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Forced Exposure New Releases for 6/3/2013

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New music is due this week from Jozef Van Wissem, Tricky, Altered House, and Trentmøller as well as old music from Guru Guru, Digable Planets, and Fink.



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ALTERED HOURS: Sweet Jelly Roll 10" (AUK 105LP) 12.50
"The Altered Hours exist in a swirl of the psychedelic and hypnotic. The Sweet Jelly Roll EP, recorded in Autumn 2012 with Fabien Leseure in Berlin, at Anton Newcombe's (Brian Jonestown Massacre). Their debut release Downstream was recorded in a reclaimed government building housing the band's Cracks in the Light Studio and was released independently."


AL 121EP

VA: Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 1 12" (AL 121EP) 12.50
The Audiolith label presents volume 1 in their Stiff Little Spinners project, uniting the diversity of techno and house to create a sampler which shall display this certain diversity. Soulful vocals and an almost dreamy sound from Rampue, a diversified, propelling piece from Jakob Häglsperger, peak time club-oriented house and garage from Mendoza, and two atmospheric tracks with beautiful background vocals from Krink and Gimmix.

AL 146EP

VA: Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 2 12" (AL 146EP) 12.50
The Audiolith label presents volume 2 in their Stiff Little Spinners project, uniting the diversity of techno and house to create a sampler which shall display this certain diversity. Everything from deep, late-night house with seductive vox samples and sexy Chicago-influenced lines to floating synths, disco, slow-house, and magnetizing Berlin-style dance from artists such as Kalipo, Gimmix & Julei, Krink, Marseille & Mendoza, Rampue, and Torsun Teichgräber.

AL 174EP

VA: Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 3 12" (AL 174EP) 12.50
The Audiolith label presents volume 3 in their Stiff Little Spinners project. Gimmix fuses contemporary house music with an uber-seductive future garage twist. Rampue introduces his "Insensible Remix" with a fragile James Blake-y vocal vibe. Torsun Teichgräber builds a raw, 8-bit-influenced bass trap and Davide, Kilian & Mendoza ride a classic Latin house structure with vocals from Laurid. Kalipo brings back lonely minor piano chords, and Krink presents a thrilling tech house jam for the darkest hours of the night.



Licht is the debut album by Shampoo Boy, a new guitar, bass and electronics trio from Vienna, comprising members Christian Schachinger, Christina Nemec, and Peter Rehberg. Schachinger and Rehberg have played together in various projects over the last 25 years, most notably Peterlicker -- see Last Slave (2010) and Nicht (2011), both released on Editions Mego. Schachinger was also involved in Der Scheitel, their album In einem Haus das Liebe heißt being a classic of German "Schlagermusik." Rehberg currently operates the Editions Mego family of labels and is a member of KTL, R/S, and Fenn O'Berg as well as working on theater productions with Gisele Vienne, and with choreographer Margret Gudjonsdottir. Nemec's background is in avant-rock and industrial outfits such as Bray and her own performance group SV Damenkraft. She remains highly active as a solo artist, both as Chra and under her own name, and she has performed on several occasions with Lydia Lunch. Licht is made up of four improvisations recorded and mixed at Twisted, Wien between April 2012 and January 2013. Mastered by Noel Summerville at 3345, London. Artwork by Stephen O'Malley.



LP version. Comes with a CD copy of the album. Housemeister is back and guess what -- this time he only needed a handy little OP-1 synthesizer to make you feel giddy. But rewind: who is this master again? One of Berlin's long-standing techno maniacs. By the tender age of 17 he had been hit hard by punk, rap, grati, turntables, basement parties, Love Parade, Mayday, weed, 150 bpm, and legendary clubs like E-Werk, Tresor, Wal-sh, and Electric Ballroom. A heavy rave virus sucked up his body and soul, and in 1995 he moved to Kreuzberg to start producing high-energy music right from the middle of rave capital, Berlin. Some time later he released four albums with the BPitch collective and subsequently he seduced Europe with his intense techno. From then on, Housemeister kept riding the wave -- playing everywhere and every weekend. Finally he released his debut album Enlarge Your Dose on Boysnoize Records in 2005. In between he produced several EPs for BNR, launched the label All You Can Beat, and dropped on it with Who's That Noize?, another album that proved his party-crazy skills. Instead of resting, Housemeister continued to produce like a well-oiled machine and with 2011's Music Is Awesome album, he delivered overdriven arpeggios, punk rage, acid house psychedelic, and hard-style attacks. And now, he's back again to pad his heavy discography with another killer. Everything on OP-1 was made during his tour adventures with only his portable laboratory of sounds. The tracks on this concept album are called "Tokyo," "Berlin," "Paris," or "New York" and represent in sound the big city lights in whose shadow Housemeister tuned his brand-new tunes while being on the go: on airplanes and in hotel rooms. He recorded everything only with a little OP-1 synthesizer and made sure that his creativity bleeps like hell. Go ballistic to Housemeister's unique design of musical frenzy that wants nothing more than to drive you crazy.



KVB, THE: Immaterial Visions Remixes 12" (CITI 009EP) 18.00
"Limited edition vinyl release of remixes of select tracks from The KVB's highly acclaimed Immaterial Visions LP?. The Immaterial Visions Remixes EP features versions by Regis (Karl O'Connor), Silent Servant, Shifted, In Aeternam Vale, and Worn. The EP is pressed on 160 gram white vinyl and comes in a white hand stamped die-cut disco sleeve."



GUMMIHZ/JOHN DIMAS: Alles Claap Vol. 1, EP2 12" (CLAAP 013EP) 12.00
Second single of the upcoming Alles Claap Vol. 1 mixed by label head GummiHz. Features a remix from cosmic house phenomenon Oskar Offermann, and one from GummiHz himself. GummiHz treats "Self Control" to new and dubby heights while keeping things elegantly tight. On the flip, Offermann gives "Rejuvenation" a totally new spin, bringing out the cosmic side of the original. Classy Detroit house made in Berlin. Music for the body and the soul.



JOHN, MATT: The Keys 2LP+CD (COR 034LP) 22.00
Double LP version (featuring 7 tracks), plus a CD with the full album. This is Matt John's debut for Cocoon Recordings. This is Sheffield, Warp, and the early Hacienda and LFO-days that are shining through here. No massive 909-programming, no Chicago and no New York house revival, and finally, not just another London and Berlin hipster soundtrack. We are talking northern sound-inspired techno here, dark but hedonistic analog synths and for those who remember: A Certain Ratio feeling all over the place. The style and vibe of Matt John's collection is defined right from the start: "Interview" is built around slim analog drums and shouts out loud that you won't find loop-house and over-polished drum-sounds in here. "Angel Dust" will show many youngsters how effective a clean and banging 808 can be. The classic backwards strings on top lead to that special dark but hedonistic vibe that is almost dying for some cool MC Tune rhyme. Matt John continues with his very own bleeps and plonks revival and with "Monogramm" it is almost undeniable that master John must have been a big fan of the "Sweet Exorcist" and all the other Warp legends. With "The River," Matt John shows his jazzy side and introduces more warm organ sounds and heavy beats and even a guitar joins the game. "The Ocean Inside" sounds far more contemporary and way more up-to-date then the rest of the album. A dry bass line, dub-echoes, warm strings, and a pretty cool groove makes it a nice connection to the techno of today. "My Pocket" follows this and more jazz vibes are spread, almost in a soundtrack-style. "The Keys" features banging beats and the vocals call us to "enter the signs of today." "Britz Wind" slows down the tempo again and has a nice summer sound. "The Surf Owl" is a bizarre melting-pot of heavy beats, ocean surf and synthesizer bird-sounds. On "Today" a New Order bass line and vocals that appear to be recorded through DJ headphones meet a funky guitar and create a great piece of music. Last but not least, "Froydish" possesses a hypnotic beat and sounds that follow a more contemporary direction, forming a soft and warm ending for a heavy album.



VIRGINIA WING: Red Sails 7" (CRITTER 026EP) 8.00
"Formed in early 2012, Virginia Wing's initial desire was to play and record as quickly as possible but they soon realized a more considered approach was necessary if the band was to be at all fulfilling. They made this debut 7" with their friend Misha Hering at Holy Mountain Studios. With a knack of making their songs sound like essential forgotten classics, Virginia Wing create thrillingly crafted pop tunes that exist within that time honored dialogue between the popular and the avant-garde. Their sound veers from the minimalist post punk of Young Marble Giants, to the twisted '60s psych bliss of Arthur Lee and Love and the Radiophonic Workshop."


DV 9045LP

ILLA J: Yancey Boys 2LP (DV 9045LP) 25.00
"Back in 2008 Delicious Vinyl issued a pairing that was just meant to be with multi-talented Illa J rhyming and singing over a treasure trove of previously untouched Jay Dee gems, a full-circle collaboration and a whole new beginning in the story of the musically exceptional Yancey Brothers. The vinyl on this release will now be available for the first time in years. When Jay Dee passed away from complications relating to lupus in February 2006, he left behind an extraordinary legacy of production work, including hits for Common, Janet Jackson, and Busta Rhymes. In addition to the hits, he left behind a mother lode of previously untouched beats that dates from his time working on the Pharcyde's sophomore album Labcabincalifornia (1995). As Delicious owner and founder Michael Ross explains, 'From '95 through '98 Jay Dee was my go-to guy for hot beats and remixes. He was always making beats, always. So there was a select amount of tracks that he composed for me during that time, tracks as good as anything he'd done, only they never got used. When I finally met Illa J, I gave him a CD containing those unreleased beats.' It was a case of pure serendipity, since 21-year-old Illa J had just relocated to Los Angeles and constructed a studio built around Jay Dee's own recording equipment, dubbing it Yancey Boy Studios in tribute to their fraternal bond." Pressed on green vinyl.



BUTCH: FTS 12" (DESOLAT 021X-EP) 12.50
Butch is regarded as one of the most prolific producers in electronic music, and he makes his debut on Desolat with four deep and distinctive tracks. "Pompino" kicks off the EP with a distorted rhythm and contorted vocals which build into a twisted and trippy groove. "Dimensions" develops slowly and builds tension with distinctive bells and unnerving harmonies. "Desert Storm" features a hypnotic rhythm and a wailing vocal while "Sonny Got It Going On" rounds off the EP with a slower BPM. On red-colored vinyl.


Marco Faraone and Luca Agnelli continue their rise to the top with an impressive debut on Desolat. "Jambo" kicks off the EP at a strong pace with a deep, bouncing bass-line, crisp percussion and a distorted looped vocal. "La Feria" is another driving track aimed at the peak-time dancefloor, characterized by strong drums and a distant radio-like sample. "Hold It Like That" develops at a gentler pace, with an infectious, looped vocal and shimmering melody. "Last Call" is a powerful track, aimed firmly at the dancefloor. On green-colored vinyl.



DAVIS, MILES: Sketches of Spain LP (DOG 904LP) 25.00
"For 1960's Sketches Of Spain, Davis pairs up with composer Gil Evans and a 19-piece band to produce what has been called one of the most difficult scores in jazz music. But Davis makes even the most difficult of music sound absolutely effortless, presenting some of the most dramatic and breathtakingly brooding solos of his career. Said one critic: 'It is as if Miles had been born of Andalusian gypsies but, instead of picking up the guitar, had decided to make a trumpet the expression of his cante hondo (deep song).'" 180 gram, audiophile virgin vinyl. Direct metal mastering. Presented at 45 rpm.


HAYASAKA, FUMIO: The Seven Samurai Original Motion Picture Score LP+CD (DOK 223LP) 26.00
"Fumio Hayasaka's original soundtrack to Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece Seven Samurai (1954). The friendship that emerged between Hayasaka and the legendary Japanese director marks one of the great artistic partnerships of the last century, with Kurosawa often commenting how Hayasaka transformed his vision of how music could be used for cinema. Here, the well-known tale of a group of farmers who hire seven samurai to protect their village from raiders is masterfully told through Hayasaka's musical tour de force. 39-track CD included, featuring nine bonus tracks." Comes on 180 gram vinyl.


MEMPHIS SLIM: I Find the Blues Everywhere LP+CD (DOK 328LP) 26.00
"Rare Memphis Slim LP, recorded in Paris in 1961, and never reissued on vinyl or CD. Although Slim was an incredible vocalist, here the Memphis bluesman chooses to let the piano be his voice, leading the audience through various moods?from the sombre 'Bluesnik' to the lively 'The Hustler.' Without so much as a single drum to keep the beat, Slim's tempo never falters as transitions from one genre to the next, for a dizzying and awe-inspiring performance of which only the very best are capable." 180 gram vinyl. Comes with a CD of the album.


SPIVEY, VICTORIA: Kings and the Queen LP (DOY 680LP) 23.00
"Part two of the rare session recorded on 2 March 1962 at Cue Studios in NYC for Victoria Spivey's own Spivey Records. That day, Spivey had gathered together Big Joe Williams, Memphis Slim, Roosevelt Sykes, and Lonnie Johnson¸ for a loose blues session where these blues greats could be found taking turns on their own compositions, while the others either played along or hung out on the sidelines. By this time, Spivey had also taken a young musician by the name of Bob Dylan under her wing, and brought him in to play harmonica on this rare session." On 180 gram vinyl.



TV SMITH: Cheap CD (EARS 040CD) 17.50
"Third in a series of remastered albums. Cheap comes with no less than eight bonus tracks. Original album has been out of print for over 15 years."



RAMBUTAN: Inverted Summer LP (FABREC 025LP) 21.00
"The full-length vinyl LP debut of Eric Hardiman's (Century Plants/Burnt Hills) solo project. As Rambutan, Hardiman has released a steady stream of quality material on a variety of underground labels since 2007. Subtly bridging realms of noise, dub, psych, drone, minimalism, and musique concrete, Rambutan brings listeners into a unique sonic headspace that finds common ground between bliss and dread. Utilizing various electronics, synthesizers, tapes, guitar, and bass, Inverted Summer is a sprawling, wide-angle piece of work, yielding deep zones of textural soundscaping that can soothe and unsettle in equal measure. Inverted Summer captures Rambutan's thick, dubby atmospherics in all their glory, revealing Hardiman to be a sound artist whose improvisational techniques are as formidable as his sense of structure and development. These are alien soundtracks for the recombinant generation, just waiting for you to disappear into them." Edition of 300 on black vinyl. Includes free download code.



SPACEMEN 3: The Perfect Perscription LP (FIRE 016LP) 31.00
"180 gram baby blue vinyl. Spacemen 3's second album is a remarkable departure from the band's 1986 debut, Sound of Confusion. Reduced to a trio (guitarists /keyboardists Pete 'Sonic Boom' Kember, Jason 'Spaceman' Pierce, and bassist Pete Bassman) following the departure of the first album's drummer, Spacemen 3 makes an asset out of the newfound lack of percussion, giving The Perfect Prescription a considerably less rock-oriented sound with much more open space in its varied, subtle arrangements."



FLASHBACK: Flashback #2 Winter 2012 MAG (FLASHBACK 002) 16.50
Issue #2 of Flashback. Edited by Richard Morton Jack (co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), it features writing from some of the world's leading music authorities, including Richie Unterberger, David Wells, Patrick Lundborg, and Aaron Milenski. A4 in size (with a gloss cover), 212 pages long, and full-color throughout, it's packed with extensive new research, exclusive interviews and rare photos. Contents include: Tomorrow - Richard Morton Jack on Britain's great lost psychedelic band, with all new interviews (including Steve Howe) and previously-unseen images. Morgen - at long last, the full story of everyone's favorite hard psych album. 13th Floor Elevators - guitarist Stacy Sutherland's last interview. "Early Hard Rock" - Flashback nominates 100 of the best albums in the genre. "Yesterday's Papers" - a study of how vintage pop publications are preserved, and a guide to the best music mags of the '60s and '70s. Hullabaloo - an interview with Gerry Rothberg, editor of the legendary '60s pop mag. Ray Russell - the legendary guitarist talks us through his early albums in depth. Judy Dyble - a detailed interview with the Fairport/Trader Horne singer. Dragonfly - the full story behind the legendary heavy psych band. Reviews - in-depth coverage of the latest CDs, LPs, and books.


FLASHBACK: Flashback #3 Spring 2013 MAG (FLASHBACK 003) 16.50
Issue #3 of Flashback magazine. Edited by Richard Morton Jack (co-founder of Sunbeam Records and editor of the Galactic Ramble and Endless Trip books), it features writing from some of the world's leading music authorities, including Richie Unterberger, Patrick Lundborg, and Aaron Milenski. A4 in size (with a gloss cover), 212 pages long, and full color throughout, it's packed with new research, exclusive interviews and rare photos. Contents include Mighty Baby - Richard Morton Jack tells the remarkable tale of how Britain's sharpest mods went psychedelic before embracing Islam, making two classic albums in the process. Includes extensive interviews and many rare and previously-unseen images. Syd Barrett - and the making of The Madcap Laughs. Tripsichord Music Box - at last, the tale is told of this mysterious SF psych band -- includes a rare interview with manager Matthew Katz. The Common People - the full story of this enigmatic Californian quintet, responsible for one of the late-'60s best-loved cult LPs. "Singer-songwriters" - Flashback nominates 50 of the best-neglected albums in this crowded genre. Top Pops & Music Now - the intriguing history of Britain's most obscure music weekly. Sandy Roberton - the famed folk-rock producer talks us through many of his productions. "Rock Memoirs" - Richie Unterberger investigates the rock memoir boom, and wonders how it might affect lesser-known artists. "MONO vs. STEREO" - Patrick Lundborg offers a fresh perspective on the debate that has divided audiophiles since the dawn of hi-fi. Reviews - in-depth coverage of the latest CDs, LPs, and books.


GF 266CD

"From the great period of the late 1960's, two great psych/exploito LPs on one CD, in mini-LP cardboard sleeve format. The Electric Underground and The Generation Gap attempted to cash in on the Summer of Love sound, outrageous color designs, and real groovy song titles."



PLANK, CONNY: Who's That Man: A Tribute to Conny Plank 2LP (GRON 123LP) 29.50
"Tribute to the legendary German producer, Conny Plank. Included is a selection of Plank's most iconic work, along with a series of productions that exemplify his unique sound design." Artists include: Eno/Moebius/Roedelius, Phew, Eurythmics, D.A.F., Moebius/Plank/Thompson, Michael Rother, Ibliss, La Dusseldorf and Crash/Gorl/Plank. On 180 gram vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.



PHYSICAL THERAPY: Safety Net 12" (HIP 019EP) 20.50
2013 repress. "Aspiring urban cowboy Physical Therapy, aka New Jersey producer Daniel Fisher, breathes a stoned warmth into the rave resurrection with Safety Net, his debut EP on Hippos in Tanks. Drawing on a deep rooted love of house music, heavy bass and organic energy, he presents his unique vision of drum 'n' space. Bodily shapes move in and out of focus as melodic lines skitter across five instinctive, sweat-beaded tracks."



DECEH/TOTAL LIFE: Deceh/Total Life LP (IMPREC 377LP) 20.00
"Split release between Total Life and Deceh. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies and housed in screen printed, hand numbered jackets. Kevin Doria's work as Total Life precedes his work as half of Growing but continues to evolve. 'Fader' is no exception. Deceh's contribution is an extended harmonic magnification of a shruti box, Hammond organ, upright double bass and modular synthesizer."


VAN WISSEM, JOZEF: Nihil Obstat CD (IMPREC 379CD) 14.00
"Gorgeous full length from Dutch lutenist Jozef Van Wissem. Wissem's long form, graceful melodic lute layers, preceded by suspenseful deep bass movements, create a transcendental and pastoral. Wissem's is a world where hypnotic minimalist figures are repeated to slow the act of listening. Nihil Obstat ('Nothing Hinders') is performed on Wissem's custom black lute built by Michael Schreiner. The CD version of Nihil Obstat includes an extended 11 minute version."


VAN WISSEM, JOZEF: Nihil Obstat LP (IMPREC 379LP) 18.00
LP version pressed in an edition of 800.



TRENTEMØLLER: Never Stop Running 7" (IMR 012EP) 8.00
Trentemøller's label In My Room is proud to present the first single from his third album Lost, due for release in 2013. "Never Stop Running" is an empathetic, evolving song that perfectly melts with the expressive vocals of The Drums singer Jonny Pierce. The cover image appears courtesy of Asger Carlsen. "Never Stop Running" will be performed live for the first time in the spring of 2013 at the O2 Arena in London when Trentemøller will be supporting Depeche Mode.


IL 2012CD

TIJUANA PANTHERS: Semi Sweet CD (IL 2012CD) 13.50
"Tijuana Panthers come striding proudly out of their hometown of Long Beach, California, with Semi Sweet, their most fully realized album yet. Semi Sweet has every Panther contributing a part in the entire album-making process, all the way down to brainstorming new songs on drummer and singer Phil Shaheen's ukelele. They're really just aesthetically simple dudes, says bassist and singer Dan Michicoff -- they know their songs are done when they not only sound right but feel right, and when they've got that same rare combination of harmony and velocity and honesty that's pushed bands out from their garage since the invention of the electric guitar."

IL 2012LP

TIJUANA PANTHERS: Semi Sweet LP (IL 2012LP) 18.50
LP version.



DJ HMC: City Rhythm 2x12" (JUICE 002EP) 23.50
HMC's offering of techno and house music, City Rhythm, conveys a sound typical of his influence on dance music culture in his hometown of Adelaide, Australia. With classic synths, arrangements of deep house, and the revered pulse of a solid techno groove, there are club anthems, underground house gems, and techno moments designed for any sound system. HMC has stayed true to his musical ambitions but has embraced the technology of today without fear of losing any appeal to techno and house music purists.



ISSAKIDIS, GEORGE: Karezza CD (KTDJ 011CD) 20.00
Kill The DJ presents an album from George Issakidis. George was always a man apart. Even in his own former band, The Micronauts, he probably did not fit. The tracks on Karezza were born from endless travelling, both inner and outer. Never has exoticism rhymed more with mysticism. As George himself describes, "The tracks represent the alchemical transformation that has been happening, is happening. They are the culmination of all this self-work through tantric magick and yoga, Gurdjieff's self-observation exercises, meditation, Crowley and Spare's magickal systems, trips to the Himalayan foothills to practice and study with Indian gurus and the Andes for ayahuasca ceremonies. They are a release/delving into deeply-rooted subconscious material that found its way into the music. Almost all are one-off live recordings done in a trance. Other results were profound ontological experiences that shook me to the very core and changed my views on everything." Kill The DJ helped in cutting down tracks that lasted 26 minutes to six minutes, spending afternoons in George's flat eating strange food then walking out in the streets as if out of a dream. There is also a collaboration with fellow occultist Mickey Moonlight and also one with Perc. The artwork was done by design-firm M/M, interpreting George's sigil -- his magic sign. Karezza has already blown away acid luminaries such as James Holden, Ed Chemical, Piers Martin, and Konrad Black, and it will certainly enlighten many more in many dark ways.



CALL BACK THE GIANTS: The Marianne LP (KYE 023LP) 17.00
"Kye is proud to present the long-awaited new LP by Folkestone's Call Back the Giants. The Marianne takes the questing, narrative themes last heard on The Rising LP (2011) and Incidents of Travel EP (2012) and extrapolates them into a three-part conceptual odyssey. Set aboard the cruise liner of the same name, The Marianne charts the epic voyage of Capt Fletcher and his patrons as they passage across the 'sour ocean,' through a prism of supernature and on toward an uncertain end. The Marianne arrives in a full color, high-gloss, Chloe Mutter-designed sleeve, on sea-foam green vinyl in an edition of 400 copies."



THE/DAS: Outfashioned 12" (LAD 010EP) 12.00
Anton Feist and Fabian Fenk of The/Das is back with three new songs that move mysteriously around the edges of the club. The EP opens with "Outfashioned," whose thin, melancholic vocal line connects the crowded dancefloor to the individual headphones. "Suburban Drugstore" is a song that pays attention to small details and opens a space that is filled with the haunting vocals of The/Das singer Fabian Fenk. "Akimbo" takes place at the outskirts of the dancefloor, with gazes floating around and fixating on a figure.


LR 408LP

PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE BAND, THE: The Dark Cloud of the Moon LP+CD (LR 408LP) 27.00
"The Dark Cloud of the Moon is a star-studded tribute album to Pink Floyd. Organized by tribute-album-guru, Billy Sherwood to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, each song is lovingly recreated by the crème de la crème of seventies rock and prog. Featuring members of Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Yes, The Doors, King Crimson, Hawkwind, ELP, Jefferson Starship, Frank Zappa, Journey, Peter Gabriel, and more. Bonus CD fits the centre of the vinyl as if it were its label." Features Malcolm McDowell, Adrian Belew, Robbie Krieger, Edgar Winter, Bill Bruford, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and others. Comes on clear white vinyl with a CD copy of the album.

LR 409LP

PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE BAND, THE: If You Were in the Middle LP+CD (LR 409LP) 27.00
"If You Were in the Middle is a star-studded tribute album to Pink Floyd. Organized by tribute-album-guru, Billy Sherwood to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon." Features Nick Turner, Psychic TV, Malcolm McDowell, Adrian Belew, Keith Emerson, Jeff Baxter, and others. Comes on clear yellow vinyl with a CD copy of the album.

LR 410LP

PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE BAND, THE: Another Hole in the Wall LP+CD (LR 410LP) 27.00
"Another Hole in the Wall is a star-studded tribute album to Pink Floyd. Organized by tribute-album-guru, Billy Sherwood to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon." Features Adrian Belew, Keith Emerson, Ian Anderson, Steve Morse, Steve Howe, Glenn Hughes, Dweezil Zappa, and others. Comes on clear white vinyl with a CD copy of the album.


LH 002EP

SIMPLY SAUCER: Reckless Agitation 7" (LH 002EP) 18.00
"By now the deep heads and even a few squares are hip to the psychedelic proto-punk fury that is Simply Saucer. Formed in the basement of Hamilton, Ontario in the mid-'70s, they dragged platters by the Stooges, Velvets, Syd's Floyd, and the Pink Fairies to a bewildered studio crew (including a young Daniel Lanois) and laid down the tracks that would compromise their now legendary LP Cyborgs Revisited (along with some slaying live tracks). The Saucer went through a few line-up changes over the years (they're still active!) and released some further singles, always with the core of genius songwriter Edgar Breau and bass god Kevin Christoff. Numerous demos were cut throughout their career, and rabid fans captured more blazing live shows on tape, so we are proud to present four completely unheard vintage 1975-1977 Simply Saucer compositions on one fancy-packaged 45 EP. Ranging from snarling VU-inspired pre-punk to poppy ditties that would make Kevin Ayers blush, these previously unreleased tracks come housed in a possibly groundbreaking package--bolted onto a true Saucer. Yes, with washer and 45 adapter added to the construction, sticker, and a printed-on frisbee, we have constructed a truly unique package here that, well... actually flies!"



M=Minimal continues its series of Ernstalbrecht Stiebler releases with Ton in Ton (trans. "Tone on Tone"). Born in Berlin in 1934, he is considered to be one of the few "grandmasters" to musically capture so much with so little. His music is quiet and gentle, yet fearless. Colorful without a dominant brilliance. It is emphatic and unfolds organically with a willful beauty. Meanwhile, contrast and suspense arise from within tones and sounds, paving the way for a calming liveliness. This is evidenced in Stiebler's "Extension 1" (1964), which managed to capture the experts' attention. At this time, the composer was already dealing with reductionist composition techniques, creating works that would otherwise not be found during the era of 20th-century classical music in Germany in 1965. Until recently, his works were appreciated by just a few. Fortunately, this has slowly started to change and M=Minimal is delighted to be a part of it, helping his music reach new boundaries. The first composition for chamber orchestra "Ton in Ton" was a commissioned work for the Hanne-Darboven Foundation. It was played by the renowned chamber ensemble Ensemble Modern and conducted by Frank Ollu. The piece was composed by Ernstalbrecht Stiebler in 2011 and resembled the best features of a classic in the history of minimal music. Also worth mentioning is the organ composition "Torsi" from 2002. It was played by Stiebler's connoisseur Hans-Peter Schulz on the Heintz organ at the St. Stephan church in Konstanz, Germany. Comprised of three movements, "Torso," "Organa Minima" and "Cantus," the musical work has nothing in common with the modern garrulous organ works of the last century, in which the composition often plays an "exhibitionist" role for the organ. On the contrary, Stiebler's composition hovers effortlessly over the organ. His musical piece for organ "Betonungen" (trans. "accentuations") from 1968 is available as bonus track. The first Ernstalbrecht Stiebler album released by M=minimal received outstanding reviews from both within and beyond the 20th-century classical music community.


MIG 80192CD

KRIEGEL, VOLKER: With a Little Help from My Friends CD (MIG 80192CD) 16.00
"German jazz guitarist Volker Kriegel's first studio album has been unavailable since 1971. This reissue includes more than 50 minutes of bonus material from 1968, the same year of the original release. "

MIG 90577DVD

GURU GURU: Krautrock Legends Vol. 2: Live at Rockpalast DVD (MIG 90577DVD) 19.00
"German krautrock legends Guru Guru were the first German band to be invited to play Rockpalast. Guru Guru and their outstanding drummer Mani Neumeier have always delivered a unique brand of psychedelic music and this 1976 concert is truly a trip." Region 0, runtime: approx. 121 minutes.


MW 044EP

ACTOR, THE: Unreal Personality 7" (MW 044EP) 6.50
"The Actor is a well known but simultaneously quite obscure minimal wave project that emerged from the Dutch home taping scene of the early 1980s. The duo was formed by Marcel Reimer (vocals, keyboards) and Sander Horsthuis (keyboards) in Breda, The Netherlands in late 1981. Influences were DAF, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget. Guitars were no option, 'because the amplifiers would mar the stage.' The Actor caught the attention of cult cassette label Trumpett through their powerful live act and were signed to the label in April 1982. Their first, self-produced album was released in September 1982 as Exploded View (an exploded view of a cassette tape was featured on the sleeve): ten quite simply arranged synthpop tracks that were dynamic and danceable, with lyrics sung both in English and German, relating to the modern world, fashion, dancing, fame, appearance, and self-image. The track featured on this flexi-disc, 'Unreal Personality,' is the opening track of Exploded View and the archetypical The Actor song, with lyrics directly referring to the band's name. It has been remastered from its original analog source tape for best possible sound reproduction. Flexi printed on clear flexible vinyl with silver embossed ink, edition of 999 number-stamped copies accompanied by matte printed postcard of 'August 1975' by Jennifer Griffiths."

MW 046CS

FIVE TIMES OF DUST: The Dadacomputer Cassette (MW 046CS) 11.00
"Limited edition reissue of one of our favorite cassettes, The Dadacomputer, the first incarnation of what would later become Five Times of Dust. It was the result of collaboration between Robert Lawrence and Mark Phillips who came together during the summer of 1981 living between Bristol and Cardiff, UK. They collaborated by sending tapes back and forth through the mail and also worked together in their respective home studios. Later that year, they self-released The Dadacomputer on both MAP tapes and Quick Stab. Roughly 100 copies were made in total and soon sold out."



IRON CURTIS: Horses Remixes 12" (MIRAU 017EP) 12.50
Iron Curtis' magical debut album was Soft Wide Waist Band, and now a luscious remix record comes galloping around the corner, riding one of the most beautiful tracks on the album. "Horses" is taken apart and put back together on this 12" by the wonderful Move D, Edith Piafra & Johannes Albert, and The KDMS. Springtime bubbles from speakers like milk boiling over on an open fire with warm sounds for the springtime dancefloor. Take off your shoes and listen loud.


MIR 100704D-CD

SCHULZE AND GUNTER SCHICKERT, KLAUS: The Schulze-Schickert Session (Special Edition Digipak) CD (MIR 100704D-CD) 23.00
6-panel trifold digipak "special" edition-- this has the same music (including two bonus tracks) as on the jewel case edition (MIR 100704CD), but the digipak packaging offers an enhanced presentation far removed from the cold, meaningless experience jewel cases offer to sociopaths and prison inmates. "For the first time, from the vaults of electronic music guru, Klaus Schulze, comes The Schulze-Schickert Session, a rare and previously unreleased private session featuring echo-guitar pioneer Günter Schickert. Recorded on 26 September 1975 in Klaus Schulze's home studio in Hambuehren, Germany, Schulze can be heard playing an EMS Synthi A, as well as keyboards, and a Syntanorma, while Schickert plays a 12-string Framus with metal strings and also sings on a few tracks. Although Schickert's name is little-known outside of a very select circle of krautrock fans, he was a key member of the Berlin free jazz scene of the 1960s and a pioneer of the echo-guitar. Just prior to the recording of this informal session, Schickert's first LP, Samtvogel, was released on the seminal Brain label. On the two bonus tracks, found only on the CD version, Schickert's playing ebbs, as Schulze takes on the more dominant role."



DIGABLE PLANETS: Blowout Comb 2LP (MCR 905LP) 26.00
"We are finally set to reissue Blowout Comb, the 1994 second album by cult, Brooklyn-based hip hop trio Digable Planets. The album is named for the combs used to maintain an Afro hairstyle, and that's significant. The group's Ishmael 'Butterfly' Butler said it summed up what they wanted to do with it: 'It means the utilization of the natural, a natural style,' he has said. Like with 1993's debut Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space), 'utilizing the natural' meant creating hip hop that blended jazz with the formidable rap skills of the aforementioned Butterfly, Craig 'Doodlebug' Irving, and Mary Ann 'Ladybug Mecca' Vieira. Unlike that debut, it meant broadening to include guests such as Gang Starr's Guru, Jeru the Damaja, and Jazzy Joyce. Following the gold-selling commercial success of their debut, they here set out to prove their artistic prowess. This is intelligent, alternative hip hop that sounded like party music. Its lyrics are dense with wit, social commentary and politics -- and its original inner sleeve was modeled on the newspaper of the Black Panther movement. Its instrumentation includes sax, vibraphone, and flute. Its samples -- gathered from global crate digging trips while touring the first album around the world -- included Grant Green, Eddie Harris, Shuggie Otis, and jazz-funk pioneer Roy Ayers (whose 'We Live in Brooklyn, Baby' became 'Borough Check' here). And yet at the same time its beats are infectious and its spirit undeniable."



M83/ANTHONY GONZALEZ/JOSEPH TRAPANESE: Oblivion - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2LP (MOND 009LP) 31.00
"The Oblivion Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features new music by Anthony Gonzalez of M83 and Joseph Trapanese (TRON: Uprising, The Raid: Redemption). The score features a hybrid of the traditional M83 electronic sound combined with sweeping orchestral elements. It has 16 score cues, along with a brand new song by M83 featuring Norwegian singer-songwriter Susanne Sundfor used as the end title for the film." Comes on 180 gram vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.



P JAM: NSWL015 12" (NSWL 015EP) 14.50
"P Jam has been developing a unique production style that incorporates intricately edited hardcore breaks into an updated grime sensibility. A style that is ingeniously deployed on the A side of this 12" - a sub-heavy 2013 jungle 'cover' of a certain very famous Frankie Knuckles production - which is a concept that's just too perfect for the NSWL series. And it's built solid and razor sharp. Ecstasy guaranteed on this one. On the flip is a bonus cut, another 'cover' of the same track, but this time the breaks, rolling sub and conceptual rave domination are stripped away, creating a skeletal dub version."



FINK: Biscuits for Breakfast LP (ZEN 104LP) 20.50
2006 release. "Biscuits for Breakfast is a highly personal, beautifully executed journey into folk, blues, soul and dub overtones that sees this beats-man reinvent himself in a way that's more akin to a religious conversion than normal record company 'change of haircut' practice. Fink's previous release was the trip hop classic Fresh Produce, on Ninja's Ntone label imprint ('99).Biscuits for Breakfast is an album that will stand the test of time simply because it is rooted in original, honest songwriting. Fink has blown away critics and fans in the UK and Europe with Biscuits for Breakfast, selling over 25,000 copies so far in those territories." Comes on 180 gram vinyl. Includes a download card.


NA 5100CD

VA: Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 2CD (NA 5100CD) 18.00
"Selections from the Sinecure Books publication Enjoy the Experience: psych, funk, folk, jazz, lounge, boogie and straight-up-weirdness from American private press albums. Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 is the inaugural offering from Sinecure Books. Now-Again Records is pleased to distribute a 2CD anthology of psych, funk, folk, jazz, lounge, disco, boogie and just-plain-weirdness culled from the the book's selections. Take note: this is not a novelty freak show. Contained in this anthology are examples of some of the most highly regarded rock, soul, jazz, funk and singer/ songwriter albums from the '60s through the early '80s. From the awkward-yet- talented to the genius-yet-bizarre, one thing unites all musicians presented here: they sincerely hoped to become stars, they committed themselves to record, and they left themselves vulnerable to an industry not understanding of nuance, not appreciative of character. While Enjoy The Experience the book details a forceful American cultural experience that stands in juxtaposition to the mainstream even as its creators attempted to infiltrate it, Enjoy the Experience the album shows the breadth of American creativity in a compelling, start-to-finish listen. Not all of it is easy to digest, but this music is essential to the 20th century American experience." Double CD with 44-page booklet of liner notes.



VILLALOBOS, RICARDO: The Au Harem D'Archimede 3LP (PERL 043LP) 25.00
2013 repress, originally released 2004. Triple vinyl version. "Archimedes' theorem defines the buoyant lift: Diving an object into a vessel full of water causes an increase of pressure inside the vessel. The displaced amount of water, i.e. the lifting force is equivalent to the object's body volume, i.e. its weight-force. Transferring this theorem to the music of the overwhelming parallel universe of Ricardo Villalobos' triple EP, one will realize the following: Diving all of its notes into reality results in the displacement of the same to a high degree, since the music has an enormous volume by expanding airily. Which means nothing but the musical principle of psychedelics taking effect here. This time by using the method of reduction, Ricardo is closer to the tradition of the cultured jam sessions by the legendary German 70es musicians' collective Ash Ra Tempel around Manuel Goettsching (known from his Prototech solo production 'E2-E4') than to the simply structured march through occasionally rather uninspired club metrics. Ricardo's percussive talent is undisputed: the sophisticatedly elastic rhythm meanders of Latin American/Caribbean origin sound as if they have been introduced to the wild from the base of a cool, impeccably clean laboratory which is located somewhere in the Science Fiction vastness of the Chilean Atacama desert. The loss of sense of time appears in favour of the event of intensity. Frequently the tracks appear surprisingly volatile, despite the considerable playing times of several titles which are absolutely required for exhausting the free, rhythmic modulations. One wishes them to last forever, like the whole production."



WATCHOUT!: Flashbacker LP (PERM 035LP) 18.00
"Domestic reissue of Chilean group's debut LP, previously available only on CD and an uber-limited lathe-cut import LP; WatchOut! is the lovechild proof that Os Mutantes and Popol Vuh had an elicit rendezvous in mid-70's Santiago. This Chilean rock group blends krauty synth textures with a tropicalian style not so successfully crafted since the '70s. Latin rhythms, fuzzy, wah-wah guitar leads, and melodic organ patterns are sewn sweetly together to create a quilt of psychedelic pop that would comfort even the coldest Brazilian psych aficionado. This LP was one of the best unheard and under?released records of 2011. Flashbacker includes seven tracks of '60s Brazilian psych, '70s German hypnotism, '80s UK fuzz pop, and Indian raga influenced jams all seamlessly and brilliantly woven together."



VA: Brontosaurus 2LP (PERMVAC 107LP) 21.00
This is a retrospective on the life and work of the mighty Brontosaurus label. Although it was only meant to live for four years (2006-2010), its work was quite influential, and Brontosaurus managed to become a reference of its own. Enough reasons to raise Brontosaurus a monument to reminisce him in his full glory. Permanent Vacation are also very happy to get an inside view by fellow paleontologist and Tuff City Kid Gerd Janson, who contributed liner notes to this double gatefold LP. Born out of boredom rather than a desire for stardom (or ability for that matter), the Brontosaurus label was the playground of three don't-wanna-be-grown-ups: Phillip Lauer, Thomas Saap Sabrowsky, and the man formerly known as CB Funk aka The Citizen's Band. A label from and for friends that claimed to release so-called proto dance music long after its emersion, misspelled "mayhem" as "mayham" and met ennui with excitement and a DIY ethos that wasn't very far away from the snotty nose that is hardcore punk. Baptized by a guy named Popowicz, Brontosaurus managed to lighten up the mood in a scene that is sometimes too serious/too stubborn/too conventional, while independently keeping the aural quality standards of Frankfurt's larger-than-life label persona, Playhouse. With releases by Lauer himself, Extra Produktionen, Exile Missile, and the Lauer & CB Funk house music hoax Arto Mwambe that turned into a major player of its own, the label released exactly 13 12"s, before it stopped and the protagonists went on to other adventures. Those singles include melancholic first-timers like Zachary, remixes from the likes of Move D and Osborne, chart-storming deep house anthems ("Mudhutma!," "Greatest Love," "Love Lifted"), euphoric piano madness by Lauer (Delta NRG) or slow-motion cosmic funky by The Exile Missile (Ray Rider) -- some of them housed in hand-crafted limited sleeves portraying the inviting homes of dictators and all of them strictly bound to the vinyl format. Consigned for posterity by Munich's music machine Permanent Vacation, the label's momentum and those moments can now be relived again and again. Brontosaurus collects the label's brilliance for the first time on digital formats and for the last time makes it obtainable on vinyl again. Here you have all the ingredients that make dance music enjoyable, elating, staggering, shrewd, heroic and, most of all, fun.


TALABOT, JOHN: So Will Be Now (Club Revision) 12" (PERMVACJT 001EP) 12.00
Long awaited single release of John Talabot's "So Will Be Now" from his 2012 debut album Fin. Includes a special extended club edit for maximum dance floor action and the original in his full glory on a proper 45 cut. Limited edition in colored vinyl.



MWAHAHA: Mwahaha 2LP (PLG 143LP) 20.00
"Now Mwahaha will be re-issued by Plug Research and will appear for the first tine on vinyl (at last!), complete with new tracks not found on the original release, creating an expanded edition. The band consists of Ross Peacock (formerly of Clipd Beaks) and brothers Nathan and Cyrus Tilton (all three were previously in the Bay Area cult band NED). Throbbing ebb and flow, electronic undercurrents and elated pop flourishes characterize the album. Instruments are filtered through an array of analogue synths, analog drum machines exist in harmony with live drums, and other morphing walls of sound and spiraling sonic landscapes, Peacock's lyrics and often times haunting vocals distinctly ground the album. Inspiration was drawn from the tangible energy of the Oakland music scene which continues to burst with new bands and collaborations. Mwahaha took full advantage of this, enlisting friends from other bands to lend drum parts, as well as the singular voice of Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs on one of the album's stand-outs 'Love.' Anticon's Odd Nosdam also provided a notable remix upon the album's original release as well."



FOREMOST POETS: Reasons to Be Dismal? 12" (PFR 139EP) 12.50
Poker Flat roar back into action with a remix package for Foremost Poets' classic club track "Reasons to be Dismal?" Originally out in 1998 track gets three slamming new takes courtesy of some of the biggest names in the underground. Includes versions by Dixon, Steve Bug, Motorcitysoul and also the ExtendedSight version, making a welcome return to vinyl having been available on the original NuGroove release -- a classic piece of dubbed-out leftfield house, full of unhinged synths and cut-up textures and scratches.



VOICES FROM THE LAKE (FEAT. DONATO DOZZY AND NEEL): Voices from the Lake 3x12" (PRG 003LP) 31.00
2013 repress. One of the most wanted albums in 2012 now finally on vinyl. Pitchfork said: "It's a triumph," Resident Advisor rated it their highest review score of 5.0/5.0, Little White Earbuds says it is "one of the albums of 2012," Playground Mag says it is one of the "most magnetic electronic music albums of 2012" and it is STILL on Discogs on their list of best albums ever. Prologue is happy and more than proud to present the vinyl version from Voices From The Lake, which includes two fresh tracks with "In Giova Alternative Mix" and "01.12. N.." Thanks to Donato Dozzy and Neel for this amazing piece of music.



VA: Interpretations on F.C. Judd 2LP (PUBINF 010LP) 29.00
"In January 2012, Public Information released a 35 track compendium of F.C. Judd's music and sound, called Electronics without Tears. Fast forward to spring 2013 and they are back with Fred for a very special LP to re-ignite his legacy. For their tenth release, Public Information asked some of their favorite artists working today to submit a reinterpretation of the greatly undervalued electronics pioneer, Frederick Charles Judd. With the entire archive of Fred's sounds, tone experiments, field recordings and lectures to work from, they were left to produce an audio artifact befitting of Judd himself. The players invited: Chris Carter, Perc, Pye Corner Audio, Holly Herndon, Mordant Music, Peter Rehberg, Bandshell, Ekoplekz, The Boats, Leyland Kirby, Karen Gwyer, and Ian Helliwell. Interpretations on F.C. Judd opens with Fred himself, welcoming us into his world before Ian Helliwell takes us into a fractured loop of radio static and gargled musique concrete. From here we lurch through pure tape trips (Leyland Kirby, Chris Carter) dubwise refractions (Karen Gwyer, The Boats PCA), haunted never-zones (Ekoplekz, Mordant Music, Perc), sublime vocal deconstructions (Holly Herndon) and frightening slashes of electronic deviance (Peter Rehberg, Bandshell). Throughout inspirations, Fred is never far away, reminding us how important visionaries like him stalk even the most future-bound of electronic music."


REL 3024CD

THEM: Them CD (REL 3024CD) 17.00
The complicated life of this legendary R&B outfit was almost over when this, their penultimate album, appeared in 1970. Astonishingly, by then they were reduced to a duo consisting of original bassist Alan Henderson and U.S. vocalist/percussionist Jerry Cole. It ranges from pounding psychedelia ("I Keep Singing") and snotty garage punk ("Lonely Weekends," a shameless rewrite of "Gloria") to furious rock and roll ("Jo Ann") and even a country ballad ("Take a Little Time"). As the original sleeve notes declared: "The THEM sound combines the typical British style with an air of mystery and an atmosphere of excitement... mythical, mystical, Oriental, African, electronic, and computer rhythms included."



TEETH OF THE SEA: Orphaned by the Ocean LP (LAUNCH 031LP) 21.00
Rocket Recordings are proud to announce the release of Teeth Of The Sea's debut album for the very first time on vinyl. Orphaned by the Ocean, released in January 2009, chronicles the earliest days of Teeth Of The Sea, now on the verge of releasing their third album. The band may never make another record like this one, and the unique position it holds both in the band's collective headspace and their history makes this reissue, on glorious burnt umber vinyl, one to savor for fans and new initiates alike.



THIRD GUITAR: Been So Long/Down to the River 7" (ROJ 127EP) 8.00
"Founded in 1963, Rojac Records was Jack Taylor's attempt to capture the musical pulse of Harlem. Throughout the '60s (and into the '80s) the imprint released a steady stream of releases. Whether they were hits or near hits they're all exceptional in quality. This time around it's Snoopy Dean's South Florida R&BStaple, the Third Guitar with 'Been So Long' and 'Down To The River.'"


RUM 2011046LP

GAYE, MARVIN: The Soulful Moods Of... LP (RUM 2011046LP) 22.00
"The very first album by one the greatest and most influential singers in the fields of soul and R&B came out in 1961 on the Motown label and sees Marvin singing, playing drums, and piano on an album of mainly rearranged jazz and pop standards, inspired by his passion for Nat King Cole and Ray Charles. Though this is not Gaye with a fully developed style, and it is hardly the innovative legend of Let's Get It On or What's Going On this is still top notch jazzy-soul that reveals traces of what would soon become a legend. The studio musicians come up with nice arrangements of the material, sometimes even with hints of the punch they would bring to his later, chart-topping material. Though a little before Marvin got his 'groove on,' this is still the first of four albums of jazz covers he recorded and an important look at the early days of the Motown-sound."



EIGHT MILES HIGH: Lost Tracks 12" (RBEMH 001EP) 12.50
Roman Flügel. DAT Tape. Techno. Eight Miles High. Never released. Recently found. Strange. Straight. Dark. Heavy. Loop. Dub. Techno. Pressure. Stamp. White. Trax. Klang. Frankfurt. High Speed EBM. Industrial. Tekkno.



FAMILY ATLANTICA: Family Atlantica 2LP (SNDW 042LP) 23.50
180 gram double LP version with mp3 download. Recorded over the span of four years in London and Venezuela, Cuban rumba, Venezuelan tambor and tonada, Ghanaian highlife, Ethiopian blues and calypso have been soaked and infused with psychedelia and spiritual jazz. Family Atlantica release their eponymous debut album through Soundway Records. At the heart of Family Atlantica are three people from three different continents: London-born Jack Yglesias, producer, multi-instrumentalist and a veteran of The Heliocentrics, his wife Luzmira Zerpa, traditional Venezuelan musician, poet and singer with a magical voice acclaimed by Manu Chao and half Nigerian-half Ghanaian percussionist Kwame "Natural Power" Crentsil. Recorded while living in an abandoned vicarage in East London, the record contains three different generations of Luzmira's family as well as a cast of musicians from the wider Family Atlantic family. One of the guests on the album, legendary Ethiopian-jazz maestro Mulatu Astatke, adds a classic touch on piano to "Escape to the Palenque," soloing in his unmistakable flowing Ethiopian 6/8 style. Also featured on the record are Senegalese Nuru Kane and Afro-Cuban group Yoruba Andabo. Much of the record was recorded by the Heliocentrics' Malcolm Catto in their East London studio. In 2008, Luzmira traveled to the Sahara Desert in the south of Algeria to participate in the Fi-sahara Festival. While there, she performed with Manu Chao, who introduced her to the audience as the most beautiful voice to arrive to the desert.



VA: Pudel Produkte 22 10" (AKTSIE 044EP) 12.00
Limited 10" on Pudel Produkte (500 copies worldwide). These tracks will only be released on vinyl. No digital release. Cloud Boat from London remix Me Succeeds from Hamburg and Christian Naujoks plays a beautiful guitar meditation on the B-side. Cover artwork by Alex Solman. Beautiful tracks -- check it out.



RODION G.A.: The Lost Tapes CD (STRUT 111CD) 15.50
"Strut, in conjunction with Abassador's Reception and Future Nuggets, presents the first ever retrospective of fabled band Rodion G.A., one of Romania's best kept musical secrets from the last 30 years. The unique prog/electronic sound of cult Romanian producer Rodion Rosca spanning 1978 to 1983. Previously unreleased recordings mastered from the original tapes."


RODION G.A.: The Lost Tapes 2LP+CD (STRUT 111LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with a CD of the album.


K7 303CD

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE: Infinity Pool CD (K7 303CD) 15.50
"Many of the clichés about Scandinavian countries is that they are neat and tidy, well ordered, clean. The same could not be said of Copenhagen four-piece When Saints Go Machine's second full-length album, Infinity Pool. It's the opposite in fact. It's a record born out of an atmosphere of chaos. It's harder, darker and more synthetic than its predecessors. It opens with 'Love and Respect,' which features a guest vocal from Grammy award winning rap artist Killer Mike, who freewheels over chugging, synth-drenched beat. Elsewhere, 'Dead Boy' sees Vonsild's tremulous falsetto digitized and then floated over a semi-ambient soundscape, while 'Infinity Killer' pitches skittering sound effects against a low-end drone."

K7 303LP

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE: Infinity Pool LP+CD (K7 303LP) 22.50
LP version. Comes with a CD of the album.

K7 308CD

TRICKY: False Idols CD (K7 308CD) 15.50
"Tricky is back with a new studio album, False Idols, and his own label (also bearing the False Idols name), but also back in a personal sense. 'I was lost for ages,' he says. 'I was trying to prove something to people, trying to do something to please other people and also myself at the same time, which is never going to work. To be honest with you, I've been floating around since Chris Blackwell and Island. My last two albums, I thought they were good, but I realize now they weren't. This album is about me finding myself again.'"

K7 308LP

TRICKY: False Idols 2LP+CD (K7 308LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with a CD of the album.



SKOGSBERG, JOAKIM: Jola Rota LP (SUBL 090LP) 29.00
The first official vinyl reissue of one of Sweden's greatest unknown psychedelic treasures from the 1970s. From the original master tapes and with the original artwork, including previously-unpublished archival pictures and liner notes. The album contains a mysterious, shamanistic and highly psychedelic "folk music" infused with incredible soundscapes of derailed, fuzzed-out violins, soaring guitars, rattling hand percussion, droning vocals and pulsating bass rhythms. Originally released in 1972, the album sold 300-400 copies and was then withdrawn and the remaining copies discarded, making Jola Rota a much-rumored and sought-after Swedish droned-out and mesmerizing psychedelic artifact. One-time-only limited pressing of 500 copies.


IXTAHUELE: Pagan Rites LP (SUBL 098LP) 27.50
LP version. From the mystical realms of a secluded ancient island, rising from the icy spray of the forbidden northern waters, comes the haunting, savage beat of a mysterious and primitive ritual. In this forgotten place, awash with wonder and enigma, echoing with the booming of sharkskin drums and bone rattles, the rock speaks with the voice of the gods. Weaving strange and terrifying tales, and tales of beauty and joy, Pagan Rites is a breathtakingly exotic tone-poem that will make any Tiki bar come alive. Ìxtahuele is a Swedish exotica band playing in the acoustic, original style of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman. They come from Gothenburg; a damp, foggy harbor town that, ever since its founding in the early 17th century, has been an international melting pot associated with exotic, faraway destinations ever since the days of the East India Trading Companies. Having grown up with the exciting tales of the sailors and the luscious smells and flavors of the markets, an interest in the romantic and exotic is an integral part of life for the group. Coming from a variety of musical backgrounds, Ìxtahuele strive to combine an immersive, research-like approach with their collective experience in jazz, pop, surf, classical, Latin and world music to create authentic, exciting, and innovative world-class exotica. A large part of their inspiration and style cues come from the old greats -- they are also heavily influenced by classical works, Latin & jazz tunes, indigenous melodies from different regions -- in short, the same kind of influences that inspired the originators of the genre. The aim of the group is to provide the perfect soundtrack to bring your mind's eye on a time-traveling, round-the-world trip; taking you to faraway exotic islands, lost lands, and ancient cities -- bringing back the Ottoman Empire, Port Royal, or even the mythical continent of Mu. Ìxtahuele try to push the limits of where they can take you while still staying true to the genre; because after all, the true armchair traveler can't make the Hawaiian Village the destination for every trip, but must also go to the Amazon, Micronesia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Indochina.



DAMN SAM THE MIRACLE MAN: Damn Sam the Miracle Man/Give Me Another Joint 7" (TAY 003EP) 8.00
"Founded in 1963, Rojac Records was Jack Taylor's attempt to capture the musical pulse of Harlem. Throughout the '60s (and into the '80s) the imprint released a steady stream of releases. Whether they were hits or near hits they're all exceptional in quality. Next up in the series; Damn Sam the Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation's self-titled 7" (released in the period where Jack Taylor was working out of Detroit) with 'Give Me Another Joint' on the B-side."



PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING: Inform Educate Entertain CD (TCRCDA 001CD) 14.50
"Taking in archive material from the BFI and Studio Canal along with classic American public information films the album sees the band weave samples from these films around live drums, guitar, banjo and electronics, creating an array of diverse tracks. What emerges is, by turns, thrilling, moving, funny and entertaining. 'In their love of history, and their understanding of the dignity of the wartime generation, they remind me of British Sea Power, although Stereolab are closer sonically.'"


PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING: Inform Educate Entertain LP (TCRVA 001LP) 29.50
Gatefold LP version with download code.


TSQ 2899CD

VA: Turn Me Loose - Outsiders of ''Old-Time'' Music CD (TSQ 2899CD) 14.00
"Frank Fairfield curates another reissue of 78 rpm records - this time with the help of a few of his collector friends. The collection focuses on some of the most seldom acknowledged varieties of Anglo-American vernacular music. You'll hear unusual performers, uncommon instrumentation and great fiddlers from California to Ohio, New Mexico to West Virginia. Forget Americana, this collection shows Anglo-American down-home music as it actually was and in many cases (although largely unrecognized) still is. With painstaking audio restoration by the great Michael Kieffer."



MOUNT KIMBIE: Cold Spring Fault Less Youth CD (WARP 237CD) 15.50
"Since 2009, Dominic Maker and his partner in Mount Kimbie, Kai Campos, have played a central role in forging a new form for electronic music. Their influence stretches far beyond the corner of the dance music underground that birthed them. They have repeatedly confounded expectations, transforming themselves from bedroom-studio producers to creators of one of the most fully realized electronic album-length statements of recent years and refining their live show to incorporate live drums, bass, guitar and vocals. With their second album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth finally completed, the perception of Mount Kimbie looks set to expand again."


WP 055

WAX POETICS: #55 MAG (WP 055) 11.99
"On the covers, front: Daft Punk, back: De La Soul. Contents: Nile Rodgers, Teddy Riley, Slum Village, Gino Soccio, Meshell Ndegeocello, Waajeed, Jack Bruce, Lady, Ava Luna, BLKKATHY."


WA 2009CD

VA: Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku, Buddhist Chant... CD (WA 2009CD) 12.00
...Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai, 1941. 2013 repress. First in a series of 78 restorations, this one focuses on gagaku & Buddhist chant. Beautiful, lost-in-time recordings -- produced to perfection from one of the world's greats. An extensive anthology of traditional Japanese music was recorded around 1941-1942 by Kokusai Bunka Shinkô-kai: International Organization for the Promotion of Culture. KBS was established under the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs in 1934 for cultural exchange between Japan and foreign countries. In 1972 it became the Japan Foundation, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. KBS activities ranged from lectures, concerts, artistic and academic exchange, publishing books, photos, to producing films and records, establishing libraries and related cultural facilities abroad, among them this record set of traditional Japanese music. Gagaku ("elegant music") is the oldest surviving musical tradition, with a history of more than 1,300 years. It has been developed and passed down, strongly associated with imperial court cultures. Gagaku in current practice may be divided into three categories, by origin and style; 1) indigenous vocal and dance repertoires, primarily performed in the Shinto ceremonies accompanied by several Japanese indigenous and foreign instruments; 2) foreign instrumental music and dances, tôgaku (music of Chinese origin) and komagaku (music of Korean origin) used in various court, Buddhist, and Shinto ceremonies, which consist of various instruments brought from the Asian continent; and 3) vocalized Japanese or Chinese poetry, saibara and rôei established in 9th century Japan, mainly enjoyed by high-ranking noblemen in rather informal court ceremonies. In the words of World Arbiter's Allan Evans: "Current gagaku sounds brittle, easily cracked, very delicate. And in 1941 they used fewer performers but have a solidity, a weight. They were carrying on a tradition that was part of an immortal empire, a vision of permanence. Four years later it was over." In 1942, a set of sixty 78 rpm discs documenting the most authentic traditions in Japanese music was privately issued. Due to the war and neglect, few copies survive. This disc marks the beginning of its restoration.

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