Colin Potter

Sunday, 30 January 2005 10:08 Jon Whitney Videos - The Eye

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If the self-professed non-musicianship of Steven Stapleton is the "man behind the scenes" for Nurse With Wound, then Colin Potter is surely the "man behind the man behind the scenes." Colin has worked with bands and people like Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Ora, Monos, Andrew Chalk, Darren Tate, Jonathan Coleclough, and a bunch of other people since the early 1980s. Colin still runs his own studio operation and engineers tons of recordings from many of our favorite non-musicians here at Brainwashed. We had a rare opportunity to catch a live show and sit down for some words with Potter in NYC on the day after Christmas, 2004, and are pleased to present this episode of The Eye, chock full of goodies. We apologize if his stage presence during the concert isn't terribly exciting, but the music was utterly breathtaking.

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