Enhet för Fri Musik, "Inom Dig, Inom Mig"

Saturday, 04 March 2017 10:18 Aguirre News & Events - Buzz Bin

Inom Dig, Inom Mig by Enhet for Fri Musik.  Vinyl LP.

Folk unit originated in the Swedish underground Enhet för Fri Musik -- featuring members of Sewer Election, Ättestupa, Neutral, Makthaverskan, and Blod - continually re-inventing what music is about through free improvisation and lengthy folk meanderings.

Embedded in the ever exciting Swedish underground scene Enhet För Fri Musik continues the quest for innovation numerous legendary Swedish bands started during the '70s, Pärson Sound, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Arbete Och Fritid. Taking the ideas of communal music craft and experimentation, on this album the group comes to a unique combination of Jandek-like atonal guitar, organ, tape effects, field recordings, saxophone and Sofie Herner's amazing loner voice running over it. Adding another inspiring document to the world of open-minded music.

Releases March 21, 2017 on Aguirre.

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