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Forced Exposure New Releases for 05/11/2015

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New music is due from Mika Vainio & Joséphine Michel, Francisco López, and Caribou, while old music is due from Lydia Lunch, Richard Youngs, the Bermuda Jam, and Sonic Youth.


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IF 002LP

SOUND, THE: Jeopardy LP (IF 002LP) 19.00
2012 release. "Formed in 1979 and fronted by the mercurial and troubled Adrian Borland (he would commit suicide in 1999 after years of battling depression), The Sound are one of the most unjustly neglected band of the '80s. They may not be as well-known as their contemporaries Echo & the Bunnymen or Joy Division, but their contributions to the first wave of English post-punk are equally unique and influential. Fed up with its simplistic structure and rote posturing, Borland cut ties to the punk movement after fronting '77-era group The Outsiders. Not unlike Magazine's Howard Devoto, whose similar inclinations led to his leaving The Buzzcocks, Borland wanted to create a sound that relied more on atmospheres, tensions and instrumental interplay while harnessing the urgency of punk's spirit. With the release of Jeopardy, The Sound turns this inspiration into a nearly perfect debut."

IF 003LP

SOUND, THE: From The Lions Mouth LP (IF 003LP) 19.00
2012 release. "For The Sound's sophomore LP, the group decided to work with producer Hugh Jones (Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Bauhaus). The resulting album is more richly layered than their debut, fusing the band's atmospheric, affecting sound with a set of accessible yet invigorating songs. At the time, From the Lions Mouth gained great marks from the British music press, but did not break the band beyond its devoted cult of fans. Now it is considered a post-punk classic. A relatively restrained but vital follow-up to the charged and ragged Jeopardy, From The Lions Mouth proves that The Sound's critical stature among the post-punk elite was no fluke. A more robust recording budget allows them to explore a fuller, more cohesive sound, while Adrian Borland's lyrics are even more introspective (a jarring turn after the often political bent of Jeopardy). However despondent the singer's words became, the tone, as pointed out in the original NME review of the album, never descend into 'pessimistic wallowing.' Tracks like 'Sense of Purpose' and 'Contact the Fact' still feature a sweeping urgency and highlight the tension between Borland's grim worldview and his knack for a hook." Contains hidden bonus track: "Hothouse."



PAKI-VISNADI: Imaginary Choreography LP (ATN 018LP) 18.00
Previously unreleased guitar-and-synth musical jewel from Italy circa 1984. An until-now unknown collaboration between a guitar maestro who composed contemporary dance scores and a gifted electronic music composer. Melodic complexity and rhythmic sonic beauty create a unique and timeless classic that has already achieved cult status among the few who have heard it. Obvious comparisons can be made between Imaginary Choreography and the softer ambient side of vintage German electronic music -- Göttsching, Schnitzler, Cluster, etc., but that would be too easy, as this recording stands alone with its uniquely Italian atmosphere of sophisticated and complex simplicity. This session was recorded by two Venetians: Paki Zennaro (then working with composer René Aubry for choreographer Carolyn Carlson) and Gianni Visnadi (an experimental composer), who met one evening over a glass of wine and decided to work together for the first time with the intention of recording contemporary music to be used by dance schools for study and exercise. The duo recorded on reel-to-reel tape using electronic equipment (Sequential Circuits Pro One and Prophet 5; Roland TR-808 and guitar synth) with an acoustic 12-string guitar. When finished and mixed, a few BASF LH extra cassette copies (maybe as few as six or eight) were sent out to a few friends with a homemade photocopy insert, complete with handwritten track names and production details. A chance find in a Paris market of one of these original demo cassettes led to this wonderful LP finally seeing its first release. This now famous BASF tape was found one lucky morning by Johanna Heather Anselmo (filmmaker, photographer, musician) while searching for musical surprises in a box of tapes that had probably been at that same flea market for 20 years or more. Mademoiselle Johanna is used to rummaging in boxes of dusty tapes, being the girlfriend of Antinote artist Iueke, who has the unusual habit of hiding tapes all over their flat. A bit of searching by Iueke lead him to finding contact information for Zennaro and Visnadi, who were happy to oblige with releasing this almost forgotten 1984 session. Master tapes were sent to Paris for immediate transfer and mastering, while the Check Morris graphic design team worked with its usual class on adapting and reworking the cassette tape artwork for a vinyl issue. Open a bottle of wine and sit back. Includes download code.



VA: Restless 12" (APT 022EP) 14.00
Janne Tavi, from Finland, and Non Reversible, from Berlin, come bearing the fresh fruits of their uncompromising techno attitude. The mood speaks for itself. Yet another turntable-friendly Apotek release.



PREDMESTJE: Brez Naslova CD (ATLANTIDE 009CD) 14.50
Reissued for the first time. Limited to 500 copies. When it comes to a fusion of jazz and rock music, most of us connoisseurs look over to England. Canterbury is not only a place, it is a term to define a whole scene and sound in the field of jazz-rock. And this scene spawned some magical names, bands and musicians, being carved into the soul of every woman and man who were engaged in jazz and progressive rock music in the '70s. Now we can only wonder how the call of Canterbury reached Yugoslavia, a then-totalitarian Eastern Bloc state. But as music seems to have wings and does not accept any borders, the inspirations arrived and therefore a great scene of bands was born. Among them Slovenians Predmestje, who were formed in 1975 and disbanded in 1982. Brez Naslova, originally released in 1977, is the first in a line of four albums and features quite prototypical jazz-rock and fusion pieces with a smooth approach, good grooves, really outstanding playing and a magical atmosphere. This type of forward-thinking fusion of jazz and rock music shows a tight connection to the style created earlier and around the same time by English acts such as National Health, Gilgamesh, Soft Machine or Nucleus and even incorporates a few symphonic elements for good measure. If it was not for the scarce vocal parts that were sung in the band's native tongue, you could think Mike Ratledge, Elton Dean, Pip Pyle and Hugh Hopper aka Soft Machine were playing here at times. A haunting piece of sophisticated jazz-rock that deserves to live on in the hearts of music lovers.


BEC 5156080

CERRONE: Classic Albums + Remixes Boxset 2 4LP BOX/3CD (BEC 5156080) 78.00
Malligator & Because Music continue to put forward Cerrone's disco heritage with vinyl reissues of 1978's IV (The Golden Touch) and 1980's VII (You Are The One), assembled in an exclusive box-set. Both records come with CD versions. IV is housed in a gatefold sleeve with printed-innersleeve and is pressed on gold-colored vinyl. VII is on yellow vinyl. Also included is a double LP remix compilation associating the avant-garde of the contemporary electro-disco scene (L'Impératrice, Sacha Mambo, A-Trak & Codes) as well as such authorities as Frankie Knuckles, Dimitri From Paris, and Kevin Saunderson. The boxset is a numbered limited edition (1000 units worldwide) and comes with a larger poster and red ribbon inside to pull out the records.


BH 016EP

PMM: Serpent's Promise 12" (BH 016EP) 17.00
Solo debut by PMM. A-side plays at 45 RPM. B-side plays at 33? RPM. Includes one-sided insert.



LEONHARD, LARS: Passenger At Night CD (BINE 033CD) 17.00
After his 2012 debut 1549 (BINE 026CD) and his 2013 second album, with Alvina Red, Seasons - Les quatre saisons (BINE 029CD), Lars Leonhard returns to BineMusic with Passenger At Night. A journey through deep ambient soundscapes, with the finest extraordinary dubchords characteristic of Leonhard's work. Eleven touching tracks influenced by dub-techno, deep house, ambient. Subliquid basslines meet modern synth-sounds with lovingly designed rhythms. Includes a remix by Martin Nonstatic.


BT 015LP

AMBARCHI, OREN: Sleepwalker's Conviction LP (BT 015LP) 23.50
"Sleepwalker's Conviction documents a 2014 performance by Oren Ambarchi in collaboration with a 20-piece ensemble conducted by Ilan Volkov and featuring members of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Speak Percussion. Foregoing the rhythmic propulsion and distortion-saturated harmonics that have featured in much of Ambarchi's recent work, the LP's single 40-minute piece inhabits a hushed, almost static space of extended tones, percussive shimmer, and creaking strings. Rather than adopting the position of a soloist, Ambarchi allows his sub-bass guitar tones and swirling Leslie textures to blend seamlessly with the ensemble, made up of double basses, horns, and percussion. The group sound has a near-cavernous depth, as waves of low beating tones and distant percussive textures gently wash over one another, coalescing into an undulating mass. Steering clear of bombast and new music clichés, the result is a work of meditative beauty that touches on the haunted ambience of late Luigi Nono, the submerged sonics of Bryars's The Sinking of the Titanic, and the melancholy rituals of Christoph Heemann and Andrew Chalk's Mirror, while remaining unmistakably marked by the singular sensibility Ambarchi has developed over countless performances and recordings" --Francis Plagne. Design by Stephen O'Malley with cover artwork by crys cole. Vinyl cut made by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 300.



BELLOWS: Rustl LP (BKEDIT 012LP) 20.00
Italian electro-acoustic maestros Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti aka Bellows serve up an engrossing, labyrinthine LP of freeform concrète dub. Rustl is Bellows' fourth side, following a critically acclaimed trio of albums released since 2007 for Entr'acte, Planam and Kning Disc, and also follows Boomkat Editions' last release, by another Milanese artist, Lorenzo Senni, which was coincidentally also mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi (BKEDIT 010LP). In a slight change from Bellows' usual working method, Rustl represents a nimbly frayed sound much closer to what they do in a live situation. Using a few cassette players with tape loops animated by a couple of effects and recorded direct to two-track tape with no overdubs or mixing, they improvise ten viscous, amorphous plays framed by deep, bubbling subs, skittish percussions, and wheezing ferric abstractions with the most uncanny grasp of dub space. Their haptic, small sounds reveal tiny new sleights and discordant quarks with every listen, offering something more akin to a petri dish of live, kinetic cultures than the more fixed forms of their previous slabs. RIYL Senufo Editions, Alva Noto, Actress, Pole, Bernard Parmegiani. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Edition of 300.



LE DUST SUCKER: Grey EP 12" (BOXER 098EP) 14.00
Remember Le Dust Sucker? This Berlin/Basel-based duo made hearts leap for joy in the 2000s with tracks like "Mandate My Ass", "Love Me," or "Meanboy." Their first work since a contribution to 10 Years of Boxer (BOXER 090CD, 2012) opens with the cheerful, groovy "Dengue," a subtle masterpiece that sticks to your serotonin gland for quite a while. "Desire" works on the dancefloor too, although it refuses any categorization -- "electronic child-choral synth-dance" is a helpless attempt to clothe extraordinary music in profane words. "Great" slows things down with a brutish beat before the compelling '70s flair of "Crave."


BB 203CD

DIE WILDE JAGD: Die Wilde Jagd CD (BB 203CD) 18.00
Electronic music from Düsseldorf. Die Wilde Jagd go hunting in the thicket of neo-krautrock, electronica, and synthpop. Every new year, during the Rauhnächte (those harsh nights between Christmas and Twelfth Day), The Wild Hunt (Die Wilde Jagd) rides across the country: raucous, jeering hunters from the netherworld, whose path it is better not to cross. This is an ancient Germanic myth, which, in slightly varied form, is known in many parts of Europe, the name of which Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Philipp have aptly chosen for their duo project. Ralf Beck has released several albums as part of the duos Nalin & Kane and Unit 4. He collects old synthesizers and effects pedals and has collaborated with Karl Bartos. In his studio, Uhrwald Orange, he has recorded music by Propaganda, Kreidler, Black Devil Disco, and many more. Sebastian Lee Philipp is part of the Berlin-based electro-wave duo Noblesse Oblige and composes music for theatre and radio dramas. Between 2001 and 2006 he lived in London, where he ran the club night Caligula and performed as a DJ. The two first met in 2006 in Düsseldorf's Salon des Amateurs, a meeting place for new and established experimental musicians and artists, also known as Germany's "post-punk Hacienda." It seems no coincidence that Düsseldorf is the duo's founding city: their music is full of subtle references to local acts, such as Kraftwerk, NEU!, DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, Pyrolator, Die Krupps, and Propaganda. Since their first meeting, Beck and Philipp regularly come together during the time of the Rauhnächte to record in Beck's well-equipped studio. Using the numerous analog keyboards and recording devices assembled there, and combining them with a diverse range of percussion instruments, they create their own "hunting music," which at times sounds unsettling, like swampland or a dark forest, but also urgent and pressing, like incandescent lasers or a hypnotic dance. Their soundscape is marked by repetitive guitar loops, electronic percussion, drums, and synthesizers. Booming tom-toms and medieval-sounding flutes herald the start of the hunt. Whispering, reciting voices conjure up the spirits of the woods, while synthetic sounds, melodies, and noises flit about before they are re-captured, structured, and grounded by crystalline beats and pulsating basslines. Let the hunt begin! LP includes CD.



AYBEE PRES. THE BAZILE REPUBLIC: Strange Visitors EP 12" (BRK 010EP) 15.50
Aybee's debut for Burek holds true to his unpredictable nature and his reputation for always showcasing different sonic tapestries. Aybee's moniker for this release, The Bazile Republic, signals the story of a strange island, a celestial visitor, and mysterious doctor. The story is set to be played out over several releases, and sees its first installment via Burek. The tracks, titled "Strange Visitors," "Motion of Attraction," and "The Sacred Smoke," form a fusion of dancefloor rhythms that drive and lift. As usual, Aybee engages the listener via the head, heart, and feet.


CC 017CD

NOZE: Come With Us 2CD (CC 017CD) 17.00
Four years after their 2011 album Dring (GPM 035CD), French house duo Nôze present their fifth album, Come With Us. Once again the pairing of Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhes has yielded a collection of captivating and curious songs that could only come from the unique sound-world they inhabit. From their early experimental house days through their song-based material for Get Physical, the Parisian duo have always pushed their sound to deliver a new experience for themselves and their listeners with each release. On this occasion, Come With Us finds Sfintescu and Pailhes in a particularly introspective mood, reveling more than ever in personal reflection, both musically and lyrically. "Saint," for example, conjures up the romanticism of dustbowl blues with its vagabond guitar tones (played by longtime collaborator Thibault Frisoni), while Sfintescu's voice reaches new distinctive heights in spellbinding tales like "Apache." Emiliano Turi also lends a new sense of natural groove to the Nôze sound with his live drumming, and as ever, Sfintescu and Pailhes are keen to bring their friends into the fold for guest vocal spots. Dani Siciliano spars beautifully with Sfintescu on the disco-inflected album opener "I Need to Know." dOP vocalist JAW, fresh from his 2014 Midtown project (CC 016CD), joins in for the bittersweet balladry of "Come With Me." Although they may be committed to exploring more intimate forms of musicianship, Nôze are not a duo who have forgotten their dancefloor roots, and in recognition of this they offer up electrified alternative versions of every track on the album, included as a bonus CD with the CD version and available (along with the original album) via download code included with the double LP version. As a body of work in its own right, these are less remixes and more original productions rich with the warmth of synthesized tones and powered by mechanized drums. The '70s feel of the album transfers to the remixes, the comforting hum of arpeggios and Moog growls finished off with a snappy modernity. On every level, Nôze have delivered an album that will satisfy their ardent fans of many years while demonstrating their expanding repertoire as they grow as artists. From the beginning it was clear they would never rest in one place, and now Come With Us is the perfect invitation to carry on down the path with two of Circus Company's original ambassadors.



DJ EMERSON: Anonymous 12" (CLR 087EP) 14.00
"Anonymous" has been a regular tune in Chris Liebing's sets across the world since summer 2014. Rebekah included the track on her 2014 Mind Sets compilation on CLR. "Anonymous" is a subtle, groove-driven techno tune designed for the dancefloor. On the flipside, Emerson takes us on a cinematic journey with "Too Many People Talking (Not Enough Information)," a mesmerizing ambient tune that invites us to get into Emerson's universe.



TOBAR, RICARDO: Collection CD (COR 037CD) 17.00
Born in Chile and now residing in France, Ricardo Tobar picked the "creative border crossing" as the common thread for his album Collection. Musical experimentation, crossing musical borders -- Tobar refers directly to the style and sound of the great new wave bands of the '80s and '90s. With the help and influence of their new electronic instruments (often alongside classic rock guitars), the post-punk-electronic movement turned almost everything upside-down. Whether the result was moody and mysterious or romantic and hedonistic, it all sounded new and different back then and paved the musical path for a whole generation. Tobar plays with the musical approach of the post-punk era; he mixes, merges, and experiments fearlessly with styles and moods. He creates a wide range of his own styles and dives into abstract sound-fields. He breathes the air of his own musical universe, and he doesn't refer to the typical styles of this genre -- you won't find any Detroit, Berlin, or Sheffield reference here. Although produced in France, Tobar's album doesn't have anything of the sweet and lovely French touch. It also won't beam you into the north of England and the grey and cold Sheffield winter like so many other electronic albums try to do. Collection contains full compositions, sound collages, experimental sounds, and even proper beat-based tunes. Tobar doesn't produce -- he creates, and here he nonchalantly showcases his impressive range, sounding simultaneously sensitive and harmonic but also brave and dissonant while creating layered electronic atmospheres. This album is full of interesting sounds and ideas; far from boring and never too demanding. Along with its mystical, experimental side, Collection also contains energetic, trippy sounds. The expressive "Angora" is full of energy and captures the listener's imagination; "Crystal Sun" is almost like a big after-hours anthem; and with "There Is Pop" Tobar presents a strong, ripped tune, banging and challenging. There is a place for everything here in Collection, from the introduction through the main body to the ending; an album like a book. Collection's musical chapters are rich in variety, with some surprises along the way. Not just another musical-assembly-line product, Collection cannot be categorized the easy way. Tobar worked hard for this album and this is apparent from start to finish. He used his machines, synths, and computers to full effect and now presents a truly complete Collection.


TOBAR, RICARDO: Collection 2LP+CD (COR 037LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version; includes CD.


VA: Zehn CD (CORMIX 049CD) 17.00
Cocoon Recordings presents the tenth and final edition of the in-house label compilation series mixed by Chris Tietjen. Zehn is the only compilation in the series to look back at the decade preceding its release, with Tietjen combining highlights from Cocoon's history into one seamless mix and proving that he developed into a vital and profound DJ. The former Cocoon Recordings intern and Sven Väth protégé has chosen from over 150 releases of techno, house, minimal, dub, chill-out, and experimental music to collect a list of artists whose names seem like an unofficial who's who of the international techno circuit. Tietjen's selection features Minilogue, Kollektiv Turmstraße, Moritz von Oswald, Nina Kraviz, Loco Dice, Argy, Guy Gerber, Johannes Heil, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola & The Gadgets, and Maetrik, just to name a few. Including all of the remixers and co-producers, Zehn features 40 artists on just one CD! The transitions and arrangements are harmonious enough to handle such a wide collection of artists, with something like Richie Hawtin's Closer to the Edit approach merging 36 tracks into one 80-minute mix. There is not enough room here to explain the significance of each track on Zehn. The most Cocoon Recordings can say is that most of these tracks have soundtracked its existence; this is a souvenir from the label's musical journey. Also includes tracks by Julian Perez, Tale of Us & Visionquest, Cobblestone Jazz, Glove, Dinky (remixed by Visionquest), Martin Buttrich, Stefan Goldmann, André Galluzzi & Dana Ruh, Doomwork, Johannes Heil (remixed by Butch), Nick Curly, Richard Bartz, Chris Tietjen & Christian Burkhardt, Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind, Chymera, Harrison Crump (remixed by Reboot), Djinxx, Oliver Koletzki (remixed by Olivier Berger), Julien Bracht, Matt John featuring Marc Lorbeer, Extrawelt, and Projekt 69.



AGENTS OF TIME: Emperor 12" (CORR 036EP) 12.50
Agents of Time follow their 2014 debut Polina EP (CORR 028EP) (played by Dixon, Tale of Us, Agoria, et al.), with Emperor. "Emperor" plows a grand and emotional furrow, but with a driving techno aesthetic. "Metamorfosi" is a deeper affair, building to a tense, spectral conclusion simultaneously dramatic and heart-wrenching. The minimal "Hydra" manages to be both dubbed-out and theatrical, with skittering, shuffling percussion. "Nazgul" continues Correspondant's tradition of left-field house exemplified by label artist Andre Bratten's "Tromer Og Bass" (Compilation 02 Sampler 2, CORR 025EP, 2014), but with added horror soundtrack flair that only the Italians can truly bring.



UMILIANI, PIERO: L'Uomo Nello Spazio LP (RED 301LP) 25.50
"I have dedicated these compositions to the spaceman, this new, modern Ulysses going adrift on the galaxian oceans..." --Piero Umiliani, 1972. The words of the great Piero Umiliani describe perfectly the soul of this record, originally released in 1972 and one of the rarest releases on Umiliani's legendary Omicron label. This first ever reissue is pressed on clear blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies.


RUSCIGAN: Viaggio Nel Domani LP (RED 302LP) 25.50
A daring experimenter and former student of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Guido Baggiani aka Ruscigan collaborated with Piero Umiliani at Umiliani's Soundworkshop Studios to create Viaggio Nel Domani, originally released in 1972. It still surprises the listener with its clarity of execution and sense of musical adventure. This first ever reissue is pressed on clear blue vinyl and limited to 500 copies.



DIVE, SASCHA: The Basic Collective EP Part 4 12" (DVR 027EP) 12.50
The fourth part in Sascha Dive's Basic Collective EP series, and the first since 2008. Stripped-down basic grooves as we love them.



MATTHEWS & JIM CASEY, VINCE: The Kingston Springs Suite CD (DEL 026CD) 15.00
"First ever release of the heavily mythologized outlaw concept album from 1972. RIYL Johnny Cash, Crazy Horse, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Bobby Charles, and The Band. Vinyl edition features: download code, tip-on jacket, four-panel heavy insert containing rare photographs, essays by Frye Gaillard (Watermelon Wine: Remembering the Golden Years of Country Music) and Vince Matthews, and the recipe for Melva's Wine! CD edition housed in deluxe digipak with 24-page booklet containing both essays and exclusive photos. Features the original version of 'Laid Back Country Picker,' recorded by and live staple of Waylon Jennings (and recently performed by Shooter Jennings, and by Father John Misty). An amphetamine-fueled, prophetic, loose, and gritty 1972 Polaroid snapshot into the lives of a small town of an America gone by. Championed by Johnny Cash (who provided his studio and engineer, and penned the liner notes), and produced by Shel Silverstein (along w/ Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Cowboy Jack Clement), the Suite was the talk of the Nashville outlaw underground, but was then mysteriously shelved for 40 years. Preserving the old ways, and presented for the first time ever -- God save Kingston Springs! Vince Matthews and Jim Casey were two of the best and wildest songwriters to emerge during the brief post-Dylan artistic renaissance period in Nashville, TN (it was 'a little like Paris in the 1920s' according to Mickey Newbury). Their songs were recorded by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Gordon Lightfoot, and Sammi Smith, among others, and their 24-hour lifestyle was accepted and encouraged. The Suite was their ambitious dream project, and its presentation was to include film, slides, costumes, narration, and songs. A script/treatment by Vince was green-lighted to be a complete episode on the Johnny Cash television show. The Cash show never happened, but the Suite was performed at a Johnny Cash concert at Pocono Speedway, and at a dress rehearsal in the Kingston Springs HS gymnasium (with Johnny, June, and baby John Carter in attendance). But things began falling apart as Vince's ambitions grew bigger and his craziness got crazier. Shel Silverstein and Larry Wilkerson immortalized him in their song 'Vince' ('And that great speckled bird sang her song in his ear. Whisperin' words of magic that only he could hear.'), but the Suite was never completed to his satisfaction and remained unreleased. Interest lagged and the doors slammed shut by 1974, when Nashville had shaken off the crazies and gotten back to business as usual."


MATTHEWS & JIM CASEY, VINCE: The Kingston Springs Suite LP (DEL 026LP) 24.00
LP version in tip-on jacket with four-panel heavy insert containing rare photographs, essays by Frye Gaillard (Watermelon Wine: Remembering the Golden Years of Country Music) and Vince Matthews, and the recipe for Melva's Wine. Includes download code.



25 PLACES: Love More EP 12" (DIRT 088EP) 14.00
Rotterdam duo 25 Places (Tayfun and Stefan) contributed roller "Good Time" to Dirt Crew Recordings' 2013 Deep Love 3 compilation, and in 2012 Stefan dropped his solo Warehouse EP for the label as Last Mood. The Love More EP, a work of old school, raw house music, opens with "Love More," which locks us in a groove as mesmerizing melody lines build drama and tension. "Strange Day" reaches deeper territory with subby bass, soft-spoken pads, and distant vocals. "These Moments" lifts the tone again with light-hearted licks and tight percussion, before the deep, dubby, alluring soundscapes of "Ecstatic States."



LILES, ANDREW: First Monster Last Monster Always Monster CD (DPROM 114CD) 14.50
"There are a number of records that I sentimentalise, rightly or wrongly, regardless of their musical importance or wider artistic significance. They mark transitions in my personal or emotional life, or they are simply a soundtrack to a moment locked in time. 30 years ago, on my 16th birthday on March 11th 1985 one such 'personal' album was released. The Sisters of Mercy L.P. First and Last and Always. 30 years later to the exact day I release my version of First and Last and Always as First Monster Last Monster Always Monster. Another instalment in the Monster set of releases. First Monster Last Monster Always Monster is an instrumental, electronic adaptation of the entire Sisters album. My version to some may be a travesty, deemed a novelty recording, even considered sacrilege by others, the devil may care but I don't mind, those opinions do not concern me. This is my heartfelt homage to a moment in time and a wonderful album." --Andrew Liles



FUGAZI: Steady Diet of Nothing LP (DIS 060LP) 14.50
2015 repress. "This is Fugazi's second full-length record, released in 1991. This 12" LP was re-cut and re-issued in September 2009 and comes with a free MP3 download."



THYLADOMID: Interstellar Destiny CD (DIYNAMIC 012CD) 17.00
Thyladomid is a DJ and producer based in Germany with English roots. In 2010, his single "The Voice" held the pole position on Beatport's Deep House charts for six consecutive weeks and eventually got him a "Beatport Music Award" in the category "Top Deep House Track of the Year." Since then he has released frequently on Diynamic and its imprint 2DIY4 and released highly-acclaimed collaborations with Adriatique. His debut album Interstellar Destiny, rather than deliver his usual club sound, is a deeply personal work mirroring his thoughtful and fragile nature. "Many things inspired me," he says, "but first and foremost it was movie scores. So when I was working on a track, I was actually imagining a movie scene that I would be doing the score for. The title Interstellar Destiny means something in the way of 'universal meaning' or 'human purpose.' Every track describes a process or a situation of our lives here on planet Earth, a beautiful or not so beautiful facet of our existence. The album is very melancholic and describes my musical nature in regard to my perception of my surroundings. I hope I can illustrate that to the listeners." He sure can, because the album is absorbing right from the outset, thanks to the somber bass and serene strings of opener "Intergalactic Spring." From there, the moodiness continues to build through "Generation Y," with its whispered, intimate vocals and slo-mo beats. The colorful, charming "Brotherhood" then gets a little more sun-kissed and laid-back; "Inner Space" shows how well Thyladomid does deep house; and elsewhere cuts like "Daddy Rainbow" marry rich, rounded bass with sensitive synths and vulnerable chords. A special mention goes to two tracks that instantly stick: the heartfelt "Mavericks," with its sultry singing and catchy melody to sweep listeners away, and the feel-good anthem "The Real Thing," which many will remember as one of 2014's Ibiza favorites. It was released as an album teaser EP in 2014 (DIYNAMIC 071EP), with remixes by Stimming and Adriatique, and is still as passionate as it was then. Interstellar Destiny is a remarkable example of outstanding forward-thinking electronic (dance) music, something that will catch attention on the dancefloor, but especially a great (loud) home-listening piece of music. The album proves Thyladomid's huge talent and impressively demonstrates that he is much more than just a regular producer of club tracks. Features Mâhfoud on four tracks.



VA: Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll CD (DTD 042CD) 12.00
On April 17, 1975, Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge and Cambodian rock and roll was no more. Its star musicians were targeted and killed, record collections were destroyed, clubs were closed, and Western-style music-making, dancing, and clothes were outlawed. The deaths of approximately two million Cambodians and the horrors of the Killing Fields have been well-documented; add to this John Pirozzi's fascinating tale of Cambodia's vibrant pop music scene, beginning in the 1950s and '60s, influenced by France's Johnny Hallyday and Britain's Cliff Richard and the Shadows. The filmmaker has assembled rare archival footage, punctuating it with telling interviews with the few surviving musicians. Cambodian culture has long been synonymous with a love for the arts. Pirozzi's 2014 film Don't Think I've Forgotten pays homage to the country's rock legends who paid for their creativity with their lives. Through the eyes, words, and songs of its popular music stars of the '50s, '60s, and '70s, Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll examines and unravels Cambodia's recent tragic past. This soundtrack to Pirozzi's important film, compiled by the director, is very cinematic in nature. The sequencing and newly-remastered audio transport the listener through the rock and roll history of Cambodia in a similar fashion as Pirozzi's documentary film. It is both entertaining and essential to hear so many tracks that are available outside of Cambodia for the very first time. Includes tracks by The Royal University of Fine Arts, Sinn Sisamouth, Chhoun Malay, Huoy Meas, Baksey Cham Krong, Ros Serey Sothea, Pen Ran, Sieng Vannthy, Va Sovy, Drakkar, Pou Vannary, Yol Aularong, and Cheam Chansovannary.



DEHNERT, MIKE: Check EP 12" (ECHOCOL 031EP) 12.50
Mike Dehnert follows several EPs on Echocord Colour with three powerful techno tracks with dubby elements and typical stripped-down Dehnert sound, perfect for the peak-time dancefloor. Mike Dehnert is mostly known from his own imprint, the raw techno label Fachwerk, which he founded in 2007. He has also released on other respected labels like Delsin, Clone Basement Series, and Deeply Rooted House.



VAUGHAN, STEVIE RAY: Spectrum, Philadelphia 23rd May 1988 CD (ECHO 2028CD) 17.00
Stevie Ray Vaughan's guest slot for Robert Plant on the Non Stop Go tour was not at all representative of his worth in terms of bill position, or a true reflection of his talent, but was ultimately prestigious enough considering the continuing legacy of Led Zeppelin and their iconic front man. Vaughan and his band Double Trouble were already enjoying the formation of their own legacy, which would grow in stature on the strength of the 1986 album Live Alive, and Vaughan's past collaborations with David Bowie and Jackson Browne. The set-list performed here is in places reminiscent of the songs chosen for the 1986 album, but the relaxed mood of this 1988 performance captures the early sobriety of his formative shows and a tender ferocity, allowing for a more honest picture of the legendary guitarist. This CD includes the entire broadcast of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble's appearance at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, on May 23rd, 1988. Originally broadcast by Washington DC FM for their Superstar Concert series, this rare recorded performance reveals a seminal artist at work. Professionally remastered FM broadcast with background liners and rare archival photos.



WALLS: Urals CD (ECD 010CD) 17.00
Walls (Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis) return with their third and final studio album, Urals. Urals is the conclusion of a three-album cycle that began with their self-titled debut in 2010 (KOMP 082CD/KOM 212LP), and continued in 2011 with Coracle (KOMP 091CD/KOM 245LP). This album is an accumulation of four years of studio exploration, inverting their signature sound into a new, more intense dimension, the duo once again exploring futuristic vistas with their coruscating synth lines, spiraling guitar figures, and howling distortion and noise. Informed by the creation/curation of their burgeoning Ecstatic Recordings imprint that has seen them release music by kindred spirits such as Pye Corner Audio, Axel Willner (The Field), and L/F/D/M, among others, as well as their own individual explorations (Natalizia's caustic, minimal synth workouts as Not Waving, and Willis's lurid, ritualistic techno as Primitive World) Urals pushes the envelope a long way from the template they set out with on tracks such as "Burnt Sienna" or "Hang Four." From the stumbling, off-kilter groove of the title-track to the probing kosmische pulses of "Altai" to the intense, ear-shredding acid of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" to the sublime synth-scape paean "Radiance," it's clear that Willis and Natalizia are taking leave of the Walls project at the top of their game. Mastered by Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum) at New Atlantis Studios.


BEC 5156064

MR. FLASH: Bagheera feat. Lady Leshurr 12" (BEC 5156064) 14.00
"In 2014 we released Mr. Flash's first album, Sonic Crusader. I've been waiting for this album for almost 10 years. It represents what Ed Banger Records is about" --Pedro Winter. Mr. Flash follows that album with "Bagheera" featuring Lady Leshurr. A furious MC, compressed beats, and mental melodies. For the remixes, Mr. Flash chose Baby Duka, the producer behind Kwamie Liv's "Coming Down" (one of Mr. Flash's favorite tracks of 2014) and masterful London-based producer Astro Zu. Winter enlisted remixes from two of France's hottest producers, Fulgeance and DJ Oil (signed to BBE, a favorite of Gilles Peterson).

BEC 5156111

BOSTON BUN: Just for Freaks 2 12" (BEC 5156111) 14.00
Boston Bun delivers second 12" in the three-part Just for Freaks series, following BEC 5161992. This second volume toughens up Boston Bun's club experience a bit. "Highland Park" is an homage to Detroit and to body music. A regular hypnotic train that goes with a video of unseen footages from 1994 tour at the famous Highland Park. Harder, more mannish, "Hotel Workout" is a jacking anthem to lonely push-ups in hotel rooms.



GENERAL MAGIC & PITA: Fridge Trax Plus 2LP (EMEGO 001LP) 29.00
2015 20th anniversary reissue of the two milestone releases that kickstarted the entire Mego/Editions Mego imprint and initial aesthetic in 1995. This deluxe reissue brings together the first Mego release, Fridge Trax, and the full-length album that followed, Live and Final Fridge, originally released on Source Records. Made by the founders of the initial Mego label, Peter Rehberg (Pita) and Andreas Pieper and Ramon Bauer (General Magic), these recordings are legendary in their execution. It was these pioneering releases, along with the earlier Warp and Sähkö output, that really pushed abstraction squarely into the formally safe realm of dance music. The results were among the most influential musical offerings of the period and the paths laid out have been traversed by many a sonic explorer since. Both the EP and full-length were made by placing microphones in a fridge to harvest the unusual microscopic sound-world within. The resulting hums, buzzes, flickers, and icy drones were then reassembled and reconstructed to make an assortment of tracks that range from rhythmic, ambient, and glacial straight on through to the downright bizarre. Fridge Trax is landmark release, a white good rearranged as awry ambience and freak funk. Written, produced, and performed by General Magic & Pita. Remastered and cut by CGB at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, December 2014. Artwork by Tina Frank. A1-B2 recorded October 1994 at Mego Studio, Berlin, and released as Fridge Trax (Mego, MEGO 001), May 1995; B3 recorded September 1995 at Mego Studio, Berlin; B4-C4 recorded live, 6 AM-7 AM, July 10, 1995, Interference Festival/Love Parade, Berlin; D1-D2 recorded October 1995 at Mego Studio, Wien; B3-D2 released as Live and Final Fridge (Source Records, CD 960125), June 1996.


EM 1047LP

BAY LAUREL, ALICIA: Music from Living On the Earth LP (EM 1047LP) 22.00
Alicia Bay Laurel is well known as the writer and illustrator of one of the classic books of the back-to-the-earth movement, the 1970 hand-written guide to living the good life, Living On the Earth. She is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, and guitarist, the latter skill honed by studying with John Fahey. The songs on Music from Living On the Earth were composed concurrently with the writing of the book, permeated by the sun and soil of the commune life. Bright and earthy paeans to the natural world, featuring ABL's pure, strong, and uplifting voice atop her fluid, confident, and deft steel-string acoustic guitar fingerpicking, her style showing that she learned well from Fahey. She also collaborated with San Francisco Tape Music Center co-founder Ramon Sender Barayón, who contributes the 40-voice choral arrangement for the closing track. Although these songs were written as the '60s became the '70s, Music from Living On the Earth was actually recorded in 2000, first issued as a self-produced CD, and reissued on CD by EM Records in 2006 (EM 1047CD). This 2015 15th anniversary edition is its first appearance on vinyl, and includes liner notes by the artist as well as English and Japanese lyrics, allowing listeners to again hear ABL's blues, jazz, and Indian music influences meld with folk roots to glorious effect.



EMIKA: DREI CD (EMK 002CD) 15.50
Berlin-based producer Emika follows her 2015 solo piano album Klavírní (EMK 001CD/LP) with DREI, an album that channels electroclash-era rapid-fire bass and syncopated beats amid soaring synths. It is the work of a songwriter who wears her heart on her sleeve, with deeply personal sentiments imbuing her brooding, expansive soundscapes throughout the album. The intricate, deft production flourishes that flow through the album and the breadth of moods attest to Emika's status as a fully-fledged artist. On the vampish "Miracles," she pitches her voice down to duet with herself in haunting fashion. "DREI is ultimately about freedom. Coping with freedom. Limitations vs Freedom. The shock of a miracle. The madness of being alone. Ambitions and insecurities. The perils of a limitless creative mind. And without a doubt, my desire to produce fat hard beats without needing anyone -- complete with a fresh sound." --Emika


EMIKA: DREI LP (EMK 002LP) 26.50
LP version.



RIVAL CONSOLES: Odyssey/Sonne CD (ERATP 069CD) 15.50
London-based electronic producer Ryan Lee West is notable for making synthesizers sound both human and atmospheric under the moniker Rival Consoles. Shying away from creating all of his sounds on the laptop, he instead molds and shapes his melodies on his Prophet, Moog Voyager, and tape delay, the same gear he uses in his live performances. Fascinated by sound from an early age, West chose to dedicate his time to studying, experimenting with, and producing sound, and graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, England. One consistent element in his musical journey has been his desire to create a more organic, humanized sound. West often drafts early ideas on piano, violin, and guitar. He has repeatedly performed at locations such as the Tate Modern, where his performance resulted in the Boiler Room inviting him to perform a special audio-visual piece at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This CD combines West's 12" EPs Odyssey (ERATP 052EP, 2013) and Sonne (ERATP 059EP, 2014), both of which sold out within only a few months. Synthesizers make up the core sound of the records, while tracks like "Helios," "Haunt," and "Think Tank" feature West playing live drums and acoustic guitar. West describes his process: "I'm often looking at art in exhibitions and I always think to myself 'why the hell don't I have this much colour in my work?' The answer in part I think is down to synthesis. It is very difficult to create colour without it sounding plastic. Colour in music is both the note combinations and the actual timbre of the sounds. There are lots of instances of very colourful ambient sounds, which I took great care to create for each song, using various methods -- from passing analogue synths through chains of effects to chopping up random sequences of recordings and forming tiny collages." As of this release, Rival Consoles is working on material for his third studio album, which he showcased at SXSW in Austin before embarking on a North American tour with Warp artist Clark and US producer Nosaj Thing. This CD comes in advance of his 2015 appearances at The Great Escape Festival, MUTEK Montréal, and OFF Party Barcelona. It's presented in two-sided, die-cut sleeve that comes in two variations folded inside-out and combines the two original cover illustrations by South London artist Supermundane, with layout and re-packaging by Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths.


MTE 063-64LP

ABRAMS, JOSHUA: Magnetoception 2LP (MTE 063-64LP) 38.50
On Magnetoception, Joshua Abrams is back exploring new contexts for the guimbri, the three-stringed north African bass lute at the heart of his Eremite recordings Natural Information (2010) and Represencing (2012). The artist's first large-scale work on vinyl, Magnetoception began as a commission by Eremite for Abrams to make a double LP based in extended performances by an ensemble of Abrams, guitarists Emmett Kelly and Jeff Parker, and drummer Hamid Drake. The group recorded the nucleus of Magnetoception live to two-track, circled around vintage Neumanns and a woodstove in a Berwyn, Illinois attic in February 2013. Over the next year at his Chicago studio, Parlor One, Abrams added solo pieces for harp and clarinet, along with Lisa Alvarado's harmonium, Ben Boye's autoharp, and percussion embellishments by Drake. Abrams's compositions are a fascinating nexus of ideas from non-western traditional musics, minimalism, and jazz designed to catalyze his musicians toward a single group-mind organism of sound. On his 2012 album Represencing Abrams presented his music in capsule-length pieces realized by duo and trio groupings drawn from a pool of a dozen musicians. Magnetoception presents one ensemble methodically unfolding his compositions over longer durations. The performances intricately layer rhythm, melody, and drone into sonic textiles of extraordinary expressive breadth, by turns dense or spacious, repetitive or indeterminate, clattering or placid. In addition to his masterful contributions on trap kit, tabla, conga, and frame drums, Hamid Drake acts as a direct link to the visionary music of Don Cherry, one of Abrams's essential artistic models. Magnetoception is the fullest measure yet of Joshua Abrams's sound world. It sounds like no other music being made today. Presented in a heavyweight Stoughton "laserdisc" gatefold sleeve; mastered by Helge Sten at Sten Audio Virus Lab, Oslo, Norway; vinyl cut at Sterling by Steve Fallone and manufactured by RTI. Edition of 875 vinyl copies.



JERMAN/TIM BARNES, JEPH: Matterings CD (ERST 074CD) 16.00
"I'm really excited to finally have Jeph and Tim on Erstwhile, as I have long been inspired by both. In July 2004, I saw a night of solos and duos by Jeph, Tim, Sean Meehan, and David Daniell at Clemente Soto Velez in Manhattan, and that night inspired me to start the ErstQuake series with Tim, which we kicked off a few months later, also at Clemente Soto Velez. So in a way this has been in the works since then, although all of the material was newly recorded in 2014." Five tracks, 68 minutes, recorded by Barry Weisblat along with Jeph/Tim and mastered by Jason Lescalleet.


LAMBKIN/MICHAEL PISARO, GRAHAM: Schwarze Riesenfalter CD (ERST 075CD) 16.00
"Schwarze Riesenfalter, a project Graham Lambkin and I worked on throughout the last year, is now available. One of the darkest, funniest, strangest projects in which I've ever had a part. Black butterflies, fragmented mouths, dead kings: you get the idea. Fantastic cover art by Graham as well" --Michael Pisaro. Five tracks, 49 minutes, mastered by Jason Lescalleet.


LA CASA/TAKU UNAMI, ERIC: Parazoan Mapping CD (ERST 076CD) 16.00
"I'm really happy to have Taku back on Erstwhile after the stellar motubachii and Teatro Assente, and of course to have Éric make his Erstwhile debut. Parazoan Mapping documents the initial duo meetings of these two long-time friends and collaborators." 15 tracks, 48 minutes. The great photography is by Éric Coisel.


ESK 507080

VA: Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Orange Collection 2CD (ESK 507080) 17.00
Belgium's music scene has a few cornerstones: R&S in the '80s, Soulwax in the '90s, and Eskimo in the early '00s, with Eskimo's evolution more colorful than anything preceding it in Belgium's musical history. The Orange Collection is the bright, genial, and buoyant fourth installment in Eskimo's color-themed compilation series. Following the Pink (ESK 506032, 2013), Blue (ESK 506345, 2014), and Green (ESK 506768, 2014) compilations, Eskimo once again presents 12 songs selected with exquisite care. An effortless journey encompassing a range of sounds through indie dance, nu disco, and electronica, it's reassuring to find that Eskimo still stands for timeless quality and originality. Includes tracks by Anoraak, Ary, Majestique feat. Lakshmi, Du Tonc, NTEIBINT feat. Birsen, This Soft Machine, Tarjei Nygård & Are Foss, Moscoman, Horixon feat. Maya, Trulz & Robin feat. Ost, Marvin & Guy, and Hydrogen Sea (remixed by Mees Dierdorp). Includes bonus mixed CD.



WATERS, PATTY: College Tour CD (ESPDISK 1055CD) 12.00
2013 reissue, originally released in 1966. Patty Waters is internationally recognized as one of the first major avant-garde vocalists, cited as an influence by Yoko Ono, Diamanda Galás, and Patti Smith. Waters's first two LPs, both on ESP-Disk', had the most impact. In 1966, the year after her groundbreaking debut, Sings, appeared, the New York State Council on the Arts gave ESP-Disk' a grant to tour the five state colleges with music departments. Artists on this tour included the Sun Ra Arkestra, Burton Greene, Patty Waters, Giuseppi Logan, and Ran Blake. Accompanied by all-star backup groups from among the participants, Patty's performances resulted in the present album, College Tour. The album, which won second place for Vocal Recording in Jazz and Pop Magazine, expands upon the vocal acrobatics that were heard on her debut. College Tour was reissued on vinyl by ESP-Disk' in 2009, and was part of the 2005 CD Complete ESP-Disk' Recordings (now out of print), but this is the first U.S. CD release of the original program by itself. Ran Blake, Burton Greene, Dave Burrell: piano; Giuseppi Logan: flute; Steve Tintweiss, Perry Lind: bass; Shelly Rusten, Scobe Stroman: drums. Recorded "live" by David B. Jones in April 1966. RIYL: Yoko Ono, Diamanda Galás, Jeanne Lee.


CROMAGNON: Cave Rock LP (ESPDISK 2001LP) 24.00
2013 reissue; originally released in 1969. Also known as Orgasm, this 1969 album has long been hailed as an underground classic. Included in Spin's 2013 list "The Top 100 Alternative Albums of the 1960s." Finally available again on vinyl in an ESP-Disk' 50th Anniversary Remaster version. "Two frustrated pop songwriters and the mysterious seven-person 'Connecticut Tribe' hole up in an Upper West Side studio and yell and moan and convulse until they discover a place more primordial than hardcore. The lone album from Cromagnon is true body music -- mostly a primal outpouring of wet swallows, warm gulps, creepy whispers, and glottal jungle animal noises; the feral yowls of sex, pain, or warfare -- but also occasionally grabbing people in the hallways to bang broomsticks on plywood. Its seven-minute bouts of throat'n'throttle anticipate the howl-and-hertz of power electronics and the full-contact gargle of '90s Japanese noise. But Orgasm's real claim to fame will always be opening track 'Caledonia,' a throbbing bagpipe-and-trash junkyard clangbanger that anticipates Einstürzende Neubauten, Nine Inch Nails, and Ministry in four raspy, thudding minutes" --Christopher R. Weingarten, Spin, "The Top 100 Alternative Albums of the 1960s." "An aural stew of experimental vocal sounds (tribal chanting, eerie whispering, animal-like screeching, monster sounding growls, ghostly howls, outright screaming, violent puking sounds, etc), various effects (over-dubbed sound bites played backwards, old sirens, common household sounds, manipulated electronics, field recordings) and the occasional use of a conventional instrument (spooky bagpipes, frantic rhythm guitar, scratchy fiddle) that are all meshed and held together with various forms of primitive percussion. A couple tracks have no rhythm instruments and are simply gravity defying acts of freeform music. Surprisingly, after being subjected to over 30 minutes of unintelligible voices, Cromagnon finally reap the benefits of evolution and use coherent words from the English language on the final two songs on the album. Cromagnon is ominous and experimental tribal music for the bad acid trip" --J. Scott Brubig, The Acid Archives. Austin Grasmere (lead vocals, music); Brian Elliot (lead vocals, music); Connecticut Tribe: Peter Bennett (bass), Jimmy Bennett (guitar, bagpipes), Vinnie Howley (guitar), Sal Salgado (percussion), Nelle Tresselt (honorary tribe member), Mark Payuk (vocals), Gary Leslie (vocals, multi-sound effects). RIYL: The Godz, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry.


SUMAC, YMA: Recital LP+CD (ESPDISK 4029LP) 24.00
2013 reissue; originally released in 1961. Peruvian singer Yma Sumac glided effortlessly from contralto to coloratura, her voice covering a range of no less than four octaves -- skeptics even suspected studio trickery! Her early repertoire included popular music and jazz pieces, but by this 1961 concert, she was devoting herself to the goal of making known the music of her homeland and neighboring countries. This is the first time ESP-Disk has released this concert on vinyl. To fit it on a single LP, the orchestral tracks that Ms. Sumac does not sing on were omitted from the vinyl, but the CD is included as a bonus insert, so that purchasers of ESPDISK 4029LP can hear the entire concert. Live in Bucharest, Romania 1961. Romanian National Radio-Television Orchestra; Sile Dinicu, conductor; Moisés Vivanco, conductor on "Amor Indio," guitar; Cholita Rivero, second vocal. RIYL: Esquivel, Les Baxter, Martin Denny.


KESZLER, ELI: Oxtirn CD (ESPDISK 4061CD) 13.50
2010 release. Oxtirn is a truly unique and powerful blend of free energy, modern composition, and mechanical music that defies genre. With two proper full-lengths and an array of self-releases under his belt, Eli Keszler has turned to ESP-Disk for the release of Oxtirn, his third, most composed, and large scale effort to date. Oxtirn captures Keszler and crew at their most frenetic, and abruptly spills out into a cacophony of tuned brass, squeaking rust, and electrically shorting contact mics, taking the detritus of post-industrial existence (sheet metal, spring boards, and motors wrenched from their initial hearths) and transforming that refuse into a 21st-century musique concrète orchestra. On the album's initial track, motors tumble across prepared sheets of metal as expertly placed squalls of bowed string and what could only be described as the sounds of a phantom brass band (courtesy of multiple horn player Andrew Fenlon and Keszler's longstanding partner Ashley Paul on clarinet) mesh transcendentally with Keszler's precise percussion and bursts of controlled chaos. The third track sees Eli and sonic artist Sakiko Mori on both prepared and installed pianos; as the two furiously scrape and agitate strings with a mix of switch-operated motors, contact mics, and suspended preparations, slowly undulating resonant clusters float on top of the underlying din, creating a striking contrast. Here, the eerie timbre of Keszler's bowed crotales recall Italian futurist Luigi Russolo's intonarumori, and the string quartets of Dumitrescu.


WRIGHT, FRANK: Blues For Albert Ayler CD (ESPDISK 4068CD) 12.00
2012 release. ESP-Disk is now releasing Frank Wright's tribute concert to tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler titled Blues For Albert Ayler in a 6 part suite. This high energy performance was recorded live at Rashied Ali's club 'Ali's Alley' on July 17th, 1974. This is the Right Reverend Frank Wright, live and raw, in his element, with a most impressive band. Frank Wright plays tenor sax and bass clarinet, with an electrifying performance from guitarist James 'Blood' Ulmer, bassist Benny Wilson and drummer Rashied Ali.


POWELL, BUD: Birdland 1953 3CD (ESPDISK 4073CD) 32.50
2014 release. Bud Powell ranks as one of the most influential pianists in jazz history, his style having provided the template for innumerable bebop pianists who followed in his wake. This remastered three-CD set captures Powell at his peak on his home turf at the famed Birdland club, recorded onsite (these are not air checks), and mostly working with top-notch sidemen such as Charles Mingus, Oscar Pettiford, Roy Haynes, and Art Taylor, along with guest appearances by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Producer Michael D. Anderson fixed pitch problems and personnel listings that have plagued previous versions of some of this material from the collection of Boris Rose as issued on other labels.



TOMS DUE: The Bridge 12" (ETB 021EP) 14.00
Debut EP from the talented Modena-based duo Toms Due, following their track "Part of It" and a remix of Bastinov's "Ellipse," which has been played everywhere around the globe. Two original tracks with a defined and aggressive sound plus two huge remixes by Luca Agnelli and Dast.



HEMMANN, MAREK: Chameleon EP 12" (FREUDE 070EP) 14.00
Marek Hemmann's Chameleon EP offers two euphoric 10-minute house cuts that do what they do, whether in the oven that is the underground cellar, or on the windowsill at home with a view of the prairie. Hemmann's characteristic crispy, dry beat with a pulse drives the listener, almost trance-like, ever forward. "Chameleon" builds a tender, soft synth sound-structure, bringing a wonderful, heavenly vibe that in seconds turns into a complex form. "Alice" uses a similar house rhythm and forms a soft, almost romantic melody that so quickly takes on a hypnotic-type flavor. Released in advance of Hemmann's third album.



TRISTANO, FRANCESCO: Body Language 16 CD (GPM 108CD) 15.50
Get Physical Music invited Francesco Tristano to mix the 16th volume of their Body Langauge series and join the ranks of M.A.N.D.Y., Dixon, DJ Hell, Catz 'n Dogz, andhim, and DJ T. Melodic and harmonic elements constitute the core of Tristano's first DJ mix release, which is itself a hybrid production/mix/live session -- Tristano performed live synths on top of the tracks. The basis of the session is in fact his own work, along with tracks by his entourage and a few special appearances, including Joe Zawinul, proto-techno from 1985 and a great inspiration for Tristano; Tristano's collaboration with Luciano, previously unreleased; the "Reboot Remix" of KhalifeSchumacherTristano's "Afrodiziak," and edits and mash-ups. The mix includes several tracks produced specially for the occasion, and exclusive and previously unreleased tracks by Julio Victoria, Faktorm, Savvas Ysatis, P41, and Studiovacanze (aka Francesco Tristano and P41). Also includes tracks by Danton Eeprom, NYMA & Carreno Is LB, M.A.N.D.Y., Cardopusher, and DJ Pierre (remixed by Roland Leesker). Includes download code for all tracks and the continuous mix. Edition of 1000.


GB 023CD

Ba Power, Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba's fourth album (and their first for Glitterbeat Records) is a striking, career-defining record marked by mesmerizing songs, razor-sharp riffs, and full-throttle emotions. Following two years of worldwide touring for the much-heralded Jama Ko (OH 021CD/LP), Bassekou's band, Ngoni Ba, has turned up the volume and dynamics significantly and Bassekou's masterful ngoni playing has achieved a new level of intensity that can only be called: Afro-rock. Distortion and wah-wah and propulsive rhythms now form the defining backbone of his songs and the white-hot vocals of his wife, Amy Sacko, serve more than ever as his passionate and perfect foil. When asked what Ba Power means to him, Bassekou replied, "'Ba,' in Bambara, means 'strong' or 'great' and it also means 'group.' I called the album Ba Power because I think the messages on it are very important and strong, and it is also definitely the album with the toughest sound I've ever made. I want these songs to grab as many people as possible." Ba Power was recorded in November of 2014 at MBK Studios in Bamako, a studio just down the road from the Kouyaté family home in the hills at the edge of the city. Produced by Chris Eckman (Tamikrest, Aziza Brahim), the album began with Ngoni Ba playing together live in a relaxed, intimate space. Features appearances from legendary Songhai blues guitarist Samba Touré on "Fama Magni," soku master Zoumana Tereta on "Fama Magni," vocalist Adama Yalomba "Waati," massively influential composer and trumpeter Jon Hassell on "Ayé Sira Bla," guitarist Chris Brokaw (The Lemonheads) on "Siran Fen" and "Abé Sumaya," and drummer Dave Smith (JuJu, Fofoulah, The Sensational Space Shifters with Robert Plant) on four songs including opener "Siran Fen." Ba Power contains all the swagger, precision, and wide-eyed excitement that the title implies. It is the album on which Bassekou's music engages with the world in unprecedented ways, and the album with which he confirms his status among the 21st century's most relevant musical artists. "I think African music and culture deserve to be spread to the broadest audience possible. That is what I want to accomplish with Ba Power" --Bassekou Kouyaté. Bassekou Kouyaté: lead ngoni; Abou Sissoko: medium ngoni; Mamadou Kouyaté: bass ngoni and backing vocals; Moctar Kouyaté: calebash; Mahamadou Tounkara: yabara, tamani, tamaba; Bina Diabaté: medium ngoni ba; Amy Sacko: lead vocal and backing vocals.

GB 024LP

SACRI CUORI: Delone LP (GB 024LP) 23.00
Gatefold 180 gram vinyl version. The music of Sacri Cuori is a kaleidoscopic road trip through imaginary '60/'70s soundtrack music and post-folk sonics from Italy, Europe, and beyond. Sacri Cuori only half-jokingly call themselves the bastard children of Fellini. Their sound palette is defined by a moody, Adriatic twang, falling somewhere between the old-time dance music of their native Romagna and Lynch's Mulholland Drive; between Santo & Johnny and Ry Cooder (or Brian Eno). Of course Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota are also present, as are Riz Ortolani, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani, Armando Trovajoli, and other maestros of Italian film music's golden age. Delone was crafted over two years in a series of sessions in which the band consciously stretched their identity. Core personnel Antonio Gramentieri (guitars and more), Francesco Giampaoli (bass and beyond), and Diego Sapignoli (drums and percussion) recorded the album with Francesco Valtieri (baritone saxophone), Denis Valentini (percussion, horns, and more), Christian Ravaglioli (keys and horns), and Enrico Bocchini (drums and percussion). While still primarily an instrumental affair, the album introduces the resplendent voice of Carla Lippis, the last Italian diva, whom Sacri Cuori met in Australia and brought back to her ancestral homeland (and language). She sings in both English and Italian. Other vocalists include French chanteuse Emmanuelle Sigal, Howe Gelb of the famed American cult band Giant Sand, and Adam Gladyszek (Snake Charmer). As always, Sacri Cuori is more like an enlarged family than a fixed ensemble, and other guests include Evan Lurie (The Lounge Lizards, soundtracks for Roberto Benigni's films) on keyboards, guitar pioneer Marc Ribot (Tom Waits), drummer Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), and members of the Mexican Cumbia sensations Sonido Gallo Negro. While certainly beholden throughout to its Italian musical roots, Delone collides in unpredictable ways with a variety of global sound transmissions. The breathless rush of the surf-driven opener "Bendigo" cuts hard to the sultry romanticism of the second song "Una Danza," which in turn, slyly gives way to the nostalgic twang of "La Marabina." The album flows like this for the duration, brilliantly touching upon disparate sound-worlds that range from the pastoral ("Billy Strange") to the cosmopolitan (the Gainsbourg-influenced "Serge") to the classically pop ("Delone"). There is passion and adventure, excitation and sadness. There is a magnificent sense of wonder. Delone plays like a treasured notebook full of restless dreams and nostalgic sketches, all of it edited together like an old, suspenseful TV movie.



SONIC YOUTH: Bad Moon Rising CD (GOO 018CD) 16.00
"Sonic Youth's second full-length LP Bad Moon Rising was originally released on Homestead and Blast First in 1985. The album is a fascinating examination of 'the junction where hippie idealism [meets] the cold hard world,' says guitarist Lee Ranaldo, 'where Woodstock [meets] Altamont -- Death Valley, Charles Manson, Brian Wilson, musicians, murderers, heroes and villains.' Its original eight-song tapestry of droning guitar feedback, distant clattering percussion, and sullen vocals, all held together with interstitial noise loops and shadowy haze, ambles through a long, dark night before the feverish 'Death Valley '69,' driven by runaway guitar riffs and a frantic Thurston Moore/Lydia Lunch vocal duet, pounds the capstone into place. Sonic Youth's big leap forward from Confusion Is Sex and Kill Yr Idols 'reflects the spirit of the time,' to quote All Music Guide. Bad Moon Rising views 'American gothic through the glassy eyes of willful moonlit paranoia.' Back in print on Goofin' Records, this reissue includes bonus tracks 'Flower' and 'Halloween,' both from a 12-inch single of the same era. The sound collage morsels 'Satan Is Boring' and 'Echo Canyon' are your cue to begin moving toward the exit and get out while you can."


SONIC YOUTH: Bad Moon Rising LP (GOO 018LP) 19.00
LP version with download code.


HH 003CD

RETURN TO FOREVER: Electric Lady Studio, NYC, June 1975 CD (HH 003CD) 17.00
Return to Forever are firmly established as one of the most important fusion bands in history. Featuring the classic line-up of Chick Corea (keyboards and synthesizer), Al DiMeola (guitar), Stanley Clarke (bass), and Lenny White (drums), this remarkable set was taped in the summer of 1975 for FM radio broadcast to promote their classic No Mystery album, and is presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound, background notes, and rare images.

HH 004CD

MORGAN, LEE: Both/And Club, San Francisco, June 1970 2CD (HH 004CD) 23.00
One of the greatest trumpeters of the post-bop era, Lee Morgan died aged only 33 in 1972. This classic recording was made for FM broadcast in the summer of 1970, immediately before he made his classic 1971 album Live At The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach. Featuring Bennie Maupin (tenor sax), Harold Mabern (piano), Jymie Merritt (bass), and Mickey Roker (drums), it showcases some of the best music Morgan's group ever performed, and is presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound, background notes, and images.

HH 005CD

TAYLOR, CECIL: Michigan State University, April 15th 1976 CD (HH 005CD) 17.00
Capturing the groundbreaking Cecil Taylor Unit's second set at the Power Center, Michigan State University at Ann Arbor, on Thursday, April 15th 1976, this document was recorded for broadcast on WCBN-FM's Jazz Alive program. Featuring Taylor on piano, backed by his long-term sideman Jimmy Lyons (alto sax), David S. Ware (tenor sax), Raphe Malik (trumpet), and Marc Edwards (drums), it offers a fascinating glimpse into Taylor's uncompromising vision, and is presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound, background notes, and rare images.

HH 006CD

BLAKEY AND THE JAZZ MESSENGERS, ART: Rutgers University, NJ, April 15th 1969 2CD (HH 006CD) 23.00
Recorded live for FM broadcast in the spring of 1969, this superb set captures legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey putting his band through their paces on a series of incendiary extended tracks. Featuring the young Woody Shaw on trumpet, as well as Carlos Garnett (tenor saxophone), George Cables (piano), and Scotty Holt (bass), it's presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound, background notes, and images.

HH 007CD

WEATHER REPORT: The Agora, Columbus, Ohio, October 17th 1972 2CD (HH 007CD) 23.00
Weather Report are widely regarded as America's finest ever jazz fusion band. Originally recorded for FM broadcast, this superb live set at The Agora in Columbus, Ohio, on October 17th, 1972, was taped a few months after the release of their classic 1972 album I Sing the Body Electric, and features Joe Zawinul (keyboards), Wayne Shorter (saxophone), Miroslav Vitous (bass), Eric Gravátt (drums), and Dom Um Romão (percussion). It's presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound, background notes, and images.

HH 008CD

KING, B.B.: United Western Recorders Hollywood LA, October 1 1972 CD (HH 008CD) 17.00
In the early 1970s, B.B. King was basking in the glow of crossover success, with his brand of soulful blues reaching all audiences, not just African-American ones. In this 75-minute radio broadcast from October 1, 1972, his stinging guitar runs through a mix of old and new classics, from his mid-'50s R&B hit "Everyday I Have the Blues" to Leon Russell's "Hummingbird." Other highlights include the standard "Rock Me Baby" and his biggest hit, "The Thrill Is Gone." It's presented here in its entirety, with digitally remastered sound and background notes.



LUCID DREAM, THE: The Lucid Dream CD (HAY 007CD) 15.50
UK psych band The Lucid Dream's second album follows two hugely successful singles taken from the full-length, "Moonstruck" and "Unchained," both released in 2014. Between them, the singles gained support from BBC Radio 1 and 2 plus major support from BBC 6 Music (Lauren Laverne, Marc Riley (two sessions), Steve Lamacq, 6 Music Recommends, Tom Robinson, and Gideon Coe). "Moonstruck" earned the title of the fastest sell-out in Too Pure Singles Club history, selling out a month in advance of release, with both singles coinciding with sold-out UK dates. After forming in Carlisle, Cumbria, England, in 2008, the band delivered a string of sold-out 7"s, an EP, and their debut album, Songs of Lies and Deceit (HAY 004CD/005LP, 2013), between 2010 and 2013. These releases coincided with support slots and tours with Death in Vegas, Clinic, Spectrum, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Magic Band, The Aliens, and Dead Skeletons, to name a few. As of this album's release, The Lucid Dream have completed four European tours and appeared at festivals such as The Big Chill and Kendal Calling; they're also the only act to be asked to perform at all three events held for the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. Their debut album Songs of Lies and Deceit was released in August 2013 to critical acclaim from Uncut, Clash, Q, Rocksound, Classic Rock Magazine, and leading French print mag Les Inrocks. Reviews heaped praise on the band's ability to make a sonically challenging album while maintaining an ear for a tune throughout; an impressive knack for combining melody with experimentation and noise. The Lucid Dream demonstrates the band covering new areas, as always. "Mona Lisa" and "Cold Killer" channel the influence of German geniuses Can and NEU! before the the free-form jazz/noise freak-out that is "The Darkest Day/Head Musik." The success of "Moonstruck" and "Unchained" has shown the band's ability to appeal across the board, while "Unchained Dub" (already a live favorite) expresses the love of King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry -- fans and critics alike are already aware that The Lucid Dream are the only band of their ilk touching so many areas. "Morning Breeze," throughout its seven minutes, displays feedback experiments in the vein of Sonic Youth. The album closes with "You + I," something like early '60s pop meets Mazzy Star meets Spiritualized circa Ladies and Gentlemen.



Czech music pioneers Gurun Gurun follow up their 2010 critically lauded self-titled debut with Kon B. Their work combines guitars, analog synthesizers, turntables, acoustic instruments, and digital effects to span musical spaces ranging from hypno-minimalist atmospheres to warm tones of slow-moving, repetitive melodic stanzas. The quirky nature and melodic structure of their debut was regarded as innately Japanese, which perhaps isn't surprising given that the album featured the unique vocal talents of Moskitoo, Sawako, and Aki Tomita. The quartet of Tomas Knoflicek, Jara Tarnovski, Tomas Prochazka, and Federsel present another supremely collaborative effort with special guests Alexandr Vatagin on cello, Irena and Vojtech Havlovi on alto and tenor viola da gamba, Mikel Etxegarai on drums and percussion, and, last but not least, the wonderful vocal talents of Japanese artists Cuushe, Cokiyu, and Miko. An amazingly weird and wonderful album with stunning artwork by one of the most talented and highly-sought artists around, Angela Deane. Deane's continuing series of mysterious Ghost Photographs plays on questions of human memory and meaning. This idea of the unknown but connected plays beautifully with the fragile lines drawn throughout Kon B, as they play with peculiar experimentalism and gorgeous, child-like, magical melodies.



Repressed! Stunning new music from Istanbul! Wild baglama improvisation and mystical male-unison singing, atop the propulsive mass of a Berlin half-stepper, with turbulent detours into dub, radiophonics, and psychedelia. "Kime Ne" means "so what," "what's it got to do with you." The song adapts verses from the seventeenth-century poet Kul Nesîmî, wistfully invoking the Melami strain of Sufism as a touchstone of humility and tolerance in dark times. "Insanlar" means "humankind"... "The Human Beings." RV's mixes are expert, taut and hard-grooving. "2" is the more agitated and dubwise. Side D is etched with Katharina Immekus's lovely artwork.


HC 034CD

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson is a French composer-and-Afro-soul-singer duo. T'es Qui? is their debut album, the fruit of an intense collaboration of many years, both live and in-studio. They call their music "Afropéan," a collection of jazzy-pop melodies and Afro-soul and funk arrangements. The two singers evoke knowledge and thought, where girls, politics, celestial bodies, Africa, Cameroon, the West Indies, and their entire family heritage take a place of honor. Both cerebral and physical. These songs are a mix of conscious, poetic lyrics and natural, strong harmonies. The album was recorded at The Bermuda Triangle (Lieutenant Nicholson's home-studio in Paris), with the rhythm section recorded at Mato Production's studio, and mastered by DJ Vas. Twelve original songs recorded live with Honky Tonk Man on bass, Jeff Ludovicus on drums, and the French singer-songwriter Ours on the jazzy "Goujat."



HAWKES, MARQUIS: Raw Materials 12" (HTH 037EP) 14.00
The aptly-titled Raw Materials sees Marquis Hawkes making a welcome return to the primitive house rhythms for which he became known on his early work for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Highly influenced by house originators Ron Hardy, Gene Hunt, and Roy Davis Jr., Raw Materials updates the form with modern production techniques while preserving its authenticity. The title-track eases us in, with dreamy vocals, dusty pads, and deep 808 beats. The two cuts of raw drum-machine clatter on the flip, however, take no prisoners, with strained vocal cuts on "'Ave That" and primal analog tones on "Jerk U Later."



JAMES, ETTA: Rocks the House LP (JPR 029LP) 21.00
2015 repress. "Best known for the lush 1961 rendition of the ballad 'At Last' - a slow-dance staple at wedding celebrations everywhere, she is also celebrated for having recorded one of the best live albums of all time, Rocks the House. Recorded in 1963 at the New Era Club in Nashville, James is captured at her performance peak. The foundation for her reputation as a fiery no-holds-barred performer was firmly established in this recording. Blues, soul, jazz, R&B, and rock vocalist Etta James, needs no introduction. An icon from early rock'n'roll's pantheon of divas, she has inspired 5 decades of listeners and fellow artists with her vocal stylings. From Janis Joplin to Beyonce, her expressive and guttural style has been imitated but never quite matched. Jackpot Records is honored to release this momentous record on stellar blue vinyl, with the original album artwork and including 3 bonus tracks which have only ever been released previously on CD."



MOORE & THE RHYTHM ACES, BOBBY: Dedication of Love CD (JMAN 074CD) 14.50
Much is said in the mainstream media about million-selling records, yet the opposite is true of the no-hitters -- the obscurities that sold badly and sank without a trace. Represented here is the bittersweet experience of a hard-working soul band that experienced the elation of a million-selling chart-topper (1965's "Searching for My Love"), but also the dejection of a self-released flop that sold so few copies that barely a handful can still be found. The 1976 album Dedication of Love by Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces is that flop, and it exists in 2015 as only a handful of copies, selling for up to $2000 on the highly competitive rare soul market. This is its first ever reissue. From Jazzman's exclusive interviews with long-standing band member Bobby Moore Jr., this reissue's detailed liner notes tell the story of Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces from inception through 2015, including all the highs and lows that membership of a touring soul band can bring, as well as some spectacular, previously unseen vintage photos. The notes dig deep to find out just why this record was made, and why, despite such a wonderful array of heartfelt soul, street funk, and downhome funky blues, it became such a rarity. Part of the Jazzman Holy Grail Series.



CARIBOU: Mars (Head High's Core Remix)/Mars (Head High's Venus Remix) (JIAOLONG 015EP) 12.00
"JIAOLONG015 features two mixes of Caribou's 'Mars' by Head High ( aka Shed aka WK7 aka WAX etc.)"


JBJ 1057EP

TIC & TOC/TIMMIE RODGERS: Jibba Jab/Teedle Dee Teedle Dum 7" (JBJ 1057EP) 11.00
Absolutely essential, standard-setting rock 'n' roll insanity from Tic & Toc with their wig-flipping anthem "Jibba Jab." No doubt some folks might discount this as a mere novelty, a throwaway bit of fun, and nothing more, but surely the more learned ear recognizes "Jibba Jab" as the true masterpiece that it is. On the flipside: the equally deranged, if lesser known, "Teedle Dee Teedle Dum" by Timmie Rogers orchestra, a 140mph piece of deranged scat jazz, which, like "Jibba Jab," features vocals and tenor sax blows by Big Nick "Toc" Nicholas.


KH 9047CD

BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND, THE: A&R Studios, NYC December 14th 1970 2CD (KH 9047CD) 23.00
Recorded in December 1970 to boost Christmas sales of The Butterfield Blues Band's classic 1970 Live LP, this superb set was broadcast on WPLJ-FM and finds the band at the height of its powers. The legendary Paul Butterfield turns in some outstanding solos, the great David Sanborn and cohorts provide exhilarating support on horns, and new drummer Dennis Whitted slots in beautifully. It's presented here in superb fidelity, complete with background notes and photographs.


KL 016LP

9WEST: Heart Shaped Moon LP (KL 016LP) 23.00
Klik Records is proud to welcome a new addition to its roster: 9West. Kostas Tikis and Vasilis Tsipidis, both working as DJs and producers since 1998, formed 9West in Thessaloniki, Greece. Tikis and Tsipidis love the deeper side of things, with their raw and kicking sound drawing heavily on jazz and soul influences. Their free-of-crippling-nostalgia music wins listeners over with consistency, tension, and dynamics, as well as a solid house music sensibility. 9West pursues an exacting fusion of quantum jumps and tradition, churning out effortless melodies and hook lines. They've put out more than 45 releases on such labels as Dessous Recordings, King Street Sounds, and Liebe*Detail Digital, and made continuous appearances in the U.S., Europe, and South America, and now they present their full-length debut, Heart Shaped Moon.


KL 5021CD

BLOOMFIELD, MIKE: Bottom Line Cabaret 31.3.74 2CD (KL 5021CD) 23.00
This recording of blues master Mike Bloomfield's live work serves to amaze and educate, as Bloomfield had done with his seminal 1975 solo album If You Love These Blues, Play'em As You Please. For fluency and versatility, look no further, as the blessings of B.B. King, Otis Spann, and Muddy Waters confirm. This legendary concert, held at New York's Bottom Line on March 31st, 1974, and presented in its entirety as it was broadcast on WNYU-FM, conveys the majesty of Bloomfield's phenomenal ability while also paying homage to friends Al Kooper, Roger Troy, John Hammond, George Raines, and Barry Goldberg. Digitally remastered; includes background liners.

KL 5024CD

CASH & THE TENNESSEE TWO, JOHNNY: Country Style 1958/Guest Star 1959 CD (KL 5024CD) 17.00
Johnny Cash is a hugely celebrated, enigmatic figure in American roots music and one whose legacy continues to thrive and influence millions worldwide. His roots are well documented as is his lengthy career, but his early work with guitarist Luther Perkins and bassist Marshall Grant is not so widely acknowledged. In particular, their early appearances on Country Style USA and Guest Star have remained somewhat obscure. This treasure trove of archival recordings from 1958 and 1959 captures some of the earliest known recordings of Johnny Cash, back when he started in the mid-'50s with his Tennessee Two. These broadcasts are presented here in their entirety, with digitally remastered sound, detailed background notes, and rare photos.



TERRANOVA: Restless 2LP+CD (KOM 327LP) 25.50
Double LP pressed on 180-gram vinyl; includes CD. Returning to the full-length format after their acclaimed 2012 album Hotel Amour (KOMP 095CD/KOM 248LP), open band project Terranova (aka DJ/producer duo Fetisch and &ME) presents Restless, a finely tuned succession of excitingly straightforward house bangers, a brilliant study in gravitational pull, and a smooth blend of instrumental and vocal tracks created with the help of old and new friends. Guests on Restless include Cath Coffey, Lydmor, Bon Homme, Stereo MCs, and Mandel Turner. Restless was recorded from November 2014 through January 2015 in Berlin bedrooms and mixed in Keinemusik's Wedding studio. Opener "Tell Me Why" wastes no time with elaborate countdowns or some ambient pad dragging-on; starting out with the characteristic vocals from Stereo MCs frontman Rob Birch, the track immediately cuts to the chase with its pronounced rhythm section and a simple but sturdy bass. NY house agent provocateur Mandel Turner makes an appearance on proto-futuristic strobe manifesto "Underverse," while singer Cath Coffey performs on uncanny valley national anthem "Twisted Souls," again deploying her unique brand of anarchist logotherapy after her appearance on Terranova's 2014 Headache EP (KOM 296EP). Bon Homme aka Tomas Høffding takes a stand on "Restless Summer," a top-notch reimagining of "Endless Summer" from the 2013 Painkiller EP (KOM 262EP) -- less campfire and more wormhole, his lyrics take on an urgency unheard in the parent track. He also appears on "Skin & Bones" in a flawless duet with partner in crime Lydmor. From the sequenced beauty of "Goldilocks" to the intuitive mayhem of "Watch Me," the album is a quest for the outer rim of club culture, looking for habitable exoplanets beyond the main floor. This is most clear on the appropriately named "Kepler 186f," both a tribute to NASA's iconic Kepler project and a thrilling amalgamation of pounding drums and sharp synth stabs. The CD version of this larger-than-terrestrial-life journey finds a suitable conclusion in "Uch? No Inu," translatable as "dog in space": it's Terranova's executive producer, driving force, and guest vocalist Rocco (the choc labrador) who takes center stage here, lending his lyrical musings to a highly energizing cut and wrapping up the riveting listening experience that is Restless. An ideal sonic companion for dancefloors, living rooms, and space pods alike.


BAUMEL, PATRICE: Speicher 85 12" (KOM EX085EP) 12.50
Amsterdam-bred floor-charmer and producing mastermind Patrice Bäumel is one of the most revered resident DJs and techno innovators from Amsterdam's iconic, but sadly defunct Trouw club. His work includes releases on labels as diverse as Trapez, Get Physical, and Systematic, with 2014 highlights including his stellar remix of GusGus's "Obnoxiously Sexual" and Speicher 81 (KOM EX081EP). "Lowrider" is a clattering minimalist groover with maximum impact, vetting helplessly stuck floors with a surge of adrenalin-fuelled percussion and occasional synth roars. "The Vanishing" is a true melodic meltdown monster with an epic vocal break that will leave no roof or hand unraised.



JOEFARR: Longanimity EP 12" (LSR 014EP) 14.00
JoeFarr inaugurates Leisure System's Gridlock 12" series, following a diverse history that includes three well-received releases on Turbo and records with DSNT and Power Vacuum; he has also remixed Tiga and been remixed by Truss. The clinical, kinetic "Oleum" hurdles toward a shatteringly powerful peak, while "Mormon Shuffle" boasts twisted functionality without sacrificing roughness in the brittle loops. The monolithic "Standard Issue" has an aggressive edge enhanced by whiplash percussion, and the broken piano melody of "FS3+4" inverts the joy typically found in that rave standby, dropping the instrument from to let the chords scatter and shatter as they please.



VA: LIEBE046 12" (LIEBE 046EP) 12.50
The first four-artist EP on liebe*detail. Artists from Augsburg, Berlin, Budapest, and Vienna -- Dominik Marz, DJ Producer, Ken Hayakawa, and Vrko. The tracks are between melodic bassline-driven deep house and slow acid-infected techno.



VA: Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985 2CD (LITA 103CD) 20.00
2015 repress. "Largely unheard, criminally undocumented, but at their core, utterly revolutionary, the recordings of the diverse North American Aboriginal community will finally take their rightful place in our collective history in the form of Native North America (Vol. 1): Aboriginal Folk, Rock, and Country 1966-1985. An anthology of music that was once near-extinct and off-the-grid is now available for all to hear, in what is, without a doubt, Light In The Attic's most ambitious and historically significant project in the label's 12-year journey. Native North America (Vol. 1) features music from the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the northern United States, recorded in the turbulent decades between 1966 to 1985. It represents the fusion of shifting global popular culture and a reawakening of Aboriginal spirituality and expression. The majority of this material has been widely unavailable for decades, hindered by lack of distribution or industry support and by limited mass media coverage, until now. You'll hear Arctic garage rock from the Nunavik region of northern Quebec, melancholy Yup'ik folk from Alaska, and hushed country blues from the Wagmatcook First Nation reserve in Nova Scotia. You'll hear echoes of Neil Young, Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, and more among the songs, but injected with Native consciousness, storytelling, poetry, history, and ceremony. The stories behind the music presented on Native North America (Vol. 1) range from standard rock-and-roll dreams to transcendental epiphanies. They have been collected with love and respect by Vancouver-based record archaeologist and curator Kevin 'Sipreano' Howes in a 15-year quest to unearth the history that falls between the notes of this unique music. Tirelessly, Howes scoured obscure, remote areas for the original vinyl recordings and the artists who made them, going so far as to send messages in Inuktitut over community radio airwaves in hopes that these lost cultural heroes would resurface. Considering the financially motivated destruction of our environment, the conservative political landscape, and corporate bottom-line dominance, it's bittersweet to report that the revolutionary songs featured on Native North America hold as much meaning today as when they were originally recorded. 34 tracks newly re-mastered. Deluxe 2xCD set features a hard-cover 120 page book with comprehensive liner notes, artist interviews, unseen archival photos, and lyrics (with translations)."



ELEKTRO GUZZI: Circling Above CD (MACROM 041CD) 17.00
Elektro Guzzi have been called many names: man-machine, clockwork, techno organism, but above all, the three Austrian wizards have become the preeminent techno band. A trio of guitar, bass, and drums, they play murder beats with the drive of a machine and sonic detail only physical instruments are capable producing. The unparalleled appeal of matching sound and physical performance in real time -- you see how every sound is created, right there, on the spot -- have made them a primary choice for cutting-edge festivals like Roskilde, Sónar, Mutek, Melt!, Stop Making Sense, C/O Pop, Eurosonic, Extrema, Airwaves, Sziget, Dancity, Spring Festival, and a long list of others across Europe, North and Latin America, and Japan. They have also conquered the club circuit, from Berghain to Fabric to Arma17. Originally released as a cassette by The Tapeworm in 2013 (TTW 056CS), Circling Above features the Austrian techno wonder locking into two "Circle"s and one essential addition. Tight as ever, in deep explorations of the long form. Rich on texture, all the little timbral strokes make for a continuous push down the bass-heavy techno rabbit hole. The result is nowhere close to a loose jam, but renders a concentrated display of musical swarm logic. Intimate, thrusting, circular.



NAUM GABO: Fyei 12" (MAGAZINE 011EP) 14.50
Two pieces by Naum Gabo (Jonnie Wilkes and James Savage) that the DJs at Magazine play slowed-down in many sets. The speed change from 45 to 33rpm transforms them into new tracks -- pulled from Glasgow to Cologne, placed in a different genre, converted from the intended scheme to a new effect. This practice materializes here, with the slowed-down tracks pressed to play at 45 RPM -- they've now physically become new compositions. They can't be played at the original speed any more; only slower still. Now it's your turn.


MG 111EP

AFRO DJ PUPO: Listen to My Music 12" (MG 111EP) 14.00
Angolan producer Alcindo Joaquim aka Afro DJ Pupo grew up tweaking beats on Fruity Loops, while other teenagers played soccer or went to the beach. His models included Boddhi Satva, Djeff Afrozila, Manoo, and Black Coffee. 23 at the time of this release, Afro DJ Pupo's respected work within the Ango house scene includes releases on Djeff Afrozilla's Kazukuta imprint and many remixes. Although influenced by American deep house and South African house, Angolan afro house draws its unique identity from its direct affiliation with the kuduro, or most traditional kazukuta and semba. This 12" includes a remix by Earl P.



WELBURN, JAMES: Hold CD (MIA 031CD) 18.00
Like watching a massive twisting fire slowly fading into the open skies, accompanied by a drum section so repetitive yet mind-bending that you're unsure if it's ever going to stop. This is how Hold starts off, leaving you catching for your breath before the album has even reached the second track. James Welburn steps into the ashes covered in drones and noise together with drumming partner Tony Buck (The Necks), producing a crushingly epic debut album. Hailing from the UK, but located in both Berlin, Germany, and Lillehammer, Norway, Welburn has followed the path to catch the perfect drone, playing an abundance of underground drone and noise sets in Berlin and Norway. This can be heard on Hold, though set in an impressively produced setting closer to a 2010's-era Swans record than the raw noise of those early live shows. It's hard to label the album too much in one style, as it shifts and turns into parts inspired by everything from shoegaze to black metal, all set in a state of endless repetition. CD limited to 350 copies.



ROTLA: Laguna 12" (MONDO 002EP) 20.00
Mondo takes its name from the Italian mondo film genre born in the '60s, characterized by documentary-like content concerning topics from around the world ("mondo"). The Mondo label's goal is to produce music that is descriptive of concepts, images, and environments. Mondo is inspired by library music frequently used as theme or background music in radio, film, and television in that very same period. This is the second of Mondo's four releases dedicated to seascapes; scenarios range from sea fauna to poaching, from natural parks to sea dunes.


STUDIO 22: Dune 12" (MONDO 003EP) 20.00
Mondo takes its name from the Italian mondo film genre born in the '60s, characterized by documentary-like content concerning topics from around the world ("mondo"). The Mondo label's goal is to produce music that is descriptive of concepts, images, and environments. Mondo is inspired by library music frequently used as theme or background music in radio, film, and television in that very same period. This is the third of Mondo's four releases dedicated to seascapes; scenarios range from sea fauna to poaching, from natural parks to sea dunes.



SOLEY: Ask the Deep CD (MORR 138CD) 15.50
Referring to the silence that returns when 2014's Krómantík EP (MORR 130CD/EP) fades out, Icelandic musician Sóley Stefánsdóttir says, "Your closed eyes slowly start seeing something much deeper and darker," and now that something is here, right in front of us: Ask the Deep is a stunningly dark and deeply personal departure after the minimalist and bleak piano compositions of said EP. Her soft voice leads us deeper and deeper into the shadowy fairytale worlds only hinted at on previous releases such as her 2010 Theater Island EP and 2011's much-praised We Sink (MORR 107CD/LP) debut album. Ask the Deep sees the bespectacled songwriter open Pandora's box -- and close it eventually. At least for now. "Have I danced with the devil?" Sóley asks on album opener "Devil," then crescendos, "Does he still love me?" Once the melodic surges of "Devil" lead to other fairytale soundscapes -- the piano no longer the main character of Sóley's music -- more and more ghosts, both real and imaginary, enter the scene. Inspired by a news story about a man who was buried alive in Brazil, "Ævintyr" marches in circles with tribal beats underneath ethereal swirls, and "One Eyed Lady" is perhaps Sóley's most minimalist lullaby yet, the beatless account of a one-eyed witch who would actually "kill for love," as the song's mantra reverberates into the void. With looped forces of gravity and swerving nods to Philip Glass, "Follow Me Down" is a brooding call to enter the distorted depths, to go beyond the point of no return, to leave the comfort zone. And it's a reminder: we still sink. Amid the flotsam and jetsam, things appear that weren't previously there -- hard-hitting drums set to Beach House vibes ("Dreamers"), a haunted church showdown with the jilted devil ("I Will Never"), even a hint of unlikely, hopeful pop ("Breath"). Taking her listeners on a journey to phantasmal grounds, her sophomore full-length is both more intricate and diverse in how it's written, arranged, and narrated. And it's even more obvious that her voice is crucial in guiding the way to that place where one can live, that safe shore on the other side of the ocean. "You must face your fairytale," Sóley sings. She does, as the music maker, but we are the dreamers of the dreams. Six-panel digipak CD includes folded mini-poster.



MOTOR CITY DRUM ENSEMBLE: Raw Cuts Remixes 12" (MCDE 1211EP) 12.50
2015 repress. Marcellus Pittman, Mike Huckaby and Recloose get a go at some by-now classic MCDE material. Appropriately titled "Raw Cuts," the two tracks would start a series of raw house jams Danilo made in his studio using old school samplers and drum machines, a sound that at the time was far away from being status quo. Having been heavily influenced by soul, jazz, house and techno emerging from both the Motor City and beyond, Danilo found his signature sound: sample-based, raw, emotional and mature tracks.



Hailing from the rank depths of SF Bay Area back-alleys and the grittiest rundown nightclubs and dive bars, DJ Milanesa Especial's sleazy magic is finally here for the world to behold. Fellow Yay Area freak and veteran fan of all things slightly askew for the dancefloor Dave Aju, managed to get DJ Milanesa in the studio for this nasty ass jam of the highest/lowest order. "Chili Dog" surely finds its inspiration in the classic Dance Mania cannon of raw shit-talking party-rocking house trax, but Aju's unique knob twists and turns here and there on co-production steers it clear into 2015.



JORDAN GCZ: Lushlyfe EP 12" (RHD 020JGCZ) 12.50
Bubbling spaceways electronics and keys sprinkled into a lightly laced jazz cigarette...


OM 026EP

GOLDEN TEACHER MEETS DENNIS BOVELL: Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell at the Green Door 12" (OM 026EP) 14.00
Dennis Bovell's acclaimed career ranges from his work on the magnificent "Silly Games" by Janet Kay through his incredible solo albums; his production on albums by The Slits, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Orange Juice, and many more; to his astonishing mixes on piles of highly sought-after dub 7"s. In reworking Golden Teacher's music, he added organ and other instrumentation and pitched down vocals and basslines to create these delirious, dubbed-out gems. The previously unreleased "Instigator" precedes a rework of Golden Teacher's second single, "Like a Hawk." Housed in another classic sleeve designed by Oli from Golden Teacher. Mastered by James Savage.


OP 027LP

LUNCH, LYDIA: Conspiracy of Women LP (OP 027LP) 17.50
Nicolas Jaar and Lydia Lunch reissue, for the first time, Lydia's classic early spoken word album C.O.W. (1990). Includes a remix of "Why, Why Was I Born An American..." by Chicago no wave figure Weasel Walter and Jaar.



WINK, JOSH: Denial 12" (OVM 254EP) 14.00
"Denial" features gutsy 909 claps, haunting chords, and futurist vocal snippets that warp and chop. The "Prise D'acid" version adds forceful kick drums and densely layered percussion, plus a 303 for more peak-time oomph. The "Tweak Dub" focuses heavily on the swing and drive of the magnetic groove with trippy analog synth sequences. "'Denial' is my musical interpretation of where my head is as a DJ; it's cerebral, eyes closed, getting lost in the music, techno with a heavy nod to the journey of getting lost... live in the present, remember the past and trust the future." --Josh Wink



TEJADA, JOHN: Dramamine 12" (PAL 065EP) 12.50
John Tejada follows his 2015 album Signs Under Test (KOMP 119CD/KOM 321LP) with an EP on his acclaimed Palette label. "Dramamine" and "Code Ext" form a refined blend of haunting phrases and grooves that flows with vibrancy and challenge familiarity. Each track is unique, yet they thrive together with a warm cohesion. "Cipher" and "Clairaudience" tie up the release with engaging rhythm-al-ism and well-crafted synth melodies. "Cipher" builds upon the previous tracks' emoted pulses and transitions hypnotically into "Clairaudience." The final track weaves visions from the listener's deepest sleep into sounds and beats that breathe beyond the limitations of dreaming.



LIFTED: 1 LP (PAN 061LP) 25.50
PAN is pleased to announce the debut release from Lifted, an ongoing collaborative project initiated by Matt Papich (AKA Co La) and Beautiful Swimmers' Max D. Drawing on studio sessions recorded in their respective hometowns of Baltimore and Washington DC, the album sees the pair break free from the constrictions of the grid and exercise their versatility through improvised fusion. Working outside the framework that underlies their solo output, the eight tracks on offer showcase experiments in freeform techno, hyaline electronics, and ambient, with the duo reaching out to Motion Graphics, 1432 R co-founder Dawit Eklund, and Jeremy Hyman for additional synthesis, drumset and percussion. The album also exhibits solo performances from Gigi Masin and Jordan GCZ (Juju & Jordash), who submitted overdubs from their bases in Venice and Amsterdam. The album is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M pressed on 140 gram LP. It features photography by Traianos Pakioufakis and artwork by Bill Kouligas.



TV.OUT: Lights Out 12" (PRLX 002EP) 14.00
Tv.Out's debut EP features three jacked-up cuts defined by overdriven drum loops and rugged synth lines. Topped with Greg Beato's killer remix, this is a serious underground gem.



LAUER: Borndom CD (PERMVAC 139CD) 15.50
Three years after Lauer's 2012 debut, Phillips (RB 004CD/LP), on Running Back, the melody man from the outback of Frankfurt am Main presents Borndom: a 13-track trip through a universe that is specifically his. Lauer is far from a stranger to Permanent Vacation, with singles like Delta Kid (PERMVAC 057EP, 2010) or Donner Lake (PERMVAC 123EP, 2014) heralding things to come; the label and Lauer share a spiritual kinship and ethos. Lauer's music is rooted in pop music and mixed with the reactance and sound aesthetics of punk, while wearing dancing shoes; you'll be hard-pressed to find lots of contemporaries that till a similar field. With a sound signature, a melodic repertoire, and an emotional quality that is immediately recognizable, Lauer's work is highly individualized. Unlike his other adventures in club music (he hardly lets a week go by without a release or a remix for the most critically-acclaimed outfits on this planet, either on his own, under the Hotel Lauer umbrella, or as part of Tuff City Kids), his second album makes the most use of these moments and that specific stylistic palette. Of course, you can find typical high-flying Lauer moments like "Mausback" or "Hump Acid" or the nu-groove-esque desire-dubbed "Pal Oh," but the image of a singer-songwriter with a midi-kit prevails. There are miniatures like "Carpet," the blissful melancholia of the opener "Crewners," the album's title-track that sounds like the lost soundtrack to an '80s sitcom about college nerds, and, maybe most startling, Borndom's vocal features. "ESC With Jasnau" is the proverbial cold-wave mating dance in the neon light, while the two songs with Ela take care of romantic highs and lows. With a sound like something that a band of the past made to be heard in a very distant future, Phillip Lauer's second album sees him at his most matured and endured: Borndom! Double LP includes CD.



SOULPHICTION: Drama Queen 12" (PHP 064EP) 14.00
2014 repress on black vinyl of Soulphiction's Drama Queen 12" on Philpot.



SUMMERS/CLEO JONS, JOANIE: Why Don't You Do Right 7" (POPC 132EP) 8.00
Originally recorded in 1936 as "Weed Smoker's Dream" by The Harlem Hamfats, the drug references were significantly toned down for Lil Green's 1941 update "Why Don't You Do Right." Since then the song has become a jazz standard, perhaps reaching a peak of fame with its inclusion in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). Paired here are two smoldering, female vocal takes on the song, both from the late '50s R&B era so cherished by popcorn collectors and DJs.


PFL 149-5LP

PYRAMIDS: A Northern Meadow LP (PFL 149-5LP) 34.00
"Now available in a limited edition on thick black vinyl, packaged in deluxe, tip-on gatefold jackets! Texas-based musical contingent Pyramids emerged seemingly out of nowhere with their self-titled debut LP released by Hydra Head Records in 2008. Drawing on elements of shoegaze, black metal, ambient/drone, avant-garde, and industrial, the record generated massive amounts of buzz and acclaim within experimental and extreme metal circles. The band followed its release by collaborating with Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer), Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch), and Colin Marston (Gorguts/Krallice/Dysrhythmia), and releasing albums with Nadja, Horseback, and Mamiffer. A Northern Meadow is Pyramids' proper follow-up to their lauded 2008 debut. Joining the basic lineup of R. Loren, M. Dean, M. Craig, and D. William are Marston, Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord), and William Fowler Collins. This ensemble stretches the Pyramids sound even further into grand and epic realms. Heavy in atmosphere and ambience, it is their most stunning offering yet -- dark, dreamy, and lush while at the same time claustrophobic, mechanically crawling, and surgically cold."



VA: Various Artists Compilation 12" (PPUTI 005EP) 14.00
Public Possession's first various artists compilation. Four tracks made for your pleasure. Reworked to be heavily used. Kicking off with the already notorious "Flyer Edit" by Samo DJ, featured in various mixes and high in demand, finally available on vinyl. Bell Towers takes over the controls to deliver another one of his Italo tools. Where does he get it from? Who knows. 100% rhythm in motion. Tamas Jones, half of the Australian duo Hey Convict!, re-does an underground classic. Your DJ bag is crying in joy! Tambien finishing things off with their dubbed-out version of a Dutch synthpop cut.



GNOD: Infinity Machines 2CD (LAUNCH 072CD) 20.00
Salford, England-based Gnod's Infinity Machines explores a unique vision informed by experimental élan and metaphysical intensity. In an era in which the word "psychedelic" too often tends to signify a reductive and retrograde rag-bag of second-hand shapes, it was in Gnod's nature to venture forth in search of new and expanded sonic terrain. At first, this led them to pursue a purely electronic sound in the live arena, yet as they knuckled down to chronicle this expansion and experimentation for posterity, it became clear that a mixture of live instrumentation and binary audial research would be the path that would prove most fruitful. Thus began the process that would ultimately produce these recordings, and a far-reaching mission that would result in uncanny crepuscular atmosphere locking horns with sinister electronic intensity. Infinity Machines traverses between and beyond a variety of different headspaces, from the bleak to the beatific; yet, while touching on nocturnal jazz, soothing yet unsettling ambience, menacing aggro-industrial battery, and opiated bliss-out alike, it's shot through with an undercurrent of fiery countercultural zeal and small-hours revelation, as if the hive-mind of their home collective had manifested itself on disc. Tracks were put together from an initial blank canvas, and as the band themselves emphasize, "We got pretty tactical in the approach. We have certainly noticed that the emphasis has shifted from full on 'throw everything at it' Gnod vibes to a more stripped spacious sound which was not fully intentional but more of a natural progression."


RUM 2011096LP

TAYLOR ET SES PLAYBOYS, VINCE: Le Rock C'est Ca LP (RUM 2011096LP) 20.00
Vince Taylor was the stage name of Brian Maurice Holden, leader of the legendary Playboys. Though a British native, Taylor went to high school in Los Angeles and began his career there, managed by Joe Barbera, of the legendary animation studio Hanna-Barbera, who was his brother-in-law. Though he started performing in the USA, it was on a trip back to London that he met the players who would become the Playboys, and it was in France and the rest of the European continent that Taylor found most of his success. Inspired by the likes of Elvis and Gene Vincent, Taylor brought rockabilly to Europe in a major way. This reissue features his legendary 1961 debut 10" album and an entire side of bonus tracks culled from early singles. A deluxe LP of classic early rock 'n' roll. Dig.



MASON, JAMES: Nightgruv/I Want Your Love 12" (RH RSS3-EP) 12.50
2015 repress. Proto-house classic "Nightgruv" gets a re-release and includes a longer, unreleased edit. James Mason is mostly known for his late '70s album Rhythm Of Life, which is a soul-jazz classic. Not only is this release offering a remastered version of the original, it also includes an unreleased edit which stretches the original to a cool 6 minutes. The B-side features the epic 11-minute original version of "I Want Your Love," a soul classic. Comes with original artwork.


VIRGO: Virgo 2x12" (RH TX1-LP) 23.00
2015 repress. 2x12" version. Originally released in 1989 on Radical Records in the UK, and as a series of EPs on Trax Records in the U.S., this is a very special record, and truly a contender for best house album ever made. Virgo are Chicago house duo Merwyn Sanders and Eric Lewis, who also recorded as Ace & The Sandman and M.E. and shouldn't be confused with the other Virgo of Vince Lawrence and company. This album does not have one filler, all tracks are essential pieces of house music. Limited release with new artwork and remastered tracks.


MUTANT BEAT DANCE: PolyfonikDizko 12" (RHM 012EP) 14.00
Presented in hand-made silkscreened cover. Limited to 450 copies. Artwork by Ruben Verkuylen. Traxx and Beau Wanzer team up for another Mutant Beat Dance release. Those who are familiar with the duo know they are out to push music into a different realm every time they collaborate... The Mutants call it jakbeat, inspired by the early days of house music.



FAUTZI, LEWIS: Space Exploration CD (SOMA 109CD) 12.50
Lewis Fautzi follows his 2014 full-length debut, The Gare Album, with the galaxy-spanning Space Exploration, a special collection of tracks focused on the more experimental side of techno. Never one to allow himself to get caught up in one style, Fautzi set himself the challenge of creating an album with more depth and insight into his creative process, bringing more of his emotion to the music: "I think an artist should explore what they feel and what they like and I made this album because it was a challenge that I had in mind." With Space Exploration, the young Portuguese producer intends for the listener to be taken on a journey through not only his deeper, more emotive side but also through their own understanding of modern, experimental techno.



LEWIS, DIANE: Without Your Love/Giving Up Your Love 7" (SOUL7 043EP) 11.00
"Without Your Love" is a heady, mid-tempo Detroit funky soul mover from vocalist Diane Lewis (erstwhile member of the group The Adorables, alongside her sister Pat Lewis). Recorded in 1968, this was one of a spate of releases on Wand featuring some seriously full-bodied production from Detroit native Herman Griffin, in what appears to have been an attempt at emulating the sound and success of Motown. And while such rewards may have evaded "Without Your Love" on its original release it has found a natural and enduring home on the Northern scene.



AQUA: In Loving Memory of Aqua (1982-1988) CD (SPITTLE 055CD) 17.50
A stellar re-discovery from the heyday of the Italian post-punk scene. In 1985, Aqua's sole release appeared, a self-titled mini-album; the four-piece from Turin was praised by the main publications and underground 'zines of the country for their rhythmic, enveloping music, with more than one cross-reference to the British scene. The six-track record had a lot in common with early new wave, focusing on a melodic and surreal style. A genre-defying 12" that combined some goth influences with dream-pop, with lyrics sung in English. This reissue includes 17 tracks of bonus content and detailed liner notes from veteran journalist Federico Guglielmi. In addition to the complete 1985 record, there are three tracks from various compilations, four from their first demo, five live extracts, and five more songs tentatively scheduled for a long-player that was not to be. That is the full parabola: from the very beginning in 1982 to the unfortunate split in 1988. Through different line-ups and different ideas, with the language switching a few times from English to Italian, this is the full spectrum of Aqua's melancholic sound. RIYL: Echo & The Bunnymen, Bauhaus, The Cure.


REVOLVER: Revolver LP (SPITTLE 056LP) 20.00
"Demented rock" was one of the genuine forms of punk rock in Italy, characterized by a transgressive formula with tremendous sarcasm and attitude. Everything was set against the seeds of the counterculture, the pop heritage, and the exasperated technicality of progressive rock. First released in 1979 on Philips and now reissued for the first time since, this is the one and only effort from Revolver, a perfect example of the sub-genre, with hints of foolish Zappaesque interludes. Vocals on the single "Gay" courtesy of glam pop star Ivan Cattaneo. Features significant contributions from Baffo Banfi, iconic keyboard player with progressive heroes Biglietto Per L'Inferno and solo artist for Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication label.


CHRISMA: Hibernation LP (SPITTLE 059LP) 20.00
In the Italian panorama of the '70s, Chrisma (Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri) skirted the common rules of Italian pop (the aura of progressive rock or the first wave of prolific folk singers); in fact, they created Italian new wave from scratch. After the release of their 1977 debut album Chinese Restaurant (SPITTLE 051LP) -- so far from the punk revolution and so deep into the algid dynamics of the Mittel-European sound -- came Hibernation, their creative peak on which they embrace the revelation of the man-machine and venture into the realms of incomparable robots Kraftwerk. Again the album was produced by Niko Papathanassiou (brother of the Greek legend Vangelis), and it features very sophisticated cover artwork created by famous photographer Mario Convertino. Chrisma, so far ahead of their time, crafted an opus that should be considered at the same emotional level as the most famous synth-pop bands from the UK and Germany. Highlights include "Vetra Platz," a long digital ride worthy of the most famous Kraftwerk singles; "Calling" and "Gott Gott Electron," a primeval couplet of furious post-punk numbers; and the lush "Lover," with Miss Moser still in top form. This reissue includes the original artwork with a silver background. RIYL: T. Rex, Nico, Kraftwerk.



SURGEON: Dynamic Tension EP (2014 Remaster) 12" (SRX 004EP) 15.50
Fourth of six Surgeon reissues on SRX. Originally released in 1995, the Dynamic Tension EP established themes that would become central concepts in much of Surgeon's later work, and marked a refinement of his sound while losing none of his early intensity. Surgeon recalls, "Those early tracks, recorded 20 years ago, were mastered and cut by people who had no understanding of electronic music... I began carefully transferring everything from the original DAT tapes and working closely with Christoph Grote-Beverborg from Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin... to present this early material as it was originally intended." Includes download code.



VA: Taboo: An Exploration Into the Exotic World of Taboo, Volume 1 10" (STAGO 069LP) 19.50
Stag-O-Lee inaugurates its Journey to the Centre of the Song series, dedicated to celebrating one song at a time in its many guises and interpretations, with Taboo. The classic "Tabu" was written by Margarita Lecuona (also responsible for "Babalu," a classic as well), a cousin of the famous Cuban composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona. "Tabú" (also recorded as "Tabou," "Tabu," and "Taboo") is a jazz and popular music standard that was first recorded by Cuarteto Machín in 1934 and later made popular by the Lecuona Cuban Boys (included here) and others. The aforementioned guises and interpretations span genres, represented here by Charles Blackwell Orchestra's upbeat surfstrumental shaker, the brassy exotic tones of Tito Rivera & His Cuban Orchestra, the Cumbian island sounds of Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra, Sylvie Mora's silky-smooth popcorn rendition, and versions by The Shangaans, Caterina Valente, and Frankie Trumbauer's Orchestra. Completing the record is Arthur Lyman's crazy voodoo lounge version that evokes visions of palm trees and sun-drenched white sand. Sit back and enter the intoxicating world of... "Taboo."



COCOON, THE: While the Recording Engineer Sleeps LP (STAUB 138LP) 18.00
LP version. First reissue of While the Recording Engineer Sleeps, the first album by The Cocoon, recorded in 1985 and originally released in 1989. The Cocoon was a kind of psychedelic supergroup featuring legendary figures of the German music scene of the 1960s, '70s, and '80s: Gunter Hampel (vibraphone, piano, flute, bass clarinet, lead vocals), Jürgen Gleue (lead vocals, bass, guitar), Matthias Arfmann (guitar, bass organ, electric piano, lead vocals), Rüdiger Klose (drums, vocals), and Thomas Keyserling (flute, alto saxophone). Most songs were written by Hampel and Gleue with Gleue providing the lyrics. The legendary jazz composer, bandleader, vibraphonist, bass clarinetist, flutist, and baritone saxophonist Gunter Hampel is one of the most influential musicians, composers, and pioneers of the worldwide jazz evolution. He is the major instigator of the European jazz movement since 1958. On his own Birth Records label he has recorded more than 200 albums, most of them together with his Galaxie Dream Band. Jürgen Gleue was a founding member of the infamous neo-psychedelic band 39 Clocks, with whom he released four albums between 1981 and 1987. Under the moniker Phantom Payn, he later recorded another six albums of acid-driven psychedelia, and, together with Rüdiger Klose, he also played in the psychedelic rock band Exit Out. Klose also contributed to 39 Clocks, Phantom Payn, and avant-garde group Die Kastrierten Philosophen. First known as a founding member of Die Kastrierten Philosophen, Matthias Arfmann later became famous as the producer of German hip-hop/reggae star Jan Delay. And Thomas Keyserling, also a member of Hampel's Galaxie Dream Band, played with Agitation Free and was a guest musician on two legendary 1970 German krautrock albums: Tangerine Dream's Electronic Meditation and Amon Düül II's Yeti.



ONE: Come CD (STCCD 3001CD) 17.00
The bare principles of unparalleled hippie euphoria; a climax of communal head-sounds with disturbing Indian vibes in a deranged marriage of ambient absurdity and financial hallucinations. Spearheaded by Reality D. Blipcrotch, this San Francisco bunch of longhairs and friends of Jefferson Airplane realized their potent raga potential in 1972 with the extraordinary debut album Come. Exploding B-sides, whistling teapots, and pop-up marijuana leaves only form half the story... welcome to the world of 1. Digitally remastered from the original recording; includes informative background liners and rare archival photos.


BERMUDA JAM, THE: The Bermuda Jam CD (STCCD 3002CD) 17.00
The Bermuda Jam's only known contribution to the 1960s music scene was released by Dynovoice Records in 1969, a self-titled psychedelic mod/soul crossover jamboree that, contrary to its detractors, holds delightfully unexpected highlights. Somewhat cruelly neglected and mistakenly overlooked in the past, The Bermuda Jam and their lone album have been assigned to bargain bins with an unjust lack of foresight. The history of the band offers an interesting glimpse of the local garage punk scene, with connections to The Gents and The Savages, both of whom have enjoyed retrospective cult status on compilations including some in the Pebbles series. Other connections include Sly & the Family Stone, Joe Cocker, and Pink Floyd, but name-dropping aside, this small Bermuda outfit wielded some of their own tasty magic for their one-off album deal in 1969. Infectious Hammond and psychedelic studio trickery with ample fuzz and wah-wah make for a thrilling late psychedelic entry that should not go ignored. This first ever reissue was digitally remastered from the original recording and includes detailed background liners and rare archival photographs.


VA: First Chips CD (STCCD 3003CD) 17.00
At a time when musical shifts were almost a daily routine in the immediate aftermath of the 1960s, multi-instrumentalist Vyto Beleska decided to trawl through the archives of his own Clay Pigeon studios, based in Chicago's South Side. Assembled here are past recording projects that utilized some of Chicago's finest underground musicians, whose collaborations with Beleska reveal another chapter in the annals of psychedelia and garage. To mark the early work of Beleska and Clay Pigeon Studios, a privately pressed album was issued in 1972 in a quantity of 500 copies. Circulated locally, the Clay Pigeon recordings were sadly never acknowledged on a national or worldwide level. The time has come to give wider recognition to the inspiring and awesome sounds that came from these musicians. This is the first legitimate reissue of this retrospective look at one of Chicago's finest unsung musical innovators whose early recorded legacy boasts more fuzz, feedback, and psychedelic mayhem than any true '60s rock fan could desire. Digitally remastered from the original recording; includes detailed background liners and rare archival photographs.


LELAND: A Self-Taught, Decathlon Hard Rock Musician CD (STCCD 3007CD) 17.00
Since the release of Leland Yoshitsu's eponymous self-financed debut vinyl outing in 1976, interest in his recordings has stirred and grown on a worldwide scale. A long-out-of-print reissue of his super-rare debut album from 1976 appeared on Contempt records in 1978, titled This Is My World with the accompanying text "A Self-Taught, Decathlon, Hard Rock Musician," a profound statement that earns its place as the title to this retrospective edition of the multi-instrumentalist's work. This expanded reissue, the first since the 1978 release, includes the caped-crusading psychedelic pioneer's self-titled debut plus his 1979 follow-up, Live At Mabuhay Gardens, S.F. Digitally remastered; includes background liners and rare archival photos.



THORN, TRACEY: Songs from The Falling CD (FEEL 017CD) 10.00
Set in a girls' school in the late '60s, The Falling (2014) is the atmospheric debut feature film by acclaimed director Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life (2011), The Alcohol Years (2000)), which garnered a rave five-star review in The Guardian when it premiered at the London Film Festival in September 2014. The soundtrack is dominated by eight songs and sketches by Tracey Thorn, which are gathered together on the 17-minute mini-album CD Songs from The Falling, also available as a 10" released on Record Store Day 2015 (FEEL 017EP). Written after consultation with Morley to fit the film's mood and themes, Thorn's music was inspired by one the central scenes in which several girls form the "Alternative School Orchestra" and jam listlessly on instruments left lying around in the music room. "Carol sent me a cardboard box full of the instruments they used -- the typical things you'd expect, wood-block, tambourine, triangle, recorder -- and I decided to use the scene as a springboard for my songs," says Thorn. Recorded in the north London home studio she shares with her partner Ben Watt (who engineered the recordings), Thorn added guitar and piano, wrote the songs and then playing everything herself, allowing herself only one take on each of the instruments. "I wanted to leave in all timing discrepancies to try and capture the loose freeform feel of an untutored school performance," she adds. The final mixes were done by Bruno Ellingham. Part folk, part minimal garage band, the music's gauzy simplicity harkens back to Thorn's cult debut album A Distant Shore (1982).


SR 379CD

TOOP, DAVID: Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul - Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978 2CD (SR 379CD) 18.00
Recordings from 1978 by David Toop of Yanomami ritual songs, shamanistic ceremonies, and rainforest sounds. The voices of spirits and animal familiars, ventriloquial illusions of sound in dark spaces, secret spirit languages, the clap of thunder that links shamanic trance with the sleep language of Finnegans Wake... Out of these passages of the everyday, intensity flares like flames caught by a gust of wind. Skin burns or oozes blood, the wind blows up havoc as the spirits move about. Both double CD and LP include 40-page booklet with text and pictures telling the full story of Toop's fascinating journey in 1978 through the Amazon jungle to meet and record the last Yanomami shamans. CD presented in six-page digipak.



D-OPERATION DROP & PIEZO: Don't Breathe EP + Wayfarer Remix 12" (SUBALT 008EP) 14.00
Italian collective D-Operation Drop opens this dark, menacing EP with the apocalyptic vocal of "Don't Breathe," complemented by roaring synth-monsters and a stone-cold sub-bass to take you to the edge of the dance with relentless fury. "Flumen," an unreal collaboration with Piezo, begins with gentle harmonies before erupting into a carefully curated symphony of driving bass and cutting-edge mids. Carried by truly haunting atmospheres, "Flumen" builds up and falls down over and over, finishing in mad broken-beat turmoil. Young British talent Wayfarer shows off his razor-sharp sound design and production, adding his trademark melodies and devastating growls to "Don't Breathe."


SV 061LP

PIP PROUD: Adreneline & Richard LP (SV 061LP) 24.00
"In the late '60s, Pip Proud recorded two of the oddest records ever to come out of Australia -- Adreneline & Richard and A Bird in the Engine -- before vanishing into obscurity for the better part of three decades. Often called the 'Australian Syd Barrett,' Proud actually released his second album in 1969, a year prior to The Madcap Laughs, and developed his indigenous psychedelia in virtual isolation. To quote Byron Coley, who like a handful of underground luminaries discovered Proud in the '80s via collector mail-order lists, Adreneline & Richard features 'weirdly strummed barre-chord guitar, monotone vocals that occasionally [try] to pass way beyond their known range, oddball lyrics that [combine] nursery rhymes with druggy imagery. It [is] a hell of a cool record.' While other compilations of Proud's music have been released in recent years, this is the first time that Adreneline & Richard has been reissued in its original format (including inner sleeve with lyrics). Recommended for fans of outsider and lo-fi pop from the US, UK, New Zealand, and beyond."

SV 062LP

PIP PROUD: A Bird in the Engine LP (SV 062LP) 24.00
"In the late '60s, Pip Proud recorded two of the oddest records ever to come out of Australia -- Adreneline & Richard and A Bird in the Engine -- before vanishing into obscurity for the better part of three decades. Often called the 'Australian Syd Barrett,' Proud actually released his second album in 1969, a year prior to The Madcap Laughs, and developed his indigenous psychedelia in virtual isolation. A Bird in the Engine is even more rare than his debut. From the extraordinary 'Eagle-Wise' to the remarkable title track (which includes the uncredited performance of a friend hitting a cardboard box with a microphone), Proud's unrestrained genius is laid bare, a delicate tension of simple melodies and maddening form. While other compilations of Proud's music have been released in recent years, this is the first time A Bird in the Engine has been reissued in its original format. Recommended for fans of Alvarius B., Donovan, and Jandek."



VA: African Gems LP (SWP 044LP) 18.00
New lower pricing of this 2014 release. 8 tracks. 140 gram vinyl pressed by Pallas. This is some of the best traditional African music ever recorded. The music is the star -- of course -- then comes the wonderful musicians who performed it, but it was the recordists who make it possible for us to listen to the genius in African music captured on these magnificent tracks. After having released the 22-CD series "Historical Recordings by Hugh Tracey," it is time to pay homage to some who came after him. Thanks to Charles Duvelle, Jos Gansemans, Benoit Quersin, and David Fanshawe, for these great recordings. Over 73 minutes of magic. Each track is a gem. There is nothing coincidental in this music: it is based on a deep understanding of interconnectivity -- consequently also of time and space -- and has been developed over many centuries. Yet it sounds so modern! Each track has its own swing, and this danceable quality is a profound thing: it is participatory, revitalizing, communal, relaxing, healing.


TRACEY, HUGH: Congo Guitars 1952 & 1957 LP (SWP 045LP) 18.00
New lower pricing. This is the famous Katanga guitar sound, as recorded by Hugh Tracey, based on the traditional likembe lamellaphone music of the various Luba peoples and their neighbors, who went to work in the mines and, as a result of this urbanization, embraced "modernism" by buying guitars. Plus three rumba tracks from Stanleyville (Kisangani), where there was a laid-back atmosphere with white and black people dancing together in a flourishing nightlife, exceptional for the Belgian Congo. A compilation of tracks from the CDs SWP 015: Origins of Guitar Music, SWP 011: Kanyok and Luba, SWP 034: The Very Best of Hugh Tracey, except two tracks not previously released by SWP. This LP is a 140 gram pressing by Pallas.


TRACEY, HUGH: Congo Traditional 1952 & 1957 LP (SWP 046LP) 18.00
New lower pricing. Music from another world! This collection of magnificent recordings merely touches on the richness and diversity of the traditional musics of the Congo, as found by Hugh Tracey in the 1950s. In the ensemble tracks we can hear his hand-held microphone technique, as he moves around with his one mike to highlight one instrument after the other -- a kind of instant mixing. But how many of these musical traditions have been lost since they were captured on tape -- urbanization and satellite TV have taken their toll. We are lucky to have these recordings, but they especially are a gift to the peoples involved, for the legacy as played by their forebears belongs to them. A compilation of tracks from the CDs SWP 009: On the Edge of the Ituri Forest, SWP 011: Kanyok and Luba, SWP 016: Forest Music. This LP is a 140 gram pressing by Pallas.



BODZIN, STEPHAN: Sungam Remixes 12" (SYST 105EP) 14.00
Stephan Bodzin's touching "Sungam" hit the Resident Advisor top 10 twice in 2014 and is still in the box of many jocks! This is the long-awaited single release including three new interpretations of the opening track of the 10 Yrs Systematic compilation (SYST 020CD/101EP, 2014). In addition to the compulsory beatless original version produced by Bodzin himself there are respectful remixes by Mobilee figurehead Rodriguez Jr. and Crosstown Rebels' shooting stars Fur Coat. Special transparent color disc.



Pressing of 300 copies on crystal-clear 200-gram virgin vinyl packaged in a custom letterpress jacket printed, die-cut, and hand-assembled at Studio On Fire in Minneapolis, with particular care taken to retain the fine detail of the cover's microscopic type. "Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music scene. For more than 30 years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion" --Pedro Higueras, Sonom Studios. "UNTITLED#300 is an LP based on multi-track field recordings I did in 2011 of a large colony of seagulls in a group of small islands right in front of the Moroccan-Algerian border, together with hydrophone and contact mic recordings of sea creatures underwater from the same location (side A and B of the LP, respectively). Being interested in going beyond a traditional 'soundscape' perspective, I've played freely with mixing and editing, in an unorthodox way, different multi-channel recordings I did. Side A ('abovewater') is the large seagull colony. In side B ('underwater') what you hear is predominantly millions of very small shrimp-like crustaceans, dolphin sonar (the beating pattern of the first section), and occasional fish (the 'frog-like' calls)" --Francisco López. Original environmental sound matter recorded in the Chafarinas Islands off the coast of Morocco, summer 2011. Edited, mixed, and mastered at mobile messor, The Hague, the Netherlands, summer 2012. Field work carried out with the collaboration and support of the SIGEIN-Chafarinas research group (Integral Ecological Management System of the Chafarinas Islands), directed by Francisco J. Acosta (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain) and coordinated by Javier Zapata (Spanish National Park Service).



WEN: Finesse EP 12" (TEC 083EP) 12.50
Wen blends moods of early dubstep and grime with techno, effortlessly pushing into unfamiliar territory. At 128 bpm, "Backdraft" is a moody roller with a slow-mo sci-fi bass line, littered with short bursts of grime vocals and snatches of rave rewind echoes. "Finesse" moves things into a more tribal context, filling the air with charged tension before releasing a beastly sub to hammer home the point. Again, at 128bpm, Wen showcases the increasingly blurred lines between original dubstep vibes and techno tempos. "Ghost" clocks in at 160bpm, and falls somewhere between classic Photek and dubstep circa 2005, with cutting-edge production.



MICHEL/MIKA VAINIO, JOSEPHINE: Halfway to White Book w/CD (FOLIO 001BK) 46.00
With Folio, Touch introduces a new series of bespoke hardback book and CD publications, produced to the highest specifications. This first release, Halfway to White, is a collaboration between singular photographer Joséphine Michel and acclaimed musician and sound artist Mika Vainio. Joséphine Michel's images reframe our perception of the visual by exploring the notion of "sonic photography," as she exposes her subjects according to the resonance of the noise-fields felt at her chosen locations. Michel subtly brings to light the inflections of sound -- its tones and pulsations -- in a setting that has often been considered one of the most silent visual arts. This work is mirrored by Mika Vainio's five original compositions, his recordings poised between an environmental hold and atmosphere, while suggesting an extra-sensory world and a dream-state in parallel to the 33 haunting photographs that make up this ensemble. Sixty-page hardcover book and 60-minute CD bound in a gray linen cover and printed on heavy hi-white paper in an edition of 500 copies. Designed by Jon Wozencroft. Further Folio publications can be expected throughout 2015-2016, including new work from Chris Watson, the world's leading sound recordist and sonic painter, and other artists from the Touch stable.



EULBERG, DOMINIK: Spülsaum 12" (TRAUM 188EP) 14.00
After eight months of playing numerous DJ gigs, setting up his studio, and plenty of bird-watching, Dominik Eulberg delivers joyous, heartwarming, and life-affirming electronic music. Eulberg has been described as a "sound sculptor" by De:Bug magazine, and as a madman by himself; he spends months turning his tracks upside-down and adding details. What sounds easygoing and light is the result of endless studio sessions. This EP's title, Spülsaum, can be translated as "drift line." The title refers to Eulberg's work as a park ranger, directing daily guided tours along drift lines in Wangerooge (Nationalparkhaus Rosenhaus, Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer).



ZU & EUGENE S. ROBINSON: The Left Hand Path CD (TROST 133CD) 17.00
Zu has always been a mercurial and ever-changing entity: unafraid of cross-genre explorations, eager to break down barriers between musical styles. Despite playing traditional instruments, major influences on Zu's music have always been sonic explorers like Coil, Throbbing Gristle, or early Neubauten. The sound of The Left Hand Path is the somewhat hidden side of Zu, though latent in all of its previous music. It's like digging out a box from the earth, containing everything the band had wished to highlight in previous works: ambient and droney landscapes; acoustic explorations in obscurity. The album starts programmatically with the sound of a shovel digging the earth -- a soundtrack for a descent into the underworld. It's moon musick. All of the members played electronics and Massimo focused mostly on guitars. The recordings were then sent to Eugene S. Robinson of Oxbow fame. Zu knew he was the right person to add vocals to it, and to transform the music again, into a sort of contemporary post-everything voodoo blues. Luca T. Mai: saxophone, electronics; Jacopo Battaglia: electronics; Massimo Pupillo: acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, electronics; Eugene S. Robinson: vocals.



WETDOG: Divine Times LP (UTR 070LP) 21.00
Wetdog are Rivka Gillieron, Sarah Datbylgu, and Billy Easter, three female individuals with an expertise for chasing down melodies across their songs. Previous albums on Angular and Captured Tracks have indicated their interest in the minimal palette of post-punk, and while that remains a glowing core to their coals, Wetdog have also evolved in their approach to making music. In the time since the 2010 release of their second album, Wetdog, formerly based in London, have become a transatlantic project. Separated by an ocean, the trio has had to work harder than ever to rope together their instincts. This commitment to staying in touch with each other as well as in touch with their sound can be heard throughout Divine Times. Keen ideas swirl, each afforded the luxury of time and due process. Contrasts and flights of fancy that sounded haphazard before are now as enmeshed and integral as the band's close-knit mix of venturesome drumbeats, sinewy guitar lines, and bass anchor. Songs like "Message" and "Chocky" almost levitate with exuberance, their overlapping vocals pinned down by the propulsive rhythms; the effect is delirious and pulse-quickening. "Small Talk" makes for dizzying terrain, with a spry cluster of chords and dub-dipped quavering. "Ridgway Crash" echoes a similar music hall sensibility, its keyboard phrase weaving amidst a preset bongo beat, radio static, and eldritch choir. Divine Times is a distinctive album, hatched slowly, long-distance. The band's effortless style of songwriting has been given room to develop, with some of the more measured tracks on the album like "Twilight" and "Jym Fingers" making greater strides over time than the more immediate, danceable material. Tumbling drums, folk-horror backing vocals, and an elastic bassline provide an uncanny setting for guest vocalist Russell Walker's drowsy narrative on "Jockey Slot," with all the makings of a disquieting dream. "Divine Times" starts with an ominous drone and rattling change in pocket drumbeat before Rivka's voice climbs up on a thermal. Divine Times is an uncompromising album; it's an assured album that's been waiting for us to catch up. It has everything one would expect from Wetdog -- the characteristic fervor, deadpan humor, falling-to-bits willfulness -- yet Divine Times transcends the band's love of all things disjointed and accidentally happy. It's the sound of a confident band, out on its own limb. There's no looking down, only soaring upward.



PLATFORM: Anthropocene CD (VAF 013CD) 14.50
Platform is a band playing acoustic, free improvised music. It's a meeting between three young musicians from Oslo's scene for improvised music and a French improvising veteran. Platform started out as a trio of Jonas Cambien, Jan Martin Gismervik, and Katrine Schiøtt in 2011, and started to collaborate with Xavier Charles in 2012. After some years of performing in Scandinavia, New York, Spain, and Portugal, they present their debut album. Anthropocene explores slowly changing textures, elastic sonic sculptures, and meditative drones. Small ideas get all the time and space they need to develop and be fully played out. Using prepared piano, minimalistic percussion, and extended techniques on clarinet and cello, Platform creates abstract and cinematic sheets of sound. The album sounds sometimes dark and noisy, sometimes light and dreamy, with the occasional hint of a groove or melody. All the music is fully improvised and the band's style was developed exclusively through live performances. Jonas Cambien: piano; Jan Martin Gismervik: drums; Katrine Schiøtt: cello; Xavier Charles: clarinet.


Norwegian trombonist Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø has shared stages with a wide range of influential improvisers. One of his returning projects has been the trio with Swedish drummer Raymond Strid and Swiss double bassist Nina de Heney. Oslo Wien was recorded during their 2014 European tour, and the double album presents a trio balancing on the very verge between individualism and group mentality. The trio was first put together for Henrik's exam concert at the Academy of Music in Gothenburg, May 2011. One of the strongest attributes of the trio is their common understanding of the use of tension and release. The music moves forward constantly, but is never forced. They can sojourn in a sort of zero-state for a long time in which the music only varies with small nuances, before they suddenly break out in small and big musical explosions when one of the musicians provides a hint toward this. Just as they can follow each other with a wink, they sometimes also choose to withstand an impulse or let an energy flow remain unredeemed to create a different tension. Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: trombone; Raymond Strid: drums; Nina de Heney: double bass.



YOUNGS, RICHARD: No Fans Compendium 7CD (VHF 137CD) 45.00
"No Fans Compendium is a deluxe, limited-edition seven-disc set of Richard Youngs's recordings for his long-running private No Fans label. Five CDs are the artist's personal selection from his No Fans releases, all of which were issued in tiny editions (20-50 copies) and only available for sale at his rare shows or at Glasgow's now-defunct Volcanic Tongue shop. In addition, Youngs has included two full discs of material previously unavailable in any form: a recording from 1989 predating his earliest widely known work, and a new recording from late 2014. Unbeatable as a survey of Youngs's career, everything here is of equal quality to his over-the-counter releases. In keeping with his penchant for unpredictable stylistic mashups and reinventions, there are folky laments, achingly beautiful 'songs,' tape collage, rude prog noise, minimalist experiments, multi-tracked vocals, etc. Each disc is housed in an individual card folio with artwork repurposed from the original releases."


VG 008CD

CHATWIN, BEN: The Sleeper Awakes CD (VG 008CD) 15.50
Composer and producer Ben Chatwin presents The Sleeper Awakes, his first album to appear under his own name. The Sleeper Awakes follows Chatwin's acclaimed 2013 release as Talvihorros, Eaten Alive, and moves away from the more textured, heavily layered soundscapes of his Talvihorros work into something more succinct and melodically driven. Inspired by the writing of H. G. Wells, the album was made by sourcing a 100-year-old dulcitone and using it extensively alongside modern electronics and synthesis. Written and recorded at Chatwin's home studio in Scotland. For fans of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and Arvo Pärt.


WG 024EP

SIDEWAYS: Retraced EP 12" (WG 024EP) 14.00
Marcus Kaye and Lee Ching became friends in the early '90s, when they were at the forefront of a progressive drum and bass movement under their respective Marcus Intalex and DJ Lee monikers. Despite their history, Sideways is their first collaborative project. "Retraced" is a euphoric journey with rich strings over a hefty bassline, while "Minor Difference" goes straight for the four-to-the-floor approach, ripe for a crowded, dark dance floor. "PJ's Groove" is the throwback. With crisp open hi-hats, warm organ stabs, and big washed-out pads, it feels like a trip down memory lane, yet with an updated, modern twist.

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