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Disgust, "Time Ruins Everything..."

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cover imageThe debut release from this American noise duo is a pedestrian attempt at creating som unpleasant, hateful and gripping post-industrial noise. However, Thor J. and Waddiah Rabiah Chami never feel like they are connecting with the sound they are generating. It is a shame because Chami's other work as Koufar prepared me for something huge and powerful which Disgust never manages to pull off. This is noise at its most inoffensive despite the supposed intentions of Disgust.


Small Doses

The five bursts of power electronics on this 3” CDR fail to capture the force implied by titles like “Disgust” and “Fueled by Self Hate/If I Could.” Instead, the various pieces would be better described as ambivalent electronics; I just do not get any cathartic release or emotional response from Time Ruins Everything... beyond despondency. Turning the volume up (which usually brings out the best in even the most mediocre power electronics) does nothing for Disgust, even at dangerously loud levels this still sounds safe.

In the middle of the EP is a piece called “Epiphany” where one of the duo confides into the microphone that “[he doesn’t] know what else to say.” This is not so much of a revelation for me; having sat through this a few times now, I would argue that the word “else” is superfluous as Disgust have not said anything yet.


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