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Jonathan Dean's Wish List

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"The Dream World of Dion MacGregor"
This 1957 LP on Decca often fetches prices as high as $500 at online auctions. The record comprises a series of "dream monologues" - recordings of a New York man talking aloud in his sleep, telling bizarre, disjointed and disturbing stories. John Zorn's Tzadik label recently released some additional dream material too obscene to be included on the first LP, but the original has still not seen the light of day.

23 Skidoo, "The Culling is Coming"
Recently, 23 Skidoo's Ronin Records re-issued all of the rare full-length albums and compilations by 23 Skidoo in great, digitally remastered CDs. All except one, the uniquely experimental, improvised The Culling is Coming. This LP was David Tibet of Current 93's only appearance as part of the 23 Skidoo ensemble.

"No New York"
Four songs each by James Chance and the Contortions, DNA, Mars and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, all produced by Brain Eno. This was the compilation that defined the New York "No Wave" scene and unbelievably, this is unavailable other than an expensive Japanese import with crappy sound.

Spalax label
France's Spalax label has single-handedly re-released hundreds of the prime, rare LPs of the 60's and 70's golden age of Krautrock, art rock and psychedelia on CD. The problem? They are expensive imports, they have not been digitally remastered so they suffer from poor sound quality, and they do not contain any supplemental material.

Human League
Recently, Human League's early LPs were reissued in great CD editions with great bonus tracks. However, we still anxiously await releases of their rarest releases, such as the Fascination EP, The Lebanon EP and many 12" dance singles containing vital B-sides and dance mixes.
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