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Forced Exposure New Releases for 4/3/2017

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New music is due from Andrew Liles, Dubfire and Miss Kittin, and Gnod, while old music is due from Die Tödliche Doris, Robert Ashley and Paul DeMarinis, and Charlemagne Palestine.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

and via mail:
FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: MDC 023CD
VA Piano Cloud Series - Volume One CD
No one should be too surprised to see a collection of acoustic piano pieces being issued by 1631 Recordings. After all, one of the label's co-founders is David Wenngren (Mattias Nilsson of Kning Disk label being the other co-founder), who's been making memorable music under the Library Tapes alias for more than a decade, much of it piano-based. Wenngren contributes a fine Library Tapes piece, "Running By The Roads, Running By The Fields", to the compilation, as do an impressive number of kindred spirits: Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Hior Chronik, and Schole main man Akira Kosemura among them. Also features: Fabrizio Paterlini, Joep Beving, Oskar Schuster, Dmitry Evgrafov, Anna Rose Carter, Stray Ghost, Matt Stewart-Evans, Lucy Claire, Heinali, Alice Baldwin, Endless Melancholy, Gabriela Parra, Daigo Hanada, Paddy Mulcahy and Benjamin Gustafsson.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: MDC 068CD
CEEYS Concrete Fields CD
Ceeys, the instrumental duo of Potsdam-based brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, perform an impressive hybrid of principally cello and piano, but also authentic electronic instruments from East Germany. The tracks on Concrete Fields present a sensitive array of nebulous melancholy moods, combining fragile cello-piano units, creeping synth pads, vivid field recordings, and fragmentary beats. Some tracks start with sparingly-arranged intros before developing into a tentative melody line. Other tracks simply concentrate on the sublime relationship between cello and piano. Deepening the exploration of the brothers' childhood in East Berlin and the interplay of their instruments, a particularly special feature is the use of some original restored electronic instruments made by famous GDR-based company Vermona back in the '70s and '80s. "Rueber" features Martyn Heyne.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: MDC 068LP
CEEYS Concrete Fields LP
LP version. Ceeys, the instrumental duo of Potsdam-based brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, perform an impressive hybrid of principally cello and piano, but also authentic electronic instruments from East Germany. The tracks on Concrete Fields present a sensitive array of nebulous melancholy moods, combining fragile cello-piano units, creeping synth pads, vivid field recordings, and fragmentary beats. Some tracks start with sparingly-arranged intros before developing into a tentative melody line. Other tracks simply concentrate on the sublime relationship between cello and piano. Deepening the exploration of the brothers' childhood in East Berlin and the interplay of their instruments, a particularly special feature is the use of some original restored electronic instruments made by famous GDR-based company Vermona back in the '70s and '80s. "Rueber" features Martyn Heyne.
E 616015EP
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: E 616015EP
MANIAC Homecoming EP 12"
Maniac released several EPs between 2008 and 2010 with an album entitled New Age Grime collecting his works in 2009. Maniac recommenced his production work in 2015 immediately reconnecting with Wiley for Outchea and other E3 resident Maxsta for the EP 100 Problems. He was also tasked with soundtracking the Noel Clarke movie BrotherHood (2016) and produced several tracks himself featuring the likes of AJ Tracey, P Money, and Chip. Homecoming EP is his first instrumental release after his return to the scene.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: SSH 003LP
The classic minimal music album, available again on vinyl for the first time since the '70s. Primed with a glass of cognac, Charlemagne Palestine sits at the keyboard of a Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano. One foot firmly holds down the sustain pedal while both hands perform an insistent strum-like alternation on the keys. Soon Palestine and his Bösendorfer are enveloped in sound and bathed in a shimmering haze of multi-colored overtones. For 45 minutes, this rich pulsating music swells and intensifies, filling the air. When Strumming Music first appeared on the adventurous French label Shandar during the mid-1970s, it seemed a straightforward matter to place Charlemagne Palestine in the so-called minimalist company of La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass, whose work also featured in the Shandar catalog. Palestine too used a deliberately restricted range of materials and a repetitive technique, but as he has often pointed out in more recent times, the opulent fullness of his music would more accurately be described as maximalist. Strumming Music, recorded in Palestine's own loft in Manhattan, has no written score. In an age of recorded sound he still feels no need for traditional notation. The surging energy of this particular recording stands comparison with the improvising of jazz visionaries who impressed and inspired him while living in New York as a young man. But, as Palestine himself has made clear, primarily he brings to music-making the sensibility of an artist rather than a musician. Although the technique of the piece has roots in Palestine's daily practice, when a teenager, of playing the carillon at a church, hammering sonorous chimes from a rack of tuned bells, it also draws on his later work as a body artist, staging vigorously muscular, physically demanding and often reckless performances. In addition, Strumming Music can be heard as a sculptural tour de force, while its textures connect with the color moods, plastic rhythms, and tactile space of Mark Rothko's abstract expressionist canvases. Strumming Music remains the essential index of Palestine's singular creative vision. Fundamentally this fascinating piece is a collaboration between an artist and an instrument. Palestine had first encountered the Bösendorfer Imperial back in 1969. "The Bösendorfer at its best is a very noisy, thick molasses piano," he has remarked. Charlemagne Palestine embraced its clinging sonorousness, its clangorous resonance and out of that embrace came the voluptuous sonic fabric of Strumming Music.
PRICE: $25.50
Lichen Gumbo is a lo-fi underground rock band from Finland. Boilin' was recorded during a week of seclusion in a small cabin deep in the woods with no running water and at home during an exceptional heat wave hitting Finland in 2014, hence the Boilin' title for this album of hazy tunes. The selected songs range from Throbbing Gristle hits to a more noisy garage style. Mixing heavily distorted drums and guitars, vocals varying in style going from garage, no wave to totally deranged, and synth bubbles which sound like they're recorded straight from the water surface of hot springs (or perhaps they just borrowed a Moog from Acid Mothers Temple). Lichen Gumbo are Olli Aarni and Ville Oinonen. Olli has been recording under his own name since 2011 and mostly works with electronic sounds. He has released music as Ous Mal and Nuojuva. Ville joins him for the lo-fi ride that is Lichen Gumbo. Hand-assembled sleeves; Artwork by Olli Aarni, Ville Oinonen and Mia Tarkela; Mastering by Kris Delacourt; Edition of 150.
PRICE: $25.50
Folk unit originated in the Swedish underground Enhet för Fri Musik - featuring members of Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Neutral, Makthaverskan, and Blod - continually re-invent what music is about through free improvisation and lengthy folk meanderings. Embedded in the ever exciting Swedish underground scene, Enhet För Fri Musik continue the quest for innovation numerous legendary Swedish bands started during the '70s - such as, Pärson Sound, Trad Gras Och Stenar, and Arbete Och Fritid. Taking the ideas of communal music craft and experimentation, on Inom Dig, Inom Mig, the group comes to a unique combination of Jandek-like atonal guitar, organ, tape effects, field recordings, and saxophone, with Sofie Herner's amazing loner voice running over it. Adding another inspiring document to the world of open-minded music. Inom Dig, Inom Mig was originally release on cassette in 2015 on Forever United. Silkscreened sleeves by Marijke Loozen; Music by Dan Johansson, Gustaf Dicksson, Hugo Randulv, Sofie Herner; Mastered by Kris Delacourt; Artwork by Dan Johansson; Edition of 150.
PRICE: $44.00
CAT #: NMN 150LP
A reissue of Antibarbarus, issued as a compact disc in 1998, was the first edition Walter Marchetti released on Alga Marghen. The Antibarbarus cycle of five pieces makes use of original tapes coming from the same recording sessions that originated some of Marchetti's major musical works realized in the '80s, collected in his two CDs: 1989's Vandalia (NMN 076-4CD/NMN 083-5LP) and 1984's Per La Sete Dell'orecchio (NMN 083-3LP). This former series of works presented some homogeneous and untouched sound sources in the "concrete" status of their inner - and necessarily chaotic - level of entropy. Nevertheless this operative and only in appearance "neutral" premise introduces an implicit mimetic transposition. This link between the "iconic" threshold of the acoustical material and its transposition literally deconstructs the prerogatives and the ideological categories of music composition. In Antibarbarus, the temporal continuum restores the mimesis of the phenomenal regression of musical time, crystallized in a framed-length which gets estranged from subjective domain. But the transfiguration of sound sources now deliberately intends to de-signify the analytical prerogatives of hearing. The sensorial perception is in such a way inhibited from an immediate comprehension of the acoustic reality so reproduced: canis reversus ad vomitum suum. In the late 1950s, Marchetti was able both to formalize a more critical aim towards the established lingua franca and absolutist ideology of musical avant-gardism and to expand the sense of artistic praxis, in line with an ethical and subtly political evaluation of aesthetic experience. Marchetti was inspired by Cage's poetics of indeterminacy and subsequently created, through a close and indissoluble association with Juan Hidalgo and José Luis Castillejo, an original and de-ritualized form of action-music which led in 1964 to the birth of ZAJ group. Marchetti's work relays, in its procedural level, upon a resolute de-functioning of the musical codes and impose this act as a reversed mimesis of the methodological statute of music composing. Namely, not a "degré zero de l'écriture", but its "reversal"; not a "denial of style", but "style of denial". In this perspective, Walter Marchetti's oeuvre condenses one of the rare examples of aesthetic radicalism consciously extended to music poetics. Comes in full color gatefold sleeve; Includes printed inner sleeves (with photos of "Musica da camera n. 182", London, Raven Row, 1989/2011 and "Music in secca", Milano, Fondazione Mudima, 2003); Liner notes by Gabriele Bonomo in English and Italian.
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: TES 153LP
JU SUK REET MEATE Solo 1975-1980 LP
Sidestepping all normal expectations on this album, Ju Suk Reet Meate (founding member of Smegma) directly goes about casting musical spells, utilizing primitive "inner mind" techniques on hammered dulcimer, tape loops, thrift store records, a homemade synthesizer, electric guitar, saxophone, mouth sounds, and manipulated christian radio broadcasts. Recorded in Portland, Oregon, these previously unreleased recordings reflect a similar "inner-mind over limited technique matter" aesthetic as the acclaimed but seldom heard classic Solo 1978-1979, originally released on Pigface Records in 1980.
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: TES 154LP
SMEGMA Look'n for Ya LP
In 1973, when Smegma (the band) was born they had only one rule: No Musicians! That way they could re-invent the musical wheel with a new primitive, suburban, anti-hippie approach. 44 years later perhaps the world is ready for the first full LP of this original, uncompromising sound. At the time, it seemed they thought they were on a solitary journey, but shortly after these recordings, it was discovered that there was another local group, The Los Angeles Free Music Society, that they shortly became a part of, and are a part of, to this day. Originally recorded in 1973-75 at the house in Pasadena they all lived in, these previously unreleased tracks feature vocals of a different kind. It includes the 1960s L.A. freak and street singer Wild Man Fischer reprising his dance tune "The Taster", a straightforward Memphis/rockabilly slow dance ballad "Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache", and examples of their unique "group singing" style that has to be heard to be believed. Opening and closing the LP are vocals by someone they had never met, a local C.B. radio operator whose handle was "Turkey Mon" and had such a hi-power transmitter that his signal was picked-up by the tape-head as they recorded! Several of these same folks (Dennis Duck, Ace Farren Ford, Ju Suk Reet Meate) are in the Smegma touring band as of 2017.
PRICE: $110.00
A killer reading of José Luis Castillejo's TLALAATALA book by Fernando Millan, recorded in Madrid in 2001. Modern or advanced writing is a direct and independent medium, i.e. it realizes and gives presence to a set of relationships without the need of further dependence (as it happened till now in literature) on other media. Words, syllables, stories, sounds, psychology, music, etc., are no longer needed: advanced writing can do without intermediate elements. Modern writing is neither symbolic nor descriptive. Its purpose is the purpose of all modern art: to reduce necessity. The freedom achieved by writing (as a "medium") may perhaps become an inspiration (a "metaphor") of what could be achieved elsewhere (in the "reality"), independently and without imitation. Writing, perhaps the art more subdued to avidity and ambition, an instrument of subjection since it was invented by priests and legislators, has been the last of the arts to seek for its liberation. Writing itself created the worst of our servitudes that still rules and dominates the world: literality. Because without literality, any servitude to being of metaphorical and reflexive freedom would be impossible. Servitude exists and grows within the bureaucratic and technocratic literality which dominates the world with its laws, rules, and mechanisms. Freedom of comprehension, and therefore the liberation of writing, can be accomplished through the restoration of the metaphorical character of the so-called "reality", through the destruction of textual literality and the restoration of all the imaginary figures and persons of the psyche in front of the divination of the soul or the spirit. As proved by TLALAATALA, the liberation of writing must go through the elaboration of vacuous structures that should be perceived without being captured, without being fixed through numbers and signs. It goes through a writing where you can no longer state that "the written, written is", since it establishes an imaginary and metaphorical reflection of the vacuity and of the mutual relation of processes and phenomena. Comes in cardboard box with stamp; Includes the original-2001-press 400-page-creative-book with the same title; Edition of 80.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: AVM 060EP
MAP.ACHE Perception Shift/A 12"
Jan Barich, aka Map.ache, presents Perception Shift /A. For Perception Shift /A, Barich worked his way through the Altin Village & Mine catalog: Skeletons' "All I Want is You", Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift's "Let's Talk A Good Story", Urban Homes' "Tropical Jam", and Sven Kacirek's "Turkey Dance". Barich gently, but decisively, reworks their grooves into a collection of reverberating, feathery tracks that take cues from minimal music as well as house. He spreads Skeletons' "All I Want is You" into a polyrhythmic synth meditation, and the Sven Kacirek rework layers the original's percussive grooves into a melancholic house number.
PRICE: $38.50
VA Prix Presque Rien Prize 3CD
In 2010, Brunhild Ferrari decided to make public some of Luc Ferrari's original sound archives by offering a selected collection of recordings to other composers who may wish to use the material for the creation of original musical works. Her desire was to open this sonic treasure to other artists without wanting to impose any aesthetic direction on them, and with the only purpose of encouraging new artistic inventiveness. This edition presents the "Presque Rien Prize" winners and other selected works of the first three biennial contests, the most recent contest having taken place in December 2015. Each of the competitions has been concluded by a concert including the winning and other selected works of the competition. While 109 new works were submitted to the three initial editions, Association Presque Rien are delighted to keep receiving many other works from over the world for the forthcoming competitions. Features the following performers, listed by year: CD 1 - 2011 edition: John Palmer (winner), Elsa Justel (mention), Daniel Blinkhorn (mention), DinaBird and J. P. Renoult; CD 2 - 2013 edition: Bryan Jacobs (winner), Ayako Sato (mention), James Andean (mention), Masashi Isai, Andrea Belfi, Donia Jourabchi, Takuma Kuragaki; CD 3 - 2015 edition: Hideki Umezawa (winner), Lisandro Barbato (mention), Johannes S. Sistermanns (mention), Manfredi Clemente, Manuella Blackburn, Laurence Bouckaert, Dimitris Maronidis, Yingzi Li. The slipcase edition includes three CDs in individual digipak sleeves as well as a 68-page booklet in English, French, and Japanese with liner notes written by the composers, their biographies, title tracks, photos, and an introduction by Brunhild Ferrari.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: AUS 111EP
SHENODA Burn 12"
Shenoda presents his third release for Aus Music, Burn, backed with a remix from Juxta Position. Previous releases on Hypercolour and Electric Minds have seen Shenoda firmly on the ascent, but it's in his recent outings on Aus Music that his bold, rugged club music has really reached its zenith. "Burn" follows suit with its predecessors with its power being rooted in seismic, analog drums that are balanced against soft, allaying melodies. "Vista" then rolls out punching stabs and tight, shuffling drums before Marquis Hawkes dusts off his Juxta Position alias and delivers a pacey and forthright take on "Burn".
PRICE: $14.00
MOVE D/REAGENZ Roll Split/460 Melrose Ave 12"
Berlin collective Away ready the fourth release in their catalogue. They present a split two-tracker from label mainstay Move D and his pairing with Jonah Sharp under their collaborative guise of rEAGENZ. Harnessing this attitude and channeling the collective's Detroit influences, Away have developed their imprint which has so far taken shape over a set of three analog-heavy various artist releases. Next in line follows suit in melding tough drums with Motor City pads. Natural in their progression, both tracks spark ardor as they steadily develop adding another fine addition to a blooming catalogue.
PRICE: $29.00
LP version. Milky transparent vinyl. Edition of 300. Includes download code. Billow Observatory is the trans-Atlantic duo consisting of Detroit's Jason Kolb (Auburn Lull) and Danish producer Jonas Munk (Manual). II: Plains/Patterns departs from their self-titled debut's (2012) amorphous ambient haze with a more rigid, albeit subtle, underpinning of rhythm and pulse. Traces of shoegaze, modern minimal electronica, and kosmische appear on every track, but are mutated into something mysterious and new. "Pulsus", for example, opens the album with a driving Teutonic stutter and washes of serene guitar loops that are punctuated by bursts of filtered synth patterns. Centerpiece, "Plains", expands the ambient formula into an inspired epic in three parts, where swells of processed guitars, distant voices, and faint echoes of Detroit techno are weaved together to form a kaleidoscopic whole. "Vex" and "Plum" seem to pay as much homage to Slowdive and Eno's Harold Budd collaborations as to the modern minimalism from Cologne or Berlin. For ambient aficionados, II: Plains/Patterns is a gorgeous sounding full-length not to be missed.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: BAO 063EP
Shlomi Aber is back on his Be As One label with Panix EP, this time joined by Swedish techno master Skudge. Keeping the no nonsense techno attitude of his latest Nonplus release, "Panix" keeps bearing Shlomi's relentless, dark and raw signature sound. Skudge strips down "Panix" into two separate remixes, taking the original into a deeper and back to basics mood, with his known trademark grooves.
BS 032LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BS 032LP
ZEIT Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo LP
Black Sweat Records present a reissue of Zeit's Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo, originally released in 1979. In the late '70s, the Italian music scene's renewed interest in sound research involved a stimulating fusion of popular elements, jazz improvisation, and suggestions of the middle-oriental classical heritage. Starting from the experience of Aktuala, the idea of a common "Mediterranean air" that could compare and harmonize rhythms and timbres of various regions, enlivened a large number of musicians. In this context, it also placed the short history of Zeit and one of their main member Andrea Tamassia, who played and recorded with Aktuala. Un Giorno In Una Piazza Del Mediterraneo, their first album, seems to be a continuation of Aktuala's music. It presents a compendium of styles and shapes, a collection of letters and visual notes from various places (Greece, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Maghreb, Balcan Area, etc.), rearranged in the form of a hypothetical diary, in order to create an unknown narrative scenario. In the music of Zeit, there are no formalistic or philological purposes, but it triumphs with an attitude of imaginative incorporation that is always changing. The rich poly-instrumentalism brings the rhythms of dance and ancient melodies, but also results in a palette of more abstract and ecstatic sounds, with rare experimental lyricism that approaches the Florentine ensemble to the significant European experiences of The Incredible String Band or Third Ear Band.
BS 033LP
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: BS 033LP
ZEIT Il Cerchio Degli Antichi Colori LP + 7"
Black Sweat Records present a reissue of Zeit's second album Il Cerchio Degli Antichi Colori, originally released in 1981. With Il Cerchio Degli Antichi Colori, Zeit re-propose their own vision of a new cultural multi-geographical mosaic without boundaries. The sound confirms the inspired and eclectic vein of previous work, suggesting a greater conviction and maturity of intent. The arrangements tend to dilate more alchemical and hypnotic sequences, while the range of inspirations (Balkan music, Greek, Turkish, Persian, African, etc.) and the poly-instrumentalism is more precious and varied. Decisively more experimental compositions such as "Gli Antichi Colori", "Nuovo Orizzonte", or "Kalimba", are indicative of an unparalleled executive expertise that flows into meditative and introspective delights by resonances now more obscure or solar. The compresence of popular European and Middle-East atmospheres act as a strong reminder to the world of dance, suggesting once again the charm of the meeting between East and West, in view of brotherhood and solidarity among peoples. So, the "Circle" relieves itself almost like a sound tale of distant and ancient Byzantine, Arab, and Christian novels, according to a nomadic spirit that finds in music the preferred journey to joy and love. This reissue includes a 7" with two unreleased live tracks, further enriching the repertoire of one of the most original group that Italy has ever known.
BS 035LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: BS 035LP
Unreleased recordings of future members of Aktuala and I.P. Son Group. The history goes back in the alternative Milan of the early '70s, to the flavor of the first jam-blues of that era where musicians from different parts of the world (India, Africa or South-America), and of disparate backgrounds and cultures, gathered together to experiment just with an authentic sense. These four tracks seem to retrace the path of that spirit with which great pioneers, such as John Mayall and Alexis Corner, the essence of the Afro-American music masters ferried from overseas. On 1972 Blues Jazz Session, the devotion to the blues roots remains strong but an aerial and wandering component, colored as if by a magic of exotic and spiritual accents, leaks into the compositions. Hypnotic patterns of guitars flowing almost like slowed raga-grooves, free-jazz horns blowing winds of the ancient seas of the south, while voices and percussions span distant Latin or African horizons. Gruppo Afro Mediterraneo throws its eye on a cultural dimension more extensive and composite and therefore constitutes a fundamental historical document for a crucial period of Italian underground.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: COR 145EP
VA Dots & Pearls 4 12"
Cocoon's Dots & Pearls is back once again. Frankfurt based Christian Burkhardt's "Karambolage" breathes spring air with playful and positive harmonies and a very subtle '80s synth-pop flavor. Argy's "How Late It Was, How Late" refers to an early '80s acid sound and is reminiscent of great productions such as "On And On" by Jesse Saunders. "Baroon" by Markus Fix is a deep tech house gem made for the first sunrises of the upcoming all-nighter open airs. Jim Jules's "Euphrasia" is a deep, slightly gloomy, and extremely hypnotic production. Four exclusive and previously unreleased tracks.
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: RED 236LP
NICOLOSI, ROBERTO Black Sabbath (I Tre Volti Della Paura) LP
Dagored present a reissue of Roberto Nicolosi's soundtrack for Mario Bava's super cult horror film Black Sabbath, aka I Tre Volti Della Paura, originally released in 1963. Lyrical pathos alternates with unexpected asymmetrical musical strings and some funereal organ chords mixed to more psychedelic musical moments and glorious chamber music orchestrations. Complete stereo version, including extra tracks, for the first time on vinyl. Comes on transparent vinyl; Includes plastic insert; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: DES 135EP
WAKASA, IORI Give Me Yourself EP 12"
Hailing from Japan, Iori Wakasa proves what all the fuss is about with a stunning three track EP on Steve Bug's Dessous Recordings. "Be There" starts things off right - über deep vibes throughout, with bubbling synths and spacey effects, all tied together by a hypnotic Chandler-esque rhythm track. "Give Me" continues the vibe, deep and jazzy chords punctuate the shuffling rhythm and trippy vocal samples add a layer of wonkiness. "Feel It Dizzy" strips things down a notch, a bass heavy dancefloor filler with dubbed-out percussion, effects, and vocals snippets.
PRICE: $23.50
LILES, ANDREW Diario De Un Monstruo LP
Diario De Un Monstruo is an homage to the 1981 album Diary Of A Madman by Ozzy Osbourne (1981). It is another - and some might argue, inevitable - addition to the ongoing monster series of releases. To say Andrew Liles's recording is a cover version of the original Ozzy album is far too simplistic and misleading. This recording adapts motifs and hooks from the original music but is in no way similar. It is a complex tapestry that is woven from many fine threads and at times, it is a confusing and incomprehensible monstrous interpretation of the classic album. Anyone expecting a hard rock LP will be sorely disappointed. Liles has been obsessed by the original album since its release 36 years ago and he has been collecting various LP pressings and ephemera associated with Diary Of A Madman for many years. Packaged in a high gloss laminated sleeve; Includes printed lined inner. Edition of 500.
EB 120LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: EB 120LP
ILLBILLY HITEC One Things Leads To Another LP+CD
LP version. Includes CD. Edition of 500. iLLBiLLY HiTEC return with One Thing Leads To Another, after their first barn-storming single "Rude Boy Talk", a track that fuses break beat, hip hop, and dancehall, and is a tempting taster of the new album. The band's third album was produced in collaboration with Juno Award winner Jesse "Dubmatix" King in Toronto and Berlin. On the band's third album, the focus is again firmly on an amalgamation of reggae with the genre's elementary electronic facets. iLLBiLLY HiTEC grab reggae by the roots in their inimitable way and build a varied cocktail of roots, digital, hip hop, and dub. The Berlin-based band managed to lure the spearhead of Austrian MC culture, Kinetical, as lead vocalist. There are also many guests, including Lengualerta (Mexico), Horseman (UK), Promoe (Sweden), Gardna (UK), and Parly B (UK) from the international scene, all of whom contributed fantastically skilled flows to the album. One Thing Leads To Another is a mature album that fully deserves a place in the higher international echelons. Also features: Longfingah, Fli Supertramp, EmWan, HanIvan, and Daphne BlueBird.
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: MTE 066LP
Eremite present Byron And Gerald's Unity, a private press free jazz album recorded in 1969 at Howard University and the first release on Byron Morris's EPI label. It is the only hardcore free jazz record out of 1960s DC, and a viscerally powerful cultural dispatch on the sociopolitical upheavals of its time. From Byron's 2017 liner notes: "In the early spring of 1969, several months before moving to Poughkeepsie, NY, Gerald Wise and I, along with the recording engineer Len Jones, conceived of the idea to gather a group of musicians who were like-minded concerning 'The New Thing' (Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Booker Little). Most of the musicians we asked to be part of this experiment we knew from jam sessions or were already part of Unit Five. Eric Gravatt suggested we invite two of his musician friends from Philadelphia, Byard Lancaster and Keno Speller. I wrote a musical composition for the date dedicated to my father, 'JWM+53.' My friend Earl Snead wrote the other composition, 'Black Awareness.' Earl passed shortly after the session. The recording session took place at the studio of an experimental TV channel that leased space on the campus of Howard University. Gerry and I welcomed all the musicians and thanked them for being part of the session. The scene immediately took on a magical atmosphere, with everyone going about their tasks as if they had cue sheets. In the center of the room we laid out our instruments on two 4x8 tables. That way we could just pick up any instrument and play when the spirit hit us. I had two altos (one plastic) and a curved soprano. Jerry Wise had his trumpet and some hand rhythm instruments. Byard Lancaster had an alto sax, flute, trumpet, and some hand rhythm instruments. Vins Johnson had a tenor and a baritone sax. Keno Speller had a bell tree, tambourines, claves, drum sticks, felt-headed mallets, and a set of amplified conga drums. Inside the tables our two drummers, Eric Gravatt and Abu Sharrieff, sat face to face with two full drum kits and microphones all around them. Next to them were our two bassists, Fred Williams and a young man named Chris (whose last name, sadly, I cannot remember). To this day, I wish the proceedings had been filmed. The energy level was so high that Byard Lancaster did push-ups when not playing (I believe I remember Vins Johnson and Keno Speller also doing some). In spite of all of the excitement, everyone wanted to make a serious musical statement and cooperated in taking directions from Len Jones, Gerry, and me. It was orderly excitement, the collective 'We' caught-up in the moment. Ornette's Free Jazz (1961) and Trane's Ascension (1965) address much of what we were attempting in the studio that day in 1969. . . . In point of fact, most if not all of us had witnessed firsthand the physical excitement and, in some moments, pure terror of the urban riots set off in the spring of 1968 by the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Washington, DC, exploded with anger and the looting and burning of businesses throughout the city. U.S. Army troops, along with Air Force and Navy/Marine elements, were sent in to quell these massive urban disturbances. During the recording of Unity our collective emotions were still raw, to say the least. Here and now, nearly a half of a century later, I can still smell the tear gas and the burning tires. I get chills just thinking about it. But the music got us through that time... and the music gets us through now!"
PRICE: $30.50
CAT #: MTE 068LP
Simultonality is the follow-up to Joshua Abrams's critically acclaimed 2015 album Magnetoception (MTE 063-64LP, 2015). Credited to Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society (NIS), it is the first recording in the project's nine year, four album history made by a regularly gigging manifestation, rather than a special assembly of friends. Recorded in 2014 and 2015 in single takes by the full ensemble during and after tours of the US and Canada, Simultonality once more affirms the project's unique approach to joining traditional musics, American minimalism, and jazz with the Gnawa ceremonial instrument the guimbri. Stasis, continuity, and repetition, central qualities of Abrams language, defined Magnetoception, listed by many as one of the best records of 2015. These same qualities form the heart of Abrams's music on Simultonality. But where Abrams once said Magnetoception is about "winter and death", Simultonality, in Abrams's words, is an album of "pure motion". Without sounding frenetic it is the most explosive NIS music on record, and without sounding over-determined, it is Abrams's most structured and through-composed music yet. Much of it is also fast, a mass of densely patterned elements swiftly orbiting constantly reconfiguring centers that are variously harmonic and rhythmic, clearly stated or implied. The music is at no time any more disorderly than a colony of bees pollinating a vast garden. Its many moving parts function in mutualistic relationship toward fulfilling Abrams's long stated intention for the project: to help listener's achieve a meditative center and to consciously use music as a gateway to living. Abrams credits William Parker as an inspiration for this intention. The musicians on Simultonality date back to the nascency of NIS. Along with Hamid Drake, Mikel Avery and Frank Rosaly are Abrams first-call drummers for the project. On Simultonality, Avery is in the left channel, Rosaly the right. Astute heads may recognize the rhythm in "Sideways Fall" as Jaki Leibezeit's drum break in Can's "Vitamin C". At Abrams behest, the two drummers divided the beat into separate parts. According to Hamid Drake, the rhythm was popularized, if not originated, by John "Jabo" Starks and Clyde Stubblefield of the J.B.'s. Nearly ten years into its existence, Abrams and the NIS wear their influences with creativity and ease. Long standing NIS members, Ben Boye and Emmett Kelly, were previously together with Abrams, or not, in Bonnie Prince Billy's band, and Abrams and Boye have at different times played in Kelly's band The Cairo Gang. Harmonium player Lisa Alvarado contributes the large format pattern paintings used by NIS at concerts and for its album covers. Personnel: Joshua Abrams - guimbri, bass, small harp, bells; Lisa Alvarado - harmonium, Leslie, percussion; Michael Avery - drums and percussion; Ben Boye - chromatic electric autoharp, piano, Wurlitzer; Ari Brown - tenor saxophone (on "2128½"); Emmett Kelly - electric guitar; Frank Rosaly - drums and percussion, resonator bells. Pressed on premium quality audiophile vinyl by RTI, presented in replica audiophile dust sleeves and heavyweight Stoughton LaserDisc jackets screenprinted by Alan Sherry/Siwa. Edition of 825 copies.
PRICE: $25.00
"Die Tödliche Doris was born out of West Berlin's lively post-punk community in the early '80s. Along with Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria, Sprung Aus Den Wolken and Frieder Butzmann, Die Tödliche Doris ranks amongst the Geniale Dilletanten -- which roughly translates as 'ingenious dilettantes' -- who sought to democratize cultural productions beyond the grip of both Western capitalism and GDR socialism. The Geniale Dilletanten became synonymous with a free-for-all approach to music, film, painting and performance where participants encouraged raw expression through provocation and experimentation. Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen founded Die Tödliche Doris in 1980, presenting the public persona of Doris as a constantly shifting entity that deliberately engaged the contradictions of the human condition. The band often referenced themselves in the third person singular, alluding to Doris as a fully-formed female character with explosive, colorful emotions. For her debut album -- originally released on Zickzack in 1982 and playfully titled " " (that is, blank space surrounded by quotation marks) -- Doris most closely entertains the notion of a typical rock band with drums, bass and guitar. Produced by Neubauten's Blixa Bargeld, the thirteen songs presented here are disquieting lullabies of profound anxiety, savage and primitive deconstructions of German polka and manic lacerations of punk minimalism: all reflections of the many and fractured personalities of Doris. This first-time vinyl reissue includes a reproduction of the original 24-page booklet. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl."
PRICE: $25.00
LE FORTE FOUR Bikini Tennis Shoes LP
"The origins of Le Forte Four are those of the Los Angeles Free Music Society itself. Chip Chapman joined forces with Rick Potts (and shortly thereafter Tom and Joe Potts), taking up the LAFMS name in 1974. Ultimately baptizing themselves Le Forte Four, they began threading imagined lines between John Cage and The Residents, Cecil Taylor and Henry Cow -- generating sounds completely unlike any of these and anything since. The inaugural release on the eponymous LAFMS imprint with only 200 copies pressed originally, Bikini Tennis Shoes is a staggering piece of anti-music that remains as refreshingly ground-clearing today as it was when it first appeared in 1975. Its 40 minutes (parceled out across nearly as many tracks) chart forays into free improvisation, Buchla misuse, filtered noise, begrudging and damaged melodic sorties (from the Star-Spangled Banner to Stravinsky's 'The Rite of Spring') and healthy doses of basement pablum. Le Forte Four emerged out of the lethargic American '70s as a locus where, in their own words, 'gamelans and ragas merged with serial and chance compositions finally melting together with instructional records and Beatles bootlegs.' A wildly eclectic rummaging of postwar culture and 20th century sound, Le Forte Four's Bikini Tennis Shoes preempts punk's outsider ethos and DIY autodidactism. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl."
PRICE: $25.00
JONES, JOE In Performance LP
"After studying with composers John Cage and Earle Brown, Joe Jones became a prominent figure in Fluxus, contributing to the movement's first 'yearbox' alongside La Monte Young, György Ligeti and Nam June Paik. Beginning in late 1961, Jones began constructing his own music machines -- drawing inspiration from the calliopes, automata and orchestrations of the 19th and early 20th century to create self-playing ensembles of stringed instruments, percussion and woodwinds -- 'played' through an elaborate (yet decidedly lo-tech) system of rubber bands, balls and tin foil. Christened the Tone Deaf Music Company, this battery of automated musical instruments generates the sounds on In Performance (originally released in 1977 on the Harlequin Art imprint). With exacting conceptual precision and varied subtleties of natural motion -- not unlike Harry Bertoia's sounding sculptures -- Jones' machines produce richly-textured strata of sound and serve as engines of paradox. While bringing the figure of the artist-composer to the foreground, the machines ultimately dispense with the need for the performer entirely -- a cunning subversion of the fetish for virtuosity and individual genius. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies on clear vinyl."
PRICE: $14.00
GANDELMAN, LEO Garrincha - Estrela Solitaria CD
2010 release. Garrincha is a true Brazilian legend, one of the all-time great footballers, revered to this day. Focusing on his zenith, from 1953-1962 - during which time he twice inspired Brazil to World Cup glory - this soundtrack is suitably of the period. With beautiful Ipanemas-esque soulful samba sitting alongside carnival batucada, darker cinematic experimentalism, and playful jazz funk, this collection of Leo Gandelman scores mirrors and celebrates Garrincha's amazingly fast paced life; at times glorious, at others a car crash. This original soundtrack to Estrela Solitaria (2003) was directed, produced and in most cases composed by Leo Gandelman. Estrela Solitaria flashes between Garrincha as extravagant and triumphant footballer and his decent towards ruin. In the late '50s and early '60s, Garrincha was the most famous man in Brazil, dating and then marrying samba star Elza Soares while leading Brazil and Botofogo to glory on the pitch. The old school samba songs split the soundtrack, ("Samba Fantastico", "Samba Authentico", "Samba Latino", "Apito No Samba") perfectly stirring up the carefree side of Garrincha's life and a deeply atmospheric and timeless Rio. Performed by the Brazilian Saxambistas and in the vein of the Ipanemas, this is Latin music at its most evocative. The rest of the soundtrack was composed especially for Estrela Solitaria by Gandelman who has captured Garrincha's personality on and off the pitch perfectly: Garrincha is Gandelman's most impressive and significant work. This collection moves from quirky jazz funk as Garrincha darts around bemused players with his unique dribbling style, in glorious original black and white footage, ("Football Color", "Retirada Da Urca", "Drible De Cadeira", 'Dops'), in to heavy batucada samba ("Escola", "Bloca De Rua") beats of carnival (Garrincha, like many ex-footballers, was paraded as a carnival attraction; the exploitation of a sporting hero heartbreakingly depicted in the film). It's the dark, almost psychedelic jazz (encapsulated by "Decadente Psicodelico"), which depicts Garrincha's decent in to alcoholism and the money and health problems, which plagued the end of his life (Garrincha died aged just 50). Estrela Solitaria ends with "Abertura", remembering Garrincha, as Brazil does, in his glorious prime.
PRICE: $14.00
2010 release. Joyce combines her wonderfully expressive swoop and soar vocals with special guest bossa legend Joao Donato's peerless pulsating piano and warmly-crafted rhythms. Injecting pure-quality jazz into bossa nova, old-school Brazilian samba and laid back Cuban vibes, Aquarius is intricate yet endlessly listenable. Blending breezy ease and elegant sophistication with Donato's unique stop/start groove this is a special roots session that sounds utterly fresh. Featuring true classics alongside stunning new compositions this gorgeous recording is testament to Joyce's standing as Brazil's greatest female singer-songwriter and celebrated international artist. Together, Joyce and Donato have produced their finest modern work. Aquarius radiates all the funky spirit of the crossover Brazilian jazz of '70s Brazil. Both Joyce and Donato have included new versions of their most famous tracks - "Feminina" and "Amazonas" respectively - while new tracks including the jumping "No Fundo Do Mar" and addictive "Xangô É De Baê" are true standouts. Joyce uses that voice in wonderful solo and memorable duet with Donato's golden vocal. Far Out Recording's reissue of Joyce, Nana Vasconcelos and Mauricio Maestro's 1976 lost classic Vision's Of Dawn (FARO 138LP) caught the imagination of the world's press and crossed over to become a cult record with beautiful ease in 2009 giving Joyce's profile a huge lift. With four decades of recording behind her Aquarius is Joyce's sixth album on the Far Out Recordings imprint. A Brazilian musician and composer of almost mythical proportions, João Donato is one of the surviving - and still prospering - members of a generation that produced Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, Luiz Eça and many other masters associated with the heyday of bossa nova. The impish pianist, known for his deliberate, single-note musings and catchy compositions is one of very few artists whose sound defines bossa.
PRICE: $18.00
LP version. 180 gram vinyl. 2011 release. Brazilian greats, Mauricio Maestro and Nana Vasconcelos, finally reconnect on the second part of their five decade psychedelic folk trilogy with Upside Down. Following Visions Of Dawn (FARO 138LP) - the 1976 acid-folk lost classic - Upside Down is a special new recording that stirs up a time when people dared to make liberated records. Nana and guest vocalist Kay Lyra - completing the modern folk trio - combine floating harmonies and delicate psychedelia. Maestro's moving compositions melt together hypnotizing strings with his darting guitar and wonderfully languid vocals. The master of percussion, Nana Vasconcelos brings an endless concoction of exotic instrumentation to stirring life as mind-bending vocals move in and out of focus. Together at the center of the underground '60s tropicalia and darker Afro-samba jazz movements (rising against a repressive Brazilian military regime) to the free '70s Brazilian acid-folk (that flourished in North American and European exile) Maestro and Vasconcelos have created eleven tracks that stir up this time, but in the backdrop of a liberated, prosperous Brazil. Recorded in 2010, the pair combined Maestro's classic and new compositions with modern folk ideas to outshine many current impressionists. Inspired by the success of Visions Of Dawn, Far Out Recordings label head Joe Davis encouraged Maestro and Nana to return to the studio to complete the long-time coming follow up. Mauricio Maestro began his career in vocal quartet Momentoquatro in the late '60s before he and Nana became friends in the great Luiz Eça's thirteen member band Sagrada Familia. The pair were also part of Milton Nascimento's Clube De Esquina scene along with Joyce and Marcos Valle.
PRICE: $14.00
2013 release. 4 Elementos, or "Four Elements", is a gem that comes as a follow up to Naná Vasconcelos's incredible Sinfonia & Batuques, winner of a Latin Grammy in 2011. This new offering breaks many boundaries and reveals Brazil's most revered percussionist in his best form yet. Naná Vasconcelos creates and shapes sounds and ideas in his original compositions, with inventive and provocative results. On 4 Elementos the listener is invited to join Vasconcelos on a deep and emotional musical journey. The album is released and sponsored by the Government of Pernambuco, through Funcultura, with the executive production of Isa Melo from Coco Produções in partnership with Morenana Produções Artísticas and Far Out Recordings. Inspired by the four elements of nature, the percussion legend Naná Vasconcelos has created a beautiful and hypnotic record. Flowing from the stunning lyricism of "Légua Tirana", a classic by the Brazilian legend Luiz Gonzaga, to "Coco Lunar", where Vasconcelos visualizes a party in the cosmos, showcasing Brazilian rhythm in all its color and vibrancy. In "Berimbando", Naná goes back to his beloved berimbau and pays a beautiful homage to the percussionist Airto Moreira. Nana Vasconcelos has previously played with artist such as Pat Metheny, Milton Nascimento, Joyce, Ron Carter, Don Cherry, Melvin Gibbs, Jack DeJohnette and many more.
PRICE: $22.00
VA Amplificador - Novissima Musica Brasileira: The Brazilian 10's Generation LP
LP version. 180 gram vinyl. Comes in gatefold jacket. 2015 release. Over the past few decades, there has been a seismic shift in Brazil's musical landscape. A plethora of varying musical undergrounds has developed across the nation. While Rio and São Paulo have been overwhelmed with networks of talented musicians for a long time, creative life is now bursting all over the country. Amplificador exists to document and propagate the wonderfully diverse music currently blossoming from Brazil's vivacious and geographically varied musical undergrounds. This compilation draws together some of the components of "Novíssima Música Brasileira" ("brand new Brazilian music"), ranging from Afro-grooves to rock, to modern samba and MPB. The music reaches back across Brazil's incredibly rich musical and cultural traditions, while also taking in influence from other movements around the globe. Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra from Rio formed because of their shared love of the music of Fela Kuti. But what sets Abayomy apart from other groups of a similar nature is the fact that their sound also brings with it the songs and rhythms of candomblé. Similarly, Zebrabeat Afro-Amazônia Orquestra draw upon traditional guitarradas and carimbos from the state of Pará and fuse these with the poly-rhythms of Afro-beat to create another regional hybrid, which stays true to both its Amazonian and African roots, yet which results in a very fresh, Brazilian sound. From Belo Horizonte (the capital of Minas Gerais), Iconilli are another key band on Brazil's Afro-groove scene. With influences as varied as funk, jazz and psychedelic rock, congado, mining harmonies, maracatu, coco, ijexá, carimbó, Iconilli somehow manage to balance all of these sounds in such a way that makes it impossible to pin them down. From the Northeastern city of Joao Pessao, Paraiba, Burro Morto's psychedelic Afro sound leans more towards rock and funk influences, with a hint of regional Brazilian rhythms such as frevo and forro. They add another flavor to the Brazilian afro-groove scene: just one of the many exciting facets of Novíssima Música Brasileira.
PRICE: $14.00
SEARCH, JEROEN Time Signature EP 12"
A regular contributor to Figure SPC, Jeroen Search both started the series and also provided an end. Across Time Signature EP, the Dutch artist doesn't stick to one style, instead he lets his infamous machines roam about freely. They take the listener for a smooth ride along swaying dub chords and gentle ripples above a hypnotic groove. Search pulls out all the stops and barges right in with fidgety claps and whirling bleeps. Ensuing the sonic assault, a simple synth figure emerges stoically over an almost house-y bounce as nostalgic rave strings bring the EP to an epic ending.
PRICE: $36.50
CAT #: FBLP 1008LP
MANDRAKE MEMORIAL, THE 3 Part Inventions LP + 7"
Having made two superb psychedelic albums and gigged with The Doors, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground and many others, in June of 1969, The Mandrake Memorial came to London. The plan was to record with famed producer Shel Talmy (The Kinks, The Who, Pentangle), but when that fell through, they persevered alone. Long thought to be lost, 3 Part Inventions anticipates the woozy, dream-like vibe of their 1970 masterpiece Puzzle, combining eerie vocals, trippy guitar and otherworldly electronics to create a unique whole. Transferred directly from the master tape, it's released here for the first time, together with a detailed band history, rare images, two previously unheard outtakes from a 1969 acetate. LP version comes on 180 gram vinyl; Comes in a gatefold sleeve with a 16-page booklet; Includes a 7 inch with a picture sleeve.
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: FBLP 1009LP
SPIRIT Live At The Ash Grove, 1967 Volume 1 2LP
Flashback present a never before released, live recording from Spirit, titled Live At The Ash Grove, 1967 Volume 1. Lead vocalist Jay Ferguson talks about the recording: "The Ash Grove was a legendary venue for folk and early Los Angeles rock, and really the birthplace of Spirit. We brought in a younger, less inhibited crowd, a mixture of hippies and jazz freaks. Spirit, at its inception, was more of an improvisational jazz/blues group than anything else. Our first shows had very few structured songs, lots of free-form going on. We were constantly writing, trying out, and discarding songs. Getting to play in a major LA club, building a following, trying out new ideas, and forging what the group would become. It was a magical time for us." These are the first ever recordings of the band, recorded in the summer of 1967. Produced with the full co-operation of the Randy California estate. Mastered from original tapes. Includes comprehensive liner notes with rare photos. Double LP version comes on 180 gram vinyl; Comes in a gatefold sleeve with two inserts.
FJ 009EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: FJ 009EP
DJ LIL' TAL Rhythm 4 Tha Dancefloor EP 12"
Chicago's finest DJ Lil' Tal is responsible for the ninth Footjob release. The underground veteran brought attention to himself in the '90s by releasing on the legendary label Dance Mania. "Who Came To Boogie" on the A-side is a pretty disco loop combined with tight and uncompromising drums - undeniably an ear-piercing banger - followed by the label owner Phonk D's insane filtered remix version. The B-side consists of the rough, reduced-to-minimal drum track "Jack Your House" plus the funky sample tune "Buzz The Doctor" with a beat that makes your dancing feet run straight to the hospital.
FN 018EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: FN 018EP
MCBRIDE, WOODY When Good Times Turn Sour 12"
Four 1993-1994 archival acid tracks, vintage analog gear used only (Roland TB303 and TR909). Releases on cult labels such as Communique, Plus 8, Magnetic North, Drop Bass Network, Analog, Missile, Synewave, Labworks, etc. "Pasture's Star Route" previously unreleased on vinyl. RIYL: Midwest acid, Thomas Heckmann, Tim Taylor, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Slip, Freddy Fresh.
FN 072EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: FN 072EP
FRESH, FREDDY Comacid EP 12"
Four archival mid '90s (acid) tracks, vintage using only analog gear: TR 909/TR 606 Roland System 100M, EMS VCS3, ARP 2600, TB 303, Jupiter 8, Korg DSS1. Freddy Fresh released on cult labels such as Electric Music Foundation, Labworks, Synewave, Drop Bass Network, etc. "Space Funk" previously unreleased on vinyl. RIYL: dark acid, Thomas Heckmann, Tim Taylor, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Slip, DJ ESP.
GET 51321LP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: GET 51321LP
RUN-DMC King Of Rock LP
"Run-DMC's self-titled 1984 debut pushed the doors of pop music open, showing that hip-hop was not the fad that haters had prophesized. As they proved decisively on Run-DMC, rap was a legit art form, fully capable of producing long-players full of no-fast-forward cuts. By 1985, any doubters were running on fumes, as the group's King Of Rock blew the aforementioned pop doors off their hinges. Emboldened by their success (including the first rap album to ever go Gold); energized by worldwide touring and accolades; and given all the support they could want by a genius producer (Larry Smith), an open-minded label (Profile) and a charismatic manager (Russell Simmons, who also lent a hand on production), they ruled the charts and hinted at even greater things to come. The album's most fondly-remembered single set the album's tone perfectly: 'King Of Rock' was hard, full of charisma and tag-team vocal finesse, and had enough guitars to bring the suburbs into the rap fold. The song's video was equally popular and powerful, and the pioneering MTV exposure drove the group into a new stratosphere. But there was much more to King Of Rock than the title track, including more rock / rap hybrids -- 'Can You Rock It Like This' and 'You're Blind' -- as well as the additional singles 'Jam-Master Jammin'' and 'You Talk Too Much.' (The latter, incidentally, charted as high as 'King Of Rock' on both the Pop and R&B charts). Throw in the forward-thinking reggae/rap collab 'Roots, Rap, Reggae' (featuring the legendary Yellowman) and the live-throwdown-simulation 'Darryl and Joe (Krush-Groove 3)' and the album -- which went on to pass Platinum status -- is a winner from A1 to B4."
HG 1701LP
PRICE: $37.50
CAT #: HG 1701LP
After more than ten years of making music with turntables, tapes, and loops, the Swiss based musician, artist, performer, and architect Christoph Hess started the project Strotter Inst. in 1998 to concentrate just on the manipulation of turntables, not using any records or sounds made by someone or something else. The anachronistic machineries have dual roles as objects and as instruments. The first live impact was as installations, then the sounds start to grab the listener's attention. The auditory level surpasses the visual one. Therefore, the optical comprehension of how the sound is generated plays an important role. Hardly using sounds from LPs - if used, they are cut or scotched - the main source of sound are the prepared pick-ups (i.e. sewing needles or strings instead of the diamond or the extended use of rubber bands). The treatment involves the unclean nature of the sounds as part of the music. Besides the work as a musician, Strotter Inst. creates sound objects and installations out of turntables. The abbreviation "Inst." can both mean "instrument" and "installation". Comes on white vinyl. "Absolutely fantastic stuff!" --Aquarius Records
HG 1702LP
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: HG 1702LP
S S S S Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes LP
The multi-channel sound work Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes is the result of Samuel Savenberg's two-week-long artist residency at Lucerne's Südpol in the summer of 2015. Originally available as a small-run cassette release through the Italian Haunter Records imprint (2015), Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes has been carefully mastered for a vinyl issue by Room40 founder Lawrence English. During his residency, Savenberg explored the sonic environment of Südpol, doing field recordings around the building or recording pianos and even another resident, an actor whose fragmented and distorted voice can be heard throughout the two parts that make up Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes. While this particular work does not necessarily explore a theoretical framework like Savenberg's previous releases under his S S S S moniker, it is not to be understood as an experimental piece, but rather an extension of his singular approach to electronic composition. Black and silver cover artwork; Comes as 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $14.00
Includes remix by Roly Porter. Limited edition 180 gram red vinyl, with plain black labels; Packaged in a plain inner sleeve and hand screen printed covers.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: HOL 098EP
LORA-TOTINO, ARRIGO Toccata Vocale/Ursprache 7"
Working on Trio Prosodico (HOL 093LP), Holiday Records met Arrigo Lora-Totino to go with him through his archive of reel tapes and unreleased material, bumping into these two pieces belonging to a completely different nature compared to his other works - less "acting" and much more "exercise" - where the voice is stressed to its limits in two opposite ways. "Toccata Vocale" is a boiling chorus of short vowel sounds - like hiccuping bullets of a jammed machine gun - while "Ursprache" is a creepy flow of stretched growling voices ending with a multilingual echoing scream.
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: HOL 102LP
LP version. Edition of 250. In the summer of 2015, A L'ARME! Festival invited Konstrukt to perform with William Parker and Holiday Records teamed up with Matt Bordin of Outside Inside Studio to invite the quartet to play two shows in Italy on their way to Berlin. Plans overlapped leaving two days off spent playing with no interruption at Matt's studio in Montebelluna, capturing four incredible tracks. Now, Konstrukt are well known for their many collaborations with key players and real giants of worldwide jazz scene, but - once again - having the chance to listen to the music they produce when they play "by their own" is something special. Their tribute to the past is paid with every single tune they play, but these recordings are something that can only be described as "new music".
PRICE: $34.00
CAT #: HOL 103LP
Istanbul-based free music ensemble Konstrukt perform alongside special guest Alexander Hawkins, building the perfect groove in a sweaty Cafe OTO on August 10th, 2015. Two sets from the same night, each a 40 minute long improvisation. The first set is a psychedelic warm-up where the Turkish quartet welcomes Hawkins in a whirlwind of hypnotic funky tunes going electric in the Miles way. The second set starts with Hawkins piano keys bouncing along a silent background soon to be filled with a groovy odd drum tempo leading to a wall of sound where all parts build a perfectly unpredictable dialogue. Edition of 200.
PRICE: $14.00
"Oh the joy of leaving you with this mystery. No one really knows exactly who the Pilgrims Of Peace are or how their music ended up in our hands. But this dubbed out two-tracker is so smokin' hot, we don't really care, the music will take you there..." --Prins Thomas. Horisontal Mambo is a new sublabel by Full Pupp in Oslo.
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: HOS 476LP
Following on from that hugely sought-after Green Graves issue by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (2016), Hospital Productions re-examine a longstanding tradition of industrial ambient music on this exceptional collaboration between two of the label's most consistently innovative, highly absorbing producers. Originally released in a private press run of handmade tapes in 2016, the collaboration was made in person with both Alberich and Lussuria making use of digital synths in homage to that distinctly European scene of the mid '90s that combined hardcore industrial textures with ambient pulses. It's a sound you'll be familiar with if you've immersed yourself in the most unnervingly quiet sections of the last few Prurient albums, building a kind of futuristic soundscape situated somewhere between David Lynch, Kevin Drumm, and a more dystopian variant of Brad Fiedel's distinctive soundtrack to The Terminator (1984). Alberich's instinct for harsh propulsive rhythms is tempered here by Lussuria's weird topography, the digital rendering adding a kind of artificial foundation quite removed from the throbbing earthiness you'd find on a hardware session. Instead, the more linear trajectory of so many dark ambient excursions is replaced with a constantly shifting landscape, veering from an oddly displaced vocal narrative into pounded, crumbling rhythms at some points, while those sinking sub bass sands keep things resolutely atmospheric for the duration. There are no concessions to that blackened aesthetic here, if you were into Green Graves or want to immerse yourself in one of the most brutally atmospheric albums you'll hear this year, check this out. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.00
GRITNESS, GARY The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 2 12"
Gary Gritness lays down more devastating funk and classy riffing over his trusty Roland 606 on the second volume of his Sugar Cane Chronicles. "Steady Choosin'" gets downright fusion-jazz and Gritness fires out seductive melodies and Latin piano playing of the highest order, whilst "Countin' Up With Starr" delves into a darker well of synth mania, with a sexual groove reminiscent of Rick James. "Runner Joe's Revenge" ramps up the hysteria for a gritty and colossal production that typifies his love of cyberpunk soundtracks. The low-slung "Pool Shark Loot" carries all the signature Gritness sounds, with P-Funk sleaziness on top.
PRICE: $14.00
Hailing from London, London Modular Alliance are a trio of modular enthusiasts, often performing live, completely on the fly using modular synths and live improvisation. Members include Koova, Yes Effect, and Pip Williams, but on Home Grown EP, Pip Williams, AKA Phil Venture, strikes alone with four devastating cuts. The production aesthetics across the four cuts are second to none; "Civic Society" pairs up dark atmospherics and driving electro beats, whilst "Home Grown" is a pacey and bustling burner. More forward motion electro vibes are in evidence on "Lucid", and "Saunton" combines dense ambience, broken beats, and acidic bass.
PRICE: $16.50
ROOTS RADICS Dubbing At Channel 1 LP
LP version. As the 1970s turned into the 1980s, reggae's beat took another turn, slowing down to allow more space for the music to breathe. The new sound became reggae's focus, and the Roots Radics became one of Jamaica's finest session/backing bands at the forefront of this radical change. The Roots Radics were based around the nucleus of Errol "Flabba" Holt (bass), Lincoln Valentine "Style" Scott (drums), and Eric "Bingi Bunny" Lamont (guitar). Holt and Bingi Bunny had previously been involved in the Morwells label set up and had cut some popular tunes such as "Swine And Dine", "They Hold Us Down", and the great "Kingston 12 Tuffy". Before this, Bunny had played for one of the other great reggae sessions band, the Channel One based Revolutionaires. It was the demise of this legendary band, due to Sly and Robbie's commitments to their own Taxi label, that led to the formation of the Roots Radics. The Radics have worked with many different producers over the years including Linval Thompson, with the series of alums, Scientist's 1981 album Meets the Space Invaders (MIR 100738CD/LP) and 1982 album Scientist Wins The World Cup (MIR 100741CD/LP). They also worked as Gregory Isaacs's backing band and were responsible for the rhythms that made up his seminal Night Nurse set (1982). Jamaican Recordings have caught the Roots Radics for this set of cutting rhythms in their favorite environment, the famous Channel One Studios. On this occasion working with producer Ossie Thomas for his own Black Solidarity label. A match made in heaven.
PRICE: $14.00
Hailing from the Ruhr area in Germany, the Homewreckers have a long history to look back on. Numerous projects have involved the three band members Johannes Ehmann, Gregor Pottmeier, and Krischan Wesenberg in the past 20 years, always meandering between the realms of jazz, blues, soul, house, and techno. Their unique sound spans from deep dancefloor oriented electronic music to film soundtracks that, amongst others, underlined the infamous productions of the artist Harun Farocki. Confusion EP is an excerpt of their upcoming album Machine Kiss that sums up six years of research and work.
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: KEB 003CS
MAGAMURA Supernaturals Cassette
Cassette version. Comes in an individually hand-printed, silk screen cardboard case. Magamura's debut release Supernaturals. Comprised of Eril Fjord and Laurine Frost, the Hungarian duo have carved out their reputation through live performances at renowned festivals and venues like Arma in Moscow, combining the former's indie aesthetic with the electronic music prowess the latter has proved on work for the Nervmusic imprint. Despite its huge influence from '70s and '80s experimental music, Supernaturals is not so much retrospective as ominously dystopian. It captures and distills their well-known improvisational mutability into a testament to their promising potential, which will stand the test of time. This is Kebko Music's first instalment on vinyl. Kebko Music is Tokyo-based Akiko Kiyama's independent music label focusing on releasing avant-garde music which is not bounded by any specific genres but embraces the whole range of techno, experimental music, field- and live-recordings, and classical music. The label owner established her name by Richie Hawtin featuring her track in his well-known DE9 Transitions mix in 2005. Since then, her music style has gradually changed to explore the edge of electronic music. The core of the label is based on small, handcrafted editions of cassette tapes.
PRICE: $14.00
TOTES PREESH Head Shop Boys 12"
Totes Preesh, New York's Sean Marquand and Patrick Wood, have created these sounds, tooling them to perfection. They were featured on 2015's Mangiami (La Compilation) on Golf Channel Recordings, but this is their first 12". They are here to make you bump to a cosmic sound that is sexy and pristine, and yet, also feels exactly like two buffalo boys going round the outside. First up, "Head Shop Boys", a kicky, kinky, neon affair, perfect for late-night debauchery. "Haole" is a straight up trip, with some serious old school New York flavor.
LCD 1801CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 1801CD
1992 release. Originally released on Lovely Music in 1982. Voices, language, and space interested Roger Reynolds since The Emperor of Ice Cream was written for the ONCE Festivals in Ann Arbor in the 1960s. In the 1970s, at the Center for Music Experiment in La Jolla, he heard the daily rehearsals of the Extended Vocal Techniques Ensemble and, in the evenings, read his my daughter to sleep, trying to capture an individual and consistent vocal behavior for each character in the story. A demanding critic, she stimulated Reynolds's reflections on vocal identity. Electronics offered rather precise control over auditory space (a particular sound's size, location, distance, the character of the host space in which it was heard). Choosing spare but evocative texts (Borges, Melville, Stevens, Coleridge), Reynolds conjures up unfamiliar yet appropriate vocal behaviors with which to present them. The five works in the series thus far share a concern with the potential of auditory imaging: this is a subject still only tentatively broached. They attempt to create a personal theater through the mind's ear. Yet they are distinct. Three of them are presented on this CD release: The Palace (Voicespace IV), Eclipse (Voicespace III), Still (Voicespace I). Personnel: Philip Larson, Carol Plantamura - voices; The Extended Vocal Techniques Ensemble; Roger Reynolds - recording.
LCD 2091CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 2091CD
FORWARD, FAST Panhandling CD
1991 release. Fast Forward's primary instrument on this Panhandling is the steel drum or pan, but he may use any percussion instrument: a coil of flat metal, a bathtub, temple bells. He rolls a ball around the concave surface of the pan, once after filling it with water. With relatively simple means, chosen by a playful and imaginative mind, Forward creates a sound that is rich and surprisingly delicate, unfolding engaging melodies that leave an acoustic afterglow -- like a shimmering veil, suggesting the mesmerizing appearance of the northern lights.
LCD 3002CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 3002CD
1994 release. Joan La Barbara's composition, 73 Poems, was commissioned, produced and recorded by Permanent Press (Brooklyn, NY) to accompany the publication of Kenneth Goldsmith's 73 Poems as a book and as a suite of lithographs. La Barbara's works often involve multiple layers of her own voice, creating a kind of sonic canvas on which she throws splashes of vocal colors. On this CD, her potent combination of vocal and studio expertise makes it possible for her to represent in music some of the most distinctive features of Goldsmith's visual texts. Joan La Barbara, voice; Joan La Barbara, Michael Hoenig, and Bradford Ellis, sound design.
LCD 3011CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 3011CD
DEMARINIS, PAUL Music As A Second Language CD
1991 release. Speech melodies extracted from sources as various as language instruction recordings, hypnotists and televangelists are re-synthesized and applied to digital musical instruments, becoming eerily beautiful, "the singing of voices more ancient than language." Performed by Paul DeMarinis.
LCD 3021CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 3021CD
BUCKNER, THOMAS Full Spectrum Voice CD
1991 release. Works by six composers from new music's acclaimed baritone, Thomas Buckner who's been called "the voice of the new". Works written by: Robert Ashley, Jon Gibson, Nils Vigeland, Peter Gena, Annea Lockwood, and Roscoe Mitchell. Personnel: Thomas Buckner - vocals; Tony Barrero - trumpet; Jon Gibson - clarinet, flute; J.D. Parran - bass clarinet, baritone saxophone; "Blue" Gene Tyranny - synthesizer; Joseph Kubera - piano; Tom Hamilton - synthesizer; Michael Pugliese - timpani, percussion.
LCD 3024CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 3024CD
2000 release. On His Tone Of Voice, Thomas Buckner offers three works about man's spiritual quest for truth and goodness. The central character in "Blue" Gene Tyranny's collection of songs, His Tone of Voice at 37, realizes something that he had always known, but forgot that he knew -- a secret that frees him to search for a place where there are no more wars or suffering. Mel Graves draws his inspiration for Mediations on Truth from the poems of the 15th-Century Sufi poet, Kabir, whose style was at once, irreverent yet intensely spiritual. Jacques Bekaert brings the story of the gentle Orfeo, who has become a symbol of marital fidelity, non-violence, and of the artist whose greatest ambition is to make the world a better place. Personnel: Thomas Buckner - baritone; Jeffrey Berman - vibraphone; Josef Bergstaller - trumpet; Jay Elfeinbein - contrabass; Ethel (Todd Reynolds and Mary Rowell - violins; Ralph Farris - viola; Dorothy Lawson - cello); Mel Graves - contrabass; Benjamin Herrington - trombone; Leroy Jenkins - solo violin; Joseph Kubera - harpsichord; Jacqueline LeClair - oboe; Ted Mook - cello; Bill Ruyle - bowed marimba; Stefani Starin - flute; "Blue" Gene Tyranny - piano; Christopher Berg - conductor for His Tone of Voice at 37.
LCD 3081CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 3081CD
2002 release. The DownTown Ensemble was formed in 1983 by co-directors, Daniel Goode and William Hellermann. The Ensemble has several points of focus: music for open (unspecified) instrumentation, emerging composers, commissions, graphic scores, ritual/intermedia music, and large ensemble works. While the Ensemble has a consistent core of players, performances always involve a variety of other artists. There have been over fifty such collaborations since the group's inception. Downtown Only presents four of them. Features works by: Daniel Goode, William Hellerman, Mary Jane Leach, and Peter Zummo.
LCD 3091CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 3091CD
2001 release. Chris Mann, an Australian poet, writer, performer and composer relocated to New York City, brings a recording of his signature works to Lovely Music. With the participation of Christine Bard, Anthony Coleman, Christian Marclay, Jim Pugliese, Mark Stewart, and David Watson. Chris Mann's works for voice are based on complex texts, freely composed to allow a play of wit and humor. He explores the textures and gestures of Australian speech, with its rhythms and qualities of color, pitch, intonation, and emphasis. He has collaborated widely with composers, film-makers, and electronic music composers. He has received commissions from Radio France, Paris Autumn, National Public Radio, Composers Forum, Australian Biennale, Ars Electronica, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and BBC. He has held residencies at the Shire of Healesville in Victoria, ABC Staff Union, Harvestworks, RPI's iEar Studios. He performs extensively worldwide with Machine For Making Sense, Chris Mann and the Impediments, and solo. "Language is the mechanism whereby you understand what I'm thinking better than I do. (Where 'I' is defined by those changes for which I is required)." --Chris Mann
LCD 4917CD
PRICE: $32.50
CAT #: LCD 4917CD
ASHLEY, ROBERT Perfect Lives 3CD
1991 release. Robert Ashley's Perfect Lives has been called "the most influential music/theater/literary work of the 1980s." At its center is the hypnotic voice of Robert Ashley. His continuous song narrates the events of the story and describes a 1980s update of the mythology of small town America. Perfect Lives is populated with myriad characters revolving around two musicians - "R", the singer of myth and legend, and his friend, Buddy, "The World's Greatest Piano Player". They have come to a small town in the Midwest to entertain at the Perfect Lives Lounge. As Robert Ashley describes in the opera synopsis, "they fall in with two locals to commit the perfect crime, a metaphor for something philosophical: in this case, to remove a sizable about of money from The Bank for one day (and one day only) and let the whole world know that it was missing." The eloping couple, Ed and Gwyn, the old people at the home, the sheriff and his wife (Will and Ida) who finally unravel the mystery, and Isolde, who watches the celebration of the changing of the light at sundown from the doorway of her mother's house, are some of the characters who journey through the seven episodes of the opera. Derived from a colloquial idiom, Perfect Lives transforms familiar material into an elaborate metaphor for the rebirth of the human soul. It has been called a comic opera about reincarnation. Personnel: Robert Ashley - solo voice; Jill Kroesen, David Van Tieghem - chorus; "Blue" Gene Tyranny - keyboards; David Van Tieghem - non-keyboard percussion; Peter Gordon - music producer; Paul Shorr - soundtrack producer.
LCD 4921CD
PRICE: $11.50
CAT #: LCD 4921CD
ASHLEY & PAUL DEMARINIS, ROBERT In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women CD
2002 release. Definitive CD reissue of this original Cramps label album from 1974, an early classic from Robert Ashley with music provided by Paul DeMarinis. This deluxe slip-cased version features a 110-page book, reproducing the original John Barton Wolgamot text along with fascinating liner notes explaining the whole project from Keith Waldrop and Robert Ashley. The CD features one long composition with Ashley reading a text by poet John Barton Wolgamot. The poem has 128 stanzas; each stanza is made up of the same phrase, into which are introduced four variables, three are names or groups of names or constructions of names, and the fourth variable is formed by the adverb of the active verb. The result is considered "one of the most unusual and difficult linguistic textures in the English language." The underlying music is supplied by Paul DeMarinis on Moog synthesizer. Ashley on DeMarinis: "[Paul] has elaborated seven different modular combinations, each of which can be controlled by programmed impulses. These derive from the sound of the reading of the poem passed through the regeneration high frequency filter and successively translated into a series of command impulses."
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: MNQ 089LP
ORPHX Archive 93-94 2LP
Mannequin Records present an archival collection from the genesis of Orphx's sound. Inspired by early industrial music and new waves of noise from Japan and Europe, the compilation is gathering together some of the best material from their first two cassette releases, released in 1993 and 1994, along with previously unreleased tracks recovered from the original four-track tapes. Mastered by Rude 66; Graphic design by Alessandro Adriani. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: MNQ 105LP
Mannequin Records celebrate their nine year anniversary with a reissue of Diaframma's Siberia, originally released in 1984. A masterpiece of '80s Italian new wave, and a cornerstone of Italian rock. At the end of the '70s Federico Fiumani, together with two classmates, gave life to CFS. The acronym is formed by the initials of the members: Gianni Cicchi (drummer), Fiumani (guitar and voice), and Salvatore Susini (bass). Later, Susini was replaced by Cicchi's brother, Leandro. The new incarnation of Diaframma was born, with the singer now replaced with Nicola Vannini. From their earliest moments, they shared the same stages as Neon, Pankow, and Litfiba, who all contributed transforming the Tuscan capital into the epicenter of post-punk in Italy. After their first single Pioggia / Illusione Ottica (1982), a split with Pankow (1982), and the mini-album Altrove (1983), the beautiful lyrics of the guitar player and leader Federico Fiumani exposed the band as one of the most popular in the Italian scene. In 1984, Diaframma signed onto IRA Records and Nicola Vannini was replaced by the painter and sculpturist Miro Sassolini. With Miro on board, Diaframma recorded Siberia, 3 Volte Lacrime (1986), and Boxe (1988), unwittingly laying the blueprint for the future generation of Italian alternative music scene. Siberia is one of the most successful attempts to combine derivative Anglo-Saxon musical styles and songs written in Italian. Siberia's title track is a masterpiece that highlights Fiumani's skills, drawing trajectories with his guitar in line with the metaphorical descriptions of a "big chill", reflecting the mood and social climate of Italy in the early '80s. Epoch-making is actually an adjective suitable for the album, filtered through the sensibility of memorable songs like "Neongrigio", "Amsterdam", "De Lorenzo", and "Specchi D'Acqua". An Italian breath, where the lyrics of Fiumani are totally lost in the symbolist poetry, represents a perfect model of harmony between the Italian metrics and the sound and rhythm of English post-punk. Siberia pictures Italy's first attempt to emerge from the exciting comfort zone of the "underground" to deal finally with the real market (IRA sold approximately 50,000 copies at the time), where the tradition of the Italian song-writing was merging with the musical forefather, such as Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Television. In February 2012, Rolling Stone placed Siberia as #7 on their poll of the 100 most beautiful Italian records of all time. Edition of 600.
PRICE: $30.00
CAT #: MFG 043CD
BROTHER AH Divine Music 3CD
"Following the reissues of Brother Ah's three studio albums in 2016, Manufactured Recordings is proud to present Divine Music, a collection of three unreleased albums from this jazz visionary: The Sea (1978), Mediation (1981), and Searching (1985). Moving from rich spiritual jazz to more meditative ambience, Divine Music further explores Brother Ah's unique sound and musical vision. Released a 3xCD package, Divine Music includes an extensive interview with Brother Ah by Pitchfork and Resident Advisor contributor Andy Beta. Recommended for fans of Laraaji, Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, Brian Eno, Popul Vuh, and the recent new age renaissance. The renowned French horn player known as Brother Ah (aka Robert Northern) is one of the most prolific and respected musicians in the history of jazz music, with a recorded output spanning more than 40 years. Born in 1934 and raised in the south Bronx, Brother Ah was playing jazz trumpet as early as fifteen years of age. Following a classical French horn education at Austria's Vienna State Academy, he emerged in the late '50s and established himself as a skilled and consistent session musician, playing with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, and numerous Broadway theater orchestras. Brother Ah recorded well into the '60s with some of the most illustrious names in the genre, including Donald Byrd, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Gil Evans and, perhaps most influentially, Sun Ra. In 1969, Ah formed his own group, The Musical Sound Awareness Ensemble, and released several works under his own name from 1974 onward. In the late '60s, his interest in non-western music developed, and his '70s and '80s recordings, incorporated elements of Eastern and 'Third World' music, fusing them with jazz structures."
PRICE: $95.00
CAT #: MFG 043LP
Five LP box set version. "Following the reissues of Brother Ah's three studio albums in 2016, Manufactured Recordings is proud to present Divine Music, a collection of three unreleased albums from this jazz visionary: The Sea (1978), Mediation (1981), and Searching (1985). Moving from rich spiritual jazz to more meditative ambience, Divine Music further explores Brother Ah's unique sound and musical vision. Released as a 5xLP box set, Divine Music includes an extensive interview with Brother Ah by Pitchfork and Resident Advisor contributor Andy Beta. Recommended for fans of Laraaji, Alice Coltrane, Terry Riley, Brian Eno, Popul Vuh, and the recent new age renaissance. The renowned French horn player known as Brother Ah (aka Robert Northern) is one of the most prolific and respected musicians in the history of jazz music, with a recorded output spanning more than 40 years. Born in 1934 and raised in the south Bronx, Brother Ah was playing jazz trumpet as early as fifteen years of age. Following a classical French horn education at Austria's Vienna State Academy, he emerged in the late '50s and established himself as a skilled and consistent session musician, playing with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra, and numerous Broadway theater orchestras. Brother Ah recorded well into the '60s with some of the most illustrious names in the genre, including Donald Byrd, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Gil Evans and, perhaps most influentially, Sun Ra. In 1969, Ah formed his own group, The Musical Sound Awareness Ensemble, and released several works under his own name from 1974 onward. In the late '60s, his interest in non-western music developed, and his '70s and '80s recordings, incorporated elements of Eastern and 'Third World' music, fusing them with jazz structures."
MVD 9441LP
PRICE: $26.00
CAT #: MVD 9441LP
VA Kids (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP
"The alt rock classic soundtrack featuring Folk Implosion back on vinyl! Color pressing limited to 2000 units, 500 each blue, green, yellow and red. Color selection will be random."
OH 030LP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: OH 030LP
LP version. Includes a booklet and a download code. Luyando means "mother's love" in Tonga, a language that is spoken by the first inhabitants of the Zambezi Valley of Southern Africa. But beyond the word, Luyando goes to the heart of Mokoomba's music. Lyrical and beautifully breezy, Luyando is a spiritual journey into the heart of Zimbabwean society, culture, and tradition. On Luyando, Mokoomba modified their rock-band oriented line-up to record a more raw, acoustic album. The songs are rooted in the local traditions and life in their hometown of Victoria Falls, a town on the Zambezi River, named after the Victoria Falls. When the band first hit the music scene their blend of traditional rhythms and contemporary Zimrock took the country by storm. Mokoomba brought a unique flavor to a scene that was dominated by sungura, reggae, and dancehall, urban and Afro jazz bands. On Luyando, Mokoomba dig even deeper into their heritage: Luyando takes the listener back into the past to a vanishing world of traditions that used to be at the heart of Tonga and Luvale society, their customs, rituals, and even day-to-day life. There are the cautionary and instructive tracks like, "Njawane", which advises young hunters of how to act when faced with a dangerous lion. The haunting "Kumukanda" is inspired by a Tonga initiation ceremony and "Mabemba" speaks about the values of the Tonga people. The lighter, and more playful "Nyaradzo" is a song of cheeky courtship and "Kulindiswe" is a personal lament on the hardships of band life. Victoria Falls, a meeting point of a multitude of traditions, is the main inspiration for the lead singer and composer, Mathias Muzaza. While Tonga dominates as a language of composition and the native language of most members of the group, the songs are sung in at least three other languages: Shona, Luvale, and Ndebele. Most members of the group are ethnically Tonga one of Zimbabwe's (and Zambia's) smallest ethnic groups. The history of the Tonga is crucial to Luyando and central to the project is Kambowa the song that speaks of a key moment of Tonga history, the traumatic displacement of the Tonga from their ancestral lands in 1955 to make way for the Kariba dam. At present, Zimbabwe is in a state of economic turbulence and political uncertainty. Luyando is, in its own small way, a place where everyone who aspires for better is welcome.
PRICE: $14.00
Benjamin Fröhlich's 2016 EP Rude Movements (PERMVAC 151-1EP, 2016) gets the remix treatment by some of his favorite artists: Permanent Vacation long-time collaborator Lauer tugs "Amos" in with a very cozy Frankfurt trance blanket, while Running Back regular Shan pulls out the curls of "Holloway" thanks to his magic styling iron. The result: a pumping and string heavy affair. On the flipside Brussels's wunderkind Cleveland delivers an energizing and mesmerizing breakbeat version of "Ghost Orchid" for the magic moments in life. While Swiss finest Jack Pattern delivers a cosmic disco reinterpretation of "Spitting Image".
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: PFR 036LP
Having released your first recordings at the tender age of 14 - as Tim Engelhardt did in 2012 - might put you in a "wunderkind" category - a flattering, but ultimately risky proposition, finding many a prodigy overwhelmed with the dubious honor. Not so much this hero, who chose to put his skills to work: in only four years, he grew his portfolio with plenty outings on respected labels, but his breakthrough release was the 2015 EP Everything Is All You Have on Steve Bug's iconic Poker Flat imprint, followed by Enigmatism on the same label (2015). Something definitely clicked, as Poker Flat Recordings present Tim's debut album Moments Of Truth, the first full-length survey of his sonic savvy and a terrific listening experience to boot, which will find its connoisseurs in both the club and at home. "Eyes Closed" features Forrest. Includes a download code which includes four additional tracks.
PRICE: $17.50
DEATH QUALIA Intention Versus 12"
Jonathan Baruc, in the guise of Death Qualia, makes his burnt offering to the undead rave with Intention Versus. The architecture of longing, styled by the black hand beyond. The record leaps from tectonics to tenderness as it meditates on the violence of creation, reincarnation and rebirth. Cascades of sheetrock peel away to reveal a private bardo. Though a student of technical finesse, Baruc drives listeners to examine their inner mythology and confront the golems they have raised. He does not speak of another world ... his is a journey in intensity.
PI 188LP
PRICE: $23.50
CAT #: PI 188LP
KYO I Musik LP
I Musik marks the third piece from the duet of Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin, aka Kyo. With each release, the pair shift the project's aesthetic equilibrium, forcing a new constellation of resonances, handing the listener a new beauty. The melodramatic pause that their previous album, Aktuel Musik (PI 174LP, 2016), circled with enthusiasm, is now considered from a greater distance. Perhaps it is because society has now arrived somewhere? There is a hopeful melancholia that has come with this distance, and it is put to use to describe a scene that feels as human as it is synthetic, as if the world you know is now behind glass. Futures imagined are being recalled, futures undiscovered are being explored - Norrvide and Valentin manage to encode a sense of endlessness to such processes quite casually. The acoustic surfaces brush electronic reflections with an understated sincerity, all of which feels whispered to you by a familiar voice in familiar phrases. RIYL: James Ferraro, Torn Hawk, Dean Blunt.
PI 192LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: PI 192LP
CROATIAN AMOR Love Means Taking Action Remixes LP
Remixes of Croatian Amor's most recent album, Love Means Taking Action (ALT 028CD/PI 180LP, 2016), as a one-off limited pressing. Features: Brynje, Age Coin, Why Be, Yen Towers, CTM, Félicia Atkinson, Drew McDowall, KYO, and Health & Safety.
PRICE: $14.00
PONTY MYTHON Grooff Machine Remixes 12"
Originally released on Gentlemen Cuts (Vol. 2) (QUINTESSE 050EP, 2016) and making rather big waves, "Grooff Machine" from Ponty Mython gets the remix treatment for some more dope grooffs! Chicago hotshot Chrissy (The Nite Owl Diner, Classic, Razor N' Tape) puts disco and acid in and offers a great clubby all-time classic. Ponty himself fuses lots of house, disco, funk, and 808 so that you can grooff to the max. And Soul of Hex (Vicario Ltd, Freerange) keeps it dark and loopy before adding some splendid riffs.
PRICE: $29.00
GNOD Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine LP
LP version. "It seems like we are heading towards even more unsettling times in the near future than we are in at present," reckons Chris Haslam of Gnod. "2016 is just the beginning of what I see as the establishment's systematic destruction of liberalism and equality as a reaction to the general public's loss of faith in their system." Charged by this outlook, Gnod's new album, Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine, represents a hitherto uncharted level of antagonism and adversarial force for the band - an artistic statement as righteous, fervent and direct as its title. "On the surface it could almost seem like there's no political art movement out there to oppose what's happening, but there is - we know there is," adds the band's Paddy Shine. "Maybe that movement is struggling to find its voice as a cohesive whole right now but that will change." Fueled by their militant drive and unyielding ardor, Just Say No refracts Gnod's harsh and repetitive riff-driven rancor through a psychotropic haze of dubbed-out abstraction, with Paddy's incendiary vocal delivery to the fore. Gnod - fiercely independent, never comfortable in one place artistically for any duration of time, always with their coordinates set on uncharted territory and the next challenge ahead, and delivering a monument of ire and iconoclasm.
PRICE: $20.00
Manuela, the London-based project comprising vocalist and songwriter Manuela Gernedel and multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand, FFS), present their self-titled debut album. Austrian Manuela and her British-born husband Nick have been making music together on-and-off ever since they first met at a youth club summer party in the late '90s in Bavaria, Germany, where they both grew up. They moved to Glasgow together some years later after Manuela was offered a place at Glasgow School of Art to study painting. While living in Glasgow, Manuela performed with the short-lived band White Nights, who released one 7" EP via Paul Thomson's NEW! label. Nick went on to join Franz Ferdinand, selling millions of records and touring the world, all the while continuing to make music with Manuela as Box Codax together with their long-term friend Alexander Ragnew, releasing two well-received albums Only An Orchard Away in 2006 and Hellabuster in 2011 (GOMMA 151CD). The album was recorded after Nick concluded touring the Franz Ferdinand and Sparks collaboration FFS at Sausage, Nick's studio in London, and was co-produced and mixed by Sebastian Kellig. The album features players and friends old and new including Jim Dixon (Django Django), William Reese (Mystery Jets), Roxanne Clifford (Veronica Falls), and Paul Thomson (Franz Ferdinand), among many others. Manuela is a joyous gem of addictive, eclectic, off-the-wall, and instantly refreshing DIY pop.
PRICE: $14.00
DUBFIRE & MISS KITTIN Ride Remixes 12"
Dubfire and Miss Kittin scored another big hit with their second collaboration Ride (SCITEC 171EP, 2016). Here, they unleash a pack of remixes. Solomun's remix boldly displays his affinity for heads-down techno. It centers around ticking percussion and pulsating synth delays with a throbbing low end. Matthew Dear dons his Audion guise to remind the listener how instrumental he was in formulating that oddball techno sound a decade ago, making good use of the vocals in the heady breakdowns and matching them with unsettlingly wavering synth sirens and an almost tribal bass stomp.
PRICE: $23.50
Soul Patrol Records present a reissue of I Like Woman. This is an album comprised of two super-rare Afro-beat disco/funk tracks from Lagos by the band Afro Super-Feelings, led the by artist/musician Segun Okeji. Segun Okeji was the tenor sax player in Fela Kuti's Koola Lobitos band in Nigeria in the late 1960s before changing their name to Africa 70, and this record, originally released in the late 1970s, uses that first-hand experience and influence to maximum effect with a pair of devastating sidelong saxophone-led jams. Up-tempo, chugging drums and a crack horn section, bass, guitar, organ, and backing vocals coordinate to achieve the hypnotic call/refrain/chant crescendo that was Fela's hallmark in his peak years. Players include Tunde Daudu on drums (The Benders), E. Ngomalloh on organ (Fela Kuti), Tutu Shoronmu on guitar (Fela Kuti), and others that played on releases by the C.S. Crew, Sonny Okosun, Orlando Julius, and Tony Allen. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.00
ROMANSOFF Colonial Past/Bodylock 12"
Bucharest's Romansoff brings post-industrial heat on the second Sportiv release. With previous releases on Crème Organization, Mörk, and his own Raw Tools, Tudor cranks it to 11 and does crunchy, saturated beats under a killer analog riff on "Colonial Past". "Bodylock", on the flip, is equally intense but chooses a more stone-cold approach. Gripping, energetic material from a country at peak creativity. Sportiv is a dexterous white label operation that brings you heavyweight rhythmic performances from the world of techno athletics.
PRICE: $14.00
VA Gunsmoke Volume 2: Dark Tales Of Western Noir From A Ghost Town Jukebox 10"
Stag-O-Lee present the second volume in a new limited edition series, Gunsmoke. This is a collection of oddball country weepers, moody rockabilly, and popcorn noir from the 1950s and early '60s. So turn out the lights, sit back and relax to the soundtrack from a jukebox in a ghost town. For best results: listen to after dark. Packaged in a nice 10" sleeve with hole; Edition of 666. Features: Billy Fury, Steve Arlen, Jerry Irby, Johnny Pelvin, Magnificent Seven, El Clod, Warren Smith, Steve King, Danny Welch, Ric Cartey, Johnny Bond, and Sons Of The Pioneers.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: STCD 1101CD
KEKELE Kinavana CD
2017 repress. Originally released in 2006. Kékélé's third album Kinavana is a celebration of the musical bloodlines that have run between Cuba and Congo for hundreds of years. As the title hints, it's the spirited and sensuous sound of both Kinshasa and Havana. Along with Kékélé's original members, Kinavana features the grand old master-guitarist Papa Noel, the globetrotting saxophonist Manu Dibango, superstar chanteuse Mbilia Bel, and arranger Nelson Hernandez, best known for his work with salsa diva Celia Cruz. "Kinavana is not just the best African album I've heard in years; it's superior to most of the music I've heard lately, from any place." --All About Jazz "Kékélé make the most exquisite music." --The Independent "Unadulterated joy." --London Metro
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: STCD 3003CD
Originally released in 1993. Bamba is a classic. Recorded in Dakar and released on a pair of cassettes in 1980 and 1981 in Senegal only, these tracks had become legendary well before Sterns Africa discovered the original tapes and reissued them on one CD in 1993. This set marks an early peak in the glorious history of Orchestra Baobab: the time when the band boasted five singers, including the magnificent Thione Seck (who soon embarked on a brilliant solo career) and the plaintive-voiced Medoune Dialo (who later went on to form Africando), and the time when guitarist Barthélémy Attisso was honing Carlos Santana's influence into a dazzling, multihued African psychedelia. "Bamba is simply a great album, and the perfect place for rock-oriented listeners to enter the realm of West African pop music." --AllMusic
STCD 3046-47CD
PRICE: $19.50
CAT #: STCD 3046-47CD
FRANCO & LE TPOK JAZZ Francophonic Vol. 2 2CD BOX
Restocked; 2009 release. When the first volume of Francophonic was released in 2008, Mojo described it as "a treasure chest from the Congo" and concluded "It doesn't get much better ... until Volume 2." Well, here's Volume 2."Thunderbolts and fireworks, start to finish." --Pitchfork"Extraordinary depth, drive, musicality and emotional power." --fRootsOver two hours of music, plus a 48-page booklet.
SR 429LP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 429LP
FERRARI, LUC Tinguely 1967 LP
Unreleased material by Luc Ferrari, released here on Sub Rosa's Early Electronic series. Two tracks from the forthcoming three-CD box set devoted to Luc Ferrari's film music. Not only does the collection reveal a little-known chunk of Ferrari's oeuvre as a composer for the screen, it also sheds light on the ties between cinema and musique concrète, especially during the fruitful period that stretched from the 1960s to the 1980s. Tinguely (1967) is a musique concrète piece for a television program by C. Caspari. From recordings made by the composer in 1966 at an exhibition of Jean Tinguely's work. Once the 110V Liliput engine is turned on, the sculptures start moving instantly in unpredictable ways, as if they had suddenly become frantic. They move in disorganized and excited ways; each action brings them on the verge of self-destruction. Tinguely's "Balubas" illustrate how ephemeral and intangible art and life are. The "Balubas" carry joy and despair, fascination and disillusionment. Dernier Matin d'Edgar-Allan Poe (1964) is a musique concrete piece for a short 33mm black-and-white film by Jean Barral.
SR 430LP
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: SR 430LP
Babils are an atypical Brussels underground band, mixing rock, new wave, psych, kraut, experimental, and repetitive music. Ji Ameeto is the fourth album from Babils. From the duet formed in the late '90s by Gabriel Séverin and Michel Duyck, opening out over the years, the five current members of Babils meet monthly at the Central Laboratory to improvise freely, without any restraint. All the sessions are recorded and archived. The very first album by Babils, The Joint Between, made of a selection of improvised and reworked tracks titled, came out in 2007 on the label Stilll and was received positively by underground newspapers and many American college radios. This CD was nominated for the Qwartz, awarded by Radio France. In 2009, Stephan Barbery saw his friends on stage at Ancienne Belgique. Expressing his enthusiasm, he was invited to join the crew. The band, then made of six members, released two CDs: QTAB in 2011 and WAH! in 2013. Unfortunately, they will never play six on stage. Michel Duyck, after suffering, passed away on November 8, 2014. Ji Ameeto is the first album of Babils without Michel. Personnel: Gabriel Séverin, aka Rob(u)Rang (Jardin D'usure, Moonsanto, Silk Saw, Tremolo Dual, etc.) - many things + mix and production; Etienne Vernaeve (Isolation Ward, Tongue) - drums; Patrick Bellefroid - bass; Lukas Vangheluwe - trumpet; Stephan Barbery (Thrills, Digital Dance, Ink., Instead Of, Snowy Red, Inside Landscapes) - guitar.
PRICE: $14.00
BURTON, LEE Horizontal Falls 12"
No. 8 on Taverna Tracks comes from the talented Athenian musician Lee Burton who joins the label with four classy cuts.
PRICE: $12.50
CAT #: TEC 097EP
MUMDANCE & LOGOS Perc & Truss Proto Remixes 12"
Perc & Truss rework two key cuts from Mumdance & Logos' debut album Proto (TEC 019CD/TEC 082LP, 2015) and deliver a pair of hard-as-nails techno bangers. "Move Your Body" is mutated from the hardcore-referencing original into a searing industrial belter. Perc & Truss' version makes use of distorted 808 drums and rising machine noise to ramp up the tension before eventually dropping out to the vocal sample and unleashing a terrorizing acid line. "Hall Of Mirrors" sees the pair re-route Mumdance & Logos' original into a 4/4 roller, peppered with metallic percussive hits and a robotic bass riff.
PRICE: $23.00
DREI FARBEN HOUSE Fluency Fabrics 2x12"
Throughout his life, Berlin based musician Drei Farben House has been thrilled by the artistic concepts of repetition and modifying resemblances. Small but precise and perceptible variations of (musical) themes have fascinated him throughout his life, specifically as a lover of dance-infused pop. The artistic concept of handwriting has been questioned in the world of fine arts with some justification, but Michael Siegle, aka Drei Farben House, has remained a strong advocate of this artistic principle, which, in his view, has resulted in many impressive musical expressions in the history of soul and disco. Fluency Fabrics' sleeve shows the "Doris and Norman Fisher House" in Hatboro (a suburb of Philadelphia) designed by Louis I. Kahn from 1960-1967. Kahn was based in Philadelphia and was one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century. The almost spiritual sensibility of his buildings and his poetry of light created deep, fundamental connections between the spaces and their inhabitants. "Every building must have . . . its own soul," the famous quote of Kahn, can easily be seen in the modest and wonderfully warm Fisher house, which consists of two intersecting cubic volumes created from cedar wood - twenty miles away, at the same time, the newly founded Sigma Sound Studio was recording the Delfonics' first record, installing the basements of Philadelphia Soul which was later leading to Philly sound, disco, and house. Drei Farben House sees Fluency Fabrics as a piece of work using disco as a main inspiration source, but steers clear of aesthetically imitating the pioneering sounds of the '70s and '80s from New York and Philadelphia. Instead, Fluency Fabrics strongly emphasizes a claim to contemporariness and unmistakably locates itself in the house music scene of the present. Still, the references to the times of classic disco are all there: from the laid-back tempo which leaves room for the dancers to breathe and unfold to the traditional format of a vinyl record. Concept, art direction, and graphic design created by Till Sperrle of ITF Grafikdesign. Cover photograph by Tom Crane. Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at Duplates & Mastering. Includes download code.
PRICE: $14.00
VA Mushroom House EP 3 12"
The third EP Toy Tonics' Mushroom House goes from Arabic guitars to Nubian chants and lots of percussions. All tracks are exclusive. The bass drum is four-on-the-floor, but switches from classic New York lo-fi disco grooves (Ponty Mython) to mid-tempo (Kiwi's "We Are Here"). The other two tracks feature an emptier vibe: Less toms - more drum machines. More Techno. Red Axes deliver probably one of their weirdest works. Their Munk rework is pure craziness. The melodies come from another space. The Barking Dogs team up with Tom Trago for an obscure groove with a sloppy bassline and stoned vocals.
TEG 78509LP
PRICE: $25.00
CAT #: TEG 78509LP
BIG L Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous 2LP
2017 repress. "2015 was the 20th Anniversary of this undisputed New York classic from the late, great, Harlem MC, featuring production from D.I.T.C. legends Showbiz, Buckwild and Lord Finesse. The album itself was another shot across the bow of mid-90s pundits who were prophesizing the death of New York's boom-bap dominance. Alongside recent classics from Nas, Biggie, Mobb Deep and Smif N Wessun, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous laid out the ascendancy of another visionary MC who could throw down brags punchlines with the best of them, but who never veered away from truly thoughtful lyrical dialogue. Most tracks on the album feature slower tempos, which gave the soon-to-be-immortalized MC the chance to fully explore a range of flows and approaches. Cases in point include the two commercial singles -- 'Put It On' and 'MVP' -- as well as the promo-only single 'Street Struck,' the latter produced by Lord Finesse and containing perhaps L's deepest rhymes on the album. There are also some great posse cuts here, starting with '8 Iz Enuff,' which was all about exposing L's crew (including Herb McGruff, Mike Boogie and Buddah Bless); and the amazing 'Da Graveyard,' which let established peers like Lord Finesse and Grand Daddy I.U. flow alongside another newcomer to the scene named Jay-Z. Less-renowned but no less crucial album cuts like 'All Black' and 'I Don't Understand It' help to tie it all up in a beautiful boom-bap package, with production by and from legends in the game that vaulted Big L into the national spotlight. L would be tragically taken from us in 1999, so this album -- along with 2000's posthumous The Big Picture -- will always be special to fans. Big L was a huge talent with the world in front of him, and it's only right to celebrate his life again on the 20th Anniversary of the album that started it all for him."
PRICE: $12.50
PACOU A Shot In The Dark EP 12"
This new edition to the everlasting Tresor catalogue marks the return of Pacou, more than five years after the release of his last full EP, Sense EP (TRESOR 246EP). Three recently produced tracks in the true sound that defines the work of the German techno expert, meet a remix of "A Texture". Initially released on his 1998 Symbolic Language album, "A Texture" is a distinctive interlude, so supreme that it remains a Tresor favorite.
PRICE: $16.00
DARK Anonymous Days LP
"500 press on black vinyl with insert. For the first time on vinyl legends of the early 70's UK psych monsters Dark return with a killer second offering. Many of the songs were written in the way back, some of them more recent but all Dark!"
PRICE: $25.50
NARDINI, NINO Musique Pour Le Futur LP
We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records present a reissue of Nino Nardini's e Musique Pour Le Futur, originally released in 1970. An experimental, musique concrete, sci-fi masterpiece, available for the first time since 1970. Originally recorded for Crea Sound Ltd., a sub-label of Louis Delacour's Neuilly imprint, Musique Pour Le Futur finds the French composer, arranger, producer, possible time-traveler, and all around music library legend Nino Nardini experimenting with synthesizers, percussions, prepared piano, echo, and special effects. Fans of electronic oddities, eerie cinematic audio-landscapes, Piero Umiliani, or Bernard Parmegiani, will rejoice at this full-length musical adventure that could very well be the soundtrack for a film in which characters from a '70s Italian horror movie visit a distant (forbidden) planet from a '50s sci-movie. It's bizarre, hypnotizing, slightly spooky, always out-of-this-world, and goddamn brilliant. Nino Nardini, also known as Georges Teperino, had a very fruitful career in library music, much like longtime collaborator Roger Roger. He composed a very large amount of works for French and British libraries which continues to be featured in numerous programs (radio, TV, films) all around the world. His passion for electronic music experimentations began in the late '60s and kept going until the '80s. Housed in a phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark, heavy cardboard sleeve.
PRICE: $23.50
VA Nouvelle Vague: Pop, Mambo, Cha Cha, Jazz, Bossa Nova With A French Touch Vol. 1 LP
Part one of two LP versions. Nouvelle vague is a mythical movement that redefined France's canons, not only in film but also music. A time - the late '50s and early '60s - when all the young musicians broke free from the older generation and created their own movement drawing from a large palette of influences. From jazz and soundtracks to bossa nova, folk and cha cha, this set brings you the unique sound of French pop during the nouvelle vague years. Featuring sophisticated pop songs by Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy, and Claude Nougaro as well as the crème of nouvelle vague soundtracks - including The 400 Blows (1959), Breathless (1960), Lola (1961), Cleo From 5 To 7 (1962) - and a cool mix of rare tracks by Rita Cadillac (an ex of Alain Delon), Christiane Legrand, and the jazz vocal groups Les Blue Stars. Tune up to the cool French sounds of the nouvelle vague - pop, mambo, cha cha, jazz, bossa nova with a french touch. The 40 track compilation comes with an essay, with track-by-track analysis, from French journalist Jacques Denis. Vol. 1 LP features: Serge Gainsbourg, Anna Karina, Jeanne Moreau, Martial Solal, Claude Nougaro, Francoise Hardy, Bob Azzam, Charles Aznavour, Jacqueline Boyer, Richard Anthony, Art Blakey, Henri Salvador, Zizi Jeanmaire, Les Double Six, Alain Romans, Gillian Hills, Jean Constantin, Jean Yanne, Michel Legrand, and Charles Trenet.
PRICE: $23.50
VA Nouvelle Vague: Pop, Mambo, Cha Cha, Jazz, Bossa Nova With A French Touch Vol. 2 LP
Part two of two LP versions. Nouvelle vague is a mythical movement that redefined France's canons, not only in film but also music. A time - the late '50s and early '60s - when all the young musicians broke free from the older generation and created their own movement drawing from a large palette of influences. From jazz and soundtracks to bossa nova, folk and cha cha, this set brings you the unique sound of French pop during the nouvelle vague years. Featuring sophisticated pop songs by Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy, and Claude Nougaro as well as the crème of nouvelle vague soundtracks - including The 400 Blows (1959), Breathless (1960), Lola (1961), Cleo From 5 To 7 (1962) - and a cool mix of rare tracks by Rita Cadillac (an ex of Alain Delon), Christiane Legrand, and the jazz vocal groups Les Blue Stars. Tune up to the cool French sounds of the nouvelle vague - pop, mambo, cha cha, jazz, bossa nova with a french touch. The 40 track compilation comes with an essay, with track-by-track analysis, from French journalist Jacques Denis. Vol. 2 LP features: Dario Moreno, Brigitte Bardot, Sacha Distel, Boris Vian, Miles Davis, Magali Noel,Leo Ferre, Jacqueline Dano, Les Blue Stars, Georges Delerue,Marie Laforet, Franck Barcellini, Christiane Legrand, Martial Solal, Serge Gainsbourg, Dalida, Corinne Marchand, and Rita Cadillac.
PRICE: $29.00
VA Sunday Mixtape 2LP
Double LP version. Hunting down the coolest sounds around the globe, the Wewantsounds crew have curated a special mix in Lazy Sundays. Dishing out a tasteful mix of new tracks from under the radar, this selection features a string of sunny pop, indie grooves, chilled electro and relaxed disco, the whole seasoned with a couple of leftfield cult classics and classy jazz tracks for good measure. Sunday Mixtape is the perfect sonic brew that will bring you back to life after a long night or hard partying. Many of the tracks in this selection have barely been heard outside of underground circles and feature young artists who have just sprung out to life with the exception of UK soul diva ALA.NI and the recent success of her melancholic jazzy album and L'Impératrice, the next disco big thing out of France, whose buzz is getting louder. Unveiling these fresh tunes, Parisian master curator Olivier Pellerin has cast a colorful and laid-back feel over the 16 tracks assembled for this mixtape. Here you'll find new French nouvelle vague singer Laure Briard, US groovy duet Bones & Beeker, minimal house producers Roscius and Shigeto as well as Domenique Dumont with a buzzing Balearic beat. Sunday Mixtape also features a few cult classics such as Mock & Toof's "Farewell to Wendo", Louie Austen's "Hoping" and Justine & The Victorian Punks' "Still You", a sought after NY avant disco 1979 tune led by French expat fashionista Justine and saxophonist (and frequent Arthur Russell collaborator) Peter Gordon. This relaxed trip ends with two jazz gems by Billie Holiday and Bob McFadden & Dor, putting the final note to a softly reinvigorating and sun-drenched selection. Sunday Mixtape will make you wish the day never ends. Also features: Los Porcos, Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes, Matthew Herbert, Polo & Pan Plage, and The Central Executives.
PRICE: $29.00
VA Disco 2.0: Fever's Risin' Again 2LP
Double LP version. From Paris to Melbourne, Berlin or Athens, a new blend of '70s inspired disco sound is currently taking the dancefloors by storm with artists like Monika, L'Impératrice, or Leon X Leon creating a stir on the international scene. Paying their dues to the pure form of disco, these new artists, far from mimicking the clichés, are adding an unmistakable millennium twist to the genre. This is Disco 2.0. It's all down to a few men in New York with a love for Philly Soul and hypnotic grooves. In the early '70s, they defined the club culture from scratch: DJs David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, Larry Levan, and Frankie Knuckles, label bosses Mel Sheren and Neil Bogart, and remixer extraordinaire, Tom Moulton, were instrumental in shaping a new sound that changed music forever and paved the way for house music and its many sub-genres decades later. Today, a new scene is shaping up, updating the classic sound of disco. Young artists like Marvin & Guy in Italy, L'Imperatrice and Leon X Leon in France, or Monika in Athens and the US are producing a fresh blend of disco-inspired music which is neither a copy of the past glory, nor totally in line of the popular nu-disco genre that has flourished primarily in Northern Europe. The Wewantsounds crew has carefully selected here the cream of this new disco wave with the coolest tracks around and added a little nod to the heydays in the form of a rare 1976 instrumental by Sounds Of Inner City from the cult West End Records label and mixed by the legendary Tom Moulton. This tasteful selection will give you a fresh insight into the disco rebirth, pouring into the mix a huge dose of sensuality, rhythms and an irresistible craving for love. That's Disco 2.0! Features: L'Impératrice, Bon Voyage Organisation, Marvin & Guy, Monika, Juan MacLean, Joakim, Todd Terje, No Zu, Sounds Of Inner City, Leon X Leon, Tensnake, Tiger & Woods, Bufiman, and S3A.
PRICE: $23.50
VA Bossanova: Cool Bossa Nova And Hip Samba Sounds From Rio De Janeiro Vol. 1 LP
Part one of two LP versions. The Wewantsounds collective present an impeccable selection of bossa nova sounds from Rio, featuring hip cult classics and rarities. Bossa nova revolutionized the world in the '60s, but the revolution was already bubbling from the late '50s. Featuring key artists like João Gilberto, Vinicius De Moraes, Elis Regina, and Elza Soares - who is making a highly-acclaimed come-back (MAIS 031CD/LP) -, as well as more cult musicians like Orlann Divo, Johnny Alf, and Celso Murilo. Bossanova is the perfect mix of early bossa and samba canção (with its more relaxed samba singing). Tune up to the cool Brazilian sounds of the Bossanova. Compiled by the Wewantsounds clique, Bossanova features 40 tracks and comes with an essay, with track-by-track analysis, from French journalist Jacques Denis. Vol. 1 LP features: Johnny Alf, Celso Murilo & Conjunto Drink, Leny Andrade, Tamba Trio, Walter Wanderley, Vinicius De Moraes, João Donato E Seu Trio, Alaide Costa, João Gilberto, Luiz Bonfa & Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elis Regina, Orlann Divo, Sergio Ricardo, Ed Lincoln, Maysa, and Agostinho Dos Santos & Rosana Toledo.
PRICE: $23.50
VA Bossanova: Cool Bossa Nova And Hip Samba Sounds From Rio De Janeiro Vol. 2 LP
Part two of two LP versions. The Wewantsounds collective present an impeccable selection of bossa nova sounds from Rio, featuring hip cult classics and rarities. Bossa nova revolutionized the world in the '60s, but the revolution was already bubbling from the late '50s. Featuring key artists like João Gilberto, Vinicius De Moraes, Elis Regina, and Elza Soares - who is making a highly-acclaimed come-back (MAIS 031CD/LP) -, as well as more cult musicians like Orlann Divo, Johnny Alf, and Celso Murilo. Bossanova is the perfect mix of early bossa and samba canção (with its more relaxed samba singing). Tune up to the cool Brazilian sounds of the Bossanova. Compiled by the Wewantsounds clique, Bossanova features 40 tracks and comes with an essay, with track-by-track analysis, from French journalist Jacques Denis. Vol. 2 LP features: Elza Soares, João Gilberto, João Donato E Seu Trio, Celso Murilo & Conjunto Drink, Elis Regina, Agostinho Dos Santos, Rubens Bassini E Os 11 Magníficos, Leny Andrade, Johnny Alf, Tamba Trio, Ana Lucia, Orlann Divo, Baden Powell, Alaide Costa, Norma Bengel, Os Cariocas, Luiz Bonfa, Sylvia Telles, Dorival Caymmi, and Carlos Lyra.
PRICE: $29.00
VA Feeling Good: Funk, Soul & Deep Jazz Gems - The Supreme Sound of Producer Bob Shad 2LP
Double LP version. Wewantsounds present Feeling Good, a compilation of rare spiritual jazz and funk grooves culled from legendary producer Bob Shad's Mainstream Records. The compilation features insightful sleeve notes by filmmaker Judd Apatow (who is Bob Shad's grandson), supervised by Matt Robin. Alice Clark's cult classic "Never Did I Stop Loving You" is featured here alongside many gems uncovered for the first time on this compilation, all remastered from the original tapes. From working with music titans such as Charlie Parker and Lightnin' Hopkins in the '40s, founding the EmArcy jazz label in the '50s, and discovering Janis Joplin in the '60s, Bob Shad has had an incredible influence. This handpicked selection gives you a little taster for the diversity of Bob Shad's sound from the early '70s when he turned to deep and soulful jazz alongside labels like Flying Dutchman and Strata East. Drenched in modal Fender Rhodes keys, spiritual sax and flute solos, deep percussions and funky beats, these albums have slowly been rediscovered by a new generation of DJs, hip hop producers and vinyl junkies all around the world. From Afrique's cult classic "House Of The Rising Funk" and its funky wah-wah frenzy to Hadley Caliman's deep jazz flute ode; From one of Clark Terry's famous "Mumbles" (Shad produced the original with Oscar Peterson) to Jack Wilkins's "Red Clay", sampled by both A Tribe Called Quest and Chance The Rapper. A soul music lover, Shad also excelled in soul divas and produced Ellerine Harding, Maxine Weldon and of course the mighty Alice Clark. To close the compilation in style, Carmen McRae, one of Shad's long time collaborators, gives a soulful, conga-led version of the classic "Feelin' Good", a song made famous by Nina Simone. It's a superb minimalist version showcasing the unique sound of Bob Shad, a passionate, spirited, and fiercely independent record producer who lived for the music. Features: Afrique, Blue Mitchell, Sarah Vaughan, Art Farmer, Shelly Manne, Alice Clark, Buddy Terry, Maxine Weldon, Barry Miles, Jack Wilkins, Clark Terry, Ellerine Harding, Hadley Caliman, and Carmen McRae.
WC 007EP
PRICE: $10.50
CAT #: WC 007EP
BOONLORM Boonlorm Edits 12"
Wilde Calm Records present a new EP of modern percussion edits from Brooklyn producer Boonlorm. This collection of reworks was started around the same time Boonlorm began recording String Figures, his album of prepared piano house music (SDGWC 1401CD, 2014). It shares a similar sound to String Figures' rich combination of tonal, atonal, and percussive timbres. By adding his raw drum programming to tease out the latent "techno" qualities in these modern percussion opuses, Boonlorm once again pays homage to Chicago, Detroit, and the 20th century avant-garde.
PRICE: $15.50
CELL/DON'T DJ/K-LONE, SIMO On Line (Vol.1) 12"
On Line is a collaborative album in parts, focused on themes of repetition, poly-metrics, transformation, and abstraction. The record opens with Simo Cell's "Symmetry": a slow crescendo of whirring pads, melodic percussion and dotted rhythms, all underpinned by thick slabs of sub-bass. Next, Don't DJ follows with the oblique, discordant chug of "Übergang Zur Metrotram". As with all of Florian's works, the track pulses with an organic, animal quality that completely belies its mechanical origins. K-Lone's "Woniso" grows slowly out of a series of beautiful harmonic counterpoints - morphing patterns reveal their individual colors and contours.
PRICE: $12.50
BXT Rising 12"
Yore Records present BXT - a new super group from Detroit, consisting three legends: Eddie Fowlkes, Amp Fiddler, and Niko Marks. Talents which are no strangers to say the least. You know what to expect. Detroit in the house at its best.
PRICE: $14.00
LUCY The Hermit/The High Priestess 12"
The essential and ever-evolving !K7 collective is adding a new label to its family in the form of Zehnin. Taking charge of the first release is Lucy. "The Hermit" is eight minutes of spacious and cerebral techno. Rolling drums are buried deep as little flecks of sound design peel off the groove. Occasional bell hits bring a somber and languid feel despite the drive of the drums. "The High Priestess" is empty and eerie, with distant drones and yawning pads outlining a vast underground space. The drums here are again rubbery and rolling, but a little more prominent.
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