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Mush Records/Dirty Loop Music
A lot of electronic-based musicians and producers make reference to jazz music and its instrumentation in their sampling and arranging; mostly from the post-bop and cool eras. For a good chunk of this disc, Los Angeles hip hop producer Daddy Kev (aka Kevin Marques Moo) stretches the backing tracks to the far reaches in a true free-jazz spirit. Kev combines soloing drums, upright bass, funky loops, guitar runs and other ambient sounds with precise turntable manipulation provided by D-Styles. The unique voice of MC Awol One plays off of these tracks with free-association/spoken word riffs that range from humorous to serious for a new take on beat poetry (no pun intended). Tracks such as "Finger Paint with Bloodlike War Paint," "Grey Skys in Psycho-Delic RGB," and "Buyin' Friends on Ebay" kick along to steady rhymes and beats with quotes from orchestras, saxophone and piano. "Idiot Savant Autistic Delivery" opens with a spoken-word sample about playing free music that Awol One throws in his own dialogue to give a sense of conversation. Steady hi-hat lays down a groove for Fender Rhodes and bass to convey an all too brief 70s soundtrack for a cop show chase sequence that is scratched with vocal samples. As jazz and rap are said to be closely related, it was just a matter of time before free jazz and fusion made their way into the hybrid of hip hop so prominently. 


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