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Bohren & Der Club of Gore, "Mitleid Lady"

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cover imageRecorded in 2006, this release looked like it would not see the light of day but thankfully these four Germans and Southern Records have come to their senses. While the EP is brief (only one 10 minute piece), this is another slice of brilliance from the same dark cavern that they have always mined for their music.



Bohren & Der Club of Gore

While I would have loved for another couple of pieces, I can forgive Bohren for coming up with only one awesome track due to the limited working time in Southern Record’s studio (where all the Latitudes releases are recorded, usually in a day). Although this is the first release they recorded since Geisterfaust, it seems the band had returned once again to the more accessible style perfected on Black Earth and later on Dolores.

There are no surprises here as to how “Mitleid Lady” sounds; extended notes on the electric piano punctuated by stabs of gorgeous nocturnal jazz melodies, all the while conjuring up images of beautiful women, shadows and intrigue.

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