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Fila Brazillia, "Jump Leads"

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Another group hell bent on proving that the best electronic music is a combination of programmed beats and sampled live instruments, Fila Brazillia first gained notice as remixers of popular acts. Remixes of Radiohead tracks by the two, David McSherry and Steve Cobby, were the most notable, but their most recent project was the CD by The Twilight Singers, Greg Dulli's darker side project away from the Afghan Whigs. Brazillia were brought in after the first mix of the album to add some spice, which they did, but Dulli was so impressed with their writing, as well, that he composed a few tracks with them specifically for the release. The duo show off that skill more here, but the results are a little uneven, though an entertaining listen. It must be said that the use of live instrumentation is impressive, especially the Stevie WOnder harmonica on a few tracks, and that the album is a much more upbeat affair. It's all pretty well produced, and the fact that McSherry and Cobby played most of the instruments with only a few guests is also worthy of praise. There are a few too many missteps, however, for it to be a truly great release. Sampled vocals on 'Spill the Beans' by Washington Phillips come off sounding like Moby Lite, and most tracks use up their fresh tones and originality in the first minute, then repeat the same elements until they're almost monotonous. Standout tracks feature the duo sampling organ and guitar with funky and stuttering breakbeats behind them, and just funking out to rock your booty. There's even an ingenious use of sampling on 'DNA': Dead Can Dance (bet you never thought they'd be used to shake your rump)! All in a greater effort to bring the funk, which they do well. Overall, though, I give the record a C, as it seems Fila Brazillia are nothing more than England's answer to Daft Punk on most of these tracks. - 


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