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Sonic Subjunkies, "Molotov Lounge"

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Highly anticipated album from Digital Hardcore's first defectors. Sonic Subjunkies are more musical than most of the DHR miscreants, but their hypercharged breakbeat tirades slash through pile-ups of samples and noise in no less confrontational a manner. They can still be harder than the rest - hard as a fist studded with nails on "Das Elektrophon" and "Do You Even Know Who You Are?" - without ever losing the impressive control which sets them apart from their peers. Stomping tank-tread hiphop ("Live From Jonestown" and "Welcome To Central Industrial"), Hooversonic jump-up jungle ("12,000 RPM"), even the occasional low-boil pseudo-ambient interlude - a range of moods and demeanors, all stapled with rapid-fire Uzi breaks and automatic discharges.
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