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Nudge, "Cached"

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Honey Owens of Jackie-O Motherfucker, Paul Dickow of Strategy and Fontanelle, and Brian Foote, also of Fontanelle, form a bio-organic unit filled to the brim with all manner of exotic sounds and strange interactions. Combining sequenced and processed composition with live and acoustic elements, this trio flies back and forth between jazzy, dub-influenced sounds, punk attitude, and spacious, dark atmospheres highlighted by Owens' seductive voice.
The slippery and secretive insertion of sounds recalls the allure of film noir, smoky environments spattered with characters whose lives are too dark to relate in any way other than knowing glances and sunken faces. The energy found in songs like "My New Youth" is bright and spastic, with guitars and keyboards wailing to the frantic pulse of a drummer who has just learned how to treat his feet and hands as separate entities. The soul beyond all of these songs speaks volumes about how this record feels: it's a free-for-all combining libido and force with silky curves, jarring juxtapositions, and the seedy feeling of walking through a red-light district. Listening to "Classic Mode," I was quite sure that I was going to be in for the electronic pop record of my life; Owens' singing is stunning when supported by this sort of wind-swept percussion and sparkling string work. This song is worth the album alone, but Nudge refuse to stay still, never giving in to their own charms and letting the life of the instruments move them instead of the opposite. It's hard to imagine any of these melodies being any different than they are, their force and persuasion is perfect in almost every aspect. I remember hearing that electronic music can't have any soul and that, at times, it was too robotic to be anything close to human. I know this album isn't entirely electronic, but the band's use of electronic trickery is so well applied to the entire album that Cached feels like a living testament that any such statement can't possibly be true.


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