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Forced Exposure New Releases for 12/11/2017

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New music is due from Manudigital, Luca Ballerini, and Sam de la Rosa, while old music is due from Current 93, Dungen, and F/i.

we also accept orders via FAX at 781 321 0321

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FORCED EXPOSURE / 60 Lowell Street / Arlington, MA 02476 / USA

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2DIY4 019EP
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: 2DIY4 019EP
VITTORIA FLEET Entangled 12"
Berlin-based duo Vittoria Fleet creates an EP that rubs salt into the wound. Singer Giada Zerbo captures the essence of the emotions of dealing with a shitty loved one with her ethereal and sultry voice, while producer Allan Shotter creates an organic electronica soundscape. "Entangled" hits you with its raw energy of slow violence. "Return" is the wish to bring your loved one back onto the right path. "Headradio" is the battle between closeness and dislodgement. The duo asks: how much responsibility do we carry for the other one? Is it ok to parent our struggling lover?
PRICE: $25.50
Rauch is a sonic interpretation of the work of photographer Friederike von Rauch, composed collaboratively by Berlin-based producers Felix K, Marcel Dettmann, Sa Pa, and Simon Hoffmann. Arranged and mixed by Marcel Dettmann, the recording stands in dialogue with von Rauch's architectural images of post-World War II European monasteries, including La Tourette by Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakis near Lyon, Roosenberg Abbey near Ghent and Maria Regina Martyrum in Berlin. The images were first exhibited together with the music on this LP as part of an installation for von Rauch's solo show insgeheim ("in secret"), held at the Goethe-Institut Paris during the international Paris Photo art fair in November 2017. While the complimentary relationship between the sounds of Rauch ("smoke") and the images exhibited in Paris invites interpretation, both can also be experienced as separate artistic entities. On the 42-minute-long LP, drones, modulating harmonic soundscapes, and implied rhythms maintain an abstract emotional core while occasionally taking on vaporous, amorphous qualities. Similarly, von Rauch's images -- often borderline abstract in composition -- resist being identified by location or spatial context. Nevertheless, they also hint at their spiritual origin. Rauch is part of an ongoing artistic collaboration between Marcel Dettmann and Friederike von Rauch, which includes 2011's Ash installation and three photographic works for Dettmann releases on Ostgut Ton.
PRICE: $18.50
KANG, EYVIND Plainlight LP
A gorgeous set of new tracks by the brilliant composer and multi-instrumentalist Eyvind Kang. It took him a decade and a half to revisit the vibe concocted on his masterpiece from 2001, Live Low To The Earth In The Iron Age, but the wait was worth it. It features an array of spiritually intoxicating instrumentation: tamboura, electric guitar, organ, trumpet, oboe, trombone, and Korean traditional instruments. Eyvind Kang on Plainlight: "In 2002 I wanted to make a kind of sequel to my first solo record on Abduction, Live Low To The Earth In The Iron Age. I found that the 'weight' of sounds seemed to evaporate the compositions. The last thing I wanted to make was a traditional shoegaze recording. 15 years later, I had a strange dream: a voice said 'Because a plainlight has fallen in Heaven, heartbreak would cease.' This statement then became a kind of guiding image and method. Thus, with Korean traditional instruments playing the ostinato and drone, things fell into place. I would like to thank all the musicians, Randall Dunn, Alan Bishop, and each and every listener." Limited edition, one-time pressing; Edition of 400.
PRICE: $23.50
KALKABA AND THE GOLDEN SOUNDS, HAMAD Hamad Kalkaba and The Golden Sounds 1974-1975 LP
LP version. 180 gram vinyl; Includes eight-page booklet; Gatefold sleeve. Analog Africa on Hamad Kalkaba and His Golden Sounds 1974-1975: "I remember the day clearly. I was searching for treasures in a record shop in Yaoundé, the Capital city of Cameroon, when suddenly I came across a 7-inch record with a picture of a young man wearing a traditional hat and bearing the marks of several imposing vertical scars on the side of his face, carved when he was just a boy as a reminder of his heritage in the Musgum tribe of the northern part of the country. The record contained two songs -- 'Gandjal Kessoum' and 'Touflé' -- by an artist I had never heard of before named Hamad Kalkaba. Both cuts were raw classics of fuzzed-out bass, pin-sharp horns, built upon the unshakable foundation of Northern Cameroon's mightiest rhythm: the Gandjal. The shop owner finally said to me 'There is another single with a green cover of the same artist, if I am not mistaken'. Over the next six years I searched for that 'green cover' and finally found it in a record collection belonging to an old bar in Parakou in northern Benin. . . . These two records, plus a third simply named 'Nord Cameroon Rhythms' constitute the entire discography of Hamad Kalkaba. Neglected for decades by all but the most devoted collectors of Afro music, Hamad Kalkaba and the Golden Sounds at long last gathers together the body of work of one of Cameroon's forgotten geniuses. But unlike many musicians who emerged from nowhere, recorded a few singles and vanished again, Kalkaba hadn't disappeared. Far from it. He was a distinguished public figure, a retired Colonel in the army of Cameroon, and a former member of Cameroon's Olympic Selection Committee. When we tracked him down he was serving as president of the Confederation of African Athletics. And although Kalkaba's job kept him busy, and he seemed initially dismissive of the music he'd made as a young man, he turned out to be an enthusiastic ally in this project. He arranged interviews, helped fill in the blanks and, when we finally met him in Yaoundé in 2016, provided us with photographs, lyric sheets and notes."
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: ANY 002CD
Perma is the debut album by An Gella, the moniker of Copenhagen producer Aske Zidore. Having recorded with artists such as Dean Blunt, Choir Of Young Believers, and CTM, Zidore now opens up a mesmerizing world of his own. Perma is a forceful elegy that ravishes you and leaves you with a strange sense of having experienced love pass through generations. Intense, pristine, and multiplex, Perma oscillates between the moody and the ecstatic. From numerous recording sessions, the sounds of voices, choir, strings, drums, and classical guitar appear -- not only as extractions, but as signifiers that have been isolated from their own original context. The familiar becomes artificially artificial, painting the image of a future that has only warped and distorted memories of a long-lost physical world. The very idea of structure is applied only to be subverted again. Deconstruction and reconstruction appear as equals, while genres are crushed and ground, and then used as ingredients. Their obliteration is just the starting point. Finally, all elements are forced into collision. The result is a musical fugue state. But although all genres and techniques are fair game here, the album never becomes a mess; while all elements and fragments remain discernible at all times, they form a perfectly wholesome mosaic in motion. Jagged and abrupt stabs form compositions that are paired with a crystal-clear sound design, signifying that An Gella is a composer who knows how to cast the creative flow into concrete shapes with masterful craftsmanship. On the level of sound, Perma describes a splintered world that cuts right through you. At one point, it feels like a storm of glass shards, at another if feels like a well-known skin. Includes access to a protected archive of brain scans. Features Villads Flyvbjerg Klint, Pernille Zidore Nygaard, Tobias Lee, Cæcilie Trier, Mads Forsby, Ditte Marie Sisseck, Simon Rabenhøj, Lars Greve, Josephine Opsahl, Suni Zacharias, and Ribe Domkirke Choir. "Vacuum-packed compact disc" packaging.
PRICE: $25.50
VAKULA Techno Game 2LP
Ukrainian producer Vakula, whose name is linked to the early days of Arma Records, re-emerges with Techno Game. The double vinyl features seven confidently-carved tracks that reflect Vakula's current exploration of techno landscapes. As the cover suggests, it is a game. The author does little to nothing to explain the rules, throwing the listener into an elegantly structured space that feels alarmingly material. Artwork by Juli Kozyr.
PRICE: $25.00
For the first time on vinyl, here it is this astonishing performance from 1993 where Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard exposed the intensity and most extreme sound as well as their perfect harmony and fraternity. The band includes Jim Sclavunos (from Sonic Youth, The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, etc.) and Harry Howard (from These Immortal Souls). An absolutely necessary recording for all fans of these magnificent artists. Released under license from WidowSpeak Productions. 150 gram vinyl; Edition of 500.
BC 026LP
PRICE: $21.00
CAT #: BC 026LP
Originally released for Black Friday RSD 2017. "When it comes to living legends in the Texas and Latin music pantheon, few have been at it longer and are more revered by their fans and peers than vocalist, songwriter and bandleader Sunny Ozuna. Born and raised in San Antonio, where he still resides, Sunny became a star right out of high school in the late '50s and hasn't looked back in the six decades since. After releasing dozens of albums since the mid-1960s (in Spanish and English), Sunny still keeps a busy schedule and loves performing as much as he did as a teenager. His classic 45s regularly change hands for hundreds of dollars among collectors around the world, affirming his timeless appeal. As a logical next step after Big Crown's excellent (and Sunny-approved) Mr. Brown Eyed Soul compilation from September, the label has started digging into the vaults of Sunny's Key-Loc Records label to unearth some legit soul classics -- which are hard to find even in San Antonio, and clean originals will cost you a pretty penny if you ever luck into one -- and have not been on vinyl since the late '60s. Each has been remastered and includes original album art. First up is Smile Now, Cry Later, a 12-song platter which first hit in 1966. As with most Sunny LPs, this is a mix of soulful originals -- most notably, 'Smile Now, Cry Later' and 'Put Me In Jail' -- and provocative, wide-ranging covers. Cases in point on the tributes side of this great album include the Sam & Dave shouter 'Hold On I'm Comin''; 'Forever,' made famous by both the Marvelettes and Marvin Gaye, and a song that Sunny performs to this day; and the '60s Louis Prima crooner special 'Just A Gigolo.' The band is tight, the sound is honest, the vocals are dusky and deep, and the album is an undeniable soul and Texas music classic, ready to be discovered by a whole new generation of music fans. Dive in and be ready for a permasmile, thanks to that patented Sunny sound."
PRICE: $19.50
FORNO, CARLA DAL You Know What It's Like LP
2017 repress. LP version. Carla dal Forno presents her debut solo album You Know What It's Like, following time in cult Melbourne group Mole House and an earlier association with Blackest Ever Black as a member of F ingers and Tarcar. Her voice is an extraordinary instrument: both disarmingly conversational and glacially detached. It has something of the bedsit urbanity of Anna Domino, Marine Girls, Antena, or Helen Johnstone - stoned and deadpan - but it can also summon a gothic intensity that Nico or Kendra Smith would approve of. This voice is the perfect embodiment of dal Forno's emotionally ambiguous songs: their lyrics rooted in the everyday, observing and exposing a series of uncomfortable truths. "Fast Moving Cars" and "What You Gonna Do Now?" weigh up claustrophobia against loneliness, inertia against acceleration, doubling-down versus taking-off; the title track acknowledges the provisional nature of love and "real" intimacy, then decides to brave it anyway. By the time the startlingly sparse "The Same Reply" arrives, the sense of dejection is absolute. The vocal-led pieces are interspersed with richly evocative instrumentals. Smothered in tape-hiss and reverb, the seasick synthesizer miniatures "Italian Cinema" and "Dragon Breath" channel the twilit DIY whimsy of Flaming Tunes and Call Back The Giants. The drum machine and bassline of "DB Rip" are pure Chicago house, but then its dark choral drones nod to Dalis Car's dreams of blood-spattered Cornwall stone. "Dry The Rain" drinks from a stream of moon-musick that runs through Coil, In Gowan Ring, Third Ear Band, even the Raincoats's Odyshape (1981).
PRICE: $15.50
FORNO, CARLA DAL The Garden 12"
Repressed; four new, obliquely confessional dispatches from the edge zones of feeling. "You Shouldn't Have To Wait" is an confrontational companion piece, or response, to her own "Fast Moving Cars". It's a forceful, void-chasing drone-rock led by a "Venus In Furs" bassline. "Clusters" is a bright, electronic pop fantasy in the tradition of Stereolab or Saint Etienne. "Make Up Talk" is a tense, awkward unpicking of a dysfunctional relationship. With "The Garden" Dal Forno pays tribute to Einsturzende Neubauten. Emotionally eloquent, "The Garden" is also her most subtly psychedelic production to date.
PRICE: $12.00
CAT #: BPC 333EP
Following the triumphant release of Ellen Allien's seventh studio album Nost (BPC 330CD/LP), BPitch Control proudly unveil the second wave of remixes from the LP. Bringing together four more underground heroes to reinterpret Ellen's original works, this new batch of music is diverse and brings a whole new dimension to the album project. This time around Truncate, Gerd Janson, FaltyDL, and Kyoka are the cohorts who have been brought in to inject their style into three tracks from Nost.
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: CEE 001EP
NEVERSLEEP (MOIRE) BBoy Edits 01 12"
In recent years, Moiré has become an integral figure in reimagining club music. The enigmatic artist has travelled a note-perfect path and in just a few years has collaborated with fundamental record labels such as R&S, Werk Discs, and Rush Hour. After his second and long awaited album No Future (2017), Moiré's BBoy Edits 01 is the first signing on C.E.E. The four track EP is comprised of unreleased material designed for the dancefloor and provides continuity to his much prized Neversleep series.
CNTS 001-2LP
PRICE: $34.50
CAT #: CNTS 001-2LP
Trees Speak is an experimental rock band that transcend mainstream influences by incorporating elements of avant-garde, neo-psychedelic, minimalism, art, and electronic -- along with violin-bowed guitar, Theremin, and a glut of effects pedals, and it's an ear-bending rush of lush soundscape. Trees Speak -- as much a sound laboratory as a rock and roll band -- is the musical venture of acclaimed visual artist musician Daniel Martin Diaz (formerly of Blind Divine and Crystal Radio). For the debut double-LP, Trees Speak is joined by Michael Glidewell (Black Sun Ensemble), Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA, Giant Sand), Connor Gallaher (Myrrors, Cobra Family Picnic), Damian Diaz (Human Error), and Julius Schlosburg (Jeron White Acoustic Trio). The studio itself should also take top billing, because in the tradition of krautrockers Can and Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis (1970), the band takes its winding, incandescent motoric rock and roll improvisations and edits them into coherent compositions using the mixing desk after recording. And that's where the sound lab half of the equation appears. The end result is flowing and droning ambient proto-punk reminiscent of fellow travelers NEU!, Stereolab, , and Cluster -- translucent jams for a virtual autobahn. Trees Speak on the album: "Our intention is to create music with an unrehearsed minimalist approach performing simple beats, riffs, and sequences that take one inward. We attempt create a sonic environment to set one's mind free and to become aware of the nuances of tone, melody, and structure. We organize our recording equipment with the same approach, in a transparent manner. Our recorded performances are never rehearsed. Our belief is that a brilliant rehearsal is a lost opportunity to capture a magical moment. We are chasing the mystery of music and tone. We let the musical performance sculpt its own destiny and create imperfect perfection. Our tool of creation is the anxiety one feels when they are unrehearsed or prepared for a performance. We believe this approach brings us closer to the authentic self. The result is genuine music without an agenda that captures the unfiltered spirit." Recorded live in one room with no overdubs or repairs, only using edits to create arrangements. All tracks were written over a five-day period at Sacred Machine Studio and Dust & Stone Studio. Mastered by LOUD (United Kingdom). Clear vinyl; Includes 12" double-sided print, 5x5" postcards, and two stickers. Edition of 250.
PRICE: $16.00
CAT #: COS 021CD
VA Tokyo Nights: Female J-Pop Boogie Funk 1981 to 1988 CD
"Following successful disco excavation from the Caribbean to South Africa, Boston-based label Cultures of Soul booked a first class ticket to Narita to bring you the latest release, Tokyo Nights: Female J-Pop Boogie Funk: 1981 to 1988. This compilation presents 12 of the most memorable and sought-after songs of the era recorded by female artists. The music is a reflection of the unbridled optimism, technological achievement, excess and exuberance of Bubble-era Japan. More than catchy melodies and funky baselines, these are reflections of a time when Japan was the center, and future of the world. The Bubble can be characterized as an endless, extravagant party where personal and corporate wealth soared through the explosion of real estate and stock prices. Scores of young Japanese men and women moved to cities in search of affluence, transforming them into neon wonderlands. Changes in morals, values and gender roles followed suit. Prosperity leads to indulgence, and the taste for nightlife, from flashy restaurants to glitzy discotheques, was unquenchable. A soundtrack to this new, lavish lifestyle was necessary and the latest sound, City Pop (urban pop music for those with urban lifestyles), epitomized these attitudes. While influenced by American R&B and boogie, elements of fusion, YMO style Technopop, and adult-oriented rock (AOR) are front and center. Sung primarily in Japanese (with a word or two of English sprinkled in), City Pop is Japanese music for Japanese people. Producers like Tatsuro Yamashita, Toshiki Kadomatsu, and Haruomi Hosono were quick to embrace the latest studio equipment and technology. Synthesizers like the Yamaha DX7, Roland Juno-60, ARP Quadra, Moog Polymoog and Oberheim OB-8, as well as drum machines like the Linndrum, were prevalent. Digital reverb was applied liberally. Compiled by Eli Cohen (Alliance Upholstery) and Deano Sounds (Cultures of Soul), Tokyo Nights includes tracks by Hitomi Tohyama, Junko Ohashi, Mizuki Koyama, Kaoru Akimoto, Aru Takamura, Mariko Tone, Rie Murakami, RA MU, Kikuchi Momoko and Yumi Seino. Each selection celebrates the unique traits and meticulous production that define the sound. Think sandy beaches and metropolitan skylines; illumination and romance. Embrace the feeling of movement, from a coastal highway stretching towards the horizon or the city sprawling into the future. Turn on the hi-fi and slip into these Tokyo Nights."
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: RED 201P-LP
Dagored present a reissue of Ennio Morricone's soundtrack for the 1971 documentary Veruschka - Poesia Di Una Donna about the legendary and the world's first supermodel Veruschka von Lehndorff, a real '60s/'70s icon that starred in several cult movies including Blow Up (1966), Salomé (1972) and Coleur Chair (1978). Presented here on picture disc.A brand new line of gorgeous picture discs from Morricone, Cipriani, Fidenco, and more on Dagored. Since 1998, the esteemed Italian soundtrack and library reissue label Dagored has been releasing deluxe and limited vinyl reissues of classics from Morricone to Cipriani, Fidenco and more. With releases ranging from sweeping orchestral scores to blistering library jazz-funk, Dagored has always been ahead of the curve; they began reissuing obscure Poliziotteschi and horror soundtracks way back when many current reissue label heads were still in primary school. Dagored has put together a series of titles that -- given the beauty of their cover artwork -- they could not help but offer them as fabulous picture discs.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: RED 208P-LP
The maestro Morricone's Mediterranean sounds for the cult 1977 movie Il Prefetto di Ferro -- directed by Pasquale Squitieri and starring the Italian cinema legend Giuliano Gemma -- are sometimes warm, sometimes hard and sharp. With this score we can easily understand how much the Italian composer know about Sicilian folk music; the wonderful ballad "La Ballata del Prefetto Mori," with its sad lyrics written by Ignazio Buttitta, is magisterially interpreted by one of the most important voices of Sicilian folk music: the legendary Rosa Balistreri. Presented here on picture disc.A brand new line of gorgeous picture discs from Morricone, Cipriani, Fidenco, and more on Dagored. Since 1998, the esteemed Italian soundtrack and library reissue label Dagored has been releasing deluxe and limited vinyl reissues of classics from Morricone to Cipriani, Fidenco and more. With releases ranging from sweeping orchestral scores to blistering library jazz-funk, Dagored has always been ahead of the curve; they began reissuing obscure Poliziotteschi and horror soundtracks way back when many current reissue label heads were still in primary school. Dagored has put together a series of titles that -- given the beauty of their cover artwork -- they could not help but offer them as fabulous picture discs.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: RED 210P-LP
CIPRIANI, STELVIO Gli Orrori del Castello di Norimberga (Baron Blood) PIC. DISC
Dagored present a reissue of the soundtrack of Mario Bava's 1972 cult movie. Stelvio Cipriani's legendary soundtrack contains jazzy elements and classic sounds combined with great audio effects obtained by "torturing" guitars, drums, and the wind. Presented here on picture disc.A brand new line of gorgeous picture discs from Morricone, Cipriani, Fidenco, and more on Dagored. Since 1998, the esteemed Italian soundtrack and library reissue label Dagored has been releasing deluxe and limited vinyl reissues of classics from Morricone to Cipriani, Fidenco and more. With releases ranging from sweeping orchestral scores to blistering library jazz-funk, Dagored has always been ahead of the curve; they began reissuing obscure Poliziotteschi and horror soundtracks way back when many current reissue label heads were still in primary school. Dagored has put together a series of titles that -- given the beauty of their cover artwork -- they could not help but offer them as fabulous picture discs.
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: RED 222P-LP
DE LUCA, PEPPINO La Ragazza Con La Pistola PIC. DISC
Incredible psych-groove soundtrack by Peppino de Luca (known for his collaboration with the library music band I Marc 4) for the Italian cult movie La ragazza con la pistola (The Girl with the Pistol) (1968), directed by the legendary Mario Monicelli and starring Monica Vitti. Presented here on picture disc.A brand new line of gorgeous picture discs from Morricone, Cipriani, Fidenco, and more on Dagored. Since 1998, the esteemed Italian soundtrack and library reissue label Dagored has been releasing deluxe and limited vinyl reissues of classics from Morricone to Cipriani, Fidenco and more. With releases ranging from sweeping orchestral scores to blistering library jazz-funk, Dagored has always been ahead of the curve; they began reissuing obscure Poliziotteschi and horror soundtracks way back when many current reissue label heads were still in primary school. Dagored has put together a series of titles that -- given the beauty of their cover artwork -- they could not help but offer them as fabulous picture discs.
PRICE: $37.50
CAT #: RED 244LP
MORRICONE, ENNIO Death Rides A Horse (Da Uomo a Uomo) 2LP
Dagored present a complete edition of Ennio Morricone's soundtrack for Death Rides A Horse (Da Uomo a Uomo). The soundtrack for this epic western movie featuring the great Lee Van Cleef bears the signature of Ennio Morricone: guitars, flute, piano, timpani, drums, and a Native American choir style make this motion picture a kind of original masterpiece in the maestro's oeuvre. I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni performs here in its own unique way with Alessandro Alessandroni himself providing his original whistling. The main musical theme was employed by Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) and in Inglorious Bastards (2009). First time, complete edition on double vinyl. Colored vinyl; Contains insert with tracklist and original movie photos; Edition of 500.
PRICE: $14.50
DJ RICHARD Path Of Ruin 12"
DJ Richard returns with another stunning release on Dial Records: Path Of Ruin. Inspired by the rather harsh magic of New England in winter -- the place where the three tracks have been recorded -- DJ Richard creates a wide and dark raving beauty.
PRICE: $12.00
MUSUMECI Mood Organs EP 12"
Italian artist Musumeci's first full EP on Diynamic. The title Mood Organs EP is inspired by a dystopian instrument from the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) called Penfield Mood Organ. In the novel it is used by future citizens to regulate their emotions by dialing in a specific number for the corresponding emotion. Musumeci later realized "we already have this fantastic invention, we call it music. Out of all the possible ways of expressing yourself through art, music is the most capable of evoking emotions."
OXY 021-030CD
PRICE: $31.00
CAT #: OXY 021-030CD
VA 100 Years Of Jazz: A Celebration Through Ten Masterpieces 10CD BOX
2017 marks one of the greatest anniversaries in the history of music: 100 years from the first commercial jazz recording. 100 Years Of Jazz is an essential box set including ten essential masterpieces. Each CD includes a beautiful reproduction of the original and iconic album covers. Ten milestones in the history of western music, created and produced by some of the greatest American composers and performers ever. From the highly sophisticated music of Bill Evans, Chet Baker, and Dave Brubeck, through the great voices and personalities of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and heavyweights such as Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, and Charles Mingus. Bill Evans's Waltz For Debby (1961) captures the quintessential piano trio of Bill Evans, Scott La Faro, and Paul Motian live at the Village Vanguard in 1961 -- Wonderful music that would influence generations to come. Nina Simone's Forbidden Fruit (1961) is one of Nina's finest recordings; a strong and varied set of songs performed by the unique high priestess of soul. (Including three Oscar Brown's originals). Chet Baker's Jazz At Ann Arbor (1955) is a west coast, cool jazz manifesto, recorded live during Chet Baker's first national tour in 1954. Miles Davis's Relaxin' With (1958) features the first Miles Davis quintet with John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe Jones. Eric Dolphy's Out There (1961) sees the great jazz visionary create one of his best sound creations, featuring Ron Carter, George Duvivier, and Roy Haynes. John Coltrane's Blue Train (1957) was the first big step in Coltrane's discography. Here Coltrane heads up a powerful three-horn frontline, including the legendary Lee Morgan and Curtis Fuller. Charles Mingus's Pithecanthropus Erectus (1956) is one of the truly great modern jazz albums. It marks Mingus's breakthrough as a leader of a hard-driving combo with, among others, the great Jackie McLean and Mal Waldron. Dave Brubeck's Time Out (1959) features the magnificent alto sax voice of Paul Desmond and the outstanding drumming of Joe Morello and includes classic hits such as "Take Five" and "Blue Rondo A La Turk". Billie Holiday's Velvet Mood (1956) is a great mid-fifties recording. The great Lady Day is backed here by classic jazz luminaries such as Benny Carter and Henry "Sweet" Edison. Duke Ellington's Money Jungle (1962) features Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, and Max Roach. It's the historical "one off" studio session of three jazz giants.
PRICE: $14.50
Night Blind is Richard Fearless's second release on Drone's white label series. The title track coalesced in the early hours of the morning as diffuse, Turneresque lights glimmered across the Thames and the container was pounded by a storm. Unnerving and melancholic yet with a glimmer of light, this is Fearless at his best. With Xavier's spiritual acid head, Kenichi Iwasa, on percussion duties, "Cancan" is one for peak time body shaking. Recorded and mixed at the Metal Box by Chris Blakey; Produced by Richard Fearless. Stamped and numbered; edition of 300.
EF 085EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: EF 085EP
FUNKE, SASCHA Lotos Land Remixed 12"
Sascha Funke gave away some tunes from his latest album Lotos Land (EF 017CD EF 079LP, 2017) to friends for remix duties. Düsseldorf based Tolouse Low Trax formed "Twirl" into a foggy dark MPC-seducer for romantic nighthawks. Australian boy Dreems prepared a remix that grooves odd and uncommon. His percussive version of "Im Feiern Und Feuer" is a slow whirlwind. Tuff City Kids' version of "Purple Hill" is a heartfelt mélange between trance and house deepness. The final edit comes from Glasgow's Junto Club, who transformed "Comola" into a longing dark melodic synth stepper. Also features Autarkic and Emily Evans.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: FKR 091LP
The missing component in the history of Turkish pop and one of the earliest exponents of Turkish electronic music alongside Ilhan Mimaroglu and Bülent Arel, Gökçen Kaynatan electrified the rock and roll scene of the late '50s/early '60s -- sending teenagers wild with his custom-built guitars and back lines -- helping charge the climate for the birth of Anatolian rock. Then, from the sanctuary of his private studio, he revolutionized the industry with his pioneering use of electronics whilst hanging the sonic wallpaper in the living rooms of an entire generation of tele-addicts as the in-house composer of choice for Turkey's first national television channel TRT 1. Despite having a modest discography of only four 7" singles to his name, his influence is a major current that flows through over 50 years of Turkish pop culture. Compiled with unparalleled access to his private studio vault, Finders Keepers present the first-ever collection of Gökçen Kaynatan's pioneering early electronic works. Featuring a selection of his experimental pop and rock recordings dating from as early as the 1968, Gökçen Kaynatan features both of the highly sought after 1 Numara singles -- including a never before heard extended version of "Evren" -- as well as previously unheard archive material and songs recorded for and broadcast exclusively on TRT 1 -- most of them never to be repeated. In helping Gökçen end his self-imposed 44-year exile from the record industry, Finders Keepers can now share the first of these important recordings from a genuine maverick who helped shape the face of modern Turkish music, as well as shed some light on the rise of one of Anatolian rock and pops must fruitful and experimental periods that began with the arrival (and subsequent explosion) of domestic synthesizers on the Turkish scene. Mastered from the original quarter inch studio tapes with full cooperation from the man himself, this important compilation also includes extensive liner notes written by Doug Shipton, as well as a host of rare personal photographs and memorabilia.
PRICE: $22.00
FLASHBACK Flashback #9 Winter 2017 MAG
Issue #9 of Flashback, Winter 2017. Features: Group 1850: Led by the charismatic Peter Sjardin and featuring the brilliant guitarist Dean van Bergen, Group 1850 were one of the most imaginative bands of their era -- but it has taken decades for their legacy to be appreciated. Here their story is told in full for the first time... Jukebox: Reine Fiske of Dungen on 12 tracks that have inspired him... Disc & Music Echo: It may have been less esteemed than some of its rival pop weeklies, but that doesn't mean this paper wasn't packed with priceless information... First Person: The legendary Jeff Dexter takes us on a personal tour of '60s London's counter-culture... Fuchsia: An experimental union between a rock trio and three classical musicians at Exeter University yielded one of the era's most enduring classics... The Love-In Festival: An eyewitness account of this landmark July 1967 event, with the aid of many rare photographs... Blonde On Blonde: This Welsh quartet played many remarkable gigs and made three fine albums, but their story has never been told until now... Nicholas Greenwood: The enigmatic bassist describes life in the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, the making of his fabled Cold Cuts LP from 1972 (KIS 4046CD), and his stint with prog favorites Khan... Ben: Renowned for having made one of the rarest albums on Vertigo, this jazz-rock quartet give their first ever interview... Sweet Slag: This aggressively unique band combined driving rock, free jazz, and nihilistic lyrics, and give their first interview here... Overseas & Underground: 50 intriguing British albums that weren't released at home, spanning pop, freakbeat, psych, jazz, prog, blues and more... Reviews: Thorough coverage of recent CDs, LPs, and books, taking in household names (The Beatles, Pink Floyd), cult heroes (The Zombies, Margo Guryan, Grapefruit), and ultra-obscurities (The First International Sex Opera Band, Majic Ship)... Crying To Be Heard: The poignant story of John Phillips and his sole album, released in 1969 and missing in action ever since...
PRICE: $14.50
MONKEY MAFFIA Secular Earth Disk 12"
Good things take time -- ideally, including a great deal of oomph. At least when it concerns new tracks from within Monkey Maffia's inner circle."Bad Or Good?" is a total brain and leg screw that spins and spins. "Fake Heroes" is a reminder that detailed minimal clattering with soul does still exist -- it frostily shines through aerial heights, then submerges into unforeseen depths. "MiniMi" is somehow jazzy, but was meant as house. "Schörless" is a track that sends Larry Heard on an Orient trip -- for all those who are still serious about "deep" house.
PRICE: $26.50
CAT #: FUR 018LP
2017 repress; Double LP version. Few artists have crafted a catalog as rich and deep as Donato Dozzy has done in minimal techno's more atmospheric realm. The Italian producer -- who also performs in the excellent Voices From The Lake duo with Neel -- has become revered for his unerring ability to create tracks that are at once ethereal and oceanic, inducing both a sense of tranquility and urgency. His debut album, K, which Further Records originally issued in 2010, stands as a towering example of Dozzy's skill for electronic music that triggers profound feelings with only a few scrupulously-selected elements. K's seven tracks offer a masterly seminar in subtly altering the grid-like beat programming that dominates techno. Dozzy puts odd emphases on certain beats and adds percussive eccentricities and effects to others. Which means that this isn't a collection of bangers geared for hands-in-the-air, goofball moves. Instead, Dozzy's working on a much more refined level, one where tricky, intricate drum patterns trump simple booming kicks -- although "K3"'s staunch, methodically funky kick and hi-hat pattern and "K5"'s swift and elegantly propulsive beats could heat up a club. The greatest pleasures of K occur in the way Dozzy's eerie, aquatic drones swirl around his well-wrought rhythms, submerging everything in a restorative, algae-tinged film. At their best, these pieces convey a Chain Reaction-like rigor and a cinematic quality (of the Jacques Cousteau variety) utterly devoid of cliché. This reissue of K reminds us that it remains a crucial component of Donato Dozzy's catalog, the first major statement in a career that's becoming a manifesto of understated, underground-techno brilliance.
PRICE: $25.00
VA Hard-Core Ljubljana LP
Originally published in 1986, Hard-Core Ljubjana is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful hardcore punk compilations released in the '80s. Showcasing the furious sounds coming out of Slovenia's capital (then part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), it would catch the attention of punks worldwide with the sheer rawness of the five bands included: U.B.R., Odpadki Civilizacije, Tozibabe, Epidemija, and III. Kategorija. 25 tracks of utter punk chaos. Foldout cover.
GET 54086LP
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: GET 54086LP
COLLINS, LYN Think (About It) LP
2017 repress. "Bundled With A 22 x 22" Poster Of The Cover Art. James Brown had several incredibly talented; funky divas' in his late '60s and early '70s stable, including Vicki Anderson and Marva Whitney. But as great as those two powerhouse singers were, Lyn Collins was the strongest hit maker of that funky JB era. Her strong voice and commanding stage presence - which earned her the nicknames 'The Female Preacher' and 'Mama Feelgood' - quickly proved to be a potent addition to the People Records universe. In the spring of 1972 her second single, the driving and ridiculously funky Think (About It) hit the R&B music world like a ton of bricks. As fans young and old know, thanks to its timeless, relentless groove and powerful vocals, Think gained a powerful second life in the 1980s thanks to the hip-hop generation, fueling the platinum smash 'It Takes Two' by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock in 1988 and additionally sampled by dozens of hip-hop and dance music artists up to the present day. But Collins was far from a One Hit Wonder: she was as vocally adept on ballads as she was with full-blown funk. She proves this throughout her debut album, which was released in 1972 on James Brown's new People Records label - the imprint's second full-length release. To wit, aside from the title smash: a powerful and emotional cover of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine'; the socially progressive 'Women's Lib'; the Gamble & Huff-penned 'Never Gonna Give You Up' (originally done by Jerry Butler); and even a daring, muscular take on the song 'Fly Me To The Moon', made famous by, among others, Frank Sinatra. All throughout Think (About It), Collins shows that she was a vocal force to be reckoned with. Backed by a James Brown-assembled musical crew that included Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley and, of course, James Brown himself, the platter was bound to impress and succeed. And that it did."
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: GET 918EP
WU-TANG CLAN Method Man/Protect Ya Neck 7"
"Wu-Tang Clan struck Gold (and then Platinum) with their debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). In addition to astronomical sales, the release has been dropped into list such as NME's Top 100 Albums of all Time, Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of All Time, Q's 90 Best Albums of the 901s, Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time and 100 Best Albums of The 90s, Vibe's 100 Essential Albums of the 20th Century and the Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. And that's the short list of lists. Get On Down will now be issuing every single cut from Enter The Wu-Tang as a 7" single."
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: GET 919EP
WU-TANG CLAN Tearz/Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber Part II 7"
"Wu-Tang Clan struck Gold (and then Platinum) with their debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). In addition to astronomical sales, the release has been dropped into list such as NME's Top 100 Albums of all Time, Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of All Time, Q's 90 Best Albums of the 901s, Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time and 100 Best Albums of The 90s, Vibe's 100 Essential Albums of the 20th Century and the Source's 100 Best Rap Albums. And that's the short list of lists. Get On Down will now be issuing every single cut from Enter The Wu-Tang as a 7" single."
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: GCA 007EP
RUDEBOYZ Gqomwave EP 12"
Widely acknowledged as gqom originators, the duo's latest record Gqomwave EP is comprised of four tracks, each bursting with intense, driving rhythms and boundless energy. Gqom is again the core around which the whole EP functions, as blazing sirens and charging beats play out on opener "Major Turn Up", but subtle, stylistic nuances point to a growing maturity in their work. The springy elasticity of "Bounce Back" and the sharp, stripped-back drums on relentless club burner "No Mercy" each offer smoldering takes on the gqom sound, while "Asjableni" features the gritty, hypnotic vocals of long-time collaborator T_D Snaxx.
GR 030LP
PRICE: $28.50
CAT #: GR 030LP
VA Roots Of Salsa Volume 1: Classic Latin Tunes Become Salsa Hits LP+CD
Pablo Yglesias, aka DJ Bongohead, compiles an amazing series for Grosso Recordings, Roots Of Salsa, with classics tunes from Caribbean music that became great successes of "Salsa". Yglesias on the compilation: "This series is born of my investigations into the music I love, digging deep into the Afro-Antillean songbook from the golden period of Latin music to unearth older -- sometimes definitive or at the very least early hit renditions -- of tunes that would later be covered by the next succeeding waves of salseros. That is not to say these are the first recorded versions (though some are); indeed, there is a whole other even earlier epoch of recordings, from the 1920s and '30s, which also served as fodder for future generations of Latin musicians. The mission with this series is to choose recordings from the 1940s and '50s that not only were influential in the 1970s but also have good-to-excellent recording fidelity and could be an aid not only in advancing people's understanding of the origins of salsa, but also serve as a DJ tool to show that there was an earlier version of a hit that the casual salsa fan may not know about. These treasures, some now forgotten and obscure, others still played in some melómano (salsa fan) circles, are representative of the earlier era of compositions and performances that would serve to inspire and shape the movement that would become a transnational symbol of Latinidad from the 1960s through the 1980s, before the next generation created their own vernacular styles for dancing and expressing their identity anew." Features: Cheo Marquetti Y Su Conjunto, Vicentico Valdés Con La Sonora Matancera, Mariano Mercerón Y Sus Muchachos Pimienta, Senén Suárez Y Su Conjunto Del Tropicana Night Club, Orquesta Aragón, René Álvarez Y Su Conjunto Los Astros, Arsenio Rodríguez Y Su Conjunto, Joseíto Fernández Con Orquesta Aragón, Conjunto Flores Valdés, Conjunto Casino, Randy Carlos And His Orchestra, Alfonsin Quintana Y Su Conjunto Jovenes Del Cayo, Trío Matamoros, and Chapuseaux Y Damirón. 140 gram vinyl; Includes insert with Spanish/English liner notes by Pablo "Bongohead" Yglesias; Includes CD.
PRICE: $16.50
CAT #: TGR 012LP
SUPERPITCHER The Golden Ravedays 12 LP
Musically and emotionally, Superpitcher's third full-length studio album, The Golden Ravedays, is a one sound autobiography that exhibits the skill, feeling, and style that the artist has honed over a period of twenty years, musically, and forty-plus-years, emotionally. And full-length it is: The Golden Ravedays is an epic album of 24 tracks stretching over 12 respective chapter albums, released on Hippie Dance sequentially during a one-year period. The 12th and final edition of The Golden Ravedays brings the final two tracks to the saga. Side A is the ballad of "Late Night Skanking". True to the soul of skanking this track is weaving its delicate elements between the rise and fall of a monumental wave that teasingly never breaks. The main melody so seduces and hypnotizes that, before you know it, you're a wide-eyed cobra waving away in a basket. Standing ovation! Hands in the air! He made it! The very last track of Superpitcher's epic Golden Ravedays odyssey is a jovial spree, a hullabaloo of merrymaking, the perfect celebration of the beginning to end of this heroic album. "Punky Reggae Party" is a fantastic collision of festive sounds, beats, and voices that bring you undecipherable messages and everything else that is far beyond nice, nice, nice. Encore! Encore! Includes download code.
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: HOR 666CS
BALL Ball Cassette
By popular demand, here's a very limited cassette tape version of Ball's acclaimed debut album. The groovy ferro analog cassette tape sound fits this crazy album perfectly. Intensely disturbed, dirty, smut peddling, Swedish slime hard rock-psych-madness from the deepest cesspool of humanity. Fucked-up subhuman fuzz guitars; Depraved, screaming vocals; Gut rumbling bass and caveman drums; A nightmare of revolting sounds. Ball is hard rock from hell. Ball´s debut album is a deranged hard rock tour-de-force that will have you gasping. Parental advisory: inside of the cover features explicit full frontal nudity. Buy at your own risk. Ball was formed by the mysterious Yrék Ball, previously known as a strong force in the occult underground of Northern Europe´s secret societies. He has now decided to dedicate his will to music and the good life outside of the covens and black magic orders. Backed by his two older brothers they form a fierce and fearsome power trio. These guys aren't very talkative but say their main interests, apart from banging on their instruments, are booze, girls, horror comics, and monster model kits. The guys were finally released from probation now so we hope they will finally be able to do some live shows. Anyways we're happy that they are still together and have recorded this. Nothing short of a miracle considering the circumstances.
PRICE: $14.00
VA Hot Jam 07 12"
More rough analog business from Switzerland, this time coming from Hot Jam with a five-tracker signed by Marc Matsuki, Matto and young Pantero. Exclusive remix by Tuff City Kids. Essential.
PRICE: $25.50
ROMBOY, MARC Voyage De La Planete 2LP
Double LP version. Includes download code. Marc Romboy presents his upcoming album Voyage De La Planète, his first solo full-length production in over eight years. Released on his newly launched Hyperharmonic label, Voyage De La Plantète signifies an exciting new chapter for Marc as he experiments with his sound, pushing the boundaries between classical and electronic music to create both an emotional and atmospheric experience. "Jules Verne", named after the French science fiction writer, combines echoing arpeggios and a subtle woodwind harmony to create a cosmic soundscape. "Atome De Danse", "Symphonie Oblique", and "La Machine Du Temps" use elegant strings to further enhance an unearthly effect, title track "Voyage De La Planète" mixes the two mediums together with fluttering synths and somber strings before "La Lune Et L'étolie" builds introduces the bustling sound of the piano to create an upbeat melody. Whilst there is a strong classical influence, there are tracks on the album that reference Marc's electronic background. This can be heard in "L'Univers Étrange", which has an ambient sound, whilst pitched-down chords take "L'Universe Parallèle" to a dark and moody space. "Phénix" is a bass-driven track, layered with crashing synths, taking the journey to a high before the celestial experience draws to a close on an uplifting note with "Nocturne", a laid-back soothing track that exudes optimism and wonderment. Inspired by a concert with the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra where he performed Claude Debussy's works in a contemporary way, Voyage De La Planète signifies the start of a new chapter for Marc Romboy. Voyage De La Planète combines the strange, fascinating sounds of electronic music with the sublime beauty of classical music to create an extraordinary sonic experience for the listener. Mastered by Steffen Müller. Double LP version includes a download code.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: INF 003CD
WILD, DAMON Cosmic Path CD
Damon Wild and David Sumner's (aka Function) relationship dates back to 1991, at Lord Michael's Future Shock, Limelight, New York City, when Damon was running EXperimental Records via Northcott Productions. At the time, he first saw something in Dave and added him to Brand X, a record pool run by Moneypenny. But their bond is based around a period five years later when Dave had an apartment above Rogue Music at 251 West 30th Street in Midtown, Manhattan. It was during this time Damon developed him as a Synewave artist and released his first EP as Function in the fall of 1996 -- catalog number: SW-24. Falling in and out of touch over the years, across continents, the two have somehow remained on the same cosmic path. So it's not a coincidence that now Damon has turned to Dave to release his first album in 13 years, during the time he is reissuing that first Synewave EP (1996) on Recompiled I/II (ATON 002LP) and II/II (ATON 003LP). This is where those paths cross again... 21 years later, Dave releases Cosmic Path on Infrastructure New York.
PRICE: $29.00
CAT #: INF 024LP
WILD, DAMON Cosmic Path 2LP
Double LP version. Damon Wild and David Sumner's (aka Function) relationship dates back to 1991, at Lord Michael's Future Shock, Limelight, New York City, when Damon was running EXperimental Records via Northcott Productions. At the time, he first saw something in Dave and added him to Brand X, a record pool run by Moneypenny. But their bond is based around a period five years later when Dave had an apartment above Rogue Music at 251 West 30th Street in Midtown, Manhattan. It was during this time Damon developed him as a Synewave artist and released his first EP as Function in the fall of 1996 -- catalog number: SW-24. Falling in and out of touch over the years, across continents, the two have somehow remained on the same cosmic path. So it's not a coincidence that now Damon has turned to Dave to release his first album in 13 years, during the time he is reissuing that first Synewave EP (1996) on Recompiled I/II (ATON 002LP) and II/II (ATON 003LP). This is where those paths cross again... 21 years later, Dave releases Cosmic Path on Infrastructure New York.
PRICE: $12.00
DAPHNI Ne Noya/Yes, I Know/Jiao 12"
2017 repress. Out of print classic, back with a very limited repress. First release from Daphni's (aka Dan Snaith/Caribou) new label. The A-side is a remix of Cos-Ber-Zam's "Ne Noya" from Analog Africa's Afro-Beat Airways compilation (AACD 068CD/AALP 068LP, 2010).
PRICE: $20.00
Double LP version. Earlier in 2017, Daphni (aka Caribou, aka Dan Snaith) released a very special FabricLive mix (FABRIC 186CD) made up of 23 original, unreleased Daphni tracks and four new Daphni edits to widespread critical acclaim. He follows up this mix with the new full-length album, Joli Mai, comprised of extended versions of the tracks from the mix as well as the new, unreleased track "Vulture".
JT 017EP
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: JT 017EP
VA Broken Promises Part 3 12"
Just This's Broken Promises series aims to mix sounds by producers from different countries, to create a journey into a variegated world. Melancholic vibes, deep ambient atmospheres. The EP is composed of four tracks, starting with a Hunter/Game instrumental track "Distance", a crescendo introducing the club scenario. The second track digs into a vibrant groove from Architectural. "Electric Soul" is a chemical mix between powerful percussions and a stunning synthesizer sequence. Running through a Just This classic "Anterial" from Pisetzky, clear sound identity from the Milan crew, ending with a melodic flow from town new talent Altman.
JT 018EP
PRICE: $14.00
CAT #: JT 018EP
VA Broken Promises Part 4 12"
Milan based collective Just This return with two VA releases to continue their Broken Promises series. Each release in the series features four new tracks that channel refined techno with minimalist, ambient sentiments. Part 4 opens with a shuffling rhythmic framework on Inland's "Aechmea", followed by "Zona", a pointillist groove by Ben Gibson, aka one half of the collaborative project Dyad. On My Flower's "Kundal", a cyclical melody wanders through eerie acoustics whilst Hiver navigates a broken beat framework with glitchy distortions and dub echoes on "Stellar Parallax Landing".
PRICE: $28.50
VA Speicher 100 2x12"
Succeeding a recent run of much-acclaimed outings by stand-out artists such as Laurent Garnier (KOM EX095EP), Kölsch (KOM EX097EP, KOM EX093EP), or Christian Nielsen and Locked Groove (KOM EX096EP), Kompakt's Speicher series hits the magical number 100 with its latest installment, an action-packed double 12" pack that includes brand new belters by Kompakt trailblazers Michael Mayer, Jörg Burger, Jürgen Paape, and Voigt & Voigt. The Speicher series actually has two birth dates: a first one in 1999, when a "Kompakt For Cisco" 12" special edition inadvertently created a new sub label with the rather pragmatically titled Kompakt Extra 001 (KOM EX001EP). Two years later, a Kompakt 12" sampler called Speicher 1 (KOM 030EP) introduced the name of the series that is known today -- and a blueprint for idiosyncratic, powerful techno with clear dancefloor ambitions. Michael Mayer was featured on both of these parent releases and also co-helmed the iconic Speicher 2 vinyl from 2002 (KOM EX002EP), which offered two essential Kompakt cuts, Mayer's "Pride Is Weaker Than Love" and Reinhard Voigt's "Supertiel" -- more than enough reasons to have him start off the celebratory 100th Speicher with a bang: "Lout" sees Kompakt's label head engage in bold, synth-laden prime time techno and the kind of epic noise break that informed his earliest output as a producer and DJ. Kompakt stalwart Jörg Burger is another usual suspect when it comes to label classics, and his Speicher releases as The Modernist (KOM EX028EP, 2005) or Burger Industries (KOM EX016EP, 2004) mark early milestones in the series. His "Beatmesse Pt.1 & 2" focuses on the atmospheric side of Speicher and presents a deep, mutable groover. Meanwhile, Jürgen Paape's "Whisper Echo" and "Rodeo" unearth the series' not-so-secret pop sensibilities -- just as he did on Speicher 47 (KOM EX047EP, 2007) and Speicher 45 (KOM EX045EP, 2007) featuring the notorious "Take That". Voigt & Voigt complete this 2x12" vinyl series profile in style, thanks to moody shuffle bouncer "Leise" and the raucous, spiky banger "Bum Bum Bar", featuring Chris Trance -- it's a fitting conclusion to Speicher's 100th release, coming from the duo that made a habit out of dropping legendary techno jams, from founding bangers "Korn/Roxy" (KOM EX003EP, 2002) and "Vision 03" (KOM EX005EP, 2002) to the most recent Speicher 99 (KOM EX099EP).
PRICE: $19.50
GROTTO Grotto II: Wait, No Hurry CD
Livingstone Studio present the first official reissue of Grotto's Grotto II: Wait, No Hurry, originally released in 1979. "Odion Iruoje was the A&R manager at EMI at the time,' Benson says, 'and he auditioned us, liked the material and signed us.' Odion Iruoje of course had groomed and produced Ofege. Now he was looking to repeat the formula with other high school groups such as Tirogo, Apples and Question Mark. Grotto's deep rock would be a welcome addition to this 'schoolboy rock' series. Work on their album started immediately, with Iruoje in the producer's chair. Adapting to the tastes of the times -- as well as their own maturing musical sensibilities -- Grotto started transitioning from acid rock towards sleeker, more dance floor-friendly grooves. 'As I grew older I think I got a bit jazzier,' Benson says. 'I also listened to Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Isley Brothers, Prince and a lot of funk groups from that era.' 'Hard rock was the content of the first album,' Amenechi agrees, 'and funk/jazz/R&B the focus of album number two. Especially with the late Toma Mason Jr. joining as bassist.' The group's second album, Grotto II: Wait, No Hurry (released in 1979) reflected the growing sophistication of its members' musical outlook. Fat, funky bass grooves rubbed shoulders with jazzy flute lines; space-age synthesizer tones punctuated good, old-fashioned crunchy rock riffs." --Uchenna Ikonne Liner notes by Nigerian Music expert Uchenna Ikkone; includes previously unpublished photos and extensive interviews by Temitope Kogbe.
PRICE: $12.50
CELL, SIMO Pour Le Club! EP 12"
Rounding out a busy year, Livity Sound Recordings present a brand new four track EP of deadly club ready rhythms from Paris's finest, Simo Cell.
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: LOC 012LP
Local Action presents the debut album by Erskine Lynas, Lease Of Youth. Although Erskine -- aka Thomas Emslie -- is a new name, he's a long-time ally of Local Action who was known for his acclaimed electronic work as T_A_M. Written and recorded in Aberdeen throughout Summer '16, Lease Of Youth is heavily inspired by the naive melodic synth-pop of bands like Tears For Fears, The Blue Nile, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, and Magnetic Fields, smeared against the grey skies and coastline of Emslie's hometown with an approach to after-effects and sampling that betrays his relationship with modern electronic music. Although the album's lyrics are downcast, they're paired against bright sounds in a bittersweet way. All vocals, production, and instrumentation are handled by Emslie himself, with a knack for hooks and ear-worms far beyond his years.
PRICE: $16.50
FRIDAY DUNARD Eine Gerade 12"
Vocal trance? Yes. But probably not as you would imagine. Here is Friday Dunard from Cologne.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: MNQ 109EP
DE LA ROSA, SAM Earth Wart EP 12"
Sam de la Rosa, best known under the alias Samuel Kklovenhoof of the band Led Er Est and with Karen Sharkey of The Coombe, is back on Mannequin Records for a stunning four-track electro-wave-experimental release. Texas born, but connected to New York's cold wave and disco scene from mid-2000, and the Wierd Records family, Sam's music is a clever mix of post punk, electronic hybrids, experimental pop, and catchy melodies. Additional mix by Michael Stein from S U R V I V E.
M 046EP
PRICE: $23.00
CAT #: M 046EP
MODEL 500 No UFO's Remixes 2x12"
Big Detroit classic packaged with a second of 12" remixes from Moodymann and Luciano.
PRICE: $25.00
ELLIS, TOM The Colour Red 2x12"
Tom Ellis has been one of Minibar's favorite producers for over 12 years. This double EP gets you in a particular mood. Through these eight tracks, Tom shares an intimate experience, and brilliantly merges house, jazz, minimal techno, plus a touch of acid and ambient. Experience deep and mindful music that only comes around every once in a while.
EJ 014LP
PRICE: $13.00
CAT #: EJ 014LP
Repressed. "Great retrospective of Lil Bob and the Lollipops' discography. Classic Louisiana swamp soul/R&B, recorded in the early to mid-1960's. Includes the popular dance floor fillers 'I Got Loaded' and 'Stop' as well as some real beautiful obscurities. Ballads and stompers to make life better. Old school 'tip on' cover."
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: MRP 111LP
MUKABI, GEORGE Furaha Wenye Gita LP
"An almost mythical giant of African guitar, whose reinvention of acoustic fingerstyle quickly spread from western Kenya throughout East Africa, before his tragic death in 1963. Spellbinding guitar lines, sweet harmony vocals, every melody an instant classic, and a life story steeped in legend. 12 song LP comes packaged in a deluxe spot-color jacket, with a 12-page full color booklet featuring an oral history by Mukabi's family and peers, and lyrics in English and Swahili. Co-released by Raw Music International and Olvido Records."
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: MRP 112LP
VA Don't Sleep: Omutibo From Rural Kenya LP
"A compilation of uniquely Kenyan acoustic guitar songs, recorded in the homes and yards of Luhya musicians. In 2016, Cyrus Moussavi set out to learn the origins of Omutibo, a playing style invented by George Mukabi and adapted by his neighbors in a region that proved to be truly fertile for guitarists. These are the songs and stories of a golden era Kenya on the brink of independence, beautifully resurrected by the songwriters themselves over 50 years later. LP comes packaged in a deluxe metallic spot-color jacket, with an 8-page full color booklet featuring interviews, photographs, and lyrics in English and Luhya. Co-released by Raw Music International and Olvido Records."
PRICE: $27.50
ZOMBY Mercury's Rainbow 2LP
After nearly a decade in the making, Zomby finally dispatches Mercury's Rainbow, his astonishing and uniquely formulated dedication to Wiley's series of Eskibeat releases, aka the cornerstone of grime. Originally recorded over an intense couple of weeks while suffering from circadian dysrhythmia, Mercury's Rainbow documents Zomby riffing on intricately hand-programmed arpeggios, using theories of color and its relation to the sonic chromatic spectrum -- the circle of fifths -- to place an expressively avant spin on the Wiley Kat's sliding Triton squares and frozen, post-garage drum patterns. Rather than simply imitating Wiley's foundational unit of grime currency, Zomby innovates with a structure of bewildering, modal styles, refracting 16 diamond-cut permutations according to a color-sound spectrum of tonalities. In the process he effectively loosens up and liquefies the Eski riddim, rendering its bones and sinew in varying states of reactive, physical deliquescence or GIF-like micro-organisms. For dancers and DJs, the fluid contours and viscous, displaced rhythmic anticipation of Mercury's Rainbow suggests myriad geometries for movement in-the-mix, and serves to single-handedly put to sleep a whole genre of also-ran, prosaic "future grime" through its methodical, inventively ground-up construction. While it's difficult to say with certainty, if Mercury's Rainbow was issued at the same time it was created, it may have arguably altered the course of UK grime instrumentals in much the same way Wiley's original template coined a whole new genre, essentially making it the last word in grime futurism, proper. Master and lacquer cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy; Limited edition vinyl.
MT 024LP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: MT 024LP
DOUGLAS, CHARLES The Burdens Of Genius LP
First vinyl reissue of Charles Douglas's The Burdens Of Genius, originally released in 1998. "The best New York record you've never heard!" Had it not been for bad timing, mental illness, rampant drug abuse, and a penchant for burning bridges, Charles Douglas might be thought of today as a songwriter on par with Stephen Malkmus, Beck, Daniel Johnston, Robert Pollard, and other members of the indie-rock aristocracy. Playing all the instruments himself, recording in the basement of his parents' house in Allentown, Pennsylvania, his songs range from gleeful stoner anthems to deranged anti-folk to noisy pop to lo-fi bubblegum. Following a reissue of The Lives Of Charles Douglas in 2011, which features Maureen Tucker on drums, this first time on vinyl reissue should mark the world rediscovery of Charles Douglas's genius!
MT 025LP
PRICE: $18.00
CAT #: MT 025LP
Like illegitimate sons of the Panther Burns and the Del Monas, sounding like the infamous Blousons Noirs (France's Hasil Adkins or the Shaggs) produced by a drugged Alex Chilton in his Like Flies era (1979). One foot in the (late) '50s and the other in the (early) '60s and certainly none in the '90s, these tapes were recorded in a single wild, loose, and drunken session. 25 years later, the world at last can hear Nick Prizu in all its blazing glory and rock n' roll savagery. The perfect music for an old John Waters movie, the immaculate soundtrack of a flaming life. First time on vinyl.
MR 336LP
PRICE: $80.00
CAT #: MR 336LP
VA Sombras: Spanish Post-Punk and Dark Pop 1981-1986 4LP BOX
2017 repress. Quadruple LP boxed set. - Includes a 16-page booklet with an essay in Spanish and English by journalist Jesús Rodríguez Lenin and contributions by Beatriz Alonso Aranzábal (Los Monaguillosh) and Carlos Entrena (Décima Víctima), plus many artist photos and memorabilia. Sombras is the first compilation to survey in depth the darker side of the fledgling, vibrant music scene of Spain in the early '80s. Featuring 42 artists, including essential names such as Parálisis Permanente, Décima Víctima, Desechables, Gabinete Caligari, Derribos Arias, Ana Curra, Polansky y el Ardor, Los Monaguillosh, Alphaville, Claustrofobia, Agrimensor K, Matrona Impúdica, Ultratruita, Ceremonia, New Buildings, and many more. Both formats include booklets with an essay in Spanish and English by journalist Jesús Rodríguez Lenin and contributions by Beatriz Alonso Aranzábal (Los Monaguillosh) and Carlos Entrena (Décima Víctima), plus many artist photos and memorabilia. "The damn Movida. The best that can be said of that phenomenon is that it was the starting point and the trigger of something else, of another movement that garnered no fame but was far more interesting musically and intellectually, although the glow of glamour went to the fatuous flames of superficiality. This other movement, in contrast, had neither name nor anyone singing its praises. It centered on the existential angst described by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard instead of the jovial innocence of silly pop in the late '70s and the very early '80s of the last century. It wasn't a time for joking around. The outlook was grim and, logically, after a few years that we had wanted to celebrate because of the death of Franco, murky and ominous images began to inhabit the collective subconscious of those youths who were apolitical by necessity. The most extraordinary paradox is that is that it was a light-hearted new wave group, Ejecutivos Agresivos, that served as the seed for this shift in orientation. Many characters came together in that group who were going to do a 180 on the music that was being made. Carlos Entrena, their singer, who would become one of the founders of the GASA label and the leader of Décima Víctima was there. Also there was Ignacio Gasca, a boy from San Sebastián known as Poch who, after the breakup of Ejecutivos Agresivos, would form Derribos Arias. Jaime Urrutia was in the line-up, who would soon be the singer and guitarist of Gabinete Caligari. The band included Juan Luis Vizcaya, who had a brief stint as the drummer of Alaska y los Pegamoides. Also a member was Paco Trinidad, who would become another founder of GASA and who, with time, would become the main record producer of the 1980s (Hombres G, Duncan Dhu). The transition from one era to another even had an exact date: the 13th of November, 1982. On that day, in the auditorium of the Escuela de Caminos de Madrid, the last concert that Alaska y los Pegamoides played in Madrid took place, although none of the members themselves knew this for sure at the time. They gave to their fans, along with the tickets, a flexi-disc that included two unreleased songs -- 'Volar' and 'El jardín' -- both written by Eduardo Benavente (also of Parálisis Permanente), with a theme and style that had nothing to do with what Alaska y los Pegamoides had done so far. To wrap up that moment symbolically, the group that opened the show was Los Monaguillosh, who would shortly become one of the best-known bands of the nascent psychedelic 'siniestro' sound." --Jesús Rodríguez Lenin
MR 7304EP
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CAT #: MR 7304EP
TELL-TALE HEARTS, THE 517 Fourth Avenue 7"
"[This EP] contains four of the fiercest and first Tell-Tale Hearts numbers ever recorded; their raw takes on The Topsy Turbys' 'Hey Tiger', The Wig's 'Crackin' Up', The Malibus' 'Cry' and the Calhoun-Stax original '(You're A) Dirty Liar' basically sum up what you would encounter at one of their live appearances. Recorded March 7, 1984 at Studio 517 (San Diego), they have the same vibe as the 'needle-in-the-red' earthy Chess recordings of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf and the early Stones, and, in my book, define the concept of what is now coined as 'Garage-Rock'." --Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost
MR 7305EP
PRICE: $9.00
CAT #: MR 7305EP
O LEVEL East Sheen 7"
Reissue of this late '70s UK underground single, originally released in 1978. 'O' Level was created in 1976 by London guitarist Ed Ball (Teenage Filmstars, Television Personalities, The Times) with the Benett brothers (John and Gerard), who would leave the band in March 1978. That same line-up plus Dan Treacy recorded the first Television Personalities single in 1977, titled 14th Floor. 'O' Level self-released that same year their first single, which included two tracks strongly influenced by punk's energy (Buzzcocks and Undertones guitars and melody on "East Sheen") and attitude (with ironic comments about fake punks on "Pseudo Punk").
ND 002EP
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CAT #: ND 002EP
2017 restock. "A sophomore three-tracker: singer Mbene Diatta Seck in sombre consideration of street-kids and parental neglect, buoyed by propulsive drumming and trenchant bass; a second version without vocals, laying bare the poly-rhythmic interplay between marimba and percussion; and a mesmeric six-minute instrumental, with bassist Thierno Sarr grooving out on the top string of his instrument, bringing an elusive Manding flavor to the deep Mbalax mix."
NMG 17751CD
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CAT #: NMG 17751CD
YOUNG RJ Blaq Royalty 2CD
"Rapper/producer Young RJ has been working behind the scenes of hip-hop for a long time, but has now stepped out of the shadows and into the forefront. With a long history of production credits, and as a member of the revered group Slum Village, Young RJ now releases his debut solo album. Blaq Royalty delivers a classic old school sound, harkening back to RJ's 'Slum' days, married with a modern, radio-friendly vibe. Not to mention a bounty of A-level features on joints like 'Issues' (Featuring BJ The Chicago Kid), 'Wait' (Pete Rock & Boldy James"), and 'Motion' (Joyner Lucas & Statik Selektah). Featuring production by Young RJ himself, as well as abandoned beats from the legendary J Dilla. A classic in the making."
PRICE: $11.00
CAT #: NKT 004CS
NOKUIT Patterns Of Instability Cassette
NKT presents Patterns Of Instability, a work of freeform experimental electronic music that moves through dense noise textures, visceral sound design, and time-stopping ambient suites. Unfolding over 45 minutes, the new Nokuit album is an absorbing soundtrack probing the pervasive bewilderment of society. It's a relentless journey where blurred melodies and abrasive soundscapes unsettle any human's most buried dissatisfactions and inner rebellions. Swirling drones become a sonic lens which drifts and roams through the currents and threads within the contemporary landscape. Mingling amongst the town square demonstration, flipped upside-down through the cameras into the news media rooms and editing suites, dragged up into helicopters looking down into streets and homes, then bounced across the globe by satellites floating in the atmosphere. Spam bots and malware, encryption data, analysis of YouTube uploads and text messages. Rather than focusing in on any specific geographical event, Patterns Of Instability takes a wide-screen approach to the contemporary age of discontent and digs deep into timeless feelings of frustration. Expanding the peculiar set of expressive tools built over precursor works Analysis Paralysis (2016) and Reality Disappears After Waking (2016), here Nokuit's music reaches its most defined and highly evolved form yet. This is an observation on how humans deal with and perceive reality -- whether or not we are in control of it -- and the level of acceptance for the constant brainwashing that affects every life. Each time Nokuit's music faces the struggles from different angles and in Patterns Of Instability it zooms in on collective, political, and individual battlefields.
PRICE: $25.50
A reissue of Tuning Circuits' No Compassion, originally released on cassette in 1990. Abrasive, EBM-led, acid techno jams -- insanely hard to get. Original cassette came out in 1990 in a limited edition of 200 copies. No mixing or editing afterwards, no samples, no stereo, no Dolby. Play this analog dance-core very loud!
NA 5150LP
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CAT #: NA 5150LP
LIGHTMEN, THE Free As You Wanna Be 2LP
"Drummer, bandleader and activist Bubbha Thomas had toured America with R&B revues, served as a session musician for Peacock and Back Beat Records, and played straight ahead jazz with legends before the political and social upheaval of the late 1960s led him to a path first charted by Coltrane. Free As You Wanna Be predates the deep-set, maverick jazz issued by the likes of Tribe and Strata East and is a harbinger of best of the 1970s jazz underground, a collective voice of resistance to the musical and cultural status quo. This is the first time that Free As You Wanna Be has seen reissue, and it is presented in both the issued stereo and previously unissued mono mixes as a double LP. Bubbha and his band's story is told in great detail by Houston music and cultural historian Lance Scott Walker (Houston Rap/Houston Rap Tapes) and Now-Again's Eothen Alapatt, in a booklet that contains dozens of unpublished photographs."
NA 5153LP
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CAT #: NA 5153LP
Originally released for Black Friday RSD 2017. "Texas funk music is amongst the highest regarded styles in the genre, a unique mixture of jazz, blues, R&B and James Brown's syncopation that evolved in metropolises like Houston (Kashmere Stage Band), San Antonio (Mickey and the Soul Generation), Austin (James Polk and the Brothers) and Dallas. Dallas birthed a variety of independent labels, Soultex and Doin Our Thing amongst them. But no one in Dallas, Texas or America, created a run of 7" singles like Timothy McNealy did on his Shawn imprint. When it comes to heavy, funk music, in Dallas -- in Texas -- Timothy McNealy is king. This means that when it comes to funk music, in general, McNealy is hallowed. Yet McNealy's music has never been collected as an album, nor reappraised in its totality. A series of 7" single reissues have come out in the past 15 years, including his masterpiece 'Sagittarius Black,' a psychedelic funk instrumental that has been a cornerstone in every fan's rediscovery of the genre for the past 20 years. But this is the first time that his music is presented in its totality, giving the enlightened fan an opportunity to hear the breadth and depth of his Funky Movement."
OS 037LP
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: OS 037LP
GLORIOUS DIN Leading Stolen Horses LP
Onderstroom present a reissue of Glorious Din's Leading Stolen Horses, originally released in 1985. How a boy from the Sri Lankan jungle formed the greatest post-punk band you've never heard. Fronted by an intense singer with an oblique songbook and a mysterious past, Glorious Din was unlike any other group to emerge from San Francisco's '80s underground. With singer Eric Cope, the chosen persona of a Joy Division-obsessed Sri Lankan boy who travelled halfway around the world to follow his punk dream. The multifaceted nature of the '80s scene -- encompassing everything from three-chord thrash punk to garage-band pop, experimental art rock, and atonal noise -- can seem baffling to outsiders. Glorious Din mesmerizing sound instantly gets under your skin via their non-standard drum patterns, Eastern-sounding guitar melodies, a melodic bass in pole position, and a dissociative singer. The enigmatic group helped total unknowns gain recognition and were the uncommon glue linking Faith No More, the Dead Kennedys, and Michael Franti, as well as R.E.M. and the Cocteau Twins. Glorious Din's appeal was their mysteriousness: a quartet of mismatched musicians not necessarily playing their chosen instruments, with the obscure lyrics of their intense frontman near impossible to decipher. The group imploded after only three years, but their cult appeal has lasted far longer through their two albums and related material. Glorious Din released Leading Stolen Horses on their own Insight label in April 1985. The album stayed close to the sound they achieved live, conjuring something intense and atmospheric. The driving "Tenement Roofs" has a jagged energy, Paget's chugging guitar paralleling Herstedt's solid rhythm, as Heeschen creates slow melodic patterns that spiral upwards, and Cope sings of long hours passing in slow motion. "Pallet To The Floor" is just as striking on the album as it was in the live show, with Heeschen's bass ratcheting up the intensity. "Cello Tape", "Sixth Pillar", and "Insects" sound similarly dark; in contrast, "Arrival" wonders of nature, as experienced in his western wanderings. They take the darker moments of Joy Division as a starting point but leaving behind the industrial angst and fury for a rich and soulful melancholy that seamlessly blends first and third world cultures. One of the true lost gems of west coast gothic post punk. Cover reconstruction by Jeroen Wille. Includes booklet with interview and liner notes. Remastered by Equus. 180 gram vinyl; Edition of 1000.
OPT4 024LP
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CAT #: OPT4 024LP
14 ICED BEARS Wonder 2LP
Optic Nerve present an expanded reissue of 14 Iced Bears' second album Wonder, originally released in 1991. This reissue includes the full original album and nine track from World I Love EP (1989), Mother Sleep EP (1989), and Hold On EP (1991). By the release of their second album, the 14 Iced Bears were listening more to The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Big Star, and the 13th Floor Elevators and they had strayed even further from their early indie-pop origins towards spaced-out soundscapes. Their sound was becoming notably more psychedelic, drawing deeper on their '60s influences, while it still retained the feel for melody present in their previous work. The subsequent EP Hold On was to be the band's last release but they went on to support Sterling Morrison and Mo Tucker from the Velvet Underground and Big Star's Alex Chilton on his 1992 solo tour. 14 Iced Bears called it a day at the end of 1992 after Robert Sekula moved back to London, Thereafter their cult status grew, fueled by CD retrospectives from Overground, Slumberland, and Cherry Red, and it culminated in 2010 when the band reformed and toured the US. Limited edition double LP, pressed on color vinyl; Gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves.
OT 032EP
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CAT #: OT 032EP
KALBATA Enkuan 12"
Tel Aviv's Kalbata provides three different versions of one track. Kalbat: "I went to Ethiopia in the beginning of 2017 to record musicians. The most memorable one was Mulugeta Teshome who plays the washint flute on this record. It's a traditional Ethiopian flute made out of wood, and Mulugeta came to the studio carrying a whole bag of them, each one in a different key. . . . I ended up taking the tracks a lot further with the three cuts on the record but really it all started that day, in a small studio shack in Addis Ababa."
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: PAN 077LP
VA Mono No Aware 2LP
2017 repress. Mono No Aware is the first compilation to be released on PAN, collating unreleased ambient tracks from both new and existing PAN artists. Featuring Jeff Witscher, Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, HVAD, Kareem Lotfy, ADR, Mya Gomez, Sky H1, James K, Oli XL, Bill Kouligas, Flora Yin-Wong, Malibu, and AYYA, the compilation moves through more traditional notions of what is called "ambient", to incorporating wider variations that fall under the term. "Mono no aware", "the pathos of things", also translates as "an empathy toward things", or "a sensitivity to ephemera". A term for the awareness of impermanence, or the transience of things. A meditation on mortality and life's transience, ephemerality heightens the appreciation of beauty and sensitivity to their passing. In investigating the passing of time, the boundaries between memory and hallucination become blurred; between fiction and reality. The movement of time transforms into an eternal present. James K's "Stretch Deep" features Eve Essex. Features photography by Molly Matalon; Design by Bill Kouligas. Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: PAN 081LP
ERRORSMITH Superlative Fatigue 2LP
Returning with his first album in 13 years, Errorsmith's Superlative Fatigue long-awaited release on PAN arrives as his perhaps most optimistic record yet. Placing a strong emphasis on spectral exploration, the tracks tell an inherent story and span a musical arc with his recognizable synthesized tones, computerized vocal effects, and timbral changes in motion. In comparison to his previous productions, Errorsmith (Erik Wiegand) sees the release as less abstract, harsh or aggressive: "I would say it is rather accessible and cheerful; at times ridiculously cheerful but still very sincere and emotional." He suggests. "I find it touching when this little android raises its pitch at the end of 'Lightspeed' or the android catching its breath in 'My Party' for instance." The album title, Superlative Fatigue, reflects this tension between an over-the-top, hysterical emotion, against more deeply felt expressions or realness. Besides collaborating with the likes of Mark Fell, to Berghain resident Fiedel as MMM, and Sound Stream as Smith N Hack, Wiegand has released a string of seminal dancefloor tracks. Building his own instruments using modular software synthesizers is a large part of his work. Almost all the sounds in the LP were created with his synth, "Razor", (a synthesizer plug-in he developed for Native instruments, released in 2011) or slightly modified versions of it. Premiered at Unsound Festival last year, this new material he has developed since has finally taken form in this epic full-length. Artwork by James Hoff; Layout by Bill Kouligas. Mastered by Rashad Becker.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PART 4086CD
VA Upside Down: Coloured Dreams from the Underworld: Volume Six 1966-1971 CD
Particles present the last in the series of Upside Down. A lysergic pop extravaganza featuring original artifacts from the psychedelic age, with 20 flower-power wonders from way down under, all recorded from 1966-1971. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings; Includes a 20-page, full-color booklet with comprehensive background liner notes and rare archival photos. Features Tol Puddle Martyrs, Dave Miller Set, The Masters Apprentices, The Party Machine, The Laurie Allen Revue, Frog Hollow, The Fourmyula, Marty Rhone, Mike Furber And The Bowery Boys, Final Four, Ray Brown, The Chosen Few, The Sounds Of Silence, Anne Hawker, The Avengers, Robbie Peters, Ronnie Burns, Tymepiece, Normie Rowe, and The La De Das.
PRICE: $17.00
CAT #: PART 4089CD
VA Beatfreak! Vol. 8: Rare and Obscure British Beat 1964-1968 CD
BeatFreak! -- The bruised and battered torso of British pop music. Rare, obscure, and virtually extinct, Volume Eight offers an intoxicating marriage of fuzz pedals and hormones, delivered with careless adolescent dysfunction. Particles present a sonic showdown of rare British beat pop pleasures delivered with a whiff of R&B -- 20 tracks all recorded between 1964-1968. Professionally re-mastered original sound recordings with comprehensive background liners and rare pictorial memorabilia in a 20-page, full color booklet. Features Tony Ritchie, Neil Christian, Dave Antony's Moods, Gates Of Eden, The Circles, The Echoes, Tony Jackson Group, The Image, The Mockingbirds, Swinging Blue Jeans, Dek & Jerry, Brothers William, The Roll Movement, The Kavern Four, The Ranglers , The Krew, Brass Tacks, The Kavern Four, Jason Deane, and The Endevers.
PIAS 39223301LP
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PIAS 39223301LP
2017 repress. Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Pias present a reissue of Black Earth by the German doom jazz cult band, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, originally released in 2002. Black Earth is a masterpiece and the perfect soundtrack for an imaginary movie experiencing the nights in a dangerous city. For fans of SunnO, OM, Max Richter, Fennesz."The substance we are seeking here lies beyond the bare bones of fact, the when and the where (founded in 1988, Mülheim an der Ruhr) or personnel and instruments. Mysteries may very well lurk here or there along the way. What keeps the final two founder members going after all this time? Do Morten Gass and Robin Rodenberg have skeletons locked in their closets? How dearly we would we love to know the answer to that one, alas the most beautiful puzzles tend to remain unsolved. Including their debut Gore Motel (1994), Bohren & Der Club Of Gore have amassed an impressive eight long players... Strange as it may seem, there is a uniform consistency to their reception. Whatever the band does, critiques are unfailingly positive, yet repetitious. Consider the arrival of Christoph Clöser in 1997, by way of illustration. When he joined the group, his saxophone replaced the departing Reiner Henseleit's guitar as one of the defining instruments in the band. This was arguably the sharpest break in their sound to this day and a significant marker in terms of the band's reverence for Dutch instrumentalists Gore (the clue is in the name), whose repetitive riffs paved the way for how the guitar would be deployed in a post-everything future... Similarly conspicuous by their absence in the Bohren chronicles are the numerous instruments which they added to the mix. The introduction of choirs at least had a clear visual impact. Since Thorsten Benning left at the end of 2015, the band has continued as a trio, sharing shifts on the drums. A decrease in personnel was conversely accompanied by quantum leaps forward in the group's musical development - or more precisely, minor adjustments triggered major effects. The music of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore opens up remarkable rooms of association, from a warm burrow to a pristine secret lodge, from a dusky woodland tavern to a smoky quayside dive... These sinister crackling songs are invitations to secrete oneself in darkness." --Lars Brinkman.
PIAS 39291811LP
PRICE: $25.50
CAT #: PIAS 39291811LP
2017 repress; double LP version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve. Pias present a reissue of Sunset Mission, the 2000 album from Germany's doom jazz cult band Bohren & Der Club Of Gore. They are loved by musicians Mike Patton (Faith No More) and Stephen O'Malley (SunnO). For fans of SunnO, OM, Max Richter, Fennesz."The substance we are seeking here lies beyond the bare bones of fact, the when and the where (founded in 1988, Mülheim an der Ruhr) or personnel and instruments. The story is more than the sum of its facts. Mysteries may very well lurk here or there along the way. What keeps the final two founder members going after all this time? Do Morten Gass and Robin Rodenberg have skeletons locked in their closets? How dearly we would we love to know the answer to that one, alas the most beautiful puzzles tend to remain unsolved. Including their debut Gore Motel (1994), Bohren & Der Club Of Gore have amassed an impressive eight long players... Strange as it may seem, there is a uniform consistency to their reception. Whatever the band does, critiques are unfailingly positive, yet repetitious. Consider the arrival of Christoph Clöser in 1997, by way of illustration. When he joined the group, his saxophone replaced the departing Reiner Henseleit's guitar as one of the defining instruments in the band. This was arguably the sharpest break in their sound to this day and a significant marker in terms of the band's reverence for Dutch instrumentalists Gore (the clue is in the name), whose repetitive riffs paved the way for how the guitar would be deployed in a post-everything future... Similarly conspicuous by their absence in the Bohren chronicles are the numerous instruments which they added to the mix. The introduction of choirs at least had a clear visual impact. Since Thorsten Benning left at the end of 2015, the band has continued as a trio, sharing shifts on the drums. A decrease in personnel was conversely accompanied by quantum leaps forward in the group's musical development - or more precisely, minor adjustments triggered major effects. The music of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore opens up remarkable rooms of association, from a warm burrow to a pristine secret lodge, from a dusky woodland tavern to a smoky quayside dive... These sinister crackling songs are invitations to secrete oneself in darkness." --Lars Brinkman.
PRICE: $17.00
VA Pantsula! The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-90 CD
Late '80s South African dancefloor winners only! Selected by DJ Okapi and Antal, the Pantsula! compilation holds tracks by Jivaro, The Hard Workers, Ayobayo Band, S.Y.B., and many more. The 12 tracks selected for Pantsula! come from a very unique, very different time and place. They represent the birth of electronic dance music in South Africa, through the songs of one particular independent label from the time: Music Team. The sound represents the culmination of the bubblegum era, when South Africa's disco artists outgrew their American influences and forged an increasingly electronic and "local" pop sound. Evolving over time since long before the '80s, the distinctly South African subculture of pantsula is more closely associated with an attitude, a style, and a signature dance, rather than any specific sound. In the late 1980s and early '90s, Pantsula was also the name given to a new type of dance music taking over the streets of South Africa, influenced by earlier bubblegum and the rise of shangaan disco, but with a far broader appeal and a harder, purely electronic sound. This is the sharp electronic music that fueled the local Pantsula dances during the '80s and '90s. A must have for fans of bubblegum and kwaito music. Also features The Equals, Jivaro, Scotch Band, Kakappa, Spirro, Rush, Linda Ziqubu, Chaka, and La Viva.
PRICE: $16.50
SATOSHI & MAKOTO In A Corner Of Asia/Tous Les Jours 12"
Casio house tracks. Further prepared transmissions hidden within Satoshi & Makoto's mainframe computer. Explained their intention to broadcast these on their usual short wave radio frequency. These two "future transmissions" feature repetitive beats designed to make unwitting listeners dance enthusiastically. Under questioning, the twins confirmed that these two pieces had been composed using their favoured synthesizer, the Casio Corporation manufactured CZ-5000.
PRICE: $18.50
LP version. Future Tuareg music from the female led avant-rock group Les Filles de Illighadad. Mixing traditional percussion with electric guitars, Les Filles brings ancient village folk music into the modern era. Drawing on traditional tende music, the forgotten inspiration of Tuareg guitar, Fatou Seidi Ghali and Les Filles breathe new life into the genre. Hypnotic guitar riffs, driving rhythm, and polyphonic resonant vocals combine to create organic sound, that is both timeless and natural. A wholly original project, from a band that just last year had never left their village. Eghass Malan is their first studio production. Les Filles are all from Illighadad, a secluded commune in central Niger. The sound that defines rural Niger is a music known as "tende". It takes its name from a drum, built from a goat skin stretched across a mortar and pestle. It is a music form dominated by women. In the past years, certain genres of Tuareg music have become popular in the west. International acts of "desert blues" like Tinariwen, Bombino, and Mdou Moctar have become synonymous with the name "Tuareg". But guitar music is a recent creation. In the 1970s young Tuareg men living in exile in Libya and Algeria discovered the guitar. Lacking any female vocalists to perform tende, they began to play the guitar to mimic this sound, replacing water drums with plastic jerrycans and substituting a guitar drone for the vocal call and response. In time, this new guitar sound came to eclipse the tende. If tende is a music that has always been sung by woman, the Tuareg guitar was its gendered counterpart. Fatou Seidi Ghali, lead vocalist and performer of Les Filles is one of the only Tuareg female guitarists in Niger. Sneaking away with her older brother's guitar, she taught herself to play. While Fatou's role as the first female Tuareg guitarist is groundbreaking, it is just as interesting for her musical direction. In a place where gender norms have created two divergent musics, Fatou and Les Filles are reasserting the role of tende in Tuareg guitar. In lieu of the djembe or the drum kit, so popular in contemporary Tuareg rock bands, Les Filles de Illighadad incorporate the traditional drum and the pounding calabash, half buried in water. Recorded on their debut tour in Europe after just a handful of concerts, Eghass Malan maintains a feeling that is spontaneous and inspired.
PRICE: $12.00
LENS, AMELIE Stay With Me 12"
Amelie Lens delivers a three-tracker of her signature pulse-pounding expeditions, paired with a remix from Perc. In "Follow", atmospheric shimmers dance around endless spaces, with Amelie's smooth and seductive voice coaxing you to follow her. Amelie embraces her affinity for the heavy with "Stay With Me", where swirling acid lines and gargantuan drums lead you into a trance. Perc delivers a monster remix of "Stay With Me" as he tightly loops the vocal and lays it over a pleasantly brutal beat. "Winter", named after Amelie's mischievous little feline, retains a playful and energetic pace with a dash of frisky trouble.
PRICE: $12.00
Luca Ballerini presents Magnolia EP on Siamese. "Preludio (Origine)" leads with lush electronica sounds. Next up is "Amore & Psiche - Parte II". The label were big fans of the first part released on Innervisions back in 2015. Luca's quote for the title track of the EP "Magnolia" is: "Riposa nel raggio lunare, la bellezza del fiore", or "the beauty of the flower rests in the moon light", less poetic in English but you get the idea. Melancholic, hypnotic, and trippy. "Continuo" concludes the record in a powerful way yet leaves you guessing what might come next.
PRICE: $14.00
BENALES Elements EP Pt.2 12"
Two-track EP produced by Benales. Follow-up to the Elements EP released back in 2016 (SINO 031EP) -- Raw, straight techno tools inspired by the likes of Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Surgeon. Born in Normandy, France, and now based in Paris, Benales has been honing his craft since the end of the '90s. An avid record collector and enthusiast of techno and house, his DJ sets and tracks combine the raw, dark, and deep elements of these musical forms with a firm nod in the direction of Detroit.
PRICE: $33.00
MAZZA, ROBERTO Scoprire Le Orme LP
Soave present the first vinyl reissue of Roberto Mazza's Scoprire Le Orme, originally released on cassette in 1991. Mysterious, charming, and wavering, Scoprire Le Orme ("Discover The Footsteps") represents a unique musical experience; a kind of minimal folk with far Eastern baroque influences. The work is a living entity, yet with a calm atmosphere interweaved with tension -- the tradition here being redefined and transfigured in a very personal way with a touch of esotericism. Roberto Mazza (formerly a member of Telaio Magnetico, along with Franco Battiato, Lino "Capra" Vaccina, and Juri Camisasca) has since the early seventies devoted himself to the study of both British and Scottish traditional music, with closer attention to the Hebrides archipelago. This work, originally published only on audiotape, has been recorded in complete autonomy with Mazza himself playing the compositions and utilizing instruments such as oboe, Bardic harp, and synthesizers.
PRICE: $33.00
O.A.S.I. Il Cavaliere Azzurro LP
Soave present a reissue of O.A.S.I.'s Il Cavaliere Azzurro, originally released in 1986. One of the many characteristics of Italian avant-garde theater, from the seventies through the eighties, was the overlap of acting with the physicality of movement -- reality with fiction and the stage with real life; it was a new poetic language for a multimedia representation. In this new language, the music composed for the stage was an active part of the performances, and the soundtrack from 1985's Il Cavaliere Azzurro is one of its most significant examples. The musical project of the working group O.A.S.I. (Paolo Modugno, Massimo Terracini, Gino Castaldo, and Ermano Ghisio Erba) blended industrial experimentation, ambient and concrete, with a strong ethnic element, both vocally and performed, then recorded and manipulated with the aid of tape recorders and samplers. This was a work that identified a historical moment of fervid experimentation and inspiration, and though intended to be played during a theatrical performance, vividly stands out without the visual accompaniment. Personnel: Paolo Modugno - Acoustic and electric guitar, sanza, bendir, tapes, sampler; Massimo Terracini - piano, sampler, tapes; Gino Castaldo - tapes, samplers; Ermanno Ghisio Erba - drums, percussions.
PRICE: $12.50
BAGGALEY, KURT Remembering Infinity EP 12"
Kurt Baggaley is back on Something Happening Somewhere with his trademark drawn-out manifestations and trance-inducing melodies. "Remembering Infinity" is an eight-minute ode to the limitless, waves of arpeggiated notes and subtle pads wash you away. Mattheis takes this sonic meditation to the club environment, and channels the blissful experience, stretching, bending, and condensing the sonic tapestry. Kurt Baggaley shows a different side with electro slow burner "Under It's Watchful Eye". Packing a more sinister vibe, peaking inside our Orwellian society, it unveils a more mature reflection. Awanto 3 reworks the digital-only "Detect" into a house-injected vibe-y piece.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: SORC 1001LP
F/I Space Mantra LP
Sorcerer Records present a reissue of F/i's Space Mantra, originally released on RRRecords in 1988. First time on vinyl for nearly 30 years for this classic slice of American space rock. Milwaukee's F/i have been an ongoing concern since 1981, pioneering a certain brand of experimental rock which encompasses elements of industrial and psychedelic space-rock sounds. Originally a purely electronic outfit heavily influenced by Throbbing Gristle and prolific in the underground tape scene, they made the transition to "rock band" in the mid '80s, and for many, 1988's Space Mantra LP remains the high point. With fuzzed guitars, metronomic rhythms, swirling synths, and occasionally bucolic forays into blissful acoustics, it's a masterful take on cosmic music during the Reagan years. It was previously only ever released on LP once by the famed RRRecords label. RIYL: Hawkwind, Amon Düül, Causa Sui, Cluster. Edition of 500.
PRICE: $20.00
CAT #: SORC 1003LP
Sorcerer Records present a reissue of the very first LP by Scotland's Dog Faced Hermans, Humans Fly, originally released in 1988. This presents the first time it's been available since its release nearly 30 years ago, and this edition features the two bonus tracks which were only available on the German version at the time. Dog Faced Hermans existed from the mid '80s until the mid '90s and released five studio albums and several live discs in their time. Touring internationally, often with their friends The Ex (whom DFH member Andy Moor has played with since), they fomented a reputation for their dynamic live shows, uncompromising politics, and inventive music. Heavily influenced by no wave, free jazz, and Brit post-punk, and aided by an eclectic array of instrumentation and singer Marion Coutts's scorching vocals, they cut their own musical path. This edition is fully remastered by the band from the original analog tapes. RIYL: The Ex, Contortions, The Pop Group, The Fall. Edition of 600.
SUBL 017-2LP
PRICE: $27.50
CAT #: SUBL 017-2LP
DUNGEN Ta Det Lugnt 2LP
2017 repress; double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. The third and globally astounding album from the young, talented Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustav Ejstes aka Dungen. Ta Det Lugnt (2004) is a beautiful multifaceted musical trip straight into your head and deep out in the Swedish forests. It offers Dungen's most exciting and adventurous recordings and features stunning musicianship, stellar vocals, Hammond B-3 organ, flute, violin, groovy bass, swinging drums, electric and acoustic guitars, screaming fuzz, and spellbinding Swedish folk-rock pop psych. Original Pitchfork rating: 9.3!
PRICE: $25.50
2017 repress. Swedish vinyl version of the third album from Sweden's Dungen (CD is on Kemado in the U.S.). Housed in a gatefold sleeve. Since releasing Ta Det Lugnt in 2004, the profile of Swedish psychedelic rockers Dungen has grown at an alarming rate, from a cult studio project into a worldwide musical phenomenon. And on Tio Bitar, we're hearing the end results of an outpouring of success and support -- one which has, for once, inspired the creative processes at hand to make something wholly new and original, yet remaining within the same sphere of emotions that fostered Dungen's three previous albums. Gustav Ejstes, Dungen's founder and principal member, made Tio Bitar (trans. "Ten Pieces"), a bracing display of psychedelic rock, presented with a bright, avid confidence largely by himself, with the assistance of guitarist Reine Fiske. Gustav wrote the songs, and played all of the instruments on his own, with Reine on many lead guitar and bass parts. Tracks like "Familj," "Så Blev Det Bestämt" and "Gör Det Nu" suggest a new, unburdened direction for the belabored concept of "jamming." Here, themes in the melodies, borrowing some of their phrasings but spinning off into lucid counterpart, are all anchored by the bass, drums, and organ. When vocals -- as on past efforts, sung entirely in Swedish, or a flute appear, they're diverging out to a third melody, still safely within the frame, in tune with each part. In other words, this is a more streamlined Dungen, all bombast and psych-rock madness whittled down to the bare essentials. Complex arrangements find the songs boiling over with dozens of ideas, stitched together with studio flash, yet played so soulfully and economically, that there's no evidence of the kind of smug, cynical hamminess that's been hurting rock music since the early '70s. Nor is it the other extreme; no wide-eyed innocence and eagerness to please. Tio Bitar follows world tours and enthusiastic responses from the press and public, and answers the praise with yet another set of cohesive, adventurous rock songs that can't sit still, possessing the vision and focus to distance itself from distraction and obvious influences. "Dungen is not retro," Gustav states. "Dungen is contemporary. Contemporary because it consists of elements from both then and now."
PRICE: $28.50
TRAD, GRAS OCH STENAR Tack For Kaffet (So Long) 2LP
Repressed; black vinyl; gatefold double LP version. The long-awaited new album from the legendary pioneers of transcendental psychedelic rock music and DIY culture in general. Tack För Kaffet (So Long) is a tribute to the deceased band members and dearest friends Torbjörn Abelli and Thomas Mera Gartz. It becomes something of a farewell show for the old Träd, Gräs Och Stenar because all the old and new members, including founder Bo Anders, Torbjörn and Mera, and Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing), are all contributing to this album. The sounds were captured on tape in their music workshop in the countryside and consists mainly of improvised moments where the sounds travels beyond time and space, something that has been TGS hallmark over the years. Perhaps there's a form of melancholy over some of the album, much depending on how cruelly and suddenly Mera and Torbjörn passed away, but also on a little lighter and crazier whim. Everything is recorded live so there are no euphemistic circumstances, rather everything is pared down, bared bone drones, sounds traveling in the magical improvised unknown with no makeup, just as life can be when the feeling has control. A manifestation of improvised timelessly organic music and free creation. Real life!
PRICE: $31.00
CURRENT 93 Thunder Perfect Mind 2LP
Reissue of Current 93's seminal double album from 1992, Thunder Perfect Mind. Newly and perfectly remastered by The Bricoleur, this reissue comes with a new face to the old sleeve designed by Ania Goszczy?ska. Comes on transparent purple vinyl and includes a four-page lyric insert. This reissue marks the first time that Thunder Perfect Mind has been available on vinyl since its first pressing in 1992.
WIRE 407
PRICE: $8.50
CAT #: WIRE 407
WIRE, THE #407 January 2018 MAG
"The Rewind issue includes our 50 new releases of the year and 50 archive releases of the year, along with specialist genre charts covering all bases from avant rock to jazz & improv via modern composition, dance, global and more. Plus: our crack team of critics and contributors, as well as some of 2017's most active musicians, give us their takes on the highs and lows of the cultural year."
DANI 25001LP
PRICE: $42.00
CAT #: DANI 25001LP
DJ QBERT Dirtstyle 25th Anniversary 2LP
"In celebration of Dirtstyle 25 Year Anniversary DJ Qbert took to the lab to compile what he calls a 'master library of all the greatest skratch sounds from 1992-2017'. This double LP is comprised of over 1300 classic and new Dirtstyle sounds. Featuring artwork from Doug 1, this record set is the new DJ essential tool."
PRICE: $46.00
In a 24/7 world, there is no greater challenge than "to be in command of one's own time". Is it true that the ability to download anything, at any moment, constitutes freedom? Has the '"value" of music, art and design been stripped bare? "I Google, therefore I am"... Touch Movements has been compiled over the course of three years. It is a response to many requests for Touch to publish a fuller account of Jon Wozencroft's photography for the cover art of the project. The book follows the music, which was compiled step-by-step, like a jigsaw; there was not an "open call" to the artists, rather a sequential development which gives the CD a special narrative quality. And since their last Touch 30 compilation in 2012 (TONE 033CD/LP), the accuracy of the music has grown and rises to the challenge of what sound can do to transform perceptions about the immediate emotion of musical work and its more difficult, longer term evolution. Following Halfway to White in 2015 (FOLIO 001BK), the Touch Folio series is a dedication to finding new ways of audiovisual publishing, somewhere between the twin peaks of a jewel-cased CD and a lavish box-set. The two elements of sound and the visual work in parallel to create the idea of an "Ear-book" whose interdependency reveals itself over time, and allows the richest of listening and viewing experiences. The music and the photography is fully annotated, alongside a rarely-seen manifesto by the surrealist film-maker Jan Svankmajer which celebrates the spirit of the creative act. Features: Mika Vainio, AER¸Bethan Kellough, Wire, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Chris Watson, Jana Winderen, Claire M Singer, Hildur Gudnadottir, Three 20, Philip Jeck, Simon Scott¸ Eleh, Russell Haswell, Heitor Alvelos, Johann Johannsson, Mark Van Hoen, Fennesz, Sohrab, Strafe FR, Jim O'Rourke, Situation Stabilised / BJ Nilsen, Peter Rehberg, and Oren Ambarchi. 79-minute CD; 76 pp book in full color. Art Direction, photography, text: Jon Wozencroft.
PRICE: $17.50
CAT #: VVJ 118CD
JANO The Place Between Things CD
The third album has to be confirmed and Jano, widening the number of musicians involved, gives it. The Space Between Things resumes the electrophonic, rare fictional, and visionary sonorities of the previous two albums, but expands the musical proposal into enthralling and elegant melodies, entrusted mainly to the splendid voice of Alessia Martegiani. The arrangements clearly showcase the collective plot, they are innervated by soul, expanding in noir appeal, delighted in bushy, well-crafted textures, and interact effectively with inserts of words recited. The nature of concept-album sets each track as a stage in the search for unexplored spaces between things, but escapes the risk of rigidly limiting the evocative capacity of the sounds. Emiliano D'Auria (piano, Rhodes, electronics) is the composer and arranger of all the songs. In addition to Alessia Martegiani (voice), he has also collaborated with Gianluca Caporale (saxophone, clarinet, flute), Massimo Morganti (trombone), Alex Paolini (drums, electronics), Maurizio Rolli (electric bass), Giulio Spinozzi (trumpet, flicorno), and sound engineer Anthony Di Furia. The result is an album that can also open spaces between jazz and jazz styles to let you experience emotions and air of contemporary sound. "Hurry Up, With Pain, Henry" features Linda Valori.
PRICE: $25.00
Vinilisssimo present a reissue of The Walflower Complextion's self-titled debut album, originally released in 1966. Garage and beat music fans are always fond of digging deep in the vaults of Latin American '60s labels in search for obscure bands to feed their appetite for rare recordings. While most of the unearthed stuff usually consists of cover versions of hits sung in their native Spanish/Portuguese language, The Walflower Complextion is a totally different case. The members of The Walflower Complextion were actually American teenagers, children of US Government staff, attending high school in Bogotá, Colombia. Somehow they got a deal with local label Daro and released their first LP in 1966. The album shows an evident influence of the British Invasion bands, featuring four Stones covers and other classics such as "Long Tall Shorty" via The Kinks, but it is in their own originals and instrumentals where the band showcases the best of their talent. "Blue Bells", a druggy garage delight, or "Chris's B's", leaning towards early surf music, display the raw sound of this bunch of teens: beautiful vocals, psych guitars, wild drums and tambourines shaken in the background. Although they recorded two albums (only distributed locally) and even appeared on Colombian TV, the band did not last long... They broke up in June 1967 after some of the members finished high school, and little else is known about the next steps in music of Fred and Rick Sampson, Chris Kryzs, Pat Sinex, and Mark Lusk. Despite their short career, The Walflower Complextion has gained a cult status among those into Colombian bands such as Los Speakers or Los Young Beats. A must for garage collectors! Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $25.00
PHILWIT & PEGASUS Philwit & Pegasus LP
Vinilisssimo present a reissue of Philwit & Pegasus's self-titled album, originally released in 1970. It may look kind of weird but the one person's name that has to be brought up here, neither played nor sung on this album. Mark Wirtz is the mastermind behind this long-forgotten concept LP released in 1970 by Chapter One Records, a one-off studio project he put together with his girlfriend at the time, Maria Feltham, who wrote most of the songs. Although the album is supposed to be driven by a common concept, its sound gravitates towards broad influences: there are fierce guitars and also soft psych passages, it gets as close to easy listening as to rock. During the '60s, Mark Wirtz was an in-house producer for EMI, working on the Studio 2 series. The next milestones in his career were "A Teenage Opera", a musical project that was never released as an entire work, and producing Tomorrow's self-titled debut LP, a psychedelic masterpiece. In 1969, Mark resigned from his post at EMI Records to return to independent production and approached Les Reed's Chapter One label for the release of his new Philwit & Pegasus project, recorded by a group of musicians that includes John Carter (The Flower Pot Men), Roger Greenaway, or Peter Lee Stirling on vocals, and Chris Spedding on guitar, among other talented artists. The album starts with "Happiness", featuring incredible vocal harmonies, followed by the outstanding "Yoyo Thoughts", a folk-pop delight, but half way through it we reach some of the strongest songs on the LP: the energetic "My What a Lovely Day It's Been", "Lonely Flower", and "Spinning Carousel", which echo The Beach Boys and Love and create an intimate yet vaporous vibe. Fans of sunshine and chamber pop coupled with memorable songwriting will be enthralled by this album. Presented in facsimile artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
PRICE: $23.50
HASHISH A Product of Hashish LP
2017 repress; original clear vinyl. The long-awaited debut album from Hashish. Deluxe silver foil sleeve. Includes poster. Top-class psychedelia, taking the genre to a new level with a sophisticated approach to afro-funk grooves accompanied by dreamy, playful melodies that range through a spectrum of Scandinavian occult psychedelia, minimal synth, surreal electronic soul disco, and rare groove. Some have described Hashish as a project that picks up what Goat started. Welcome to tomorrow. The sounds transport the listener into a forgotten world where the future looks different from what it became. On his soft, subtle island capped with clouds of cool fire, Pan weaves his teachings with the wind and the sun, raining sacred melodies on the hearts and minds of humanity and bestowing desperate loves and yearnings with songs of sainthood and madness. Transient temples of the flesh, laughing at death, clothe our lives in fire. On rippling altars of skin we sensual magicians worship bright burning desire.
XRP 1106CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: XRP 1106CD
On Biga*Ranx's first album On Time, he offers a summary of his musical influences, combining styles with brilliance, and proves that mixing genres is his specialty. This unconventional multi-faceted singer imposes his own universe by combining a typical dancehall flow with a melodic soul oriented singing. Biga*Ranx worked with various European beatmakers for this album, including Olo from the OnDubGround collective and the Danish producers Maffi. For this first album, Biga*Ranx chose the guests among his close relations. The Austrian rapper Governor General Rugged, with whom he created a hip-hop alternative Mus Bus, the legendary Joseph Cotton, and Green Cross, with whom he has shared the stage since his beginnings. From ragga to hip-hop, with guitar riffs and electronic sounds, On Time demonstrates that Biga*Ranx is an incredible artist to be reckoned with.
XRP 1204CD
PRICE: $15.50
CAT #: XRP 1204CD
BIGA RANX On Time Remix CD
Remixed version of Biga*Ranx's first album On Time (XRP 1106CD/ XRP 216215LP). Features: A State Of Mind, Chill Bump, Delie Red-X, Governor General Rugged, Tom Fire, DJ Netik, Elisa Do Brasil, Chinese Man, Benny Page, Aphrodite, Kanka, Mungo's Hi-Fi, Atili Bandalero, and OnDubGround.
XRP 1601CD
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: XRP 1601CD
The famous riddim maker Manudigital presents his first album entitled Digital Pixel. He's a composer, but also a musician, who has officiated as bassist in groups like Babylon Circus or Biga*Ranx with whom he has traveled the world and the biggest scenes of Europe. He has produced riddims for many different artists like Al-Borosie, Sizzla, General Levy, Agent Sasco, Lieutenant Stitchie, Papa Michigan, Queen Omega, and many more... With Digital Pixel, he offers a rich and varied album on a modern reggae tinted with digital sounds and bass music, with a huge casting: Soom T, Jamalski, Joseph Cotton, Flavia Coelho, Danakil, Bazil, Taiwan MC, King Kong, George Palmer, Flavia Coelho, Don Camilo, Peter Youthman, Blundetto & Errol Dunkley, Marina P, and Sara Lugo.
PRICE: $14.50
CAT #: XXX 001EP
XXX introduce the collective consisting of three producers who live and breathe deep in the heart of Switzerland, Jack Pattern. They delivered four diverse and atmospheric stellar dancefloor tracks with serious hints to the late '80s. This first release on XXX is accompanied by custom made artwork by Patrick Van Vliet. Patrick's work has evolved from pop surrealistic, psychedelic imagery to a Dutch social realism. He incorporates social annoyances and public degeneration from day to day life in his images. These images alienate by disrupting the familiar with uncanny elements and deviant colors. A perfect mix for this release.
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