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Forced Exposure New Releases for 7/1/2013

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New music this week is due from Gaspar Claus, Okkyung Lee, Demdike Stare, Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald, Wrekmeister Harmonies, and Steamboat Switzerland while old music is due from Kolsch, Linda Perhacs, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio.


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2DIY4 009EP

ROBOSONIC & ADANA TWINS: La Fique EP 12" (2DIY4 009EP) 14.00
For years, Robosonic have been building a reputation as DJs for murdering dancefloors worldwide as well as performing their own multidimensional electronic music. Together with the Adana Twins from Hamburg, they present an EP on 2DIY4. The first track is made up of melodic disco, funk-inspired tunes and easy bass lines. The lovely vocal adds further feelings of recklessness and freedom which will immediately get you to dance. "Barracuda" takes a darker approach with its dirty bass line, still combining disco-infected vocals.



RAW SPITT: Raw Spitt CD (ALIVE 146CD) 15.50
"Charlie Whitehead, a.k.a. Raw Spitt, 1970 first full length, produced by Swamp Dogg for Canyon Records, and a highly sought after collectors' album of unconventional southern soul."


LIGHTNIN' SLIM: High & Low Down CD (ALIVE 147CD) 15.50
"Re-released for the first time on CD since its original release in 1970. Rare 1970 blues/R&B album produced by Swamp Dogg in Alabama. Features original liner notes by BB King."



JONES AND THE NOTHING BUTTS, SPENCER P.: Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts LP (BANG 070LP) 21.00
The perfect formula for deep swamp Aussie sound: The Beasts Of Bourbon + The Drones = Spencer P. Jones And The Nothing Butts. Nothing's impossible in Australia, or so it seems. Check this new record/band: Spencer P. Jones (Beasts Of Bourbon, Slappers, Sacred Cowboys, Green Mist, etc.), James Baker (Beasts Of Bourbon, Scientists, Dubrovniks, Hoodoo Gurus), Gareth Liddiard (The Drones, Gutterville Splendour Six), and Fiona Kitschin (The Drones). And that's what it sounds like -- like a mix of both super-talented combos. Nine tracks of pure Spencer P. Jones essence with the back support of the core of The Drones. So as you can guess, these are dark and raw songs surrounded by feedback and intensity. This is a one-time project, so be good to yourself and get it on the shiny, loud and heavy vinyl edition.


SALMON & SPENCER P. JONES, KIM: Runaways LP (BANG 074LP) 21.00
Picture this: Kim Salmon (Scientists, Beasts Of Bourbon, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, SALMON, etc.) and Spencer P. Jones (Beasts Of Bourbon, Johnnys, Slappers, Sacred Cowboys, Green Mist, etc.). These two Australian living legends get together in the studio to record together again after 22 years, and for the first time since The Beasts Of Bourbon's The Low Road. The dirty, raw and dark blues sounds of The Low Road, but handled in minimal passages by these two mighty gentlemen of fortune. This album features their own songs plus cover tracks of The Gun Club, The Stooges, Alex Chilton, and other classics take this record from the studio to your record collection shelves for your pleasure and joy. Just get it and listen to the maestros.



COMMANDO 9MM: Amor Frenopatico LP (BEAT 039LP) 19.50
Beat Generation reissues for the first time on LP this fantastic piece of Spanish punk vinyl by Commando 9MM, together with an extra track, "Odio en Sudamérica" (from their first 7"). Commando 9MM had their first 7" released after winning a contest in Madrid and in 1986 they decided it was time for the LP. At first, RCA/Ariola wanted them to release a single, but after listening to the songs, they cancelled everything. The band contacted Rocky from the label La General, a sub-label of Fonomusic, and after some discussions they entered the studio to record Amot Frenopático. This legendary LP was recorded in the mighty Duplimatic Estudios with the line-up of Manolo Uvi (bass and vocals), El Pollo (guitars), and Jesús Bracero (drums), a drummer who entered the band after two originals drummers left. The recording was fantastic, as the band had spent many, many rehearsal hours together before entering the studio. It sounds so solid, strong, rude -- everything you want in a punk band. The LP sounds somewhat similar to The Ramones, Angelic Upstairs, Cockney Rejects, the whole '77 movement, and UK Subs. Artwork and inside art is a replica from the original material together with liner notes written by El Pollo and Manolo Uvi themselves. On 180 gram vinyl.


ESPASMODICOS: Espasmodicos LP (BEAT 040LP) 19.50
Espasmódicos were formed in the Malasaña council, Madrid, in the first days of 1981. J. Siemens (guitar), Kike Kruel (voice), and CSG71 (bass) were the first line-up, completed when Carlos Torero joined them as a drummer. Influenced by the first punk/hardcore bands coming out but also with some hard-rock elements, they quickly composed their first tracks. In 1982, the mighty DRO label released their first 7" called Recomendado para molestar a su vecino, featuring three songs that are one of the seminal steps into Spanish punk in this country. Karlox from Polansky y el Ardor guested on the saxophone, which was considered very unique amongst the bands in the first punk wave. When the 7" was released, the band started to become well-known and they performed on some Spanish TV shows to promote their work. Carlos Torero decided to leave the band and Carlos de Yebra, a studio-session drummer joined. In 1983 the band recorded their last songs: first they recorded the mighty tracks that went onto the great compilation Punk, qué punk? released by DRO. These songs were "Tía, vete a cagar" and a cover version of the Sex Pistols song, "Belsen Was a Gas," something that launched the band into a weird status as the lyrics pointed to Nazism, something that the band were never really into. The second studio session for that year (and the last ever for the band) was to record their single Espasmódicos -- five songs together with great artwork by J. Siemens and Kike Kruel. Beat Generation is more than proud to release this LP together with a replica of the original artwork. On 180 gram vinyl.


BD 226LP

VA: Grime 2.0 4LP (BD 226LP) 29.50
"Here is the most comprehensive survey of grime production the scene has ever had -- thirty ?ve exclusive tracks from across the world and across the spectrum of grime, demonstrating it to be some of the most powerful and brilliant electronic music in the world today. We've got bangers and bubblers, haunting melodies and psychotic grooves, dead-eyed threat and cantankerous joy -- and all the way through we've got evidence that this is a scene whose creativity can't be held back and shows no signs of stopping." Artists include Royal T, Preditah, Faze Miyake, Starkey, Major Grave, Tre Mission, Gumnaam, Moony, and more.



LA FEMME: Psycho Tropical Berlin 2LP (BORNBAD 051LP) 26.50
French indie-rock band La Femme is a conundrum -- an episodic band with various faces. La Femme was born during the X years in Biarritz, France, when Sasha and Marlon started composing music on their guitars and recording it onto Garage Band. Together they ride surfboards, pianos and synthesizers as they explore various styles from '60s yé-yé French pop to California surf music. Marlon moved to Paris, and there he met Sam, who played bass. Together, they formed SOS Mademoiselle along with Olivier Peynot, and played vintage French rock, as Sasha was practicing his scales in reverb surf band Les Redoutables. Sasha then joined his friends in Paris, where they discovered French cold wave and synth pop, Marie et les Garçons being one of their favorites. They polished a style that could be described as one of the following: surf-wave, bizarre-wave, strange-wave, weird-witch-wave, silly mental-wave or psycho-tropical Berlin. Joined in 2010 by drummer Noé and female singer Clémence. La Femme formed its first live roster in a few days and took shape that same year with its first anthem, "Sur la planche," a song that was made to be hummed and whistled while riding a surfboard. Later on, La Femme released their second EP, Paris 2012. Soon joined by fancy rhythm drummer Nunez Ritter von Merguez aka La Sauterelle and singer Clara Luciani, as well as a whole roster of female singers, they now present their debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin where rock, pop, rococo Bauhaus, as well as influences from Kraftwerk and Elli & Jacno conjoin just to please you. Printed innersleeves.


ROB JO STAR BAND: Rob Jo Star Band LP + 7" (BORNBAD 052LP) 21.00
LP version. Comes with a 7" featuring two unreleased tracks. Official reissue of one of the weirdest records ever released in France in the early '70s. Stoned psychedelia. Garage punk under the influence of acid. Fantastic sci-fi spaced-out psych with astonishing lysergic fuzz distortions, drenched with crazy electronic noise effects. Though French underground rock in the early 1970s French underground certainly things to offer (mostly headaches and yawns) it was quite unexpected to stumble across a truly good album coming out of that scene. As often with those discoveries, one must thank the bootleg Cosa Nostra for this return from the grave. Beside a few collectors, Rob Jo Star Band managed to stay under the radar all these years. It all started in late 1972, in the Montpellier area in the south of France. Michel-Robert Sahuc aka Mick (bass) and Robert Castello aka Chris (guitar) had been friends since 1970, and after a couple of years in a non-formal band, they decided to move on one step further with new accomplices. In January 1973, they met Alain Poblador aka Penny. He was from Avignon, had been playing electric guitar for 12 years and had spent the '60s in local bands. None ever made a record. With Roger Vidal aka Cedric from Perpignan on drums, the original line-up of the RJSB was soon in place. After doing covers to get their act together, Penny and Mick, with occasional help from Chris, started writing original material in May 1973. Glam rock was happening and Bowie, Lou Reed, and The Velvet Underground were RJSB's muses. "Our musical philosophy was to go back to the roots of psychedelic rock, both soft and trash, simple yet with experimental leanings, finding inspiration in contemporary music, with intellectually-oriented lyrics." They chose to sing in English, but "in a very French way, as we were not trying to hide our French identity." In July 1973, they met Serge Soler aka Bryan, a sound and electronic engineer, who soon joined the quartet along with his "wave generators" (home-made prehistoric synths which were incorporated in a mix board). They now thought of themselves as something like The Velvets meets Pierre Henri, "trying to create some kind of a 'Messe pour un temps présent' for outsiders and junkies." The album came out in 1974 in a limited edition of 1,500 copies. The main influences included: Man Who Sold the World and Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, Roxy Music, Brian Eno, The New York Dolls, MC5 and The Stooges, Damo Suzuki, Agitation Free, Amon Düll II, Neu!, Hawkwind, Van Der Graaf Generator, and King Crimson. It wasn't easy for bands back then in France, even more for outsiders like RJSB. So it all came to an end. At least, they had recorded a few more songs as demos, including two in French, "La Cigale" and "Le Démon du rythme," that you'll find here as very special bonus tracks.



SYDENHAM/MANOO, JEROME: Alles Claap Vol. 1, EP3 12" (CLAAP 014EP) 12.00
Third single of the upcoming debut mixed CD compilation GummiHz Presents Alles Claap Vol. 1, this time with Jerome Sydenham and Manoo on remix duties. "Secret Voyage" by GummiHz is tranformed to an Afro house groove raised to spiritual heights by one of France's most prominent house producers. Another very special remix comes from one of New York's finest house dons, Jerome Sydenham. Jerome gives Quell's "Real People" a high energy build throughout the track. A very strong record for big or small rooms.



YES WIZARD: Generator 12" (CRWD 002EP) 12.50
The mysterious producer from Ubatuba, Brazil, Yes Wizard, who released two 12" EPs on Tigersushi comes back through Crowdspacer with his unique blend of dark tropical vibes and impressive modular synth programming. Voodoo techno at its best.



COLD SHOWERS: Still Life 7" (DAIS 047EP) 7.00
"The beautiful, enigmatic shoegaze bliss of L.A.'s own Cold Showers returns to Dais with a new single. Two virgin cuts which bring their lush heartbeat back to life. 'The Fire,' a fluid post punk anthem drenched in romantic heartbreak, crying to the masses for love. On the heels is 'Crowds,' an acoustic, crooning diamond which shines through the daybreak. Limited to 500 copies."



THEE MIGHTY CAESARS: Beware The Ides of March/Acropolis Now CD (DAMGOOD 3967CD) 19.50
"Thee Mighty Caesars were formed by Billy Childish in 1985 after the demise of The Milkshakes. They influenced many American bands, especially The Mummies, and Sub Pop groups. They were arguably the group that brought about the resurgence of garage rock." Reissue of their 1985 debut Beware the Ides of March and 1986's Acropolis Now.


THEE MIGHTY CAESARS: Beware the Ides of March LP (DAMGOOD 396LP) 17.50
LP version.


THEE MIGHTY CAESARS: Thee Caesars of Trash/Wise Blood CD (DAMGOOD 3989CD) 19.50
1986's Thee Caesars of Trash and 1987's Wiseblood.


GIUDA: Racey Roller CD (DAMGOOD 400CD) 19.50
"Italian Glam/Glitter/Boot Boy band from Rome, born from the ashes of one of the finest European punk rock groups, Taxi. They play the most exciting kind of retro-sounding pub rock and junk shop glam and they have the look of true working class heroes."


PUKES, THE: Will I Learn 7" (DAMGOOD 417EP) 9.00
"The Pukes are a 20-strong punk ukulele band based in London. They play songs by the likes of Dead Kennedys, Exploited, X-Ray Spex and The Clash like you never heard 'em before. Their massive stage presence and raucous live show has landed them gigs with many of the bands who inspired them, including Sham 69, Bad Manners, Chelsea, Menace and Subhumans. The EP features one original song 'Will I Learn' plus covers of Menace, Capt. Sensible & Cock Sparrer."



WOLF EYES: No Answer : Lower Floors LP (DESTIJL 164LP) 19.00
LP version. "No Answer : Lower Floors is the record of 2013 you need to be most worried about. No Answer : Lower Floors is further flesh to the shadowy silhouette cast by this Michigan art abstraction unit, perenially poised on the cusp of a precipice. Wolf Eyes will carry on forever but always remain mysteriously unfinished. The No Answer : Lower Floors material covers all bases: tough to toughest to tangled, all done in the Wolves' least convoluted smooth style. The vocals, delays, primitive electronics, woodwinds and raw guitar of newest member Jamas Baljo create a new destroyed space to crawl through. No Answer : Lower Floors was recorded and mixed at the Michigan Underground Group's gambling/clubhouse/art space, with the usually 2D-flat quality of the drums and electronics given creeping new brightness-life within the hollow echo acoustics of the sacred space's cinder prisons. No Answer : Lower Floors shares a natural feel with previous Wolf Eyes efforts but goes much further in detailing their underworld of odd melodies and mangled harmonics. Within their system-based economic compositions, there remains zero room for wasted space. Wolf Eyes return to longtime friendbase and Interzone of outsider art De Stijl Records, with whom the band worked on No Face Lives, their collaboration with Smegma, and the loner blues cerebration unit Stare Case's Lose Today. No Answer : Lower Floors features former members Aaron Dilloway and Mike Connelly, and thus is a family homecoming of sorts. More important, it's the dawn of a new Wolf Eyes era."



EPPLE & BOB STOHL, KAT: Sanctus Spiritus LP (VCR 004LP) 20.00
Extant in Florida from 1978 until Bob's untimely passing in 1989 at the age of 34, the husband/wife duo of Bob Stohl & Kat Epple were among the first to DIY blend synthesizers and acoustic instrumentation in a studio equipped with an Arp 2600, Mini Moog, EML Synkey, Roland RS202 String Ensemble, and Electro-Harmonix Vocoder (audio processor), plus a range of woodwinds -- both Kat and Bob were trained flautists, making colorful use of Bill Bernardi's innovative Lyricon I, a hybrid flute/synthesizer -- with some guitar assists here and there by friend and co-composer, Barry Cleveland. As lovers and collaborators, the couple created a rich and vivid parallel dimension of new age music borne from the '70s prog scene and probably best referred to as "space music." Throughout their unfortunately curtailed career, the couple earned a noble crust creating music and mood-pieces for planetariums and nature programs, most notably for the legendary Carl Sagan, under the Emerald Web aegis (hear more of this on Finders Keepers) while continuing to issue numerous tapes to friends and fellow musicians. Following contact with Kat Epple -- who still plays concerts at venues ranging from MoMA to Ground Zero -- Dead-Cert were made privy to Kat and Bob's private tapes circa 1980-1982, drawing for five pieces ranging from brooding deep space scapes to shimmering, gaseous sonics and impressionistic sound murals streaked with progressive traits and an alien, yet pastoral nature. Beautifully mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Limited edition pressing of 700 copies only.



VEDOMIR: Musical Suprematism/Dreams (Marcel Dettmann Remixes) 12" (DKMNTL 012EP) 12.50
Marcel Dettmann turns over two album tracks from Vedomir's killer self-titled album (DKMNTL 009LP) on Dekmantel.



BELTRAN, JOHN: Amazing Things 2LP (DSR 098LP) 23.00
Gatefold double LP version. After the well-received and career-spanning compilation that was 2011's Ambient Selections (DSR 088CD/LP), John Beltran returns with Amazing Things. This 17-track album sees the man draw on his lifetime in music to craft an immediately timeless body of work that's stuffed with genuine musicality, pregnant with emotion and laden with organic blissfulness. Despite new tools and techniques, Beltran's touch still shines through in his floating arrangements, opposing textures and organic resonance, as do the continued influences of favorite artists including Four Tet, Thom Yorke, and Johnny Greenwood. Tracks like opener "Retrouvailles" immediately submerge you into a utopian world with the distant sound of a playground coming over like the backdrop to a daydream, while more kinetic, splintered efforts like "Het Leven Is Mooi" recall the aforementioned patchwork beauty of Four Tet, and "Flower Power Nuclear Submarine" carries you along on a warm summer breeze. Importantly, dark is contrasted with light throughout, so more sombre, melancholic drifts like "For Vangelis" sit next to the more uplifting violins and raindrop melodies of "Broken Machines." Overall a mature and hugely resonant album for grown-ups, Amazing Things is full of just that.


DELTA FUNKTIONEN: Sun Storm/Onkalo (Karenn Remix) 12" (DSR 099EP) 12.50
Delta Funktionen is back with his first EP of 2013. As well a new track, it features a special Karenn remix of "Onkalo," a track previously released on Traces (DSR 093CD/LP), as well as "Challenger" from the same album. Limited edition. Tumbling Chicago drums, chattering claps, and sci-fi swirls all add up to something that's as heady as it is futuristic. It is also calm and serene -- a trip through the cosmos, with slowed electro stylings and plenty of occult details.


ERDBEERSCHNITZEL: Cushion 12" (DSR H6-EP) 12.50
German producer Erdbeerschnitzel is the next to get the nod for the house-focused Delsin series with a new three-track EP, Cushion. The man born Tim Keiling has been forever hard to pin down, with releases that take in techno, disco, and deep house on labels like Mirau and 4Lux. This new EP is no different.



DER DRITTE RAUM: Doppeldecker 12" (DDR 006EP) 12.00
Der Dritte Raum dispenses with the pleasantries and hammers the sound-system with his 12" named Doppeldecker EP from the upcoming album Morgenland. What comes out is an artful and smartly grooving four-to-the-floor bass drum track in a state-of-the-art "Der Dritte Raum style." All four tracks will conquer the hearts of connoisseurs and surely please the new tasteful modernists as well.



SOLOMUN: YesNoMaybe EP 12" (DIYNAMIC 065EP) 14.00
The summer begins with a new EP from Solomun. "YesNoMaybe" appears in three different flavors: an original, a dub, and a "Summer Began" mix.



EVANS TRIO, BILL: Waltz for Debby LP (DOG 903LP) 25.00
"Recorded live at The Village Vanguard in New York on June 25, 1961, this was the fourth album by the Bill Evans Trio, composed of pianist Bill Evans, bassist Scott LaFaro, and drummer Paul Motian. Scott LaFaro was one of the supreme jazz bassists, a virtuoso player whose playing changed the very conception of his instrument. This album unfortunately also represents one of LaFaro's last performances, recorded just days before his tragic death at the age of 25 by automobile accident. Interestingly the album also contains tracks that Evans had recorded prior to working with LaFaro, so that this recording provides a very accurate index of the bassist's great contribution to the trio." 180 gram, audiophile virgin vinyl. Direct metal mastering. Presented at 45 rpm. Numbered edition of 300 copies.


BEATLES, THE: 1958-1962 LP BOX (DOY 011LP) 60.00
"Deluxe, limited edition, clear vinyl LP featuring a 20 page booklet with rare photos, liner notes, a six page historic 'Parlophone' insert for the launching of their first single, 'Love Me Do,' and an annotated track listing. Eighteen tracks of rare early Beatles material, including 'In Spite of All the Danger' (the only song ever co-written by Paul McCartney and George Harrison) recorded in Liverpool in 1958 when the Beatles (along with John Lowe on piano and Colin Hanton on drums) were still known as the Quarrymen; a 1960 home recording of McCartney's 'Cayenne' (with Stuart Sutcliffe); 'Ain't She Sweet' recorded in Hamburg in 1961; 'Besame Mucho' featuring Pete Best on drums; 'The One After 909' and 'I Saw Her Standing There' recorded live at the Cavern Club in 1962, plus much, much more."


VARTAN, SYLVIE: Sylvie LP (DOY 681LP) 23.00
"Sylvie Vartan's seminal 1962 debut LP transformed the 18-year-old collegiénne du twist into the French pop diva, whose songs (and high-profile marriage to Johnny Hallyday) would dominate the European pop charts throughout the 1960s. Songs like 'Est-ce que tu le sais' and 'Le Loco-motion' -- remakes of Ray Charles' 'What I'd Say' and Little Eva's 'Locomotion' -- became two of her first smash hits." Comes on 180 gram vinyl.


HENRY, PIERRE: Musique Sans Titre/Spatiodynamisme LP (DOZ 404LP) 23.00
Repressed. "Musique Sans Titre, composed in 1951 at the Studio d'essai of the RTF, was one of Henry's earliest attempts at musique concrète. Spatiodynamisme, on the other hand, was based on the 1954 recordings of a Nicolas Schöffer sound sculpture. Metallic parts, mirrors, lights and sounds emanating from a 50-meter building interacted with the environment and visitors. Henry recorded various grating and scraping sounds from the metallic sculpture and then manipulated them for this piece, which was influenced by Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo's L'Arte Dei Rumori."


HENRY, PIERRE: Le Voyage LP (DOZ 424LP) 23.00
"After being out of print for decades, Pierre Henry's 1962 Le Voyage is finally available again on vinyl. Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Le Voyage deals with the soul's journey between death and reincarnation in the next life. Just two years prior to the recording of this album, electronic and musique concrète pioneer, Pierre Henry founded the first private electronic studio in France, realizing that, if he wanted musique concrète to evolve, he would have to begin experimenting with electronics." On 180 gram vinyl.



BUHL, LASSE: R38 EP 12" (ECHOCOL 025EP) 12.00
After some years in the techno scene as one-half of the group Northern Structures, who releases on Adama X's label Sonic Groove, Lasse Buhl releases his debut EP on Echocord Colour, inspired by roughness and simplicity. The remix comes from no other than Milton Bradley from Berlin. The "R38" track is a driving, stomping, dry killer techno track, while "Em.A Ai" is a more experimental breaky track, with dubby elements. The remix is a pure 4/4 techno track, a typical Milton Bradley peak-time production. On pink vinyl.


BEC 5161389

VA: Ed Rec Vol. X 2LP+CD (BEC 5161389) 59.00
2LP in deluxe gatefold replica-sleeve, with screenprinted fabric + poster (90x60cm) + CD. Led by Busy P aka Pedro Winter, Ed Banger Records have risen from low-key Parisian rock n' roll cool to become one of global club land's most colorful and recognizable music outlets. It could be said they've ascended to maturity, yet, in many ways, Ed Banger remains gleefully youthful, holding to the spirit of the party -- a stable of DJ/producers with a huge sense of fun and old-fashioned loyalty to each other and their fans criss-crossing the world. The imprint's illustrious history and adventures have been documented in a new photographic book by label designer So Me called Travaile. Famille. Party. -- Work. Family. Party. As Pedro explains "After managing Daft Punk between 1996 and 2008 I wanted to create my own history. By creating Ed Banger Records I launched my own musical adventure in a way. I learnt so much with Daft Punk, I owe them a lot. Celebrating this 10th anniversary is very emotional, I'm proud I managed to write a pretty nice musical chapter in my life. Daft Punk as chapter number one and Ed Banger Records as chapter number two is pretty cool." Ed Banger hasn't put a full compilation out since Vol. III in 2008 and the time is ripe. All their artists contribute exclusive tracks, from long-standing label figureheads Justice, to new disco-house kid on the block, Boston Bun. Over the years, Ed Banger has released music by everyone from Rick Rubin to LFO to, recently, Laurent Garnier, and the new collection represents such diverse thinking. The Balearic android cocktail-disco slowie "The Beach" by Breakbot sits easily with DSL's sleaze-funk electro throbber "In Your House," and there's plenty more, from Mr. Oizo, Feadz, Cassius, SebastiAn, Krazy Baldhead, Mr. Flash, and Mickey Moonlight. A decade in, Ed Banger shows no sign of slowing down.

BEC 5772110

JUSTICE: Cross 2LP (BEC 5772110) 26.50
2013 repress. Justice's highly-acclaimed debut album and the most essential party record of 2007. French-only vinyl version, in deluxe gatefold sleeve. Retreating to their underground post-nuclear shelter/studio, French duo Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay worked on their first album as if their lives depended on it. The result is a mind-fuck of an album that proves that Justice's unique talent is to be found where least expected. Take for example "Let There Be Light" and its strident, angry electro, driven by a jabbing bassline; "D.A.N.C.E," a pure piece of vicious house sung innocently by a choir of children; "Newjack," a funky parody of the opulent times of the French Touch; "Phantom," taking over where "Waters Of Nazareth" left off to drift towards "Phantom Pt. II" and its head-swirling disco violins; "Valentine," an erotic, melancholic nursery rhyme, like a tribute to Vladimir Cosma and "Tthhee Ppaarrttyy," a pure electro-funk track where the sexy Uffie plays more than ever the cheeky Lolita. Justice have thrown established rules out the window (the notion of good and bad taste, the thin line between underground and pop music, the pigeon hole labeling between rock and electro, etc.) with a fantastic talent for synthesizing and mixing their influences with total candor, be it the cosmic disco of Larry Levan or Vladimir Cosma's panty-wetting romantics, Camel's prog rock or the anxious theme of Goblin for Dario Argento, to the flashy funk of the Brothers Johnson or "ABC" by the Jackson 5. Cross isn't a collection of random dancefloor singles. Cross is for listening at home or in clubs. Cross is a link between pop at its purest and experimental music. Cross brings together hardcore elements and cheese. Cross makes the Goths link arms with the rave kids. A generational manifest, ideally positioned on the side of the dancefloor, Cross, insolent with youth, is a testimony that the French electro scene is healthier than ever.



YOKO DUO: Remixes 2LP (FAUXPAS 006R-LP) 20.00
Fauxpas Musik is excited to present the remixes of the amazing album Behaving Like a Widower (FAUXPAS 006LP) by producer Holger Zilske and Swedish singer-songwriter August Landelius. The album was released on Fauxpas Musik in 2011 and was nominated for the "Deutscher Radiopreis" award that same year. Behaving Like a Widower is so good, it actually doesn't require any remixes. Nonetheless, some friends went to work with great care and passion for detail: Monokle, Nocow, Almunia, Kim Brown, Stimming, Dave DK, Irrelevant, and Lake People have contributed to this double vinyl. It's up to you to choose whom you prefer. Includes download code.



WEENY MAN: Weeny Man LP (FTR 037LP) 16.50
2010 release. Here we have a collection of recordings culled from multiple found tapes, all displaying the antics of little girls and what they do with tape recorders. Featuring creepy religious songs, surrealist commercials about giant feet, radio shows about committing sex acts with stuffed animals, and on and on. Compiled by Skot Spear (Id M Theft Able) and whacked enough to make many grown man drool with anguish. Comes in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with artwork by Michael Connor. Edition of 500 copies only.


PIMANIA: The Music of Mel Croucher and Automata UK, LTD. LP (FTR 040LP) 15.00
2010 release. The crown jewel in the Feeding Tube catalog. The music on this record was recorded from 1981-1985 as the conceptual soundtrack for computer games released on cassette by the British software house Automata U.K. Ltd. Combining primitive synthesizer tones and meandering psychedelic blues guitar with cryptic, off-color lyrics about the multi-colored Piman and his pals, this is unlike any other "computer music" you know or have imagined. It's like finding a great lost electronics LP by '80s NYC underground legend, Copernicus, or something. A bizarre and unique trip. Ultra-thick gatefold, comes with cut-out mask, extensive liner notes and poster.


MCALISTER, CHARLES: Country Creme LP (FTR 042LP) 15.00
2011 release. A reissue comprised of material from some of Charlie McAlister's fabulous late 90's releases: Turn of the Photograph and Les Motifs Sont Fous. For those of you not familiar with the world of C. McAlister, it is a lo-fi country music landscape populated by awakened Bog Men, slave uprisings, shag dancing, fried sandwiches and booze. He has been recording for over two decades, spreading his twisted gospel to lands near and far. This is potentially the most "deluxe" release of his career. The gritty quality of the cassettes is lovingly preserved on the vinyl and his oil paintings look great on the full-color jacket and printed inner sleeve.


WIZARD PRISON: Next Cycle LP (FTR 046LP) 15.00
2010 release. Wizard Prison is a Seattle-based trio comprised of Scott Colburn (producer/engineer/frequent collaborator of the Sun City Girls, decade-long member of Climax Golden Twins and audio genius for Sublime Frequencies), John Vallier (an early member of CGT) and Ben McAlister (of the Degenerate Art Ensemble). Wizard Prison's music flirts with stoner metal riffery, kosmiche electronics and field recordings, usually at the same time. An intellectual might say their sound is in a state of constant "becoming." Chiming, churning guitar/bass/drums give way to pulsating synths and pitch-shifted foreign voices chanting to open the door to an alternate dimension. Each side-long suite supposedly illustrates the details of the cracked narrative detailed on the insert, but it mostly sounds like a good excuse to get stoned. Next Cycle is vibrationally reminiscent of the Messenger Girls Trio, although Wizard Prison wear outfits that fit quite differently. To make a great record even better, we've added the exceptional talents of Baltimore comix hero Eamon Espey. His darkly humorous artwork, on the jacket and poster, provide faux conceptual holism galore. Which is really more than anyone deserves. Edition of 500 copies.


BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER: Mistake of a Small Bird LP (FTR 053LP) 15.00
2011 release. This multi-national European duo, who currently hail from Scotland, have been producing a steady stream of ultra-limited releases (on Abandon Ship, Blackest Rainbow, Deathbomb Arc, Digitalis, ad infinitum) and a crazed series of incendiary live performances on both sides of the Atlantic. Blue Sabbath Black Fiji may be a swanky-looking couple, but their music is about as destroyed as a bombed-out building. The two guitars and two mics are constantly threatening to overpower and split open the discotheque beats of the drum machines and electronics. You could dance to this music, but you might get a bloody nose. This is their second LP and, by far, their most fully-realized album, showcasing them in peak form. Mastered by Rat Bastard and James Plotkin. Edition of 500 copies.


SON OF SALAMI: A Study in Eraser Headless Tape Recording LP (FTR 054LP) 15.00
2011 release. Twenty-one lo-fi pop gems from the true heart of Burlington, VT. All songs performed and recorded by Joey Pizza Slice on his eraser-headless portable tape machine. This device allows him to create multiple layers of audio content without the handicap of having to hear the music he's recording over. Each overdub is a one-shot deal. THERE'S NO ERASING ALLOWED! Results are not unlike some of the lo-fi antics of today's youth, but I actually think this is a lot better. Funny, strange and charming songs that break free from their primitive trappings, rather than fall back on them. Contact the label to book Joey at your next party, prom or potluck. If it's not snowing, he'd probably be delighted to supply the tunes you need, when and where you need them. Edition of 500.


SPORTS: The Smell of Rot LP (FTR 056LP) 15.00
2011 release. Super dark vox, synth and drum machine jams from Maine's Clare Hubbard, who also records as the chill-volk songstress, Caethua. She is also part of the Ancestral Diet duo and a sometime member of free-improv unit (D)(B)(H). With Sports, Ms. Hubbard evokes a deep Midwest-style femme-noise-vibe, boogieing through the graveyard with her shovel and lantern. This is Sports' first LP, heralding a new era of bleak ecstasy.


BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE: Talk Out Loud / Water To Wine 7" (FTR 057EP) 6.00
2011 release. Feeding Tube Records presents this 7" by Blanche Blanche Blanche for your grubby little mitts. Two warped pop hits by the weirdest/most beautiful folks from Brattleboro VT: Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips. This single will warrant repeated back-to-back flipping on your turntable.


GF 267CD

CRASH COFFIN: Crash Coffin CD (GF 267CD) 13.00
"Wow, this 1973 folk/psych gem is finally going to see its day on compact disc. Presented in beautiful digipak format, this psyched-out guy from Ohio will not disappoint. Right off the master tapes."


GB 777EP

GB (GIFTED & BLESSED): 3 Aspects of One EP 12" (GB 777EP) 12.50
More GB brilliance on his own label, Gifted & Blessed. Soul is always in this man's machines, and this four-tracker is certainly some of his best work to date.



MORPHOSIS: Dismantle 2x12" (HJP 072EP) 20.00
Disconcerting, questing brilliance from Rabih Beaini: two sick, nervy techno killers (including an Ethio homage), stalking the corrosive perimeters of noise; and deep, long excerpts from his engrossing soundtrack to Dreyer's Vampyr, with contributions from the Upperground crew, and Sun Ra in its marrow -- alternately driving and motorik, off-the-wall, lost in space.



LEE, OKKYUNG: Ghil LP (SOMA 012LP) 20.00
A native of Korea, cellist/composer Okkyung Lee has been developing her unique voice in both improvised and composed music by blending her wide interests and influences. Since moving to New York in 2000, she has worked with numerous artists ranging from Laurie Anderson, David Behrman, Douglas Gordon, Vijay Iyer, Christian Marclay, Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, and John Zorn, just to name a few, while leading her own projects and releasing more than 20 albums and touring extensively in the U.S. and Europe. Okkyung was a recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant in 2010. Ghil was recorded and produced by the Norwegian artist Lasse Marhaug. Instead of recording in what has become the standard in modern contemporary music, with high-end equipment and in controlled studio settings, Marhaug wanted to record Ghil in an expressionistic way -- to purposely use crude equipment and unorthodox microphone placement in order to give a more raw and direct depiction of Okkyung playing her music. Marhaug says if they were making a film, it would be like shooting on grainy 16mm black and white with close-ups instead of 35mm color cinemascope. Thus all of Ghil was recorded on a portable cassette recorder from 1976 that Marhaug had just bought second hand. The sessions for the album were done during the spring of 2012 in and around the Oslo area. The locations varied from places like Marhaug's studio; a back alley in Oslo center; a cabin in the forest on the Nesodden peninsula; and a former hydroelectric power plant in the mountains outside Rjukan. The recordings have been edited, but no overdubs or other post-manipulation other than mastering. Mastered by Marcus Schmickler at Piethopraxis, Köln, March 2013. Vinyl cut by CGB at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin, April 2013. Cover photograph by C. Spencer Yeh. Design by Stephen F. O'Malley.



CLAUS, GASPAR: Jo Ha Kyu CD (IMPREC 378CD) 14.00
"Tradition belongs more to the present than the past. For three weeks Parisian cellist and composer Gaspar Claus met with traditional and modern Japanese musicians in a Tokyo studio to record Jo Ha Kyu. Performing with Claus on this piece are: Eiko Ishibashi (voice, piano, drums), Keiji Haino (voice), Kakushin Nishihara (voice, satsuma biwa), Ryuichi Sakamoto (piano), Hirochimi Sakamoto (electric cello), Sachiko M (sine wave), Otomo Yoshihide (turntable), Leonard Eto (wadaiko), Kazutoki Umezu (tenor saxophone) and Kazuki Tomokawa (voice, guitar). Modern Japanese culture is colored, in part, by ancestral shades. Where other countries are willing to forget their past as they move forward, Japan values local tradition over global culture. Japanese tradition is clearly evident in the music of the Japanese avant-garde. Listening to the music of the Japanese avant-garde, one can easily detect that they belong to the great tradition of Japanese music which continues through them. 'Jo-ha-kyu' is a concept of modulation and movement applied in a wide variety of traditional Japanese arts. Roughly translated as 'beginning, break, rapid,' it essentially means that all actions or efforts should begin slowly, speed up, and then end swiftly. Jo-ha-kyu has been used in many aspects of Japanese culture including writing music, dance, theater, literature and even floral arrangement or tea service."


CLAUS, GASPAR: Jo Ha Kyu LP (IMPREC 378LP) 20.00
LP version.


"Gorgeous electronic collaboration between Jacob Kirkegaard and Else Marie Pade. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies. Else Marie Pade (born December 2, 1924 in Aarhus) is a Danish composer. An educated composer, Pade pioneered electronic music and concrete music in Denmark. She knew and worked with Pierre Schaeffer and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Pade was active in the resistance during the Second World War, and was interned at the Frøslev prison camp from 1944 till the end of the war. An archival collection of Else Marie Pade's electronic work will be released on Important in 2013. Jakob Kirkegaard is a Danish artist who explores sound art from a scientific perspective. He has released three solo records and a collaborative work with Phillip Jeck for the esteemed Touch label."


IL 2014CD

BASS DRUM OF DEATH: Bass Drum of Death CD (IL 2014CD) 13.50
"2013's self-titled Bass Drum of Death album is everything about 2011's debut GB City amplified, in every sense of the word. With nothing but his inspiration and his instruments, Barrett spent the fall of 2012 in his studio, smashing out punk rock. This time it was just him, lots of coffee, a realistic reverb unit to give everything just a little of that stoned-in-outer-space and for the first time in Bass Drum of Death history, a bass that he used on every new track."

IL 2014LP

BASS DRUM OF DEATH: Bass Drum of Death LP (IL 2014LP) 18.50
LP version.



COLLEGE: Secret Diary CD (INV 113CD) 18.50
"The continuing success of the Drive soundtrack -- still registering healthy sales almost two years on from the film's release -- is due in no small part to French electronica artist College, whose track 'A Real Hero' (featuring Electric Youth) was selected as the main theme to the film by director Nicolas Winding Refn. College is the alias of David Grellier, originally from Nantes, who as well as recording as College runs the influential Valerie label, renowned for its retro-futurist blend of inspired electro. Grellier is influenced by American 80s pop culture, and '80s soaps and an aesthetic which I particularly like: colour, images, silvery films and the sun -- images of Los Angeles, Chicago and all other cities that continue to fascinate me.'"


COLLEGE: Secret Diary LP (INV 113LP) 31.00
LP version. On blue vinyl.


COLLEGE: Teenage Color CD (INV 114CD) 17.50
"Invada Record are releasing College's debut EP Teenage Color, on CD for the first time. The band has gained lots of praise since their contributions to the Drive soundtrack."


COLLEGE: Teenage Color LP (INV 114LP) 21.50
LP version. On yellow vinyl.



CHERRY, DON: Relativity Suite LP (MJJ 359LP) 23.00
"Finally available again on vinyl! Don Cherry's Relativity Suite, recorded with the Jazz Composer's Orchestra in 1973. At this time, Cherry was becoming increasingly interested in Middle Eastern and traditional African and Indian music, having traveled extensively and studied with Indian musician Vasant Rai. This suite of songs was particularly influenced by the Indian karnatic singing tradition, as can be heard from the very opening moments of the album. Featuring Carla Bley on piano, Charlie Haden on bass, and Ed Blackwell on drums, as well as an extended horn and string section, Cherry collaborated extensively with the Jazz Composers Orchestra throughout the early seventies. His Swedish wife, Moki Cherry, plays tambura on 'Trans-Love Airways.'"



KOLSCH: 1977 2LP (KOM 276LP) 19.50
Gatefold double LP version featuring 6 of the tracks from the 13 track CD. Speicher staple and renowned club juggernaut Kölsch debuts on Kompakt with the full-length 1977, an extraordinary collection of club gems that introduces his earlier masterpieces to exclusive new material. Here, the epic, the rad, and the snappy find themselves under one expertly-crafted groove, making this album an essential choice for both home clubbers and floor hounds. Your new best friend is here and it's a record. Despite the name and despite Kompakt's well-documented love for Cologne's beer, Kölsch isn't a local and he didn't label himself after the famed brew. Even with a much-acclaimed print run and a series of venerated live appearances under his belt, award-winning Danish producer Rune Reilly Kölsch has to regularly duck quizzical questions about his heritage. 1977 isn't a simple "best of" hack job, however: with new crackers "Basshund," "Bappedekkel," and "Eiswinter" lighting the fire, Kölsch doesn't need to worry about future impact. And then there's a cut like the emotive "Oma." The sweeping "Wasserschutz" and a Trojan horse called "Felix," originally intended to be an album outro of sorts. But then someone pushed the button and the transdimensional portal sprang to life.



BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN: L'orgue concertant - Sinfonias, Sonates & Concertos 3CD BOX (LDV 118CD) 36.00
"Organist André Isoir combines a technical virtuosity with an inner reflection that elevates the instrument to a whole new level. This specially priced three disc reissue includes J.S. Bach's five solo organ concertos, six trio sonatas and works for organ and orchestra. Skillfully backed by Le Parlement de Musique under the direction of Martin Gester, Isoir's illuminating performances have been carefully remastered from the original Calliope recordings by the enterprising young label La Dolce Volta."



CHAPMAN, MICHAEL: Wrecked Again CD (LITA 101CD) 15.00
"1971's Wrecked Again, Chapman's final for EMI's seminal stoner imprint Harvest, home to Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett. Like other artists in the stable, Chapman's music contains a drugged-out feel, sublime guitar playing and intense lyrics, yet Chapman's career was not a pet project. Buried in EMI's release schedule and afforded no promotional budget, Wrecked Again is his lost classic. Recorded at the noted Rockfield Studio, a residential complex-cum-working farm in Wales, Wrecked Again explores orchestration via Paul Buckmaster (Miles Davis, David Bowie) and The London Symphony Orchestra and production courtesy of Gus Dudgeon (Elton John, Bonzo Dog Band), but also explores a new sound influenced by Memphis soul. With a blend of electric and acoustic instruments, Chapman is found where he feels most comfortable: in-between folk and rock, contrasting soft with edgy. Wrecked Again was made at a turbulent time in Chapman's life. Still struggling for money despite being four albums into his career, the sessions were marred by arguments over his pay. Unloved as it was by his label, the album did little to rectify the situation. Afterwards, Chapman and bassist Rick Kemp -- later of Steeleye Span -- set off on their first tour of the USA. Chapman was stoney broke -- initially refused a visa as a result ? and received no money. And that was the least of his troubles. By the third week, manager Andrew King had quit the country, and Kemp had run off with a woman in a green Mustang. Audiences couldn't understand Chapman's thick Yorkshire accent or British phrases, not least when he coughed on stage and told them, 'these French fags are killing my throat.' After being mugged in New York, Chapman gave up -- before even reaching the West Coast. There had been highs, such as being asked to perform at King Curtis's funeral alongside the likes of Ray Charles, but the experience scarred the singer-songwriter. Back in the UK, he told his partner, Andru Chapman, 'If that's the big time then fuck it -- I don't want it.' Chapman did, of course, go on to record more than 30 albums and tour extensively, but Wrecked Again was a pivotal moment in his career; the tipping point between his earlier, folkier material and his later, rockier output on Deram. Here issued on CD, the audio is remastered from the original master tapes, meaning it's never sounded so clean. The booklet includes a memoir from Andru Chapman documenting the recording sessions and a slew of rare color photos. 'Maybe now, some forty odd years later, it can get the recognition for the fine album that it was and still is,' says Andru."



WE ALL TOGETHER: We All Together CD (LION 7663CD) 17.00
"Fortieth anniversary edition - and for the first time, taken from a pristine master, which restores missing elements to several songs. Those of you with a more than slight acquaintance with rare psych will know that We All Together were among the best Beatles-esque pop/rock bands of the early '70s. In fact, when the people of Peru first heard We All Together in 1972, they thought that the band was a foreign group, because of the high production values of their tracks. Both of the We All Together albums were influenced by late period Beatles music: the vocal harmonies, melodic tunes, and sophisticated arrangements, blending keyboards, acoustic guitars and electric guitars in a graceful manner. Really, We All Together had an affinity for Paul McCartney's engaging melodicism more than anything, to the point of covering obscure, early McCartney solo tunes. Yet it's the original We All Together compositions that make this album special: 'It's a Sin to Go Away' is a South American psychedelic classic, which begins with Procol Harum style organ, then hits you with thick fuzz guitar riffs, and backward and phased guitar solos; it's the most popular song on this album, due to its inclusion on the Nuggets compilation. 'Hey Revolution' sounds like a White Album era outtake with Lennon-esque vocals and hard blues guitar riffs; 'Dear Sally' features angry vocals and pounding piano that recall Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. The reason for We all Together's excellence is simple: the band members had been around many years, first as New Juggler Sound, and then as Laghonia. The Peruvian scene at the beginning of the 197s, still heavily influenced by the psychedelic experimentation of the 1960s, colored the way that the band shaped its songs, made its drawings, and developed its recording techniques. For this 40th anniversary release, we're pleased to be able to include eight bonus tracks, including acoustic demos outlining possible songs for a new album, only one of which only was ever recorded ('Symbol Queen'). This special mini-LP sleeve edition comes with a silkscreen replica poster, and other colorful ephemera, including photos and drawings from the Cornejo archives. A limited, hand-numbered edition of 400 copies, remastered from an original master tape (unplayed since 1972)."



VERNON FELICITY: Dawning 12" (MOS 019EP) 12.50
Boris Bunnik is back, this time as Vernon Felicity, with a 4-track EP for M>O>S Recordings. "Dawning" is slow and purposeful, with acid pricks and twitches peppering a churning groove. "Breaking Silence" is more kinetic, with claps, hits and squiggly melodies as pronounced bass lines strike a melancholic note. "Wrong Notion" boasts eco-systems of analog lines and acid belches, all weaving their way around each other. Finally, "3" explores wide-open cosmic synth spaces with lingering pads, mournful Blade Runner-style synths, and gently churning rhythms.


MT 003LP

MOLE, THE: Caregiver 2LP (MT 003LP) 23.00
Double LP version. Canada-born, Berlin-based Colin de la Plante aka The Mole remains low-key but loved by many. He thrives off of long, late DJ sets and does his best to keep record stores in business with what he earns. The Mole's passion for music speaks through his own -- a smoke-hazed world without constraint or care for genre but cemented in a foundation built in house music. You can hear him thanks to releases for Perlon, Ostgut Ton, Slices Of Life, Haunt, New Kanada, Internasjonal and his long-time home, Wagon Repair, who released his track that still receives plenty of plays, "Baby, Your the One." He's remixed many of the finest, including Michael Mayer, Imugem Orihasam, Pole and Gui Boratto, to name a few. He continues to record and on occasion perform live with his buddies Cobblestone Jazz that happens to feature Mathew Jonson. So late in 2012 with Kompakt's Jon Berry, they came up with Maybe Tomorrow. Inspired by a conversation about their favorite childhood (Canadian) hero "The Littlest Hobo" -- a TV show about a German Shepherd that had no home and roamed around Canada helping people out. Makes sense, right? And now The Mole is back -- it's been four years since we heard his Wagon Repair debut High as the Sky. The beat played on through his many 12" releases, but between then and now he's back with album #2. Caregiver was recorded in the now-defunct Berlin Wagon Repair studio A(rkona) -- a psychedelic caravan roaming a disco-laced cosmos that seeks to go beyond any specific niche or sound. In his own words. "Caregiver is supposed to be listenable all the way through. So hopefully that unifying thread has something pleasing within it."



VA: minMax1 3LP (MINMAX 001LP) 29.00
"minMAX represents a widening of scope as we explore the area between the sounds of classic M_nus and Plus 8. As others subdivide and categorize, we bring things back together, opening things up more freely and allowing a closer connection to the music that I love and the sounds and textures that many of my DJ sets journey through." --Richie Hawtin. Comes on 180 gram vinyl. Featuring artists: Mathew Jonson, Valentino Kanzyani, Jonni Darkko, Gaiser, Julian Jeweil, Joran Van Pol, Tripmastaz, 4Yo4U, Justin James, Nsound, and Pots Of Gold.



HURLEY, MICHAEL: Wildegeeses/South in Virginia 7" (MRP 040EP) 6.50
"1993 recording of one of Michaels greatest songs of all time. Unreleased version featuring just Michael and his guitar. 'Wildegeeses' is a heavy little ballad about love and loss and all that kind of thing. The B side, 'West Virginia,' is a recording from around the same time -- a song that's never come out until now. Both killers. Full color picture sleeve painted by Michael. One time only limited edition. A co-release with our friends at Secret Seven."


VA: Nightingales and Canaries Vol. 1 LP (MRP 044LP) 13.00
"Aching and radiant songs from 78 RPM discs dating from the '30s and '40s. Canaries and Nightingales Vol. 1 is our first collection of the voices of women from the Middle East during the first half of the 20th century. Side one of the album includes outrageously flirtatious and rocking performances by Christian and Jewish immigrants from Anatolia, Istanbul, and Roumelia. Side B includes more demure and artful performances by some of the greatest Turkish stars of the first generation of Muslim women to sing on records. Liner notes by Ian Nagoski with phtographs of the artists. A co-release with Canary records."


TOODY/THE WESTERN FRONT: Toody/The Western Front 10" (MRP 045EP) 13.00
"In 1985, between the country punk band the Range Rats and the mystical psychedelic punk band Dead Moon lay these six songs released originally in very limited batches spread between three 7" records. Fred Cole and friends are the Western Front -- a shit kicking country band with a sensitive side too. They bring us the excellent ballads 'Looking Back at Me' and 'Clementine' and the raucous 'Orygun' and 'Stampede.' The two other tracks are the same band backing up Toody Cole, singing two incredibly perfect songs -- 'Rather Be Your Lover' and 'Coming On Strong.' This record is a must for fans of Fred and Toody Cole of Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, the Rats, The Range Rats, Lollipop Shoppe, The Weeds, and so on. A lost treasure. One page insert included."


BUCK, PETER: You Must Fight to Live on the Planet of the Apes/The Monkey Speaks His Mind 7" (MRP 047EP) 7.00
"Peter Buck of REM and Baseball Project fame grinding out a garage rocking cover of the Mummies evergreen hit 'You Must Fight to Live on the Planet of the Apes.' Loose and raw -- don't forget that Peter produced the Replacements Let It Be LP. The B side is a rollicking quasi political song keeping with the primate feel of things. Two songs about monkeys on a limited one time pressing 7". Full color picture sleeve featuring photos of Peter in a monkey mask and pajamas wandering the streets of Mexico."


ANDERSON, MARISA: Mercury LP (MRP 049LP) 13.00
"Portland guitar virtuoso Marisa Anderson is back with a new set of home recorded instrumentals. This time around we find Marisa exploring structures more based on the Appalachian folk tradition. The bluesy cadences of Marisa's other Mississippi release -- Golden Hour -- are still there but more in an emotional sense than a structural. It's rare to find a record that has just one instrument with no vocals that can achieve real emotional communication -- but here 'tis. Marisa thoughtfully composed and recorded this LP over the course of the last two years. It was worth the wait. A contemporary record that can hold its own against the various re-issued folk music on our label."


ROGIE, SE: The Sounds of SE Rogie LP (MRP 050LP) 13.00
"At last, a reissue full LP of the legendary Palm wine guitarist SE Rogie's early work. Truly beautiful songs from the 1960s ranging from sweet acoustic solo numbers to blazing full band electric music. SE Rogie had a very long and pioneering career in Sierra Leone. His songs are some of the most beautiful ever - gentle and lilting timeless melodies. One of the greats. A co-release with our friends at the Domino Sound label."



TRAORE, BOUBACAR: Mariama LP (MRL 008LP) 15.00
"A reissue of Boubacar Traoré's classic debut album, Mariama. Originally released on cassette in the late 1980s, after he had already been a star in Mali for over 25 years. Recorded in the wake of losing his wife, eight beautiful, haunting tracks by one of Mali's most renowned singers and purveyor of Malian blues."



DEMDIKE STARE: Testpressing #003 12" (LOVE 087EP) 16.50
Demdike Stare adopt a typically schizoid stance at house and techno tempos on the third Testpressing. "Eulogy" is a square bass devotional to the soul of deep Chicago and Detroit house, most notably the magic of Mr. Fingers and Terrence Dixon. "Dyslogy" comes off like an early "Waveform Transmission" or H&M bomb spanked by Anthony Shakir; an evil, droning intro ratchets the tension for martial kicks and dark-core chords before a feral breakbeat romps loose like the spirit of '93 unchained.



SHINODA & JOSEPH TRAPANESE, MIKE: The Raid: Redemption Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2LP (MOND 008LP) 31.00
"One of the higher-octane international films of the decade, The Raid: Redemption (2011) has been lauded by both audiences and critics alike for its relentless pulse-pounding visuals. Backed by an equally intense soundtrack penned by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and film composer Joseph Trapanese (for the US release only), the music has earned heaps of credit for helping make this Indonesian martial arts flick an instant classic. Released on vinyl for the first time, this soundtrack features more than an hour of music." Comes in a gatefold sleeve.



JAYSON BROTHERS: Monster Box/All My Life 12" (MCDE 1203EP) 12.50
2013 repress. With a little help from Motor City Drum Ensemble's arranging skills, the two Jayson Brothers bring back some dirt, samples & emotions into today's house music. "Monster Box," with its swinging 909 kicks, disco beat and Rhodes/guitar combination sounds like a lost Strictly Rhythm gem, while "All My Life" could have been released in the late '70s -- it's not only a re-edit of some disco track, it truly evolves by throwing together various sample sources in a clever way.


MR 256LP

GUN CLUB, THE: Fire Of Love LP (MR 256LP) 19.50
2013 repress; 2003 release. Jeffrey Lee Pierce -- reggae enthusiast, heroin addict, and former president of the Blondie fan club -- suffered a lonely, depressing death on March 31st, 1996 of a brain hemorrhage, after untold years of drug use and alcoholism. Why this event mattered much to anyone lay in a fantastic record his band, The Gun Club, recorded 16 years earlier: the masterful Fire Of Love. A visionary and fierce moment in time when The Gun Club took the raw, dripping meat of shopworn delta blues and infused it with the energy and fire of the LA punk rock scene. Inspired by bands like X, Television and the Cramps, he met Kid Congo Powers (who later played with Nick Cave and Cramps) and they formed the Creeping Ritual in 1979, soon to be renamed The Gun Club. Pierce was already a notorious drunk, exhibitionist, poet and fanboy. The Gun Club were quickly a dangerous new spoke on the spinning wheel of dynamic LA alt-culture. By 1980, Jeffrey Lee had moved into a deep reverence for Mississippi delta blues. The Gun Club paid more than passing homage: they wholeheartedly swiped complete riffs, words and attitude from the masters. Pierce participated in the great blues singer tradition by cobbling together distinct lines from other people's songs to create new ones. Snatches of Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Robert Johnson can be heard throughout this debut LP -- released in 1981 on Slash's Ruby Records. What makes Fire Of Love such a brilliant listen long after its time is that this blatant homage to the blues was amplified, energized and kicked into overdrive -- in a new style that combined the ghostliness of the original model with a FAST, unwound and supremely energetic beat. The engineering feats of Pat Burnette contributed to that sound: he wielded his Quad-Teck studios like a weapon, and mastered some of the greatest sides in LA music history (such as Germs' GI). Pure fullness of sound and the raw hot throb of records that were made to stand the test of time. From the immensely dark and aggressive sexuality of "Sex Beat," Gun Club's most recognizable number, to the fetishistic salute to fellow traveler Poison Ivy of The Cramps in "For The Love Of Ivy," including the hellfire classic "She's Like Heroin To Me," a 2:33 masterpiece in which everything comes together; Fire Of Love is pure perfection. It stands among the greatest classics of rock history, and shows the genius of the great Jeffrey, whose haunted singing has never been replaced. It proved out to be one of the most influential records of the '80s, with countless musicians declaring their love for the Club.



YOUNG, NATE: Regressions ''Blinding Confusion'' LP (NNA 059LP) 18.00
"Over the past few years, iconic noise artist Nate Young has been carefully crafting his own signature solo sound, as evidenced through his progressive recordings and performances with American experimental music staples such as Wolf Eyes, Stare Case, Demons, and Moon Pool & Dead Band. Regression 'Blinding Confusion' enters a new era, retaining the techniques and studies from his previous work and raising them to new levels. Intense compositional building and structure seep through each track, traversing new ground melodically while still upholding Nate's patented over-bearing weight of dread and slow-burning darkness at all the right moments. Deep, percussive brutality and pulsing neurosis mesh with somber burial hymns, held together by Young's technical prowess and mastery of his chosen gear. Each frequency is given its own unique role and characteristic voice, deeply chilled by the arid space of decay via tape manipulation/disintegration, howling its way through the grooves of the record like a cold wind of dead space that billows throughout, unrelenting. Atonal, morphing, and modulating bass lines pulse and plod their way through, like the unseen presence of the undead ascending a creaking stairway, leading upwards toward a nebulous void. This establishes a truly horrific atmosphere while honoring primitive technology, refined with a thick dose of originality." Includes digital download code.


NA 5098CD

EAST OF UNDERGROUND: East of Underground/SOAP 2CD (NA 5098CD) 21.00
"United States Army soldiers made the music contained in this two-CD re-release during the politically turbulent early '70s, towards the end of the Vietnam War. East of Underground and SOAP were bands comprised of soldiers stationed in bases across Western Germany. While little is known about the bands, the players, and the milieu they came from - other than what can be pieced together from a handful of photos and documents found in a box in the New York Public Library, and the vague recollections of some of those involved -- we at Now-Again Records have worked diligently with the United States Army and researchers the country over to present this important document ? and some damn good soul and funk music. Only one former band member has come forward during the assembly of this anthology, which has lead us to question: where did these talented performers land after their winning performances in Army-sponsored Battle of the Bands contests afforded them (musical) tours across European Army bases? Perhaps some are still around somewhere: perhaps some are still involved in music; perhaps some were killed in action; perhaps some passed on after returning to the States. Wherever they are now, their legacy has been cemented in this exquisite re-issue, a snapshot of one of America's most politically tumultuous times. Archival reproduction of East of Underground's mythical masterpiece, housed in thick cardboard 'tip-on' gatefold sleeve. Heavy James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Funkadelic, and Sly Stone covers. Also includes SOAP album on a separate CD."

NA 5101LP

HECTOR & THE MALCOUNS, KARL: Ngunga Yeti Fofa LP (NA 5101LP) 21.00
"For all intents and purposes, Karl Hector might as well be another nom-de-plume of Jay Whitefield (producer and guitarist for the Poets of Rhythm and the Whitefield Brothers) who, along with Thomas Myland and Zdenko Curlija, founded Karl Hector and The Malcouns in the early 2000s. Alongside Bo Baral, other members of the Poets of Rhythm and crack Munich-based session musicians, Whitefield, Myland and Curlija crafted nearly twenty tracks for their debut, Sahara Swing, an album that swung with influences from across the African diaspora. The trio are releasing a series of vinyl-only EPs -- of which Ngunga Yeti Fofa is the second -- that will culminate in their second album. Ngunga Yeti Fofa's five songs demonstrate The Malcouns' deft handling of musics from both Eastern and Western Africa alongside Western psychedelia, jazz and funk; the title track - a swinging horn-lead highlife jam that would sound perfect next to the Ghanaian classics by the likes of K.Frimpong and Ebo Taylor-is a great representation."


HAND 12012EP

WHITE, PAUL: Street Lights (feat. Danny Brown) 12" (HAND 12012EP) 12.50
What a dream 12" for hip-hop fans. Paul White is back with some of his best beat-work yet -- Danny Brown tearing it up on the flows and Dabrye on the remix. Three tracks together on Brown's breakthrough XXX (Pitchfork "Top 20 Albums of 2011") and one on White's Rapping with Paul White helped establish their producer/MC relationship as one of the finest in hip-hop today. "Street Lights" might be their best work together yet.



youAND:THEMACHINES is the solo project of Martin Müller, who is one-half of youANDme. Behind is his debut album on Ornaments and is a mirror of all his influences from dub techno, ambient, downbeat, Detroit techno and house music. Never before has Martin incorporated his music so much in analog hardware, field recordings and hidden messages. He has invited orchestral musicians to collaborate on the project and one of his main ideas was to use no samples and generate every sound with a range of classic analog instruments using modern techniques from 2013 without losing the old spirit. Guest vocal collaborations from around the world include Robert Owens, Brothers' Vibe, Delhia de France, Keter Darker and Bajka -- each of them add their unique character to the album, indulging the listener in new mystical directions.



FENGLER, MARCEL: Fokus 2x12" (OSTGUT 013LP) 21.00
2x12" version. Having already demonstrated his talents at producing bold, gyrating and atmospheric techno through his numerous 12''s on Ostgut Ton, and after offering a window into his DJ mind with the versatile and highly musical Berghain 05 (OSTGUT 019CD) mix CD, Marcel Fengler now approaches the album format, exploring his take on electronic music from yet another angle. Over 11 varied and detailed tracks, his debut album Fokus is the product of an intensive three months in his Berlin studio, where Fengler developed a sonic concept for an album which expanded his love for outlandish electronics, abstract melody, abrasive textures and dub-wise bass frequencies, all carefully siphoned into a very concentrated end result. From the engulfing spaces found in the opening moments of "Mayria," sweeping layers of synthesis, mysterious sung elements and encircling layers of kinetic energy build. Marcel introduces us to the sound aesthetic of Fokus - grating, broken beats are rough yet controlled, detailed hyper-tonal elements swarm and pan, micro details swimming beneath the surface. Sonically confronting, standing out from any conventional palette of sounds, early tracks like "The Stampede" and "Trespass" offer alternative answers to today's club tasks. Maintaining the confident mixture between 4/4 movement and more experimental musical elements and motifs, the melancholic "Jaz" juggles its way across the spectrum, while "King of Psi" unleashes more of Fengler's trademark texture as static beats are set within a twinkling synthscape. Exploring yet more sound sources, discordant bells chime as a rasping percussion set kicks "Sky Pushing" into its introverted, paranoid zones. Moving into avant-garde circles, the beautiful "High Falls" filters and shimmers in a reduced intermission. The frenetic synth drums and wonderful sequencer madness of "Dejavu" describe another of the album's strong points perfectly; Fokus speaks volumes as something so diverse, yet with such a clear and concentrated production. "Liquid Torso" is the album's epilogue; a scientific, extended tribute to the Bleep. With Fokus, Marcel Fengler extracts himself far from the boundaries of a conventional DJ/producer debut album, achieving a very varied, controlled and musical album that is clearly concerned with satisfying a bright, burning need to express himself through electronic music in fresh and challenging ways.


ASH 3026CD

SPEED, GLUE & SHINKI: Eve CD (ASH 3026CD) 17.00
2nd edition, now in jewel case packaging. Phoenix Records reissues on CD Speed, Glue & Shinki's 1971 debut album, Eve. Ex-Food Brain guitarist Shinki Chen, bass player Masayoshi Kabe (also known as M Glue) and Filipino Vietnam war veteran Joey "Pepe" Smith, who doubled as both the trio's drummer and vocalist, released two legendary albums in the early '70s. Eve, the earlier of the band's two efforts, was probably the band's only "real" recording, as the self-titled second release in 1972 was put together by Smith from studio outtakes of Chen's guitar playing and tracks omitted from Eve. This is a bluesy, psychedelic album, with Chen's Hendrix-style guitar playing firmly underpinned by Smith's insistent percussion style modeled on the style and technique of his idol, Ginger Baker. The band dissolved immediately after the release of Eve, as the other two members found Smith's drug-fuelled lifestyle decidedly unappealing (he was a huge fan of amphetamines and diligently applied himself to establishing a prodigious habit). Chen decided he didn't want to record again, and became a successful live artist, Joey went back to the Philippines and started the immensely successful power trio Juan de la Cruz Band, and Masayoshi Kabe would win fame with the band Pink Cloud. In spite of their short-lived activity, Speed, Glue & Shinki were important first and foremost as pioneers of the Japanese psychedelic rock scene.

ASH 3037CD

LES RALLIZES DENUDES: Heavier Than A Death In The Family CD (ASH 3037CD) 17.00
2nd edition, now in jewel case packaging. Phoenix Records releases the oft-bootlegged Heavier Than A Death In The Family by legendary Japanese rock/psychedelic noise band Les Rallizes Dénudés. This "album" is in fact, a blistering assemblage of live performances (all recorded in 1977, except for "People Can Choose," which was recorded in 1973) which sits at an esteemed #3 position on Julian Cope's Japrocksampler top 50 list. Reverb so heavy, it will split your frontal lobe in two.



DEEP MAGIC: Reflections of Most Forgotten Love LP (PRE 037LP) 20.00
The Preservation label presents Reflections of Most Forgotten Love, the third album from Los Angeles' Deep Magic. The solo project for current Sun Araw live band member Alex Gray, Deep Magic's work has tended towards a meditative ambient realm, crafting a cosmic sound described by Uncut as having "a sort of calm and organic grandeur that recalls Popol Vuh." Indeed like Popol Vuh, pursuit of a kind of spiritual grace has proven to be the measure at the heart of Deep Magic. Reflections of Most Forgotten Love finds a new urgency, an ever-shifting puzzle of sound that breathes vital new life into Gray's lyrical vision. Dynamic and unrelenting, yet somehow beautifully spacious and patient in its unfolding, this epic work thrives on equal parts pulse and poise, an essence held within a thrilling multiplicity of ideas. Skittish techno, rolling pianos, warm pedal steel, foggy dub drifts and microscopic sonics play out a hypnotic movement of moods with magnetic compulsion. Throughout its stirring, blissful way, intimacy is its keynote. As the title suggests, this is an album of emotively raw presence with a singular take on solitude as a many-splendored thing.


RS 1308CD

AIRHEAD: For Years CD (RS 1308CD) 15.50
"For Years, the debut album from Airheard, aka Rob McAndrews, marks the four year transition from student producer to international touring musician, playing to vast audiences across the world as a guitarist for his childhood friend James Blake, writing and jamming in the studio with James and Brian Eno, and DJing on the finest club sound systems modern technology has to offer."


RUM 2011038LP

FABIAN: Hold That Tiger! LP (RUM 2011038LP) 22.00
"Introduced into the music business by Frankie Avalon at a time when record producers were looking to the South Philadelphia neighborhoods in search of teenage talents with good looks, Fabian Forte mainly began singing as a way to support his family, due to his father's illness. Backed by songwriters Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, Fabian had soon released a series of hit singles on Chancellor Records, while his debut album Hold That Tiger! climbed to #5 on the US charts. Although not the greatest of singers (he would find greater success as an actor), during the late 50's Fabian was projected as something of a teen idol, helped by a string of hits and numerous appearances on American television."

RUM 2011049LP

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Rockin' with Fess LP (RUM 2011049LP) 22.00
"Often credited as the father of New Orleans rhythm and blues, Professor Longhair is considered one of the most characteristic piano talents to come out of Louisiana. His hybrid 'rumba-boogie' piano style, with a heavy, pounding left hand, forever changed the sound of rhythm and blues piano. In the words of Dr. John himself: 'All New Orleans pianists today owe "Fess." He was the guru, godfather, and spiritual doctor of all that came under him.' Rockin' with Fess gathers most of his standards and classics (originally issued on singles for labels such as Atlantic, Mercury and Federal) including 'Tipitina,' 'Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand,' 'Mardi Gras in New Orleans,' and more gems of New Orleans popular culture."

RUM 2011050LP

PROFESSOR LONGHAIR: Mardi Gras in New Orleans LP (RUM 2011050LP) 22.00
"Fusing diverse elements of blues, barrelhouse boogie-woogie, funk, and gospel, with mambo, rhumba, and second-line street parade rhythms, Professor Longhair's contribution to today's musical vocabulary is immeasurable. You can't listen to Fats Domino, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, James Booker, or Huey Smith without recognizing the unique 'Fess' imprinting. This compilation of B-sides, rarities, and alternate takes, recorded between 1949 and 1957, honours one of the great and unique talents in rock and roll history."



TRAGO, TOM: The Light Fantastic (Album Sampler) 12" (RHM 004EP) 12.50
Tom Trago presents a 12" album sampler of his forthcoming The Light Fantastic. Featuring the dancefloor stomper "Two Together" which was co-produced by Steffi, "True Friends" featuring Breach on the vocals, and the non-album track "Avenido." Trago was keen to recapture the essence of his early work, and particularly the melodic warmth, kaleidoscopic chords and robust grooves that characterized his 2009 debut album, Voyage Direct. These tracks ooze a gleeful sense of fun, while retaining depth and definition.



SODA FRAISE: Ca Baigne dans L'Huile/Rock n' Roll's 7" (SING 051EP) 7.00
"Cash in single led by French musician Didier Bottier and commissioned by the artistic director of the French label Pathe' Marconi as both an answer to the Plastic Bertrand induced faux-punk hysteria that was sweeping France and as a marketing tool for Coca-Cola. Promotional copies of the single with an altered sleeve featuring the Coca-Cola logo exist. The mysterious 'Strawberry Soda' disbanded after only one year leaving us this extremely sought after and truly amazing French punk two-sider."


BASTARDS, THE: Funky Bastard/Job in Town 7" (SING 052EP) 7.00
"The Kids (Belgium) released this single in Italy under the name The Bastards. Two classic tracks with different names/mixes from the LP (which has been bootlegged enough times for this to be accepted as one of the best non-UK/US/Ireland bands of the first rock-n'-roll-tinged punk wave). This is rock and roll!"


JOOK: Jook Rule OK 2LP (SING 053LP) 24.00
"Jook came on like bastard sons of The Who and, if this first ever collection of the band's entire recorded works achieves anything, it should be to elevate the band from the glitter bin, and back to their rightful place as one of the greatest rock 'n' roll acts ever."



KOEHLER: White 02 12" (SKUDGEWHITE 002) 12.50
Out-of-nowhere white label from Koehler on Skudge.


OUT 5005LP

MARTINEZ, SABU: Safari with Sabu LP (OUT 5005LP) 25.00
"One of the most prolific conga players in the history of Afro-Cuban music, Louis 'Sabu' Martinez spent his childhood beating rhythms on tin cans on 111th Street in New York City's Spanish Harlem. In 1946, he began a long association with drummer Art Blakey, and joined Dizzy GIllespie's band by 1948, following the murder of the influential conga player Chano Pozo. Despite being such a much-in-demand session player, he struggled with heroin for years until he overcame his addiction in 1956, formed his new quintet and recorded three history-making albums in less than three years. Safari with Sabu, probably the most celebrated of Sabu's works, combines both African and Latin elements with the American jazz tradition, resulting in the missing link between bop and Sun Ra. Recorded with three congas (including Ray Barreto), bongos, timbales and tympani, along with complementary tenor and baritone sax, trombone, and an unobtrusive bass presence by Oscar Pettiford, 1957's Safari with Sabu is now back on shiny 180 gram vinyl again for your listening pleasure."

OUT 5006LP

SIMS QUARTET, ZOOT: Zoot LP (OUT 5006LP) 25.00
"Owner of a badge of distinction only worn in the lapels of three other men (Stan Getz, Herbie Seward, and Serge Charloff), until late '50s 'Zoot' Sims was mostly known as one of the original member of the 'Four Brothers' (the saxophone section for the Woody Herman orchestra back in 1947) and for his later prolific collaboration with Al Cohn. Recorded in Chicago in 1956, and originally issued on the Argo label, Zoot is the first of his works to give him sufficient blowing room to show his qualities and merits the full rating as one of the more sustained examples of hot jazz improvisation." On 180 gram vinyl.



VA: Country Soul Sisters 2: Women in Country Music 1956-79 CD (SJR 267CD) 22.50
"Country Soul Sisters is a second guide to the great female country singers who helped define a musical genre as artists such as Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Tammy dominated musical world of country music." Other artists include: Linda Martell, Cher, Vicki Carr, Bobbie Gentry, Joan Harris, Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Barbara Mandrell, Diana Trask and Linda Rondstadt. Includes a 36-page booklet.


VA: Country Soul Sisters 2: Women in Country Music 1956-79 2LP (SJR 267LP) 29.50
Gatefold double LP version.



MENTHA & MURK: 1992 EP 12" (SUBALT 001EP) 12.50
Subaltern Records is a new label whose goal is to support quality bass music. With support from the likes of BunZer0, Syte, DJ Foster, and Fable. Mentha & Murk bring a style that ranges from soulful organic ambience to earth-shaking bass. This limited 12" features two slabs of deep, original bass music. "1992" fuses organic drums, twisted synths, and a hoovering sub-bass into an evolving movement of rhythm. Ipman's earth-shattering remix molds "1992" into another heavy stepper.


SBR 5026CD

MIGHTY BABY: A Jug of Love CD (SBR 5026CD) 15.50
2013 repress. This is the first official CD release of UK psych legends Mighty Baby's second and final album. A Jug of Love sank without a trace on its original appearance in late 1971, but has gone on to become one of the best-loved recordings of its time. Produced by Mike Vernon (David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After), it showcases their fluid, expressive musicianship and the astonishing guitar playing of Martin Stone to glorious effect. This long-awaited official release has been assembled with the band's full involvement, and comes complete with rare photographs, full liner notes and four ultra-rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks, making it an essential purchase for all fans of acid folk and psychedelia.

SBR 5060CD

PERHACS, LINDA: Parallelograms CD (SBR 5060CD) 17.00
2013 repress; regular jewel-case Sunbeam edition. Combining fragile and beautifully melodic acid folk with perfectly-rendered electronic effects, this remarkable album consists of what its creator describes as "visual music." First released in 1970, Parallelograms by California's Linda Perhacs has gone on to become one of the most legendary and well-loved recordings of its time, assuredly sitting alongside Vashti Bunyan's Just Another Diamond Day as a lost folk gem that should never have been cast aside. Summoning the shimmering sunlight of Topanga Canyon, and resonating with the same strength-in-fragility as Joni Mitchell, it's presented here with the full collaboration of its enigmatic creator, and features her own detailed liner notes, as well as rare illustrations and eight bonus tracks (including one previously-unheard out-take).

SBR 5063CD

ANDWELLAS DREAM: Love And Poetry CD (SBR 5063CD) 17.00
2013 repress. Sunbeam is delighted to announce the definitive reissue of this quintessential British psychedelic classic. Recorded by the youthful trio Andwellas Dream in the summer of 1969, it's packed with strong songs and powerful acid guitar, as well as contemporary production flourishes and a guest appearance from cult jazzman Bob Downes. Produced with the full involvement of the band's leader David Lewis (who also contributes detailed sleevenotes), the album is presented here with all their non-album 45s, alternate mixes, as well as other bonus tracks and a full booklet featuring rare photographs, making it the most comprehensive edition of this legendary album ever assembled.



KID A: BB Bleu 12" (TCLR 003EP) 11.00
"BB Bleu was originally demoed by Kid A herself, but was picked up and properly produced by Pierre Serafini, AKA Opti. The France based producer and boss of bass music label Airflex Labs loved the original demo (included on the single) and worked on it along with Kid A's initially internet-procured mentor and musical soulmate, the French techno producer Agoria. Its sparse, icy drums and warmer, textural melodies provide the perfect backdrop for Kid A's yearning, personal musings on desire. It's like a rainy-day French blues played through modular synths and transposed into US soul."



WREKMEISTER HARMONIES: You've Always Meant So Much to Me LP (THR 339LP) 19.00
"J.R. Robinson has been writing and recording music as Wrekmeister Harmonies in various incarnations since 2006. In 2012 he brought together some of the most revered musicians in the black metal and experimental music worlds (Jef Whitehead of Leviathan, Sanford Parker and Andrew Markuszewski of Nachmystium, Jamie Fennelly aka Mind Over Mirrors, Mark Solotroff of Anatomy of Habit, Bruce Lamont of Yakuza, and more) to perform You've Always Meant So Much to Me at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to much acclaim and a sold out theater. The collaborators for the live performance joined Robinson at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio later that year to record the composition in full. The 38 minute composition was written to accompany a film Robinson shot in decimated Detroit locations, the desert of Joshua Tree and decaying forests of Tasmania. The beauty and darkness of the visuals are reflected in the music, which seeps from the ether with great melancholy. Reflective drones grow and decay, forming waves of overlapping sound that evolve into a gigantic roar of distorted guitar. Searing, disembodied howls and pummeling drums signal a shift from mournful to harrowing as Robinson and his ensemble lurch forward into the abyss. As the metal elements dwindle, electronics return to the fore, accompanied by a softly plucked harp signaling gentle finality." Housed in a gatefold sleeve.



ALLEN, TERRY: Bottom of the World LP (TLA 044LP) 25.50
"Bottom of the World is Terry Allen's first studio release in over 14 years. There may be no greater maverick than Terry Allen in all of alt-country music. Allen is a standard-bearer of the Lubbock, TX, country scene. Widely heralded as the most progressive movement in all of contemporary country, digging into modern-day concerns with a gutsy, liberal perspective, while maintaining a firm musical grounding in regional country and folk traditions. Allen is perhaps the most ambitious all of the artists coming out of this scene (Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore), writing complex song cycles that have been performed with the help of fellow eclectics ranging from Lowell George to David Byrne."


TSQ7 004EP

BACHMAN, DANIEL: Brother Green/Honeysuckle Reel 7" (TSQ7 004EP) 5.00
"Two non-LP songs from Daniel Bachman."



ATKINS AND MORITZ VON OSWALD, JUAN: Borderland 3/3 12" (TRESOR 262C-EP) 14.00
Part three of three limited 12" records, 500 only, 180 gram vinyl, heavy sleeve. After more than two decades of behind the scenes collaboration, Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald present Borderland -- their debut collaborative album. The album -- made up of eight sequences, which seamlessly blend the styles of both masters -- was recorded at the beginning of 2013 over various studio sessions in Berlin and will be released as a series of three 12"s and a CD album.



Dominik Blum (Hammond C3 organ); Marino Pliakas (E-bass); Lucas Niggli (drums). The Swiss trio Steamboat Switzerland tackle the energetic and innovative border-crossings between hardcore and avant-garde and play compositions by Michael Wertmüller (drummer of Peter Brötzmann's Full Blast outfit) -- breath-taking, radical, exact. "The Hammond avant-core trio Steamboat Switzerland is a damn wild and absolutely virtuoso project. They have played many different festivals -- from Donaueschinger Musiktage and Moers to London's Meltdown Festival. The group combines elements from rock, metal and contemporary scores. The sounds exchange between dark power ambient and 'Boulez on the Rock.'" --Eckhart Liess; Mixed by Gareth Jones in January 2013.


LP version.



MOLITOR, REINHOLD: Reinhold CD (VAM 006CD) 17.00
"Official reissue of this ultra-rare album (Discos Zave LPL 163, 1969). Globe-trotting artist Bodo Molitor may have been born in Germany, but he'll forever be associated with the psychedelic scene in Mexico and South America. In addition to creating the zoomorphic art for his own bizarre album, Hits Internacionales, he also created the psychedelic art for the Kaleidoscope album, for La Libre Expresion, and for his brother Reinhold's solo album. He had this to say about the Reinhold record: 'My Brother Reinhold came for a visit from Germany where he was playing with several bands. He was only 19. I knew Edghar Zamudio (from Peru) and one day he asked us to record that LP. Just acoustic guitars and a banjo played brilliantly by my brother. I think we recorded the whole album in three or four days. I played some guitars and did some vocals as well. It's folky and bluesy with originals, some covers, and traditional. My brother sings and plays guitar and banjo, on some of the songs he wrote.' The Reinhold album is so rare, even with the connection to his more famous artist brother, no one seems to have discovered it, until now. Despite being from the end of the 1960s, Reinhold has more of an early-'60s NYC Greenwich Village cafe wha?-ish folk underpinning. The best tracks have gravel-pated vocals in a vaguely Tom Waits/Joseph Spence sort of vein -- really syrupy and quite excellent. Overall, a dark and morose vibe dominates; and we can all use some minor key laments, now and then, right? Limited editions (both formats) of only 500 copies."


MOLITOR, REINHOLD: Reinhold LP (VAM 006LP) 23.00
LP version.



VA: SAOCO! Vol. 2: Bomba, Plena and the Roots of Salsa in Puerto Rico 1955-1967 2LP (VAMPI 152LP) 25.50
Double LP version. Vampisoul's first volume of ¡Saoco! included recordings from Cortijo y su Combo, Mon Rivera, and some of their other contemporaries exclusively dedicated to the rhythms of plena and bomba. Although these Puerto Rican traditions, in particular the second, later became part of the salsa stew, there's another reason to consider these artists among the pioneers of the transnational and polymorphic movement known as salsa. The reason is that the repertoire of these groups was never restricted to these Puerto Rican rhythms, nor to any national borders. Maybe the first peculiarity of Puerto Rican music prior to the period that interests us here is that it was recorded predominantly outside of the island, above all in New York, where musicians travelled constantly or just emigrated altogether. Furthermore, since son had emerged from Cuba in 1910, Cuban rhythms had exercised hegemony over tropical music recordings. This was particularly the case in New York and Puerto Rico, which had always been considered Cuba's little sister. You would have expected orchestras like those of Cortijo or Mon Rivera would alternate a variety of rhythms to please their dance audience whose tastes then favored the sounds of mambo and guaracha. Although both genres are considered Cuban, the presence of guaracha is so old in Puerto Rico -- arriving with tours of Cuban comic theater troupes in the Caribbean basin in the 19th century -- that we can legitimately consider that it acquired its modern form through an exchange between its Cuban source and its different expressions in the West Indies, including the Puerto Rican variety. In addition to these rhythms that formed the backbone of salsa, it was also common that these orchestras would play a merengue, a calypso, and even, although far more rarely, a Brazilian samba, a Colombian cumbia or porro, a Venezuelan joropo, or a Panamanian murga. It's difficult to know to what extent this diversity corresponded to commercial motives. These styles were possibly imposed by the record labels in their quest to promote a regional Latino market. However, it seems that the groups mentioned didn't wait until they gained their first hits to develop versatile repertoires. The same professionalization of orchestra music in Puerto Rico already required a command of different genres beginning with jazz and Cuban music. Furthermore, if Cuban rhythms exercised their hegemony upon tropical music from the beginnings of the 20th Century, their domination only became more pronounced after the Castro revolution. As a consequence of the blockade, groups from New York and Puerto Rico occupied this space and took up the repertoire of the Havana orchestras. Already by the mid-1960s, plena was out of style and they were only dancing rumba, guaracha, descarga, charanga, pachanga... and rock'n'roll, just as much on the island as in New York. The selection on this second volume expands its repertoire to emphasize the variety of rhythms and styles that characterized many of the groups included in the first volume. It reveals a Puerto Rican production influenced by the sounds of Cuba and New York, but which also preserved its own character and in which the island genres of bomba, plena, and música campesina enjoyed their golden age. Includes extensive liner notes by compiler Yannis Ruel illustrated with original artwork and memorabilia.



LOS HURACANES: Los Huracanes LP (MRSSS 031LP) 25.00
"Los Huracanes were much more than a transient band of the musically prodigious 1960s. The group was formed by surviving members of pioneering bands such as Los Pantalones Azules (Víctor Ortiz), Los Milos, and Los Top-Son (Pascual Olivas) and the new blood provided by José Casquel, José Segura 'Malayo' and, above all, Julito Andreu. They really had it all: experienced instrumentalists of the highest caliber, a team of excellent composers who could match the very best out there, a versatile singer always capable of employing the right pace and, lastly, a rich imagination. Equally at ease creating a nugget or a psych-tinged ballad, a slow track or rock 'n' roll, Los Huracanes' fabulous beat has suffered the unfair lack of recognition of the peripheral bands distant from the great centers of music production (that is, Madrid and Barcelona), and it's precisely now when their stellar role emerges with unusual hierarchy. In May of 1966, a year after their surprising debut with the For Your Love EP, the band from Valencia locked themselves up in EMI's recording studios in Barcelona. They turned up ready to record eight tracks with which to complete what would be their only album, a task they ended up finishing off in just one day. This represented something unheard of, as it was very rare for a beat group to record an LP. It's impossible to make a brief analysis of such an exquisite album. We must mention, then, the three key lines around which the band operated in this occasion. The first one was the beat sound of 'Quiero repostar,' a track with a structure à la Nuggets but performed with Mediterranean fineness. But it's the stunning drum breaks by Julito Andreu at the start of LP-opener 'Esta tarde a las siete' that shows the way. Full of echoes of Elvis' 'Mean Woman Blues' and crowned by one of the most incandescent guitar solos of their career, the band takes a typical 12-bar blues structure and thoroughly transcends it thanks to the unusual passion with which they relate a date between young lovers. The second key line would be their quick connection with the post-Dylan Californian folk rock scene in delicacies such as 'El calor del verano,''A la caída del sol,' 'Dulce despertar,' and, above all, the sublime 'Espérame.' The latter is held by a moving and sorrowful vocal by Víctor and is developed over an intricate vocal framework by the group. This touching song should rightfully be regarded as the first Spanish contribution to psychedelic folk-rock, virtually in the same year that such a scene became known internationally. Lastly, the third key line present on the album is best explained by classics such 'Aún,' 'El conquistador,' 'Ocho días cayendo lluvia,' 'Dónde te escondiste...' Superb midtempo popsike tracks with original structures, often punctuated by truly delicious backing vocals and supported by lyrics that touched on incidental and daily facts in a fleeting and funny manner. As only a few hundred got to fully enjoy this enduring piece of vinyl, maybe now is the right occasion to fix such ignominy. --Vicente Fabuel. On 180 gram vinyl.


VQ 003CD

DINKY: Dimension D CD (VQ 003CD) 15.50
"Esteemed and revered Chilean born, Berlin based producer, musician, singer and DJ, Dinky AKA Alejanda Iglesias releases her fifth and most accomplished album to date on Visionquest."


WER 6749

"Zeit(t)räume, dedicated to works by Stockhausen and Berio, features soprano Claudia Böttcher and pianist Jovita Zähl. Stockhausen's music box cycle Tierkreis is presented here in a version for soprano and piano alongside his Klavierstück IX, which exemplifies principles of his serial thinking. In Berio's Sequenza III, a wealth of emotional states is expressed, while the special charm that characterizes Quattro Canzoni poplari is rooted in the composer's fascinating interpretations of traditional folk songs."

WER 6760

GUBAIDULINA, SOFIA: In Croce - Works for Double Bass CD (WER 6760) 25.00
"Written over a span of forty years, these compositions by Sofia Gubaidulina have become staples of the double bass literature. In Pantomime one immediately senses a certain theatricality, which is evoked by dramatic pauses and dynamic progressions. Originally written for cello, the Preludes were later arranged for double bass. For In Croce, Gubaidulina pairs the bass with a bayan, (a Russian accordion). The work was inspired by the composer's experiments with folk instruments. Bassist Daniele Roccato is accompanied by pianist Fabrizio Ottaviucci and bayan player Massimiliano Pitocco."


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