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Talkin' Boots

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Help is being sought for a project on bootleg LPs.  Bootleg LPs are being defined here as material (usually live) that were not officially released by the band or their label at the time - which is different from "Pirate LPs" (reissues of previously released material).  We're only interested in vinyl LP releases and not CDs, cassettes, or anything other than a 12" LP.

Please contact us with your name, your location and your experience/introduction to bootlegs or the story of a bootleg LP you own.  (ie: "I was 13 when I bought a Joy Division record that just didn't look right, the sound quality sucked,...." or something like that) Somebody will contact you requesting a scan of the cover too (so please try to find the record in your collection!)

This is not limited to bands/labels and can be of ANY genre.

Experts are encouraged to talk about a bootleg LP they think should be an essential part of a collection!

Have fun with it.

And thanks!


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