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100% Dollar Store Patchouli Brain Beef Party

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  1. Comus - Diana
  2. Ze Ramalho e Lula Cortez - Pedra Templo Animal
  3. Catherine Ribeiro And Alpes - Un Regard Clair (Obscur)
  4. Bobby Callendar - Nature
  5. Spires That In The Sunset Rise - I Am Sewn
  6. Gandalf - Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
  7. Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' Jack Flash
  8. The Unfolding - Electric Buddha
  9. Oliver Wallace/Peggy Lee - The Siamese Cat Song *from Lady and The Tramp*
  10. Butthole Surfers - Kuntz
  11. The Wind In The Willows - There Is But One Truth, Dad
  12. Diana Rogerson & Andrew Liles - Ever Afflicted With
  13. Ana Rita Simonka - Mais Filhos De Gandhi (Brazil)
  14. Right-Eye Rita - JGeschtika Monstre Laughika
  15. Tuluum Shimmering - Nitrous Flesh
  16. Tanya Tagaq - Suluk

Arvo Fingers, delirious insomniac
Chicago, Illinois

Make everyone an imaginary "Mix CD" for our virtual Mix CD Exchange Party. Send the tracklist to mixcd at brainwashed. Make sure it is short enough to fit on a disc, avoid shameless self-promotion (ie don't put your own songs on it!), tell us who you are and where you are, and give it a title!


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