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After several weeks of struggle trying to make any sense of this Lief Elggren / Kevin Drumm collaboration I reluctantly looked for clues in what promotional blurb I could locate. I was rewarded with "critics will find it shocking easy to find angles and write reviews for Triangles." But despite such discouraging irony it eventually hit me that this is a 70s concept album in the grand tradition things like "An Electric Storm," "200 Motels" and "Meddle." Endearingly, the only rock music on the album is reminiscent of "A Pillow of Winds" but that's were the stylistic similarities stop. The source material is modern and kaleidoscopic: electronic, clicky digital, noise, sine tones, drones, organ washes, short-wave radio excerpts and various samples. What makes this a psychedelic concept album is the two uninterrupted sides of mind-trip ? episodic and monumental with trance inducing static or developmental phases disconnected by bizarre, sometimes jarring transitions. With that model in mind Triangles is a very pleasing album and makes perfect sense, in the sense that a psychedelic concept album doesn't make sense except in a highly elliptical sense. As an intellectual sound-art object, on the other hand, it makes no sense. In fact, the more I listen to it now, the more nostalgic I become for those teenage, herbal enhanced headphone listening sessions of the 70s. And take care not to play Triangles on a cheesy stereo; until I played it in the living room, I thought half the album was clever Cagian silence while there is in fact nothing of the kind. 


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