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Toymonger, "The Night Vision"

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cover imagePurported to be Ireland’s first noise 12” (send any refutations on a postcard to anyone but me), this EP is at least going to be one of the best even if it is not the only one. The duo of Gavin Prior and Andrew Fogarty conjure up four stellar pieces, each one covering a different aspect of noise as an expansive genre without resorting to just pushing up all the dials and leaving the microphones recording.

Munitions Family


Although I am not sure which side is A or B (even the matrix codes give no clue), the four pieces that make up The Night Vision all sound superb. (What I think is) “Salt Mists” begins quietly, some discordant sounds like something broken being bowed eventually building up into a harsher mass of sound. Spooky, whistle-like loops emerge in the background before the piece dips into a lower register which gives the impression of a hellish ferry into hell sounding its infernal foghorn.

Assuming the other side is the B side, “Taking Hold” is based around a beautiful organ while rusty detritus scraps and squeaks all over it. Then on “Burned Clean,” Fogarty (one half of Toymonger) brings some of his textural experience from one of his other musical ventures, Boys of Summer, to help create a dense cloud of fuggy noise. This fantastic piece provides an exhilarating finish to a top notch EP.


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