Black Sun Productions, "Im Gegenteil"

Thursday, 27 April 2006 19:00 Scott Mckeating Reviews - Albums and Singles

This is another outstanding emission, the best to date, from the increasingly obviously talented Black Sun Productions collective. With the help of draZen there’s a process of musical distillation going on that sees Massimo and Pierce channelling a sound that’s definitively theirs.

Sheela Moon

A sense of otherness saturates Im Gegenteil (meaning ‘in the opposite direction’ or ‘the wrong way’) which sees a fine balancing act of elements with one distinctive mood. The tribal rhythms, melodic electronics and deft use of space combine with a sense of loneliness creating an air of solipsistic solace. The lone piano notes of “A Well Hung Monk” sit untouched within the whines of streaking sound trailing around them and the last minute’s muffled percussion. Both “Clear Skies and Dark Skies” and “god?” are perfect bindings of draZen’s wide screen world and Pierce’s underground delicate menace.

The closing track “Das Gegenteil” subtly moves in increments through metal and plastic cylinder violence. Tablas reverberate into an industrialised pelvis grind that speeds from a bubbling pulse towards some messy sweat flecked end. Throughout “god?,” the most accessible track with its catchy daylight hook and countering synth, a sample cries out in German ‘Is there a god for us as well?’. If Black Sun Productions do have a god it’s likely to be an old and licentious one; the black sun slowly continues to rise.



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