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v/vm, "whine and missingtoe"

Just in time for the holidays is the reissue of V/Vm Test Records' very first Christmas single! Included on the new 3" are all six tracks from the original 7" single plus a brand new Christmas treat for 2001: a timeless terrible Paul McCartney tune that time forgot, "Pipes of Peace". Sure, we all know that the Stockport crew are a bunch of hacks, but there's something amazingly charming about the sounds of deformed classics threadded through hosts of effects, banks and glitches along with creepy new takes on irritating joyous songs unavoidable like that Salvation Army guy with the bell who won't stop. After a long day of avoiding grouchy drivers, pushy shoppers and everything else that comes along with the holiday season, it's nice to throw on something haunting like Animal's "Oil Come All Ye Industrial" or the chopped-up audio collage of Prof. Broxburn's "Christmas Fractions and Brandy Snaps" at unbearingly loud volumes. I think that's even James and Andy singing karaoke on the V/Vm live show 1997 track! And to think these guys claim to have never heard of Nurse With Wound!




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Review of the Day

Prurient, "Through the Window"

cover imageI think it is finally safe to say that I do not understand Dominick Fernow at all, as I am completely mystified as to: 1.) why this was released as a Prurient album, and 2.) how it somehow managed to avoid release for two long years (given Fernow's singularly relentless release schedule).  Although it was recorded at the same time as 2011's  excellent (but polarizing) Bermuda Drain, Through the Window dispenses with noise almost entirely to indulge a somewhat misguided fascination with house techno.  The result is undeniably more accessible than everything else recorded under the Prurient banner, but accessibility is not what I am generally hoping for with Prurient and these songs are significantly less compelling than Fernow's other dance flirtations with Cold Cave and Vatican Shadow.

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