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The more attentive experimentally-minded Manchester electronica enthusiast might be able to spin yarns of Rotations nights upstairs in a small pub room just round the corner from where the Hacienda is boarded up. Organised by Gareth Bibby of RSI Recordings, these have featured appearances from the likes of Mild Man Jan, Magic City, Pendro, Modified Toy Orchestra and his own pedal hopping sampling project Disco Operating System.
The first time I caught DOS in performance, the Pan Sonic influence was apparent, and this was born out by the opening track on the Phonia 12", which also trod similar ground to some of Mick Harris' darker tracks. The System was certainly operating under its own steam by the time of the dynamic 'compact disc digital audio' CD-R, but following this a couple of live appearances saw whatever small Disco portion there ever was in these technoid endeavours dwindling. Stripped down minimal loops were well to the fore.
This disc follows that trajectory, whirling round and round in a series of skillfully edited rhythmic loop constructions which revel in textural exploration underpinned by a playful but subtle sense of humour. Each of the fifteen tracks is an exploration of repetition usually juxtaposing two different timbres, occasionally three. Taps dripping in robotic precision give way to twittering comfortable sine waves clogging the ether. Bells ringing joyfully 'Because Children Are Matter' back on to an accurate simulation of the hum of the cranky portable computer from BBC space opera Blake's 7. Well that brought back some sonic memories, but now I'd like to hear the telephone cable laser guns and teleport too. The pumping kaga-chug of the 'Weiss Squad' makes me feel like I'm resting my mindbrain on the engine of a spaceship made out of a discarded air freshener, as I try to download a frosty chunk of cryogenic toast. Have I earnt my final reward for acceptable behaviour yet?



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