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Wednesday, 21 October 2009 15:00 Mathew Sweet Opinions and Editorials - Mix CD Exchange Party

get it done, get cleaned up then hit the fucking road. drive til morning, and try to stay calm

  1. iron monkey - bad year
  2. insect warfare - necessary death
  3. corrupted - nadie
  4. xxx maniak - sunrise is a lie
  5. portal - omnipotent crawling chaos
  6. gasp - meth lab fire
  7. gary puckett and the union gap - young girl
  8. plastikman - korridor
  9. burial - archangel
  10. gas - pop 4
  11. cloaks - darkware
  12. celer - a sorted ending

Mathew Sweet


Make everyone an imaginary "Mix CD" for our virtual Mix CD Exchange Party. Send the tracklist to mixcd at brainwashed. Make sure it is short enough to fit on a disc, avoid shameless self-promotion (ie don't put your own songs on it!), tell us who you are and where you are, and give it a title!

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