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Pan•American, "The River Made No Sound"

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Mark Nelson has shed some layers for the latest full-length release as Pan•American. No longer is he trading tapes with friends like the first or recruiting other players to guest like the second album. Much like the last Labradford album, this time it's all him. For those who have been following his career with the various singles and compilation track contribututions, the sound should come as no surprise. The influence from various other "micro-house" type people can be felt as there's more non-musical outside sounds like underlying electronic hiss, clicks and pops. What separates Nelson from the rest of the crowd is his undeniable talents as both a great musician and composer. Despite the overall quiet nature of the disc, his subtle synthetic organ melodies are lush and involved, inviting and even sexy. I'm almost embarassed to admit that 'The River' makes for a great record to underscore quite a romatic evening to. While many other uses can include schoolwork, housework, or quiet time, it is a fascinating album to completely tune the world out and zone out to. Yummmm.


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