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8/24/2008 - 8/30/2008

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A slow week at nearing the end of the summer has few new releases hitting the shelves. Some highlights include Alias, Boyd Rice & Z'EV, Tussle, and a DVD with Fantomas and Melvins Big Band on Ipecac.


Alias, "Resurgam " (Anticon) CD
Deadwood "Ramblack" (Cold Spring) CD / LP CSR104CD / CSR104LP
Dragonforce, "Ultra Beatdown " (Roadrunner) CD
The 88, "Not Only…But Also " (Island) CD
Fantomas/Melvins Big Band: Live From London 2006 (Ipecac) DVD
The Game, "L.A.X. " (Black Wall Street) CD
Zach Hill, "Astrological Straights " (Ipecac) CD
Motorhead, "Motorizer" (SPV) CD
Boyd Rice & Z'EV, "Untitled" (Cold Spring) 12" CSR105CD
Matthew Sweet, "Sunshine Lies " (Shout! Factory) CD
The Silent Years, "The Globe " (self-released) CD
Tussle, "Cream Cuts " (Smalltown Supersound) CD
The Triple Tree - "Ghosts" (Cold Spring) CD CSR96CD



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