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A league of distinguished noisemen emerge with the subtle frayed filaments of the two extended piece "Brackwater." The title track emits a genuinely blazing low-fi double-take on what could either be a record goin' round and round doused in kerosene, or perhaps the splitting of the atom. This sounds like a grand procedure actually, almost like a squared off experiment between a quartet that's been choreographed to sync perfectly. Otomo Yoshihide's turntables blend incredibly well with Tomas Korber's synthesized electronic play as ErikM and Toshimaru Nakamura mix and otherwise dial-in to add micro-effects and organic feedback. "Brackwater" is like an interactive carpet of static being fine tuned, there's something really palpably textural about their combination playing, with its heart monitor central to the post-climax of the track, the beat goes on. Twisting into cold hallway like spaces, the entire shift of drama flows into the doubt of nighttime. Korber's guitar is only hinted at, but makes for unpresumptuous but perceptible effect. The addendum "And A Slice of Bread" buzzes propitiously. The build is live, the staging is simple, the panorama widens. They have filtered much of the general angst normally heard in works that rely on the effects of their own technical difficulties (feedback, static, whitenoise, other "on-air" sounds). The track renders the artifice of an arboretum, perhaps created in a communications lab, something futuristic, scientific, lost in a time warp. This one calls for volume to attain its excessive subtleties.


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