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New Colin Potter cassette box set

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Last year's reissue of the first 6 of Potter's tapes for CSD proved to be very popular, so we are re-releasing his last 3 ICR tapes, Recent History 1 & 2 and See and also 3 'new' tapes, Hiss Story 1 & 2 and Are We Nearly There Yet?, which collect various unreleased, compilation & remixed tracks from the same era. All have artwork by Jonathan Coleclough and are professionally duplicated on chrome tape.

This is what Boomkat says :

"Following last year's instantly sold-out set, Colin Potter's ICR label piece together six tapes of sought-after, unreleased and remixed material from his late '80s phase, just as he was really getting to grips with his gear..

After topping our reissue best-of list in 2014 with the last batch, he's likely to repeat the trick with this collection, staking out more spacious, celestial dimensions and subtly elevated production/engineering values.

This lot look to 1989-1990 (the last set scanned 1980-1982) with two volumes of Recent History touching on a lush, floating new age sound full of diaphanous synths and vaulted reverb settings thru to experimental, recursive guitarscapes and Escher-esque sequencer tessellations that spiral off in dizzying fractals.

By contrast, See (1990) is a pure, unbroken vision of widescreen ambient sound-scaping recalling the sweeping nocturnal flightpath of Goodiepal's Havet - which was written in the same year - travelling from sublime to darker ambient tones which would come to define the tail end of that decade.

But, for collectors and Potter fiends, the last three tapes are perhaps most invaluable, covering the hidden points of his least well-known period, from the pulsing industrial dance music of "Know More" to the blood-curdling darkness of "No Good" in the Are We Nearly There Yet? tape, beside two volumes of dead hard-to-find compilation cuts and obscurities collected as Hiss Story."

More information can be found here.

2015 tapes x 6




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