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Trans Am headlined Saturday for the Team Clermont (their radio promo company) weekend festivities at the 40watt in Athens.  Fortunately, there was no crappy opening band to sit through. Unfortunately, there was a private party for the same event going on from 8:30 til 11:30, during which Trans Am supposedly pulled off a good number of ROCK cover songs by Zeppelin, etc. that I missed. This crowd was still present in their 80's prom regalia when the doors opened to the public, dancing to a forcefully cheesy mix of music that made me think I had wandered onto the set of "Valley Girl."

The band hit the stage at midnight, starting off with a double synth/drums configuration and some songs off the new album, as well as from "Futureword." Changing their instruments a few times throughout the hour-long set, they didn't play much old material. But I was glad to hear songs off the new album, which I think might be their best yet. They were tight and polished, and some of the weird signature changes they pulled off were impressive. I was surprised to see that most of what they played used vocals, and not all fed through a vocoder. Most of the time people don't expect bands to deliver what's on the record live, but Trans Am did a great job without any sloppiness. Since I hadn't seen them before I thought they might be a little clinical in performance manner a la Kraftwerk, but it was pretty intense and fully in the ROCK column. They came back out for one encore-a cover of (don't know the song title) with a guest guitarist that was pretty pleasing. Then that was it-The sound was great, the crowd was appreciative, and the 40 watt is not a bad place to see a show-there's also a cool little record store in the corner of it that you should check out if you're there.

One further note- earlier that day I ran into a friend from the band Olivia Tremor Control- he told me that they had recently broken up, but that he and some of the other guys in the band were set to record some stuff soon under a different name. It should be pretty cool, considering that the 2 guys I know in the band are heavy into experimental stuff.
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