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Forced Exposure New Releases for 9/5/2016

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New music is due from Andrew Liles, The Wedding Present, and Mouse On Mars, while old music is due from Coil, Pauline Oliveros, Klaus Schulze, and The Shaggs.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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IF 031LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: IF 031LP
PRIMAL SCREAM Sonic Flower Groove LP
"Bobby Gillespie's departure from The Jesus & Mary Chain enabled the pioneering Scots bandleader to focus on Primal Scream full-time. The rewards arrived quickly: the early B-side 'Velocity Girl' ended up on NME's legendary C86 compilation (and later inspired the American indie-pop band of the same name), and Primal Scream connected with the crucial English indie label Creation. For the band's debut, Primal Scream opted for producer Mayo Thompson -- leader of left-field psych outfit Red Krayola and producer for Pere Ubu, Felt, and The Chills, among others -- and completed Sonic Flower Groove for release on the newly set up Warner Bros. subsidiary Elevation Records in 1987. It's the only album featuring Gillespie's wistful, almost fey vocal style, which makes impeccably balanced pop compositions like 'Aftermath' especially infectious. The influence of The Byrds is glaring. Glistening guitar melodies entwine and, yes, jangle, though the way they mingle with and complement Gillespie's voice distinguishes the tribute. It's also a prescient album, predicting the refined rock sensibility that would in a few years come to characterize Britpop, but by then Gillespie and Primal Scream would already be blazing new trails."
IF 032LP
PRICE: $24.00
CAT #: IF 032LP
"Following the Byrds-indebted bliss of Primal Scream's debut, Sonic Flower Groove, bandleader Bobby Gillespie reassembled a lineup and literally grew his hair long to prepare for the uninhibited riffs and leather-laden swagger of the group's eponymous sophomore album in 1989. Fans were surprised -- just like when Gillespie's old group The Jesus & Mary Chain swapped noisy gauze for high-production sheen -- but time has shown thrilling reinvention to be Gillespie's greatest asset. The shift is told by the cover art: instead of Sonic Flower Groove's nod to 1960s collegiate artist chic, Primal Scream's cover depicts little more than wild manes in motion -- the visual analog to both the blues-spew thump of 'Ivy Ivy Ivy' and the incredible, Beggars Banquet-era Rolling Stones homage, 'I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have' (which made history again as the basis for Primal Scream's crossover hit, 'Loaded'). But Primal Scream also slays with softness: 'You're Just Dead Skin to Me' features emotive keys from Felt's Martin Duffy, and 'You're Just Too Dark to Care' movingly evokes Alex Chilton's hushed despair on Big Star's 3rd. Soon after, Screamadelica christened the band with a new identity, but Primal Scream established a mode to which Gillespie would return on 1994's excellent Give Out But Don't Give Up."
IF 033LP
PRICE: $27.00
CAT #: IF 033LP
PRIMAL SCREAM Give Out But Don't Give Up 2LP
"The ever-mercurial Bobby Gillespie wasn't content to bridge techno and indie with the wildly popular acid-house foray Screamadelica. No, he carried on as if it didn't happen. As suggested by the album cover, which features a photo (titled Troubled Waters) by seminal Southern photographer William Eggleston depicting a confederate flag, 1994's Give Out But Don't Give Up finds Primal Scream drawing upon rock forms baked in the American South, the nationalistic Britpop climate be damned. A debt to The Rolling Stones held over from Primal Scream inflects the tender balladry on '(I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind,' while 'Funky Jam' is self-explanatory and the hit single 'Rocks' trades, not surprisingly, in roadhouse rock 'n' roll bravado. On the title track, George Clinton himself arrives to trade verses with the unflappable soul vocalist Denise Johnson atop a dour and hard funk groove. Like Primal Scream's broader discography, Give Out But Don't Give Up is an assortment of freewheeling exercises -- all of which deftly connect."
PRICE: $17.00
7TH PLAIN, THE Chronicles I CD
A-TON is a new edition and platform of Berghain's in-house imprint Ostgut Ton, focusing on ambient, archive and alternative music, differing from the club-focused records on the main label. Chronicles I marks the start of a series from Luke Slater's The 7th Plain moniker, with remastered, previously released and unheard archive material. First published on General Production Recordings between 1993 and 1996, Slater's The 7th Plain pushed the further burgeoning genre of ambient music towards its boundaries by not limiting itself to mostly beat-less synth pads, but by including propulsive beat progressions, nuanced rhythms and subtle melodies. Luke Slater pioneered the UK's electronic landscape as Translucent, 4 Slots For Bill, Planetary Assault Systems, The 7th Plain, Clementine, and later as L.B. Dub Corp, by partly focusing on, partly bypassing the traditional, puristic values of techno. The 7th Plain's extra-mundane music dodged classification, as heard on the albums The 4 Cornered Room (1994) and My Yellow Wise Rug (1994) - emotional, eerie and escapist music, at the time of release forward thinking records that in retrospect managed to overcome time. Originally recorded at Slater's Spacestation Ø, now all newly mastered for A-TON, Chronicles I depicts the futurist aesthetic and musical agenda of the '90s in a contemporary context, without nostalgia but confidence of its timelessness. With seven original musical pieces and a previously unreleased Ken Ishii remix, The 7th Plain sounds as spirited and relevant as ever. While "Boundaries" (taken from My Yellow Wise Rug), "Grace" and "Surface Bound" (from The 4 Cornered Room) should be familiar to Slater aficionados, "The Super 8", "T Funk States", "Slip 7 Sideways" and "Chords Are Dirty" are previously unheard like the aforementioned remix of Ishii's "Extra". Chronicles I sees The 7th Plain expand the warmth and bleakness of analog synthesizer music to the digital age.
N 051LP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: N 051LP
ALIEN ENSEMBLE Alien Ensemble 2 LP
LP version. Includes download code. Alien Ensemble present their second album, Alien Ensemble 2. Micha Acher, who plays tuba in the band Millipede and is also a member of The Notwist, formed Alien Ensemble in 2010 as a passion project. He wanted to have a personal outlet that allowed him to focus on his two greatest passions: playing trumpet and coming up with intricate, instrumental arrangements. The Ensemble's self-titled debut album was released via Alien Transistor (N 040CD/LP, 2014), the label Micha's been running with his brother Markus since 2003. Arriving in a similar vein as its predecessor, everything from jazz to kraut, from ambient to soundtrack-type music, from new music to pop is present. Playing more and more shows has, over time, turned "this project into a proper band" as Acher explains: "At this point, each of us has really found his place in the dynamic of the group - also in terms of how we write and compose." A case in point being the new track "Skeleton Dance" which was written by Andi Haberl, drummer of The Notwist. The track has a beat that can only be described as stoical, a banjo that settles on one chord and stays there all the way till the end, topped off by amazing melodies that shape shift and interlock just beautifully. "Gedanken" written by trombone player Matthias Goetz, who also plays in the band Millipede, is the Ensemble's definition of pop: a slow-moving lower end, contributed by Haberl (drums) and Matthias Pichler (bass), that has an almost hip-hop feel to it. Given the certain cool, seasoned and nonchalant attitude, there's nothing cold or dispassionate about these recordings. Instead, the new material's emotional depth is already present in album opener "Arc Trilogy". What starts out as an almost classic "cool jazz" song, suddenly disintegrates and makes way for the only solo part on 2: Double bass player Matthias Pichler uses a bow and takes it into unexpected new music territory. The Notwist's Karl-Ivar Refseth (vibraphone) manages to steer the track towards a more ambient-sounding sphere. The shape-shifting harmonies and arrangements presented by Alien Ensemble on this album are never predictable. The Ensemble keeps breaking new ground, creating one set of colorful hues after the next. It's an album that's stunningly compact and coherent. Says Micha Acher: "Well, we recorded it in just one day. Things were really relaxed and easy."
PRICE: $23.50
VA Bambara Mystic Soul 2LP
Repressed. Deluxe gatefold 2LP version. Subtitled: The Raw Sound Of Burkina Faso 1974-1979. For its commemorative 10th release, Analog Africa indulges in Burkina Faso, one of the jewels of the Sahel, a harsh and arid strip that straddles the southern Sahara, stretching from Dakar in the west to Djibouti in the east. Formerly known as Haute Volta, Burkina Faso's sound was organized and nurtured during the country's time as part of a vast patchwork making up French colonial West Africa. The rise of a post-independence urban middle class willing to invest in the Burkinabe arts spawned a cadre of singers, bands, orchestras and, most importantly, competitive record labels who all played their part in ushering in a golden age of music in their landlocked nation during the 1970s -- a decade marred by political instability in the country and an era of artistic enlightenment, empowering the whole of Africa. The Sahelian climate fortunately bore no influence on the Burkinabé sound, which is cosmopolitan as it was raw. West Africa was and continues to remain deeply interconnected. In search of better gigs, well-to-do producers and sufficient recording equipment, Burkinabe musicians ventured across the surrounding region, returning home with a wealth of knowledge of their neighbors' distinctive styles. The raw sound of Burkina Faso combined Afro-funk, traditional Islamic rhythms and subtle Afro-Latin sounds brought over by visiting Cuban ensembles. Mandingue melodies and guitar techniques from Mali and Guinea, however, were by far the most defining traits of a potent African mix that distinguished the Voltaic style between 1974 and 1979. Beginning with L'Harmonie Voltaique and Super Volta (both featured on this compilation), the pioneering orchestras from the capital Ouagadougou, several groups followed suit. Regional orchestras outside of the capital proudly boasted the contemporary sound through ensembles such as Echo Del Africa National and Volta Jazz, and exported much needed skilled musicians back to the capital. Record labels across Burkina Faso sprung up to capture the newly-born mystical and soulful sound taking over the country. Volta Discobel and Club Voltaique Du Disque (CVD) emerged in 1974 and competed for the modern music of their people. Despite its humble beginnings as a record shop, CVD came to dominate the industry. Both labels worked with the heavyweights of the time, such as the majestic Amadou Ballaké, a national icon who is featured extensively on this compilation. By the mid-'70s, Ouagadougou had become a hotbed for African music, filled with touring bands, gifted instrumentalists and hypnotic vocalists. Bamogo Jean Claube, the founder of Afro-Soul System, went from being a "musician's tailor" to a celebrated singer. Ballaké himself jumped from job to job before being recognized for his graceful voice. While it might be Analog Africa's venture into possibly the most obscure of African sounds thus far, the sounds of the golden age of Burkinabé music deserve to be heard and the varying styles that came to define the era are completely covered on this 16-track release.
PRICE: $23.50
Repressed; Deluxe gatefold double LP version. Lost sounds are the archives of a forgotten history. The raucously raw, Vodoun-inspired rhythms of Cotonou have confirmed Benin as a mecca of '70s Afro sounds and revived the story of its people, but the unopened vaults housing the country's catacombs of musical riches are endless. With this as a compass, Analog Africa charters its fifth expedition to Benin, traveling far north to delve deeper into the obscured repertoires and tales of the Bariba and Dendi people. Originating from the Kwara state of northwest Nigeria, the Bariba -- a predominantly Islamic people -- now dominate the Borgou department of Benin with the market city of Parakou at its heart. The rhythms of their culture constitute just one domain of the Islamic Funk Belt -- a distinct musical swath of land encompassing northern Ghana, Togo and Benin. Once frequented by Muslim merchants and traders, the belt has yielded a rich harvest of talent. The most powerful band from Parakou is Orchestre Super Borgou, who were first introduced to the West via Analog Africa's defining release, African Scream Contest (AACD 063CD/AALP 063LP). The birth of modern African music in Parakou is inextricably linked to Super Borgou. The progressive-minded father of the band's founder, Moussa Mama, imported modern music -- which he learned while working as a goldsmith in Accra, Ghana -- to the region in the '50s. His return to Borgou and subsequent teachings spawned countless bands from villages across the department. Super Borgou developed their own musical identity by reinventing traditional songs and rhythms. With Benin's foremost drummer, Bori Borro, in their ranks, Bariba and Dendi linguistic folklore -- alongside melodies of an Islamic ilk -- fused with soul, pachanga, breakbeats, rumba and Afro-Beat, Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou manufactured a sound of penetrating and unpolished directness, blurring the line between the erstwhile rhythms of the devout village and the modern grooves infecting the forward-thinking city. Their reinvention redefines what contemporary audiences classify as the "Afro" genre. Performing live at the bar Congolaise, the high-octane live performances of Parakou's finest troupe also captured the imagination of Celestin Houenou Sezan, co-founder of Albarika Store (Benin's most important music label), and Super Borgou were, in fact, the legendary label's very first EP release. Apart from Albarika, Discadam -- and its sub-labels Impressions Sonores du Nord and Echos Sonores du Borgou -- were the band's major backers who helped galvanize the sound of northern Benin. Armed with a keen sense of philosophical observation, multi-instrumentalist Moussa Mama and rhythm guitarist Menou Roch, through their lyrics, reported on the socio-economic ills of their time -- the rampant inequalities they saw around them -- which established the band as noteworthy commentators on top of their gift of unique rhythm. Analog Africa's Orchestre Super Borgou anthology opens an entirely new chapter of lost and resurrected Afro sounds. Remastered to recreate the energy of their legendary live performances and accompanied by a stunning a full-color gatefold sleeve, the story of this remarkable ensemble and the traditions of the people of Northern Benin are set to be revealed and documented like never before.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: AOF 249CD
"Released on Gary Mundy's Broken Flag label in 1984, the first Controlled Bleeding album was Distress Signals, an almost impossible to find cassette-only album of power-noise and distorted vocals. Distress Signals I and II will be released by Artoffact Records in this combined double-CD featuring the original artwork of Distress Signals, as well as a copy of the liner notes from the tape insert."
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: AOF 251CD
"In 1984, Controlled Bleeding released its first album on the Dossier label in Germany, a label with which Controlled Bleeding would collaborate closely. Experimental, noise-laden industrial, Body Samples is at times less abrasive than its predecessors. The Artoffact Records reissue expands the original vinyl pressing with a number of unreleased bonus tracks into remastered 2CD edition."
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: AOF 252CD
"Knees And Bones was Controlled Bleeding's first vinyl. In many ways, this was the definitive industrial record of the period. The Artoffact reissue expands Knees And Bones to a double-LP, including a full LP's worth of bonus material, notably the amazing 'Swallowing Scrap Metal Pt. 5.5', which appeared as the final track of the Knees And Bones CD, another out of print Controlled Bleeding artifact."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: AUS 101EP
TREVINO Casino 12"
Trevino, aka Marcus Intalex, joins recent Aus with his Casino EP. Intalex is widely known for making ground breaking drum and bass. In 2011, he started the Trevino alias to feed his desire to get back to his roots and rekindle his four-to-the-floor spirit. This new phase of his career propelled him to move to Berlin where he's continued to develop a hugely impressive discography that's included releases on Ben Klock's Klockworks and Martyn's 3024. Casino brings together three deftly structured and dance floor focused tracks that blur the boundary between house and techno in true Trevino fashion.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: AUS 103EP
WOOLFORD, PAUL Heaven And Earth 12"
Aus Music present Paul Woolford's Heaven And Earth. Few artists can boast of a catalog as consistent and as evolutionary as Woolford and his latest offering for Aus - as ever - lands right on the mark in delivering a beguiling trip split over two sides of vinyl. "Heaven & Earth" is a rich and elongated house record that contrasts bright orchestral melodies with thick, tearing bass tones. Together - these two primary elements create a fervent sense of tension that no doubt will soundtrack countless memorable dance floor moments.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BAO 059EP
LATHE Athens By Taxi EP 12"
Lathe enters the Be As One family with a bang. Three cuts of peak-time techno stormers plus a vinyl-only DJ-tool straight from Italy.
BAF 18021LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: BAF 18021LP
PENN, DAN Nobody's Fool LP
"Bear Family DeLuxe first time ever vinyl reissue of this essential and extremely hard-to-find album, originally released on Bell Records in 1973. Country, soul and funk: 'Cosmic American Music'. He co-wrote classic soul hits with Chips Moman or Spooner Oldham like 'The Dark End Of The Street', 'Do Right Woman Do Right Man', 'I Met Her In Church', and 'Sweet Inspiration'. He produced 'The Letter' by the Box Tops. Beyond all question: essential! 180gram vinyl re-issue with gatefold sleeve. Original artwork. Vinyl reissue of country-soul icon and ingenious songwriter Dan Penn's debut album, originally released on Bell Records in 1973, a favorite of serious music lovers. Although not containing any of his popular 1960s trademark songs, Nobody's Fool presents a great deal of moving tunes like the hardcore honky-tonk jewel 'Tearjoint', or the extra tough 'I Hate You'. Mixed and produced by Dan Penn."
BEC 5156573
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: BEC 5156573
Les Sans Pattes present a self-titled EP with this CD and DVD release. Les Sans Pattes is the rock band of Robert Combas (world renowned contemporary painter and creator of the "free figuration" movement) and Lucas Mancione. Both are all-rounder, multi-instrumentalists, rigorous and nutty at the same time. They handle plastic arts, are musicians, video makers, actors, performers - in short, they are complete artists. They've got a rich and eclectic repertoire of more than 100 songs with no limit: they move from rock to techno, from a love song to punk, with the same dexterity in each and every register. "Ta Peau" features Gael Manangou. Presented in a two panel digisleeve. DVD includes English subtitles.
BEC 5161605
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: BEC 5161605
CHAO, MANU Clandestino 2LP+CD
2016 repress. Originally released in 1998. Gatefold double LP with a CD copy of the album. "The first solo album released by the former frontman of Mano Negra, Clandestino is an enchanting trip through Latin-flavored worldbeat rock, reliant on a potpourri of musical styles from traditional Latin and salsa to dub to rock 'n' roll to French pop to experimental rock to techno... Just about every track has odd sampled bits from what sound like pirate radio-station broadcasts (a possible link to the title). There are so many great ideas on this record that it's difficult to digest in one listen, but multiple plays reveal the great depth of Manu Chao's artistry." --All Music Guide
PRICE: $16.50
VA Black Solidarity Presents: Dance Inna Delamare Avenue LP
LP version. Black Solidarity Presents: Dance Inna Delamare Avenue is a compilation based on Ossie Thomas's Black Solidarity label. During the '80s dancehall era a number of record producers claimed to be the real authentic sound of downtown Kingston but Ossie Thomas's Black Solidarity label, operating out of Delamare Avenue in the heart of the ghetto, was the real deal. Ossie: "This was the start of the '70s when the political rivalry got heated between JLP and the PNP and the shots start fire... I said to myself if you're going die you're going die... from that me not scared of Kingston." This album provides an insightful glimpse into life in these unforgiving Kingston neighborhoods, describing not only the poverty and desperation but also how at times, styles, fashions and the cathartic joys of music and the dancehall could transform this harsh environment into one of joyous celebration. Features: U Roy, Linval Thompson, Triston Palma, Robert Ffrench, 3t 1f, Little Kirk, Al Campbell, Early B, Jolly Stewart, Lover Boy, Phillip Frazer, Sassafras, Sammy Dread.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BRK 013EP
BELL, DAMON Stand By Me EP 12"
California based producer Damon Bell presents Stand By Me Croatian label Burek. Two words that perfectly describe this record are rich and colorful. "Stand By Me" is a synth-heavy piece built around the interplay between track's rougher sounds and big lush pads. "Life" is slightly faster and more direct, with a wonderful guitar part that circles around the main theme throughout the most of the track. Slightly more intense is "Trans Atlantic Journey? We Been Here!". It features an infectious groove with lead synth piercing through layers of delicate arpeggios playing in the background.
PRICE: $14.00
QUENUM Solitaire 12"
Philippe Quenum returns to Cadenza with Solitaire. Solitaire finds Quenum in fine form; on the lead track, dubby FX and bass shaking shots roll out over an urgent disco beat, muted brass and technoid stabs fire from all directions as the tension building pads flourish. Shadowy forces are at play on "Mystic"; discordant sounds echo and bellow over reverberating percussion and a dense back beat that fire into life with shuffling hi-hats. Wrapping up this welcome return to the label is "Mystery"; whipping snares and industrial clangs rumble over the urgent drums for more hypnotizing dancefloor work from Philippe.
PRICE: $89.00
CAT #: COR 039LP
VA Cocoon Compilation P 6LP BOX+CD
Six LP box set version. Cocoon Recordings presents P. Loaded with power and purity, the latest edition of the Cocoon Compilation series offers a great selection of crazy and kicking techno tunes. Mirko Loko is in control for the beginning. His track "Artificiel" is energetic, crazy and minimalistic with destroyed digital sound fragments. Wouter de Moor follows with his "Tesla Coil", a speedy acid tune with a simple structure and crazy hi-hats, sounding almost like an old steam locomotive. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz present their Rhythm Factory project on "N.2guts". Another kickin' acid-tune, full of power with an energy loaded forward boost. Slightly slower than Wouter de Moor but certainly with a similar vibe. Redshape follows the red acid-tip of the previous tracks with "The Choice" adding a bit of a Detroit and Dopplereffekt vibe. Swedish La Fleur contributes her track "Chemicality" which is nothing less than another great techno anthem. "Porridge" by Alex Smoke sees him doing the shuffle and creating massive musical tension by using cool but insane sounds. "The Whip" by Alex Bau is big time Chicago-techno with a strong DJ Sneak/Blu funk feeling. Hypnotic, oppressive and with no frills. Dustin Zahn's "Sun Breaker" is powerful, strong and masculine. The initial hypnotic loop aesthetics progresses fairly quickly in a massive production full of powerful synths and freaked out sounds. "Rising Lines" by Ilario Alicante delivers another strong, deep techno monster and follows the course set by Dustin Zahn: Big string sounds and twisted harmonies makes "Rising Lines" an epic techno cinema highlight. Josh Wink's "Bouyantly Grounded" is a fat fish, pushing the speakers in a powerful manner and turning each festival and each open air into another unforgettable event. "You Fill Me" by Jacob Korn follows Josh Wink and adds a bucket of nice musical emotions. Korn designs an amazing creation full of gentle harmonies and profound melodies - his contribution deserves to be labeled as "techno music". Any sunrise and any after-hour will be better with "You Fill Me". The last track "All This For A Jump" by Atelier Francesco is cool but kickin' with '80s retro sounds meeting a very unique electronic funk feeling - the captivating vocals make the picture complete. Vinyl box-set is limited to 500 copies and includes the compilation on CD.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: COR 141EP
Cocoon Recordings present a freaked-out deep-techno highlight by two masters of their craft: Gregor Tresher & Peter Dundov. "Spike" is a crazy monster - mental, hypnotic and with a never-ending synth firework that modulates with an endless release effect. The two really pushed electronic dance music at least ten steps further. "Differantiator" sees the two stick to the basic concept of "Spike" however this time it is the good old arpeggio that keeps on modulating until eternity. "Differantiator" almost flows with a little trance appeal and there is even a cool and driving acid bassline giving a final push.
PRICE: $15.50
MOBY Go (Loco Dice Remix) 12"
Loco Dice remixes the seminal dance track "Go" by the legendary Moby, twice, and has made it all his own in the process. The first version is eight minutes of chunky and tribal drums, with rubber kicks, clipped horn stabs and big hits all building the pressure. Those most famous vocal cries really finish it off in style. The second version is more emotive, with big sweeping strings smeared in the background to help make it all the more dramatic, teary-eyed and impactful on the floor. Both remixes here pack a real punch, and whilst remaining true to the original.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: DES 133EP
TIMMY P Safety First EP 12"
Timmy P presents Safety First EP. With Safety First, Timmy's playful approach to the deeper side of house shines though. The title track mixes crisp, crunchy drums with warm, soft pads and a bubbling bass line. "Grim Fandango" is a little tougher, the snares and claps snapping tightly over a taut, irresistible vibe. Timmy's balance of dynamics is masterful, each element perfectly complimenting each other to create a tour de force over eight minutes. "Bosh" is similarly crafted - the original echoing classic '90s house but feeling completely fresh for 2016, while James Dexter's remix is a robust, deep roller.
PRICE: $26.50
VA Deep Love 100 2x12"
Dirt Crew's 100th release falls on 2016's Deep Love compilation: 11 all exclusive original tracks from new and old favorites including Detroit Swindle, Nachtbraker, The Revenge and Felix Leifur. Take a sonic trip across deep and straight up house, infused with jazz, disco and funk. This diverse and plentiful outing includes workouts for the dance floor alongside intergalactic analog synth-laden voyages, originating from artists Dirt Crew have uncovered from Japan to Iceland and many places in between. A truly great way to celebrate their 100th release. Kicking things off are Detroit Swindle who bring a bomb to the compilation. "Tori Karaage" is a driving, sweat inducing, disco house, dance floor mover. Felix Leifur, the Icelandic prodigy, brings "Feels Like", a great broken beat like house cut laden with jangly percussion, warbling Rhodes and golden vocal hook. Harry Wolfman's "Rainbow Set" reduces the tempo slightly, keeping it deep and sexy. The sultry, smooth, disco touched vibe will have hips swaying in no time. Huerta, aka Steve Huerta, presents a deep and beautiful house cut, "BLVD". Pressing synths push and pull, lead lines glisten and straight to the point percussion drives it home. Jun Kamoda presents "I Know", casual melodies and positive energies on a transcendental landscape. Nachtbraker deliver an a-typical groove and fresh approach to deep house with "Busy Bee", heavily swung with licks of jazz piano, strummed strings and a soaring horn refrain. Marlon Hoffstadt takes a trip into analog territory with "Extra Slim Manufactured", a drum machine driven with a boisterous bass and soul to spare. Good Guy Mikesh brings "Boiling" to the mix, which increases in energy degree by degree, intensity rising until the heat can no longer be contained and the whole thing begins to bubble. The Revenge brings a belter showcasing his signature mixture of disco and house, the diva calls everyone to dance while thumping drums, a massive growling bass and tasty lead show the way. Ponty Mython is back with his trademark hustle and quirky sonic styling. A bouncing, intelligent and catchy groove rises with cries of "New York, New York" then gives way to a great break and spiraling arpeggio it. "Whopa" indeed, Leipzig's finest, M.ono & Luvless, come to the party with an uplifting piano house excursion plus a whole lot of energy.
PRICE: $55.00
CAT #: DTD 046CD
BOWLES, PAUL Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 4CD BOX/BOOK
Repressed! Silkscreened cigar box with foil stamping details throughout, 120-page leatherette book, and four CDs containing 4 hours and 30 minutes of audio. Includes introduction by Lee Ranaldo, field notes by Paul Bowles, and annotations by Philip Schuyler. From July to December 1959, Paul Bowles crisscrossed Morocco making recordings of traditional music under the auspices of the Library of Congress. Although the trip occupied less than six months in a long and busy career, it was the culmination of Bowles's longstanding interest in North African music. The resulting collection remained a musical touchstone for the rest of his life and an important part of his mythology. Paul Bowles (1910-1999) was an American expatriate composer and author. He became associated with Tangier, Morocco, where he settled in 1947 and lived for 52 years to the end of his life. While living in Morocco, Bowles became a magnet for those envisioning the artist's life away from the mainstream. He was idolized by writers of the Beat Generation, many of whom (William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac) visited Bowles and his wife Jane in Tangier -- a city Burroughs would later reimagine as the "Interzone" in his 1959 novel Naked Lunch. Over four months in 1959, Bowles traveled an estimated 25,000 miles around Morocco, capturing vocal and instrumental (including dance) music of various tribes and other indigenous populations at 23 locations throughout the country. In 1972, the Library of Congress issued a double LP titled Music of Morocco, containing selections from the collection. This four-CD set contains the recordings included on that double LP in addition to a wealth of never-before-heard music from this rich collection. Includes performances by Maallem Ahmed, Rais Ahmed ben Bakrim, Moqaddem Mohammed ben Salem, Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou, Rais Mahamad ben Mohammed, Chikh Hamed bel Hadj Hamadi ben Allal, Maallem Ahmed Gacha, Chikha Fatoma bent Kaddour, Cheikha Haddouj bent Fatma Rohou, Mohammed bel Hassan El Ferqa dial Guedra (Bechara), Maalem Abdeslam Sarsi el Mahet, Sadiq ben Mohammed Laghzaoui Morsan Embarek ben Mohammed, Maalem Mohammed Rhiata, Si Mohammed Bel Hassan Soudani, Maallem Taieb ben Mbarek, Hazan Isaac Ouanounou, members of the Hevrat Gezekel, Hazan Semtob Knafo, Amram Castiel, Hevrat David Hamelekh, Maalem el Hocein, Abdelkrim Rais, and members of the Family of the Chorfa of Ouezzane, as well as recordings of unknown performers.
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: EBM 027CD
UKRAINIANS, THE Evolutsiya: 40 Best And Rarest 1991-2016 2CD
The Ukrainians's Evolutsiya: 40 Best And Rarest 1991-2016 is compilation featuring songs from the "Ukrainianizing" band. Len Liggins of The Ukrainians talks about the band and the release: The Ukrainians - the first quarter of a century 1991 to 2016. It has been a long journey that has taken us 25 years by trains, planes and battered vans and wherever we're going, it feels like we haven't got there yet - but it has been a fantastic ride! Our music is borne from the meeting of east and west, Ukrainian and British, and the genetic make-up of the band reflects this. Some members have a Ukrainian background and some don't. The result is a musical hybrid created from the meeting of different cultures. We have always felt moved to create our own songs. Because of our 'musical influences', Ukrainian folk music and western rock music, it feels natural to record our thoughts and emotions in this 'hybrid' style. Of course we also play traditional Ukrainian folk songs, of which there are thousands - composed centuries ago by a people whose culture had often been suppressed and whose only emotional and political outlet was in song. The resulting energy and emotion, combined with the poetry of the Ukrainian language makes it a wonderful listening experience, even for those who do not speak the language. The fact that The Ukrainians have been asked to play festivals all over the world clearly shows that this is the case. We also occasionally record our own 'Ukrainianized' versions of classic western pop or rock songs. They are, after all the folk songs of our age. Our band's music can be interpreted as specifically Ukrainian in its musical and lyrical content, but the songs' themes are most definitely universal because they reflect a whole range of emotions felt by the whole of humanity: love and loss, fear and bravery, ecstasy and despair. Many labels have been attached to The Ukrainians in an effort to categorize us. 'Cossack Punk' is one we particularly like, but it doesn't tell the whole story, as I'm sure you'll agree when you listen to this collection of our best and rarest tracks. Enjoy!"
SEQ 001-2CD
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: SEQ 001-2CD
VARIANT Sequential Sleep [ver1.2] 2CD
Echospace present the secondary edition of Variant's Sequential Sleep, a beautiful complement to the original, but at the same time, entirely unique. Taking the foundation and elements of [Volume One] (SEQ 001CD, 2016) and stripping it back into the ether; dubbed out and treated from reel-to-reel tape creating an almost vaporous atmosphere all of its own - deep, organic and mystical. Utilizing a combination of purely analog mixing, a variety of field recording methods and dubbing it in real time - hands on the controls, no edits, no computer, just the ghostly harmonics and shivery bi-products you would come to expect of obsolete vintage electronics. The analog warmth has never sounded so sweet, mixed at antique modulation in Ann Arbor. Double CD housed in a beautiful retro matte finished eco wallet with UV coat.
EF 016CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: EF 016CD
EDDIE C On The Shore CD
"Hopefully they do not fit into too many sub-genre categories," says Canadian producer and DJ Edward Currelly, aka Eddie C about On The Shore. On The Shore is a compelling musical trip of drifting repetition in rhythm and melody. Recorded entirely in his studio on the shore of the Panke River, Eddie confesses: "Berlin has been so crazy... I have mixed feelings sometimes. The emotions I've had here are like none I've ever had to deal with before. I've had many sleepless nights. I suppose the music is a mix of feelings and inspiration from life here." The story arc of his sample-laden album oscillates between sweet sadness and warming blissfulness. There are strings that can evoke tears, synth lines that may generate dreams and guitars that are able to introduce levitation. But C's life as a traveling DJ has also had a great effect on his art. "I've always written music and always been DJ'ing. They both came around the same time when I was very young. But I've never quite connected the two. I've always thought that they were very different avenues of expression. All the travelling in the last while has been a beautiful experience and so very inspiring and exhausting. One thing I really wish I had more of is routine. Something that many people wish to escape." For a listener it makes no difference where the emotional subtext is originated. Eddie did not dismiss what he has always enjoyed: arranging a mix of instruments, synths, samples and drum machines, that cuts deep into your soul. Each track is an intimate meditation. Sometimes it grooves in the down-tempo fields, sometimes cosmic disco calls the tune and house is around too, but all is propelled by pulsing keys, pitch bends and crashing drum loops. The routine Eddie talks about must be somewhat a part of his life as his usage of samples, his rhythmical accuracy and his sense for small but extra touching melody particles are not just coming from one spontaneous surge of emotion. He also enjoyed the company of his Norwegian buddy Rune Lindbaek on "Auf Der Ufer" - a sublime synth-laden spacey tune. On The Shore is a playful album full of contrasting, deeply atmospheric stages, that range from swinging and propulsive to blissed-out and bittersweet sensibilities.
PRICE: $15.50
O'CONNOR, SIMON What Is Living And What Is Dead CD
What Is Living And What Is Dead marks the solo debut of Irish composer Simon O'Connor on the Ergodos label. An immaculately crafted, beautiful and poignant collection of nine piano pieces, this album is the result of over three years work from conception to release. "I wanted to create something that could make a profound emotional connection with people, music that could really draw listeners inward to themselves and awaken a sense of joy in the beauty of the world around them," says O'Connor of the 57-minute long collection, which takes its title from a lecture given by the late historian and social commentator Tony Judt, "More than ever, I felt the need to create music that could reconnect every listener to an innocent sense of wonder; music that takes its joy in simple melody and delicate harmony; music that is - at its core - an embodiment of optimism." Childlike melodies are pitched against ever-changing harmonic landscapes, in a desperate plea for beauty in a world gone austere. This is a wordless political polemic that cries out for more space, beauty, slowness and understanding in a time of pessimism and intellectual voids. Performed by Ireland's foremost young pianist Michael McHale, What Is Living And What Is Dead is the work of the Irish production duo of Garrett Sholdice and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly. Recorded in Berlin and then completed in Munich by renowned mastering engineer Christoph Stickel (ecm, Deutsche Grammophon, Sony Classical). Simon O'Connor is a Dublin-based composer who formed seminal Dublin psych-rock band The Jimmy Cake. A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, where he studied with composers Donnacha Dennehy and Kevin Volans, O'Connor has for many years worked primarily in a tonal, minimal palette, writing for chamber ensembles and solo musicians.
PRICE: $15.50
MCHALE, MICHAEL Schubert: Four Impromptus CD
Franz Schubert's Impromptus, Opus 90, were composed in 1827, the year before the composer's death at the age of 31. Schubert: Four Impromptus juxtaposes these limpid, yet emotionally complex piano pieces with companion interludes by three Irish composers. Simon O'Connor's "Self Portrait" lovingly traces back over the shapes of the first impromptu, whilst at the same time interpolating strokes that are more typical of his own style. "Was Du Mir Warst" ("What You Were To Me") by Benedict Schlepper-Connolly takes its title from a letter that Schubert wrote in his final days. Rhapsodic and intimate, the music is constantly reflecting back on itself, yet always tumbling forward. With dark colors, saturation and a sense of getting lost, Garrett Sholdice's "The Dreams Flow Down, Too" refers to Schubert's song "Nacht Und Träume" ("Night And Dreams"), both in its title and in the quoted music of its ending. Michael McHale's sensitive performances allow our perceptions of what is familiar and what is strange to shift. The listener becomes immersed in a new world: expansive, dark and organismal. Belfast-born Michael McHale is one of Ireland's leading pianists. Michael's debut solo album The Irish Piano (2012) was selected as "CD of the Week" by critic Norman Lebrecht, who described it as "a scintillating recital - fascinating from start to stop", whilst Gramophone praised, "the singing sensibility of McHale's sensitive and polished pianism". Ergodos produces concerts and recordings, and runs its own ensemble, Ergodos Musicians.
PRICE: $15.50
O'CONNOR & MICHELLE O'ROURKE, SIMON Left Behind: Songs of the 1916 Widows CD
Written by composer and curator Simon O'Connor, and commissioned and presented by vocalist Michelle O'Rourke, Left Behind is a new collection of songs to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Drawing on the experiences of the wives of prominent rebel leaders, O'Rourke and O'Connor have created a unique suite of compositions that offer an emotional, human perspective on a narrative that is too often told in baldly male heroic terms. Beginning life as simple vocal/piano pieces, these songs have been transformed with the addition of O'Connor's former bandmates from celebrated Dublin rock band The Jimmy Cake and The Robinson Panoramic Quartet, a dynamic Dublin-based string ensemble. These ensembles bring a dramatic energy to the retelling of the stories of Maud Gonne, Grace and Muriel Gifford, Agnes Mallin and others. "So much of our engagement with history is purely political, and so rarely we allow ourselves to read between the lines to find human realities," says O'Connor, "Sinéad McCoole's book, Easter Widows (2014), the key historical reference for this work, allowed us to empathize with and understand the human cost, the real life narratives of the revolutionary period." "More so than any art form, music places us squarely in this emotional space," adds vocalist Michelle O'Rourke, "With these songs, we hope to give life to some of these feelings, these emotions and the sense of loss felt by many women and children who were left behind by men who were dominated by what they felt was a higher calling." Praise for the premiere performance of Left Behind: "The moody, slender, ethereal settings of Left Behind- held together by O'Rourke and the extraordinary beauty of her voice." -- Michael Dervan, The Irish Times. "a searingly sad tribute to the 1916 widows [...] beautifully crafted and very affecting" -- The Sunday Business Post. "There was no shortage of music contributions for the 1916 centenary, but I doubt if there was anything more original or insightful than this thought-provoking collection that focused not on the rebel leaders, but on their wives and sweethearts." -- The Sunday Business Post.
PRICE: $15.50
Written between 2008 and 2013, Enclosures is a treasury of chamber music highlighting Netherlands-based composer Peter Adriaansz's fastidious artistic mind. These works all possess seductive surfaces but their extremely careful designs make for profound, even revelatory experiences. "His work is abstract music of a high order, reanimating the medieval idea of music as applied number," wrote the late writer and performer Bob Gilmore, to whose memory this record is dedicated, "But the questions it asks are defiantly of the twenty-first century, questions about musical perception, about the nature of sound and the passage of time." "Attachments", written for pianist Saskia Lankhoorn, carefully explores and exploits different sonic aspects of a specially-prepared piano. Supple rhythmic patterns are back-lit by droning sine tones to create redolent atmospheres, gently flickering and undulating. "Phrase" and "Fraction" were composed as companion pieces for the Hague-based Ensemble Klang. The former is nearly hallucinatory in its singular treatment of a melody on soprano saxophone. The latter - a fervent world of strummed, picked and hammered metal strings - takes after American composer Henry Cowell's harmonic tempo scales, where the music's speed is intertwined with the intervals of the harmony. The record finishes with "Enclosures", composed for Amsterdam microtonal music specialists, Trio Scordatura. Over time, people become attuned to the most subtle gradations of sonic interval - people are deeply immersed and emerge newly sensitized. Peter Adriaansz (pronounced 'pay-ter ah-dree-ons') was born in Seattle in 1966 and studied composition at the conservatories of The Hague and Rotterdam, where his teachers included Louis Andriessen, Brian Ferneyhough and Peter-Jan Wagemans. Adriaansz's work can be characterized by a systematic, research-oriented approach towards music, an approach in which sound, structure and audible mathematics constitute the main ingredients. Starting in 2005, an increasing interest in flexibility, variable forms and - especially - microtonal reflection can also be observed in his work. This latter interest led, among other works, to several large-scale compositions for amplified ensembles.
PRICE: $20.00
LP version. Faitiche presents the release of Schaum by Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek. Since their debut Bird, Lake, Objects (FAITICHE 003CD, 2010), they have played improvised concerts around the world. Japanese vibraphonist Masayoshi Fujita prepares his instrument with various percussion elements as well as metal objects and toys, while Jan Jelinek layers loops made using small-scale electronic devices. Schaum (German for froth or foam) is the duo's second album. Jelinek writing to Fujita about the album: "Dear Masayoshi Fujita, many thanks for the audio files. Your additional vibraphone recordings go wonderfully with the material we have already. Preparing the vibraphone with more percussion instruments was the right decision. Combined with my tightly woven synthesizer and sample loops, the result is a fragmented sense of space. I have taken the liberty of manipulating certain recordings. While listening through our improvisations, I noticed a tendency towards atmospheric sounds. I am almost tempted to call them tropical. This has strengthened my resolve to work with dense background textures - among others, I'm using material produced in connection with my radio pieces 'Kennen Sie Otahiti?' (2012) and 'Dialoge zur Anthropologie' (2013): artificial field recordings, jungle and rain forest settings that do not hide their staged, fictional character. As you know, I have long been obsessed with the tropics. This obsession involves a mental image of a specific quality of landscape: deliriously extravagant unstructuredness, hostile to life but also excessively productive. I am fascinated by the idea of installing clear minimalist forms amid such luxuriant tropical growth. Perhaps my image of the city of Brasilia is a good example. Corresponding to this, I would like to expand our liner notes to include a quotation from Robert Müller's novel Tropics, an expressionist travelogue published in Germany in 1915. It goes without saying that this work cannot be wholeheartedly embraced: its imperialistic fantasies of omnipotence and its 'master race' posturing, characteristic of that time and place, are, of course, intolerable. Tropics is fascinating as a nervous jungle phantasm that openly indulges in exoticism at the same time as deconstructing it. In this way, the main character's adventure becomes a journey into the subjective. It resembles a feverish inner delirium, exposing exoticism as a simulated, utopian perspective. What it boils down to is insubstantial, nothing but foam and froth. With best regards, Jan Jelinek" Comes in hard-cover book-style packaging.
PRICE: $23.50
SWEET WILLIAMS Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight LP
English band Sweet Williams offers grooves that warm like wine and riffs that swagger and lurch like a sailor on shore-leave. Convened by ex-Charlottefield vocalist and guitarist Thomas House and assembled from a collection of musicians whose other projects, both former and current (including those of House himself), spread like marble veins throughout the strata of the vibrant wealth of Brighton, England's alternative music scene, Sweet Williams have, since their 2011 debut album Bliss, consolidated a sound that has become ever richer and ever more compelling. The progress of that journey continued at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 with the digital release of two EPs -- Two Clocks and You Might Be Singing To Yourself -- and is now more apparent than ever with Sweet Williams's second album, Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight. To watch the band live is to be swept up in a musical embrace that, even at its most savage and complex moments and even at its most disorientating, never feels anything less than natural and right. But that natural feeling and the infectious immediacy of the sounds belie the exquisite intricacies of the arrangements and the band's sheer hard work. Andy Thomas's head-swaying bass grinds and syncopates in lip-curl licks that entwine with the beautiful fascination and disarming power of Tom Barnes's drums to launch a tightly woven, complicated raft for the two guitars of House and Sarah Dobson to sail upon. Guitars that work at times in aggressive opposition suddenly come together in shimmering, lush accord, hanging chords upon the air before turning on a dime into sharp, murderous clamor and rage. Atop all this like a watchful hawk sit the vocals of Thomas House. Sometimes hanging back, sometimes malevolent, and always unbowed and defiant, they range from laconic, gentle utterances to unbridled, vicious howls. Recorded and mixed by Tim Cedar at Dropout Studios, Camberwell, England. Mastered by Joe Caithness. Cover art by Thomas House. Designed by Daniel Reeves. 180-gram LP in reverse-board sleeve with printed inner sleeve and download code. Edition of 500.
FR 006CD
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: FR 006CD
This recording is the première release of Julius Eastman's Femenine, for chamber ensemble. It is Femenine's only known recording, documenting a 1974 performance by the S.E.M. Ensemble (with the composer on piano) that has lain unheard for decades. The music of Julius Eastman (1940-1990) is enjoying an ongoing period of rediscovery. Known best in the past for his work with figures like Peter Maxwell Davies, Arthur Russell, and Meredith Monk, today his own formidable compositions continue to draw increasing admiration. Joyous, insistent, and immersive, Femenine bathes the listener in surges of tonal color from intertwining winds, piano, violin, pitched percussion, synthesizer, and -- uniquely -- the composer's own invention of mechanized sleigh bells, which provide the 72-minute piece with its characteristic pulse. Illuminating sleeve notes are provided by composer and author Mary Jane Leach, who is co-editor of Gay Guerrilla, a 2015 collection of essays on Eastman's life and music. Recorded by Steve Cellum -- co-producer of Arthur Russell's World of Echo -- and mastered by Denis Blackham. CD in slim card package with insert. "Eastman's stated aim with Femenine was to please listeners, saying of the piece that 'the end sounds like the angels opening up heaven . . . should we say euphoria?' " --Mary Jane Leach
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: FDR 623CD
" 'People like Stan Phillips thought I was scary, that I was over the top - but I could play rock n'roll.' -- Jim Dickinson. The late Jim Dickinson is one of the most eclectic personages rock n'roll has ever thrown up: a musical maverick. From Sun Records and Ardent Studios in the 1960s, to sessions with the Rolling Stones, Ry Cooder and Bob Dylan, significant productions of Big Star and the Replacements, and the twisted roots rock of his own Mud Boy & The Neutrons, the man was never, ever predictable. A solo album had not been at the forefront of Jim Dickinson's mind then, but once the idea was put in place by Jerry Wexler at Atlantic, he reacted conceptually, and with gusto. Dickinson always shot from the hip. He could be coarse on a rocker like 'Wine,' or dignified and joyous when celebrating 'The Strength of Love.' Inebriated laments like 'Wild Bill Jones' contrast sharply with the carny talk of 'O How She Dances,' and a shifting, indignant anti-war recitation entitled 'John Brown.' As a music maker who could relate equally to both the intellectual and the visceral aspects of popular culture, anything Dickinson lent his hand to was at least interesting and frequently rewarding. Such is the case with Dixie Fried, his solo debut from 1972. Unsuccessful upon release, the record now is now a cult item that, for many, mirrors the deliciously unexpected twists and turns of Dickinson's subsequent career. Remastered from the original tapes. Features seven unreleased tracks. Liner notes include excerpts from unpublished memoirs. Rare ephemera from Dickinson archives."
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: FDR 630LP
MOSES, LEE Time And Place LP
LP version. "Lee Moses was a huge talent and if he'd had the big hit album he richly deserved, Time And Place would've been it. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Moses cut his teeth in the clubs of Atlanta, the 'Motown of the South', where he frequently performed alongside his contemporary Gladys Knight (who reportedly wanted him for the Pips, but couldn't pin him down). It was, however, in New York in the '60s that Moses made his greatest bid to find the solo fame he desired. Moses began working there as a session player, even playing frequently with a pre-fame Jimi Hendrix, but his close relationship with producer and Atlanta native Johnny Brantley eventually saw him getting his own break via a series of 45s in 1967 - most notably with covers of Joe Simon's 'My Adorable One', The Four Tops' 'Reach Out, I'll Be There' and The Beatles' 'Day Tripper'. It was 1971 before Moses' dream of being at stage front was realized, when he released his Brantley-produced LP Time And Place for Maple Records. Recorded with a band including members of The Ohio Players and Moses' own backing group The Deciples, it was, nonetheless, Moses himself whose star quality shone through, via his scratchy guitar riffs, his throat-ripping vocals and the stirring mood that permeates the LP's heady mix of funk, soul and R&B. The LP did no business, and Moses' dream quickly crumbled. Though details on his life are scarce, it's believed he fled New York disenchanted with the music industry, feeling he'd been double-crossed by Brantley both in credit and remuneration for the countless records he'd played on. Back in Atlanta, Moses returned to playing the clubs, married twice, and fell into depression and drug dependency. He died in 1997 at the age of 56. Time And Place soon became a much-sought-after item for collectors, and its cult has continued to grow over the years. Here, we re-present it on deluxe vinyl, with brand new liner notes from Sarah Sweeney including interviews with Moses' sister and his closest collaborator, the singer and guitarist Hermon Hitson. Through them, Moses becomes a little -- but just a little -- less of an enigma."
GP 001LP
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: GP 001LP
Len Leise's Ing is the first release for General Purpose (GP), a record label created by Leise and longtime DJ partner and collaborator, Salvador. Leise and Salvador neither plan to release exclusively on GP, nor promise regular releases. It's a label for when they can find the time, energy, money and most importantly, the sound they believe in. Ing is about embracing change, experimentation and progression. Terrified to follow a format, Leise looks to other genres for inspiration. He turned to his love for dub, Afro, post punk and experimental music to find guidance. Artists like Scientist, Jah Shaka, Savant, Adrian Sherwood and Andromeda all in their own way influence Ing. Ing is not what fans might expect from Leise. Ing is a dub record, a post punk record, an experimental record, a balearic record, an homage record, a record with a purpose. Leise has previous releases on International Feel and Aficionado Recordings.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: GZH 068CD
Manchester-based duo Shield Patterns return with Mirror Breathing. Released on band member Richard Knox's own Gizeh Records label, Mirror Breathing follows on from the critically acclaimed debut album Contour Lines (GZH 055CD/LP, 2014) and Violet EP (GZH 060CD, 2015). Where its predecessors took a more stark, electronic and processed approach, Mirror Breathing is an altogether warmer, more cinematic record. The cello of guest collaborator Julia Kent (Antony & The Johnsons, The Leaf Label) introduces a new element and a new energy to the sound, pulling the songs into a more symphonic form. The electronics, drones and field recordings are intricately and painstakingly arranged by the duo, meandering between haunting vocal passages, clarinet swells and delicate synth phrases. The album ebbs and flows through hypnotic beats ("Dusk", "Blue Shutters", "Glow"), ethereal and tender piano-led songs ("Bruises", "Anymore") to more aggressive, heavily experimental, free-jazz elements ("Balance & Scatter"). Continuing the fiercely DIY ethos adopted by both band and label, Mirror Breathing has been written, recorded and produced in its entirety by Claire Brentnall and Knox in their home studio in the Peak District. The record is both personal and universal; an exploration in sound and songwriting. The music Shield Patterns are making is difficult to place into genres or pigeon-holes. Experimental sounds are married to striking, inventive melodies throughout; it's contemporary pop music of sorts with a richly detailed cosmic edge. Some words from Claire about the album: "The album for me is about feeling connected; exploring what it means to be a friend, to be in love, to be an individual, to be part of a collective unconscious. It's about the beauty of imperfection, of making mistakes, and the discoveries that are made by chance as we learn to exist."
PRICE: $24.00
POLLARD, ROBERT Not In My Airforce LP + 7"
"Guided By Voices Inc. is more excited than a bucket of photo-excited electrons to announce the 20th anniversary reissue of Robert Pollard's first solo album Not In My Airforce. Originally released by Matador Records on September 10, 1996, the album includes several songs that have become fan favorites and staples of GBV live shows throughout the years. The vinyl version of the album includes a six-song seven-inch single, which was the original plan in 1996, before the bean-counters insisted on combining the bonus songs with the CD and LP. This is a landmark recording in the Pollardian corpus, in that it both presaged the flood of solo albums, side projects, collaborations, and line-up changes to come, and established the precedent that Robert Pollard, whether solo or in concert with his Dayton, OH, pals, is a flat-out miracle worker of songcraft."
PRICE: $14.00
Hart & Tief present Sky So High, with a track each from Soulphiction and Mike Dehnert. Considering the jolly arpeggio terrorists of today, Hart & Tief's protagonists are different; Insane, socio-phobics, willing to fight to bring cultural offensives to an end by sampling, pitching and chopping everything - indefinable scraps of radio reassemble. Aesthetics of error were born, detached from the assembly line. "'Sky So High' from Soulphiction is swirling dancefloor oriented techno. Mike Dehnert's 'Zumwald' takes extreme minimal approach with understated beats & light touches." -- Crosstalk.
PRICE: $22.00
THESE HIDDEN HANDS Vicarious Memories LP
These Hidden Hands (Tommy Four Seven and Alain Paul, aka Shards) resurfaced in 2016 with the collaborative single These Moments Dismantled featuring Lucrecia Dalt, they now present Vicarious Memories, their second full length LP. Vicarious Memories builds substantially upon the sound forged with their self-titled debut album (HIDDEN 002LP, 2013) and brings a considerable new level of detail, complexity, and musicality, which ranges from flowing mellifluous grooves, somber drones, to the outright bizarre and unexpected. Although loosely an instrumental electronic album, the album makes extensive use of guitar and vocals and features prominent guest vocal contributions from underground Berlin based musicians Julia Kotowski and Ale Hop. Vicarious Memories is released via the group's own imprint, Hidden Hundred. Cover art by Norwegian illustrator Anders Røkkum. Pressed as 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold jacket. Includes download code.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: HOS 464EP
TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE Sublight Velocities 12"
NYC's Adam X regains his 'floor traction as Traversable Wormhole with Sublight Velocities. His first Traversable Wormhole production since 2012, it's far more amped than his sewer-dwelling ADMX-71 album, Coherent Abstractions (LIES 067CD/LP, 2015). "Sublight Velocities" aims for the jugular up top, squaring off a bruising tattoo of militant kicks packing elephantine recoil while plasmic black drones stoically deplete the spirit. The coldly hypnotic "Semiclassical Gravity" rolls off the bone accentuating the groove's elliptical, rolling chassis with acidic sub-bass rubs and stepping hi-hat patterns seemingly dispersing the other side's lactic build up.
PRICE: $14.00
COIL The Ape Of Naples CD
2016 version. Pressed using the original Ape Of Naples plates approved by Peter Christopherson. The Ape Of Naples is Coil's highly celebrated final album completed by Peter Christopherson following the tragic death of John Balance in 2004. Often noted for being a fan favorite, The Ape Of Naples uses Balance's final recordings and material recorded at Trent Reznor's studio in New Orleans to create a deep, heavy masterpiece. CD version is packaged in a heavy duty digipack with additional spot gloss printing.
PRICE: $14.00
COIL The New Backwards CD
The New Backwards, created in 2007, was originally included in the Ape Of Naples box set released on Important in 2008 and was constructed by Peter Christopherson using material from the Backwards sessions (CSR 203CD/LP), recorded in the early '90s for a planned release on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records label. The New Backwards, like The Ape Of Naples, is an intense fan favorite and an essential part of the Coil catalog.
PRICE: $10.00
CAT #: IMR 022EP
Redefine is the second single taken from Trentemøller's new album Fixion (IMR 021LP/LTD-CD/LTD-LP) and features Marie Fisker on vocals. Trentemøller on working with Fisker: "Marie has such a powerful and unique voice that fits my music quite naturally. I had her in mind as soon as I started writing. She ended up singing on four of the songs so she's definitely the voice that kind of leads you through the album." Thomas Bertelsen, aka T.O.M. And His Computer, contributes a brilliant remix that underlines the song's dark tones and moves it into the fields of electronica.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: IRL 004LP
THROBBING GRISTLE Heathen Earth: The Live Sound Of Throbbing Gristle LP
Repressed. Gatefold LP version. Originally released in 1980, Heathen Earth is a crucial live document of industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle. In member Chris Carter's own words: "You had to have been there. Which is what we always say about TG. TG on record and TG live are two completely different things." This album is probably the closest approximation of the two you'll ever get: it's a "live in-studio recording" made in front of a small audience and the event was filmed by Monte Cazzaza with the intention of also releasing it on video. The majority of the set is instrumental, fluctuating between the raw electronics of their early work and the band's more melodic material. Tracks include a rework of early classic "After Cease To Exist" and Brion Gysin fave "Dreammachine." The newly cut 180-gram vinyl editions include painstakingly restored cover artworks, using original source material from the Industrial Records visual archive. In addition, each of the vinyl releases includes an exclusive large format 8-page color booklet featuring an abundance of Throbbing Gristle archival material, including some previously-unpublished photos of the band. .
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: IGR 010EP
MOUSE ON MARS Lichter 10"
Lichter is the first piece in a new series of electroacoustic dub compositions by Mouse on Mars. It is a massive, lurching, up-tempo percussive epic. Like much of Mouse on Mars's output, Lichter deftly traverses a varied sonic landscape, encompassing elements of jazz, dub, krautrock juke and psychedelia. Lichter incorporates trigger robots built by Sonic Robots's Moritz Simon Geist and features Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner's long-time collaborator Dodo NKishi on percussion. Edition of 300. Neon-pink vinyl, single-sided, silkscreened B-side. Includes insert and photograph. Includes download code.
JL 3779138CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: JL 3779138CD
Beady Belle presents On My Own on Jazzland Recordings. Recorded in New York City, the songs features a strong - but not overpowering - undercurrent of '70s soul and vocal jazz, mixtures of intimacy and exuberance, and pulsations both urban and urbane. The musicians include Bugge Wesseltoft (who is also the producer) on keys, Gregory Hutchinson on drums, Reuben Rogers on bass. On My Own also features Joshua Redman on sax, Mathias Eick on trumpet and Fran Cathcart on guitar. Beady's compositional and lyrical skills are also showcased here as never before, weaving new tapestries through which her voice is the golden thread. Melodically gripping, harmonically intricate, lyrically intelligent (without pretentiousness) and underpinned by solid grooves. With each release, Beady Belle's voice has become richer, more capable, and laced with nuance and subtle expressiveness. Simply put, there is no one else like her.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: KKS 007EP
WAXIST Watch You Step 12"
Waxist, one of the best selectors of reggae, soul and disco, delivers a strong release on Kalakuta Soul Records, with Watch You Step. A fine selection of Jamaican, French and US relates bangers meticulously edited and mastered to blow both hips and minds away.
KK 093CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: KK 093CD
SIRJACQ, QUENTIN Far Islands And Near Places CD
With Far Islands And Near Places Parisian pianist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Quentin Sirjacq, releases his solo debut for Karaoke Kalk. He has collaborated with Dakota Suite on the 2014 release There Is A Calm To Be Done (KK 081CD/LP). The album expands on the signature sound and composition style that Sirjacq has been cultivating for close to two decades. On Far Islands And Near Places, he notably expands on the instrumentation of his previous album Piano Memories (2013) in order to extend the resonances of the piano as well as add a more rhythmic quality. This album features a wide range of instruments such as Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, marimba, vibraphone and glockenspiel on top of the central instrument, the piano. This allows Quentin to explore new possibilities and add extra layers of richness to the arrangements. While the core melodies are often still played on piano, as you might expect - this being the instrument Sirjacq studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague between 1999 and 2004 as well as music composition at Mills College between 2005 and 2006, there are moments of euphoric electronics such as on "Bodies", which verges on a minimal club style. Other tracks on the album, "Orange" for example, adopt a more traditional approach. The album takes its title from the tune "Far Islands", a subdued and haunting ballad centered around Fender Rhodes and completed with subtle percussion. As one might expect for someone who has worked with none other than the great Fred Frith, Sirjacq's compositions also lean towards experimentalism and avant-garde in places, as can be heard on the tunes "Round Dance" and "It's Raining In My House" which make such great use of the melodic percussion instruments; glockenspiel, vibraphone and marimbas. Quentin Sirjacq says "I believe music today should allow us to care more about our inner life and self-understanding in order to become more peaceful individuals and acknowledge the complexity and mystery of the human being." This is exactly what Far Islands And Near Places does. The final result is for the listener to be carried on a journey through different subconscious places, by using classical composition techniques from classical music, jazz or song writing in connection with today's way of hearing and producing music through new technologies. Fans of neo-classical, ambient and modern chamber music should listen to Far Islands.
KK 094LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: KK 094LP
LP version. 180 gram, transparent vinyl. Includes printed inner sleeve and download code. The origin of this collaboration began two months prior to the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Dakota Suite had been touring Japan with their friends from the Japanese band called Vampillia and had been in several coastal locations in Wakayama as well as places near to Fukushima. The tsunami was very upsetting for Chris Hooson and David Buxton from Dakota Suite who then set about making music to reflect this overwhelming sadness and loss for Japan with a desire to reflect the phases of the disaster, the rising violent seas, the destructive power and loss preceding sorrow at the devastation which followed. They approached Vampillia to work on these somber reflective songs for the sea. Vampillia is next alternative music from Osaka. Guitar, noise guitar, bass, piano, classical strings, Velladon on Opera, Mongoloid on the dark metal vocals alongside twin drummers Talow the Tornado (Nice View, Turtle Island) and Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins). From this lineup of ten (sometimes more) comes experimental and beautiful dark music. They have previously collaborated with acts such as µ-Ziq, Merzbow, Nadja and Lustmord. Their intense experimental style is the perfect fusion with the Dakota Suite aesthetic. Chris Hooson was haunted by images of floating pieces of wood which had once been someone's ancient dwelling. The music Dakota Suite & Vampillia have recorded on The Sea is Never Full seeks to provide a mechanism to deal with this pain cathartically. Various short pieces were passed between Dakota Suite and Vampillia, who added strings and the distinctive throat singing of Mongoloid. Japanese throat singing speaks to an ancient method, called rekukkara. It is tonal rather than melodic. As Hooson says "It seemed an appropriate way to convey the sadness we felt at the horror of Fukushima, which knows no words to express it accurately." After basic recording had been completed, David Buxton, took apart every note of the music and created a two-part suite. This had a seismic shift in the project, the music is presented in that form. Together with Vampillia they have sculpted a truly epic record spanning musical styles from ambient and experimental to post-rock and neo-classical.
PRICE: $19.50
IT'S A FINE LINE It's A Fine Line CD
The first It's A Fine Line album, Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris, released on Kill The DJ records. Two Parisians, Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris, exiled in London for the better part of the last ten year set out to redefine space. It's A Fine Line was born from non-restraint, cultivating its own vision of house music and disco, a paradoxical one, a non-functional one. Their first LP reveals itself as a collection of tests, of explorations in the shadows and corners of club culture. These are murky roads where counterfeit goes for gold standard, perfect territory to lose oneself in order to find ones way. Leaving behind the smooth highways of club music, they ride more chaotic trails, with dubious reputation or names: white funk, trance groove, electronic psychedelia, greasy, rock'n'roll - A risky path, ambivalent, proud of accidents, crashes and bad taste, but the only real way to discover virgin grounds on well-trodden terrain. They are writing their own (hi)story. For this album, Tim and Ivan recruited three double agents, the flame of Alex Kapranos, singer of Franz Ferdinand, the mysterious voice of Olivia de Lanzac from cult band Quad Throw Salchow and the pitched down, spectrum of label companion C.A.R. Three tweaked but prominent voices, joining in on an album that confounds through the coherence of its eclecticism and the rigorous mirage of its style. Renowned artist Gareth McConnell adds his indispensable touch to the artwork and video, encompassing the exact image of this record: hypnotic and kaleidoscopic, a celestial trip recorded on a used VHS tape. "it's a fine line between reference and cliche / it's a fine line between moody and dark / it's a fine line between obscure and abstruse / it's a fine line between passion and obsession / it's a fine line between ambiguity and confusion / it's a fine line between principles and rules / it's a fine line between simple and easy / it's a fine line between Tim Paris and Ivan Smagghe, and that's why they're walking it." -- Kill The DJ.
PRICE: $14.00
VA Kingston Allstars Meet Downtown at King Tubbys CD
2016 repress. Kingston Sounds follow up with another great compilation in the shape of Kingston Allstars. 1973 to 1976 was a period in reggae's history when the music coming from Kingston Jamaica was at its peak. So many talented singers, who sang soulful/righteous songs, found their way onto tape. Maybe it was the competition between the studios like Randys Channel 1 and Harry J and the quality of the singers available to sing these tunes. Bunny Lee productions are once again under the spotlight, with rare tracks from Freddie McKay, Horace Andy, Jimmy Riley, Cornel Campbell, Wayne Jarrett, Johnny Clarke, Ronnie Davis and curiously a handful of tracks not usually associated with Striker Lee, like Locksley (sometimes Lacksley) Castell's "Some Good" (on the same rhythm that Augustus Pablo used for Hugh Mundell's "Revolution a Come"), Linval Thompsons's "Wicked Dem" (on Pablo's own "Rockers Dub" rhythm) and Yabby U's "Stand Up and Fight". But whatever caused the explosion the mighty voices. The tracks were culled together from sessions recorded at the fore mentioned legendary studios. Then taken to King Tubby's home style studio at 18 Drummlie Avenue in the Waterhouse district of Kingston. This is where the great dub-master himself would record the vocal tracks, a method in which he preferred to work and then mix the tracks Tubby style. Kingston Sound have travelled to Jamaica and listened to hours of master tapes to develop Kingston Allstars. So sit back and enjoy a wicked set by Kingston's finest.
PRICE: $14.00
KELLY, PAT Jamaican Soul CD
2010 release. Kingston Sounds present a compilation featuring Pat Kelly, titled Jamaican Soul. Pat Kelly possesses one of the great soul voices to come out of Jamaica. Influenced by the fantastic American singer Sam Cook, Pat Kelly could ride over any tune that came his way and with his outstanding falsetto voice always added a little magic to each recording. Pat Kelly (born 1949 in Kingston, Jamaica) began his singing career in 1967 when he replaced Slim Smith as lead singer of the Techniques, his voice working so well with the impeccable harmonies of Winston Riley and Bruce Ruffin. Their first hit for the mighty Duke Reid stable was a version of Curtis Mayfield's tune "You'll Want Me Back" retitled "You Don't Care" which held the number one position in Jamaica for six weeks. Their next hit was another Curtis Mayfield cover of the Impressions "Minstrel and Queen" again retitled for the Jamaican market as "Queen Minstrel". Further hits followed with such cuts as "My Girl" and "Love is Not a Gamble" before in 1968 Kelly decided to become a solo artist and hooked up with producer Bunny Lee. Bunny decided not to break the tried and tested formula and put Kelly on another Curtis Mayfield track "Little Boy Blue" a style that suited his voice so well. This paid dividends and was followed with "How Long (Will I Love You)" which gave them the biggest selling Jamaican hit of 1969. A track which broke the mold in that often used tradition where Jamaican tracks are sweetened for the foreign markets by adding string arrangements. This was reversed on this occasion as the tune had already been released in the UK and dubbed over with strings so came back to the Jamaican shores and released there. Another string to Pat Kelly's bow was his engineering skills. Having already spent a year in America studying electronics he put this to good use and became little known to many one of the chief engineers at Channel 1 studios in the late 1970s and early 1980s. For this release, Kingston Sounds have focused on the fabulous singing skills of Kelly and have compiled some of his finest recording moments.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: KOM 360LP
VA Kompakt Total 16 2LP
Double LP version. Kompakt's Total compilation series hardly needs an introduction: they rummage through the Kompakt releases, selecting favorites from the past year that reflect Kompakt's best and unsaid tracks, compiled and packaged as a cohesive whole. Total 16 is a dynamic assortment and comprehensive profile of Kompakt's current label portfolio, including both newcomers and veteran producers in peak form. Keeping up a good old Total tradition, there is also new material from core artists - such as Michael Mayer's aptly named "Action", an absolutely rinsing acid cracker, or Matias Aguayo's stellar "Komm", sitting comfortably among his best and most stirring work to date. Meanwhile, Ju?rgen Paape drops silky, atmospheric synth pads on "Eden" and The Modernist teams up with Hot Chip's Joe Goddard for the pop-infused "The Price Of Love". Another highlight is the debut release from exciting newcomer Lake Turner: "Beacon Fields" is a misty- eyed, melancholic piece focusing on exquisite electronic textures and sweeping melodies. Also features: The Field, Kaytlin Aurelia Smith, Weval, The Orb, Teebs, Blond:ish, Patrice Bäumel, Coma, Robag, Komon & Will Saul, Ben Westbeech, The Modernist, Sonns, Wassermann, The Silent Ones, Jonas Bering, Dave DK, Ulrich Schnauss, Frankey & Sandrino, John Tejada, Hunter/Game, Redshape, Clarian, Rex The Dog, Maceo Plex, C.A.R., Reinhard Voigt, Terranova, and DJ Hell.
PRICE: $15.50
VA Kompakt Total 16 2CD
Kompakt's Total compilation series hardly needs an introduction: they rummage through the Kompakt releases, selecting favorites from the past year that reflect Kompakt's best and unsaid tracks, compiled and packaged as a cohesive whole. Total 16 is a dynamic assortment and comprehensive profile of Kompakt's current label portfolio, including both newcomers and veteran producers in peak form. Keeping up a good old Total tradition, there is also new material from core artists - such as Michael Mayer's aptly named "Action", an absolutely rinsing acid cracker, or Matias Aguayo's stellar "Komm", sitting comfortably among his best and most stirring work to date. Meanwhile, Ju?rgen Paape drops silky, atmospheric synth pads on "Eden" and The Modernist teams up with Hot Chip's Joe Goddard for the pop-infused "The Price Of Love". Another highlight is the debut release from exciting newcomer Lake Turner: "Beacon Fields" is a misty- eyed, melancholic piece focusing on exquisite electronic textures and sweeping melodies. Also features: The Field, Kaytlin Aurelia Smith, Weval, The Orb, Teebs, Blond:ish, Patrice Bäumel, Coma, Robag, Komon & Will Saul, Ben Westbeech, The Modernist, Sonns, Wassermann, The Silent Ones, Jonas Bering, Dave DK, Ulrich Schnauss, Frankey & Sandrino, John Tejada, Hunter/Game, Redshape, Clarian, Rex The Dog, Maceo Plex, C.A.R., Reinhard Voigt, Terranova, and DJ Hell.
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: LFM 517CD
DYLAN, BOB Life And Life Only: Radio & TV 1961-1965 CD
"This 80-minute collection represents Dylan at his most fertile via radio and television broadcasts made throughout this astonishing era. The collection features songs and interviews from the 1961 folk Hootenanny at the Riverside Church, New York, just six months after Bob's arrival in NYC and before he had even signed a record deal. His appearance on Oscar Brand's Folk Song Festival broadcast in October 1961, aired on WNYC radio, is then featured, followed by a second Oscar Brand radio show broadcast on WNBC in the spring of 1963. Two television appearances from The Steve Allen Show in February 1964 and the Les Crane Show in February 1965 - barely a month before the release of Bringing It All Back Home - complete this superb set. Featuring an eclectic selection of Bob's take on otherwise unreleased traditionals, plus a number of Dylan classics, this CD will surely remain the default collection of live Dylan during his greatest era."
PRICE: $24.00
SHAGGS, THE Philosophy Of The World LP
LP version. "In 1968, three sisters from Fremont, New Hampshire strapped on their instruments and declared themselves The Shaggs. At that moment begun a peculiar tale that would last far beyond the group's five-year run. Dot, Betty and Helen (and occasionally Rachel, the fourth sister) played in the group on the insistence of their father, Austin Wiggin Jr., who was convinced they were going to be big. Years earlier, Austin's mother gave him a palm reading, predicting that her son would marry a strawberry blonde woman, that he would have two sons after his mother died, and that his daughters would form a popular music outfit. The first two became reality, so Austin was certain the third would follow suit. With pure confidence and his mother's bold prediction, Austin decided that his daughters would forgo attending the local high school in favor of home schooling interspersed with a strict regiment of instrumental and vocal practice, along with jumping jacks and sit-ups. Soon after The Shaggs would enter Fleetwood Recording studios in Revere, Massachusetts to record their sole album, Philosophy Of The World, a collection of garage rock tunes that balanced charm and discordance in equal measure. Austin would spend most of his savings not only on the session but also on the manufacturing costs to press up 1,000 copies of the album (900 of which mysteriously vanished upon completion). Throughout Philosophy Of The World simple truths are revealed through the pen of sister Dot, the songwriter of the band. The rich people want what the poor people got, just as the poor people want what the rich people got. Your parents love you. There is happiness in nearness and sadness in the farness. The album failed to fulfill Austin's expectations of rock stardom, though the group remained together until their father's death, performing frequently at the Fremont town hall and a local nursing home, no further albums were released. That might have been the end of it, until rock band NRBQ discovered a copy at a Massachusetts radio station and re-released it in 1980. Rolling Stone's reviewer at the time described it as 'the most stunningly awful wonderful record I've heard in ages'. Nearly 50 years later, the album ranks among the most polarizing LPs of all time. Some said it was the worst thing ever made. Others felt it was one of the great long players of the 20th century. Frank Zappa famously dubbed the band 'better than The Beatles', while Kurt Cobain placed the album at #5 on his list of Top 50 favorite albums. Original copies of the album fetch for $10,000. Decades later and one could argue that maybe Austin was right all along. We're all here, still enthralled by the purity of The Shaggs. Liner notes by legendary musician, writer and compiler, Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith, Nuggets). Book features unseen photos and ephemera. Artwork restored and expanded to a gatefold jacket. Newly remastered."
PRICE: $12.50
RANDOMER & HODGE Second Freeze/Simple As 12"
Randomer follows up releases on Dekmantel, Clone and L.I.E.S, by teaming up with Livity Sound regular Hodge for a collaborative 12" on the reverse Livity Sound label. Metallic percussion contorts and splinters throughout the maximalized "Second Freeze", whilst "Simple As" courses with a transcendental bare-bone rhythmic intensity.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: LLR 104EP
Sébastien Léger delivers two solid originals and is backed up by Arjuna Schiks's trippy dreamy remix. "Oracle" has a French house sound to it characteristic of Léger with a Moroderesque arpeggio bassline. His excellent production skills shine brightest when he plays the keys in the second break. "Trytosphere" is a somewhat new direction for the Frenchman; a sunny track with a Balearic feel to it. A real summer soundtrack. Arjuna Schiks adds a trippy take on the original with a nice upbeat energetic groove layered on top of a spacey bell and synth soundscape which echoes in the background.
PRICE: $25.00
ELEKTRO GUZZI Clones 2x12"
2x12" version. Elektro Guzzi, holding their position as the leading "real" techno live band, present Clones. Literary all the Granny Smith apple trees grown today, from Uruguay to Hokaido, are clones from Mrs. Smith's original tree in Sydney. Bananas, oranges, watermelons, garlic and other fruits of daily delight are routinely replicated without any input of external ideas - i.e., they are cloned. There is no general ethical or aesthetic decision to be formed about clones, since you have already imbibed them ever since your first bite. Thus, you are not in a neutral or otherwise preliminary position, but already involved, knee-deep. It may not be a coincidence that the first mammals, warm-blooded egg-layers and small marsupials, date almost exactly to the period of the first flowers, evolving some 125 million years ago. Quick-thinking, vegetable eating mammals provide a most striking example of cooperation in evolution, as their interest in plant foods led them to become well-fed. A bond has been formed. Seedless plants, like banana and oranges, have made a most remarkable dispersal strategy: season after season, human growers clone them. The plants are perpetuated because they taste so good. And that's about it. Much has been said about Elektro Guzzi's aptitude in transcending their instrumental sources towards techno of unlikely beauty, pristine consistency and razor-sharp definition. It tastes good, and thus they have decided to clone themselves. Elektro Guzzi plow through their own fertile ground of ideas and sprout structures, textures and gestures into a dizzying array of new offerings. Yet the tunnel vision of the singular point of origin of all tracks makes it smack even more, because there's never too much of a great thing.
MIG 1532CD
PRICE: $22.00
CAT #: MIG 1532CD
"Re-release of the originally 1974 released Klaus Schulze classic album Timewind, includes generous bonus and a 16-page booklet. Evolving slowly but deliberately over the course of each album side, Timewind has been deemed an electronic version of an Indian raga. It resembles in many ways a longer variation of the third track from Tangerine Dream's classic 1974 album Phaedra, 'Movements of a Visionary', but it remains a transitional work somewhere between the krautrock of Schulze's earlier output and the Berlin School character of his following efforts. The intention of Timewind was to invoke a timeless state in the listener. Both track titles are references to the nineteenth-century composer Richard Wagner, Bayreuth is the Bavarian town where Wagner had an opera house built for the first performance of his massive Ring Cycle. Wahnfried is the name of Wagner's home in Bayreuth in the grounds of which he was buried in 1883. It is also a pen-name used by Schulze himself."
MIG 1562CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: MIG 1562CD
" 'In the long run, this album will establish Klaus Schulze as an outstanding composer of electronic music', said the reviewer of Record World back in 1977 when he heard Mirage. Mirage is a masterpiece. Schulze's flexibility in terms of spirit and final production is shown here in a bizarre electronic winter landscape. The music used for this re-release was carefully transferred from original old analog master-tapes to digital equipment. And for those who have already everything of Klaus Schulze (including the Mirage album), he used here a slightly different version of 'Velvet Voyage'. Also a formerly unreleased long track which Klaus recorded six month prior to Mirage, the complete version of a soundtrack piece for a Dutch movie was added. Just five minutes from it were used once in a (long deleted) sampler. Klaus Schulze first attracted attention as a member of the German pioneers of electronic music, Tangerine Dream. Following the release of their debut LP, Electronic Meditation he departed for a solo career. Klaus's recorded work typically features extended pieces sometimes filling an entire album built around computer-generated synthesizers and other specially programmed electronic effects. Klaus Schulze remains a cult figure in the whole world. He is widely considered an avant-garde mainstay as well as a founding father of both the new-age space music and electronica genres."
MA 079CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: MA 079CD
The self-titled debut album from Starless is the lushly orchestrated brainchild of Paul McGeechan, keyboard player of Love & Money from Glasgow. It's an epic and unique album, widescreen in scope and ambition, featuring such illustrious collaborators as Paul Buchanan (The Blue Nile), Karen Matheson (Capercaillie), Julie Fowlis and Chris Thomson (The Bathers). McGeechan, who wrote, arranged and masterminded the project, recorded the album with the stunning Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The result is an emotional soundscape with references ranging from Ennio Morricone to The Cocteau Twins and David Sylvian. "Fuadach" provides the opening titles to this very special cinematic musical journey. It is followed by the late-night beauty of title track "Starless", sung by Paul Buchanan (Buchanan's first vocal for quite some time): "In a starless sky, one shutdown moon, here in this city, we fall in love too soon". "Whispered Reason No. 2" and "Solitude", both sung by Marie Claire Lee, recall the other-worldly beauty of Liz Fraser of The Cocteau Twins. Another great collaborator on Starless is Karen Matheson. Her beautiful voice is featured on the celestial "The Surge Of The Sea" which is sung in Gaelic. Scottish folk singer Julie Fowlis provides vocals on the second Gaelic language song on the album, the ethereal "Duthaich Mhicaoidh". Chris Thomson sings the gorgeous "Misty Nights": "Sure as east meets west, she's in her summer dress, young musicians on their knees". McGeechan and Thomson were both members of legendary post-Postcard band Friends Again in the early '80s. "Within These Walls", sung by Andrew White, recalls the melancholy art-pop of early '80s Peter Gabriel. The atmospheric "Yellow Midnight" is sung by Gwen Stewart who has recorded with Sugartown. Turn the lights down low, turn up the volume and get on a trip with this very special and, yes, quite spectacular album. It's a beauty.
PRICE: $25.00
GOTTSCHING, MANUEL E2-E4 (35th Anniversary Edition) LP
180-gram LP version with embossed chessboard artwork print and printed inner sleeve. In celebration of the 2016 35th anniversary of the December 12, 1981, recording of Manuel Göttsching's legendary E2-E4, one of electronic music's most influential recordings, Göttsching's MG.ART label presents an official reissue, carefully overseen by the master himself. Includes liner notes by Manuel Göttsching, archival photos, and an excerpt of David Elliott's review in Sounds from June 16, 1984."As the story is sometimes told, Göttsching stopped in the studio for a couple of hours in 1981 and invented techno. E2-E4 is the most compelling argument that techno came from Germany-- more so than any single Kraftwerk album, anyway. The sleeve credits the former Ash Ra Tempel leader with 'guitar and electronics', but few could stretch that meager toolkit like Göttsching. Over a heavenly two-chord synth vamp and simple sequenced drum and bass, Göttsching's played his guitar like a percussion instrument, creating music that defines the word 'hypnotic' over the sixty minutes . . . A key piece in the electronic music puzzle that's been name-checked, reworked and expanded upon countless times." --Mark Richardson, Pitchfork
PRICE: $14.00
KINK Chorus 12"
Chorus is a full multi-pack from KiNK and features hometown collaborator KEi. KiNK, aka Strahil Velchev, is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. KiNK is his house set while Cyrillic is his techno project. KiNK was named Resident Advisor's #1 Live Act in 2015.
BEC 5156476
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: BEC 5156476
MOLECULE 60° 43' Nord (Deluxe Edition) 2CD
Mille Feuilles present a deluxe edition of Molecule's album, 60° 43' Nord. Some associate the sounds of waves to heat and relaxation. Others visualize the sea as a wide playground from which they can pick up the echoes to turn them into a deep sound. For 60° 43' Nord, Molecule decided to record the wild voices of the Atlantic Ocean aboard a 90 meters long fishing boat. The result is made of powerful and danceable techno beats ("8 ZL 40"), tracks that will take you directly to the Atlantic's depths ("Abysses"), and harmonious moments of time off ("Le Jardin" or Soleil Bleu"). 60° 43' Nord is captivating and flows. Features the full album on CD 1 and a live version on CD 2. Comes in digi-sleeve, with a 16-page booklet.
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: MST 002CD
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh's Thulth takes the listener to lush and complex grounds with its rich sound, flowing with gentle melancholic melody and multiple sonic layers. It also takes the listener into sudden ferocious walls-of-sounds, it's a sharp reminder of Tamer Abu Ghazaleh's abilities as one of the few to imbue the region's sound with sentiments of fury and restlessness. Thulth also shows Tamer Abu Ghazaleh's vocal prowess, gutsy modal twisting, fragmented structuring, constant shape-shifting of styles and dizzying vocal harmonies.
NEOS 11602CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: NEOS 11602CD
Johannes X. Schachtner lives in Munich as a freelance conductor and composer. After completing studies in composition and orchestral conducting, he was awarded residences as a scholarship holder in Bamberg and Paris. His works are performed by such internationally renowned soloists as Julia Fischer, Julius Berger, Adrien Boisseau, and Maximilian Hornung and by the conductor Ulf Schirmer. Author Norbert Niemann on Schachtner: "When we first met in 2009, the then 24-year-old impressed me with his stupendous knowledge and extraordinary level of reflection. The son of a musical family going back several generations, the young conductor and composer had internalized music history to such an extent that each conversation with him contributed to an expansion of my musical horizon. At that time I heard pieces by Schachtner for the first time, including an early version of his Chamber Symphony, presented here in a condensed form as Symphonic Essay. It was not difficult to recognize the work's relationship to Beethoven, based on two bars shortly before the end of the Eighth Symphony. This is because his art of composition is created out of a thorough questioning of musical tradition." Performed by the Ensemble Zeitsprung featuring Markus Elsner (conductor), Thérèse Wincent (soprano), and Peter Schöne (baritone).
NEOS 11609CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: NEOS 11609CD
Neos presents its third release featuring Cologne-based composer Marcus Antonius Wesselmann (born in Germany in 1965). The internationally renowned Ensemble Modern performs the works, conducted by Franck Ollu. Wesselmann has, according to one critic, shot from zero to 60 with the concert program partly documented in this CD. Since his emergence, he has fully established himself in the contemporary musical landscape, combining elements of minimal music with strict constructions and an exuberant playfulness with virtually transcendent virtuosity. Founded in 1980 and based in Frankfurt am Main since 1985, the Ensemble Modern is one of the world's leading ensembles for contemporary music. The ensemble unites numerous soloists from several countries, all of whom contribute to the ensemble's rich cultural background. The Ensemble Modern is famous for its unique organizational structure, unlike any other in the world: there is no artistic director and all of its members are responsible for jointly selecting and implementing projects, co-productions, and financial matters.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: NEOS 51001DVD
DVD is NTSC and region-free. Helmut Lachenmann presents a DVD release titled String Quartets. Helmut Lachenmann on the wonderful performers of the piece, Stadler Quartett: "Meeting and working with the musicians of the Stadler Quartett: one of my most precious memories and experiences - accuracy and euphony, even and especially in the 'extraterritorial' realm of noise and reverberations, and finally, along with their willingness to probe new performance techniques: inspired music-making and exquisite artistry. In short, everything needed to make an audience alert and attentive - and a composer happy. One cannot express gratitude, words are bound to fail." Sound format: PCM 2.0 Stereo. Picture format: 16:9. Total playing time: 76 minutes.
PRICE: $10.00
CAT #: NUP 028EP
One of the most popular tracks from 2015's Survival of the Fittest LP (NUP 002LP) finally gets a single release and remix treatment from Reggae Roast's Vibration Lab. Taking the track in a deeper, more digital direction, the veteran duo have crafted a classic slice of modern dancehall, reminiscent of the legendary sounds of Gussie P. and that timeless '90s vibe. Flip it over for a dubwise version.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: RHD 030EP
MOSS, JAMAL The Digital Afterlife 12"
Jamal Moss, aka Hieroglyphic Being, presents The Digital Afterlife. "The Digital Afterlife" was performed live during a two hour Hieroglyphic Being "ambient" show at Amsterdam's OCCII in January, 2016. The moment was beautiful, the recording was strong. The B side features a couple of prime gherkins straight out the Hieroglyphic pickle jar. "Arras" is a tribute to the beautiful Northern French town of Arras. Everybody should be up on "Akashic Energies".
PRICE: $15.50
PROPHET HENS, THE The Wonderful Shapes Of Back Door Keys CD
The Prophet Hens return for their second album, The Wonderful Shapes Of Back Door Keys. The Wonderful Shapes Of Back Door Keys delivers on the tuneful jangly promise of their debut album, Popular People Do Popular People (EUROPA7E 045LP, 2013). US music blog The Finest Kiss described their popular debut as "Chills meets Belle And Sebastian pop alchemy" before saying, "The Prophet Hens may be better than both" and making it their #2 album of 2013. Ringing the changes on this latest effort is the addition of bassist Robin Cederman's adventurous songwriting, on which keyboard player Penelope Esplin takes lead vocals. Her voice, the strong melodies, and richly detailed, dramatic story-lines are sometimes reminiscent of an Antipodean Neko Case. Robin's songs complement Karl Bray's minor-key pop numbers, which manage to be both melancholic and exuberant at the same time.
DOO 16001CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: DOO 16001CD
GRAU, DANIEL Disco Fantasy CD
Oom Dooby Dochas present a reissue of Daniel Grau's Disco Fantasy, originally released in 1979. This 1979 release was the fourth solo effort of Venezuelan composer and musician Daniel Grau. Disco-funk with a Latin melody and rhythm approach surely was the hottest thing among the dancing folks back in the day and the rather futuristic synthesizer arrangements turn these memorable tunes into a spacey and spicy affair. The sound is perfect and the performance equals its package. The compositions are quite long all-in-all, giving it a hypnotic effect on the listener and dancer. The continuing, pulsating groove comes in a repetitive manner creating a floating atmosphere. Disco Fantasy is surely a product of its era and made for disco lovers to dance on through the simmering nights, but unlike most mainstream disco albums this record opens the gate to another dimension touching the senses of everybody in reach when it gets played on the turntable. Next to the similar massive Donna Summer works like "I Feel Love", this is the true essence of disco music - entirely instrumental with an emphasis on synthesizer melodies instead of vocals. Drift away into your disco fantasy.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: OVM 270EP
ABRIL, GEL Raver 12"
Gel Abril presents three big tracks with Raver. "Raver" from the oak-trunk kicks to the bellowing subs to the demonic down-pitched spoken sermon by way of the life-support machine rhythmic texture, is a wholly dark tech groove. "Optical" is a drama-raiser that fluctuates back and forth, causing every other element from the kicks right the way up to the percussion to follow its tense pattern. "Akasa" taps into the EP's heritage theme with its timeless, almost bouncy acid line. Gel establishes a tangible, physical funk with increasing percussive elements and a synth lick that gets decidedly trippy and unpredictable.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: OVM 271EP
FARAONE, MARCO Raw Jamsessions 001 12"
Marco Faraone makes his debut on Ovum Recordings with Raw Jamsessions 001. The EP is the first of a new concept series intended for appreciators of the analog sound. The EP was produced live, with Marco connecting his hardware, preparing the patterns and recording live to tape, unedited. Each track has its own distinct feel; the first is a rolling journey of echoing synths and hefty drums. The second features a cascade of acid-tinged stabs. On the B-side, "003" makes for a laidback yet gritty six minutes, whilst "004" closes off the EP with layers of percussion thudding bassline.
PP 014LP
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PP 014LP
ETANT DONNES Royaume/Aimant + Aimant - LP
Run horse runSting bee stingFly fish flyBurn miracle burnHow beautiful your eyes are when they look into the void--Marc HurtadoThis is the second of three reissues focusing on the works of Étant Donnés based on field recording and voice. Royaume (originally released on CD by Touch in 1991) is made up of four tracks and is a kind of purifying journey through the four elements that symbolically refers to the light evoked by the color green, an allegory of the grail and of the light-bringing angel. As to the poems, they tend to amount to their essentials, as is the case on the track "Matin," which is both Taoist and surrealistic. Aimant + Aimant - (originally released as a split CD and 10" by Danceteria in 1992) presents itself as a magical alchemical mantra based upon the force of love, the force of life. "Like true buffoons from ultra-world, Eric and Marc Hurtado succeed in achieving what many sages consider to be the very purpose of magical art: to create one's own ritual and , being one's own referent, to become a vibrating point in the cosmos and be a receptacle for natural energy, like those bright patches or that black point recurring in their magical music, real poems-paintings and irremediably aiming , like an insect caught between the circle and the cross, in the heat of the sun in an attempt to merge with the Whole." --Stéphane DuvalTwo pole like two bodies like two hearts like two magnets.The wind, the sea, the breath, the fire.Nothing more than nothing.Everything is in everything.--Marc Hurtado
PRICE: $14.00
NIDAM, MAAYAN Deep Under Sobriety Regime 10"
Two songs in a 10" format from Maayan Nidam. Far out!
PRICE: $14.00
Sebastien Casanova's early attraction to jazz and movie scores drove him to enroll at the "Conservatoire de Paris" where he dedicated himself to learning piano. Realizing the rigorous teachings of classical music helped him explore the freedom of jazz improvisation. Percussions, string recordings and the search for sound design are essential parts of his mind set. Concrete sounds and field recordings are inherent qualities that make his music so singular. Cloudy Others is a soundscape reminiscent of Ethiopian records, Mulatu Astake or certain Duke Ellington melodies - a misty atmosphere, in the wait of an endless day.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PFR 178EP
FIDELES Ran Baran 12"
Fideles, the moniker of Italian duo Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti, cook up four courses of lean, focused tech-house with Ran Baran. "Detuned" is an edgy, tense groove exhibiting a masterful sound design and use of space to create a thick, intoxicated atmosphere. "I'm Rude" is more direct - a thumping bass drum introduces a low slung bass groove, slowly mutating into a true party-starter. "Ran Baran" is another lesson in great production - each element perfectly balanced to create an atmosphere of controlled mayhem. "Worthy" uses similar building blocks but delivers a different vibe altogether.
PP 018EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PP 018EP
OBALSKI Wind-s 12"
Obalski presents Wind-s. "Wind-s" originally appeared in a slightly different version as part of the soundtrack to one of Rohtheaters's plays. The track features all the typical Obalski elements - dreamy pads and odd melodies creating the sort of ambient that carries you away somewhere else. The Japanese duo Mascaras (Chida & 5ive) transformed "Wind-s" in an atmospheric drum workout. Fantastically incorporating the breezy synth elements of the original into their flow of percussion. Press play and lift off. The B-Side gives space to Nick Höppner's epic techno groove. Ecstasy - evolving - progress.
PRICE: $14.00
Marlon Hoffstadt drops Coach Mike, featuring remixes from Massimiliano Pagliara and The Friend. The title track starts as a grooving acid-based cut peppered with percussion before building suspense to a surprising yet satisfying breakdown. Pagliara's rework of the title track is a Balearic-tinged affair; starting with a solid drum and building to a crescendo of bass, pads and synths, along with the analog synth elements. "Broncos" is a club track created for the floor. An acid bassline sits alongside industrial elements and stabbing synths. The Friend's interpretation is down-tempo techno distortion at its best. Artwork by Hermann Reimer.
PRICE: $26.50
Shit And Shine, aka Craig Clouse, presents his sixth album for Riot Season, Teardrops. Since the release of the first Shit And Shine album You're Lucky To Have Friends Like Us in 2004, Shit and Shine have released approximately fifteen more albums, with at least the same amount of EPs and played fuck knows how many amazing shows across the world. Throughout this, Shit And Shine continue to shift genres with ease, never wanting to become predictable, Clouse rarely opts for the safe option, in fact he never does. Recent times have seen him receive glowing praise for his more electronic work on labels such as Editions Mego, Rocket Recordings and Diagonal. So what does Clouse do next? He knocks out a grind-core album of course. Teardrops kills any notion of you knowing what he'll do next stone dead. It's a battle scarred middle digit to the world, a full force fuck you guitar overload and it'll ruin your weekend. White vinyl housed in 350 GSM printed card sleeve with black inner sleeve. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.00
SHAN The City Never Sleeps 12"
Shan's third outing for Running Back is an ode to a time when ''house'' was characterized by old grooves and new ones alike. A well-rounded treatment for the times - before, during and after the rave. Break beats included.
PRICE: $19.50
YOSHIDA, MINAKO Midnight Driver/Town 12"
Highly sought-after boogie tunes from Japan's Minako Yoshida now reissued in a limited 12 inch format. Cover illustration by Cosmo Knex.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: RBL 015LP
"For the first time ever on vinyl, the rousing and eclectic soundtrack to the film from one of Italy's most beloved cult directors. Conquest brings together the electronic virtuosity of Claudio Simonetti and the visionary horror of Lucio Fulci. The result is an epic musical score rich with analog synthesizers, arpeggios, tense rhythms and maestro Simonetti's signature atmospheres. This limited edition contains a wealth of unreleased material never before heard. A must have for any die hard collector. Limited smoke transparent vinyl + poster 499 copies."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: SAT 028EP
VILLETE Girl Next Door 12"
Villete presents their deep house stunner, Girl Next Door. The A-side opens with the swelling pads and earnest hi-hat of "Dreams". A brassy synth envelops the listener into the track's warm embrace as layers of percussion skitter in-and-out of focus. "September" takes a turn for the cerebral with its skipping hi-hats and airy pads. Villete's title cut, dials back the BPM, but keeps the energy high. Closing with the murky drum tones of "Rillia" - droning pads, delicate claps, and a shy, skittering shaker keep things bubbling and light above thick-as-molasses kicks. Deep house maestro DaRand Land remixes "Rillia".
PRICE: $34.50
Double LP version. Includes DVD, CD, and 7". Going, Going..., the ninth studio album from UK indie darlings The Wedding Present, tells the story of a road trip across the USA, revealed across a collection of twenty "linked" songs, each with an accompanying short film. As David Gedge points out, work began soon after the 2012 album Valentina (SCOPITONE 037CD), "I'd already decided by then that I didn't want to make the next release just 'another album' and so I came up with the idea of twenty 'interconnected' pieces of music. In the summer 2014, I traveled across the USA with photographer Jessica McMillan and we made some atmospheric short films to accompany the tracks. Since then it's been a case of progressing through the music, trying all sorts of ideas, seeing how they work set against the visuals." Uncharacteristically, the album opens with four hauntingly beautiful instrumental songs, including the cinematic "Sprague" and the captivating "Marblehead". Going, Going... then takes a head-long dash through tracks such as "Two Bridges", "Birdsnest", "Kill Devil Hills" and "Broken Bow", all perfectly executed in classic Wedding Present fashion; a jangle of clanging guitars, a squeal of feedback and a rush of adrenaline. With "Little Silver", "Bear", "Lead" and "Rachel" he proves yet again that he is a virtuoso when it comes to the bittersweet love song; his knack for a simple turn of phrase perfectly articulating the banalities and ecstasies of a relationship. Whilst they are the undoubted masters of frenetic indie-pop, The Wedding Present re-route momentarily on "Emporia" and "Wales" before ultimately immersing the listener in an epic album finale with "Santa Monica". Throughout this enchanting album, ambient soundscapes and orchestral pop arrangements jostle for position with layers of feedback drenched guitars, pummeling drums and a truly massive bass sound as the band plays some of the heaviest material they have ever recorded. The films that accompany each track are a mesmerizing collection of moving photographs. The rippling water in "Marblehead" delicately draws us into the melody while "Two Bridges" takes us onto a Manhattan street corner and exudes New York City in the summertime. The feeling of a road trip is present throughout with the rivers and lakes of the mid-west and the deserts of the south-west before the album ends with the sun setting over the Santa Monica mountains.
PRICE: $14.50
"The Assistenz is the culmination of a four-year creative hot streak as vivid as any part of Cristian Vogel's long career. The trio of dancefloor-oriented records formed by 2012's The Inertials (STRIKE 137CD), 2014's Polyphonic Beings (STRIKE 151CD/LP) and now The Assistenz are sensual pleasures: a lifetime of study of frequencies and rhythms on the frontline of the world's clubs has been put into the creation of sounds that interface with the nervous system and emotional responses with extraordinary immediacy. Together with the more abstracted album Eselsbrücke (SR 375CD, 2013), these form an enticing sonic narrative, each part revealing more about the whole [of Vogel's work]. The Assistenz, then, is many things: a personal document, a tribute to Copenhagen where it was recorded - but also the final piece in this bigger puzzle. While you will certainly hear some of the most fundamental and enduring vectors of underground music - dub, electro, acid, funk - flowing through the tracks, even those things are rebuilt from the molecular level, created completely afresh with new, precise, but somewhat skewed vision. His sound synthesis - increasingly done via the Kyma programming platform - is more and more able to reach beyond the 'synthetic' and impact in uncanny and wonderful ways. The most obvious sense of this is the way his sounds touch on the human voice: not just in the chattering, shimmering, singing tones of The Assistenz's ghostly centerpiece 'Barefoot Agnete', in the alien radio signals of 'The Merman's Dream' or even in the subliminal 'aaahs' hiding in the background of the noisy 'Vessels', but in the way any sound, anywhere in any track can sound peculiarly vocal, heard from the right angle. And it's not just the boundary between human and non-human, or that between acoustic and synthetic, that get blurred to the point of non-existence. In the voluptuousness of 'Hold' or the body-rocking funk of 'Cubic Haze' all the abstraction is grounded in sheer pleasure of bodily responses to the sound. Over some 25 years, Cristian's experiments have traced much of this weirdness and evolved with it, and his understanding of synthesis and algorithmic processes to create structure makes him one of the most important composers working today. The Assistenz expresses those relationships in ways that are beautiful, troubling, moving and scary, and which even make you want to dance." -- Joe Muggs, June 2016.
PRICE: $17.50
LP version. Includes download code. "The Assistenz is the culmination of a four-year creative hot streak as vivid as any part of Cristian Vogel's long career. The trio of dancefloor-oriented records formed by 2012's The Inertials (STRIKE 137CD), 2014's Polyphonic Beings (STRIKE 151CD/LP) and now The Assistenz are sensual pleasures: a lifetime of study of frequencies and rhythms on the frontline of the world's clubs has been put into the creation of sounds that interface with the nervous system and emotional responses with extraordinary immediacy. Together with the more abstracted album Eselsbrücke (SR 375CD, 2013), these form an enticing sonic narrative, each part revealing more about the whole [of Vogel's work]. The Assistenz, then, is many things: a personal document, a tribute to Copenhagen where it was recorded - but also the final piece in this bigger puzzle. While you will certainly hear some of the most fundamental and enduring vectors of underground music - dub, electro, acid, funk - flowing through the tracks, even those things are rebuilt from the molecular level, created completely afresh with new, precise, but somewhat skewed vision. His sound synthesis - increasingly done via the Kyma programming platform - is more and more able to reach beyond the 'synthetic' and impact in uncanny and wonderful ways. The most obvious sense of this is the way his sounds touch on the human voice: not just in the chattering, shimmering, singing tones of The Assistenz's ghostly centerpiece 'Barefoot Agnete', in the alien radio signals of 'The Merman's Dream' or even in the subliminal 'aaahs' hiding in the background of the noisy 'Vessels', but in the way any sound, anywhere in any track can sound peculiarly vocal, heard from the right angle. And it's not just the boundary between human and non-human, or that between acoustic and synthetic, that get blurred to the point of non-existence. In the voluptuousness of 'Hold' or the body-rocking funk of 'Cubic Haze' all the abstraction is grounded in sheer pleasure of bodily responses to the sound. Over some 25 years, Cristian's experiments have traced much of this weirdness and evolved with it, and his understanding of synthesis and algorithmic processes to create structure makes him one of the most important composers working today. The Assistenz expresses those relationships in ways that are beautiful, troubling, moving and scary, and which even make you want to dance." -- Joe Muggs, June 2016.
PRICE: $14.00
STL Akkretionsscheibe 12"
Influenced by strong orbital gravity forces, STL aka Stephan Laubner. transmits deep and moody generated sound waves once again from his headquarter place out into the world, Something. With three dimension-bending tracks, Akkretionsscheibe lifts off and comes in queue with, and on top of, the existing vast beauty of the Something catalog. Akkretionsscheibe continues to hold on functional proven techniques and sense-intensities and includes besides genuine new never-heard reality-checking digs, some well-known rare energy loaded twists, remastered.
PRICE: $15.50
Automatic City present One Batch Of Blues, a release of blues covers. Engines on. "Commit a Crime", percussion kicks in; pulses and beats issue from various instruments and objects of everyday life; cardboard, cans and bottles echo in the tape machine. Guitar riffs roar, moan and slide, saturating the old tweed amplifier's small speaker. Singing, always soulful, swings between highs and lows, changing moods and modes, to the backbeat of an ever pounding double bass and the raw strums of acoustic guitar. Recorded in simple live takes with a handful of microphones, Automatic City stay true to the founding fathers, to the roots of blues, the raw energy of a stripped down spontaneous sound, occasionally whisking them away on further musical explorations. An eclecticism which emerges on "God Moves On The Water" bringing in sounds of Theremin, sitar, berimbau and melodica. There once were giants, by the names of Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson. They sang stories about lost and found loves, all-night balls, cunning escapes and fateful encounters, churches and boozers, humanity sailing forth on a doomed ship. "People had to run and pray" though sometimes whiskey and women wouldn't let the old boys do so, but all the folks surely want them to play. All night long! Features songs written by: Chester Burnett, McKinley Morganfield, Blind Willie Johnson, Willie Dixon, Elmore James, Fred McDowell/Gary Harding Davis.
PRICE: $17.00
For the past seven years Kornél Kovács has been busy rocking dancefloors and boom-boxes worldwide as one third of Stockholm's Studio Barnhus alongside Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist. The label and DJ trio is spearheading a new era of fearless Swedish off-center dance music, straddling the line between cute and menacing. Anticipation for Kovács' debut album has been rocketing following stand out releases like 2014's wistful Szikra (BARN 022EP), last year's mad party anthem "Pantalón" on Glasgow's Numbers imprint and the late night groove of "Space Jam" on Smallville Records (SMALL 044EP, 2015). On The Bells, Kovács pops open his trunk full of sounds nicked from the lost and found bins of nightclubs all over the world. From the distorted organ chords of "BB" to the stripped down trance-hall beats of "Josey's Tune" and "Szív Utca" and the title track's cinematic romanticism, it's all of the bells and all of the whistles - further positioning Kornél Kovács as one of the most characteristic producers of modern house music. The record was completed in an intense two-week session with Kovács' great friend and great studio engineer Matt Karmil in the cold winter of 2016. Another close friend, artist Malin Gabriella Nordin, has created the album artwork together with her brother Jonas.
SR 422LP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 422LP
Repressed; LP version. Pauline Oliveros surrounded by Belgian ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, performing two long pieces for orchestra. "Sound Geometries for Chamber Orchestra, Expanded Instrument System and 5.1 Surround Sound System" by Pauline Oliveros was premiered in Brussels. The 3 sections metaphors of the piece are intended to guide the players in their feelings and approaches to conducted, guided and improvisational music making to create differing atmospheres for each of the three sections. Players sounds are picked up during the performance by microphones, processed in one of ten geometrical patterns by the Oliveros designed Expanded Instrument System (EIS) to transform and move the player's sounds in space in the 5.1 surround sound system. "Meditation for Orchestra" asks the performers to listen then sound. Listen means to include all that is sounding and to find a space for each sound that is made. Pauline Oliveros and Ione are guests of Ensemble Musiques Nouvelle in this studio performance of "Meditation".
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: TNC 001EP
Lemmy Ashton delivers the first release on his new label, Take No Credit. "Strut" reminds everyone; "It's all about the rhythm, and the love." The former is easy to lock into, thanks to an undulating sequence of tasteful kicks and toms. "Vicious" blends a classic house sample with a gnarly onslaught of gritty electro and relentless drums. "Burnin' Up" marries an extravagant, vogue indebted intro with a piano jam that's pure peak-time energy. "Breaker Breaker" begins in a choppy, more idiosyncratic fashion, eventually collapsing into a similarly joyous vocal number, while never losing its offbeat charm.
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: BIC 107LP
PHARCYDE, THE Labcabincalifornia 2LP
Repressed. "The 20th Anniversary Edition Of Labcabincalifornia is pressed on limited edition Gold Vinyl. The Pharcyde's landmark Labcabincalifornia just hit its 20th anniversary, having originally been released on November 14th, 1995. The Bicycle Music Company celebrates with an all new pressing of the double gatefold LP. The Pharcyde released Labcabincalifornia, their follow up to their legendary debut Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde (itself released on November 24th, 1992) with the album ultimately launching three singles, 'Runnin'', 'She Said' and 'Drop' (which would go on to massive MTV music video fame due to it's first ever entirely backwards filmed video directed by Spike Jonze). Over the next 20 years, the legacy of The Pharcyde and Labcabincalifornia has continued to rise. In the case of Labcabincalifornia, that's in no small part due to the production work on the project from the legendary Jay Dee, aka J Dilla."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: TPG 002EP
The Press Group presents Rupert Marnie's 4 Days EP. This EP moves into the sinister territory of pre-postmodern robotics, Japanese swamps and the bird call of the ending of a century. An opaque surface reflecting a tremble in the mist - Onibaba's (1964) gaze dipped in thickness.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: WHO 007EP
Dale Cornish and Phil Julian provide three tracks from which emerged from a rehearsal session in South Croydon. "Laughing Out" is the duo's sing-along summer anthem and shares some DNA with "Love Can't Turn Around" as re-imagined by a balding chap with a distrust of the dancefloor. "For Vocal" appears to be a recording of people moving pallets of ride cymbals wrapped in tin-foil around a warehouse but it's hard to say, really. "Palazzo" = a computer minding its own academic business + some curmudgeonly American test equipment + some honeypot crooning = not a dry seat in the house.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: WHO 008EP
WILLIAMS, PAUL H Fallen To Earth 7"
Industrial space rock recorded in Beckenham one weekend in the winter of 1981. Paul H Williams: "Making my own cut-ups and finding meaning in the collision of medical and science texts with newspapers and magazines. There were four tracks on the Tascam Portastudio to play with and - after tweaking a Korg synth, re-wiring my mate's electric guitar with multiple versions of the same string and discovering the joy of turning the cassette over so you could record in reverse - I'd produced four chunks of sound."
PRICE: $11.00
Bethan Kellough presents Aven. Bethan Kellough (formerly Bethan Parkes) is a sound artist and composer. Kellough creates sound worlds that weave together instrumental materials, sound design and ambisonic field recordings. Her works are designed to open out spaces with sound, exploring spatial aesthetics and the interactions between sonically and visually articulated spaces. She holds a PhD in Sonic Arts from the University of Glasgow. Her composition Aven is based on a recording made in Iceland in 2015, which features the booming sound of underground geothermal activity escaping to the surface through a small shaft. "Looking down into the darkness, there was a sense that a whole world existed in an unknown space beneath. The sound world of Aven is a journey through such an imagined environment." The composition is driven by this sonic encounter, but enters the imagined worlds beneath through the instrumental material developed throughout the work. These melodic passages predominantly feature violin, which Bethan has played since childhood exploring traditional Scottish music, rock violin, free improvisation and classical studies. The field recordings used in Aven were made in Iceland during the Wildeye sound recording workshop with Chris Watson and Jez Riley French, and in South Africa during the Sonic Mmabolela residency with Francisco Lopez and James Webb. Each of the recordings explores a world of sound beneath a surface, reflecting upon the initial recording environment at the geothermal site. In South Africa, an approaching storm was heralded by wind blowing through bushes in the savanna, underneath which was hidden a Soundfield microphone. A contact microphone on a fence in South Iceland revealed the tones of the wind contained inside the wires, and in an Icelandic nature reserve the wind was also captured by microphones buried underneath a layer of grass - a miniature world sheltered by the strands of dry straw. Recorded with SoundField SPS200 & JrF C-Series contact microphones, Sennheiser ME64, Sound Devices 788T, Elektron Monomachine, RME Fireface UCX, and Cockos Reaper.
PRICE: $22.00
Massimo Pupillo, of Italian jazz-noise monsters ZU, and Chris Corsano, drummer of Rangda (with Sir Richard Bishop), Chikamorachi (with Akira Sakata & Darin Gray), and in kicking projects with Joe McPhee, Evan Parker, Okkyung Lee, Bill Orcutt, team up for an overwhelming heavy drum and bass improv studio-session. Chris Corsano: drums and percussion. Massimo Pupillo: electric bass. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bruno Germano on April 2015 at Vacuum Studio, Bologna, Italy. Artwork by Lasse Marhaug.
PRICE: $22.00
LP version. Arashi presents Semikujira. Arashi is: Akira Sakata - alto saxophone, clarinet, voice; Johan Berthling - double bass; Paal Nilssen-Love - drums & percussion. The Wire about Arashi (TROST 130CD/LP), the trio's first release: "there are moments on this album when the energy is so furiously intense it feels like it's going to spin out of control and take someone's eye out. Sakata delivers wry alto phrases, as though from the corner of his mouth, before digressing into urgent flights of fancy, and finally launching into screaming, red-faced declamation - fueled by Nilsen-Love's boiling pulse-time drums and the low bounce of Berthling's double bass." Cover image - "Black Submarine" by Sagaki Keita. Photos by Micke Keysendal. Recorded at Atlantis Grammofon, Stockholm by Janne Hansson, on May 20th, 2015. Mixed at Oodion, Göteborg by Mikael Werliin in December of 2015.
PRICE: $29.00
Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. With all the projects Peter Brötzmann is currently working on, Full Blast -- with the precise and dynamic Swiss rhythm section of Marino Pliakas and Michael Wertmüller -- is the most consistent and the longest-running. Their fifth album finds the band in a studio again, with time and the desire to try something new. Seven compositions in the distinctive, strong Full Blast nature get an exciting electronic treatment by Michael Wertmüller (with electronics by Gerd Rische, recorded months before his death in October 2015) during and after the recording. For mixing the band decided to work with Gareth Jones (well-known for his work with Einstürzende Neubauten and Depeche Mode), whom they have used with Pliakas's band Steamboat Switzerland before. Full Blast have created an album that in its nonconformity and richness in variety stands on his own in contemporary jazz. Peter Brötzmann: reeds; Marino Pliakas: e-bass; Michael Wertmüller: drums. Recorded live on March 11 and 12, 2015 at Garnison 7, Vienna. Mixed by Gareth Jones, London, November 2015. Mastered by Martin Siewert, December 2015. Produced by Konstantin Drobil and Michael Wertmüller. Cover art by Peter Brötzmann. Designed by Brötzmann and Klaus Untiet.
PRICE: $14.00
TENSNAKE Freundchen EP 12"
Tensnake channels the disco gods once again and presents Freundchen EP. A frenzied, sun drenched package filled with dance floor magic. The title track "Freundchen" features a raw and infectious bassline, filtered funky loops, thumping rhythms and blissful vocal stabs all blended into an irresistible disco bomb. On the flipside, "Tazaar" brings the heat up with a killer African groove brilliantly combined with classic house vibes. "No Fool" plunges into the depth of the nights going into a darker hallucinatory trajectory with its minimal pumping kicks, dreamy synths and echo-drenched vocals.
UD 26658CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: UD 26658CD
LILES, ANDREW The Power Elite CD
The uncompromising, eclectic and utterly unique Andrew Liles returns with The Power Elite, an unexpected foray into modernist composition. Adopting influences from the vanguard of '50s and '60s avant-garde, The Power Elite showcases Liles' talent at crafting truly original art. The conceptual nature of this release concerns itself with the impotence of the masses living in the shadow of military, economic and political institutions. The Power Elite is Liles' second release for Steven Stapleton's United Dairies label. Comes in a deluxe six panel digipack. "Exquisitely complex, peculiar and pensive themes that commiserate the perversity and sheer villainy of the 21st Century." -- The Quietus.
WG 033EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: WG 033EP
LA FLEUR Hedione 12"
La Fleur returns with Hedione, featuring a remix from Camea. "Hedione" kicks things off with a low slung bass line, luminous shimmers and a ghostly vocal culminating in a super slick late night ride while "Bloomer" takes a more energetic approach with a classic acid line and spooky vocals laid over a hypnotic groove of crisp analog percussion. "Longevity" embraces nostalgic melodies that induce the cerebral moments where time ceases to exist. Camea's remix of "Longevity" is masterfully done, keeping all the beauty and engagement of the original but adding a heavier palette of drums.
WG 034EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: WG 034EP
FUR COAT Interstellar EP 12"
Fur Coat present Interstellar EP. "Interstellar" takes off with heavy, pulsating drums and long blasts of sub bass as an enchanting exhibit of melodic wash over open spaces. The flip side sees the two join forces with the sultry voice of Delhia de France on "Desire Of Mine" creating a deeply emotional tune that pulses with climactic fever. Ruede expertly twists the original "Desire Of Mine" with his unique brushstroke of sweltering organic percussion and infectious atmospheres ideal for a multitude of events.
WP 065
PRICE: $11.99
CAT #: WP 065
On the covers: front: A Tribe Called Quest's People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm; back: David Bowie's Young Americans. Contents: "Northern Soul: In-depth history of England's soul club scene with excellent photos documenting the DJs and dancers. Also: Organist and 'Why Can't We Live Together' songwriter Timmy Thomas; bassist and jazz-futurist Esperanza Spalding; singer/rapper Anderson .Paak; singer Dornik; and Hawiian music blog and label Aloha Got Soul."
WH 331CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: WH 331CD
"Throttle Elevator Music featuring Kamasi Washington returns for its fourth album of eleven new outstanding compositions. Kamasi's saxophone sound is modern yet reminiscent of Pharoah, Kirk, and Coltrane. Joining Kamasi is virtuoso trumpet player Erik Jekabson, Mike Hughes on drums and Wide Hive writers Gregory Howe and Matt Montgomery. This record is sizzling and moving with soaring horns."
WF 004CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: WF 004CD
TOKYO BLACK STAR Fantasy Live 1999 CD
21st Century galactic samurai artists Tokyo Black Star present Fantasy Live 1999. Tokyo Black Star are a trio led by New York-based international DJ Alex from Tokyo; Tokyo-based sound engineer and music producer Isao Kumano; and "man of mystery", analog equipment and otaku musician Kenichi Takagi. Working from a unique and primarily Japanese perspective, Alex and Isao have been working together on music (and audio products) since the beginning of this century, first on remixes and tracks for compilations and later on EPs (their Psyche Dance EP was the first ever release on Dixon and Ame's Berlin based Innervisions imprint back in 2005) and even a highly respected line of high-end headphones and audio equipment with Phonon. Their first full album (still as a duo) Black Ships (IV 003CD, 2009), was released by Innervisions as well. After touring live in Japan and in Europe the duo started to look at new directions. Kenichi joined bringing another level of analog expertise (especially with his self-made modular synth) making his first official appearance on record on the debut World Famous label release, Edo Express EP. Edo Express EP received a rave review at NPR for an atypical track - the Afro-inspired "Mitokomon". Since then the trio's ship has advanced through the galaxy, absorbing and translating influences from around the solar system and beyond. The trio are back with Fantasy Live 1999 a very special "voyage sonore" in their true retro-futuristic style. For the visual side of this album they have teamed up with their long-time collaborator, the New York based Japanese artist Tomokazu Matsuyama who has been creating the Tokyo Black Star visual identity since their first release. In the spirit of long-form masterpieces like Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 (1984), Fantasy Live 1999 is an epic forty-minute long meditative live audio painting for your "mind, body & soul" sound-tracking the beautiful psychedelic mix of colors that is Matsuyama's stunning cover painting. Conceived between 1999 and 2015, the genesis for the album and the source of its title is the fact it was started one legendary crazy night when the band tape-recorded an impromptu live performance at a basement bar in the groovy Shimokitazawa neighborhood in Tokyo where Alex used to live. The finished album is a result of further sessions recorded at Kenichi's studio in Tokyo and mixed at the Phonon studio in Tokyo in the summer of 2015.
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CAT #: XLT 762EP
Truss and Tessela, brothers Tom and Ed Russell, team up as Overmono for the five track monster Arla EP. In their own words: "Despite doing some live shows together and the fact that we're brothers, we hadn't ever really written music together and wanted to start something new. We decided to head to a remote cottage in rural Wales, near to where we grew up. The trip ended up being the most creative stint either of us had ever had and after a week we had the foundations for Overmono."
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