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Hiya, got my copy of EYE 32 in the mail this weekend along with the cool swag I ordered - Thoroughly enjoyed the DVD, and though I'd watched the NWW segment online before it was thrilling to experience it in all its majesty on my widescreen TV and to see the great segments on Aranos & Z'ev (though I wish you could've got him to talk more about his metaphysical occult leanings and endeavors) - And the audio mastering on that DVD is killer, I had to decrease the volume on the DVD -10db to avoid rousting the neighbors (usually I have to BOOST the audio when viewing DVDs) - I'm probably gonna order a couple more of these EYE volumes anyway, but you ought to consider releasing the Boyd Rice feature on DVD-R (along with the much less interesting Death In June special, I guess), you know DI6 fans will buy that one, right?...

Thanks for the praise and encouragement.  We'll contact Non and DIJ and see what they think.



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