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9/2/2007 - 9/8/2007

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September kicks off with notable new releases from Sleeper Thief, Michael Yonkers and Frances White and reissues from The Legendary Pink Dots, La Femme, Secret Oyster, Culture and a compilation of two collaborations between Heiner Goebbels and Alfred Harth. 

V/A, "Benbecula Yearbook" (Benbecula) Digital

Aeroplane, "S/T" (Eskimo) 12"
Paolo Angeli, "Tessuti" (Recommended) CD
Marc Antona, "One More Sugar" (Mobilee) 12"
Baroness, "The Red Album" (Relapse) CD
Stephen Beaupre, "Foe Destroyer" (Musique Risquee) 2xLP
Jeff Bennett, "I Thought I Was EP" (Kickin' Music) 12"
Black Boned Angel, "Eternal Love/Eternal Hunger" (Riot Season) LP
Black Mustang, "Mad As Hell/Blackout" (Loeb) 12"
Gui Boratto, "Chromophobia Remixe Part 2" (Kompakt) 12"
Turner Cody, "Buds of May" (Digitalis) CD
*Culture, "Two Sevens Clash: the 30th Anniversary Edition" (Shanachie) CD
Marcin Czubala, "The Octopus" (Mobilee) 12"
D'Julz, "Runny" (Poker Flat) 12"
Davem, "Believe" (Karat Records) 12"
D*I*R*T*Y, "Dirty Space Disco" (Tigersushi) CD
Division by Zero, "Boulderdash/Ball Blazer" (Eskimo) 12"
DOP, "No Passport EP" (Milnormodern) 12"
Error Error, "The End of the Day" (Sender) 12"
Exercise One, "Dark Star/Melting" (Mobilee) 12"
Nathan Fake, "You Are Here" (Border Community) CD/12"
German Oak, "S/T" (Radioactive Records) LP
Heib, "Flatliner" (Senior Solution Management) 12"
*Heiner Goebbels/Alfred Harth, "Hommage/Vier Fäuste für Hanns Eisler" (Recommended) 2xCD
Guru Guru, "Wiesbaden 1972" (Garden of Delights) CD
Peter Michael Hamel, "Vom Klang Des Lebens/Of the Sound of Life" (Celestial Harmonies) CD
Marek Harmmann, "Lowdown EP" (Raum Musik) 12"
Wilfried Hiller, "Buch Der Sterne/Book of Stars" (Celestial Harmonies) 2xCD
Giuseppe Ielasi, "August" (12K) CD
Mikael Jonasson, "Twenty-Se7en" (Audiomatique) 12"
*La Femme, "S/T" (Aztec Music) CD
Lawrence, "Pond" (Aztec Music) 12"
Laven & MSO, "Looking for God" (Klang Elektronik) 12"
*The Legendary Pink Dots, "Alchemical Playschool" (Soleilmoon Recordings) 2x10"
Joel Mull, "Sunny Hills EP" (Audiomatique) 12"
*Emma Myldenberger, "Emmaz Live!" CD
Naoshima/Takeda/Kawasaki/Takeuchi/Kawaguchi/Totsuka, "Septet" (Meenna) CD
Hans Otte, "Stundenbuch/Book of Hours" (Celestial Harmonies) CD
Pardoel/Robbie van Hilst, "Agatho" (Manual) 12"
Pelle Buys, "In The Mood for Love" (Italic) 12"
Perc & Fractal, "Speicher 52" (Kompakt) 12"
Roger Reynolds, "Whispers Out of Time (Works for Orchestra)" (Mode) CD
Jeff Samuel, "Fire" (Poker Flat) 12"
*Secret Oyster, "S/T" (Laser's Edge) CD
*Secret Oyster, "Straight to the Krankenhaus" (Laser's Edge) CD
Shantel, "Disko Partizani" (Essay Recordings) 2xLP
*Skyline, "Louise for One Night" (Garden of Delights) CD
Sleeper Thief, "Cenotes" (Mobilee) 12"
Slow Six, "Nor'easter" (New Albion) CD
Sog, "Speicher 53" (Kompakt) 12"
*Spectrum, "Part One" (Aztec Music) CD
Anthony Steele, "Sugar" (Goosehound) 12"
Styro 2000, "Saccarin" (Kahlwild) 12"
Susanna, "Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos" (Rune Grammofon) CD
Taxi Taxi!, "S/T" (Rumraket) CD
Touane/Ulysse, "Chamber/Sometimes" (Liebe Detail) 12"
Alejandro Vivanco, "Madre Tierra" (Candenza) 12"
Frances White, "Centre Bridge: Electroacoustic Works" (Mode) CD
Michael Yonkers, "Circling The Drain" (Nero's Neptune) LP
Michael Yonkers w/ The Blind Shake, "Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons" (Nero's
Neptune) LP
V/A, "Home Schooled: The ABCs of Kid Soul" (Numero) CD
*V/A, "Lethal Weapons" (Aztec Music) CD
V/A, "Pom Pom: 30" (Pom Pom) 12"
V/A, "Studio One Roots Vol. 3" (Soul Jazz Records) CD/2xLP 

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