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Sol Invictus - Sol Veritas Lux (Tursa America TA1)

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Sol Invictus - Sol Veritas Lux

Sol Invictus

An All Time Neofolk Classic Returns at the Right Time

Even in this modern world, it seems every few years, some new resurgence of "folk music" rises out of nowhere and finds a welcoming following.

The latest wave commonly labeled as freak-, psych-, or wyrd-folk has given us such stars as Devendra Banhart, Akron/Family, and Six Organs of Admittance.  From the English folk revival of the 60's, to this "New Weird America" movement now in full swing, the quality each of these moments has in common is looking respectfully to the past, while contributing a new twist appropriate to the times.

Just about two decades ago now, another curious folk music movement began to emerge.  A strain of English "industrial" groups were looking for ways to impart new meaning into their bleak and frightening noise, and a new and highly creative, "post-industrial" folk music came to life, heavily charged with mystical and philosophical themes.  "Neofolk" as it would come to be known is largely defined by early releases by Tony Wakeford's Sol Invictus, alongside fellow pioneer projects Current 93 and Death in June.

2006 now sees the reissue of one of the best and most important releases of neofolk, Sol Veritas Lux by Sol Invictus.

Sol Veritas Lux – which combines the debut "Against the Modern World" LP (1987) along with the live "In the Jaws of the Serpent" LP (1988) – is likely to rank as one of the most raw listening experiences you can ever find.  Playing this album is like calling an arctic blast from Old Pagan Europe.  It's cold and it's mean and it offers no apologies.  Whatever you think, you are not ready to hear this album.

Over the following years Sol Invictus would smooth out the rough edges and produce many beautiful albums, but there are many who would argue Sol Veritas Lux shows Wakeford and company at their most potent and compelling.  It has always stood as one of the best selling Sol Invictus releases.

The 2006 edition of Sol Veritas Lux celebrates nearly 20 years of Sol Invictus, presented in a luxurious package with new liner notes, and freshly remastered by Denis Blackham to bring out even more of its primitive glory.  It offers three newly rerecorded bonus tracks showing a current interpretation on the same material.

The most remarkable achievement of Sol Invictus and the neofolk scene would have to be its enduring appeal.  New releases and new concerts are received by a loyal cult following year after year.  Watching the trends in the music world, it may even turn out the peak is yet to come for Tony Wakeford and friends.

Sol Veritas Lux is the first major Sol Invictus album to be released in an edition specially for North America.  Sol Veritas Lux is promoted & distributed in North America by Strange Fortune.  Release date in North America is late Summer 2006.

Claim your copy of one of the all time classics of neofolk today at

"Sol Invictus blow most over-hyped death folk/psych records out of the water."
–The Wire

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