Kassel Jaeger, "Aster"

Saturday, 05 August 2017 09:44 Editions Mego News & Events - Buzz Bin

Aster by Kassel Jaeger.  Vinyl Double LP.

The frontier for French electroacoustic mystical music has traversed much ground since Pierre Schaeffer sloughed off the past and laid out a map without borders or designated ground. Seventy years in this land of the fried, we hear a plethora of ideas and ongoing potential coming from all corners of the globe. Inheriting the wisdom of past masters whilst forging a signature style of his own, Kassel Jaeger persists as one of the premier explorers of these unknown worlds today. Comprised of recently recorded tracks, Aster is a work of revisits and reworkings, one which acts as a hinge in both closing this particular chapter whilst opening up the windows to new sound world to come. In Aster we have a rich, deep music replete with dark ambient sonorities swirling amongst intense buzzing tones. Often chilling and ominous, this is a fearless music with abstracted corners and dynamic leverage. Unafraid to embed itself in the ongoing whirlpool of sonic progress. Jaeger's output remains a thrilling body of exploration and ongoing transformation.

Out September 8th on Editions Mego.