallito are back with more toxic material for The mighty Trilogy Tapes! Vinyl only."


TEG 75527LP

CAPONE-N-NOREAGA: The War Report 2LP (TEG 75527LP) 20.00
2015 repress. "When Queens natives Capone-N-Noreaga dropped their 1997 debut album The War Report, hip hop was in the middle of a transition period. A new crop of MC's were coming in, many of the benchmark artist of the late '80s and early '90s were starting to fall off and labels focused their efforts on getting artist on mainstream radio ushered in by the 'Jiggy Era.' For Capone-N-Noreaga this commercial shift was not an option, they represented what just a few years earlier their Queens brethren Mobb Deep displayed on their second coming The Infamous LP. To make the Queens connection even deeper, the mastermind behind The War Report was QB Legend Tragedy Khadafi who discovered and molded the duo into the flagship artists for his newly christened 25 to Life Records. In many ways Tragedy was the unofficial thirrd member of the group as he appears on more than half the album. The War Report represented a new era of street science and gritty New York beats, tracks like 'Illegal Life,' 'Stick You,' and 'T.O.N.Y' all became anthems that summer, making this one of the greatest debut albums in hip hop history according to Complex Magazine."



CONFUCIO: Golden Rule EP 12" (TRESOR 276EP) 12.50
Confucio makes a promising stand in modern techno with his three-track debut, showcasing his versatility and depth. "Where the Logic Ends" is a driving introductory track ?lled with energy, as randomly triggered tones dip tenderly into a motivating bassline. "The Present Is the Future" enraptures in a feverish hypnosis with a potent, grinding punch, over which a graceful wave of elongated, ?ltered strings slowly comes hovering. Cleverly melting the boundary between organic and synthetic, "Conoscenza" presents a gentle crescendo of intertwining waves and percussive sounds.



SPRAWL: Sprawl LP (TROST 070LP) 22.00
Trost presents the first vinyl edition of Sprawl, the intense and beautifully harsh collaborative project of drummer Michael Wertmüller (16-17, Alboth!, Full Blast), originally released on CD in 1997. Remastered and re-cut by Wertmüller and Alex Buess. The original release of this work marked the beginning of Trost's cooperation with Peter Brötzmann, after they organized an Alboth! show with Wertmüller. Wertmüller's intention for Sprawl was to gather the musicians he appreciates most and has worked with in various contexts for a special one-time recording project. The main idea was to create an album that incorporates the rough energy of "Machine Gun" based on improvisation, the electricity of 16-17, and the application of experimental recording techniques that give the album its own, very special feeling. Alongside Wertmüller and European free jazz legend Brötzmann, the project includes New York-based bassist William Parker, one of the most important US free jazz bassists and a long-time collaborator with Cecil Taylor, Charles Gayle, Rashied Ali, and others; saxophonist Alex Buess, frequent collaborator with British musician and producer Kevin Martin and member of Paul Schütze's Phantom City, ICE, GOD, Cortex, and 16-17; and guitarist Stephan Wittwer, who has played with Irène Schweizer, Rüdiger Carl, Radu Malfatti, Cowwf-Quintett, Sludge 5-0, Red Twist & Tuned Arrow, and Polyphonie Zürich. Peter Brötzmann: tenor and baritone saxophones; Michael Wertmüller: drums; William Parker: bass; Alex Buess: electronics, reeds; Stephan Wittwer: guitar.


TRY 1217178CD

DEATH: N.E.W. CD (TRY 1217178CD) 13.50
"Since the discovery of Death in 2008 and the release of the archival LP ...For the Whole World to See, the story has been often told. Three African-American brothers, David, Dannis, and Bobby Hackney, tapped into the surging energy of their hometown rock-and-roll scene (mid-'70s Detroit) to produce a style and a set of songs that, while completely unappreciated in their day, proved later to be a powerful missing link in the evolution of punk rock. The question always asked was, Will there be a new record? Now, there literally is, and Death and Drag City are proud to bring it to you, titled simply N.E.W. Inspired by the positivity brought to them by ever-increasing numbers of new fans, the current performing Death (Bobby Hackney, Dannis Hackney, and Bobbie Duncan) completed several songs started back in the late 1970s by Bobby and David, and composed entirely new songs that continue the timeless vibe, feel, and resolve of Death with remarkable drive and vigor. For many years after disbanding the original Death, Bobby and Dannis played different styles of music, but with the same deep spiritual investment. Bringing that spirit back to Death, their ability to make new songs in the same vein is fantastic."

TRY 1217178CS

DEATH: N.E.W. Cassette (TRY 1217178CS) 8.50
Cassette version.

TRY 1217178LP

DEATH: N.E.W. LP (TRY 1217178LP) 20.00
LP version.


UQ 059EP

MOVE D & DJ JUS-ED: Brother's EP 2x12" (UQ 059EP) 30.50
German pressing. After four years of working in the studio, Move D and DJ Jus-Ed pay tribute to the acid genre with their first ever co-produced release. This 2x12" EP contains the long-playing version of the hit single "It's a Struggle."


UJ 2008CD

NURSE WITH WOUND: Lumb's Sister CD (UJ 2008CD) 16.00
"Nurse With Wound's Lumb's Sister has been newly remastered from the original analog tapes by Denis Blackham. 'This music was originally conceived as raw material for the film project Lumb's Sister by Chris Wallis. During the long evolution of his movie, Chris decided to use alternative source sounds and subsequently none of these pieces ever made it onto the completed film. Aw, shucks.' --Stephen Stapleton"



VA: Chicas Vol. 2: Spanish Female Singers 1963-1978 CD (VAMPI 162CD) 17.50
"Much of the music made by Spanish women in past decades didn't reach its potential audience. Too much. For varied reasons, the more personal and daring work couldn't break the barriers imposed by a society with a narrow and prudish view of what a woman's role should be. This second volume of ¡Chicas! must disprove again the lie that says that in the '60s and first half of the '70s, Spanish female artists hardly sang anything but ye-yé, singer-songwriter, copla, or romantic songs. Despite all the social determinants and repressive archetypes which stigmatized anyone who left the queue, the most courageous women began their paths in new music roles which they immediately considered their own... Whether it was as solo artists or as part of a band, along with men or other women, the real turning point for our more groundbreaking pop female singers at the time was their ability to associate. Suddenly, breaking the isolation that until then considered them mere instruments in the hands of men, those daring girls got involved in ambitious projects and tried to do it by themselves, obtaining a normality denied until then. Exquisite experiences of select avant-garde, brave examples of groove and funk or adventures in '70s rock; of course, there were also incursions in twist, bossa, ska, soul, or the emerging gipsy rock trend... The tracks featured here are the proofs of this wonder, and the line-up of female artists that make this record possible -- many of them sadly unknown or forgotten until now -- are the wonderful and still relevant cast of this story" --Vicente Fabuel. Many of these tracks, originally released between 1963 and 1978, are reissued here for the first time, including very hard-to-find records. CD and double LP include extensive liner notes by Vincente Fabuel featuring all of the original record sleeves and artist photos. Includes tracks by Claudya Con Ramón y Sus Showmen, Donna Hightower, Claudine Coppin, Blanca Aurora, Ana Kiro, Marina, Elsa Baeza, Antón García Abril, Edda Dell'Orso, La Nueva Generación, Elia y Elizabeth, Satin Bells, Karina Con los Jaguars, Rocío Durcal, Sola, Las Trillizas de Oro, Bárbara, Los Quandos, Los Jolly's, Anabella y los Platinos, The Zara's, La Llave 3, Paloma San Basilio, Morena y Clara, Alicia Granados, Los Cenits, Las Chic, Los Unísonos, and Elia Fleta.



FIVE OR SIX: Cántame Esa Canción Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah LP (MRSSS 530LP) 25.00
RSD 2015 release. Originally released only in Spain in 1982 on the Edigsa label after a string of superb early records on Cherry Red, its limited availability elsewhere has made this LP a highly sought-after item for years. Vinilísssimo presents the first ever reissue of Cántame Esa Canción Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Five or Six, one of the less heralded acts of the classic Cherry Red era. The LP contains a few cuts from their fantastic early singles and EPs, but Five or Six used this opportunity to offer mostly tracks unavailable elsewhere, all displaying the diverse and immense talent of a band that should be more well known. With echoes of Wire, This Heat, and Joy Division, this is one of the rarest and most outstanding records to come out of British post-punk.



Asmus Tietchens is a German electronic synthesist and musician whose interests in experimental music and musique concrète began during childhood. He began recording sound experiments in 1965 with electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, and tape loops. In the 1970s he met producer Okko Bekker, and the two formed a decades-long partnership. In 1980 Peter Baumann of Tangerine Dream heard a recording of Tietchens's music and offered to produce an album; the result was the 1980 release of Nachtstücke (BB 155CD/LP), which was followed by several releases on the legendary German label Sky Records between 1980 and 1983. At the same time, Tietchens also began releasing on several international cassette labels. He released Musik Aus Der Grauzone (1981) and Musik An Der Grenze (1982) on the British YHR Tapes (York House Recordings) and Musik Im Schatten (1982) and Musik Unter Tage (1983) on the American label Aeon. These four outstanding limited tape releases, now highly in-demand, are included in this five-CD set, an expanded reissue of a four-LP set released in 2007. The fifth CD, Musik Von Der Halde, contains additional audio material recorded during the '70s, including the two tracks included on a bonus 7" with a limited edition of the original vinyl release of 4K7. Except for the tracks from that 7", all of the material on Musik Von Der Halde is previously unreleased. While Tietchens's recordings from before 1984 (including the recordings found on this set) feature accessible synthesized music, his focus shifted to more abstract sound-collages, as can be heard on Formen Letzter Hausmusik, released in 1984 on Nurse With Wound's label United Dairies. This set chronicles the transitional phase between the poppy Sky releases and the more noise-based style of releases like Formen Letzter Hausmusik. Tietchens later pursued "absolute music" through an almost mathematical process of rigid formal exercises. With strong ties to Karlheinz Stockhausen's early electronic work, Tietchens started specializing in irregular patterns of sonic abstractions suspended in gray drones to create cold textural space, void of external reference.


E.G OBLIQUE GRAPH: Complete Oblique 2LP (VOD 031RE-LP) 32.00
2015 repress. Limited to 300 copies. Originally released on vinyl in 2006 as a reissue of a 2002 double CDR. This double LP contains the earliest musical works by Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze, originally released under the moniker E.g Oblique Graph. An important, must-have document of a nascent artist's first steps towards technical and musical mastery. This material was recorded between 1981 and 1983 and released on Jones's Kinematograph Tapes and Bourbonese Qualk's Recloose Organisation in extremely limited tape and vinyl editions. Bryn Jones was a highly prolific British ethno-electronica and experimental musician who was influenced by conflicts in the Muslim world, with an emphasis on Israel and Palestine. With almost 200 albums released in less than two decades under the name Muslimgauze, Jones successfully established a unique and extraordinary soundscape by combining Middle Eastern, African, Indo-Pak, and Afghani atmospheres alongside heavily phased drones and colliding rhythms. Jones's wide-ranging influence can be seen in the work of such contemporary artists as Shackleton and Vatican Shadow.


HENRY, PIERRE: Choix d'oeuvres de 1950 à 1985 10LP Box (VOD 133LP) 240.00
Limited to 400 copies. This ten-LP box set, presented in a deluxe book-like folder in an outer box, covers half a lifetime in musical history. It is more than a regular retrospective; it shares Pierre Henry's personal listening, organized by theme and technology. The box set emphasizes previously unpublished works, and highlights comparisons and contrasts between them. This ultimate anthology covers the first 35 years in the career of the French mastermind of electronic and electroacoustic music, the avant-garde, and musique concrète, enhanced by careful remastering and restoration in correspondence with the artist's intention and approach to the recordings. Transparency, detail, and logical history are the substance of this release.


LORENZ, RUDIGER: The Syntape Years 1981-1983 5LP BOX (VOD 134LP) 102.00
Rüdiger Lorenz was a German electronic synthesist and inventor of several modular synthesizer systems, who, over three decades, produced unique, exceptional electronic soundscapes in the manner of Conrad Schnitzler, Edgar Froese, Dieter Moebius, and Hans-Joachim Roedelius. He is one of a very few outstanding artists who seem to never have received the recognition and fame they deserved for their artistic output. This five-LP box set focuses on his earliest self-released cassettes from the early '80s: Queen of Saba (1981), Silver Steps (1981), Wonderflower (1982), and Earthrise (1983), none of which have been reissued before now. Queen of Saba was also licensed and released on Werner Pieper's Transmitter Cassetten, which also distributed many of Conrad Schnitzler's tape releases. Earthrise, a compilation of his early works and several newer compositions, was released on the British label YHR Tapes (York House Recordings), run by David Elliott. Rüdiger Lorenz became interested in electronic music and Moog synthesizers in the late '60s. By 1972 he had built his own first Wersi Organ, followed by various amplifiers and effects boxes. In 1977 he had constructed his first synthesizers from an Elektor Formant kit. At the time of his death in 2000, he owned 38 synthesizers including three large self-built modular systems. In the late '70s and early '80s he became a member of the IEMA (International Electronic Music Association), which was established by James Finch of The Nightcrawlers, and also began running his own Lorenz Park Studio. He then became an essential part and pioneering member of the international DIY cassette culture community in the early '80s and contributed to several INKEY$ compilation tapes and the On-Slaught series on the Idiosyncratics label. With their well-established international contacts, he and another German synthesist, Peter Schäfer, started the tape label Syntape and released more than 30 cassettes between 1981 and 1985. In 1983, he began releasing musical on vinyl via his Syncord label; many of these limited records have since become in-demand collectors' items.


ANOTHER VIEW: A Career in Dancing - Abstraction Years 1979-81 5LP BOX/10" (VOD 135LP) 113.00
Highly anticipated box set covering the musical output from 1979 to 1981 by one of the ultimate musical genius and protagonists of British minimal synth and EBM. Multi-talented Luton-based Adrian Smith started his first musical exploration in the field of electronic and experimental music in the mid '70s, self-releasing projects on his Abstractions label, including projects called Underland and Electrodub, the latter of which gained recognition from Throbbing Gristle's Industrial Records. During 1979 and 1981, after leading punk-orientated bands with his brother Derek Smith for three years (Those Nervous Surgeons, Nervous Surgeons, Half Nervous), Adrian Smith recorded six tapes, all reissued here for the first time, with almost six hours of atmospheric, powerful minimal synth music from which no listener can escape without experiencing wonderful feelings and emotions. His first two tapes from 1979 (From the Silent Days and Absolutely Safe) were only given to friends (due to a lack of contacts and the absence of what would later become a thriving cassette culture) and therefore remained almost unheard. With the release of A Career in Dancing in the summer of 1980 (a compilation of his early works from those two tapes plus a selection of new material), he increasingly gained appreciation on an international level, winning acclaim from both press and individuals within the developing tape-trader community. Before long people such as Martin Reed of the Mirage label became interested in releasing his works. Members of the press and editors such as Chris Jones of Flowmotion.Mag began reviewing. With the fourth and fifth releases, Look (Mirage, 1980) and The Mental Dance (1981), he managed to get into the Cassette "Obscurist" Charts in Sounds Magazine (run by Paul Platypus, later Paddy Shennan) and finally received attention and recognition. For his sixth tape, Killing Time (1981), Smith started a label called Lung Function, possibly related to the fact that the sound was changing from atmospheric minimal synth to a harsher and rougher sound, which laid the foundation for the typical EBM sound of Click Click, which Smith and his brother started around that time, a sound best experienced on the Behind Dark Glasses tape.


MS 2027HLP

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND: Trout Mask Replica (180 gram) 2LP (MS 2027HLP) 33.00
2015 repress; 180 gram vinyl, manufactured by Rhino. The third Beefheart album (following Safe as Milk and Strictly Personal) to be released, first issued in 1969. Gatefold sleeve, classic Cal Schenkel artwork. "Trout Mask Replica is Captain Beefheart's masterpiece, a fascinating, stunningly imaginative work that still sounds like little else in the rock & roll canon. Given total creative control by producer and friend Frank Zappa, Beefheart and his Magic Band rehearsed the material for this 28-song double album for over a year, wedding minimalistic R&B, blues, and garage rock to free jazz and avant-garde experimentalism. Atonal, sometimes singsong melodies; jagged, intricately constructed dual-guitar parts; stuttering, complicated rhythmic interaction -- all of these elements float out seemingly at random, often without completely interlocking, while Beefheart groans his surrealist poetry in a throaty Howlin' Wolf growl." -- All Music Guide.



HAGELSTEIN, RUEDE: Apophenia 2LP (WGA 001LP) 25.00
Double LP version. Ruede Hagelstein and Watergate go hand in hand. Not only is Hagelstein one of the longest-running residents at the club, but he's also the man behind some of the label's most acclaimed music and the curator responsible for lucky number 13 in the illustrious Watergate mix series (WG 013CD). Considering this, it seemed obvious to put him up to his next task: an album. It is with great anticipation and excitement that Watergate Records brings you the first artist album for both Hagelstein and the label itself, Apophenia. "Apophenia" is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data, and for Hagelstein, this is a perfect way to describe his writing process, in which ideas appear from the empty, chaotic darkness. A random chord progression or percussion arrangement opens the door to the imagination where structures appear and begin to take shape. Unlike most of his previous work, Apophenia is not strictly attached to the dancefloor, but created to work just as seamlessly while listening at home as in the club. For over a year, Hagelstein collected ideas and visualized his plan. It was important not to mimic his earlier work, but to focus on a certain sound. By staying minimalistic yet extremely organic and melodic he has created a timeless long-player. While the album spans a range of emotions, it is always grounded in Hagelstein's unparalleled, singular sound. Pair that with some notable features from PillowTalk, Hollis P. Monroe & Overnite, Justin Evans, Mentrix, and C.A.R., and you have a plethora of dazzling music. With "Moon Rabbit" and "Life Is a Beach" Hagelstein displays the sound of a night at the club, while "Already Undone (feat. PillowTalk)" takes a ride through the deeper, emotional spaces. In the end, Apophenia is the perfect display of not just Hagelstein's artistry, but Watergate's musical vision, which together create an illustrious and undeniable entity.

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