Anthony D'Amico

Sunday, 11 January 2009 01:55 Staff - Biographies

Anthony D'Amico lives a quiet life in a picturesque upstate NY town on the Hudson River and subsists entirely on Indian and Thai food.  He lives vicariously through books, music, and film.

He does not particularly want unsolicited submissions these days, aside from those sent by labels that he is already in contact with.  This policy saddens him, as he is sure that he will miss out on hearing a great deal of compelling new music. Unfortunately, the amount of music being released these days is absolutely overwhelming and it is simply not feasible to devote so much time and energy to things that randomly appear in his mailbox anymore.  Exceptions, of course, will be made for artists and labels that he already has a documented appreciation for.

Here's where to contact him for all other purposes:

email: misplaced_sandwich at

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