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Forced Exposure New Releases for 5/20/2013

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New music is due this week from Scout Niblett, Survival, and Om, plus old music from Source Family, Container, and The Weirdos.


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OEP 1001LP

COX, KENNY: Clap Clap! The Joyful Noise 2LP (OEP 1001LP) 22.00
Standard, non-gatefold edition on 140 gram vinyl with insert. "Lorin 1974, Strata Records Inc. was well known in Detroit for their art gallery, live music venue, and record label, turning out records by artists like Kenny Cox and Lyman Woodard. In 2012, nearly four decades later, Scion commissioned DJ Amir Abdullah to research and create an exhibit based on lost youth culture in Detroit for a new online museum. Familiar with the history of Strata Inc., Amir decided the best way to define the era was through the lens of the label's brief but potent influence on the city's culture. Inspired by this project, Amir set out to re-introduce the world to Strata Inc. through his own label, 180 Proof Records. The Lyman Woodard Organization's Saturday Night Special (1975) is perhaps the jewel of the label, but the LP that was to follow - Cox's unreleased Clap Clap! The Joyful Noise, is at the same time radical and sublime. It's a visionary work, inspired by both the innocence and zeal of his 3-year-old son, Philip, and also the culture of Latin America and Caribbean lands Cox admits in the album's original liner notes that, 'oddly enough... I've never seen.' This is unreleased jazz from the legendary Detroit Jazz label Strata Records, Inc. remastered from the original master reel to reel tapes with never seen before photos and extensive liner notes by respected music writer Ronnie Reese, author of the first official J Dilla biography."



EMMANUEL, JD: Time Traveler 2LP (ZORN 025LP) 25.50
Kudos to Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into The Future for bringing J.D. Emmanuel back into the spotlight. In 2007, Lieven dug up the masterpiece album Wizards and re-issued it on his own label. A few years later, in 2011, J.D. was asked to tour through Europe where he was accompanied by Dolphins Into The Future and Paul LaBrecque. Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and Holland welcomed J.D. and the people attending the concerts knew they were in for an electronic blast from the past. This 2LP set covers the tour with a great deal of unreleased live tracks. The live recordings show J.D.'s phenomenal skill to create a universe of swirling and constantly turning sounds. He's up there in the big league of early electronic and new age pioneers with the likes of Iasos, Laurie Spiegel, and Trans-Millenia Consort. Some words from the man himself: "After my European tour, I decided to use the name Time Traveler to describe my music because it can put the listener into a state where time seems to disappear. This is my goal with my music, to create an altered state for expanding consciousness." With Hawaiian-inspired artwork, just like J.D.'s colorful character, and of course, his T-shirts. Includes a glossy double-sided insert. Mastered by J.D. Emmanuel. Pressed @ Handle With Care, Berlin. Limited edition of 500 copies.


QUIET EVENINGS: Impressions LP (ZORN 026LP) 23.00
Following the much-loved Nova Scotian Arms/Motion Sickness Of Time Travel split LP on Aguirre, here's the second collaborative LP by the couple from LaGrange, Georgia. In a little over three years, the duo that comprise Quiet Evenings -- Grant and Rachel Evans -- have become two of the most prolific and active artists in the American underground. Each also has solo projects: Grant's Nova Scotian Arms and Rachel's Motion Sickness Of Time Travel. Between those as well as Quiet Evenings, they've amassed well over 50 releases for various labels in various editions. They also co-run the Hooker Vision label, clocking up a similar amount of releases for other kindred spirits. On Impressions, both sides offer super-repetitive drone-work in the highest form. Outer-space that balances a slow pace with an incredibly intense inertia to evolve immediately, yet gracefully. With minimal instrumentation of guitars and synthesizers, the pieces on Impressions captivate the listener into the world they've created. Far from the realm of pure ambient drift, subtle forces build within their disarming restraint and provide a stunning balance between light and shade. Quiet Evenings inhabit a ghostly space of unique elegance. This is a duo that can carry their craft well beyond standard shapes.


TRANSMUTEO: Transmuteo LP (ZORN 030LP) 23.00
Transmuteo is the project of Jonathan Dean and a revolving group of collaborators, both musical and visual. The project encompasses audio, video, digital art, site-specific installation art, radio broadcasts, live performance, and experimental social networking. Jonathan shows us where we need to go next. Ultra-soothing transmissions from the crystal dome by the mysterious New Orleans based Atlantean being. Pure, beautiful, and raw -- the new age. You know you're in for a journey of self-discovery. Artwork by Jonathan Dean. Mastered by Jonathan Dean. Pressed at Handle With Care, Berlin. Limited edition of 200 copies.



DR. JOHN: In The Right Place LP (ATCO SD7018HLP) 12.00
Repressed; 180g vinyl edition. Originally released in 1973, with help from producer Allen Toussaint and backing band The Meters. Includes the hit "Right Place Wrong Time." All 100% original Dr. John funk and a total classic.



MEMOTONE: Koma/Goldair 7" (ACRE 042EP) 12.50
Last copies of this 2013 RSD release. Limited edition, 300 copies on transparent vinyl. Memotone returns from the woodland with two fingers aloft to the genre conservatives switching between euphoric atmospheres and grainy scull rattling dance floor ammo. "Koma" kicks off like a futurist Tom Waits gripped by archaic electronics. Primal drums thump a dark path into an electronic maelstrom, tiny pauses in sound provide just enough time to gasp before the listener is submerged into the claustrophobic murk. "Goldair" is a more airy trip into broken circuit sound, binary industrial rhythm toils beneath angelic strings and haunting pads.



BEACHWOOD SPARKS: Beachwood Sparks LP (BOMP 4077LP) 17.50
"The Beachwood Sparks are space cowboys -- although their self-titled debut most closely recalls the sound of vintage Laurel Canyon country-rock, its shimmering twang-pop melodies and gorgeous harmonies bask in a kind of interstellar psychedelia which lends the album an otherworldly glow. The hypnotically dreamlike instrumental passages which wind their way through luminous country-pop moments like 'Sister Rose,' 'Something I Don't Recognize,' and 'Old Sea Miner' completely transform the album's chemical makeup. Rooted in the earth but reaching for the stars, the group realizes Gram Parsons' 'cosmic American music' aesthetic in its truest sense."


BLACK LIPS, THE: The Black Lips LP (BOMP 4084LP) 15.50
"Listen to the first couple of cuts from the Black Lips' self-titled debut album and it sounds like you've uncovered yet another nuevo-garage rock band with an extra shot of punk rock attitude. All well and good, but let the album sink in and you realize these kids have a bit more up their sleeves -- the tres-wasted psychedelia of 'Freakout,' the creepy blues crawl of 'Stone Cold' and 'Down and Out,' and the free-form dementia of 'You're Dumb' prove these guys have been absorbing their influences from any number of less than wholesome sources."


BATORS, STIV: L.A. Confidential LP (BOMP 4089LP) 17.50
"L.A. Confidential contains a treasure trove of unreleased outtakes from the sessions that were initially recorded in 1979 and 1980 by Bomp mastermind Greg Shaw. After the initial breakup of the Dead Boys, nihilistic frontman extraordinaire Stiv Bators recorded material for Disconnected and several singles for Bomp. The music took a decidedly different approach, bypassing punk chutzpuh like 'Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth' for '60s-derived garage pop abandon. Upon release, Dead Boys fans were less than enthused. Even so, this material stands on its own and continues to be rediscovered by a new audience much like Iggy's post-Stooges discs The Idiot and Lust for Life. The 18 tracks are all remastered from the original tapes, including alternate mixes of 'The Last Year,' 'It's Cold Outside,' 'Not That Way Anymore,' 'Circumstantial Evidence,' 'I'll Be Alright,' a demo version of 'I'll Stand Accused,' a rehearsal of the Damned's 'Neat, Neat, Neat,' and 'Morrison Rant' (recorded live at the Ritz in 1980), which is pure throwaway fun."


WEIRDOS, THE: Destroy All Music LP (BOMP 4098LP) 15.50
"When original LA punks the Weirdos recorded Destroy All Music (their debut EP) on the day Elvis died, it must have sounded like a threat to western civilization. Thirty years later, gathered here along with various demos and a 1979 EP, it's less revolutionary, but remains a blast. It's like a fusion of the Clash and the Ramones, fronted by a vocalist several sheets to the wind. The Weirdos failed to secure a major deal, presumably because of John Denney's berserk intensity. The rawness gives these historic recordings a punk edge. It's difficult to deny the nihilistic glory of the title track, in which Denney proclaims: 'I want to kick in the radio, bomb the record store.' Outrageous."



ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO: Message To Our Folks LP (BYG 328LP) 14.00
Repressed; 28th volume in the BYG Actuel series; gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl. "Originally recorded at Studio Davout in Paris on August 12th, 1969... the Art Ensemble Of Chicago stands out as one of the most influential and long-lasting avant-garde and free jazz bands of all time. 4 tracks."


CH 107CD

BEACHES: She Beats CD (CH 107CD) 15.50
Sprawling Melbourne psych-rock five-piece Beaches return with second album She Beats. Their self-titled debut emerged on Mistletone Records in 2008, making the Australian Music Prize shortlist for that year and featuring in 2010 book 100 Best Australian Albums. In the intervening years, the band have toured the U.S. twice, played All Tomorrow's Parties at the invitation of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, released an EP for NYC label Mexican Summer, and shared stages with the likes of Roky Erickson, Deerhunter, and Wooden Shjips. For She Beats, Beaches have once again joined forces with producer Jack Farley (Twerps, Scott & Charlene's Wedding). And like its predecessor, the album reflects a love for '60s pop, '70s psych, shoe-gaze, prog, southern boogie and Krautrock. But She Beats is bigger, bolder and more ambitious than the debut. For one thing, German guitar icon Michael Rother of Neu!/Harmonia features on two tracks. The band formed a bond with Rother at ATP in Melbourne in 2009, and he invited himself along to their recording sessions during his next Oz tour in 2012. One of these tracks, the cascading sonic swirl "Distance," was premiered on Gorilla vs. Bear and racked up 15k Soundcloud plays within a week. Elsewhere, "Veda" sees the band extending hypnotically eastward, while droning cello scrapes introduce "Tanzanite." On the other end of the spectrum, tracks like "Send Them Away," "Out of Mind," and "Runaway" are upfront, glorious pop, though still heady with Beaches' dreamy guitar heroics. All up, She Beats is rich, confident and layered, a multi-dimensional sonic world to get lost in over and over again. Beaches are Antonia Sellbach (guitar/vocals), Alison Bolger (guitar/vocals), Ali McCann (guitar/vocals), Gill Tucker (bass/vocals), and Karla Way (drums/vocals).



SANTE & FRANK LORBER: Resistance EP 12" (COR 104EP) 12.50
Cocoon presents an EP from Sante & Frank Lorber. "Share" is built around a cool and modulating bass line and the drums are spiced up with some old-skool flavor. "All About" is like the good old "dub" you used to know from the high times of vinyl DJing. Finally, "Resistance" features banging drums, loud and kicking hi-hats, claps and those Detroit-like backward vocals beam us back to the Motor City-techno-age. On white vinyl.



NAUM GABO: Embargo Barco 12" (CORR 015EP) 12.00
Well-known for its highly idiosyncratic blend of hard-hitting prime time movers, Glasgow-based production duo Naum Gabo returns to the international dancefloors with Embargo Barco, a dripping slice of raw club activism sure to split many a forehead. With impelling vocals by electronic flaneur Capablanca and a surprising funk remix by mutant disco revivalist Daniel Maloso, this makes for a slick package more than ready for mayhem.



JEFFERIES, PETER: The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World CD (DESTIJL 123CD) 12.00
"Peter Jefferies's extraordinary debut solo album, The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World, first saw life as a cassette via the Xpressway label of Port Chalmers, New Zealand, in 1990. Though no one's gotten around to writing a book on it yet, The Last Great Challenge in a Dull World nonetheless stands as one of the singular singer-songwriter albums of all time, existing on a sparsely populated plane with Pink Moon, I Often Dream of Trains, Blues Run the Game, Our Mother the Mountain, and not many others. In a sandy voice that soothes and slashes, Jefferies offers a compassionate, piercingly lucid view of the endeavor of life, all our pain and small glories rendered in tones both harrowing and tender. On piano, drums and percussion, he pounds out melodies that roar, sweep and lilt, accompanied on many songs by the serrated guitars of a variety of players."



KADEN, MATHIAS: Tentakle EP 12" (DESOLAT 020X-EP) 12.50
Desolat welcomes the hugely-respected German producer and DJ Mathias Kaden with his four-track Tentakle EP for the Desolat X series. Kaden delivers four killer tracks which are as expertly programmed as one would expect from the veteran producer, and designed to get the dancefloor moving. The EP builds throughout with crisp hi-hats which drive the tracks' infectious rhythms. The Tentakle EP also generously comes with two deadly FX tools for all DJs to build into their set.



WAZE & ODYSSEY: Please Don't Dance EP 12" (DIRT 070EP) 12.50
Waze & Odyssey are currently one of the most talked-about electronic acts on the musical landscape, and their vinyl label W&O Street Tracks has been consistently topping the Juno sales charts. None other than the Detroit Swindle boys are on remix duties with a true underground deep house interpretation of "Please Don't Dance" that has been road-tested to set any dancefloor on fire. On pink vinyl.



HOLIDAY, BILLIE: Velvet Mood LP+CD (DOK 222LP) 26.00
"Long out-of-print, Billie Holiday's brilliant 1956 LP, Velvet Mood, released on Clef (soon-to-be Verve) Records, captures the 41-year-old Holiday backed by a sextet that featured Benny Carter on alto sax and Harry 'Sweets' Edison on trumpet. Although hard living had already begun to take its toll on Holiday (who died just three years later), she was still a huge international star at this time, giving sold out concerts at Carnegie Hall and touring Europe. 1956 also marked the year that her legendary biography, Lady Sings the Blues was released." 180 gram with CD version.


BRUBECK QUARTET, THE DAVE: Time Further Out LP (DOX 886LP) 23.00
"A follow-up to Brubeck's seminal Time Out album, 1961's Time Further Out is an impressive encore, featuring the 'classic quartet' lineup with Brubeck on piano, Paul Desmond on sax, Eugene Wright on bass and Joe Morello on drums. Tunes like 'It's A Raggy Waltz' and 'Unsquare Dance' allow Brubeck to show off his virtuosity, making some extremely difficult music seem absolutely effortless. A true classic! Also featuring the bonus track, 'Slow And Easy' which was not released until 1996." 180 gram vinyl.


"Finally available again on vinyl. Mulligan's long out-of-print 1962 Verve LP. Legendary baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan formed his concert jazz band--a 13-piece piano-less big band featuring five reeds, six horns and a two-piece rhythm section--in the spring of 1960. The West Coast-based band played widely around the US and by autumn of that year was touring Europe (where Mulligan was already well regarded) to enthusiastic audiences. Recorded in Santa Monica, Milan and Berlin in autumn of 1960, and featuring some amazing solos by tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims, these 9 mostly original Mulligan compositions, also feature the bonus tracks 'As Catch Can' and 'Young Blood', not found on the original LP."


SPIVEY, VICTORIA: Three Kings and the Queen LP (DOY 679LP) 23.00
"Finally available again on vinyl. Rare 1962 Victoria Spivey LP featuring a young Bob Dylan on harmonica and back-up vocals, accompanying Chicago blues legend, Big Joe Williams!! Recorded on 2 March 1962 in NYC and originally released on Victoria Spivey's own Spivey Records, the remainder of this obscure LP features Spivey, along with blues greats Roosevelt Sykes and Lonnie Johnson trading off on vocals on a variety of self-penned compositions. Remembering this album Bob Dylan said, 'I think one of the best records that I've ever been a part of was the record made with Big Joe Williams and Victoria Spivey. Now that's a record that I hear from time to time and I don't mind listening to it.'" 180 gram vinyl.


DC 532CD

NIBLETT, SCOUT: It's Up To Emma CD (DC 532CD) 13.50
"Over the course of 46 minutes and nine songs, It's Up To Emma simmers, storms and cascades through an alinear tale of domestic emotional crises, all of which are immaculately rendered in Scout's distinctive songwriting style. The dark news that the record brings is good news for Scout's fans, who look to her to get under the skin and, as if in a trance, live through these songs in an attempt to get everyone a bit of clarity. In Scout's eyes, the slowly uncoiling spirit world dances with the more chaotic animal called man. Friction between partners generates gradual tension, a sudden fracture that explodes from a backdrop of darkly bruised ego blues. Meanwhile, stars slip icily in and out of constellation mode. It wouldn't work if Scout weren't such a powerful singer or if her insistent guitar lines didn't echo so, or her records weren't so carefully produced to stand the stark details of the performance out against a lush, deeply black backdrop."

DC 532LP

NIBLETT, SCOUT: It's Up To Emma LP (DC 532LP) 18.00
LP version.

DC 556EP

SIC ALPS: She's On Top 12" (DC 556EP) 12.00
"Orange Sunshine! Blue Diamonds! Black Potatoes! 'She's On Top' is a 12' single, a B-12-booster shot extract straight from the heart of Sic Alps to the inner lining of your own poor broke-crippled ripcage ribself. This is how the other half lives, laughs and loves! It's fun and exciting, a picture from the airplane! Sic Alps are like you. They're your friends -- the better, smarter, faster, stronger ones!"

DC 557EP

OM: Gethsemene Dubplate 12" (DC 557EP) 12.00
"Two dub versions of Gethsemene from Om's Advaitic Songs, mixed by Alpha & Omega."

DC 559CD

FATHER YOD AND THE SOURCE FAMILY: The Source Family Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD (DC 559CD) 13.50
"For at least the last couple decades, the cult around The Source Family cult has enjoyed the music of Ya Ho Wa 13, whose nine albums with Father were a major part of the story. Recorded during an eleven-month span during 1973 and '74, pressed on their own Higher Key label and sold in The Source Restaurant for $10 a piece at that time, these recordings continue to fascinate listeners to this day, and have been reprinted multiple times, including a massive box-set version of the whole catalog made in Japan in the mid-1990s. In 2007, the release of Isis Aquarian's book The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and The Source Family, opened the doors on the mysterious and influential doings of The Source Family -- and now the Spring of 2013 sees a definitive documentary film on the subject, entitled The Source Family. For the soundtrack to The Source Family documentary, a selection of material was chosen to include the widest variety of Source Family members, showcasing the talents of many not previously showcased. And so, in addition to Ya Ho Wa 13 members Djin, Sunflower and Octavius, we also hear the contributions of Cinderella, Ahom, Aquariana, Anastasia, Rhythm, Horn, Electron, Zoroaster, Vibration, Pythias, Damian, and Zinaru -- as well as the omnipotent Yahowa himself, Father Yod. Their music ranges from soulful to spiritual to shamanistic, with Father fronting the band on journeys through inner and outer psychosis and bliss. These recordings were intended to further the teachings of Yahowa, and while they certainly do so, what the listener is left with some forty years on, aside from a deeply compelling curiosity, is..."

DC 559LP

FATHER YOD AND THE SOURCE FAMILY: The Source Family Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (DC 559LP) 18.00
LP version.


EB 086LP

RUTS DC: Rhythm Collision Volume 2 LP (EB 086LP) 22.00
When Malcolm Owen joined his mates of the disbanding pub rock gang Hit & Run in 1977 to form The Ruts, their obvious sound outfit was nasty, pub rock-ish punk. But the current Jamaican sound called reggae was also buried deep in the group's DNA. It was soon to fully unfold when UK reggae band Misty In Roots discovered the angry talent of The Ruts and encouraged them to produce their first single on their own label People Unite. In a Rut sold an astonishing 20,000 copies. It was followed by a John Peel Session and a deal with Virgin Records that left the band in debt for ages. But it also led to a seminal album,The Crack, and a bunch of classic singles such as "Staring at the Rudeboys," "Jah War," and the much-covered "Babylon's Burning" that the remaining members of the band just re-recorded with the fittingly casted Henry Rollins on vocals. This heavy rock anthem with embedded rasta philosophy mirrors the Bad Brains' efforts to merge the energies of reggae and rock, meanwhile in DC. But in 1980 The Ruts themselves were forced to turn DC when Owen died of a heroin overdose -- DC in this case standing for "Da Capo," a restart. Sadly enough, this second phase of the band keeps being underrated by rock history. However, for those who know, an album called Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 became a major object of worship. This dub set was cut in 1982 in the brand new Ariwa studio, set up and run by Neal Fraser, better known as the Mad Professor. On this day in '82, reggae and punk rock, with a little help from funk, came together in a ying and yang harmony rarely ever heard. The basic mood is melancholic tranquility, a floating dubspace without too many crazy but still highly effective effects. If dub can be described as the art of impression by subtraction, this classic example gave an idea of where dub as a recording technique could potentially go -- and where it subsequently went. Despite its nearly obscure status, the album has not done too badly over the years -- it stayed underground but there it became massively viral, selling 100,000 copies of its various incarnations on the band's own label Bohemian, punky reggae U.S. imprint ROIR, Danceteria, and -- in the CD age -- Echo Beach. The second generation went to work, when Zion Train first re-versioned "Babylon's Burning" and finally the whole set, which was also released on Echo Beach. So in its third incarnation: deconstructed, reconstructed, tuned, pimped and dubbed out by today's disciples of bass. Even though the postmodern world offers zillions of ways to recontextualize archive material, they all left the sacred tracks relatively intact, ignoring the easy way out. After 31 years, Ruts DC are still very much alive and kicking, just like the major rocksteady and reggae riddims they organically developed with a lot of great artists and friends, such as: Tenor Fly, Molara, Segs, Aynzli Jones & Rob Love, Smokes, and Seamus Beaghen. Recorded at Ariwa Studios, London by Mad Professor. Mixed by Prince Fatty at Prince Fatty Studio.



NOT WAVING: Umwelt LP (ELP 001LP) 19.50
Not Waving --> REMOTE VIEWING --> EXTRA- SENSORY PERCEPTION --> SENSING WITH MIND --> REMOTE LISTENING --> "I want to give a sound to places I don't know." throbbing//textural//noise//processed//casualties//mistakes//accidents//anxiety//claustrophobia//abandon//absention//escapism. Inspired by '80s weird Italian electronica, Manuel Göttsching, Peter Baumann, This Heat, Ike Yard. "Remote Viewing" is a powerful, paranormal technique developed in the 1970s at Stanford Research Institute and used by the U.S. government. analog pedals//synths//drum machine//guitar//violin//voice. Written, produced and recorded between September and December 2012 in London. Limited edition red vinyl of 300 copies only. Mastered by Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3) at New Atlantis Studios.



"Cheick Hamala Diabate gets 'mixed-up' by some of the finest purveyors of groove on the planet: NYCTrust, The Whiskey Barons, Daytoner , and Jon Kennedy. Each give their own unique spins to a Cheick Hamala Diabate original, 'Prudence,' with the addition of DC's Sol Power All-Stars remix of another original 'Fatou Kounkoun Sissoko.' Destined to become a world-class burner, Prudence highlights an ancient-to-the-future aspect of Cheick Hamala's breadth as a genre-bending experimental artist who has one foot firmly planted in tradition and roots but also a keen focused eye on the limitless possibilities of cross-cultural exchange via global collaboration with artists outside of his legacy as a griot."


GET 52716LP

OL' DIRTY BASTARD: Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version 2LP (GET 52716LP) 23.00
2013 repress. "It's safe to say that hip-hop has never seen an album like Ol' Dirty Bastard's 1995 solo debut Return to the 36 Chambers. The brief glimpses of ODB's unhinged genius provided by Wu-Tang Clan's landmark Enter the Wu-Tang album two years earlier were begging to be expanded on to a larger canvas, and, with RZA guiding production, the album promised to give Dirty the creative license to make one of the most bizarre, entertaining and original LPs in hip-hop history. With his raspy, drunken flow and dark sense of humor, Dirty fearlessly attacks from all angles, throwing himself fearlessly into punchy rhyme attacks ('Damage,' with GZA), drugged-out party jams (the monster singles 'Brooklyn Zoo' and 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya') and bizarre, grimly hilarious fantasies of sex and violence ('Don't U Know' and the R&B-tinged 'Sweet Sugar Pie'). Backed by RZA's appropriately gritty, dissonant beats and appearances from the Clan, Return became an instant hit, selling over 1 million copies and earning a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album in 1996. The album stands as a high water mark in the Wu Tang Clan's collective creative output and was selected as one of the Best 100 Rap Albums by The Source magazine in 1998. In honoring the legacy of one of hip-hop's most innovative releases, Get On Down is proud to present this incredible and unique special edition of Ol' Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers as a double LP which contains the complete original album, remastered for optimal sound quality." Includes 18"x24" poster.



HOOKER, D.R.: The Truth LP (XPL 1029HLP) 14.00
2013 repress; 180 gram exact repro reissue of this legendary, super rare U.S. psych LP, originally recorded during the dawn of mankind or in Connecticut in 1972. "This is a messed-up, freaky mix of folk-rock, psychedelia and heavy rock. There appears to be somewhat of a Christian vibe lyrically, but not overt enough to make it too cheesy, just adds to the overall bizarreness of this almost indescribable artifact!" -- Cosmik Debris



HOLTER, JULIA: Maria/2HB 7" (HEMK 020EP) 8.00
Part of Julia Holter's "Phonetic Translations" series, in which she interprets global kitsch music by translating foreign word-sounds into surreal poetry in her native tongue, English. Features side-by-side lyrics in the original Russian, and in Holter's phonetically-translated English, both printed on the vinyl's inner-sleeve. Side B holds a Roxy Music tune covered back in 2009 on KDVS radio. Includes a download code to redeem for the entire KDVS radio set in 24bit and mp3 formats. Comes on deep purple vinyl with ivory inlay.



RVDS: Summer EP 12" (ITS 011EP) 14.00
RVDS' Summer EP is the soundtrack for the summer of love 2013. It starts with a great acid track with Tin Man, then comes a very kitten-ish, catchy, Casio track, the simple "Trip to Sun." "Beat the Heat" is a kind of Italo-percussion weirdo and "Love on the Beach" is soulful, electronic Barry White on acid. All tracks are fresh with great percussive delay. Artwork drawn by RVDS himself in comic style and in color.


KK 071CD

RITORNELL: Aquarium Eyes CD (KK 071CD) 15.50
Aquarium Eyes is the second album by the Austrian duo, Ritornell. Their debut, Golden Solitude, was released in 2009 on Karaoke Kalk. Acoustic and electronic sounds merge on Aquarium Eyes. Paying great attention to detail, Ritornell recorded at various locations (the studio of Patrick Pulsinger being one of them). The results are gently woven into their very own world of sound. Defamiliarized by subtle electronic manipulation, instruments such as piano, double bass, vibraphone, kalimba, and accordion develop a surprising life of their own, only to be consequently swallowed up by the hissing and buzzing of electronic devices. Gleaming, multi-layered electroacoustic drones, isolated organic sounds, and sophisticated textures complete the intricate arrangements. On Aquarium Eyes, Ritornell tackle the art of songwriting for the first time: Vienna-based vocalist Mimu sings, whispers, and sighs golden threads through some of the fragile sound structures that Gerold and Eigner assembled with intuition. The duo also collaborated with vocal artist Didi Bruckmayer on the track "Tremble." "Music Box" is a conceptual piece: under the direction of Richard Eigner, 20 people simultaneously turn the levers of their music boxes: melodies of musical history blend into a sparkling confusion of sound. With their interpretation of Roxy Music's "In Every Dream Home a Heartache," Ritornell give it a twist: the guitars from the original have been replaced by a string trio.



LUCAS, TREVOR: Overlander LP (MJJ 361LP) 23.00
"Little-known and long out-of-print album by one of Australia's greatest singer-songwriters. Primarily known for his work in the UK with Fairport Convention and Fotheringay (with wife, Sandy Denny) in the early seventies, Trevor Lucas released this album of traditional Australian folk songs in 1966 on Reality Records. Intended to introduce British audiences to the Australian folk tradition, songs like 'The Overlander' and 'South Australia' make the uniquely rough life of the Australian outback come alive."



DENSELAND: Like Likes Like CD (MINIMAL 021CD) 19.50
There is a certain type of music that echoes the feeling of a dark promise. It triggers anxiety, and it is precisely this effect that makes it appealing and as fascinating as a Cronenberg film. Denseland's music oscillates precisely within this suspense. Hanno Leichtmann, Hannes Strobl, and David Moss have already released an album titled Chunk (2010). Now they bring us Like Likes Like with the Berlin label M=minimal and seek to combine everything that belongs together. Rhythmic textures, rudimentary melodies and a clear renunciation of harmonies develop into a lesson on the subject of minimalism. The songs produce a deep and chilly effect, and beyond the rhythmic structures appears David Moss' magical "sprechgesang" (a vocal technique somewhere between speaking and singing). His voice seems to whisper directly in one's ear. It creaks, it grumbles. It then expands and shapes into a sort of singing as ghostly voices breathe in the air. It is precisely this vocal that widely contributes to a feeling of discomfort on Like Likes Like. Almost all repetitive music operates on the principle of hypnosis through repetition. Sometimes a song needs a few minutes to unfold its hypnotic effect; on the contrary, Denseland needs only a few seconds. The centrifugal force in its downbeat repetitions becomes practically unavoidable. Denseland's members depict mastery in opening new frontiers, employing minimal resources with maximum efficiency. Descriptors such as "slow-motion funk" or "minimal spoken-word noise techno" do not live up to the trio's dark and energetic tracks.



JOSEFUS: Josefus LP (MAIN S/6127HLP) 14.00
2013 repress; 180 gram vinyl. "Authors of two albums published in 1970, the Texas based Josefus are the quintessence of hard psych made in the USA -- a gritty sound featuring prominent guitar and a solid and agile rhythmic base. This second album by Josefus, released a year after their debut, confirms their place as one of the most interesting and underestimated bands of the era. Largely influenced by early Zeppelin and British blues, Josefus deftly brought late sixties hard rock into the '70s, anticipating sounds that would later become synonymous with bands like ZZ Top and giving birth to a genre that would eventually give way to heavy metal."



KUNIYUKI (FEAT. HENRIK SCHWARZ): The Session 2 12" (MUSIQ 160EP) 14.50
Kuniyuki and Henrik Schwarz collaborate once again. The original version of "The Session" features Henrik's trippy melody and Kuni's musical flute. It's a new style of jazzy deep house. On the B-side, Cologne-based Kraut rock-oriented band Von Spar deliver an excellent remix.



BLACK SABBATH: Black Sabbath LP (NEL 6002HLP) 14.00
Repressed; Exact repro reissue, 180 gram vinyl version.


BLACK SABBATH: Master Of Reality LP (NEL 6004HLP) 14.00
Repressed; Exact repro reissue, 180 gram vinyl version.


NN 008CD

PERE UBU: Live at the Longhorn -- April 1, 1978 CD (NN 008CD) 15.00
The three vinyl sides of Pere Ubu Live at the Longhorn are as much an indispensable live rock album as Modern Dance is an indispensable studio album. The show consists mainly of material from the Modern Dance album, only rocked out and swinging, more raw-nerved yet seasoned than their studio counterparts. What becomes apparent, especially on repeated listens, is how well-made this music is, how the drama and comedy flows within the modules of each song, how the songs fit together to give an audience an experience that -- while sharpened to paranoia and sensitive to harsh realities -- is as ineffable as it is concrete.

NN 016LP

PARR, CHARLIE: When The Devil Goes Blind LP+CD (NN 016LP) 18.50
Restocked; LP version. Includes a CD of the entire LP. 180 gram vinyl with tip-on sleeves. The legendary Charlie Parr's spellbinding finger picking and slide techniques on guitar and banjo place him front & center among the world's foremost string-benders. His blood & guts songs are infused with an originality, integrity and heart rarely (if ever) displayed by contemporaries operating in or around pre-war blues traditions. In 2010, he's enjoying an ever-growing fan base comprised of folk-blues purists, American Primitive beard-scratchers, jam band-lovin' neo-hippies, etc. Produced by Bo Ramsey (former guitarist with Greg Brown and Lucinda Williams), Charlie's first nationally-distributed record is easily his most fully-realized effort to date.

NN 026CD

METZGER, PAUL: Tombeaux CD (NN 026CD) 15.00
Tombeaux, the much-anticipated new album from Paul Metzger, marks our alchemist's third appearance on Nero's Neptune, following critically-acclaimed contributions to labels like Locust and Honest Jon's. Metzger summons the spirits of musical Appalachian forefathers, guitarist Django Reinhardt and classical sitarist Nikhil Banerjee, among others, weaving a peerless, highly individualistic music that sounds unlike anyone but himself. Metzger's playing doesn't imitate raga structures so much as use those modal figures as a starting point. He employs dazzling, breviloquent string-plucks on the main banjo strings, while producing rhythmic, droning textures on the cross-strings of an added bridge. Some have suggested similarities to the works of John Fahey or Sandy Bull, but Metzger's modus operandi doesn't constitute a mirroring of those styles; rather, he composes and operates apart from their music, in an insular and altogether separate universe. In the process, Metzger transcends and expands the lexicon in a wholly organic manner.


NO19 003CD

TONE OF ARC: The Time Was Right CD (NO19 003CD) 15.50
"Tone of Arc unleashes his stunning genre defying album on the world in the shape of The Time Was Right, which shines with the raw talent of its multi-instrumentalist producer."


PNY 3301LP

CASA, DANIELA: Societa Malata LP+CD (PNY 3301LP) 25.00
"The many albums recorded by Italian cult composer and guitarist Daniela Casa during the 1970s are among the best in library music. This Società Malata ('Sick Society') from 1975 is an extraordinary collection of experimental, ambient and electronic tracks, which act as an aural reflection of the wickedness of humanity and the decay of our world. Commercially available for the first time, the album is culled from the vaults of Flipper Music, one of Italy's largest library music publishers, and home to cult labels Octopus, Deneb, Canopo and Flower."

PNY 3302LP

ALESSANDRONI, ALESSANDRO: I Cantori Moderni LP+CD (PNY 3302LP) 25.00
"Commercially available for the first time, this 1970 library album by Alessandro Alessandroni is the only existing full-length recording of his extraordinary vocal group, I Cantori Moderni, an eight-to-sixteen person choir featuring Edda Dell'Orso, Giulia De Mutiis (Alessandroni's first wife), Gianna Spagnuolo, Augusto Giardino, and Franco Cosacchi, and highlighting, through twelve original themes by Alessandroni, the complex vocal harmonies of the legendary group that lent their voices to the amazing soundtracks of Ennio Morricone, Piero Umiliani and many of the most important Italian composers of the '60s and '70s."

PNY 3303LP

RAPICAVOLI, NINO: Divagazioni LP+CD (PNY 3303LP) 25.00
"Sicilian saxophonist, flutist, composer and arranger Nino Rapicavoli is one of the unsung heroes in the world of Italian soundtracks of the 1970s. A musician with a solid background in jazz as well as a long-time member of Italy's state-owned RAI TV orchestra, Rapicavoli has only a handful of library albums to his name, but each is of the highest quality. This Divagazioni ('Ramblings') is probably the best of the lot, an album that mixes jazz, easy listening and a pinch of prog with that exclusively Italian taste for eccentricity."


PT 8006LP

FORMERLY FAT HARRY: Formerly Fat Harry LP (PT 8006LP) 22.00
180 gram LP version. Led by Bruce Barthol (bassist with San Francisco psych heroes Country Joe & The Fish), this oddly-named quartet coalesced in London in 1969 and soon gained admirers for their laid-back country-influenced sound. They became a fixture in the city's underground clubs and at free festivals, but their sole album appeared in late 1971, by which time their moment had passed. It makes its long-awaited return here, complete with background notes.



ROSE, JON: Rosin 3CD BOX (RER JR60) 64.00
"Jon Rose is one of the most productive, original and focused people I know; he's also an extraordinary musician and an inspired composer. To mark his 60th anniversary we are releasing this three CD box of previously unreleased works ranging from radio documentary and radio fiction to virtuoso performances taken from all manner of contexts, using both the acoustic violin and the hyperstring interactive bow system. There's a remarkable improvised violin concerto (the rest of the mini-orchestras' parts are written out), as well as collaborations with Australian locals (multiple brass bands, musical whips, lounge pianists, aboriginal choirs, orchestrated corrugated iron, musical gum leaves, auctioneers, chainsaws, singing dingos, bowed saw orchestras, and so on). There's a duo with George - an Albert's Lyrebird, and concerts with contemporary ensembles and heavy earthmoving equipment. It comes accompanied by a great deal of extraordinary film - and some purely audio - material collected together on a supplementary data disc. Plus there's a generous booklet of texts, documents, and photographs - and, of course, a souvenir sample of bow-hair."


KIDNEY BROTHERS, THE: Coal Tattoo CD (RER KB1) 19.00
"Contemporaries of Pere Ubu and best known for their work with the Numbers Band, Bob and Jack Kidney were also key members of David Thomas's late '90s Mirror Man extravaganza. Early members of the Ohio generation - which included Rocket from the Tombs, Devo, Pere Ubu, Tin Huey, The Dead Boys, and the Waitresses - the Numbers Band (aka 15 60 75) was formed in 1969, in Kent. The quickly became established as a local fixture, playing for four nights a week in a series of local club. With periodic changes of personnel, they continued to do this over the following decades, still performing sporadically today. 'This group' Davd Thomas wrote, 'inspired everyone, regenerated everyone, and was a nagging doubt in the back of everyone's minds... the Numbers are better than you can ever hope for.' On this CD, Bob and Jack play their own kind of stripped down, guitar-based, narrative songs -- stained dark with deep, bluesy roots -- and a gravitas born of five decades of concentration and club audiences."


ANGELI, PAOLO: Sale Quanto Basta CD (RER PA6) 19.00
"Welcome to Paulo's sixth release for ReR, an extraordinary collection of pieces that explore the full range of his highly modified, extended and prepared Sardinian guitar. And although it's just him and electricity, it seldom sounds like fewer than three people playing. There are twelve fine compositions, each as crafted as a short novel, and beautifully recorded. Paulo's is a music that pretty much defies genre or category; accessible, experimental, tuneful, tactile and ambient - with a folk root, a rock inflection, and a contemporary outlook."



One of the most celebrated Japanese underground bands have returned. It may have taken over 12 years, but Kawabata Makoto, guitar guru and head honcho in Acid Mothers Temple, has finally decided to get his celebrated "psychedelic solid free attack group" back together. Joining original Mainliner members Kawabata Makoto (motorpsycho guitar) and Koji Shimura (drums) is new recruit Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals) and the trio still kick up one hell of a sonic racket. Confusion surrounds the exact details of the recording, but they seem to date from December 2011, and from Kawabata's mountain-top temple studio-cum-home. The man himself, as always, is shying away from sharing too many of the magick details about the Mainliner rebirth. And the stark, minimal black-with-gold sleeve keeps the mystery intact, apart from the grainy band photo on the rear. All said, Revelation Space is a comeback statement of intent. And it's firmly in the same in-the-red/raw camp as the original trio's classic Mellow Out. From the initial speaker-shaking feedback burst of opener "Revelation Space," right through to the closing 20-minute epic "New Sun" (which showcases Taigen's otherworldly howl perfectly) there is no let-up in the brutal delivery. This will no doubt delight those Mainliner diehards who never thought they'd see the day again, and all those with a love of guitar howls and punishing feedback levels, but always underpinned by some righteous grooves.


LP version. Pressed on 140 gram virgin vinyl in heavy-duty printed spined card sleeve. One of the most celebrated Japanese underground bands have returned. It may have taken over 12 years, but Kawabata Makoto, guitar guru and head honcho in Acid Mothers Temple, has finally decided to get his celebrated "psychedelic solid free attack group" back together. Joining original Mainliner members Kawabata Makoto (motorpsycho guitar) and Koji Shimura (drums) is new recruit Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals) and the trio still kick up one hell of a sonic racket. Confusion surrounds the exact details of the recording, but they seem to date from December 2011, and from Kawabata's mountain-top temple studio-cum-home. The man himself, as always, is shying away from sharing too many of the magick details about the Mainliner rebirth. And the stark, minimal black-with-gold sleeve keeps the mystery intact, apart from the grainy band photo on the rear. All said, Revelation Space is a comeback statement of intent. And it's firmly in the same in-the-red/raw camp as the original trio's classic Mellow Out. From the initial speaker-shaking feedback burst of opener "Revelation Space," right through to the closing 20-minute epic "New Sun" (which showcases Taigen's otherworldly howl perfectly) there is no let-up in the brutal delivery. This will no doubt delight those Mainliner diehards who never thought they'd see the day again, and all those with a love of guitar howls and punishing feedback levels, but always underpinned by some righteous grooves.


RS 095LP

MESSAGES: Mirage LP (RS 095LP) 17.00
Primordial moves and stone cold drones from this New York duo of Taketo Shimada and Tres Warren (Sacred Bones Records). Save for a small long-gone edition of CD-Rs, Mirage is the third full-length release by Messages, recorded in 2008 before their first two albums and has remained unreleased until now. This record documents the duo's earliest long-form drone explorations and intonations, most of which were recorded during long sessions in Tres' basement bunker in the East Village. Mixing orbits of homemade acoustic instruments, electric drones and percussion, Mirage is a humid transmission sent straight from the womb.


RUM 2011044LP

BEACH BOYS, THE: Surfin' Safari LP (RUM 2011044LP) 22.00
"Formed in 1961 when Dennis Wilson, the only Beach Boy to regularly visit the beach, asked his brother Brian to write a song about the sport of surfing. The Beach Boys reached number 75 in national charts with their first single (the resultant song 'Surfin'') and were immediately signed to a major label. Though many debut albums in the early '60s were mainly built around a few smash-hits, the Beach Boys' 1962 full length debut on Capitol (featuring such hits as 'Surfin' Safari,' '409' and their version of the Eddie Cochran classic 'Summertime Blues') remains one of the greatest first steps in American pop culture, and a mandatory chapter in the history of rock and roll."

RUM 2011045LP

WELLS, MARY: Bye Bye Baby: I Don't Want To Take A Chance LP (RUM 2011045LP) 22.00
"Released in August 1961, Mary Wells' debut album was the very first LP on the legendary Motown label. To hear Mary Wells' rich-throated belting of the lyrics on 'Bye Bye Baby' is a reminder of the even greater artistic career that might have been had Motown mogul Barry Gordy and producer Smokey Robinson not opted to soften and commercialize Wells sound. The raw power in Wells' voice is evident much more so than on her later and better-known hits. While the song is entirely secular and romantic in its R&B riffs, Wells' gospel choir training is amply evident. It's more reminiscent of the type of recordings for which Aretha Franklin would later become known than of the smooth pop sound prominent on most of Wells' other hits. Not only an incredibly underrated R&B album, filled with a quantity of killer dancefloor-fillers, but an important insight into an artist and her record company both taking their first steps toward what would be the eventual enduring legacy of each."??

RUM 2011047LP

PRICE, LLOYD: The Exciting Lloyd Price LP (RUM 2011047LP) 22.00
"Born in Kenner, Louisiana and growing up in the suburbs of New Orleans, Lloyd Price knew massive success very early when Art Rupe of Specialty Records visited New Orleans searching for new talents and heard his 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' and wanted to record it. Price had no band back then, so Rupe hired Dave Bartholomew and his band (which included Fats Domino on piano) to back Price up in the session. The resulting single was a total chart-smasher and it took a long long time for poor Lloyd to equal such an achievement. In 1954 he was drafted and ended up in Korea, when he returned not only did he find that he had been replaced by Little Richard, but his precious chaffeur, Larry Williams, had also become a Specialty recording artist. But between 1957 and 1959, first under his own KRC records and then after he signed to ABC-Paramount, Price recorded a series of national hits most of which ended up on his astonishing 1959 debut album."

RUM 2011048LP

LITTLE EVA: L-L-L-L-Loco Motion LP (RUM 2011048LP) 22.00
"Perhaps no babysitter in history got a bigger break than Eva Narcissus Boyd, who babysat for songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin. It was early 1962 when they were inspired by a dance Little Eva was doing around the house and wrote a song called 'The Locomotion.' Originally meant for Dee Dee Sharp, returning home one day Carole and Gerry found their babysitter singing it. They liked what they heard, so they rushed her into the studio, with King doing the backing vocals. Little Eva was only sixteen when 'The Locomotion' hit number one. Her salary as the Goffins' babysitter was $35 dollars a week. Her earnings from 'The Locomotion' were reported to be around thirty thousand dollars. She appeared on television shows and in numerous magazines. She performed live in the U.S. and did several tours of England. Remembered by most as a one hit wonder Little Eva was more than that and her debut album on the Dimension label reveals one of the funniest yet talented artists of the 'girl groups' era. Also features her second chart smasher 'Keep Your Hands Off My Baby,' later covered on stage by the Beatles."



NKENGAS: Destruction LP (SSR 029LP) 17.00
LP version. Includes a free digital download of the album.


NKENGAS: Destruction CD (SSR 293CD) 15.00
"Destruction by the Nkengas originally hit streets in 1973, overflowing with heavy Afro-beat, Afro-rock, and gritty highlife. Few copies were pressed, and today it can take months of searching to find a copy of this coveted gem. It came about during Osita Osadebe and His Nigeria Sound Makers's UK tour. Financial hardship led members of the Nigeria Sound Makers to break off and form another group while in London, the Nkengas. Next, the Nkengas were introduced to Jamaican born Sonny Roberts, well known in London for his Orbitone record store and label. After the recording sessions, the band returned to Nigeria and became known as the Ikenga Super Stars of Africa, finding much success in West Africa. Despite their later popularity, the heights of funky rawness in this early effort were seldom duplicated. Working in coordination with Orbitone Records and the leader of the Nkengas, Chief Vincent Okoroego, we are proud to present the first ever reissue of this funky rarity. Contains detailed liner note inserts with never before seen photos. The CD version comes in a premium digipack."


SP 025LP

2013 repress. Providence, RI's (recently relocated from Nashville, TN) Container returns with another slab of alternate universe bent techno. Schofield's take on that over-used genre is not only unique but utterly compelling, forming a modern and exciting new sound. While the classic Container sound is still in tact, this album offers a look into a previously closed door in the Container sound world. LP, like its predecessor LP, is recorded in mono and it cuts right down the middle of your skull, and doesn't float around in an imaginary room. These new tracks are immediate and heavy. Kicking off the delayed trip of "Dripping," a rhythmic bone akin to a rusty swing in a ghetto playground, morphs seamlessly into the complex maze that is "Paralyzed." Closing the side is a real stomper/head-cleaner of a track, the mighty "Acclimator." Side B opens with "Perforate," a bass line straight from Mute-era D.A.F., which mutates into an elastic acid line, building into a full rhythm 'n' noise spectacle. The disc closes proper with the mad rush for the bar that is the epic "Refract." LP is a rough and raw ride, adding very much-needed gristle to the pale faces of the stagnant minimal scene. Recorded Labor Day Weekend 2012, in Providence, RI.



VIAN, PATRICK: Bruits et Temps Analogues LP (STAUB 126LP) 18.00
LP version. Staubgold is proud to reissue the one and only solo album by Patrick Vian (Red Noise), originally released in 1976 on the Egg label. A wonderful and obscure gem of electronic music certain to please the fans of Krautrock, French '70s electronic music and kosmische musik. Patrick Vian plays Moog 2C, ARP 2600, Moog Sequencer and piano and gets help from jazz musician Mino Cinelu (who had played with the likes of Gong, Weather Report and Miles Davis) on drums and percussion. Georges Granier adds Fender Rhodes, marimba, noise and scissors. Bernard Lavialle (Ame Son) plays guitar. Together they create a unique hybrid of experimental electronic, jazz and world music. This highly original sound made Steven Stapleton include Patrick Vian on the famous Nurse With Wound list of adventurous music.


SU 6063LP

STROMBOLI: Stromboli (Jubilee Edition 1987-2012) 2LP (SU 6063LP) 38.00
Featuring founding member Michal Pavlí?ek. "A re-edition of the 1987 double album, a landmark recording in Czech rock history. The present 2LP set contains the original combination of live and studio recordings and three bonuses to boot. Stromboli proved the effectiveness of blending the echoes of jazz-rock fusion, robustly supplemented with ferocious guitar sounds, spherical, as well as almost metal rock, passages for instruments and vocals, keyboard and guitar synthesisers, supported by translated Morgenstern poems and newly written lyrics. This first item in Stromboli's discography will always remain a living testimony to clearly Czech yet internationally comparable, formally complex but comprehensible to listen to music, replete with instrumental and vocal equilibristics, as well as an undiminished intensity of impression."

SU 6206LP

OLYMPIC: Zelva LP (SU 6206LP) 26.00
"For the first time since 1968, you can feast your eyes on the original artwork of Olympic's debut album, adorned with illustrations by Jan Antonín Pacák, the band's percussionist. Excellent work was done in this respect by Vrkoslav and Zámostný from Olympic's fan club (the additional pressings were put into universal graphic covers, entirely devoid of the magic of the original title's artwork). The remastered sound corresponds to 2013 standards yet with regard to the original analogue patina. The (printed inner sleeve) presents interesting documents from the archives, including several previously unpublished photos.""



J:KENZO: J:Kenzo CD (TEMPA 020CD) 15.50
This is the debut LP from J:Kenzo, producer of recent dubstep hits "The Rotek's" and "Ruffhouse." Eleven tracks featuring dancefloor instrumentals, club-tested to devastating effect by DJs Youngsta, N-Type, Distance and more. Radio plays from Skream and Benga, Mary-Anne Hobbs, and Mistajam. Of his deep, dark and sub-heavy music J:Kenzo states: "It is dubstep like it was when it first came out. Stripped-down beats and bass, quite simply." Opener "Statement of Intent" swells from silence to a thick, rocky groove that rattles speaker cones like an earthquake. It's punishing, but carried along by an implicit sense of funk, each element placed for maximum impact. Throughout the album's length, these traits are repeated -- flickers of electro riffage punctuating "Invaderz" and "Contagion," Rod Azlan's toasting to herald a monstrous drop in "Ruff House." What's striking about J:Kenzo's tracks is how few elements they contain, but how powerfully each is utilized: he reduces dubstep to its very essence, leaving only the barest essentials required to shake a dancefloor to the foundations. Having grown up on soul, reggae, and rare groove before delving deep into jungle, drum and bass and later garage, when he first came across the sound developing at FWD>> and DMZ, something immediately clicked. As he honed his production skills, those wide-ranging musical influences began to express themselves, lending his tracks the open-minded feel that has become his calling card. It was something Rinse FM's Youngsta noticed immediately when Kenzo first sent him the track that would become his 2011 Tempa debut single, "The Roteks." Although still unmistakably dubstep, this album channels a range of other sounds -- dub's woozy skank; twisting conga lines; blistering electro synths; "Reconstruct"'s techno momentum; while grime makes an appearance too, with Newham Generals' MC Footsie on "No Man's Land." "Eyes Wide Open," meanwhile, boldly shows off dubstep's ability to be a uniquely flexible form of pop music. While the majority of the dubstep that hits the charts is shorn of all subtlety, here its half-sung, half-whispered lyrics and gorgeous descending arpeggio turn oceanic halfstep into a deep, meditative vocal track, equally at home in headphones, on late-night radio or cutting through the crowd at FWD>>. And therein lies the root of J:Kenzo's appeal -- remaining tied to dubstep's core values while pushing it along new pathways.



KOMAMURA, MITSUAKI: Butterfly Effect EP 12" (TER 007EP) 12.50
Mitsuaki Komamura (one of the most interesting Japanese electronic musicians of late), known for his releases on his own imprint Weedis, crosses the continents and lands a splendid EP on Terpsichore. Inspired by nature (the slanted butterfly way of flying), early Chicago house, dub, and experimental music, the Butterfly Effect EP is the combination of all the aforementioned. Atmospheric pads combining heavy kick drums, raw Rhodes keys and dark ambiances, Mitsuaki Komamura manages a sublime and subtle mixture.


WIRE 352

WIRE, THE: #352 June 2013 MAG (WIRE 352) 9.50
"On the cover: Babble On!: In A 20-page special, Wire contributors assess and rethink the relationship between underground music and words, texst and language. Including Rob Young on songs about themselves, Ken Hollings on Cage's pulverized language, Derek Walmsley on dread talk, Alasdair Roberts on verbal jousting, Daniel Spicer on hip semantics, David Toop on Improv words and gestures, Nina Power on female machine voices, Hua Hsu on vocalese, Marcus Boon on profane rappers, Rory Gibb on Footwork's vocal science, and more. Inside this issue: Invisible Jukebox: Jaap Blonk (The Dutch vocal improviser has a glossolalia attach over The Wire's mystery record selection); Global Ear: New Castle, NSW; Cross Platform: Foghorn Requiem (In the North East of England, a trio of artists aim to harness the warning sounds of the maritime industry in an elegiac nautical soundwork); Epiphanies: (In Budapest, David Crowley tracks down a long forgotten but still mercurial Hungarian vocal aritist)."



SURVIVAL: Survival LP (THR 328LP) 17.00
LP version. "Survival is an album of dark and meditative heavy rock. Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (Liturgy), Greg Smith, and Jeff Bobula have been playing together for over a decade and recorded this album as Survival with Colin Marston (Krallice, Dysrhythmia) at The Thousand Caves. Syncopated riffs, intricate rhythms, and atypical time signatures create dramatic and complex melodic lines that provide a bed for chant-like lyrics. The group operates as a collective, writing lyrics, riffs, and singing with one voice. The album is a unique document that harkens back to post-hardcore, Black Sabbath, Magma, Aphrodite's Child, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Aaron Copeland, The Smashing Pumpkins, and the first wave of math rock."



CELEBRATION: Old Green Village LP (TLR 060LP) 30.00
"First ever reissue of this rare and obscure French private press LP from 1976. More of a one-off happening then an actual band, the album resulted from the one only meeting of the group for a single overnight champagne-fueled session. As unlikely as it seems, somebody thought to roll some tape, and a very special evening was captured pressed to vinyl. Opening with a gorgeous drifting instrumental, and centered around three long jaw-dropping acid folk originals, the album is filled out by wild romps though traditional folk songs. All English lyrics, female backing vocal, two acoustic guitars, dulcimer, autoharp, banjo, and some especially beautiful snaky flute work. The original compositions are truly magical: gently flowing and beautifully pastoral, but with an eerie, druggy, edginess. Think The Book of Am minus the sunshine electricity and you'll be in the right zone. The trad folk cuts on the other hand are nearly as cool: joyous, dirty, and totally ragged music by for the people. No 'folk boom' pretense on display, just ageless tunes, fast pickin' and wild drunken wooziness, like some sort of reckless gypsy hoe-down. Everything here is totally steeped in a damp, pagan/mystical basement atmosphere, that combined with the raw direct-to-tape, no overdubs/mixing execution perfectly crude, haunting cover art make for a very distinct whole. Presented here our version is hand screenprinted just like the original, with a paste-on back cover reproduction of the original mimeograph, all on a heavy weight vintage style cover. Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl with exact reproduction labels. Edition of 350 copies."


DANIELS, ELLIE: Both Sides of the Coin LP (TLR 061LP) 31.00
"Deluxe reissue of this totally unknown New England teenage folk private press from 1971. Originally released by the artist herself as a demo only blank cover edition of 100 copies. Just out of high school and hoping somebody might pay attention, the LP slipped through the cracks, the chapter closed, and life moved forward on a different course. But the album left behind stands as a true female loner folk gem, of which there aren't many at all. Just Ellie's humbly intimate vocals and her harp-like self taught finger-picked guitar playing, plus some lovely pastoral flute by a friend on a handful of tracks. The sounds are straight from the tuned-in melancholy teenage mind, reeling from the mind expansion of the 60s, but also the excesses. Deeply reflective, poetic and searching lyrics of love/nature/peace playing out in real time against stark reality/longing /loss, and balanced at the very edge of the void. The aching innocence of youth tempered by a biting contempt for all things false. In the liner notes Ellie mentions only practicing under a blanket, and there's an up-close, lo-fi, almost voyeuristic realism/fragility here that's quite special. A complex and personal trip that takes some time and attention to fully unfold. Once it does, it will be no surprise that Ellie went on to build geodesic domes and become a professional midwife, as that same unique spirit is already deeply embedded here. A really wonderful album we're happy to help finally reach some receptive ears. The original had no cover art, so we've kept the packaging suitably stark and mysterious, yet quite exquisite: each heavyweight vintage style cover is individually hand-bound in leather textured art paper, with the only graphics being a mounted 5x7 inch black and white photo print portrait of Ellie from 1970. Pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, with exact reproduction labels and a thick insert with new liner notes by Ellie, plus more vintage photos. Edition of 300 copies, in two cover color/texture variations (black or burgundy)."



JENSSEN, GEIR: Stromboli 12" (TONE 048EP) 14.00
Field recordings of a volcano by Geir Jenssen, better known as Biosphere. Stromboli is an active volcano off the north coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean. The volcano has erupted many times and is constantly active with minor eruptions. The last major eruption was on April 13, 2009. Recorded at Stromboli's crater edge (924 m) on July 19th 2012 at 9:30 pm. Weather: gentle breeze, +15°C. Location: 38°47'33.69"N, 15°12'50.96"E. Recording equipment: Fostex FR-2LE field memory recorder, Audio-Technica AT835ST shotgun microphone, and a Canon 5D mkII SLR.


ST 5096HLP

Repressed; 180 gram reissue of this all-time psych garage classic, originally released in 1967. Heavily Jagger-esque leader Dave Aguilar tears shit up with opener "Let's Talk About The Girls." From then on, you'll be desperately searching for your dad's name in the "dedicated to" section on the back cover. Exact repro, licensed from Universal.

ST 5106HLP

CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND: The Inner Mystique LP (ST 5106HLP) 14.00
Repressed; Originally released in 1968, the follow-up to the garage classic No Way Out. Covers of The Kinks' "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" and Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." Exact repro, licensed to Universal.



BULLEN, NICHOLAS: Component Fixations LP (TYPE 115LP) 20.00
To this day, Nicholas Bullen is best-known as a founding member of arguably grindcore's most important act: Napalm Death. Although he decided to call it a day before the band slipped into the mainstream circuit, his sonic fingerprints were all over their influential debut Scum, and he's been breaking boundaries ever since. A key figure in Birmingham's experimental scene, Bullen was also a founding member of Scorn and has been involved in a variety of projects since. Over 30 years later we arrive to Component Fixations, an album that Bullen has been contemplating, working, and reworking for some time. It is, after all, his solo debut proper, and as such is a work that absolutely represents him as an artist both visually and aurally. Taking influence from the early electronic artists of the 1960s, Bullen has fused this passion with his own musically explorative past, resulting in an album of beguiling tape-manipulations, drones and noise. Component Fixations is far more than a simple exercise in academic sound, and Bullen has injected his long-form pieces with a rare mortal sense of corruption and failure. Every single sound on the album was taken from field recordings captured in the confines of Bullen's house and garden, and this only serves to confirm the unshakable humanity of the record. Component Fixations might be a long way from Scum, but dig deep and you'll find the same curious mind, desperate to pull apart sounds and give them a brand-new meaning. Extreme doesn't have to mean loud, after all. Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.


WS 1840HLP

ALICE COOPER: Pretties For You LP (WS 1840HLP) 14.00
Repressed; Alice Cooper's debut album, originally released in 1969 on Straight. Tracks include "Titanic Overture," "10 Minutes Before the Worm," "Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio" and "Reflected." 180 gram reissue, manufactured by Rhino.

WS 1883HLP

ALICE COOPER: Love It To Death LP (WS 1883HLP) 14.00
Repressed; 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Produced by Bob Ezrin and originally released on the Straight label in 1971. Tracks include "Second Coming," "I'm Eighteen" and "Ballad Of Dwight Fry." This version does feature the original, later-censored cover, in case you were wondering what Cooper's thumb/penis looked like.

WS 1904HLP

Repressed; 180 gram exact repro reissue, manufactured by Rhino. Originally released in 1971. Opening with a reprise of the unforgettable "Express Yourself," this album includes the spacey "Let's Make Love Not War" as well as "What Can You Bring Me?," "I Got Your Love" and "Just To Settle My Nerves." Sampled by A Tribe Called Quest.



PARRISH AND TONY ALLEN, THEO: Day Like This/Feel Loved 12" (WHR 001EP) 16.00
"Wildheart Recordings is Theo Parrish's new London-based label. 'Sound signature releases for the body, Wildheart is for everything else" is Theo's pithy summary of his two labels' aims and compatibility. 'Day Like This' and 'Feel Loved' are the first fruits of Parrish's work with the legendary Lagosian, Tony Allen. They met initially at the Red Bull Academy in 2007 in Toronto and linked again in 2010 when they spent a couple of days together in London, again courtesy of the RBA. (Their bond was forged further when they participated in the Honest Jon's Chop Up shows in London, France and Ireland at the end of 2011). Final work on the tracks was done in 2012 when Theo brought on board vocalist Eska, Andrew Ashong (following up from Flowers with another stellar contribution here, singing and playing bass), and guitarist David Okumu. 'Day Like This' is masterful modern soul music. At the point where Parrish's synth stabs into Tony's groove beneath a swirl of falsetto vocals, you know it -- this is a big tune. 'Feel Loved' goes deeper and for some will hit harder. An epic sweep of synth this time, around which Tony plays with growing freedom and excitement -- showing again that he is the best drummer on the planet -- before a majestic coda brings things to a close. Music for everything else indeed, but by all means for the body as well. For its first release, Wildheart is giving birth to a monster."


YT 088EP

KORELESS: Yugen EP 12" (YT 088EP) 14.50
Koreless' debut solo EP Y?gen on Young Turks. Existing somewhere between soulful electronica and Eno-like ambience, the emotion-filled soundscapes of Y?gen give the listener a glimpse into the vast concepts imagined by Koreless and presented through his music, artwork and performance. Remarkable in its restraint, sophisticated despite its simplicity, and almost entirely beatless, Y?gen is a bold statement that deserves to be listened to and lost in.



HILL, DAVID: Overdose of the Holy Ghost 2LP (ZEDD 028LP) 31.00
Gatefold double LP version featuring 10 tracks from the double CD. Z Records returns with a long overdue gospel album compiled by David Hill. With disco and funk-induced soul provided many gospel luminaries, plus exclusive edits from Z Records' Joey Negro, Overdose of the Holy Ghost is a shining example of church music that has been influenced by secular soul that was built for the dancefloor. from The Clark Sisters, who are without doubt one of the most successful and prolific family gospel groups of the last 40 years, recorded the title track in 1981 and it would go on to become the group's biggest crossover hit after being licensed to Elektra Records and released internationally in 1983. Gospel artists are well-known for taking popular secular songs -- or riffs from them -- and adapting the lyrics to take the song in a spiritual direction. Kristle uses The Emotions' "Best of My Love" as its foundation, and builds from a slow intro, gradually turning up the heat until it's the dancefloor burner that is "I'll Go." Rahni Harris is primarily known for "Six Million Steps," which became a classic on the early UK jazz-funk scene, but what most don't realize is that "Six Million Steps" is actually the instrumental B-side of the 1977 vocal gospel song originally released on the Inspirational Sounds label. It was only when the track was licensed by Mercury in 1978 that the B-side became the A-side and made its way onto the dancefloors of Essex. "He's My Friend" was recorded a couple of years earlier, when young Rahni was just 21. Also featuring tracks by Dan Greer, Sharon Johnson, Ricky Womack, Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark and The Young Delegation.

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