"The Folklore of Plants, Volume I"

Sunday, 13 August 2017 09:10 Folklore Tapes News & Events - Buzz Bin

The Folklore of Plants Vol.I.  Vinyl LP.

• Researched and executed by 31x artist, including Dean McPhee, Ian Humberstone, and Bridget Hayden.

• Thirty-one track twelve-inch vinyl and download code.

• Fourty page A5 pamphlet includes plantlore and illustrations from artists and herbal medicine section by herbalist Zoe Naylor.

• Twenty eight page pocket A6 booklet Oak, Fern and Daisy: ‘The Folklore, Culture and Magic of the Plant Kingdom’ By Jez Winship.

• Link to the 16mm film 'Pattern of Light' by Mary and David

• All contents housed within a unique plant relief printed hand numbered manilla sleeve

• Contains seed envelope harvested by FT group.

More information, including a trailer, can be found here.