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Finally, I saw the new Woody Allen film, Small Time Crooks.
  I actually saw this one twice. Now, it seems most people either love him or hate him. I'm neutral, I think he's a weird guy, but he's an exceptional writer. Small Time Crooks follows Ray and Frenchy Winkler, played by Woody Allen and Tracey Ullman respectively. Ray thinks of a mastermind plan to open a cookie shop to tunnel under ground into a bank and rob them of two million dollars. Things take a nasty turn when a police officer buying cookies follows them into the tunnel. Instead, the officer markets their wonderful cookies and open up a huge cookie chain. With a few cameo appearances this film is the best film I saw this week, cleverly written, well acted and constantly funny. If you like Woody Allen it's one of his best in years, if not, tough.
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