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Pinkcourtesyphone & Gwyneth Wentlink, "Elision"

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Pinkcourtesyphone reaches out and touches someone… in this case an international call with Dutch harpist extraordinaire, Gwyneth Wentink.

Wentink weaves her magic on the triple harp, a replica of a harp from around 1600 made of 3 rows of strings instead of the more common single row. The effect is a multi-timbral coalescence of mood, a conversation between layers.

Pinkcourtesyphone thoughtfully folds, manipulates, and merges the gossamer resonances of the strolling fingers of Wentink under and over a hazy sonic shroud of worn romance and phobophobia.

This spiralling composition is created for endless heavy rotation/background consumption for an anxious and medicated society prone to ambivalence.

pinkcourtesymuse: M.Staudte

dedicated to P. Raben

“what is this ‘me’ ?” — M.Staudte

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