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Okay, I know this album is about five years old but I strongly think it's worth mentioning. A couple weeks ago I found a place online where I could order the UK pressing of this disc, which I had always known was clearly a different version than the US release which I have owned for years. I was not ready for such an incredibly pleasant and drastic surprise. Everything's beefed up and played out with the force and energy that blows the US release away completely. Although Justin Warfield's rap is weak, the opening tune, "Bug Powder Dust" hits hundreds of times harder with a powerful pounding driving bass line and an incredible melody completely missing on the one I already had. Other guests and other tracks follow suit with an abrasive side of dub completely void on the other version, currently collecting dust in my collection. Playing throughout the disc on nearly all of the tracks is a star-studded team of various Dub Syndicate veterans Skip MacDonald, Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc and Bim Sherman. Guest vocalists and players include Sinead O'Connor, Jah Wobble and other singers. An 11th track, "5ml. Barrel," a spoken word piece from Will Self backed by some incredible music wasn't even on the US version. It's no wonder to me, looking back how this disc bombed in North America.


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