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The Elevator Drops, "Epidose 1"

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A collection of previously unreleased early material, Epidose 1 showcases 14 heavily textured songs that are impressively strong, and it's not hard to see why they caught the attention of the majors. The Drops somehow manage to be noisy and catchy, silly and heavy, all at the same time.


The opening track "Space Song" begins and ends with jagged shards of sound with a solid wall of noise in between, and that combination of sharp and thick continues throughout most of the album. Lurking under all the bass and distortion are some pretty sharp hooks that punch through and grab you when you're not looking.

Samples are woven in ("Happy the Clown" features a sitcom laugh track) to create a surprisingly coherent collage, not unlike much of the album's artwork, and a snatch of Duran Duran is welded onto the end of "Floordrop Opera."

Kudos to Archenemy for getting their grubby mitts on this material and throwing it out into the world; it's full of varied and solid nuggets well worth saving.

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