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A Call for Volunteers

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Thanks to the efforts of so many, the new Brainwashed is live and working fine. However, we need volunteers with time to copy and paste old material (reviews/news/links/etc,...) into the new system.  There are still plenty of gaps to fill and the people who have helped out in big chunks have been rewarded with gifts from Brainwashed Recordings.

This is how to do it.  First make sure you've registered for an account and contacted us to volunteer.  This is important!  Your account statuts has to be upgraded by the administration so you can submit news/reviews/links/etc.

Here are the gaps we're missing still:

  • January-October 2004  (minus the contributions by Matthew Jeanes)
  • ALL of 2003 (minus a couple contributions by Matthew Jeanes)
  • April-December 2002 (once again minus Matthew's contributions)
  • March 18-December 2001
  • All of 1999 (not necessary, cos the writing was absolutely sucky)
  • All of 1998 (ditto)

PLEASE contact us to claim a chunk of time

How to do it:

Use FIREFOX and open the issue from

We want:

  •  timeless news (new albums, people dying but NOT tour dates/concerts)
  •  all reviews (records, movies, books)
  •  new releases ("01/01/2005 - 01/08/2005" format for the title thanks!)
  •  links of the week (submit weblink on the new brainwashed page)

We don't want:

  • The Eye (they're all done)
  • what's in your CD player
  • feedback
  • polls
  • events calendar


  • paste the ENTIRE review in the "intro text" (make sure the image got copied and pasted too - this will really only work in Firefox)
  • delete the author hyperlink at the end of the review
  • use the PUBLISHING tab at the bottom of the screen to input the Author name (it should say "author alias") and START PUBLISHING date (which should be the brainwashed brain issue date)
  • hit the diskette icon to "save"

Thanks a ton!

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