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Gosheven, "Leaper"

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Gosheven is the solo project of Budapest’s Balint Szabo, a musician who has developed his guitar's voice against its typical confinement. Where the fundamentally out-of-tune Western tuning has withheld some musicians in its history, Gosheven has researched and concerned himself with just intonation and other non-typical tuning systems for this debut release on Opal Tapes. Balancing blunted poetics and an intimate self-analysis of his place in sexual society, guitar, voice and elegant processing tell a story of metamorphosis and realisation of what is important in our short lives.

Featured tunings: just intonations by Wendy Carlos (#2, #10) and Ben Johnston (#11); La Monte Young's The Well-Tuned Piano tuning (#1, #4); Japanese koto tuning (#7); Banda Linda horns tuning (#9); Pythagorean tuning (#6), Meantone temperament (#12), Just intonation (#3, #5, #8)

More information can be found here.

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