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Jonathan Coleclough & Lethe, "Long Heat"

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Any doubt that the term "drone," as applied to this sort of music, is completely and ridiculously misleading should be eliminated after listening to this recording. While all sorts of pulsing tones are used and thrown away on Long Heat, the most noticeable aspect this collaboration is that it never sits still or relies on constant droning sounds to achieve its rather confusing effect.


Kuwayama Kiyoharu, otherwise known as Lethe, and Jonathan Coleclough construct a fairly ominous set of sounds, one on top of the other, until they produce the sound of music burning. Crackling, sticks snapping, and slowly detuned winds flow through a series of almost indefinable transitions; each new sound ushers in a new palette and a fresh movement. Sounding almost like a variation on a theme, the duo slowly allows an intensity to build, never really letting go and simply adding intriguing sounds as they move along, almost as though they were eager to drop the old ones as quickly as possible. At around the 21 minute mark, the atmosphere begins to spiral out of a control ever so slightly: the clanking of metal, the sounds of birds chirping, and the endless wail of synthetic tones grows over its own container and sounds more and more threatening with every passing second. There's almost never any doubt that anything released by Coleclough is going to be good, but not since his work with Colin Potter on Low Ground has his work felt this powerful. Lethe's contribution may have something to do with this, but unfortunately there are no details provided on the packaging in regards to who contributed what and how. There are two editions of this release available. One is a single disc edition and the other is a two-disc edition limited to 250 copies and available only through ICR Distribution. There's little reason not to own this; the fevered pitch this album reaches and it's beautiful, destructive aftermath exceed any description that might be applied.


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