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Mailing list - checking on records

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Hi there -

Thanks so much for putting this site up.  It's become one of my daily stops as I wake up and surf the net.

Anyhoo, I work with artists and added your site on to our mailing list at the end of 2005.  Is there someone I can be in touch with about records I send your way or do you like receiving music from labels/publicists?

We welcome submissions all the time but are not very responsive to publicists pestering us "did you get it, will you cover it?" because we are a staff of volunteers.  We don't do this for a living so we all have other committments.  Sorry, if we covered top 40 indie pop crap from major labels maybe we'd have a bigger market segment and more money to get paid with but then we wouldn't be covering the more daring stuff we want to give attention to.


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