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Pinkcourtesyphone, "Sentimental Something"

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Pinkcourtesyphone sends you a Sentimental Something from the depths of its obsessed heart. A sonic love note of smudged ink. Joined by the otherwordly Evelina Domnitch, friend and former cover model/vocalist on Description of Problem LP. On the central core "Tears of Modernism" Miss Domnitch wields her dark magic on Theremin, weaving a mournful kiss on the envelope from beyond.


Pinkcourtesyphone is a continuing project by Los Angeles-based sound artist Richard Chartier (b.1971).

He is considered one of the key figures in the current of reductionist sound art which has been termed both "microsound" and Neo-Modernist. Chartier's minimalist digital work explores the inter-relationships between the spatial nature of sound, silence, focus, perception and the act of listening itself.

Pinkcourtesyphone is a more emotional, dare one say musical side of his work. Pinkcourtesyphone is dark but not arch, with a slight hint of humor. Pinkcourtesyphone is amorphous, changing, and slipping in and out of consciousness. Pinkcourtesyphone operates like a syrup-y dream and strives to be both elegant and detached.

Pinkcourtesyphone's recent critically acclaimed work Description of Problem (LINE, US) features guests/collaborators: Cosey Fanni Tutti, Kid Congo Powers, AGF, William Basinski, and Evelina Domnitch.

Chartier's sound works/installations have been presented in galleries and museums internationally and he has performed his work live across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North America at digital art/electronic music festivals and exhibits. In 2000 he formed the recording label LINE and has since curated its continuing documentation of compositional and installation work by international sound artists/composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism.

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