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A couple weeks ago, I had a lot of time on my hands on the highway to Austin for a Pigface show. I figured it would be a good time to take in the entirety of this various artists collection handpicked by Pigface and Invisible Records head honcho Martin Atkins for Underground Inc., an affiliation of 15 or so indy labels including Invisible. "Notes.." showcases 52 tracks over 3 discs by 28 artists, none of whom I'd previouslyheard of. I kept a simple 'thumbs up' vs. 'thumbs down' tally as I listened and 20 tracks got the thumbs up. Not bad considering the single disc price tag. It's a diverse lot that represents both genders and many facets of pop, punk, rock, industrial rock, dance, rap, etc. (but you won't find a single glitch) and, of course, the unavoidable Skinny Puppy/Orgy/Leatherstrip imitators. My bias lies more towards the original and weird stuff rather than the cookie cutter refuse. Some of the highlights: Louie Fontaine's Foetus like swagger, Tub Ring's cut and paste carnival punk on acid, Kill Pop's explosive Big Black meets Minor Threat sound and Livesexact's "You Must Get Down" amusing samples and raps. And the cream of the crop: Mistlethrush's utterly delightful melodic rock gems "Heavy Set John" and "Jody Stone" ... they will be huge given proper exposure). Volume 2 was recently released with 2 more discs packed with another set of artists. I have it on order.



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