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Altamira (High Sight)

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  1. Kurt Vile - Freeway
  2. Night  Control - Star 131
  3. Yeasayer - Tightrope
  4. Atlas Sound - Dovers Jam (pre-Walkabout live version)
  5. Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision
  6. The Incredible String Band - Lover Man (Tricks Of The Senses early version)
  7. Bibio - Dopplerton
  8. Akron/Family - Set 'em Free, Part 1
  9. Tape - Altamira
  10. Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me
  11. Peter Broderick - And It's Alright
  12. Vetiver - Rolling Sea
  13. Fire On Fire - Flight Song
  14. City Center - Unfinished Hex
  15. Julianna Barwick - Bode

Zug Thompson - Musician/Farmboy,
Ithaca, NY, USA

Make everyone an imaginary "Mix CD" for our virtual Mix CD Exchange Party. Send the tracklist to mixcd at brainwashed. Make sure it is short enough to fit on a disc, avoid shameless self-promotion (ie don't put your own songs on it!), tell us who you are and where you are, and give it a title!

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