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Forced Exposure New Releases for 3/13/2017

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New music is due from Jófríður Ákadóttir, Catz 'N Dogz, and Merzbow, while old music is due from Bülent Arel, Augustus Pablo, and Marie Davidson.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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PRICE: $12.50
MARLEY, BOB Legend in Dub CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition. Not really a Bob Marley album, but rather a collection of his tracks played by non-Jamaicans at a studio in Long Island, New York (the not-legendary "Pro-Jam Studios").
JIM 4967CD
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: JIM 4967CD
MITTOO, JACKIE Show Case Volume 3 CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition of Jackie Mittoo's Show Case Volume 3, originally released in 1977. Crucial set featuring Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Aston Barett, Winston Wright, Sly Morris, J. Francisque, and Skully "Zoot" Simms. "Mittoo's group combined some of the best studio musicians of his scene and the result is expectedly rocking. Fans of King Tubby compilations should recognize cuts such as 'Champion Of The Arena,' a track perhaps more commonly heard on the Blood and Fire Tubby collection Dub Gone Crazy as 'The Champion Version.'" --Brandon Burke, AllMusic
AKU 1004CD
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: AKU 1004CD
BANTEAY AMPIL BAND Cambodian Liberation Songs CD
Cambodian Liberation Songs is a painful call from forgotten resistance fighters. It is a captivating and moving record, a touching testimony of Cambodian history, that brings to the world the breathless voice of the resistance members of the resistance from the Banteay Ampil Band. Released in 1983, Cambodian Liberation Songs is a mysterious and overwhelming record. As a genuine piece of history, this "eloquent sadness and fierce passion" runs the gamut of Cambodian music, from folk to rock, expressing their suffering and pain. On April 17, 1975, the Cambodian people, already crushed under national and international conflicts, were commanded by force to forget their own past; It was "Year 0" of the Khmer Rouge calendar. Almost four years of genocide would follow before the start of a war between the Vietnamese army and the Khmers Rouge. Resistance units engaged in the conflict against what they considered as a Vietnamese invasion. This record, produced by a resistance group, was given the reference number KHMER 001. It was undoubtedly the first record composed and performed by non-Khmer Cambodians after the tragic events of 1975-79. The refugee camp of Ampil, near the Thai border, witnessed the creation of the Banteay Ampil Band. Musicians and female singers, who had hidden their talents during the genocide, gathered around the composer and violinist Oum Dara to engage in a new struggle: the resistance. Oum Dara, who had been a composer for Sin Sisamouth and Ros Srey Sothea, among others, adapted several of his creations. It is therefore, with a poignant charm, that the Banteay Ampil Band binds together the golden age of Khmer music from the 1960s with the traditional repertoire and the context of their daily struggles. Violin, guitar and voices work together to produce melancholic and intense songs - the stirring tone of grief expressed by these resistant fighters. The band went to Singapore to record Cambodian Liberation Songs, the only record of the "Khmer People's National Liberation Front".
AKU 1004LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: AKU 1004LP
BANTEAY AMPIL BAND Cambodian Liberation Songs LP
LP version. Cambodian Liberation Songs is a painful call from forgotten resistance fighters. It is a captivating and moving record, a touching testimony of Cambodian history, that brings to the world the breathless voice of the resistance members of the resistance from the Banteay Ampil Band. Released in 1983, Cambodian Liberation Songs is a mysterious and overwhelming record. As a genuine piece of history, this "eloquent sadness and fierce passion" runs the gamut of Cambodian music, from folk to rock, expressing their suffering and pain. On April 17, 1975, the Cambodian people, already crushed under national and international conflicts, were commanded by force to forget their own past; It was "Year 0" of the Khmer Rouge calendar. Almost four years of genocide would follow before the start of a war between the Vietnamese army and the Khmers Rouge. Resistance units engaged in the conflict against what they considered as a Vietnamese invasion. This record, produced by a resistance group, was given the reference number KHMER 001. It was undoubtedly the first record composed and performed by non-Khmer Cambodians after the tragic events of 1975-79. The refugee camp of Ampil, near the Thai border, witnessed the creation of the Banteay Ampil Band. Musicians and female singers, who had hidden their talents during the genocide, gathered around the composer and violinist Oum Dara to engage in a new struggle: the resistance. Oum Dara, who had been a composer for Sin Sisamouth and Ros Srey Sothea, among others, adapted several of his creations. It is therefore, with a poignant charm, that the Banteay Ampil Band binds together the golden age of Khmer music from the 1960s with the traditional repertoire and the context of their daily struggles. Violin, guitar and voices work together to produce melancholic and intense songs - the stirring tone of grief expressed by these resistant fighters. The band went to Singapore to record Cambodian Liberation Songs, the only record of the "Khmer People's National Liberation Front".
PRICE: $16.50
SOTHY Chansons Laotiennes 12"
Rare cosmic Lao synth pop recorded in Paris 1980. Slow-paced drums with off beats softly phased with guitar and misty synthesizers. The lam soeng was one of the most renowned stylistic variations of a popular Lao musical genre. Sothy creates an unusual arrangement with the instrumental introduction separate from the canon, the synthetic mix is stripped down of the traditional organology. "Tawai" (offering) is just as enigmatic: a beat box, a lightly reverberated voice as well as a guitar solo and a small synthesizer break. Parisian producer Shelter, aka Alan Briand, provides mixes for both songs.
N 055CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: N 055CD
BYUL.ORG Selected Tracks For Nacht Damonen CD
Selected Tracks For Nacht Dämonen compiles rare and early recordings of Seoul's, an influential creative collective known for its multidisciplinary/one-stop shop approach, and post-punk-inspired DIY aesthetics. The album was carefully compiled by the collective's director TaeSang Cho and The Notwist's Markus Acher. What started out in 2000 as a group of friends who'd meet for drinks (and for sharing the occasional poem), has long established itself as a shape-shifting key player of Seoul's thriving scene. With a huge amount of both commercial and non-commercial projects under their collective belt,'s members - TaeSang Cho, Yu Hur, Jowall, YunYi Yi, and SuhnJoo YI - went from publishing to recording, from releasing tunes to doing art shows, offering everything from branding to consulting and art direction, from naming and design to software development along the way. Accordingly, for's members, music has always been one outlet among many, one mode of expression to accompany and soundtrack others. Most of the songs on Selected Tracks For Nacht Dämonen were originally released on CDs that came with the collective's own Monthly Vampire, A Magazine, while others were self-published via the group's own label Club Bidanbaem. Featuring sonic diary entries recorded between 2000 and 2007, the album is a nod to personal favorites such as Eno and Aphex Twin, Joy Division and Kraftwerk, personal hero Robert Smith, as well as Korean stalwarts such as Jae Ha Yoo and Min Ki Kim - and yet there's hardly any daylight around, to be precise - hence the title: "Traditionally in Korea a "BamDokkebi" (Nacht Dämonen) is a kind of ghost or monster of the night, but it has also come to mean people who spend their nights out instead of sleeping. We've always been a group of 'BamDokkebi' - drinking, DJing, doing stupid things." Far from polished and often sparse, the 13 tracks all share a rather dark and haunting vibe that's partly inspired by drug culture, dancefloor scenes, the LGBT scene, and the hippie culture in Korea. Ranging from fairly straightforward synth/electro tracks ("Friday Night") to hazy pop ("20thcenturyofmeandyou"), from more experimental textures ("Job") to minimalist bangers ("A Customer"), it's difficult to escape the soothing, cinematic pull of this nocturnal "Secret Show". These 13 tracks offer a peak into a hidden but vibrant Korean music scene: Nocturnal soundscapes, brooding electronics, ambient layers, and occasional hooks.
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: ALT 030LP
Finnish multi-media artist Jan Anderzén under his Tomutonttu guise. Kevätjuhla is his second release for Alter following a split 7" with Oneohtrix Point Never in 2010 (ALT 002EP), and his first vinyl long player since 2011. Lately, Jan has been creating installation work for which the music of Kevätjuhla was initially composed. Inspired by the multitudes of mold and the microbial life, the installation Kevätjuhla was built as a listening station that sought a bond between sound, the earth, and organic matter. Sound was sent to speakers through cables, sprouting like stems from a pile of dirt with a single coleus growing on top. A graphic score of sticks, orange peel, and party debris were hung next to the installation. The score is visualized on the albums cover. Electronic and acoustic instrumentation blends together confidently and more refined than before with a minimal, razor sharp approach to production. Each track is an integral part of the record's trippy cut-and-paste narrative, leaving the listener wholly unaware when one bit ends and another begins. A confounding array of musical references, such as folk, hip-hop and Yellow Magic Orchestra could be thrown up here, but with Kevätjuhla, Anderzén has ultimately created a form of music that goes beyond genre classification and fully into the realm of "other".
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: ASH 009CD
"DIY gospel, privately emitted from Ozone Park, Brooklyn sometime in the late 1970's! Luckily for us, Rev. Samuel Dixon's Samdy label stayed in business long enough to get a few copies of this deep soul children's choir treasure into the atmosphere. Buried for 40 years, finally aloft for a new generation of homemade music fans" --Rob Sevier, Numero Group
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: ASH 009LP
LP version. "DIY gospel, privately emitted from Ozone Park, Brooklyn sometime in the late 1970's! Luckily for us, Rev. Samuel Dixon's Samdy label stayed in business long enough to get a few copies of this deep soul children's choir treasure into the atmosphere. Buried for 40 years, finally aloft for a new generation of homemade music fans" --Rob Sevier, Numero Group
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: BAL 020CD
CATTANEO, HERNAN Balance Presents Sudbeat 2CD
"Global in ethos; South American in spirit." That's how Hernan Cattaneo describes his acclaimed Sudbeat label, founded in 2009 with his friend Graziano Raffa to manage the label. Across a century of releases they have brought the world mesmerizing electronic music from some of the world's biggest producers, as well as fostering countless new talents. "We both think that musical identity is crucial" explains Cattaneo, and it's something that's stamped all over this sublime new double disc compilation comprising entirely of unreleased, exclusive material from the label's roster in collaboration with Balance Music. This compilation digs deep into the Sudbeat network of rising talents from across the globe, unearthing many lesser-known and promising names. With Sudbeat having such a clear identity, putting this compilation together was an organic process for Cattaneo, with pairings and sequencings almost picking themselves. Disc one is a slow-burning, downtempo affair that rounds-up Sudbeat's less dancefloor-focused output. Peak time material it may not be, but is still exudes all the hallmarks of their livelier material, and works just as well on early hour dancefloors, as it does on the beaches, or in a home setting. The mood ranges from Toki Fuko's meditative "An Odor," to the hazy synths of Ian Dillon's "Embers," and through to the sumptuous vocal delights of Oriana Favaro Cattaneo & Soundexile's "Closer," and the melancholy of another of their gorgeous collaborations, "Perpetual (Day Mix)." Big guns like Nick Warren and Henry Saiz provide deep cuts, interspersing the impressive bevy of newer names. Disc two begins in mystical fashion, with the Arabic melodies of Simon Vuarambon & Sidartha Siliceo's "Liberation" segueing into the haunting, glassy synths of Tara Brooks's "Yugen." Snatches of distant, solemn pianos abound on Dance Spirit's "Kaleidoscope"; heady arpeggios reign supreme on Audio Junkies & Lonya's "Ima" and Hernan & Soundexile's lush "Deneb"; chunky groove powers the mix on forwards in Guy Mantzur's "Requiem For Us"; and rousing epics like Cattaneo & Soundexile's "Pressure Drop" and Guy J's "Brothers Vibe", which propel the listener into higher territories. It's a supremely classy collection of tracks that effortlessly blend and blur into one another. Also features: Sahar Z & Navar, Anton Tumas & Eugene Toale, Ben Shaw, Conures, Kevin Di Serna & Ditian, Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile, Khen, Oriana Favaro, Tripswitch, Konvex & The Shadow, Giddyhead, VERLK, Navid Mehr, Juan Deminicis, Facundo Mohrr & Valdovinos, Chicola, Nick Varon, and Crudito Sava.
BEC 5156504
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: BEC 5156504
Reissue of the debut album by French duo Cassius, originally released in 1999. When the album first appeared, the world was looking for a fresh sound to follow the global supremacy of Oasis and Blur. Daft Punk and AIR had begun to popularize the "French touch," and the first Cassius album became one of the key pieces in the genre. After having collaborated with French hop-hop artist MC Solaar, one the best French rappers of the '90s, Cassius brought hip-hop influences to their personal concept and won over an enormous fan-base, with more than 250,000 units sold worldwide. Jewel case with eight-page folded booklet.
BEC 5156506
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: BEC 5156506
Reissue of the second album by French duo Cassius, originally released in 2002. After the success of their 1999 debut album, 1999 (BEC 5156504/5), Cassius decided not to rely on their natural ability to deliver groovy basslines and returned with this daring project, integrating guest vocalists into their compositions. Ghostface Killah appears on "Thrilla," while "The Sound Of Violence" features English singer Steve Edwards, known for his collaboration with the Swedish producer Axwell and for his performance on Bob Sinclar's 2006 hit "World, Hold On (Children of the sky)." Jewel case with 10-page folded booklet.
BEC 5156508
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: BEC 5156508
With their third album, originally released in 2006, French duo Cassius managed to capture the feeling of teenage life, when all seems within reach yet terribly complicated. 15 Again is a work of carefree music colored by some deep songs -- like an emancipated soul that remains tormented. The intense track "La Notte" perfectly illustrates this youthful state of mind, as does lead single "Toop Toop," which was sampled by Madonna and included in Cathy & David Guetta's 2006 mix CD F*** Me I'm Famous! -- Ibiza Mix '06. Pharrell Williams features on "Eye Water," a beautiful ode to Earth and its natural resources. Jewel case with 12-page stapled booklet.
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: BDN 003LP
"The expression of two years' field recording on the Greek islands of Kalymnos and Lesbos -- deep inside a network of caves, and in the teeth of torrential winter storms -- with added strings, grand piano, live drumming and orchestral percussion, in its confluence of 'modern classical, metallic drone, dark ambient, and fuzz'. Guided by Steve Reich, Mika Vainio and Henri Bergson; haunted and spurred by the refugee crisis."
BT 008LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: BT 008LP
2017 repress. "Cat's Squirrel is a live recording of Masami Akita and Oren Ambarchi's performance in Campbelltown, Australia in May 2012. Although Akita and Ambarchi have known one another since 1993 and performed together as part of larger ensembles, this was their first performance as a duo. Together they create a massive wall of sound that moves from the cavernous to the blisteringly psychedelic, laying down shifting low-end structures over which pointillist details ricochet across the stereo field. Akita and Ambarchi's voices blend together into a sonic morass, Ambarchi's set-up expanded to include extra electronics and a spring reverb unit in addition to his signature guitar textures, and Akita utilizing both analog and digital sound sources. Moving through a number of episodes, from deluges of reverberated metal screeches to rapid-fire iterations of visceral electronic tones, the record reaches a high point midway through the second side, where Akita's electronics gradually thin out into a stream of skipping chirps and screeches while around him Ambarchi builds up a dense mass of phasing low-end guitar tones, the duo patiently developing an impenetrable wall of ecstatic, psychedelic noise." --Francis Plagne, Jan. 2013; Deluxe, limited edition vinyl with artwork by Shunichiro Okada and design by Stephen O'Malley.
BT 015LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: BT 015LP
AMBARCHI, OREN Sleepwalker's Conviction LP
2017 repress. "Sleepwalker's Conviction documents a 2014 performance by Oren Ambarchi in collaboration with a 20-piece ensemble conducted by Ilan Volkov and featuring members of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Speak Percussion. Foregoing the rhythmic propulsion and distortion-saturated harmonics that have featured in much of Ambarchi's recent work, the LP's single 40-minute piece inhabits a hushed, almost static space of extended tones, percussive shimmer, and creaking strings. Rather than adopting the position of a soloist, Ambarchi allows his sub-bass guitar tones and swirling Leslie textures to blend seamlessly with the ensemble, made up of double basses, horns, and percussion. The group sound has a near-cavernous depth, as waves of low beating tones and distant percussive textures gently wash over one another, coalescing into an undulating mass. Steering clear of bombast and new music clichés, the result is a work of meditative beauty that touches on the haunted ambience of late Luigi Nono, the submerged sonics of Bryars's The Sinking of the Titanic, and the melancholy rituals of Christoph Heemann and Andrew Chalk's Mirror, while remaining unmistakably marked by the singular sensibility Ambarchi has developed over countless performances and recordings" --Francis Plagne. Design by Stephen O'Malley with cover artwork by crys cole. Vinyl cut made by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: BRD 017EP
A tribute to the peaks of low-budget Italian crime novels and to lubed-up synth-wave, Scorpion Violente feel up their synths with all the vigor of a manic depressive on a downward slope. Scorpion Violente emit their dirty feedback-washed discharge, adding Ich Bin and Le Syndicat Electronique to their holiday activity books. The tempo is even slower than before, with echoes more distant than In Aeternum Vale and Ike Yard dripping from their stabbing loops. Cold cyclo-rhythmic blues, sure to make Alan Vega turn in his grave.
BB 048LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BB 048LP
MOEBIUS & PLANK Rastakraut Pasta LP
2017 repress. Vinyl release. Dieter Moebius and Conny Plank got to know each other through their work on Cluster's 1971 album and remained close friends until Plank's death in 1987. They made a congenial pair as musicians, as amply demonstrated by their first album as a duo, Rastakraut Pasta, originally released on Sky Records in 1980. On this album, drums, electric guitars and bass are the cornerstones of every track; they provide the framework to which Moebius adds fresh color and life with his synthesizers. Thanks to the technical merits of Plank's studio, the keyboards sound barely distinguishable from one another. No samples -- strictly analog from start to finish. Holger Czukay (Can) plays bass on three pieces and his consummate professionalism sees his virtuosity finely-tuned to the concept of Moebius and Plank. Moebius has a predilection for surrealist cascades of noise, heard throughout the album, grotesque yet playful. An enigmatic form of pop music came into being on this LP, a breakneck, elegant mix of diverse elements: a touch of Krautrock, some avant-garde pop, new German electronica, even sporadic echoes of reggae. 180 gram vinyl LP housed in a printed inner sleeve with full-color photos and notes by Asmus Tietchens.
BB 243LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: BB 243LP
LP version. Includes CD. Conrad Schnitzler (1937-2011), is one of the most important representatives of Germany's electronic music avant-garde. He was a member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster, and also released countless solo albums. Pole, the Düsseldorf-native musician Stefan Betke, looks back on a two decade career in abstract electronic club music. With Barbara Preisinger he created Scape Records and his own mastering studio Scape Mastering. The Con-Struct series is based off of Schnitzler's daily excursions through the sonic diversity of his synthesizers. Finding exceptional sounds with great regularity, he preserved them for use in subsequent live performances, amassing a vast sound archive. Jens Strüver, the producer of the Con-Struct series, came up with the idea of "con-structing" new compositions, not remixes, from the archived material. A few words from Pole on his "con-structions": "To be honest, in earlier times I never quite warmed to Conrad Schnitzler's work. Back then, in the middle of the '80s, we were still occupied with traditional band projects... We still asked ourselves the question: 'How can we actually get away from these instruments and structures?' They seemed so outmoded. Then came my first contact with Conrad's productions: a Tangerine Dream album that he co-produced and on which he played violin, synthesizer and typewriter. It wasn't a good start. I didn't much like the album. Nevertheless, something had happened. I made a unilateral decision for the band, brought a TR-808 and a Minimoog to rehearsal and announced: 'We're going electronic.' After that, everything happened all by itself. I found out more about this Schnitzler from Berlin who always impressed me with his complexity, his humorous nature and almost absurd variety. So years later, when I was asked if I would participate in the Con-Struct series, there was no way I could refuse. His influence had since become too important for me. Contrary to the original Con-Struct concept, however, it was my idea to do it half and half: 50 percent sounds from Conrad and 50 percent from me. The collaboration went according to the following rules: I myself use four things - a modified old rhythm machine, two old synthesizers, and my modular system. From Schnitzler come four complex sounds, which are always run through a modular patch. Coincidence should play an important role. Then I sent everything through my mixer - for dubbing. It worked almost automatically. His sounds led and I joined in."
PRICE: $24.00
DAVIDSON, MARIE Adieux Au Dancefloor LP
2017 repress. "Cititrax is thrilled to present a full length LP entitled Adieux Au Dancefloor by Montreal based recording artist, Marie Davidson. Marie Davidson has emerged as one of the foremost electronic artists working in contemporary pop today. As a long-time member of Essaie Pas (DFA Records), Davidson has had the opportunity to hone her many talents. She has been participating in the city's vibrant experimental community for much of her adult life. However, in 2012 she began to unveil compositions under her own name, revealing a solo artist who possessed the combined confidence and vulnerability required to write, produce and perform unaccompanied. Davidson's intimate solo work is embodied through a host of synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines which coalesce in synchronized harmony, punctuated by vocals, half sung, half spoken in both French and English. She masterfully shapes the overall mood, themes, emotion, expression and intensity of her work, which gives the final result a distinctive, cinematic quality. With Adieux Au Dancefloor, Marie makes a slight departure from her last two releases, via Holodeck (2015) and Weyrd Son (2014), by creating her first fully dancefloor oriented piece of work. Through the 45 minutes of music that comprises the album, she experiments with pop structures, defines her voice, and layers rhythms to make complex and beautiful techno tracks. She closes the album with the title track in classic Chanson style. Adieux Au Dancefloor will be pressed on 160 gram white vinyl and will feature photographs by the equally talented Corinne Schiavone."
CT 085CD
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CT 085CD
PABLO, AUGUSTUS King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition of King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, the historic 1976 collaboration between producer and instrumentalist Augustus Pablo and dub engineer King Tubby. "If you had to pick one album that best represents the pinnacle of the art of dub, you'd cull the candidates down pretty quickly to ten or 12, and it would get very difficult after that. Few would fault you for ending up with this one, though, which stands as perhaps the finest collaboration between two of instrumental reggae's leading lights: producer and melodica player Augustus Pablo and legendary dub pioneer King Tubby. Among other gems, this album offers its title track -- a dub version of Jacob Miller's 'Baby I Love You So' -- which is widely regarded as the finest example of dub ever recorded. But the rest of the album is hardly less impressive. 'Each One Dub,' another cut on a Jacob Miller rhythm, possesses the same dark and mystical ambience, if not quite the same emotional energy, as 'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown,' and the version of the epochal 'Satta Massaganna' that closes the album is another solid winner. Pablo's trademark 'Far East' sound (characterized by minor keys and prominent melodica lines) is predominant throughout, and is treated with care and grace by King Tubby, who has rarely sounded more inspired in his studio manipulations than he does here. Absolutely essential." --Rick Anderson, AllMusic
CT 805CD
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CT 805CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition of Augustus Pablo's Ital Dub, originally released in 1975. This is Augustus Pablo's first collaboration with King Tubby. "Navigating Pablo's back catalogue is a difficult task, since he got his start as an un-credited session player in the late 1960s, mostly working as a keyboardist. Several early singles credited to Augustus Pablo actually featured the work of other players, as the name was randomly assigned by producer Herman Chin-Loy, who first recorded Pablo's melodica tracks. There are also albums bearing his name that feature less-talented imposters. But have no fear when you pick up Ital Dub, a 1974 album produced by Tommy Cowan; it is the real deal, featuring Pablo's cool melodica over some of the best works Cowan ever issued. . . . Nicely straddling the divide between straight instrumental and manipulated dub, Ital Dub is ultimately a snapshot of Augustus Pablo finding his way, on the cusp of greater glory as a bonafide producer of his own works." --David Katz, BBC
PRICE: $12.50
VA King Of Dub CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition. All rhythm tracks by Bunny Lee at Studio One. "This form of music started in the dance halls in the early '60s by some of the pioneer record producers. Mainly Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Bunny 'Striker' Lee, by both of whom I've been tremendously influenced... As a youth, from Jones and Trench Town, I've learned you must have an adequate power amplifier, right preamp and speakers... For the right sound and effect, King Tubby's 'the dubmaster' is a must, knowing when to bring in the rhythm and leggo the bass and drum. This album, it's clean, heavy and right effects; we digged into the rhythm vault and came up with ten of the hardest rhythm tracks. You'll be convinced that this is the King Of Dub." --Brad Osborne
PRICE: $12.50
A reissue of Slim Smith's Just A Dream, originally released in 1972. "Slim Smith's high, plaintive vocals and his haunting, almost fragile delivery made him one of Jamaica's finest singers in the late 1960s and early '70s, both during his tenure with the Uniques and the Techniques and his subsequent solo career. The Bunny Lee-produced tracks collected here were originally released as an LP on Brad Osborne's New York-based Clocktower Records in 1972. . . . Osborne was famous for subtly remixing material he received from Jamaican producers, and that is probably the case here, although the star in any Smith mix is always going to be that incredible voice, and these mixes are no exception. Smith shines on covers of Curtis Mayfield's 'Gypsy Woman,' Sam Cooke's 'Send Me Some' and Jimmy Cliff's 'Keep Walking,' and the whole set is quite haunting." --Steve Leggett, AllMusic
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CTCD 3022CD
KING TUBBY Explosive Dub CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition of 1975's Explosive Dub. There are very few people who define a genre the way King Tubby defines dub. From the early days of dub in the 1960s, King Tubby (born Osbourne Rodduck) influenced a generation of producers across a variety of genres and continued to do so until his death in the late 1980s. While King Tubby was known for experimenting with different sounds, he was also truly never one to settle for mediocrity. Flexing his signature dub muscle on 1975's Explosive Dub, a compilation of various Tubby gems 19 tracks long, the true beauty of his ability is brought to light. It's obvious to the listener that King Tubby spent hours perfecting each track and remix before releasing it to the public. Explosive Dub, a previously hard to find collector's item is a shining example of King Tubby's work.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CTCD 3995CD
MACKA DUB The Sound of Macka Dub Vol. 1 CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition of The Sound of Macka Dub Vol. 1, originally released in 1980. Featuring Glenn Adams (piano/organ), Mr. Wire (piano/organ), Rick Trater (guitar), Bobby Chung (guitar), Carlton Barrett (drums), Tad Dawkins (drums), Sparrow Martin (drums), Maurice (bass), Family Man Barrett (bass). Produced and arranged by Brad Osbourne. Mixing engineer: Phillip Smart.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: CTCD 8888CD
KING TUBBY Dub From The Roots CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition. There are very few individuals who command the respect of dub aficionados greater than "The Dubmaster" himself, King Tubby. On Tubby's venerable 1974 release Dub From The Roots, he introduces the "Shalom Dub", a method of mixing flying cymbals with horns in what he describes as "going in and out in a dub way". Borrowing from the 45s of Johnny Clarke, Jackie Edwards, Cornell Campbell, John Holt, and Horace Andy, King Tubby takes the listener on a journey through a vast array of different emotions, rhythms, and soundscapes. One of the standout cuts, "Iyahta" explores Tubby's use of deep electric basslines to evoke a melodic calmness in the listener, while "Mine Field" and "Hijack The Barber" bring the listener back with the cavernous echoes of stabbing guitars, horns, and cymbals.
PRICE: $12.50
PERRY & THE UPSETTERS, LEE 'SCRATCH' Scratch And Company Chapter 1 CD
2017 cardboard sleeve edition of a landmark dub record from legendary reggae producer Lee 'Scratch' Perry, using a combination of established collaborators and new musicians (The Upsetters, Ricky and Bunny). Originally released in 1981. Also features: Johnny Lover, The Towerchanters, The Blue Bell, Val Bennett, Brad Osborne, Devion Iron, and The Black Arks. "... an assemblage of pulsating organs, distorted guitar scratches, and deep bass. Vocals come in the form of the standard dub production fragments ('Curly Dub') and occasional Rasta philosophizing ('Who You Gonna Run To,' 'When Jah Come'). The most striking moment is 'Tighten Up.' Here, an infectious tune with banal lyrics and fine groove is transformed through Perry's absurd production methods. Warped beyond belief (and anything resembling conventional logic), it's as if Perry placed the entire track underwater just to see what it sounded like, then sat back, satisfied with his creation. Only the saxophone escapes. The vocalists sound like alien versions of Alvin & the Chipmunks have landed on the island of Jamaica. Nothing else on Scratch & Company quite matches it. . . . fine music for those looking deeper into the producer's catalog." --Nathan Bush, AllMusic
PRICE: $12.50
2017 cardboard sleeve edition. Originally issued in 1973, Blackboard Jungle Dub is considered a milestone in the history of dub. Tracks include "African Skank" -- based on Junior Byles's "A Place Called Africa" -- and "Dreamland Skank", "Moving Skank", and "Kaya Skank" which are dub versions of the Wailers' "Dreamland", "Keep On Moving", and "Kaya". "On Blackboard Jungle Dub, Lee Perry and the Upsetters produce another fine example of their subversive brand of dub with a unique blend of murky rhythm tracks, warbling guitar effects and distant-sounding horns. . . . Living up to the 'Upsetter' moniker, Perry wreaks his inimitable brand of mayhem during 'Fever Grass Dub' with a half-baked MC intro, lion roars and air raid siren imitations; effects which blend in well with other eccentric features like the spastic trombone solo on 'BlackBoard Ver. 2' and reverb-heavy percussion on 'Cloak A Dagger.' Just standard technique for Perry really, and part of the sound which made his productions instantly recognizable amongst many '70s and '80s dub releases. Blackboard Jungle contains classic dub taken to the outer limits and is one of the highlights of the Lee Perry catalog." --Stephen Cook, AllMusic
PRICE: $12.50
2017 cardboard sleeve edition. Some of Barrington Levy's most significant (and enduring) recordings from Channel One Studio, mixed by Scientist. Originally released in 1982. "It's difficult to overstate the transformative effect that Barrington Levy's earliest recordings had on the sound of Jamaican music. In late 1979, Levy's spare, hauntingly arranged early singles such as 'Shine Eye Gal,' 'Collie Weed,' and 'Shaolin Temple' completely overtook Jamaican dancehalls and streetside sound clashes. . . . By the time Levy released Poorman Style in 1982, he was arguably Jamaica's preeminent vocalist. Poorman Style features a set of punishing rhythms from the crack studio outfit The Roots Radics, with production work from singer-turned-label owner Linval Thompson and former King Tubby protégé Scientist. The title track -- a crisply observed sufferers' tale full of tragic notes and indelible details from everyday life -- hits particularly hard." --iTunes
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: COR 144EP
Rico Puestel is in charge for our Cocoon Recordings' 144th release. "Neyst" is the perfect hypnotic and dark techno circle that keeps progressing into sheer madness. No fast food, no lightweight, this is heavy techno business! "Enokid" comes with a little more of a Chicago house vibe however it is again still deep in Puestel's very own style. You will fancy the crazy break in the middle with the spaced-out room effect part and the melody coming in after the break. As stompy and muscle-packed this track is, it's still very musical and deep at the same time.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: CFK 031CD
Largely written following the traumatic arrival, three months early, of her first baby, Rebekka Karijord's Mother Tongue is comprised of eleven extraordinary songs tracking her experience with uncommon honesty and unshrinking courage. Like a collection of short stories, Mother Tongue chronicles the events surrounding her pregnancy and the agony of nearly losing her daughter, but it's much more than an album about childbirth. Mother Tongue is about instinct, about belonging, and about finding one's own emotional language. "I never know what my records are about until they're almost done," Karijord admits in a typical display of candor. "It´s like a subconscious collecting process, shooting arrows into the dark and then getting out there to see where they have landed. This time, however, it was a bit different." The album was recorded in Hawaii, Stockholm, and Oslo during 2015-2016, and produced, arranged, and edited by Karijord with help from Elias Krantz as technician, co-producer and mixer. Other contributors include Mariam Wallentin (Wildbirds & Peacedrums), Linnea Olsson, and Nina Kinert (vocals), Jacob Snavely (bass and electronics), Christopher Cantillo (drums), Joe Williamson (upright bass), and regular contributor Anders Scherp (drums & tuned percussion).
PRICE: $14.00
DIE WILDE JAGD Geisterfahrer 12"
Die Wilde Jagd, the duo of Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Philipp, return to Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant. "Geisterfahrer" is all about the anticipation. Introductory cymbal splashes and the looped, sinewy synth bass textures build drama and suspense. Factory Floor provide a remix - a beautifully blunt electro twist where chunky 909 drums punch a slo-mo break while immense dubby washes of drums scatter down across the analog groove. "Drachenfels" is a sonic hike which surges high into the clouds. Bar by bar, ripple by ripple the scenery and physicality grows with a sense of triumph.
PRICE: $29.00
Merzbow's follow up vinyl album to 2016's Wildwood CD (DPROM 116CD). Two brand new tracks of psychedelic mayhem recorded, and to be played, at maximum volume. The perfect partner to the CD. The LP is packaged like a classic '60s vinyl, with a gloss front and matte back, complete with outside glue flaps. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $12.50
GONZO Radio Kampala/Skull Cave 7"
Exclusive limited white label, hand-stamped promo single from Gonzo. Exploring the depths of East African religious beliefs from ancient animistic traditions to the more recent christian evangelic trends. On the B side, a more tongue-in-cheek take on East African dictator's advice and other field recording madness. Recorded by Gonzo in Kampala, 2016.
PRICE: $12.50
IDEALIST Source EP 12"
From Zurich, Switzerland, Idealist has been producing for more than a decade, but within the last five years, he took it a step further and signed releases or tracks on labels like Pro-Tez, Lackrec, Berg Audio, and focused on building up his own label Idealistmusic with the non-written Details Series sublabel. In September 2016, he released his debut album Firewood Street (2016). He has played in various European countries, Canada, and Georgia, where he played in clubs like Tresor, Batofar, and Culture Box. His first EP on Echocord contains three heavy, powerful, dubby tracks, all for the dancefloor.
PRICE: $14.50
DEADBEAT The Rotten Roots EP 12"
Echocord Colour welcome back Scott Monteith, aka Deadbeat. Scott originally comes from Canada but he has lived in Berlin for a while now. Scott is mostly known for his own BLKRTZ label, but he has released on many other labels over the years. The track "Put On Your Red Shoes And Trance" is a peak time bomb - a dubby, deep, powerful and melodic track. The B-side, "Just Jackin Around Man" is a techno bomb full of dubby chords and build-up madness.
PRICE: $14.50
HESS, LUKE Facette EP 12"
Detroit producer Luke Hess is back on Echocord Colour with a three-track bomb. All tracks are super powerful, dubby, spaced-out techno with the typical Luke Hess feeling, deep and melodic. Luke Hess is a DJ and producer from Detroit. He has celebrated EPs out on Omar S's FXHE, Carl Craig's Planete, Echocord, Echocord Colour, Finale Sessions, Kontra-Musik, and Modelisme. His label DeepLabs is the center for his own deeply personal projects.
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: ELL 039EP
ARCHITECTURAL Heaven Can Wait 12"
Deep, dubby, dark punchy techno, from Architectural, showing off his natural groove.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: EMK 003CD
EMIKA Melanfonie CD
The crossover between electronic music and classical composition has never been in more vibrant and dynamic health. Multifarious musician Emika explores this fertile ground on her ambitious new opus Melanfonie: her first orchestral composition, some four years in the making. While many rebel from their classical training never to return to it explicitly, Emika has always been attracted to the potential and freedoms offered by the symphony form. As well as taking inspiration from her electronic music background in composing the music itself, Emika also applied some of production and playback principles from that realm to create a piece whose every element has been carefully considered. Melanfonie is a romantic and lyrical piece, with universal themes of love and sadness, and huge beautiful melodies. It was performed by a 50 piece symphony orchestra and Emika employed a seating plan for the orchestra to make the recording sound more like a wide stereo pop album. Emika is on a quest to try and change what we mean when we talk about "classical music". For her, the magic of the "genre" is about the instruments themselves and more importantly the people who play them; not the restricting traditions and conventions of the classical world itself. Emika of Melanfonie: "I want to change the face of classical music and give it a more honest and real image. It is time we had something other than pomp and circumstance and avant-garde squeaks and pops." Personnel: Michaela S?ru?mova? - soprano; Prague Metropolitan Orchestra; Paul Batson - conductor.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: RAPT 4558EP
SLIPSTREAM Maybe The Day Will Come/Like No Other 7"
Slipstream were formed in 1994 after Refoy left Spiritualized and Mattock joined shortly after. They made three albums and several singles for the Che label and then two albums and two singles for the Enraptured label. In 2012, they released the album Stereo Brain/Mono Heart (2015) on the Mind Expansion label. They are back now with a new collection of songs for their latest album called Out Of The Blue to be released later in 2017, proceeded by this single.
ESK 508278
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: ESK 508278
VA Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Red Collection 2CD
Ghent based Eskimo Recordings return with The Red Collection, the sixth installment in their color series. Across 13 tracks, The Red Collection segues between left-field electronic pop, disco, and house, taking the listener from the frozen north, to the souks of the middle east and beyond. Icelandic producer Hermigervill opens with the crystalline electronica of "Solitaire" before passing the baton onto Norwegian duo Atella, whose collaboration with Frøder, "Closer To Life", has already been hailed by Clash as a "glittering alt pop belter". Detouring to the Russian city of Kazan, fast-rising producer Antenna delivers an ode to his favorite hookah tobacco in the shape of "Love 66", a breezy slo-mo disco gem filled with Balearic charm. Returning to Scandinavia Philco Fiction's Turid Alida Solberg delivers her solo debut as Else Born, the heartbreaking "This Time/Remember" lauded as a "masterclass in modern electronic pop" by The Line of Best Fit. Japanese based, British producer Max Essa provides a sublime moment of electronic funk with "Your Cathedrals Reimagined". Satin Jackets combine their original brand of diva funk and smooth disco with the refreshing vocals of the talented Niya Wells. LA-based, French duo Blue Motel follow up with their first original material for the label. "Lunch With The King" is divine, French house music with swirling electronic melodies and pulsating bass lines. Greek producer NTEIBINT provides indelible music for both body and soul with "Love". Dutch DJs SHMLSS offer "Train Ride to the Middle East", a psychedelic brew of twisted disco and Middle Eastern sounds. Romanian twins The Gemini Brothers take the listener deep into house territory with the hypnotic bleeps and beats of "Travel Inside". Over to Germany, producer Rey & Kjavik offers "Akya", a mix of throbbing bass, head-spinning synths and chants. Australian born, Munich based TSM, aka This Soft Machine, delivers an outstanding cut of otherworldly disco with a futurist sheen complete with Swedish singer Erik Lindestad, aka The Land Below, on the vocals. The duo Horixon end with "The Beekeeper", featuring vocals from Birsen of one of Belgium's fastest rising acts Hydrogen Sea. Horixon's label friends Atella have reworked the original to create the perfect closing track for The Red Collection. The cover for The Red Collection features a stunning photo by Berlin artist Julia Baier taken from her acclaimed series Water Matters. Includes bonus mix CD of all 13 tracks.
PRICE: $14.00
2002 release. After five years ex-drum n' bass supremo, Flytronix (Danny Demierre) comes back with a more mature sound, including collaborations with US and UK artists. Collaborations between Far Out Recordings and Flytronix started in 1996 when he remixed two tracks by Azymuth which have since become cult drum n' bass classics. Flytronix's last album Archive (1998) on Rob Playford's Moving Shadow label was very successful. Due to his passion for Far Out Recordings, Flytronix decided to record his new album for the label. The intricate world of Flytronix's new project is packed with storming Brazilian drum n' bass anthems as well as hip hop tracks featuring US rapper Jubilant. Deep jazz musical interludes and killer dance tracks highlight the versatile talent of one of the best producer of the new millennium.
PRICE: $18.00
LP version. 180 gram vinyl. 2011 release. Dreaming, the third original studio album from Rio's nu-bossa star, Sabrina Malheiros, combines the minimal electronic soul inspired sound of her debut Equilibria (2005) with the sweeping organic Brazilian pop of New Morning (FARO 131, 2008) and traditional sounds of Brazil. Linking past and present Malheiros mixes seductive styles to create a truly original sound for the future. Dreaming is her finest work yet confirming Malheiros as one of the finest female Brazilian songwriters of her generation. Featuring leading Brazilian musicians including Alex Malheiros (Azymuth); Jesse Sadoc (Marcos Valle); Alfredo Cardim (Joyce); Robertinho Silva (Milton Nascimento) and written and co-produced with Sabrina by partner Daniel 'Venom' Maunick (Viper Squad) the record finds a beautiful place between nu-Rio, classic Brazil, and the complex melodic electronic music emerging from the post-dubstep and post-drum & bass London soundscape. As the daughter of Alex Malheiros, bass player of legendary Brazilian group Azymuth, Sabrina was born to sing bossa nova and write ground-breaking music. Her classical contemporary Brazilian blend takes a number of surprising routes. On "Fragil", Sabrina employs renowned samba percussionist Robertinho Silva to deliver her delicate take on Brazil's African routes. "Bobeira" is a breezy chill-out while its "Digital Dreaming Reprise" opener adds Maunick's deep beats and addictive synths - those warping lines continuing flawlessly in to the following tracks. Sabrina's special pattern for writing music (alone, with her father Alex and partner Daniel) brings recurring chords and sequences with a huge variety of influences and ideas. Sabrina shows just how far this writing talent stretches as she arks back to '70s Brazil with the dreamy acid-folk "Lirio De Venus (Interlude)" before bringing things right in to modern electronic-era with big dub bass, scratching together with trademark soft acoustic guitar and harmonies on "Paranoia". Altogether, Malheiros's third full-length record is a lyrical and melodic dream to take her star far higher.
JD 021EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: JD 021EP
AZYMUTH Meu Mengo 12"
2011 release. Top disco/house producer Mark E delivers his third remix for Far Out Recordings - a distinctive, mesmeric slow-burning mix of Azymuth's "Meu Mengô", taken from the legendary samba jazz-funk trio's album Aurora (FARO 157CD, 2011). Mark E's "Full Length Remix" stretches over ten gloriously produced chill-wave minutes. Side B is for the clubs, the DJs and the heads. Two mixes that bring the beats to the fore as the pounding bass surges faster and harder on these dub and beat journeys.
JD 034EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: JD 034EP
KHAN, SEAN Samba Para Florence/Things To Say Remixes 12"
2015 release. London based jazz enthusiast Sean Khan, will release his second album Muriel in 2015 (FARO 187CD). This 12" features remixes from Henry Wu and Ben Hauke. Henry Wu imbues "Samba Para Florence" with a distinctly organic and off-kilter groove. Ben Hauke steeps Khan's "Things To Say" in his own murky, yet soul-drenched sound, one that falls somewhere between hip-hop and broken house. This remix is a sound drenched in syrupy, slightly sinister keys and a plodding, unpredictable thump not entirely dissimilar to Theo Parrish.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: FTR 240LP
HURLEY, MICHAEL Redbirds At Folk City LP
"Here's an expanded vinylization of a boss live show from Snock and his Vermont roustabouts, recorded at Folk City on July 17, 1976. Most of it was first issued back in '88, as side two of the Land of Lo Fi/Redbirds cassette on Bellemeade Phonics. But some new masters showed up subsequently, so there's an extra song and a half available for your listening pleasure. And pure pleasure is what it is. I always believed I had seen Hurley play somewhere in NYC before this. I thought maybe it was during the Unholy Modal Rounders' stint at Broadway Charly's, but Woodbill has continuously disabused me of this notion over the years. By his count, there were zero Manhattan Hurley shows until after the release of the acclaimed Have Moicy! album in 1976. And he oughta know. Consequently, this was probably the first time Hurley brought his band out of the hills. Guitar, bass, drums, piano and trumpet, all of them beautifully in sync and swinging like the rural hippie boogie band they were -- tested by long nights in halls filled with rowdy snowmobilers and the women who love them. Hurley & the Redbirds were more than ready to bowl over the city slickers who filled Folk City this hot mid-summer evening. Snock's voice is limber and strong, flipping easily into falsetto and yodels, and the music is faultless. Something like the Platonic ideal of what 'bar rock' can be. They only do one tune from Have Moicy!, but nobody could have minded. The music rolls out like the sweetest-ever guzzle of maple syrup laced with Mello Corn Whiskey. So loaded, so powerful, you're likely to shit the bed if you listen lying down. So hop right up, and let the music shuffle your feet around for you. You'll be glad you did. Besides the boss sounds, this issue includes liner notes by Snock recalling the scene around Fairfield Vermont back in the summer of '75. It's a very nice read. Count yourself lucky. Don't delay." --Byron Coley, 2017. Edition of 2000.
PRICE: $15.50
For nearly three decades sought-after musician, producer and machine enthusiast Niklas Worgt has researched diverse club sound effects with countless projects, while singer Eva Padberg is an internationally renowned high fashion model. Since 2003, they have been traveling and performing together as Dapayk & Padberg. Each of their albums is a sound logbook, which captures memories in the form of beats, tunes and skits. On Sink This Ship (MFP 081EP, 2016), the Berlin-based duo provided a first glimpse of what you can expect from Dapayk & Padberg in 2017, with their new album Harbour. This time, from the foggy depths of Scotland, their journey brought them to the sea, where Dapayk & Padberg anchored and found their temporary port - a place to take a deep breath and slow down, re-energize and let the energy flow freely. Allowing "the self-assurance to try everything in all directions" Eva Padberg says of album number five. Two very distinct places have had a special influence on the genesis of Harbour: The first ideas were collected in 2015 in Camargue in Provence, amongst panoramic views of fragrant lavender fields and extensive vineyards. After half of the tracks had already been recorded, both computers with all nearly finished song material were stolen - a crucial break for Dapayk & Padberg. Both started a second attempt in the spring of 2016 - this time recording in the rural seclusion of Brandenburg just outside of Berlin. Programmed loops combine with Eva's associative, metaphoric lyrics to form gentle, flowing, and sometimes stormy interplay. "Harbour", the title track, with its choked downbeats and the over-dreamy vocals, reveals the stylistic direction of the whole album. Almost seamlessly it fades into the softly pumping love declaration "Watching Over You", followed by the playful "U-Camargue". The melancholic "Sink This Ship" has an asynchronous rhythm that is softened by touching classical strings in the end. The slightly jazzy "Just Be Found" was influenced by trip-hop mixed with noisy radio samples and fragile vocals. Dapayk & Padberg's very own interpretation of late-night pop can be heard on "Nightshades". In addition to the regular tracks you will find selected skits, short instrumental scores that connect the individual songs atmospherically. The album ends on a conciliatory orchestral note with the '90s hip-hop and ambient-triggered instrumental "The Field".
PRICE: $12.50
KIMATA, JUN Shape Of My Voice 12"
Jun Kimata is a Tokyo-based sound designer specializing in acid techno music. With the pleasant psychedelic surprises of Shape Of My Voice, he continues the mystical journey through his signature sound that he began with his 2012 debut album, Silo (Denryoku Label). Includes a trippy techno remix by Andres Aguirre, following his 2016 Last Call 12" on Forbidden Colours (OFOC 004EP).
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: TGR 003LP
SUPERPITCHER The Golden Ravedays 3 LP
Superpitcher's third full-length studio album, The Golden Ravedays, is an autobiography that exhibits the skill, feeling, and depth of style that the artist has honed since the mid-'90s, musically, and for his whole life, emotionally. And full-length it is: The Golden Ravedays is an epic album of 24 tracks stretched over 12 LPs, released sequentially on the Hippie Dance label. The third chapter of the series introduces two further tracks of the haunting sound adventure that Superpitcher is taking his fans on during 2017. Side A features "1984". It has nothing to do with George Orwell's magnificent book, but it could remind some of how the apocalypse might sound one day. "1984" is as sweet as the very first track, "Little Raver", of The Golden Ravedays 1 (TGR 001LP), but it stresses the fact that even though Superpitcher produces music mainly intended for the dancefloor - he creates sound that is bordering on the shamanic. "1984" might as well be the meeting of a group of supersonic bottlenose whales that are overly excited to see each other after being separated by many an ocean and moon. Side B of this edition is "Pocket Love". Imagine looking into a kaleidoscope and turning the dial and experiencing all those colors as pockets of love rushing your way and exploding in satin wonderment the moment they past your eyes and ears. Imagine how it must sound like if all the e-mails, tweets, facebook posts, instagrams, pinterests, grandma's postcards, text messages, letters on rice paper, hearts scratched into trees, declarations of eternal loyalty written in sand, phone calls, and videos of the whole universe were all messages of love stuffed into pockets and sent to you. Imagine the treasure you will receive. Imagine being one big ear drum and listening to the very energy that this love exists of - imagine it and you will find yourself inside "Pocket Love". Includes download code.
PRICE: $29.00
San Francisco based DJ Al Lover's list of collaborations contain names like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Goat, and White Fence, and he has remixed bands like The Night Beats and Thee Oh Sees. Residing in Amsterdam, the Cairo Liberation Front collective represents the future of European club music taking equally from house, punk, and psychedelia, filtered through generations of hedonistic groove. The six tracks on this picture disc EP, Nymphaea Caerulea, holds the essence of what psychedelic dance music is about: escapism. It puts the listener outside of time somewhere on the banks of the Nile, just before dawn. The combination of Al Lover's use of samples, drum machines, live instrumentation, and analog synthesizers, clashes beautifully with the fierce energy of the CLF's sound of cracked software, American hip-hop, Euro house, and Arabic rhythms.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: HNR 019EP
PATON, JAMIE Telefuture/Blind Summit 7"
The tracks contain elements from your techno favorites dating three decades back, but the tempo and the production creates a slouchy feeling clearly influenced by the slow-motion house of Cage & Aviary. Paton's relationship with nature comes through on both sides of this single. The space-echo effects of "Blind Summit" place you in the natural echo chamber of a grove with trees surrounding you shifting in colors through the seasons. With "Telefuture/Blind Summit", Paton has dug down to the sediments created by alternative club music from where he picks samples to be examined in the fluorescent light in his laboratory.
PRICE: $14.00
Music, cover, and all creation comes from the woods of Sweden. A place called Studio Cosmos. This is the home of Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue, Son Kite, Nobody Home. These frequencies come from a place situated far away from modern cities and neighbors. Expressing dance music connected to nature and with the aim of being less "polluted" by modern society and its structures. "Arvet" is a Swedish word for heritage. Dance music with the aim of getting into trance and having inner journeys.
PRICE: $15.50
"Following their Atalanta 12" (MAMBO 003EP, 2016), Stockholm-based Farbror Resande Mac returns to Horisontal Mambo with this extended EP of b**earic bliss. Through releases on labels such as Aficionado, Back to the Balearics and Is It Balearic they've carved their own niche in the tropical music climate we northeners like to embrace. Although it's hard to escape the use of the dreaded b-word it might be the most fitting label still. Anyway, we love it and we hope you do too" --Prins Thomas, Mambo HQ, January 15, 2017. Includes both tracks from the Atalanta 12" as bonus tracks.
H 024LP
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: H 024LP
Repressed. 150-gram LP. Gancio Cielo is the first full-length by Francesco Cavaliere, an artist whom Hundebiss had the pleasure of introducing to the public in 2010 with a legendary tape called Neverending Somersault. After years of live performance and intense studio work, Cavaliere developed a unique style using his voice as the main source of sounds alongside an incredible archive of homemade sound FX. The magical space of Gancio Cielo exists on its own, unfolding a fantastic night-time story combined with exotic electronic music from an imaginary universe in which alchemy and science fiction come together. Cavaliere has developed a veritable dictionary to catalog the strange beings that inhabit this universe, undefined by reference points: hybrids of objects, minerals, animals, plants, planets, trails, cosmic objects, and physical and perceptual phenomena.
PRICE: $14.50
VITELLI, COSMO Cosmo Vitelli 12"
I'm a Cliché boss Cosmo Vitelli is back with the label's first release of 2017. "When Suddenly : Acid" is an instantly gratifying tune with the kind of disco-not-disco and acid-without-303 vibes that I'm a Cliché is famous for. "El Si Señor (Skinny Version)" is a down-tempo track, chock-full of melodic and percussive content. Clocking at nine minutes, "The Cemetery Of Unsigned House Tracks" starts with a refined but twisted vibe, which is swallowed by a hypnotic and sensual synth arpeggio. "El Si Señor (Soundtrack Version)" is a reference to '70s film music.
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: IDA 109CD
LES MARQUISES A Night Full Of Collapses CD
The brilliant songwriter Jean-Sébastien Nouveau invites many musicians to give life to this new opus, Les Marquises' third album A Night Full Of Collapses. The newcomers are Matt Elliott (featured on "Feu Pâle", "The Beguiled", "Following Strangers", and "The Passing"), Agathe Max (Ofield, Farewell Poetry), Olivier Mellano, Christian Quermalet (The Married Monk), Jeff Hallam (Dominique A), Louis Montmasson, and François Clos. They join Jonathan Grancollot (Pan Pan Pan), Souleymane Felicioli, Julien Nouveau, Martin Duru (Immune), and obviously Jean-Sébastien Nouveau, who wrote all the lyrics and music while conducting the whole ensemble. Les Marquises' surprising 2013 Pensée Magique, an experimental pop-oriented album inspired by the cinema of Werner Herzog, Peter Brook, and Jean Rouch. Now Jean-Sébastien is back with A Night Full Of Collapses which, as its title suggests, is an eminently nocturnal record. Cinematic atmospheres are always present but the aforementioned references here give way to the work of David Lynch. The record is reminiscent of Badalamenti's compositions for Twin Peaks or the more recent dark-jazz of Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones as well as the first records by Bohren & Der Club of Gore. And while on the subject of disturbing and offbeat atmospheres, it is impossible not hear the ghosts of Talk Talk and especially Psychic TV floating here and there. But as always with Les Marquises, these are only first impressions. The influences and inspirations may seem clear at first sight but we soon find they make up a simple background whose sole purpose is to situate an action and provide context. Like the cinema which inspires him so much, Jean-Sébastien is cryptic in his approach and does not wish to clearly reveal his intentions to listeners. On the contrary, he aims to throw listeners off balance without ever attacking them and to lead them to lose themselves in his nocturnal, dreamlike, sometimes peaceful, sometimes unstable universe. A Night Full Of Collapses cultivates a mysterious aura conducive to wandering and reflection. Pensée Magique was both concise and yet abundant, even stifling for some. A Night Full Of Collapses is more grounded in some ways as it leaves aside bursts of pop in favor of a more jazzy framework which conveys its author's benevolent attitude.
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: IDA 121CD
Winter Family is a duo of Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine who met in Jaffa in 2004. Their dark, saturated and dense music is described as "death swing", "weird wave" or "funeral pop". Their self-titled debut (2007) offered minimal music played by Xavier on pipe organ, harmoniums and piano backing strict spoken-word texts chanted by Ruth. Their second album, Red Sugar (SR 315CD/AV 032LP, 2011) was highly praised by critics. After they toured the world with their theatrical documentary Jerusalem Cast Lead (2011), they moved to Flatbush, Brooklyn. Attracted by New York/West Indian/Caribbean culture of their neighborhood, they started writing a new album. The block parties, community parades, and helicopters are frequent and Winter Family systematically capture all these sounds for their theatrical documentary work, some of them are also found on South From Here. At the end of 2012, Hurricane Sandy drowned all their equipment. They bought an old drum machine and an old synth and discovered sounds that were to make up the final color of South From Here. They began to mix South From Here in a cellar in Jaurès inspired by the sound of the Pierre Carré Orchestra and the reverb sounds at the Foire du Trône city fair. They recorded new parts of the album on tour - in the Guggenheim house in Kobe, Japan and during organ, voice and absinthe night sessions in the German Temple in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. For uncertain reasons, they then settled opposite Banana Beach in Tel Aviv. Ruth's lyrics attempt to translate the blindness into which Israeli society is definitively sinking. They published No World in collaboration with Yochai Matos (2015), released a cassette on the micro label Psychic Mule (2014), and completed South From Here, recording saccharine arrangements inspired by local weddings. The result of this long and painful calypso process is a mixture of pessimism and acceptance they summarize with these words: "Life is Beautiful". On South From Here, Ruth plays machines, drums, beatbox, and sings. Xavier plays old organs, synth, celesta, and piano. Some friends and their daughter join them here and there on the record: Ben McConnell (drums), Fabien Lehalle (bass), Victor Gachet (snare drum), Saralei Klaine (gaming and voice) and the voices of actors from Chekhov's The Seagull by Arthur Nauzyciel (Adèle Haenel, Dominique Reymond, Laurent Poitrenaud, Marie-Sophie Ferdane, etc.)
IP 028CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: IP 028CD
MONDKOPF They Fall, But You Don't CD
New from In Paradisum, the home of Low Jack and December, They Fall, But You Don't is the most straight-forward and cohesive Mondkopf album to date due to his switch to analog synthesizers. They Fall was been recorded live in his room in Paris in the sadly memorable month of November 2016. The record has something familiar with Mondkopf's previous output with the raw textures and half-light atmospheres, but the rest is a radical change for him. The synth pads of They Fall are neither retro nor futuristic. In addition to Paul's fragile vocals, they exhale a distinct feeling of just being there. The tracks follow their own path by being focused and vital. They Fall, But You Don't is the singular manifesto of a relationship to electronic music that leaves out the ideas of innovation and genre and more resembles the language of a new folk music; deeply evocative, powerful and free.
IS 6801CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: IS 6801CD
VA This Time Will Be Different - The Sweet Soul Of Philadelphia: 1968-1982 CD
This Time Will Be Different - The Sweet Soul Of Philadelphia: 1968-1982 is the first part in Interstate Records' regional soul series. This Time Will Be Different documents the emerging Philly soul sound, as influenced by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, but with a focus on more obscure artists and releases. Features writing, arrangement, and production by Jerry Ross, Norman Harris, Thom Bell and Linda Creed, and Bobby Martin, with appearances by Bunny Sigler, Billy Hill (The Essex), and more. Features: The Invitations, Lou Curtin, Festivals, Choice Of Colors, Broadway Express, The Futures, Phyllis Smith, The Courtships, Paradise, J. Kelly & The Premiers, The Geminiles, The Mello Moods, The Epsilons, The Blue Notes, and The Elegant's. CD version includes eight tracks not featured on the LP version. These eight tracks feature: The Butlers, The Cruisers, The Ethics, Chapter One, The Coalitions, Donnie Elbert, The United Four, and Toppiks.
IS 6802CD
PRICE: $15.00
CAT #: IS 6802CD
VA This Love Is For Real - The Sweet Soul Of Chicago: 1968-1981 CD
This Love Is For Real - The Sweet Soul Of Chicago: 1968-1981 is the second part in Interstate Records' regional soul series. This Love Is For Real documents the Chicago sound, as popularized by Curtis Mayfield, The Chi-Lites or Impressions, but with a focus on more obscure artists and releases. Features writing, arrangement, and production by Leroy Hutson, Willie Henderson, Eugene Record, with appearances by Otil Leavill, Charles Jackson, and more. Features: Essence, Marzette Griffith, Harlem Meat Company, Magnum Force, Billy & The Bloodknots, The Lost Generation, The Stimulators, Hands Of Time, Chocolate Sunday, Bruce Thompson, The Vegas, The Ledgends, The Independents, The Cheers, Little Ben Norfleet, The Lovelites, and Windy City. CD version includes eight tracks not featured on the LP version. These eight tracks feature: The Chi-Lites, The Turks, The Eight Minutes, The Visitors, Eugene Smiley, Enchanting Enchanters, Bobby Gomez, Magnetic Force, The Lintones, and The Esquires.
PRICE: $25.50
VA Jukebox Jam Volume 2 2LP
2017 repress. Deluxe gatefold double LP version in pasteback sleeve. The original Jukebox Jam!: Blues & Rhythm Revue (JMAN 045CD) compilation album was released in 2011, a collection which brought together the dynamic and varied R&B sounds of Liam Large's London-based club night and reissue label. With an action-packed, all-killer set, it quickly became an instant classic, a comp of vintage sounds which truly stood out in an ever-saturated market. Two years on, and we are proud to unleash the second volume of Jukebox Jam, another collection of 23 obscure masterpieces from mid-century America. Perhaps even more ambitious than the first volume, the follow-up broadens the scope of investigation by digging both deeper back into the 1940s, with a couple of jazzy blues numbers, and further into the 1960s, with gritty rock and roll and early Detroit soul both featuring prominently. In between these sounds, there's of course a healthy fill of dirty '50s blues, jumping R&B and swinging popcorn, but it's safe to say that on this set, the surprises come a little more frequently. Jukebox Jam Volume 2 is another essential classic in waiting.
K7 337EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: K7 337EP
MAYER & JOE GODDARD, MICHAEL For You (DJ Koze Remixes) 12"
DJ Koze comes up to task for the next re-construction of Michael Mayer and Joe Goddard's "For You", following up from the re-interpretation by Diynamic's Solomun and Pachanga Boys. The maverick of flawless productions develops two narratives for this remix package: The first is a club mix composed of layered, floor-raising chords while ruffling up the original vocals gradually and elegantly. The second is a mbira remix, filled with African-inspired percussive inklings and sprinkled with effortless melodic flourishes.
PRICE: $16.50
EDWARDS, JACKIE Mister Peaceful LP
LP version. Jackie Edwards's voice can be heard on hundreds of ska, r&b, soul, and rocksteady records. In fact, all the incarnations that evolved from reggae. He was at the birth of Island Records and his distinctive soulful voice has rightly given him the moniker of the Original Cool Ruler. Jackie Edwards (b. Wilfred Edwards 1938, Jamaica) was a renowned singer from the early days and by 1959, he had presented future Island Records owner Chris Blackwell with two outstanding tunes. The first a sentimental ballad "Your Eyes Are Dreaming" and a Latin beat tune "Tell Me Darling". His song-writing skills were much in so much demand, and his popularity of such importance, that when Chris Blackwell went to London in 1962 to set up his record company, he took his top balladeer Jackie with him. This would pay dividends when a UK group Blackwell had signed called The Spencer Davis Group went on to release two of Jackie's compositions "Keep On Running" and "Somebody Help Me", which topped the British charts in 1966. With Mister Peaceful, Kingston Sounds have compiled some of Jackie Edwards's finest songs - all cool tunes in different reggae styles but all sung to perfection.
KL 5052CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: KL 5052CD
Lightnin' Hopkins live from Ebbet's Field, Denver, Colorado on April 25th, 1974. The Texas giant of blues makes a welcome return to Denver for another unique display of blues artistry. Having had his life committed to the big screen and having been backed by 13th Floor Elevators, Lightnin' was about to devour the next decade with the same righteous intent - stubborn, flashy, and damned inspirational. Klondike present the entire KCUV FM broadcast of Lightnin' Hopkins live from Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado on April 25th, 1974. Professionally re-mastered original FM broadcast with interviews, background liners, and rare archival photos.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: KOM 356EP
Clarian returns to Kompakt following his 2015 label debut and releases on Multi Culti, Soft Touch, Rumors, and Turbo, plus a stint as mixer, arranger, and audio engineer on Tiga's 2016 No Fantasy Required album. "Ankh" emits dreamy harmonics, glistening synths, and gentle beat throbs from deep within a crystallized pyramid. "Old Miami" is a groovy, hypnotic late-night jam for the raving flâneur (named after a bar in Detroit where Clarian played one of his first shows). Closer "Alienated" perfectly showcases Clarian's knack for catchy weirdness, letting its main motif glitch in all the right places.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: KOM 363EP
ORB, THE Cow Remixes/Sin In Space Pt.3 12"
Kompakt continue The Orb's Sin In Space remix EP series with a third volume focusing on the duo's last album, COW / Chill Out, World! (KOMP 134CD/KOM 354LP, 2016 ). The Field's remix of "9 Elms Over River Eno" takes the original's percussive part and unfolds it to a swirling, tropical epic. Dave DK turns in a club-friendly revamp of "4am Exhale" indulging in exquisitely lyrical glitches and straight bass drum. Jörg Burger takes a shot at the beatless "5th Dimensions" - its loose pop jam feeling and flirty shuffle rhythm recalling Burger's Triola moniker.
PRICE: $23.00
For the first time ever, the entire catalog of Christian Morgenstern was released digitally, accompanied by a limited and remastered series of eight 12" records that included remixes by artists such as Distant Echoes, Jeroen Search, Staffan Linzatti, Stanislav Tolkachev, Mistake Made, Alexander Kowalski, Psyk, d_func, Fanon Flowers, Ben Kaczor, Henning Baer, Christian Wu?nsch, Jonas Kopp, Efdemin, TWR72, Jeff Rushin, Moerbeck, Oscar Mulero, CTRLS, and Maral Salmassi. KSQ Bundle 1 compiles Remixes 3/8, Remixes 4/8, and Remixes 5/8 from the 12" series and features remixes by Fanon Flowers, Henning Baer, d_func., Jeroen Search, Maral Salmassi, and TWR72. After 12 years, these releases also mark the return of Konsequent. Founded in 1997 by Maral Salmassi, Konsequent was home to some of the earliest releases by Morgenstern and also represented the deep creative and personal relationship that the two shared until Christian's death in 2003.
LCD 2011CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2011CD
DRESHER, PAUL This Same Temple CD
1996 release. The works on this CD are all from what Paul Dresher considers to be his first phase of composition in his own musical voice, ranging from 1976 through 1985. They focus entirely on the three instruments he knew best and has worked with since childhood: the guitar, the piano and the tape recorder. Liquid And Stellar Music began as an idea for a sonic world while working with Terry Riley at Mills College and works exclusively with the electric guitar. Through the use of a four-channel tape machine with three playback heads located at various points in the path of a closed loop of variable speed, system, it is possible for the performer to build up complex textural, harmonic or rhythmic structures through what is essentially a process of live multi-track recording (and playback, erasing and mixing). Destiny draws its surface unabashedly from the idiom of rock and roll yet it is contrapuntally and polyrhythmically organized via processes normally associated with other domains. At this time, Dresher was "grappling with the diverse and contrary influences of both rock î roll, world music and contemporary 'art' music. This work was a direct attempt to reconcile these differences and incorporate the qualities of each which I find inspirational." In Water Dreams, the sounds of water in many contexts (rain, ocean waves, lakes, rivers, streams and drips) form the basic sonic palette. The composition is a hybrid of these acoustic sounds (manipulated only with equalization and tape speed alterations), synthesized sounds (Yamaha DX-7) and sampled acoustic sounds. This Same Temple was premiered by the East Bay New Music Ensemble in the fall of 1976 with Rae Imamura and Phil Aaberg at the pianos. Dresher says, "The work clearly owes a debt to Steve Reich, with whose ensemble I played briefly in the summer of 1974. It was through Steve that I met Nurit Tilles to whom I turned when I wanted to record the work." Personnel: Paul Dresher - Fender Stratocaster guitar; Dresher and Paul Tydelski - tape processing system; Double Edge (Edmund Niemann and Nurit Tilles, piano duo); Gene Reffkin - drums.
LCD 2021CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2021CD
MITCHELL, ROSCOE Four Compositions CD
1987 release. Pointillistic chamber compositions from Roscoe Mitchell: Nonaah, Duet for Wind and String, Cutouts, and Prelude. Delicate as to texture, dispassionate as to mood, these mostly notated woodwind, string, and piano chamber works are atonal, but collapse into tonal cadences. Personnel: Robert Cole - flute; Richard Lottridge - bassoon; Joan Wildman - piano; Vartan Manoogian - violin; Roscoe Mitchell - alto saxophone; Wingra Woodwind Quintet; Tom Buckner - voice; Roscoe Mitchell - bass saxophone; Gerald Oshita - contrabass sarrusophone; Brian Smith - triple contrabass viol. "Mitchell's atonal explorations here seem somehow earthier and more alive than most contemporary chamber music, perhaps a reflection of his cutting-edge jazz background." --Hayes, Capital Times, June 1992
LCD 2022CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2022CD
1995 release. His reassertion as the composer into what has traditionally been an improvisational form, has placed Roscoe Mitchell at the forefront of contemporary music for over twenty-five years. Pilgrimage features eight works (including one by Henry Threadgill) performed by the Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble. Texts by Thulani Davis, Lord Byron, e. e. cummings, and Joseph Jarman. The Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble: Roscoe Mitchell - saxophones, winds, percussion; Thomas Buckner - voice; Joseph Kubera - piano; Vartan Manoogian - violin.
LCD 2031CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2031CD
DUCKWORTH, WILLIAM The Time Curve Preludes CD
1990 release. Originally released on Lovely Music in 1983. William Duckworth's Well-Tempered Clavier of minimalism. Elegant studies in proportion and sonority, beautifully played by pianist Neely Bruce. Each prelude grows from a single rhythmic figure, uses modal harmonies, raga-style drones, and Medieval melodic outlines, and captures a particular but relatively brief mood, whether meditative, dance-like, or song-like. Duckworth's shifting, modal patterns unfold in a specially reverberant universe created by sustaining (with weights) certain of the keyboard's lowest notes. With pace and duration perfectly controlled, the preludes progress from sweetness to pungency with an elegiac inevitability.
LCD 2032CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2032CD
1987 release. Whereas all of his previous compositions were fully notated, William Duckworth wanted to take advantage of alto saxophonist Michael Swartz's improvisational skills. Basic units of material, melodies both traditionally and graphically notated, are to be repeated according to a 31-part Fibonacci-based structure. To preserve spontaneity of performance within a work that requires extensive rehearsal, the performer is strictly limited to one daily reading of the score over a 30-day period. Swartz gives a very colorful and thoughtful reading in a solo version (recorded on the 31st day). An "ensemble version", created by over-dubbing seven readings of the score, makes perfectly clear both the formal structure and the freedom which manage to co-exist in this work which is ultimately a collaboration of equal partners.
LCD 2033CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2033CD
1994 release. William Duckworth's post-minimalist reworking of hymns from the famous 1854 edition of the eponymous hymn collection, one of the staple sources for shaped-note singing. It's a translation from a naive (if complex) church tradition into a form and texture conscious concert medium, an exploration of processes inherent in the original hymn but not developed there. Performed by The Gregg Smith Singers; assisted by The Rooke Chapel Choir of Bucknell University.
LCD 2053CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2053CD
CAGE, JOHN Music Of Changes CD
1998 release. John Holzaepfel on Music Of Changes: "Like the Pierre Boulez Sonata, Music Of Changes is a manifesto. It marks Cage's first comprehensive 'exploration of non-intention' through the systematic use of chance operations to create a complete, major work. Begun in May 1951 and completed on 13 December of that year, Music Of Changes was named in honor of the I Ching, or Book Of Changes, the ancient Chinese book of oracles that had become Cage's means of synthesizing chance with rigorous discipline. Cage's notation heralded a new concept of musical time, placing the performer in a new relation to the score, one in which orientation is to the occurrence of events rather than to the relations between them, which is to say to action rather than to memory. Performances of Music Of Changes have been rare since David Tudor ceased playing the work in the late 1950s; Herbert Henck and, more recently, Joseph Kubera are among the few pianists to have assayed the obstacles posed by its innovations. For all its prominence in the history of postwar music, Music Of Changes has remained more discussed than heard, more treatise than artwork." CD booklet includes John Holzaepfel's complete notes, as well as a memoir by Don Gillespie. Features Joseph Kubera on piano.
LCD 2071CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2071CD
KOSUGI, TAKEHISA Violin Improvisations CD
1990 release. Originally released in 1989 as Violin Solo. Sept. 3-4, '89. Takehisa Kosugi's improvisations, both with violin and miscellaneous sounding objects, have a sense of emerging from the bottom of a spiritual unconscious. From this place comes a music based more on the feeling of sounds than conscious arrangement. Memory, physical action, tactile perceptions, environmental conditions, and awareness of subconscious microcosmic and macrocosmic extremes inform his work as much as the intention to assemble sounds into music. When listeners connect with his sounds, a direct identification of experience occurs between audience and performer. Personnel: Takehisa Kosugi - electric violin.
LCD 2081CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2081CD
LOCKWOOD, ANNEA A Sound Map of the Hudson River CD
2003 release. Originally released on Lovely Music in 1989. An aural journey from the source of the river, in the high peak area of the Adirondacks, downstream to the Lower Bay and the Atlantic Ocean; Annea Lockwood traces the course of the Hudson through on-site recordings of its flow at 15 separate locations. Annea Lockwood has recorded rivers in many countries to explore the special state of mind and body which the sounds of moving water create when one listens intently to the complex mesh of rhythms and pitches. The listener will find that each stretch of the Hudson has its own sonic texture, formed by the terrain, varying according to the weather, the season and downstream, the human environment whose sounds are intimately woven into the river's sounds.
LCD 2082CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2082CD
LOCKWOOD, ANNEA Breaking the Surface CD
1999 release. Two of Annea Lockwood's dramatic works dealing with issues of spiritual wholeness. Duende (1997), about shamanic transformation, is written with and performed by Thomas Buckner. Lockwood selected sounds which reminded her of certain vocal transformations heard in recordings of shamanic ceremonies. In such singing, changes in the voice mirror and also help to bring about changes in the singer's mind and awareness. Within an improvisational framework, Buckner explores the possibility of change of state through such transformations, moving through three stages: preparation, a first flight, and a final flight, in which he moves beyond the self he knows. Thus, Duende is a not a prepared, performed work, but a vehicle for experience. Buckner is partnered by a tape drawn from the sounds of the cuica (an African and South American instrument), a large glass gong and other glass sounds, wind, a Cameroonian rattle, a kea (New Zealand mountain parrot), and a bullroarer. Delta Run (1979-81) is an expression of the thoughts and experiences of a sculptor who talked with Lockwood just over a day before he died in 1979, aged thirty. He knew that he was dying and wanted to communicate his perceptions of death as something "only natural, you know - now is my time", seeing this piece as a form of continuing creativity now that sculpture was out of reach. Interwoven with his voice are wind, water, ambient sounds from the hospice where they talked, and some of the ordinary sounds of daily living, embodying the sense that dying is a part of living, not separate from it, and that in dying we are incorporated back into the elements from which we emanate.
PRICE: $17.00
Mental Experience present a reissue of Cozmic Corridors self-titled album. Cozmic Corridors is an underground kraut-kosmische monster, recorded and produced circa 1972-73 in Cologne by Toby "The Mad Twiddler" Robinson for his Pyramid label. The album was apparently released as an ultra-limited handmade edition back in the early '70s, but no original copies have surfaced. Featuring Mythos drummer Hans-Jürgen Pütz on percussion and effects, alongside synth/keyboard freak Alex Meyer, poet/vocalist Pauline Fund, and the mysterious guitarist Peter Förster. Cozmic Corridors is an album if tripped-out electronic ambient soundscapes, dark atmospheres, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Rhodes, electric and 12-string acoustic guitars, ritual chants, effects, and horror cinematic vibes. It is not advisable to listen to this alone in the dark. RIYL: Terry Riley, Cluster, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Emtidi, Jacula, Franco Leprino, Dead Can Dance. Master tape sound; Insert with detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman, head boss at Ultima Thule and author of The Crack In The Cosmic Egg (1996).
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: MRP 067LP
VA Ghost Woman Blues LP
2017 repress. "Compilation of absolutely must have country blues. A mix of well-known artists playing their signature songs and more obscure musicians. Highlights include Bukka White's elemental 'Fixin' to die', Lottie Kimbroughs' seldom heard 'Don't Speak To Me', George Carters' haunting 'Ghost Woman Blues', Willie Browns' existential 'Future Blues', Monroe Moe Jackson's wild 'Go Away From My Door' and many more hits. The real stuff and some of Mississippi Records all time favorite tunes."
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: MRP 092LP
2017 repress. "A classic and seldom heard LP from Bamako! Not just your average Malian LP, Ampsa features has to be heard to be believed organ, hypnotic guitar and amazing sweet vocals. A truly great LP and must have for fans of Malian music. A faithful reproduction of the original with the addition of liner notes by Florent Mazzoleni. A co release with Singasongfighter."
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: MRP 099LP
2017 repress. "At last! The second LP in our ongoing series of releases from Mariam Tsege Gebru! More 1960s recordings of her truly unique solo piano performances. Mariam Tsege Gebru is a true original - her playing is somewhere between Erik Satie, Debussy, liturgical music of the Coptic Ethiopian Church and Ethiopian traditional music. It is some of the most moving piano music you will ever hear! All original compositions available for the first time on vinyl beyond the original early 1960s editions, which are completely impossible to find. Old school 'tip on' cover with gold foil printing. A must have master piece for anyone who needs some spiritual comfort."
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: MRP 102LP
2017 repress. "Legendary Swiss punk band from the late '70s. 'You can't dispute Liliput's status as pioneers of feminist art-punk. Along with fellow travelers like The Slits and The Raincoats, this (mostly) female Swiss group took advantage of punk's anything-goes attitude and created jittery, spirited pop that was both in step with the times and completely singular. The early material is a riot of exuberant energy, taking stylistic cues from peers like Gang Of Four and Wire -- propulsive bass, skittering pop rhythms, slashing guitars -- and adding distinctive overlapping vocal patterns, which are sung, shrieked, and hiccuped in three languages and made-up dada slang. More than 20 years on, it still sounds fresh.' --Lisa Gidley. All material has been previously released as Liliput on Kill Rock Stars as a double CD, and a 4 LP box set on Mississippi Records, 1977 1983.First Songs combines all the pre-1982 material. All three Kleenex singles, the first two Liliput 7"'s and all the originally unreleased material prior to Liliput's debut LP."
PRICE: $15.50
SHED The Final Experiment CD
Under the moniker Shed, René Pawlowitz has published three highly ambitious albums in which he defines his work more and more as his own way of musical narration; The Final Experiment is definitely the temporary highlight of this evolution. It establishes Shed conclusively as one of the most interesting and substantial active electronic music artists. It carries a vibe that links Shed to other boundary breaking artists, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Brian Eno, and Carsten Nicolai. However, Shed has found a way to develop a highly individual way of communicating electronic music that is self-sufficient. The Last Experiment is a mostly homogeneous piece of work, a meditation where the stylistic confusion seems less important than the musical statement that it represents.
PRICE: $14.00
LUCKY CHARMZ Seaside Greetings 12"
Moody Records present their second release by Lucky Charmz (Lehult). Seaside Greetings is not a typical dance record - after the house banger "Olà Do Mar", Lucky Charmz dives deep into disco, down-tempo, and soul, chopping until the dissolution into space. Features: Peach Orbit and Wenzel Dashington.
PRICE: $12.50
LAWRENCE Yoyogi Park Remixed 12"
After Lawrence's excellent new album Yoyogi Park (MUSIQ 054CD/196LP, 201), Mule Musiq's favorite German producers provide this great remix package. One of the most respectable Giegling artists, Kettenkraussell, delivers two versions. One is dark deep house and one is more electronica, reminiscent of Jan Jelinek. Roman Flügel's remix is more uplifting and trippy - simply nice for the club. Lake People's remix is old school electro style but sounds very modern and playful.
NEOS 11614-15CD
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: NEOS 11614-15CD
ALTMAN, LAURIE Sonic Migrations: Music of Laurie Altman 2CD
Laurie Altman's musical compositions on Sonic Migrations represent, in some way, a passage: A passage through places (globally), history and events, words, sonic environments, people's lives and their mutual emotions. The pieces are the by-product of a time span of some 25 years, encompassing diverse ensembles and sonic frameworks, far-flung influences, textures, and feelings. There are some outstanding artists playing, like Clipper Erickson (piano), or the Manhattan String Quartet, to name a few. And there is a technical innovation: The Sensor Augmented Bass Clarinet (SABRE) is a bass clarinet, playable in the customary way, and equipped with various sensors with which a computer can be controlled. The original qualities of the instrument are retained, and through the connection to the computer a whole new field of possibilities and areas of application is opened up. With the SABRE, a musical instrument is available for the first time with which a direct connection between acoustic music and the digital world can be realized. The musician on stage can directly control this with his/her instrument, thus spontaneously placing the electronic music into a musical context. Moreover, other media such as visuals, light or video games can be controlled. "No Hay Olvido (Sonata)" features a poem by Pablo Neruda; "Laments of the Homeless Women" features apoem by David Sten Herrstrom. Personnel: Laurie Altman - piano; Randy Bauer - piano; Kuang-Hao Huang - piano; Clipper Erickson - piano; Patrice Michaels - soprano; Matthias Mueller - clarinet, SABRE; John Bruce Yeh - clarinet; Andrew Rathbun - saxophone; Cavatina Duo (Eugenia Moliner - flute; Denis Azabagic - guitar) and Manhattan String Quartet.
OT 018EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: OT 018EP
Limited repress. In the mid-'90s, Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze sent JD Twitch of Optimo CD-Rs of unreleased material, including the track featured here in slightly edited form (along with Victor Shan and Gerd Janson's "Rave Mix"). Jones dated the track to 1985, which means that he pre-empted UK hardcore by about five years -- especially remarkable given his use of tape loops instead of samplers. Mysterious male/female Italian duo Underspreche debut on the AA-side. "Flowers from the Lake" samples (with permission) field recordings of the Kenyan Mijikenda tribes (HJR 068CD/LP, 2013); the exquisite hypno-techno of "Naked" exudes a warmth rare in modern techno.
PRICE: $12.50
FIEDEL Substance B 12"
Berlin-Brandenburg native Fiedel presents Substance B on Ostgut Ton. The eponymous "Substance B" is a high-energy, raving techno belter built around a bouncy bassline motif, with additional percussion and bubbling acid lines slowly swelling. "Track 432" evolved and assumed shape based on a phone-recorded sketch. Melody-wise this seven-minute lush, deep yet functional cut is reminiscent of shrill sirens, soon intertwined with cowbell jabs, sitting atop a banging kick drum and staccato-stabs. "S-Drive" closes this record with a tidied up and slower jam: its prancing, mesmerizing synth melody is accompanied by a subtle kick and syncopated snare.
PRICE: $12.50
HOPPNER, NICK Box Drop 12"
Nick Höppner puts full focus on club music with a new, consistent three-tracker, Box Drop. "Box Drop" comes in form of a deep dub techno aesthetic at an adequate 128 bpm while not neglecting warm and melodic elements: harmonic layers, effects, synth pads, rotating sound patterns - frisky, yet muscular. "Still" begins with a mellow vibe, slowly swelling and progressing into slightly romantic, yet very groove-focused, upbeat house music. "Out Of Sight" sees Höppner working with whispering female vocal samples while a sturdy bassline, synth bleeps, and modulations, shakers and other percussion add to the warm and cosmic vibe.
OH 030CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: OH 030CD
Luyando means "mother's love" in Tonga, a language that is spoken by the first inhabitants of the Zambezi Valley of Southern Africa. But beyond the word, Luyando goes to the heart of Mokoomba's music. Lyrical and beautifully breezy, Luyando is a spiritual journey into the heart of Zimbabwean society, culture, and tradition. On Luyando, Mokoomba modified their rock-band oriented line-up to record a more raw, acoustic album. The songs are rooted in the local traditions and life in their hometown of Victoria Falls, a town on the Zambezi River, named after the Victoria Falls. When the band first hit the music scene their blend of traditional rhythms and contemporary Zimrock took the country by storm. Mokoomba brought a unique flavor to a scene that was dominated by sungura, reggae, and dancehall, urban and Afro jazz bands. On Luyando, Mokoomba dig even deeper into their heritage: Luyando takes the listener back into the past to a vanishing world of traditions that used to be at the heart of Tonga and Luvale society, their customs, rituals, and even day-to-day life. There are the cautionary and instructive tracks like, "Njawane", which advises young hunters of how to act when faced with a dangerous lion. The haunting "Kumukanda" is inspired by a Tonga initiation ceremony and "Mabemba" speaks about the values of the Tonga people. The lighter, and more playful "Nyaradzo" is a song of cheeky courtship and "Kulindiswe" is a personal lament on the hardships of band life. Victoria Falls, a meeting point of a multitude of traditions, is the main inspiration for the lead singer and composer, Mathias Muzaza. While Tonga dominates as a language of composition and the native language of most members of the group, the songs are sung in at least three other languages: Shona, Luvale, and Ndebele. Most members of the group are ethnically Tonga one of Zimbabwe's (and Zambia's) smallest ethnic groups. The history of the Tonga is crucial to Luyando and central to the project is Kambowa the song that speaks of a key moment of Tonga history, the traumatic displacement of the Tonga from their ancestral lands in 1955 to make way for the Kariba dam. At present, Zimbabwe is in a state of economic turbulence and political uncertainty. Luyando is, in its own small way, a place where everyone who aspires for better is welcome.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: OSR 060CD
Formed in Toronto, Canada, in the late '60s, Heat Exchange are known for their three fantastic 45s for the Yorkville label - released in the early '70s - on which they mixed hard rock with psychedelic, heavy progressive and funk-rock sounds. So, it's a major surprise that in 1972, the band recorded more stuff with the intention of releasing an album. But in the end, the album deal fell through and only four of those tracks were released as part of their 45s. Soon after, the band disbanded. Luckily, the band members have kept a copy of the master tape all these years. So, presented here for the first time ever are the complete Heat Exchange studio recordings, including their three 45s plus the previously unreleased recordings they recorded in 1972 for their never-released LP. Fabulous UK-sounding, heavy progressive, and psychedelic hard rock with top-level musicianship, well-constructed songs, powerful vocals, sax, flute, wah-wah, organ, and a solid rhythm section. RIYL: King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Samurai (UK), Web's I Spider (1970), Human Beast, Deep Purple. Remastered sound; Insert with detailed liner notes and photos, including an introduction by Rich Sheppard (After The Sabbath).
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: OVM 276EP
With over 25 years in the game, André Galluzzi can respectfully be awarded the veteran badge of honor. A mark of experience and longevity for an artist who has, as they say, been there and done it all. The metronomic kick drum of the "Submerge" introduces the listener to its immersive groove, whilst bubbling and elasticated FX vie for our attention, adding a sublime swing. On the flip, "Bold", by name and nature, ups the swing ante with its fierce acidic melody, shimmering hats, and rasping snare.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PART 4061CD
VA Curiosity Shop: A Rare Collection of Aural Antiquities and Objets d'Art: Volume Five 1965-1969 CD
Particles present the fifth instalment of the celebrated Curiosity Shop series. A colorful collection of obscured and exuberant pop nuggets recorded in the British psychedelic period. Volume Five provides an insight into the changing times with an illustrious soundtrack to furnish the senses. Includes a 24-page full color booklet, comprehensive liner notes, and rare color photographs. Features: Billy Fury, Crocheted Doughnut Ring, Gates Of Eden, Fingers, Don Fardon, The Deejays, The Nicolquinn, Executives, The Cymbaline, Gilbert, St. David's Road, Ian And The Zodiacs, Cecil McCartney, Noel Harrison, Frugal Sound, Judi Smith, Chris Farlowe, and Cartoone.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PART 4067CD
VA Beatfreak! Vol. 5: Rare and Obscure British Beat 1964-1967 CD
From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Electric Sound Show, Upside Down, and Cornflake Zoo, BeatFreak! is the bruised and battered torso of British pop music. Rare, obscure and virtually extinct, Volume Five offers an intoxicating marriage of fuzz, more fuzz and a bit more fuzz, delivered with disgraceful adolescent abandon. Particles presents a sonic showdown of rare British beat pop pleasures delivered with a whiff of R&B. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with comprehensive background liners and rare color, archival photos in a 20-page color booklet. Features: The Redcaps, The Little Darlings, Lee Grant And The Capitols, The Cheetahs, The Deejays, Liverpool Five, Tracy Rogers, Bean And Loopy's Lot, The Chanters, The Jynx Pack, The In-Betweens, Jimmy Powell And The Five Dimensions, Steve Darbishire, Terry Brandon And The Beatmen, The Cheynes, The Fairies, Bad Boys, The Pete Best Combo, and Downliners Sect.
PRICE: $15.50
YUKSEK Nous Horizon CD
Nous Horizon is Yuksek's great studio album comeback, following his last album, Living On The Edge Of Time (2011). Yuksek's characteristic sound, midway between post-disco, house, and pop, shines through on its various tracks. Even more than on Living On The Edge Of Time, Yuksek shows his talent as a singer. Nous Horizon is an album of mostly duets, invitations to sing together ("Break My Heart", "Sunrise", "Sweet Addiction", "Stay"), featuring Greek singer Monika, French pop bands Her, Juveniles, Kim, and Roman Rappak (Breton). His new melodies are sunnier than before; his beats and production more subtle. Airy, but still conveying a touch of hedonism in its most club-friendly sounds, Nous Horizon is Yuksek's writing of a musical story. At the start of the 2000s, Yuksek released a series of maxis and then two albums: Away From The Sea (2009) and Living On The Edge Of Time. Those records laid the foundations of a sound that uncompromisingly combined pop, disco, and electro. Then in 2013, he set up his own label Partyfine. It is now home to artists such as Clarens, Weekend Affair, Get A Room!, Jean Tonique, Juveniles, TEPR, and Villa. Since the end of his international tour, Yuksek has moved on from live performance and has been working from his studio at the French National Drama Center in Reims. Since 2013, he has collaborated with Chassol, Keren Ann, Yaya Herman Dune, JD Samson, Boston Bun, The Magician (Peter & The Magician), and Alex Metric (The Alexanders), all while continuing to make remixes (Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, M83, Gorillaz, Empire Of The Sun). Yuksek has also devoted a lot of time to writing for cinema, television, and the stage. He composed the philharmonic orchestral music for the original soundtrack of Valérie Donzelli's movie Marguerite et Julien, which was in competition at the 2015 Cannes Festival, and music for a Ingmar Bergman play performed by Sophie Marceau on the Arte TV channel. He also wrote the instrumental arrangements for director Ludovic Lagarde's 2014 adaptation of L'Avare (The Miser) and has composed music for documentaries.
PRICE: $23.00
YUKSEK Nous Horizon 2x12"
2x12" version. Nous Horizon is Yuksek's great studio album comeback, following his last album, Living On The Edge Of Time (2011). Yuksek's characteristic sound, midway between post-disco, house, and pop, shines through on its various tracks. Even more than on Living On The Edge Of Time, Yuksek shows his talent as a singer. Nous Horizon is an album of mostly duets, invitations to sing together ("Break My Heart", "Sunrise", "Sweet Addiction", "Stay"), featuring Greek singer Monika, French pop bands Her, Juveniles, Kim, and Roman Rappak (Breton). His new melodies are sunnier than before; his beats and production more subtle. Airy, but still conveying a touch of hedonism in its most club-friendly sounds, Nous Horizon is Yuksek's writing of a musical story. At the start of the 2000s, Yuksek released a series of maxis and then two albums: Away From The Sea (2009) and Living On The Edge Of Time. Those records laid the foundations of a sound that uncompromisingly combined pop, disco, and electro. Then in 2013, he set up his own label Partyfine. It is now home to artists such as Clarens, Weekend Affair, Get A Room!, Jean Tonique, Juveniles, TEPR, and Villa. Since the end of his international tour, Yuksek has moved on from live performance and has been working from his studio at the French National Drama Center in Reims. Since 2013, he has collaborated with Chassol, Keren Ann, Yaya Herman Dune, JD Samson, Boston Bun, The Magician (Peter & The Magician), and Alex Metric (The Alexanders), all while continuing to make remixes (Lana Del Rey, Phoenix, M83, Gorillaz, Empire Of The Sun). Yuksek has also devoted a lot of time to writing for cinema, television, and the stage. He composed the philharmonic orchestral music for the original soundtrack of Valérie Donzelli's movie Marguerite et Julien, which was in competition at the 2015 Cannes Festival, and music for a Ingmar Bergman play performed by Sophie Marceau on the Arte TV channel. He also wrote the instrumental arrangements for director Ludovic Lagarde's 2014 adaptation of L'Avare (The Miser) and has composed music for documentaries.
PRICE: $12.50
Kenneth Christiansen and Dennis Bøg aka Resoe return with two very powerful techno tracks, full of heavy chords and dubby elements. Christiansen is the founder of Echocord and Echocord Colour, while Bøg is known for his Baum label and his releases as Resoe. On PR 00/8, it's still all about dub techno, but with a heavy metallic sound that defines the Pattern Repeat project. Both tracks are perfect for the peak-time hour. Green vinyl.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PHS 039CD
Pharaway Sounds present a reissue of Mo?ollar's self-titled album, originally released in 1976. Makam madness gives way to instrumental prog on this burned-out last album from Mo?ollar, Turkey's Anadolu pop heroes. Mo?ollar was the band that never had a singer attached for long, and yet even more than Baris Manco or Erkin Koray, they consciously highlighted what was different about the new sounds of the era. Incredible fusion of ancient Anatolian melodies and instruments with prog/psych with occasional, piercing fuzz guitar. RIYL: John Berberian, Devil's Anvil, and vintage Turkish psych. Remastered sound; Includes liner notes by Angela Sawyer.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PHS 040CD
Pharaway Sounds present a reissue of Erol Büyükburç's Hop Dedik, originally released in 1976. Years before Baris Manco and even before the fame of Erkin Koray, Erol's flamboyant outfits and spontaneous behavior brought a youthful, pop-oriented world to Turkish audiences. Hop Dedik is his first proper album. While not exactly psychedelic, Erol's album shows how far the mix of Anatolian melodies and Western production could reach and provides some great examples of Turkish pop spiced with psych, disco, and funk. Includes insert with photos and liner notes by Angela Sawyer.
PBR 4401CD
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: PBR 4401CD
VA Lord Have Mercy: The Soulful Gospel of Checker Records CD
"A hard-hitting collection of 27 funky, fantastic Gospel gems from the Checker catalog! Includes Gospel legends The Soul Stirrers, Salem Travelers, The Violinaires and many more, featuring beats, grooves and vocal performances that rival any of R&B recordings of the era -- the best of the label's rich heritage of music the church!" Also features: The William Singers, The Gospel Classics, Estella Burke, Charlie Brown, The Inspirational Singers, The Kindly Shepherds, Stevie Hawkins, The Messiahs Of Glory, The Meditation Singers, The Masonic Wonders, The East St. Louis Gospelettes, The Faithful Wonders, Rev. "Singing" Sammy Lewis, Meditations, Lucy Rodgers, The Jordan Singers, Gospel Six, The Gospel Hi-Lites, Martha Bass, and The Harmonizing Four.
PBR 4401LP
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: PBR 4401LP
VA Lord Have Mercy: The Soulful Gospel of Checker Records LP
LP version. "A hard-hitting collection of 27 funky, fantastic Gospel gems from the Checker catalog! Includes Gospel legends The Soul Stirrers, Salem Travelers, The Violinaires and many more, featuring beats, grooves and vocal performances that rival any of R&B recordings of the era -- the best of the label's rich heritage of music the church!" Also features: The William Singers, The Gospel Classics, Charlie Brown, Stevie Hawkins, The Meditation Singers, The Masonic Wonders, The East St. Louis Gospelettes, Meditations, The Jordan Singers, Gospel Six, The Gospel Hi-Lites, Martha Bass, and The Harmonizing Four.
PBR 8507LP
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: PBR 8507LP
FRANKIE & THE SPINDLES Count To Ten: The Complete Singles Collection 1968-77 LP
"Lost sweet soul and funky grooves from Baltimore MD's Frankie & The Spindles. These 13 tracks (featuring production from George Kerr and Bunny Sigler) were originally released in 1968 through 1977 on now hard-to-find 7" vinyl singles."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PLZ 004EP
VEGYN Janhui 12"
Janhui is Vegyn's debut EP and comes via his own PLZ Make It Ruins label. Crack the record open and you'll find the percussive bass-heavy composition of "Cancel Cancel", the functional and fun "Trybl", club experiment "BB", and the astral club banger "Imran" (a collaboration Lydes). These tracks were honed at GÆZ, the club night that Vegyn runs with PLZ producer Ersatz and the label's visual artist Greedy Goons. As well as a catching a 9/10 review score in Mixmag, Vegyn has also recently been featured as a writer and producer on Frank Ocean's Blonde (2016) and Endless (2016).
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PLZ 005EP
TESTSET Dirge Grid EP 12"
Testset imagines a new music which admittedly harks to the rave days and refuses influence from the fickle and vacuous factions of daily internet minutiae. However, the rhythms are reanimated - those pixelated syncopations and tacky 16-bit pads have been feverishly fermenting - and the result is set as a test to others. Testset's sonic fingerprint foregrounds intertwined micro-rhythmic clutter, honed, chiselled, stirred and distilled until they reveal a uniquely independent, tessellating brew - drawing magpie-like pop-cultural tropes from all and sundry. The Testset sound is euphoric sonic pattern-making at its most exquisite - multi-layered, playful and immersive.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: PNN 018EP
Julian Stetter may be best known as half of the electronic pop duo Vimes, but he is no stranger to the Cologne club scene. His debut EP, Insides, is rooted in a long history of DJing and organizing underground parties across the city. As a resident DJ and collaborator at Cologne's famed JackWho club, Stetter dove deep into producing, and now presents three polished, precise tracks plus a remix by Beyou. "Emily" opens with shimmering waves that rise and break into a deeper and spacier sound, before warm beats appear along with random snippets of whale song.
PI 193LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: PI 193LP
INTERNAZIONALE The Pale And The Colourful LP
The Pale And The Colourful is Internazionale's first album on vinyl, released by Posh Isolation. It comes after a near flood of limited tape releases both through his remarkable Janus Hoved label and through Posh Isolation. It's a logical summary of Internazionale's work up to this point and is the prime example of the sensual synthetic meditations he has come to be known for. The clear pop sensibility of his compositions are clouded with noises and ambiguous field recordings, and it is somehow hard to really figure out if the music intends to lift us up or hold us down. What is certain is that no Internazionale release up to this point reaches the level of The Pale And The Colourful.
PT 8067CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PT 8067CD
Prog Temple present a reissue of Daddy Longlegs' self-titled debut album, originally released in 1970. Playing a warm, good-natured mixture of country, blues and pop, this expatriate American band was an instant hit with British underground audiences. Originally released in May 1970, their classic debut album makes a welcome return to CD here, together with background notes and images.
PT 8069CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PT 8069CD
Prog Temple present Dead Sea Fruit's self-titled album, originally released in 1967.This good-humored British quintet have been likened to the Kinks, the Mothers of Invention, and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Based in France, they appeared on TV with Salvador Dali and performed in London venues including the legendary UFO, but made no commercial breakthrough and broke up in 1968, leaving behind one rare album. Originally released in April 1967, it makes its long overdue CD debut here, together with background notes and images.
PRICE: $18.00
YAWS Doubt 12"
Yaws' debut 12" Doubt focuses on the anxieties that underline contemporary life using aspects of pop culture and technology as conceptual starting points. The music moves sparingly, creating rhythmic and textural builds and crescendo-like anti-climaxes that intend to deconstruct the idea of "club music", whilst simultaneously rejoicing in its glory. Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin.
PRICE: $12.50
Raar present the latest work from Welsh IDM/acid legends Somatic Responses. Unfettered by genre, Raar005 drifts between strange, raucous IDM to singed electro and a newly charted sonic place. A remix from The Exaltics gives a classic electro touch to the beautifully brutal "Quktch".
RR 301CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: RR 301CD
MITTOO, JACKIE The Keyboard King CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Jackie Mittoo's The Keyboard King, originally released in 1976. Jackie Mittoo's contribution to reggae music is immeasurable. Of mixed Indian and African-Jamaican heritage, the man born Donat Roy Mittoo was a gifted musician that played piano in The Skatalites at the age of 16. He was a very important part of reggae's evolution, having been a crucial member of the Studio One house band from its very foundation, being employed as the main keyboardist and musical arranger for an extended period, working closely there with Lee 'Scratch' Perry and countless other important figures, as well as relegating Leroy Sibbles to the bass. Although Mittoo migrated to Canada in the late 1960s, he frequently returned to Jamaica to record, maintaining his Studio One connection, and also issuing a sublime series of albums for Bunny Lee in the mid-1970s. The Keyboard King was first issued on Third World in 1976, and features Mr. Mittoo's delightful organ workouts, completely reconfiguring hits by John Holt, Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, and Bunny & Skully, among others.
RR 303CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: RR 303CD
PABLO, AUGUSTUS Augustus Pablo At King Tubbys CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Augustus Pablo's Augustus Pablo At King Tubbys, originally released in 2005. The visionary musician and record producer Augustus Pablo made some of the most unique and individual recordings in the history of reggae. As with his friend and mentor, Jackie Mittoo, the man born Horace Swaby was of mixed Indian and African heritage, and although his middle-class background might have pointed him in a very different direction, the lure of Jamaica's sound system culture captured him at a young age, particularly after debilitating health problems saw him drop out of school. He began recording as a session keyboardist as the '60s gave way to the '70s, but everything changed when a school-friend introduced him to the melodica, a small plastic keyboard operated by a mouthpiece, which he used on seminal recordings for producer Herman Chin-Loy, credited to Augustus Pablo on the release. During the early 1970s, Pablo crafted melodica instrumentals for all of the leading reggae producers, scoring "best instrumental" for "Java" in 1973, and launching the Rockers label to showcase self-produced work at the same time. This multi-faceted compilation, first issued on Bunny Lee's Attack label in 2005, compiles memorable melodica interpretations of some of Lee's greatest productions, recorded over dub cuts of immortal numbers such as Cornell Campbell's "Queen Of The Minstrel" and John Holt's "My Desire".
RR 304CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: RR 304CD
DILLINGER Answer Me Question CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Dillinger's Answer Me Question, originally released in 1977. Trained in the art of deejay toasting by the legendary Dennis Alcapone, Lester Bulllock initially called himself Alcapone Junior, until maverick record producer Lee 'Scratch' Perry renamed him Dillinger in the early 1970s, following his success on a west Kingston sound system called Smith the Weapon, based in the ghetto of Payne Avenue. Perry cut Dillinger's first dozen tracks, and there was early work for other producers such as Prince Tony, Augustus Pablo, Enos McLeod, and Phil Pratt; then, Dillinger's debut album, Ready Natty Dreadie (1975), was a local hit for Studio One, but the CB200 set for Island catapulted him to international prominence. Yet, the Dillinger material with the roughest edge was always produced by Bunny 'Striker' Lee, as this LP, Answer My Question, so amply demonstrates. First issued in the Netherlands on the Scramble label in 1977, it shows Dillinger on fearsome form, his relaxed rhyming toasts tackling sound system matters, the Rastafari lifestyle, action movie subplots, the highs and lows of romantic relationships, the need to help the less fortunate, and other burning issues of the day with biting wit and verbal dexterity, all delivered over tough Aggrovators rhythms - including an unusual cut of the "Three Piece Suit" rhythm.
RR 305CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: RR 305CD
BROWN, BARRY I'm Still Waiting CD
Radiation Roots present a reissue of Barry Brown's I'm Still Waiting, originally released in 1983. Roots reggae star Barry Brown has a readily identifiable vocal style that has long made him among the most preferred of many roots reggae fans. Drawing largely from the blueprint provided by Horace Andy, but changing that into something all his own through a unique form of vocal phrasing, interspersed with ad-hoc slurs, Brown was initially discovered through the many amateur talent contests that fringed his west Kingston ghetto neighborhood during the early 1970s; he was also making an impact at the same time by performing live on local sound systems. Several different producers have claimed to have been the first to record him, but it is undeniable that Brown had strong links with Sugar Minott's Black Roots collective, and some of Brown's very first recordings were released by Sugar, both in Jamaica and overseas. The exceptionally rare album I'm Still Waiting was released in 1983 by Rocktone International, a spin-off of Sugar's Black Roots outfit, based in Queens, New York, with a further branch in Toronto (which reportedly closed just prior to the album's release). As noted on the original sleeve, the musicians featured on the disc include Milo T, Snappin, Badness, Flowers, and Drummie, while Mr. Brown is on fine form throughout.
PRICE: $29.00
LP version. Gnoomes, the threesome hailing from Perm, Russia, present Tschak!. It may only be eighteen months since the release of Ngan!, the band's first release for Rocket Recordings (LAUNCH 082CD/LP, 2015), yet the band have already moved on to a sonic landscape still more adventurous and ethereal on Tschak!, not to mention an emotionally resonant approach that's bewitching to witness. Taking in torrents of guitar, noise, and electronic extrapolations, both bliss-fully kosmische and aggressively abrasive, it exists outside of all or any convenient genres, a vivid and singular work by three dreamers-at-heart forced to manifest their vision into a psychic defense to the circumstances surrounding them. Working in splendid isolation, thanks to a studio space provided by their work for a local radio station, the band had time and space for the alchemical process of creating Tschak! entirely on their own terms. Central to this were a collection of Russian synths that they gathered, whose eccentric arpeggios and analog textures form crucial ingredients on songs like "Severokamsk" and the title track, which allows them arrive at a sound that forms a star-crossed and timeless marriage between the experimentation of krautrock and the lineage of Warp Records.
RM 470CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: RM 470CD
"Cruel Optimism is a record that considers power (present and absent). It meditates on how power consumes, augments, and ultimately shapes two subsequent human conditions: obsession and fragility. . . . This edition owes its title and its origins to the wonderful text of the same name by American theorist Lauren Berlant. . . . In Cruel Optimism, I found a number of critical readings around the issues that have fueled so much of the music I have been making recently. Beyond her keen analysis of the relations of attachment as they pertain to conditions of possibility in the everyday, it was particularly her writing around trauma I found deeply affecting. It was a jumping off point from which a plague of unsettling impressions of suffering, intolerance, and ignorance could be unpacked and utilized as fuel over and above pointless frustration. When I made Wilderness Of Mirrors (RM 460CD/LP, 2014) clouds of unease were overhead. As I have worked through Cruel Optimism, what seemed an unimaginable future just a few years prior, began to present as actual. Over the course of creating the record, we collectively bore witness to a new wave of humanitarian and refugee crisis (captured so succinctly in the photograph of Alan Kurdi's tiny body motionless on the shore), the Black Lives Matter movement, the widespread use of sonic weapons on civilians, increased drone strikes in Waziristan, Syria and elsewhere, and record low numbers of voting around Brexit and the US election cycle, suggesting a wider sense of disillusionment and powerlessness. Acutely for me and other Australians, we've faced dire intolerance concerning race and continued inequalities related to gender and sexuality. The storm has broken and feels utterly visceral. Cruel Optimism is a meditation on these challenges and an encouragement to press forward towards more profound futures. Beyond the motivations forging the record, the process by which this edition was created was unlike many of my other records. Having worked largely alone in recent years, I wanted to shift away from that approach. . . . I count myself exceptionally fortunate to have been able to call on so many fine musicians in the making of this album. . . . I couldn't be more pleased to share Cruel Optimism with you." --Lawrence English, October 2016 Contributions in various forms from: Mats Gustafsson, Mary Rapp, Tony Buck, Chris Abrahams, Werner Dafeldecker, Norman Westberg, Brodie McAllister, Australian Voices, Vanessa Tomlinson, Heinz Riegler, and Thor Harris.
RM 473CD
PRICE: $19.00
CAT #: RM 473CD
From Lawrence English: "A few years ago, my dear friend and bandmate Jamie Stewart and I were talking about Swans. I started to mention how much I admired the utterly personal approach to guitar that Norman Westberg had developed on those early records and moreover how that had blossomed out so richly on this latest incarnation of the band. During the course of the conversation Jamie mentioned a CDR that Norman had passed to him, which collected a few pieces of solo work that Norman had been working on. I was instantly curious to hear these pieces and started to track down the recordings online. After some investigating I found Norman's CDRs available through an Etsy shop he had set up. I ordered one and a couple of weeks later, after I'd listened to that first CDR non-stop for a few days, I ordered all the others I could get my hands on. The first solo work I heard from Norman was this recording, Jasper Sits Out. I was instantly struck by the textural sensitivity he managed to create with nothing more than a guitar and some modest pedals. He managed to find a depth in what was a very limited palette and that impressed me greatly. The connections to his work with Swans was clear, in that his trademark relation to tonality was present. Instead of relying on volume to achieve this sonic state though, Norman's solo practice relied on a sense of swaying harmony and orbiting loops to create a tonally dense sound world that was very much personal, but overtly invitational to the listener. Jasper Sits Out, the title referencing the Westberg family mascot who has now sadly departed, reflects Norman's interest in minimal structures and the processes of iteration that are formed through the manipulation of looping fragments. Creating almost tidal surges across these pieces, Jasper Sits Out speaks to his abilities to contour sound in time. The lead track for example is truly oceanic in that is has a remarkable tidal flow of strumming textures that seem to sink below one another in an effortless wash of textural density. I could not be more pleased to be able to share this music through Room40. This edition comes completely remastered and features a bonus piece recorded exclusively for this edition. I encourage you to listen deeply."
RCD 2188CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: RCD 2188CD
SPUNK Still Eating Ginger Bread For Breakfast CD
Formed in 1995, Spunk comprises four of Norway's most innovative musicians: Kristin Andersen - trumpet and recorders; Hild Sofie Tafjord - french horn, toys, live processing and sampling; Maja S. K. Ratkje - voice, theremin, oscillators, live processing and sampling; Lene Grenager - cello. For their 20th anniversary concert in December 2015, they moved to the exotic concert sites of Oslo's Nasjonal Jazzscene, home of the most interesting local and international jazz and improvisation concerts in the capital. Still Eating Ginger Bread For Breakfast is a recording of that concert - divided into two sets - as on the evening. It is also Spunk's ninth album since their 1999 debut Det Eneste Jeg Vet Er At Det Ikke Er En Støvsuger, all on Rune Grammofon. "Last time I heard Spunk was phenomenal! They are among the most exciting improvising groups in the world right now." --Fred Frith.
RCD 2190CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: RCD 2190CD
Filipino-American Jon Irabagon has topped both the Rising Star Alto Saxophone and the Rising Star Tenor Saxophone categories in Down Beat's critics polls and been named one of Time Out New York's 25 New York City Jazz Icons. A founding member of Mostly Other People Do The Killing, he is also an integral member of the Mary Halvorson Quintet, Dave Douglas Quintet, and Barry Altschul's 3Dom Factor. John Hegre is a musician, songwriter, sound engineer, and a pioneer of the Norwegian noise music scene. He founded Jazzkammer with Lasse Marhaug in 1998, releasing their debut album Timex (RCD 2014CD) on Rune Grammofon the year after. He has been involved with close to 50 releases on various labels. Nils Are Drønen has been a player on the fertile music scene in Bergen since teaming up with Hegre 20 years ago. He is part of several constellations, including The Last Hurrah!!, playing on their The Beauty Of Fake album (RCD 2145CD/RLP 3145/RLP 3145LTD-LP, 2013) and The Great Gig In Disguise 10" (REP 2121EP, 2011). With Jazzkamer he has recorded six albums and toured Europe, Asia, and America.
PRICE: $29.00
COSTY, RENE Expectancy: Collected Library Gems From The 70's 2CD
A reputed classical violinist and music teacher on the one hand, a curious jazz cat on the other. A business man and control freak, but an artist and free spirit as well. Still, rather little is known about René Costy. Small wonder: the Belgian musician and composer was in many, if not all, respects a singular man. The lure of international show business was wasted on him and consequently, his name has remained a well-kept secret. But cream always rises to the top. Some twenty years after his passing, his work - finally - goes global. Expectancy: Collected Library Gems From The 70's is a selection out of more than 400 tracks from a virtuoso, a versatile and insatiable artist. It's hard to underestimate the importance of this compilation, which focuses on Costy's library music production from the '70s. Deluxe limited double CD version comes in a hardcover and includes a 32-page booklet.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: SCR 130LP
LP version. Independent-store-exclusive colored vinyl; Comes in a gatefold sleeve." The follow-up to Spectres' acclaimed 2015 debut Dying (SCR 090B-LP/090CD), Condition was recorded by Dominic Mitchison and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in London. It's louder and more abrasive than their debut, but also a real progression. It sounds huge and adds a genuinely innovative and confrontational edge. "There were discussions about experimenting with electronics, but the idea soon petered out when we realized we still wanted to experiment with guitars," reveals singer and guitarist Joe Hatt. As a result tracks such as "End Waltz" have a relentlessly pounding, almost techno structure, in contrast to the kinetosis-inducing dirge of "Dissolve". Elsewhere, the almost restrained (by Spectres' standards) white noise and wordplay of "A Fish Called Wanda" and the sprawling "Colour Me Out" are counterbalanced by brutal assaults such as "Neck" and "Welcoming The Flowers". "On this album we became even less interested in actually playing guitar," explains Hatt, "which meant that we got more into experimenting with the sounds we could get out of them when brutalizing them and letting the feedback do the talking."
AS 1516EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: AS 1516EP
AKETI RAY/ALPHA & OMEGA Mirror/Reflect & Rise 12"
Aketi Ray are an all-acoustic dub-jazz group from London playing compositions grounded in the instrumental music from post-independence Jamaica, Ethiopian, US jazz, West African percussion traditions, and UK steppas. The tracks here are influenced by UK-dub pioneers Alpha & Omega. "Mirror" is influenced by the classic Alpha & Omega track "Show Me A Purpose"; a piece which explores the difficulty of coming to know oneself. Alpha & Omega provide a deep and spiritual remix. "Reflect & Rise" moves on from a reflective mood into one that's focused and resolute with horn arrangements by Kevin Robinson. 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $17.00
ART ALFIE Reveries Of CD
Reveries Of begins with a simple electrical hum - a starting signal for the appearance of a vibrant array of sound, shifting before us in seemingly random motion. Before you know it, all those pulsating melodies, razor-cut hi-fi-house beats and drunken robot jazz ensembles start forming into patterns, secretly and perfectly designed by one Art Alfie. A long time operator in Stockholm's small but insistent underground music scene, Oscar Wedrén broke through internationally in 2012 with the Karlovak project, founded with on-off studio and DJ partner Rudolf Nordström, aka Mr. Tophat. The duo's inexplicably fresh takes on classic dance music tropes is as much a result of a brilliantly odd pairing of personalities as of a defined concept and a precise method in searching for the perfect house groove. While writing Reveries Of, Art Alfie freed himself of all conceptual footholds, delving instead deep into his archives of old and new memories and feels, working with improptu field recordings, and emotionally-guided sampling processes. He came back with an intricate and personal debut album and he didn't lose his groove on the way. "Esquinas" features Daniel Rääf.
SR 431CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 431CD
AREL, BULENT Electronic Music 1960-1973 CD
Bülent Arel's (1919-1990) work occupies a special place in the history of electronic music, with one thing being certain: Arel's work is still fresh, groundbreaking, and it always look outs for the next adventure in sound. Sub Rosa present a collection of his works here as part of their Early Electronic series. Bülent Arel was a Turkish-born American composer of electronic and contemporary classical music. He was also a devoted teacher, a sculptor, and a painter. From 1940 to 1947, Arel studied composition, piano, and 20th century classical music at the Ankara Conservatory. In 1959, Arel came to the US on a grant by the Rockefeller Foundation to work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. By that time the center had just started out under its director Vladimir Ussachevsky. During Arel's work in Princeton he also met Edgard Varèse, with whom in 1962 he worked on the electronic sections of Varèse's Déserts. Frank Zappa lists Arel as a key influence. Today's electronic music - whether it is Autechre's Confield (2001), Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol. II (1999), or Squarepusher's Do You Know Squarepusher (2001) - builds upon a solid foundation which Bülent Arel helped to pave.
SR 431LP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 431LP
AREL, BULENT Electronic Music 1960-1973 LP
LP version. Bülent Arel's (1919-1990) work occupies a special place in the history of electronic music, with one thing being certain: Arel's work is still fresh, groundbreaking, and it always look outs for the next adventure in sound. Sub Rosa present a collection of his works here as part of their Early Electronic series. Bülent Arel was a Turkish-born American composer of electronic and contemporary classical music. He was also a devoted teacher, a sculptor, and a painter. From 1940 to 1947, Arel studied composition, piano, and 20th century classical music at the Ankara Conservatory. In 1959, Arel came to the US on a grant by the Rockefeller Foundation to work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. By that time the center had just started out under its director Vladimir Ussachevsky. During Arel's work in Princeton he also met Edgard Varèse, with whom in 1962 he worked on the electronic sections of Varèse's Déserts. Frank Zappa lists Arel as a key influence. Today's electronic music - whether it is Autechre's Confield (2001), Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Vol. II (1999), or Squarepusher's Do You Know Squarepusher (2001) - builds upon a solid foundation which Bülent Arel helped to pave.
SR 442CD
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CAT #: SR 442CD
Long Distance Operators is a collaboration between the Australian musician Hugo Race and the Belgian violinist Catherine Graindorge. Hugo Race is a singer, songwriter, producer, and author, who has a long and wide-ranging history, from the trans-global Dirtmusic and his groups True Spirit and Fatalists, to his origins in the '80s Melbourne post-punk scene with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and The Wreckery. Catherine Graindorge is a Belgian violinist, composer, and actress, known for her work with the Belgian groups Monsoon and Nox, and more recently with Détroit (Bertrand Cantat and Pascal Humbert), John Parish or the German singer Andrea Schroeder. She also plays and composes for theater and cinema. Long Distance Operators is an intensely atmospheric dream-weave of violins, electronics and Hugo's darkly evocative voice. The duo explores metaphysical lyrics, experimental sounds and retro-baroque orchestrations in a romantic, song-based context. Comes with an eight-page booklet; Comes in a digipak sleeve.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: SUC 001CS
GONZO SE Asian Noise(s) Cassette
Kicking off the brand new Sucata Tapes label is Gonzo with a new volume of the never-ending Noise(s) series. This time, he presents his alternate and surreal perspective of sounds and sights from the South East Asian sub-continent. Featuring recordings from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, SE Asian Noise(s) intersects randomly through AM/FM radio, field recordings, in situ compositions, and some re-interpreted recordings from Laurent Jeanneau's, aka Kink Gong, massive archive of the region. Not to be taken as a document or representation of a time and/or place but rather a personal diary full of vignettes distorted by time, memory, and subjectivity.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: SUC 002CS
UBEK Ubek Cassette
Self-titled Ubek release on Sucata Tapes. Dystopian soundscapes weaving through insinuated actuality. A collection of paranoid realities, implied certainty through testimonies given freely, observed by ever watchful eyes, detected by attentive ears and committed to record. "... It was at this moment he realized that he was actually living two parallel lives, he was living in both worlds simultaneously. The memory of the other had come back to him in that moment. On leaving the bathroom he was now on an alternative track. An alternative reality which was reflective of the one he had just occupied yet different, and that everyone in it was somehow artificial, unreal. They were dead and only he was alive..." Ubek is "UB" + "-ek", with "UB" being an initialism of Urz?d Bezpiecze?stwa (literally "Security Office").
PRICE: $17.00
BASS CLEF Entendrillar Transprism 12"
"A cosmic, percussive jam and bitter-sweet electroid house -- both veering sharply into dark, steely, dubwise self-harm. Allegedly the fiftieth utterance of our favorite dance music label in the world. Hats off! More worries!" --Honest Jon's
PRICE: $17.00
5IVE + SAMO DJ Drunkenstein 12"
"Samo DJ skates back to the fold with a dope three tracker produced in tandem with 5ive. On 'Drunkenstein' they call on the help of fellow Born Free producer Powder for a micro dub house number that sounds like a delicious Rhythm & Sound plate pitched up and played at 45 rpm. On the flip, 'Ethno Room' provides a more inward looking dub mixe before 'End Game' goes down a more disco-fixed tip for the ride home." --Bleep
WIRE 398
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CAT #: WIRE 398
WIRE, THE #398 April 2017 MAG/CD
"Stuck to the cover of this month's issue: The Wire Tapper 43 CD, featuring 21 tracks by Electric Sewer Age, Cozmic Corridors, Ulan Bator, Heinali, Ghikas & Walshe, Grails, and more. Meanwhile, inside the issue: veteran San Francisco underground pranksters The Residents; world jazz traveller Brother Ah; UK improvisor Seymour Wright; grime guru and Rinse FM founder Slimzee; and more!"
PRICE: $31.00
HOLMES, DAVID '71 (Original Soundtrack) LP
Restocked; Limited edition vinyl + download -- numbered. Inspired by a number of conversations between director Yann Demange and music producer David Holmes, the majority of '71's score was created before the film was shot. Yann likes to shoot with music already written -- an idea that resonates with the collaborative work of Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. With reference to Can's soundtrack work, in which only Irmin Schmidt would have seen the film, David would describe the emotion, tone and atmosphere of the scene with the other band members before recording and then editing to picture after. He says "It frees your imagination to try and capture a world that only you can see and feel but in total relation to the director's overall vision. Living in Belfast for most of my life was also a big inspiration." Musically influenced by John Carpenter's Assault from Precinct 13 and Escape from New York, John Paul Jones' "Four Minute Warning" and Tony Conrad's "The Pyre of Angus Was in Kathmandu," the music pulses with the tension and potential terror of war-torn Belfast streets in 1971.
TW 064LP
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CAT #: TW 064LP
VA Trans-World Punk Rave-Up Volume One: Raving 60s Beat and R&B from All Over LP
2008 release. "Essential!!!! This 18-cut blaster is fulla wailin' 60s Euro beat/R&B howl!" Features: Scorpions, Fab, Sons Of Fred, Rangers Sound, Motions, Softs, Peter & The Blizzards, Blue Rondos, Entertainers, Rollers, Magic Strangers, Phantoms, Pleazers, Selfkick, Dee-Jays, and Kingpins.
TW 065LP
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: TW 065LP
VA Trans-World Punk Rave-Up Volume Two: Raving 60s Beat and R&B from All Over LP
2002 release. "Essential!!!! 13 blastin' R&B/punk tunes from Europe plus 2 from New Zealand and 1 French-Canadian outfit." Features: T-Boones, Blue Stars, Phantom Brothers, I Kings, I Jaguars, Les Miserables, Rivals, Frays, Brand, Tony Jackson, Bats, Fab, Teste Dure, David John & The Mood, and Los Salvajes.
PRICE: $17.00
DEK Trio is a new improvised music trio that features Austrians Elisabeth Harnik (piano) and Didi Kern (drums), and American Ken Vandermark (reeds), who have been performing together since September of 2014, both in Europe and in the United States. In 2016 they were featured as part of Vandermark's residency at the Stone in New York City. Their music has a wide range of influences, coming from sources based in Harnik's work as an internationally acclaimed new music composer, Kern's profile on European rock scene, and Vandermark's two decades of work at both home and abroad, touring, recording, and collaborating with dozens of world renowned musicians as diverse as Getachew Mekuria and John Tilbury. The end result of these backgrounds and the open ended musical curiosity of the group is an extraordinary group aesthetic, inclusive and expressive and instantaneous.
PRICE: $17.00
BAUER/PETER BROETZMANN, JOHANNES Blue City (Live At Blue City Osaka / Japan 16. October 1997) CD
Following the death of German trombonist Johannes Bauer in May 2016, Peter Brötzmann decided to pay tribute to the many years of comradery and collaboration he and Bauer shared, from Globe Unity in the '70s to the Peter Brötzmann Group and the Chicago Tentet. This disc presents a previously unreleased recording of a beautiful live duo performance from Osaka, 1997, which had been waiting in Brötzmann's archives for a release. Peter Brötzmann: tenor and alto saxophones, tárogató, B-flat clarinet; Johannes Bauer: trombone.
PRICE: $22.00
VELVET UNDERGROUND, THE The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes Vol. 3 LP
The third and final installment of the massive trilogy of The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes. Recorded through a microphone jammed in the back of Lou Reed's amp right around the release of The Velvet Underground's third album (1969), The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes are formidable in their unadulterated rock and roll fire and fury and a revelation for anyone who hasn't paid close attention to Reed's dynamic guitar playing which in this set is a monolithic roar, a pulverizing electronic kaiju (strange beast) grinding the whole universe into pebble and sand. Recorded at the Boston Tea Party on March 15, 1969. Paste-on covers. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: VNM 002EP
DASEIN Prometheus 12"
Barcelona-based label Venom Recordings present Prometheus by Dasein, with two remixes from VII Circle and Memorial Home. In their original versions, "Prometheus" and "Zodiac" reflect the Polish duo's distinctive signature: a blend of obscure-minded groove with cinematic melodies. Both tracks are defined by the layering of deep and immersive sounds, where the combination of restless, punctilious basslines and beats with pulsating synths. VII Circle and Memorial Home magnify the minimal and cosmic nature of the originals, crafting an ambient-like wavy tempo that traverse a dark flavored sonic landscape with a strong emotional aura.
WG 022CD
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: WG 022CD
CATZ 'N DOGZ Watergate 22 CD
For the 22nd installment in its mix series, Watergate turns to the dynamic Polish duo Catz 'N Dogz, two close friends of the club who also happen to be some of the most sought-after selectors out there. The story of the fabled friendship goes back to the mid-2000s, when the duo first played the club -- the opening moment in what has become a series of countless returns to both the Main and Water floors as well as Watergate's open-air summer events and club showcases throughout Europe. Within Watergate 22, Catz 'N Dogz perfectly encapsulate the vibe of each Watergate environment with 27 tracks in just over an hour's time. The duo showcase their knowledge of all things house, diving into every corner of the genre to effortlessly blend the sounds of legends like DJ Garth & Eric James, Joakim, K' Alexi, Jackmate, and Mr. G with the brightest talents of the 2010s, including Moomin (with a rework of Acasual's "Spring Theory"), Willie Burns, and 76 79. The mix also features seven stunning exclusives -- one by way of heavyweights Eats Everything & Lord Leopard and six from Catz 'N Dogz themselves, demonstrating their penchant for collaborations on tracks with Reno Wurzbacher, Shaun J. Wright, and Yotam Avni, as well as their love for edits with revisions of Da Posse's "In The Heat Of The Night" and Todd Terry's "Tee's Groove" -- all before ending the mix with their final exclusive, the absolutely timeless original "Fire Burning When We Are." The final result is an expertly crafted and finely tuned journey through house music from two artists at the very top of their game. Also includes tracks by City People, Rogue D, Krikor, Andy Kolwes, Mystic Bill, Zoo Brazil, Credit 00, Stashrider, Damian Schwartz, Two Armadillos, Bruce Trail, and Heiko Laux.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: WSR 001CD
JFDR Brazil CD
JFDR - the latest project from young and prolific Icelandic songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jófríður Ákadóttir (Samaris, Pascal Pinon, Gangly) - releases her debut solo full-length album Brazil, through her own label White Sun Records. Brazil was recorded in New York in 2016 and co-produced by legendary multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Yoko Ono, etc.) Brazil sees a blend of cyclical guitar parts, soft minimal soundscapes, and poetic wanderings of a journey that ends where it began. Drawing from classical, folk, and electronic backgrounds, JFDR amalgamates the sounds of changing seasons, her voice a current that moves through rough seas to smooth waters. But perhaps JFDR shines the most in her capacity as a wordsmith, employing rich imagery to evoke the subtle emotions embedded in each song. Björk is featured in the Guardian as selecting JFDR as one of her artist inspirations: "I got obsessed with her band Samaris a few years ago, and then it was amazing to see her do her own stuff." The beautifully shot black and white video for "Airborne" was created by Timothée Lambrecq with direction from Jófríður. " 'Airborne' was one of the first songs Shahzad and I recorded in New York," says Jófríður. "One afternoon I confessed I had never played with a drummer before, so Shahzad immediately called up his friend, Liturgy drummer Greg Fox. After an hour or so of intense Casio wailing and Greg drumming so fast it was borderline droning, it was suggested that Greg had a go at this track we'd recorded earlier that day, a half written song named 'Airborne'. It took about 10 minutes, Greg nailed it. The result is this half-programmed, half-live drum performance, carefully but effortlessly stitched together by Shahzad, merged with my fragile piano break up ballad. The track was later blessed by De La Soul's Maseo who stopped by the studio and listened. He said it was dope." "Airborne" follows the video for the evocatively atmospheric and mesmerizing "White Sun", directed by Brendan Canty. Comes in an inner sleeve with artwork.
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