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For just under 40 minutes, Stereolab bring us the latest offering of all new material.
  This 7-track EP picks up some of the feel left over from the last album, taking more liberty with jamming in the studio and less focus on writing song-oriented tunes. It gets a bit repetitive from the first minute with the 9 1/2 minute "Outer Bongolia," the rest of the tracks continue with a brightness and prettiness, which is okay to listen to, but once again, Stereolab hasn't given anything I believe will be getting heavy rotation in my CD player. Thankfully, the price sticker is reasonable enough to justify getting it. Fans of older Lab stuff who have been disappointed with the last few albums might want to refrain from purchasing this and being disappointed again. As one disgruntled old fan put it, "they've recorded the same album 3 times in a row now!"


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